Pyjamas Are So Pre Pluto In Capricorn

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International Princess Project

Pyjamas, sigh. So pre Pluto in Capricorn.

All that feels RIGHT right now in terms of at-home lounge wear that is totally Zap Zone is punjammies.

They are The Everything. If you had not heard of them, they’re hand-sewn by women and girls who have been rescued from forced prostitution by the International Princess Project.Β  Read more on the site, insanely inspirational.

Actually, i thought of contacting them for help sourcing a Fairtrade version of the Pseudo-Intellectual Astro-Bitch t-shirt but feared there could be some issues in translation.

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52 thoughts on “Pyjamas Are So Pre Pluto In Capricorn

  1. My feisty, beautiful, tiny 85 year old Leo great aunt who is a nun teaches Qi Gong and Tai Chi to ex -prostitutes in our country of birth. She also demonstrates acupressure at mind-body-spirit festivals over here. Also did a masters in sound recording and technology.

    Come to think of it, I have met a few amazing nuns and ex nuns, through work. One did a lot of support work in East Timor, they had to stop her going back as she had a price on her head from the Army. Another had a role of supporting the family if say a child had terminal cancer, keeping with them all the way through to saying the last the last rites. They were very down to earth women, yet there was something so otherworldly about their priorites

      • Yeah, she really is πŸ™‚ and the other ladies, well I felt grace (in the old fashioned sense) to be around them hearing their stories x

    • That is awesome.

      I fantasize about a life where I can study and help people and just…not be caught up in the priorities the world/society imposes on me. I used to feel guilty because I thought it was just an escapist tendency but now I believe it’s just believing in a better world and wanting to live a life that is my own and aligned with my values.

      The only nuns I have known were a relative who later became involved in a very traditional, secluded group focused on prayer and a group of rowdy Spanish nuns in a bar in Sevilla. πŸ˜‰ lol

      • You know, I think it would be good to spend at least a portion of one’s life working directly for the community somehow. Keeps it real, when you see how some people live.
        When I was a teenager I contemplated being a nun, but I thought it might be too dowdy and boring, I guess I didn’t have a vocation.
        I do like teaching and social work, as in making art with young people, that is interesting, and rewarding.

    • Wow I enjoyed reading about your aunt V, seems like you have some good dna floating about family. πŸ˜‰ Very inspiring!

      • You’re right I think, A.
        Dad’s side haute -idealistic, and quite a Uranian flavour to the family

  2. Re: “Actually, i thought of contacting them for help sourcing a Fairtrade version of the Pseudo-Intellectual Astro-Bitch t-shirt but feared there could be some issues in translation”.

    Bahhah haha. You should hold a competition Mystic, on just what those translations might turn out to be!

  3. Your instincts were right, definitely right there, Mystic! Veronica – I LOVE the sound of those women. I’ve known some great nuns, also. Which isn’t surprising really. Giving up the world of men and children and things to pursue your higher calling … it’s so feminist.

    • Not to take anything away from people who live to serve – neptune in the 6th + Pisces MC conjunct chiron an’ all but I’m a bit baffled by your comment. How is joining one of the most patriarchal organisations known to humanity feminist?

      • In my aunts case, for example Anon, she must have been born in the 1920s, and she took off from home late teens -early twenties, from a ‘good’ family in a patriarchal colonial society. Had she lived the life that was expected, she would have been married, several children, servants, social events etc.

        My dad said she was a roller skating champion when she was young, and when she joined the order, she left her family pretty much behind, first moved to Hong Kong for many years (where she learned acupressure I think), then eventually to Australia.
        I imagine she chose a life of adventure in a way. I don’t know if she would call herself a feminist, but she has been doing her thing within the structure of the church.

        With the other nuns I was speaking of, they are a different era, quite a bit younger, and maybe they had a calling. A lot of the work they do is with women and for women, not sure about how they view the hierarchy.

        Josephite nuns in Australia were hugely instrumental in setting up schools and helping with literacy with the underprivileged in the federation years.

        • Your aunt sounds like an interesting and inspiring woman and I’m down with the concept of service – it’s the feminist angle in relation to the church that I find oxymoronic.

          • I suspect that nuns have always ignored priests and bishops wherever possible, even historically speaking there were always power struggles…

              • All feminists work within a patriarchy, and thereby restructuring it, slowly maybe, but surely.

                • I see and understand your point but I find it difficult to believe anyone who chooses to become a bride of christ does so with the goal of setting out to restructure the patriarchy in mind. ‘I know, I’ll stick it to those priests and the holy trinity by becoming a nun’ just doesn’t resonate.

                  I’ve seen some awful stories of nuns shielding priests from accusations of paedophiia lately and the initial statement that I was responding to claimed nuns were ‘Giving up the world of men and children and things to pursue your higher calling’ was baffling to me. An oxymoron. That’s my point.

                  Saturn’s squaring the Sun & Mercury in my fellow air sign of Aqua + in my 9th which is probably why I see no reason to labour it.

              • Hey anon I get that that. As a child I HATED the church, used to have real problems controlling my aggression towards, The Church as an institution. The actual nuns themselves as people less so since they were sweet people (I went to a catholic kiddies school and was constantly in trouble – no surprises there hey?) but felt really bad re my aggro towards the church …remember a nun coming into my field of vision and seeing me spit on a church. I know it’s revolting but I think its a past life thing. I’ve always hated the church as an institution. I find nuns different tho. I think it’s just a human vs concepts thing. It’s like any archetype. Sometimes is difficult to divorce the individual from the archetype but I do think that some nurses are actually feminists in that they choose to live out and contribute their lives to something so different from what is traditional or expected and that in itself is fairly revolutionary. It’s like this psychotherapist and social anthropologist I met the other day could not understand me vein a feminist yet writing a book about sex from my experiences She said she did not use or like the word feminist and thought it excluded so much that it no longer had meaning for anyone. She felt that “the war was won” and that the word no longer has meaning for people.
                I disagreed with her.
                She then began to tell me about her abusive childhood and was horrified when I suggested she get therapy. But I’m already in therapy! I have been for 5 yeas and moaned on about her life both times since she has come round she’s been in tears about something. I was sadly unable to attend the pity party. I said I had somewhere else I needed to be. She asked “where?”
                “The Present” was my answer.
                Ja but I get the whole nuns and churches vibe.

                • wish I had time to read this but Saturn is calling. will be back but probably not for a few days – don’t want you to feel that I’ve ignored your response x πŸ˜€

                • ahh I don’t actually have any ‘aggro’ in the style you describe re the church – I think it’s sad that the basic concepts have been distorted and apart from that christianity’s not the way I choose to express my spirituality.

                  In some ways I agree with what the woman you’re talking about said – there are still things that need to change and evolve but I think old-school intellectual feminism has had its day. reliance on marxist theory makes it feel like really divisive stuck energy to me. Thanks for the hard work, it’s time to hand over the baton ladies. I think the young women of now are part of its evolution and will be interested to see what happens over the next decade or so.

                  I felt as though the initial comment was romanticising and that nuns if they are working on the path of their ‘true calling’ would be more inclined to be working for humanity at large and not making distinctions based on gender. Normally I just ignore the comments that lead to circular argument but for some reason – probably the saturn thing described above, I just felt like saying something this time. Circles are endless though yeah? Silly of me to begin drawing one.

                  It gave me a great idea for a tumblr tho – the accidental feminist.

  4. Hey thanks for sharing this Mystic. It breaks my heart to know how tough so many women have it in so many countries and cultures, whereas we have it so brilliantly here (Australia). Pant thing that we can do to help our sisters is a great thing. Sharing the site with all the ladies I know and buying punjammies from know on. Good birthday gifts too…..

  5. I <3 all the women's issues posts on here. Really inspiring, MM. You really help me with my creative process. THANK YOU for always sharing when something strikes you as noteworthy. You're really influencing everyone for the better and it really shifts the dialogue.

  6. Actually, it looks quite cool in Hindi:

    ???? ??????? ????????? ??????

    Thanks to Google translate πŸ™‚

    Oh and I passed the link onto all my friends !

      • DT have you ever tried to sell any of your pottery through pinterest? Would be interested to know how it went if you have.

        • This is probably going to sound like a whiny cop-out, because it is πŸ™‚ But I make porcelain and its a TOTAL BITCH to photograph. Its SOOOO hard to show the translucency. I’ve been mucking about with candles and light boxes, but there’s some trick to it that I haven’t worked out yet.

          Also, I am going for a grand Launch, date to yet be decided, upon which I will simultaneously unveil a website, Etsy Store and Pinterest Board. Shortly after that I will have an exhibition.

          This means making an absolute MOUNTAIN of work. I have half a mountain, with more to come, but am currently broke πŸ™ and can’t afford clay. That porcelain is bloody $40 a bag !!

          Its funny you mention this as I am currently trawling through my astro sites trying to find a good launch date ! πŸ˜€

          When I do I’ll bust in here and make a loud noise about it. Give you guys a 30% discount πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

          • Got it πŸ˜€ Sunday the 20th May at between 1 and 3 pm.

            Watch this space πŸ˜€

            • Ack. Make that the 18th – its the 20th LUNAR day. Feng Shui does my head in sometimes πŸ™‚

              • OO excellent – thanks I look forward to hearing about how pinterest works for you as a shop front – it has anecdotally high levels of success but I guess it would depend on your product and targets.

                I love the synchronicity of asking as you’re working all this out – how does feng shui work for this? I do electional charts (but western astro) which are awesome for websites because you can do all the work in advance and then have it all scheduled to pop up in the dead of night without needing to be up to do it if that’s what the right time is for the particular deed.

                Question not about porcelain but have you done any raku? I like the wabisabi thing and the lovely copper glazes you get with that.

                GOOD LUCK

  7. Those daily emails and scopes are bang on MM
    Had to change my ticket this morning. Lost a tooth, deadline was inexplicably moved forward, and editor has gone silent on me.. Like unavailable for comment quiet. It’s ok. I’m fine, just lots of weird stuff going on around me … With family and friends too.
    All very spooky but cheaper to stay here an extra few days and plan things, sort things, fix things.. Tres Saturn square the Sun vibe. Trop almost. Got the ticket changed for free which was a nice surprise. Off to the emergency dentist in the morning. Laughed when I read the daily email.
    Daily email is my umbrella /boat during trying times. Thanks MM

  8. i have a pair of these! they’re great on both a physical and energetic level.


    This guy is in the inner west.
    Boys have been wearing his far out brussel sprout t since they were born.
    Great quality..print is not think (i was a screenprinter prior gardener, this dude is well respected)
    He might take the task to hand ?

  10. Since wifey’s trip to Nepal we are all over this stuff. The 10 year old asked me the other day quite sincerely. “Dad, do I really have to wear those pants ? They make me look like I shit myself”. I looked at him and saw that the crutch was at knee length and had to agree. No son, you can put your boardies back on.
    That said, when I was road tripping up in northern Nsw in the 70s, the Mecca of cool board shorts was in Byron , the shop Tasa …?? all from Bali, India etc. nothing compared to that place. The images above remind me of it.

  11. re daughter doing fundraising things, it’s true, scholarship applications do look at all round contribution . Help her to eventually cultivate some senior mentor types eg surgeons, rotary, local biz hero/ leader types who can write glowing personal references when the time comes. Big shots love an acolyte – she could learn heaps you know school hols work etc (yes I know she’s v young so all of this in proportion… Also hitting the books of course but that’s par for the course. … You are amazing ta
    TA xo

  12. Just went to the Punjammies website and bought myself a few pairs – and the shorts too. Looking forward to some good vibe lounge-a-rama!