Primo Aries

Rachel Hunter with Elle Macpherson swimsuit

Lol this looks like Elle Macpherson (Aries) is trying to put a subtle headlock hold on the very Virgoan Rachel Hunter.  Apparently uber-Aries Diana Ross used to pull similar schizz in The Supremes.


Image: Sports Illustrated Feb 1994

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20 thoughts on “Primo Aries

  1. After this post got out my Supremes hits cd. Listening, thought this was a very Aries (naïve) Diana Ross song. Course I have Venus opposite Neptune but long beyond the naivety.

    We have a gay dj here in the desert….”The Bulldog” (and Kevin)…they adore Diana as do I.

  2. I think they both look stunning and have carved out some great years for themselves. Then I thought would I want to have this body or that body and suddenly realised that with a bit of work and the right diet… I already do. And I wouldn’t change my tiger stripe stretch marks for anything. Grrrrrrrr
    I’m having a serious I love me day. Awesome.

  3. Having met both of these lovely ladies – i can concur. Elle is really really REALLY Aries and Rachel so Virgo. She carried disinfectant hand wipes where-ever she went and had underwear dry cleaned. She had a gentle soul. And in and industry full of many subservient young women Elle always was forthright. Nobody was surprised when she did SO well in business.

  4. meh. both look weak to me. Battle of the sticks if they get to scrappin’.
    I’ll worhip a female MMA champ or Christmas Abbott (first female NASCAR pit crew) any day.

  5. Think it’s a sign of affection for an Aries (ruled by the head) to put a head lock on a person…Sorta like Lion cubs tumbling around and biting and clawing each other.

    Okay, so I’m poppin’ in as a sauce now :mrgreen:

    Diana…oh, so love…Baby love and all 🙂

    Don’t get my fixed computer till this next Friday but one of our therapists got fired. This next week my schedule is full on packed. Money will be good but I will be hurtin’ honey…gotta take really good care of myself this week and be “primo” prepared.

    Anyway, don’t know her (therapist’s) Moon or Rising but she is a Gemini. I liked her a lot.

    She is 27 and supposedly she hit a parked cop car in downtown Palm Springs. She then did a bit of a get away but they caught her and found she was under the influence of booze and had pot in the car. She resisted arrest and cussed them all out and said she worked at such and such (our place)..Yipes she threatened the cops…she is a large gal and said “I make two of you”…oh dear..Pisces doc had to let her go as conflict of interest with the office and our officer patients.

    Life super interesting eh as we all face our demons and healing processes’. Healers need healing too for sure…x

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking! An Aries being affectionate! I’m always head-butting my poor husband when I go in for a kiss or cuddle. Ha ha!

      • Funny story..,.Never have done the head lock thing but when 17 had my first love…a Pisces.

        When we used to sit together, like with friends we were partying with and such, I used to hold my hand on the top of his head….Maybe we were channeling something lol

  6. Always interested in bodies 🙂
    And the difference between a good figure and a good body, one can have both or either, Elle has both. Her body is charismatic, must be the dimensions, like in the Vetruvian man of Da Vinci, the mathematical proportions that make a superb one and someone who has ‘a nice figure’.
    From my observations, the women are keeping it together way better than the men.
    There was one famous Oz model before Elle, with the beach girl look, Lyn someone? Very North Shore Sydney look with the scattering of freckles.
    Is there an astro signature for Best Bodies?

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