Retrograde Planet

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Yes Mercury is about to go Retrograde.  No it’s not a “mistake”.  And then when Mercury goes Direct, Mars will go Retrograde and then when Mars turns Direct, Mercury will Retrograde again. It’s a tricky year to navigate.  See the 2014 Super-Scopes, if you want a map.

Anyway, this Mercury Retro evokes the evolution of 2010-2012, when Neptune was going from Aquarius to Pisces. You may be amazed at the nebulous insights that float up re that transitional era



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113 thoughts on “Retrograde Planet

    • Yep. Merc goes direct, Mars goes Retro, Venus gets out of station, Jupiter stations direct and Saturn stations retrograde all with a few days of one another, round time of new Pisces moon.

  1. So I’m thinking of buying a house in the next 6 months. I take it Merc Rx is not a good time to formalise it. But what about Mars Rx??

    • Prowlin’ I’m with you.. in fact I’m cutting it sodding close.

      Did an offer dated TODAY, had no choice as these were the dates but agent tells me any formal sale IF it happens will be March 5th or offered on the retro (it was lowball so I may get laughed out of there and naught may occur) and potential formal sale just after it goes direct around March 5th or 6th.

      I really really wanted to wait.. but couldn’t with this let’s hope it means everyone else goes away and mine gets accepted???

      • Well we crabs do have Jupiter on our side at the moment FA – surely that must count for something!!!??? … just ignore that darned pesky Pluto opposing our suns. 😉

      • Oh you soothe me crabby soul Prowlin! Thanks!

        Re: Jupiter – I KNOW, right??? But it’s retro till March 6th so let’s hope that all means something.

        While I conservatively moan (claws petrified gripping my wallet), everyone has been yelling at me to do it already. So am thinking of this as evolutionary and somewhat Zap Zone compliant (it’s not uber luxe, simple and really i love it for the light and the vibrant neighborhood).

        • I know it defeats the point of star study.. but don’t let a retrograde planet hold you back from your destiny!

          Denise Linn in Sacred Space says that your home can be a channel for beautiful energies to enter the planetary field. I treasure the rented property I inhabit & have complex relationships with the older trees (shirty those gums) but I imagine treating every leaf blade like a jewel if I had my own home. The planets could be retrograde & standing on their heads.

          And Prowln’s right, didn’t MM say Guru Trumps All?

        • Auuw, fanks Andy! It’s one of those things I generally avoid during a retro but yes, if it’s destiny, it’s destiny.

          May the planets and the $$s align 🙂

          I’m still in the same place I once upon a time shared with the Sewer.. and I’ve been thinking for the longest time that it’s just kept me buried away. A more vibrant area would be lovely and this is the first place I’ve seen I could really see myself in.

          but you know..holding the palm open so the bird may alight sort of thing.. 🙂

  2. I think it ironic how its Year of the Wood Horse – movement, growth, speed, etc., but we are bombarded by all these retrogrades.

    I thought internal growth was way more Water Snake a la 2013.

  3. DIY astro friends: Does Venus direct trump Mercury Rx? Ve I’ve been waiting for months to schedule a full-on restore-my-awesome hair makeover. The stars will be in perfect alignment – transiting Venus conjunct Ascendan. This constellation begins to form just as Mercury Rx begins and my salon day is scheduled for Feb 15, when V/Asc. Conjunct is exact. Does Venus direct trump Mercury Rx?

  4. Oh gosh, I would love to get some more insights regarding my life from 2010-2012. Two of the most intense, challenging, and all round excruciating years of my life, in ALL areas of my life – health, money, employment, lack of employment, relating with others, relocating, being bullied, being homeless, etc., etc., etc……. VERY steep learning curve, that was…. complete and utter painful transformation. I’m still integrating it all and would like to have some more understanding, now that there is some distance from that time-period.

    I am an Aqua Sun with a Pisces moon, so Neptune was on me and continues to be on me now…..though things are MUCH better in my life now and have been since the beginning of 2013.

    I hope, though, that this retro ‘evoking’ that time period doesn’t mean that I will re-experience the nightmare of that time or that my life will go back to being completely up-ended. I really couldn’t go through it again…..that time period wore me out, I’m still tired from it and, for real, I barely survived it.

    • Im sorry to hear about 2010-2012. My last ex he was an Aqua Sun and Pisces Moon like you. I remember he was very unwell overall during the entire duration of our relationship in 2012. I didnt really understand the difficulties – I just got off of Pluto steamrolling over my ass for a decade – but I cant speak for other people. We broke up because he was highly manipulated by someone that had less than wholesome intentions and feelings for him, and he eventually turned on me due to this person’s meddling. Hopefully you did not have anyone in your life like that too. I hope things continue to get better for you flowerchild. For some strange reason it will give me comfort in knowing he is somewhere doing much better off now too.

      • I first have to say that an insight just came to me, fast and furious, like a flash….wow!
        Neptune entered Aquarius in 1998, a year which marked the beginning of another intensely painful period of my life that I also almost did not survive, physically. I experienced a harrowing several years of abuse at the hands of a boyfriend. So I think maybe that 14 year transit was me walking through a lot of trauma and it intensified in a finale in those last couple years of the transit, 2010-2012, and in those last couple years of Neptune transiting my Sun sign, something finally ‘burned off’. I’m not going to say ‘karma’ burned off, because it’s too easy and trite to say that, but it’s like I walked and walked and walked through abuse and trauma, abuse and trauma, and I finally made it through. I’m done with it. I stood up to it all, I turned to face the monster, and it disappeared… What a damn long walk, I’ll tell you what!

        Nightrose, I’m sorry to hear you ended up being betrayed by your ex. That other person who was around him sounds like they were a very toxic person.
        Oddly enough, I did have a meddler/bully in my life both at home and at work throughout that period, 2010-2012. I felt like I had it coming from all sides and with Pisces Moon, you know, we’re not tough skinned people… I had to dig really deep and I went to a bit of psychotherapy to get my head on straight that it wasn’t me going crazy, but that I was being fucked with. I’ve been very susceptible during my life to something called ‘gaslighting’, and have seemed to draw people who abuse in this way…..highly manipulative, so yeah, I know all about it…

        I hope you are feeling good in your life now, Nightrose, and I also pray that your ex has found some peace in his life now, too, now that the astro has shifted..

        • I can relate as when saw this will be all about 2010/12 I felt my stomach drop – 2 hardest yrs – not again – guess time to check in and see how I react this time – options will different along with my more empowered outlook/insight and the outcome will be a totally different one – thanking all my friends family and astro peeps in advance

        • Was thinking the same thing, don’t need any revisit of that period, barely survived it – worst time of my life. Ditto to everything you said, without homelessness, many times didn’t think I’d make it. (Pisces asc, Aries sun, Saturn transiting 7th)

          Hope it means new insights which will bring healing for the pain of that period. Best wishes

            • Yes, calypso, I am also hoping that is what MM meant.

              It’s just a scary thought, once one has gone through a very rough time, that it could all return… even if just for evaluation. It’s kind of triggering…. I have PTSD, so I don’t function/react like normal people..

        • Oh wow. Thanks for sharing that. You helped me recall that Neptune was in the Aqua era before Pisces- one of, if not most emotionally trying times of my life, as I am Aqua Moon.

          For you I guess that means after Neptune is disorienting your Sun, then it’s going in for a round on your Moon. That sounds rough. I took things easy on my ex, relatively, because I remember Neptune on my Moon was no joyride. Plus he had that very soft Pisces Moon like you said. The way he reacted to things was like he was in an evil mirrored funhouse, not knowing where anything was coming from and being scared of his own reflection. I don’t blame him entirely for being so susceptible to manipulation that he went through. I could never be with him again but still I think the odds were stacked against him in this case. He already had some basic character flaws that already made him vulnerable to deceit – I couldn’t be with someone who would waver so much in their loyalty to me. So I said my goodbyes.

          Anyhow. Thanks for the kind words and thoughts Flowerchild, and for sharing your experience. I’m glad you have abusive people out of your life. You seem so sweet, usually it’s folks like you who get hit hardest with abusive behavior. Wish you the best on your journey. Mwah.

          • Thanks so much, Nightrose, for your kind wishes! 🙂
            Sounds like you have a lot of insight into what happened in your own situation and what happened to your ex.

            I do have Neptune approaching my Moon at 7 degrees Pisces. I’m wondering what that will be like. I thought it might be a bit more harmonious, since Neptune rules Pisces, but I guess it could enhance/exacerbate Piscean tendencies.

            Would you be willing to say generally what Neptune transit Moon felt like and how it differed from when Neptune was not on your Moon? I am slightly concerned about the transit since I still feel weakened by that 2010-2012 time period in my life. I can’t really take any more difficult times..

            It’s a LOT to deal with continual transits by the outer planets over one’s Sun and Moon. It calls for a lot of inner evolution (outer revolution?). I’m just glad I never had a conventional life or the outer revolution part might have been worse and I might have cracked up completely. Also, I’m glad I’m aware of astrology at all to give a context for all of this. You could go crazy, in a bad way, from not knowing what is happening to you.

            • I want to start off this reply with a bit of a disclaimer. Because my ex and I both seemed to have a more difficult time dealing with things when Neptune was on the Moon does not necessarily mean it will be that way for you or anyone else. So breathe! 🙂

              The unspoken context/situation between my ex and I was that we were both codependent and emotionally fragile, in our own different ways. I had come out of Pluto destruction though so I had built up a lot more self awareness , my ex seemed to have just begun the meat of his journey. So Neptune wreaked a bit of havoc, yes. But it’s all for our own growth. I had to deal with Pluto in Sagg plus Neptune on Moon at the same time… So it was like walking in another dimension where the rules all changed.

              The upside of Neptune on Moon was that I started getting into metaphysics during this time and I found my faith again after having lost it when Pluto broke some things very precious to me. I am still traumatized to this day to be honest but my sense of perspective has been rebuilt in a completely different way. It was out of necessity. Remember I was dealing with Pluto too – he was dismantling my ego/yang. Neptune was disintegrating my inner life/yin.

              The biggest hurdle to me during the Neptune Moon transit vs. when it wasn’t there, was suddenly not knowing what I wanted anymore. Of course Pluto helped with that process by creating vaccuum. It was like learning to survive when there was no ground to hold me up. I had to become my own ground, but not so rigid I would break again, but a porous, flexible soil that would still hold life while being willing to be molded in whatever form I needed to be made into. I will make an educated guess that my ex was feeling somewhat the same. I would describe it as a restless feeling of being lost. My usual comforts were not the same anymore. I had disintegrated so that I could integrate again. But pain is optional I would like to think.

              Again I would like to stress that just bc this was my experience doesn’t mean it will play out this way for you. If I could travel in time and tell myself one piece of advice before all of this would be that anything changeable about your personality does not represent the real you – that’s all filler. And that will be tested/ questioned ad nauseum during testing transits. It is only those Unchangeable aspects of who you are that are really you – the Universe just wants to make you aware of it. Let go and enjoy the ride. Outer Planet transits are like big sifters. Don’t need to worry what comes out the other end bc it will just be a more concentrated refined you. How painful it is depends on how much we unconsciously grasp and hold onto things that are not essential to us. We can make it easier or harder for ourselves.

              Well that was a mouthful! Lol 🙂

              • Oh my gosh, thank you for taking the time to share your experience with me, Nightrose! In fact, many, many, many thanks! 🙂 This is like a gift.

                Wow, Pluto on Sun/Neptune on Moon …at the same time! That is intense.

                I think you absolutely nailed this transit, with understanding what you went through, though, so congrats!

                Man! I really get the way you explain it, too. It was like a total inner and outer tear down and then rebuild. Easy enough to understand, NOT at all easy to experience! It’s a purge by fire sometimes.

                It was also really pertinent to hear you say ‘anything changeable about your personality does not represent the real you’ and to not ‘unconsciously grasp and hold onto things that are not essential to us’ as it makes the process more painful. This is a concept I learned being part of a couple spiritual paths that basically say the same thing, it’s like as you say, a dissolution of the ego, so you can get down to the real you, and once at that place, even though it’s rough getting there, you are MUCH better off.
                It’s so hard to remember this when you are going through the trials, though, and feeling disoriented.

                So again, thank you. Please know that you have greatly helped at least one person (me!) today….and I suspect you have helped many others along your way! Once you get a handle on some of your own stuff, you can shine your light and others recognize themselves in it! Blessed day!

                • You’re too kind Flowerchild. If what I said resonated and felt helpful then I am glad. I still process what went on back then when I encounter new obstacles… Constant refinement, Mars in Virgo 🙂

                  Wishing you many happy trails in the future! I suspect Neptune can be a lot more fun when you’ve done your work to become self aware. That’s why I think astrology can be a beautiful thing… Not only does it explain the astro, but can also help with self dev. Two birds with one stone 🙂

                  • Yes, two birds! 😉

                    Perhaps then with the growth I’ve already done, Neptune on my Moon won’t be so challenging.

                    Thanks again for everything! 🙂

  5. Oh happy happy joy joy.
    Fuqin whatever man – well, at least all this sh*t has kicked my arse into full Phoenix mode – rising from the ashes with my new nose and a fabulous new designer wardrobe from Save The Queen, Desigual and Sinful by Affliction. Ready to get out there and shake my new tail feathers.
    Feel the Burn, Bitches.

  6. that’s spot on – that period of my life is about to get a forensic revisit for a court report AND I’m getting divorced which puts a full stop at the end of it. Timing!

  7. No no no. Not going back to 2010-2012 aka Hell on Earth. No thanks. Neptune transit to my Venus brought my lover and it was so very beautiful but the aftermath nearly killed me. The only thing I want back from that era is my slim figure.
    I’ve done the work. The insights are so mined out that some govt dept has fenced off the area and put signs up everywhere.

    • agree chrysalis, 2010-2012 was the beginning of the end of old Pi. the only thing that’s the same is my name. here’s another insight I just landed on. i’m biting off more than i can chew. ease back the expectations, it’s causing self esteem problems. i’m doing just fine. 2013 was a c**t of a year. i accept that. stop judging myself on the low points. i’m still alive, that’s enough. *throws another insight on the heap*

      • Ahh… I empathise with this. Cap moon never lets up.
        In fact my new shrink said to me yesterday, ‘consider doing nothing’ (about all my issues/things that need fixing).
        I looked aghast. ‘NOTHING? That’s not on my to-do list.’
        She was talking about sitting with how things are now which of course I never do.
        You had a terrible time, Pi, all that loss and pain. Aftershocks will still be rippling through. So yes go easy on yourself… the therapy you mentioned in your comment below could be a great way to do the upcoming series of retros particularly if you have action in your 8th (Is that Aqua and isn’t your Mars there?) xxx

  8. mercury will be going retrograde through my 10th house and saturn is transiting my 6th. i have just become a manager at work – my new and only employee has started (internal secondment for a year) and SHE IS OBNOXIOUS! I CAN’T STAND HER! we are sharing a small office together. when people come to talk to me, she butts in to get involved and has also spoken over me. (because she’s internal, from another department, some people have worked with her through her old role) she makes too many personal phone calls (that i can talk to her about, if it gets to that point). did i already say she thinks she knows everything? i made the rookie mistake of trying to be her ‘buddy’ and now she is too comfortable. i have taken a step back and am now just being professional. i want to ask my boss if she can be moved, and i think she’s be happier too as she’s an extrovert and i’m an introvert and i can already see an alliance forming between her and two other people who are in our unit but are on a different team, but then everyone will know something is wrong. space is also a premium. i am going to try and get some books on having difficult conversations etc.

    today i hit the taco truck and ate too much chocolate :/

    it’s such a shame as i’m enjoying the different work i’m doing and am excelling at everything but managing her. at least she’s in a secondment so i can hand her back in 10 months. and at least she won’t be in the office tomorrow!!!!!

    • Oh yes – and when a director came and asked for some help with some data i had queried for them, she kept butting in while i was talking to the director. i ended up saying to the director ‘let’s go down to your office to go through it’ to get away from my employee. i feel uncomfortable in my own office! now i don’t want anyone to come and talk to me because of nosy.

      • she is also maybe 6-10 years older than me and used to be a manager herself.

        i’m sorry i will stop going on about it!

        • Ooh my hackles are rising just hearing about it…
          Don’t be too nice, put her firmly in her place. And make sure there is nothing she can get you on eg personal phone calls

          • thanks! yes, i need to be assertive here… i have learned how to be assertive with my boss and peers but not sure how to do it as a manager… (yet!)

          • i know! i had been bending myself over backwards to see what was ‘my stuff’ and what i could do to make her comfortable but then i had an ah ha moment. we just need to be professional, not friends.

            when another team member (managed by my boss, does different work) pulled my staff member away to go to ask them all these questions related to her old job, i had a word and asked that they run anything like that by me in the future as she is here to do a particular role and needs time to do that.

            i wasn’t annoyed with my employee as it was the other team member (who is notoriously rude) overstepped, and my employee said ‘i thought i was here cause of my knowledge from my old role’ and i said no it is a secondment for the analyst role, and we do different work. she then said ‘bob’ (my manager, big boss of our team’ then needs to make it clear to sally’ (who overstepped) i said to my employee ‘sally can hear it from me’. she doesn’t seem to respect me at all! i have lost all desire to help her succeed in her role, when i had been so excited before. now i don’t want to involve her in anything because she tries to overshadow me and show off to others.

    • Had a very similar situation but younger employee. The beginning of the end for me at that place! Like you I had to start keeping things to myself, otherwise she would jump on whatever I was doing and try and involve herself/take credit, while ignoring her duties! It was untenable for me cos I felt unable to express my issues without seeming insecure or threatened. Only I saw the extent of her behaviour. Within 6 months I resigned. Wish I’d done it sooner! Transiting Uranus & NN in opposition to vertex, Uranus & Pluto in 6th at the time!

      Hope you’re able to get her out of your dept, it sounds untenable. Don’t be too hard ‘working’on yourself, you’re justified in being annoyed. Good luck with it : )

      • thanks for sharing! it is so great to be able to come here to get insights!

        i think i am going to have to ask her to not get involved in my conversations and set a boundary. or have her moved (that is my preference but don’t know if it will be possible)

    • She’s testing you out. Set firm boundaries and while it will feel uncomfortable the first time you do it, consider it a practice run for your new career in management. If the arrangement is new ie you being in charge, maybe have a meeting to get her thoughts on the unit, what works, what doesn’t etc etc. Give her a chance to talk without being threatened. Then you outline how you see it working, your vision working as a team, how you see your respective roles etc. Then when you reinforce boundaries it won’t be unexpected and won’t seem like a power play. It’s hard. But that’s no reason not to do it. xx

      • Chrysalis, thanks for your advice.

        I want to try and ‘manage’, as part of my new role, and not give up. It’s new to me so you’re right I need to try and see what works and what doesn’t.

        I am going to have a conversation with her and nip the interruptions in the bud. She can listen, when someone comes to talk to me (we share a small office), as that is part of how she’ll learn, but she should listen and not interact (that is getting in the way of me doing my job). i think that is tactful wording… hopefully… if she has thoughts afterwards or a suggestion, she can tell me after.

    • Loving Chrysalis’ advice – moving her is sending some dissonant signals to the entire organisation, whereas effectively managing her personality is another kind of thing completely.

      I am libran hear me roar (discretely) says if you’re going to approach someone about something like this (arrested development – acting like a needy child), using the language of praise and inclusion will assist in managing their default ‘praise me’ ‘acknowledge me’ settings. Things like I love the ‘insert skills ‘ experience you bring to this and want to talk with you about how we can work together on this project so we both achieve our goals – mine as a manager and yours as a collaborator/team member. That kind of thing. So it’s clear you have expectations of them and they also have a role to play that is acknowledged and integral. Take notes and send list of agreed goals etc. after you meet so it’s documented. She doesn’t want to be left out – yeah? Striving for attention.

      I have a complex work sitch that went on for ages and this technique was the cypher that has led to some things actually getting done. Mine was always complaining about the dysfunction of the organisation but when it came to to do something about it they were always elsewhere. Happy to complain. Reluctant to change anything. Tedious character traits. Then came the (humourous because I knew what was going on) phase of their frustration leading to them believing they should try to do everyone else’s job. Yet they couldn’t seem to get their shit together to do their own when asked.

      I have a set ratio of praise to criticism / requests for closure on tasks when I deal with them. What they don’t realise is that they are a huge part of the problem they were complaining about. Fear and inability to communicate their discontent led to them being paralysed and recalcitrant. Horrible energy. Childish. Boring.

      People who act like children in office scenarios are so tricky because they’re children motivated by the troubling aspirations of adults.

      I hope this is your first success as a manager – the people can be the most difficult aspect of getting shit done in my experience. Mercury retro seems ideal to reconsider, revise, reassign tasks to this person – clarify boundaries etc. That’s how I plan to use it any way 😆

      • hi anon flux

        thanks so much for your advice. she hasn’t even been here two full weeks and already i can’t stand her!!! it completely annoys me that i am going to have to coddle her like a child!!! but that is what she is like!!! even though she’s in her forties i think she actually visits her parents most evenings of the week too (and they often take her dog for walks during the day and she talks to them and helps them with their ipad problems at least once a day) and a bit of that (coddling) probably really is effectively managing her needy, extroverted personality type. and you’re right – i need to manage this situation rather than just moving her out of the office. see it as a little test for myself…we’ll be doing work planning soon so then we can go over the tasks she’ll need to do as part of her role and what the KPIs will be etc. so i will try the coddling / praise but also want to make sure i am assertive and set boundaries. i really want to point out that she needs to let me talk to others and not try and interact. otherwise i’ll feel like she’s walking all over me.

        i don’t think i would ever look to manage people, but i want to learn how to do it, even if i don’t ever do another manager job again. being assertive, dealing with difficult people etc. they are all good skills to have in the toolbox. and then mentoring and helping someone develop. i have been here almost 10 years now so good to do some knowledge sharing.

        • I love your intentions re sharing and collaborating in the last para – you sound like you would be a great manager.

          Re the coddling thing – I so get where you’re coming from and at first it irked me but after a while by looking for the things that they were doing well at it made it easier to value them and not just think things like ‘it would be preferable if you could just fuq off’ it works both ways 😉

          • We had ‘the talk’ and it went well and I feel so much better. She told me she realised what she had been doing before I raised it with her and was kicking herself. I set the boundary and she already knew that is the boundary that she should start following. We cleared the air and had a laugh about things afterwards. She said that part of why she had overspoken the first time was that she wanted to show me that she knew what the person was asking about so I peppered in some compliments throughout our discussion (while still making sure the boundary was clear).

            It also goes to show that it is better to just talk about these things as you can analyse and analyse and analyse and make yourself so stressed! i had a dream last night that she had annoyed me at work and I called her a b*tch and she got all smug and smirky and quit and then I ran away! lol. I think that was about me giving my power away to others.

            So it doesn’t mean other things won’t come up or I won’t need to address it again but all is well for now. Plus during my lunch break I had a 30 min neck & shoulder massage and got a burrito 🙂

            • Hey seuss that’s efficient. That you could both have a laugh about it bodes well – awesome that she’s self aware. Fingers crossed… 😀

  9. 2010-2012 aka the very worst and hardest years of my life! Though by 2012 I was beginning to wake up from the sleep of my real self which I can trace to 1998, wow. Since mid 2012 there have still been massive challenges but I’m awake and alive and oh it makes all the difference. Today I felt another awakening, bits of me are just waking waking waking up from the dreamsleep. Neptune is transiting my 6th – I’m fit for the first time ever, work is amazing unstructured social artsy and wild, and I’m actually finding ways of slotting in time to make art on a daily basis … I think I’m doing Neptune well and I hope this merc retrograde continues to stir the multicoloured pot of neptunian paint.

    How does the merc retrograde interact with venus direct? I definitely recieved some signs …

  10. Now that we’re moving away from the Venus retro – I’m liking the idea of the rest of the year being in retrograde. Time to sit down, shut up and review. Which is all I feel like doing.

    • 2010 and 2011 definitely were the worst two years of my life… 2012 was when all the learning happened.

      Saturn goes retro soon too, right !?

  11. Oh grrrreat.

    Moving house, on Tuesday, I hope it all goes ok. Settled on house ages ago so it should be fine.

    BUT my external hard drive just died. Yah, all the movies, tv shows (I refuse to watch ‘tv’) and my saved photos and home videos. I am sure it can be fixed but what a piss off.

    And then I open my computer and LO it is MRX. been a while since one bit me! I am totally flowing with the go as much as aries possibly can (which is a lot!).

    Ah well. Maybe the ‘verse is telling me that my time will be so taken up with Art, Chooks, Bees and Books, that I won’t need inane visual entertainment at all!

  12. Like mostly everyone who commented here, I do NOT want any 2010-2012 recurrences. Hell no!!

    I had four job positions in that time (FOUR!), two roles of which I quit blindly on the spot due to intolerable people/circumstances.

    Stressful + beyond, especially as I had just bought an apartment in March 2010 which I moved into @ May 2010, only to have job role at the time made redundant in July 2010 due to very dodgy financial management of company .

    On ever so slightly more positive note, the role I started in May 2012 is still going strong. Or is it?

    BUT, I know I should really work for myself. Long story, but it’s something I know yet don’t yet know how to bring about.

    Mercury (my chart ruler) will go rx in my 6th house Pisces (on my natal Sun & Mercury), and also in Aquarius (on my Mars, also 6th house)… Plus, Saturn in Scorp is currently transiting 2nd house!!! Eek.

    I’m a bit apprehensive but trying to stay positive. …Must be current Neptune (delusion) on my sun in Pisces, right?

    Oh god I so do not have the energy for any “flashbacks”. Need more fast-forwards.

    Good luck to everyone who’s trying to navigate the shifty retrogrades.

  13. I’ve said it in previous posts, but I’m preparing myself for a very intense Merc Rx, as my natal Sun-Merc are conjunct at 0 Pisces, and my natal moon is 21 Aqua, all in my 7th House. Merc Retro is going to be ALL up in my personal planets. I had a bad (but thankfully brief) Love Zombie bomb last week, but it resulted in a really productive — and I dare say, good — bout of songwriting.

    2010-2012 — I got married in the middle of 2010, and we moved to another state/city that I’d never been to. Had to transition, but did so pretty well, though I hated that city and thankfully we moved some place else that I like better late last year. Definitely a transitional time — in fact, I have been complaining since then about feeling like we’ve been playing a “waiting game” for things to get better. End of last year, we both finally were able to get to the point where things can start. I’m thinking it’s going to be more like a *flood* of insight, and the 7th House, so….

    • oh GAWD, just read the dailies for Thursday for Pisces — 2003/2004?? 0_o That’s precisely the time period over which I was Love Zombie-ing (and the time leading up to it.) Oh boy….DO NOT let me sign up for any of those people finder things…that all I’m going to say….*facepalm*

      • Don’t do it, astro-twin!!! Step away from the people finder / stalk-o-rama sites 🙂
        I too am Sun-Merc conj in 7th house (Saturn conj too). And my Venus is in late Aqua but 6th house.
        When I feel I’m slipping into LZ mode I make myself do other things instead of ‘research’. I will do some sit-ups or research something positive for one of my Operation Awesome goals… anything to distract and regain some control and self-respect. This really helps. Stay strong! xx

        • Haha, I know! Thank you!

          Chrysalis, I’m going to venture to say that your methods are precisely what Saturn can be good for! Having Saturn there probably makes you much more disciplined than I, lol. I’ve got Saturn squaring my Sun-Merc-Moon conjunction, so while I’m full of ideas constantly, giving expression to them can be hard, because I really need to be disciplined and have practices developed, blah blah, but I always get that inner bratty voice going “No! I don’t wanna! I’d rather indulge all my silly urges!” So when melancholic or overly nostalgic things well up, sometimes they fester or find bad expression (i.e. e-stalking!) Making myself write things down really helped — I had two songs that kind of sprung fully-formed Athena style out of it, and then I felt beautifully purged! But that was after a full two days of feeling muddy and nostalgic and jittery.

          It’s hard, too, because I really don’t Zombie much at all anymore — Aqua moon generally helps me regulate pretty effectively and seamlessly. So I think that’s why last week hit me so hard — I was caught COMPLETELY unawares, so I had NO preparation or strategies in place.

          You’re absolutely right, of course. I need to just quiet that inner bratty voice and realize I’m much better served by not indulging such things, unless I have control over them somehow (like keeping them at an artists’ eye distance) — Saturn practice will be the order of the day for me, leading up to this Mercury Retro!

          Plus, as Leo-Asc, if the Saturn work fails, we can always just remind ourselves how terribly un-chic Love Zombie-ism is! 😉

          • YES. Do your hair, put on something gorgeous and know that the LZ object isn’t worthy of you anyway. There’s a lot to be said for doing one’s Leo at times like that 🙂
            …plus – we’re all human, you know? Everyone knows what the right thing is but we don’t get it right all the time. I know this from experience xxx

  14. upon further reflection. maybe now’s a good time to get some therapy. retro will be in my 8th house after all. Venus only ever gets a look in as art and lovely lucre. Last time Venus had a say in matters of my heart was Jupiter over my Aries Venus-Chiron mid 2011. cue outback and Amazing Pisces Scientist. Well he’s out of the game and I have managed to work that mostly out of my system. An out of the blue drop in mid-venus-retro for one last twist o’ th’ knife. but I am stronger now. And reminded myself of all the ways that it would never have worked in this lifetime. Maybe someone else, one day. But fuq me it’s going to have to be a good one. I was describing a potential attraction to my two gorgeous (and actually, like, ‘ settled’) old friends – and the Libran said to the Taurean “aww wouldn’t it be nice to see Pi just be all smooshy and head over heels in love ” … so I guess I took that as an external cue that maybe my doubt-riddled feelings towards the (perfectly nice, stable, mild-mannered Saggi – yes go figure) I was describing were probably not really going to lead to setting my heart on fire any time soon. See, i can’t distinguish my usual Cap moon love-caution from ‘you know this isn’t it’ love-ambivalence. ya know? *sigh* [congrats if you’ve read this far]

    • ha. out of the game, out of the blue, out of the system….

      out of sight, out of mind, out of touch, out of whisky

      the list goes on.

  15. Well they were completely f*d years for me but i don’t really care, nothing’s bursting my bubble right now. I’m busy as hell, doing good things. I’m not too patient but i’m better at it in the ways that count so nobody should mind the swearing too much.

    Even better, those years were done ALONE so i actually felt really deeply needy. Now, i’ve got the world’s coolest people at my back and my side, so even the truly difficult people in my life at the mo are just fine grit in my metal polish.

    It would be cool to be more patient but i’m actually a mile on what i was, and possibly less stubborn. Or, ok, becoming discerning about what’s worth persisting for. I am working on it but Rome wasn’t built in a day…

    *sigh (unfuqingfortunately)*

    • “Fine grit in my metal polish”? Love it too! Are you in inspirational-evocative-visual-type-Merc station-in-Pisces-on-Neptune-turn-of-phrase-form today, or what, Millie?

      • Oh this Merc Retro is a funny little dill pickle for me! I won’t second guess the entire duration of the experience but things are working out in my favour, just with a lot of having to power drill through the compacted time, which in turn makes me swear! My mind and mouth must be coming out with some odd things because the most common two expressions i have seen this week are broad warm smiles and shocked eyes in still faces.

  16. Yes.. 2010-2012 was an extremely powerful time for me. Transformation is an understatement. I can’t wait to see what I learned since then. I hope to financially stable and in a fun long term relationship.


  17. Mercury is currently sitting on my descendant at 3* Pisces.
    2010 was horrible…..I as with psycho scorpio with his kataka moon. I was miserable and his physical abuse got far worse.
    I bought my house though and we moved. The relationship ended in 2011 thankfully.
    Early 2012 the Torro and I fell in love and moved in together. Here we are almost 2 years later and our family is doing great right now.

    Lots of changes. Work stayed the same for the most part. I ventured out but neither of those changes worked or lasted, so back to the regular job.

  18. So WHEN can I actually file for divorce??? If I make him start the proceedings (it is, at least for now, amicable) during mars retro (since I’m obvs not doing it during either of the mercurys), does that work out in my favor? The deal with mars retro is that the iniatior loses, is that right? Not that we have anything really to win or lose, stuff-wise at least. Help, astro homies!

    • I don’t have anything helpful to say in regards to your query but I’m sorry to hear about this and wish you best of luck with the whole legal aspect of it. May it transition smoothly and with as little stress as possible.

      • thanks, nr! nothing to be sorry about, really. we were babies when we got together, and just grew different and apart as we grew up. besides, two taurus moons and him a motherless cancerian to boot- we hung on long after the sell-by date had passed. i’m reminded weekly how much better we are as friends than as partners. hopefully we can stay that way…

        • hey, hdq, sorry to hear of those changes – it does sound like you two are being very mature about it, which is good… re your wishing to remain friends, sometimes it’s nice to say that to the other person – not just in times of r’ship breakdown but for anything where an endpoint focus is helpful… “what I want most of all out of this for you and me, my highest goal for this situation is that we remain friends. i know it might be rough in the middle but if we can keep recognising each other during this process i would really like that” .. you know. i find a heart-centred statement for a goal beyond-the-finish-line can be nice to assure the other person (and hopefully keep airing of grievances etc with the goal in mind).. hope this makes sense. you’re a clever, self aware dragon queen, i know you’ll work it out for the best anyway. xx

          • I agree with Pi, you are a clever self aware dragon queen and will work it out for the best 🙂

            How are the kids taking it all?

            • aw, you guys are sweet. 🙂
              i’m not feeling so clever having put it off for so long! oh well. will affirm, “all is as it should be” in syrup voice. 😉

              the kids are pretty much adjusted by now- it’s been almost 2 years. they had a hard time at first. my oldest had pluto transit her ic and uranus her dc, and little had (has) chiron tr ac. poor beebes. 🙁

              • Yes, things happen as they should 🙂 Anyway I’m glad it’s not happening in a worst case scenario type way. I do feel for the kids though. But I’m sure watching you guys handle it in a reasonable adult manner will help them process their own side of things. Love to you guys.

    • if there are no possessions to divide or child custody to to determine, perhaps file now? given you have been physically separated for two years maybe this is a good thing to do during a retrograde phase as it is closing off something from your past?

      good luck and i hope things go smoothly! take care of yourself.

      • i’ve been flippant about merc rx to disastrous consequences one too many times to try it now! we do have children, and while we have custody arrangements all worked out between us, i have friends who have been in similar situations and then had a judge arbitrarily hand down some ridiculous order, like split-week custody, or child support to the deadbeat husband whose small biz failed out of laziness and ineptitude… nuh uh. not gonna chance it. which, i guess, leaves mars rx? he is scorp rising, so it’ll affect him more, i guess. god, i sound heartless. not trying to be, just self protective and have zero experience with the legal system. thanks for the well wishes!

        • There might be assets you’ve forgotten or didn’t know about? More you can agree upon, more control you both have as opposed to judge deciding. Some judges still live with their mothers!!

          Leave the visitation flexible, liberal, reasonable- so as kids grow up you don’t have to keep trotting back to court. Don’t forget about camp fees, dance lessons, music lessons, etc. all that adds up and should go into the mix-esp babysitting/daycare.

          Good luck! Most judges don’t want the work of mucking up a good agreement. They have enough to do-

          Some states in the States have boilerplate judgments you can do yourself. Some court houses hold legal clinics in family law so you don’t need lawyers to file.

          Good luck!!!!

          • thanks for the advice!! 🙂 yeah, i’m all over the diy. extensive internet research says that it’s pretty straightforward on a normal day. which will be when, july? ha. roll on, river, roll on and i’ll roll with you, i guess…

            so the more i think about it the more mars retro seems like the PERFECT time, actually. hm!

  19. Well… Hopefully I won’t get shot for saying 2010-2012 was the beginning of a very light filled era of mine. I did have some bumps along the way but 2010 was when I began to see the light after the Pluto in Sagg beating. Still, I am cautiously optimistic.

    • Hey if you look in the Mercury Retrograde category of this site or search “Mercury Retrograde” in the search engine, there is a lot of material

      Retrobats is just a joke term – as in things are more “bats” aka crazy when Mercury is Retrograde

      • Myst, you have strained something in your hot bod??
        Being active can be dangerous but so much better than sedentary, as i say ‘nothing happens t those that don’t DO anything physical.
        Hope the secret Chinese liniment works a treat for you. Have found the tradition Tiger Balm is is quite magical applied externally for internal probs.
        Healing vibes to you FAST 🙂

  20. Yes, I am feeling echoes of 2010-12: once again I am working way too much & being compensated way too little. A pinch of comp is better than none, true, but working too much is good for nothing, always. My Sagg NN wants to buck this shiz & jump the fence!

  21. Hi Mystic (and fellow mystics)!
    New to the site and love it.
    Have a question re: love and the retrograde.
    Ended things with a Virgo in Jan, spoke to a psychic and she said I’d hear from him in a few weeks and we’d be back together before August/things would start up again in spring. Haven’t heard from him yet and now we’re in retrograde so should I count on hearing from him after? I’m a Scorp, btw.

    • You might hear from him anytime with all these retrogrades – retrograde situations hark to the past revolving about you again you see.

      Welcome Scorpy julia! What is the rest of your astro signature? I am Leo, Gem Asc, Scorp Moon.

      • HI Andromeda!
        Thanks for your reply! I get confused about retrogrades because communication can be off, but it’s also about regrouping and revisiting things. I’ve also had Saturn in my sign so it’s all about the slow and steady. That said, I am impatient and just want to be back with this guy already! Not sure if I should reach out and contact him or leave it to him, at least for the next couple of weeks….
        I’m a Scorpio with Taurus rising and moon in Pisces.

  22. People going batshit insane, is an understatement. Communications getting all mucked up, almost afraid to communicate at all especially online vs face-to-face.
    Very intense energy right now. I am going to lay low until Feb. 28th.

  23. Friday -Three Pisces -4th house Merc mayhem- dropped from staff email roster- hubby’s car won’t go in reverse (he’s Aries rising), my check jams grocery register -one hour to resolve. Serene demeanor earned $10 off. Pull out kitchen drawer came off track and fell. Oven door comes off in my hand- caught before it fell. Thanks MMA training! Son’s girlfriend’s sister in car crash- scramble to change plans.

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