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    • I believe Mystic stated she would even dare release the Tarot app during Mercury Rx!

    • My guess is that it is the shift in the true north node from Scorp to Libra that Mystic may be pointing to here….

      • Shortly to be out of my 12th and into my 11th. Meeting new friends and hopes and wishes a-go-go….Am so right through that door the minute it opens, after all this Saturn/NN in 12th biz + Chiron opp natal Pluto business I’ve been processing lately.

        • what would you say the NN in 12th factored into that load of schizz If? That’s where it’s headed for me….

          • Naw, fear not honey, and see my reply to you re neptune on MC below x
            Chiron and Saturn were the culprits, really. Just happy to have something else (NN) moving out of my (natally packed) 12th, now Saturn has done so, right on cue for starting new job in 2 weeks with what sounds like (11th) a great group of people with same humanitarian/social justice goals as moi!!

  1. The ringing of the bell resonates within the soul, the door is not unwelcoming but it holds the unknown… that which is to be embraced in totality. Change is upon me.. I am clearer this last couple of days.. than I have been since this year began. Clearer yet not sure of what it is exactly that beckons but destiny can only be welcomed not understood. Perhaps it is just the essence of willingness and surrender that entices. Regardless, I am smiling, curious, upbeat… and walking through it…

    …. see you on the other side?

  2. Yes. Please.

    Feel very, very strongly that I’m at the end of an era which started around October 2009. Time to move on and I don’t feel sad.

  3. Yep. Just did a couple hrs ago. Now what potential lies behind this door?
    Have had some powerful dreams the past 3 nights.

  4. Can someone please give me a push ?

    Dreams last night still processing… Strong ones, weird, like alternate / parallel lives with the same people.

    I cried last night for the first time in a long time. No reason really ? They just came.

    Transits of aqua are mostly 8th house for me with only Chiron in there natally. Merc, Venus , Sun …dragging it out FFS , conjuncting Chiron one after the other. Let me out of here !

    • I get information overload sometimes about patterns and past lives and all of it. Overwhelm like I am trying to solve a puzzle. The best advice I got was shocking: ignore the information. I know we both have a lot of Mercury, and ignoring information, especially mysterious information, is not quite easy to do. So, start with how you are feeling. Sit in it and feel your way out. It won’t take long. No matter how dark it gets, you get through with the breathing.

      • I don’t know if articulating this makes any sense. And if doubt on feeling it through, face your biggest fear – feeling inside, just feel your biggest fear like a best friend. So weird to say. But finding the dark corner is tricky. You feel your way toward it, shine a flash light in the warehouse so to speak, and go about living. But all the while forgetting all information, all the plot lines, all the characters. Its always peace we’re after in the end.

      • Like 12HV. D. the last time I felt like you describe with the dreams etc. it was an off worldly grief I felt. A bit lonely to not be able to share it, let alone understand it. Also the transit to the 8th & death of things, perhaps regarding others, but in any form seems pertinent to that idea.
        Hope you feel better soon D! Good to release, xx.

        • “A bit lonely to not be able to share it, let alone understand it.”

          Its so hard to articulate emotions and that’s a very accurate description of some space I’ve had to travel.

        • Thanks. I’m not so much in a dark place it’s more like a realization of love lost… Really gone. Some things are over and it’s taken a long time to process that. Like nearly 30 years. Some bridges aren’t burnt so easily. I’m in my mid 50s so it was time for this bridge burning, forward looking Aries to look back and survey the remnants. Some things remain, some things are lost and I have been pining for some of those things since Venus retro.
          Last night I saw it clearly and let them go.
          My natal NN is 4th house libra, so this is a nodal return ?
          Not sure what that means but I have no doubt a cycle is nearly done and a new one begins.
          I’m usually good at that πŸ™‚

          • I had a nodal return a few years back and some astrologer told me it was some big deal 360 year cycle or something and that I should expect a huge release on the day it went exact. Nothing happened πŸ™‚ All is lost and nothing, dear. I got some acupuncture. and the lady said she didn’t normally treat for anxiety and depression and I thought “I’m depressed?!?” I really lose touch with my feelings sometimes…just dissolve. Good luck processing yours and hope your nodal return delivers!

        • Yeah, I’m heading back to that fixed star. I felt that too. That message surprised me.! It was at 21 -22 libra when I was born and my ‘dreams ‘ visions, do take me there. I realized thru this past few weeks that I miss all the ones I left behind and they miss me. I need more time though, another cycle at least. Until then …love the ones your with. And work out how to take them back with me πŸ™‚

          • My south node is at same degree Libra…2nd house. This has been about the loss of art, artistry and the artistic world I once belonged to as a child. My mother and father met at a prestigious art school and were taught by a now deceased famous artist. We came from money, but that has disappeared via divorce, courts, squandering. My siblings and I had a very challenging childhood, constantly moving (sagittarius 4th). Libran ideals, aesthetic escape was my nirvana. Its odd that my husbands and daughter’s suns are both on my north node, in my 8th house. I cannot fathom what an aries north node is, however I will recommend as mentioned previously Martin Schulman who has written a brilliant book on retrogrades, north nodes and karmic astrology. His explanation of time, and the concept of venus (magnetism) may assist. If I may say so, cardinal cross squares I think have been named aptly by Mystic here before as sometimes “forced growth”. Lastly chironic healing is perpetual, its just sometimes we are illuminated to especially poignant insights. I think the revelations may be painful but the lessons beautiful, and the peace and acceptance be be the ultimate reward.

    • Do you feel better after the cry?

      My dreams have been long, intense, detailed the last few days.

      • I do feel better but I do think crying is a bit overrated to be honest.
        It hurts !

        My dreams were very family oriented, maybe it’s this NN thing moving to my 4th ?
        All I know is my love for the family and close friends has exploded lately.
        Nothing is more important. I’ve always known that but it’s time to fully express it.
        I’m becoming an LZ to my kids at the moment. I want my babies close by before they grow up and run off.

        • I am such a love zombie for my kid!! She’s my….ah…no words. Love zombie for family. I love it! Not a fan of crying either. Crying makes your eyes puffy. Recognizing and staring down terror – that’s a whole other game πŸ˜‰

          • Yes, never look at yourself in a mirror when your crying. It’s frightening.
            I know how much you love your girl. I understand. And I understand how fuqing scary that can be too. My oldest is 17 and the next 14, they are looking out at the world and I miss them terribly. My 10 year old won’t escape so easily. He slept with us till he was 6 and is the best cuddler ever.

        • It hurts, but apparently it releases a lot of actual toxins – not just emotion. Thus, ’tis is “a good thing”, occasionally, even for an Aries male! x

    • A push in which direction, bruh? xx

      Chiron is totally the crying planet. in my experience. It opens one of the boxes where we carry a strong personal vulnerability, or deep-seated thing… it passes eventually but in my own Piscean experience I really have to stay with it til then. [Like 12 V also mentioned]. “why is this important to me”

      • Just sneak up behind me and give me a good shove in the back x
        Yes Chiron … Yes 8th house …. X

        • *plants hand gently but firmly on the centre of DL’s back and propels him a few steps further up the steep bit*

    • You’re an Aries. Go for a looooong walk, and don’t think about it. The answers will come.

      Substitute workout / swim / ride for walk.

      • All my normal Aries emotional routines have gone to pot.
        They haven’t worked lately. Walking yes x thanks DT.

      • Right, I may get spanked for this, but I was thoughtfully reading the entries when I came to this one and misread the “l” for an “n” in walking.

        To be honest, either works. Bit of risquΓ© humor there but I’m glad your typically Ariean emo routines have had a circuit break, davidl. I think that’s particularly Uranian, and perhaps the movement of retro from Aquarius to Pisces has pushed that in a healing way.

        I am all for experiencing yourself in a different manner when you’re always so strongly direct, and obviously as a Kataka, crying is not bete noir in my book. There is a language to our tears, I believe and they differ at every age. Not all my tears are due to sadness, plenty are for the honor of having what I did and knowing how lucky I was to have it.

        Yes, it hurts either way. But you have so much courage, and maybe it just needed to hijack your attention for a bit in a different way.

    • you might find the book chiron and the healing journey useful david – both your natal house placement and sign are on their own pretty intense according to the book but combined + all of the transiting conjunctions and jupiter sporadically in opposition while being part of the square scenario lately would be a force majeure.

      Honeysuckle is the bach flower for letting go of the past if you feel like you need a hand gently shifting it and sweeping away the cobwebs.

      I hope you feel better soon – everything feels a bit fresher today since the sun fought off the bizarre rain.

      • i misunderstood – thought venus had been messing with your chiron, but it’s just the retro that did the damage…. venus can be pretty vexatious in my experience.

      • sorry to totally invade this thread but that book perked my interest. But I cannot find it for under $30. why on earth is it so expensive?? Is it worth the price? Maybe I’ll read a cheaper book about Chiron…I really want to understand it better myself.

        • Hey vk, I happened across this site on the weekend: http://www.astrofix.net.
          If you type in Chiron into the search box, there’s quite detailed and highly illuminating free stuff about Chiron in the houses, Chiron aspects to various planets and angles (AC, IC/MC).
          I think she draws on both Melanie Reinhart and Barbara Hand Clow, as there is the odd quote from both. Fabulous stuff.

          • thank you very much!! off to check it out and finally understand wtf my chiron is all about (it’s in the ever confusing 12th house).

    • Mars is responsible for those dreams. Couple of months to go, fasten your seat belts please….

    • Oh gawd David I’ve have had the biggest cry too & I’m tough as. Relentless dreams of stuff not nightmares but big epic ones, one after the other. Night after night. All night. The answers will come. Soon. Someday.

  5. hmm, very mysterious even for you mystic. I’ll keep an eye out for opportunity.

    I do feel like I’m on the verge of something. This weekend I’ve felt stuck…processing.

    sun and mercury are in my 8th house now. I feel like mercury retro always affects me strongly because I am so mercurial (natal mercury in 3rd house & a virgo stellium).

  6. Some Pisces with the same name as the Pisces I just blew out just started chatting me up on gmail while I was sending a “we can’t be friends like this” email to the other Pisces. LOL! We live in a bountiful Universe! I gotta keep my head straight.

    • Pisces two is broke, in Australia, and wants to know if he can crash at my place later in the year, lol! New door, same opportunity?!? Too funny!!

      • you must be going through a Broke Piscean phase. you could always tell broke piscean two that you have relatives coming around that time so he can stay for a week but no longer… πŸ˜‰

          • So that’s your current hologram/template for a potential mate?

            My template is over 6’3″ with a biggish nose and nice eyes, lots of air energy, usually Gemini or Aquarius. There have been variations on that theme πŸ™‚

            • Not really…never dated that type before. I think the Universe just likes making fun of me. Like its saying “you still think you want some more of that….here you go again!”

            • Veronica, what’s with the large proboscis?
              Like an indication of the size of his willy πŸ™‚
              Or just better to smell you with?
              Nobody’s nose knows.

              • πŸ˜€ not a dick thing lol

                Not Cyrano de Bergerac big either, just aquiline? Prominent?
                My nose is kind of small. And I am not particularly tall.
                Am just not attracted to small noses on guys, eg brad Pitt’s or nick cave’s nose. although I think Msr cave is a magnificent performer

          • That truly is weird!!!

            I went through a phase of only dating guys with four letter names for awhile … I knew the spell was broken when I started going out with the Cap whose name has 5 letters! hahaha ….

      • I love you that you painted the door.
        Right before the birth of friend’s kids, I notice mums to be doing this! Hope a lovely new friend walks through it for you. πŸ™‚

        • (ooh please please please let there no be any baby birthing going on around here)

          Thank you. New friends welcome!

          • Lol, Goddess forbid! Was thinking more adult, a nice watery Cappy or Taurus man, something soothing to your Virgoan self. πŸ™‚

      • Broke Pisceans in Australia??? What are we, a thing now??? lol
        Seriously tho’ 12HV that is some synchro. Steer clear (and I say that as a broke Piscean in Australia) xxx

  7. MM you mentioned a ‘shift’ in the scopes – over the weekend. I think that was me making one more step towards embodying a new normal, feeling more capable again ‘in the world’. My lovely vivacious friend the Legal Libra, her certainty and drive is like a lifesaver for me, I can see over to the other side, if anyone knows what I mean.

  8. My dreams have been go-go-go. I use my Neptunian Dream Journal almost every night – sometimes twice a night. Things are just ramping up and up.

  9. Wah ! So on the ball as per usual, Mystic. Have been pulling The Wheel A LOT.

    I DO like it when fate takes a hand. I find I can thrash about in my own little puddle for months on end, and then fate steps in and goes” Here’s your opportunity, go for it, Chook !”

    So I have my DREAM LIFE as mapped out it painful detail over the last year or so, but what I am missing is a Mentor, possibly Guru (I’m open to both). An established Artist who does a lot of yoga, is deeply spiritual/Shamanic, vegetarian or vegan, and preferably has a holiday house somewhere in Italy. Although I’d settle for Cornwall. Or Dunsborough πŸ˜€ I’d rather NOT have to have sex with them. The Oracles tell me that this person is coming, although I am getting totally garbled dates …

    I DO hope this is it !!

  10. Not the most subtle of door openings in my case, some pretty obvious occurrences too.

    I am well amused, and feeling grand about it as it’s well and truly deserved. Stoked as for my self!

  11. Starting a new job this week after ten years at the last one.
    Same mix of excitement and trepidation I had when I left for college.
    feeling that I am maturing and becoming more self reliant.
    Funny as I previously thought I already was and I’m old enough to be. But this is different.

    • There’s always room to grow xx, and I think it’s great you don’t have the hubris some people indulge in, it means you’ll get more from the experience for being fresh to it in more ways than just its newness. Congratulations.

  12. A new door…. TOTALLY !!!!!!!. πŸ˜€

    Today was the first day of the rest of my life – art school orientation.

    Woke up a few times this morning wondering why the alarm hadn’t gone off. Didn’t want to be late.

    Last night I was wondering if I had made the right decision because I still haven’t found a part-time job to support myself. Faaaaaark!!! Even when I do, I’m going to be poor. But today when I heard the Director’s address I realised I am where i’m meant to be for now.

    Really excited about North Node retro-ing back into Libra.
    On Wednesday when I actually pick up a pencil it hits 29ΒΊ – smack bang on my Mid-heaven. Mars in Libra is currently in my 9th house (natal venus) and my progressed moon is Libra. Progressed venus is smack bang on my natal moon.

    Astro is so awesome, sometimes. πŸ™‚

    • LOVE the image above!!!

      I got my student locker today πŸ™‚ Spent a while choosing the number πŸ™‚

    • Any transit to the 9th and Libran to boot sounds so nice for the start of the study of Art. πŸ˜‰

      You’ll have such fun Scorpbot!

      • Fun and lots of hard work too.

        Oh and Saturn in 10th. Last time Saturn was in Scorp I had just finished high school and started my graphics course. Best year of life πŸ™‚

    • Can’t see me, but I’m on my knees, bowing and going, “we’re not worthy, we’re not worthy”.. that’s such a beautiful change Scorpbot and you sound fabulously happy. Kudos! xx

    • ART SCHOOL????
      Brilliant decision. Fuq the money, you will have Fun & Creativity, loads of it. Call it replacement therapy.

      • “Fuq the money”

        πŸ˜† Exactly Pegs!!

        I’m rich in spirit and my heart is full πŸ˜€

        Venus is about to conjunct my Cappy Part of fortune in 1st house. Maybe I’ll win the lotto? Will definitely have a punt

        • Don’t fuck the money !! Do both !! (that’s my plan, and I’m sticking to it πŸ˜€ )

          Here is an excellent e-book by an artist who made $2 million with licensing deals:


          I personally find her art a bit mimsy, but her Blog is a bloody goldmine of information for the budding artists. She’s self taught, so you’ll be ahead of the curve there….

          • Cheers DT!
            yeah… not my cup of tea but I’m sure there’s plenty of useful info here.

            Cap ascendent, Sun in 10th – my aim / dream would be to be represented by an established gallery if the stars deem it to be πŸ™‚

            • *useful info THERE! on the link you kindly provided, but useful info HERE too when lovely peeps contribute so generously.

              damn Merc rx! πŸ˜€

    • Yaaaaaayyy!! So amazing, I can see you like an art fairy, leaving trails of sparkly, creative glittery dust everywhere πŸ˜‰
      WIshing you happy trails πŸ™‚

      • Thanks Rose of the night πŸ˜›

        floating on a sparkly cloud. πŸ™‚
        Right in my element hanging with the creative peeps.

    • wow Scorpy, that synchronicity withe the NN and your MC is amazing! see? I told ya the NN was the bomb!

      Enjoy, enjoy! πŸ˜€

      ps. question for you or other astro hounds. Neptune will be exact on my MC the day I go to court for what might be a final hearing re: kids. What do you make of that?

      • I reckon!!! Have been keeping my eye on NN lately πŸ™‚

        and my progressed Venus 7ΒΊ Saggo conjunct my natal Saggo moon. No wonder fireworks were going off in my head today when i got a taste of the art history lectures and what we’ll be learning. Saggo thirst for knowledge / mind expansion yeah?

        Neptune on MC. Hmm, *scratches head* I’m a bit scatter-brained and on another planet right now. Hope someone else can help. Have you googled it yet?

        • career aspiration, self awareness, there’s a thing about loss of individual rights that I don’t much like the sound of….aimlessness etc. Public renown in terms of career success or scandal Mystic said to take any nude pics of me off the internetz, lol.

          It will be in opposition to the IC I suppose that might be the way to read it.

          • Hon, was trying to compose a response to this question re hearing and Neptune on MC before…and gave up because there are so many other variables.
            So….in the interests of brevity, the gist of what I wanted to say is this: have no fear, darling. If I was a judge (and hell, I am Jupiter ruled, after all), I’d know you are a great mum, and rule accordingly in the interests of the kids, wherevs the astro was. No doubt whomever hears your case will do the same x

            • thank you so much for the beautiful faith, If. I doubt all judges are of your calibre, but I would feel fortunate to encounter one xxx

          • yes, good advice from If. Sometimes certain transits pass us by?

            But I would also heed Mystic’s advice to remove those nude pics of the internetz – especially since you are Venus ruled. πŸ˜†

      • I’m no astro-hound but I would say that it’s about the highest good – the potential of you (MC), your ideals and aspirations for your newly configured family. I would say use Saturn to put the building blocks in place to achieve this potential (which you’re already doing yes?) xxx

  13. Is it me, or has there been a shift in acknowledging the difficulties our planet is facing in the public realm? Like there is more acceptance of the uncomfortable reality of our issues affecting our world. Perhaps due to sinkholes opening up seemingly from mining/fracking, farmers rejecting GMO’s because it isn’t profitable, the bankers who just keep ‘suiciding’ (four last week, more since the start of the year).. Is that a door closing or opening or both? Guess it is the ZZ doing it’s thing.

    • weird – there’s whole conspiracy theory about the bankers suiciding – I read about it last year. Was it you who put me onto it? Apparently realising their ideology of choice isn’t a long term fix has them at their wit’s end…

      • I doubt that it is a moral crisis causing this spate of deaths.

        HSBC had to pay billions for laundering money for the drug cartels, no one went to jail apparently because there was a fear that the global economic woes would nose-dive if it was all exposed for what it actually is.

        It’s probably complicated dealing with that many people who are waking up to what they are actually participating in?

        • Er, by that I mean complicated for the peeps who run that mess to deal with any nascent ethical leanings in their employees… Long term and short term a bit awkward for an economic system that can’t work without an illicit drug trade.

          • Have had a feeling of foreboding, discomfort even concerning the world or maybe just MY world.
            Feeling something ground shaking is going to happen to spark me out of this ennui. I call it Global Angst.

            • Hope it’s global angst and not personal! Still uncomfortable either way..
              Am not sure it is ennui or hopelessness or peaceful resignation re the world I feel anymore. Maybe all of them!
              Either way, there are major cycles in time, in life.
              It truly is the Wheel of Life. Some lives we are upside, some on the downside of that wheel I guess.

            • You might be sensing the upcoming scorpio taurus eclipses (not sure when they are but some time this year) or saturn in scorp pegs? That phase of eclipses is meant to be the most likely linked to impending earth changes.

  14. The north node has just crossed the line from my 6th house into my 5th house. Does this mean all that effing interminable internal personal development slog is now complete and we can move on to something more effing interesting??? …. I mean seriously

    and yes I realise that personal development work is never “done” …. but you know what I mean.

  15. There was a door which there was no key,
    there was a veil past which i could not see,
    some spake a while of thee and me,
    there was and then no more of me and thee.
    Omar Khyyam.

  16. So is this just for today? I’ve woken up with several dreams the last couple of days and today, for an unfathomable reason I am quite jittery. There is Mercury, Sun, Neptune and Chiron transiting my 8th house whilst Pluto is bang on my descendant and Jupiter is right on my ascendant but this unsettled feeling isn’t something I don’t feel very often. Actually, Neptune and Saturn are each crossing over my natal of the other. Perhaps this explains the jarring sensation?

    • but this unsettled feeling isn’t something I (omit don’t) feel very often.

      Sigh. Whoops

  17. God, I hope it’s on the work front. There’s only so much a girl can take sitting in an office pushing meetings around πŸ™

  18. Thank you to David and Scorpbot you sparked an Astro exploration into my chart and was able to reach a peaceful resolution. That’s guys I hit Astro paydirt xxx
    During my first nodal return I met a kindred soul and next Tuesday week will be my second nodal return. Which happens to be when I start my Art Therapy course.
    From my own experience the Moon’s Nodal Return has had a greater and more powerful impact than the much hyped Saturn Return.

    • woot woot! yay S! go you too and your art courses πŸ™‚

      hey i watched Never Tear Us Apart so I could talk to you about it – “Fat Little Farriss” said in the voice of Gollum – and when he died, I cried πŸ™

      • Hello CS. How are you?
        My boss is excited for me to start my course, she actually would like to be studying art therapy.
        Noooo way I made you watch commercial TV.
        Got to say I am so glad they didn’t try and show the actors doing a remake of the film clip for Never Tear Us Apart. It’s my fav because it’s Michael Hutchence’s best look. The writers really nailed a few keys issues: the Aussie tall poppy syndrome, Molly Meldrum’s lack of credibility in the mid 90’s and Max Q “Your not Nick Cave” comment.

        • I’m a bit wired – big day family court wise today. Saw my ex, he of course used it as an opp to have a go at me, lol. The guy needs to talk to Andromeda πŸ˜‰

          Anyway, yes. I got into it actually. I went astro-fiend after and discovered MHs Moon on my Sun, so no wonder I cried.

          I do think they did the things you mentioned well, but also it was otherwise pretty unimaginative storytelling and hard to pull characters. That Michele chick was like a dead fish. Michael would never have loved a girl like that! and it was poignant to show him for Never Tear Us Apart.

          Are you going to watch the special next week? What’s THAT about? Kirk Pengilly missing the spotlight? Paula the new Yoko?

          • I might watch that special, is it called money grab? It was an ok production but I’d much rather be entertained by Rake. If you need a laugh you should watch Plonk little web eps on YouTube. Wine and wankers on the web. Nobody does wanker like Chris Taylor.
            Family Court tends to bring out the ugly side in people.
            Perhaps there is a few chart similarities with Paula Yates and Courtney Love. Just sayin…is all.

  19. Even though I’m a sun & moon Taurus, I need a life changing experience. I cant do ‘this’ anymore. My soul is crying.

    • aw, hugs to you Little Patti. the change will come, believe it! in the meantime you gotta make use or service of whatever has been thrown at ya. good luck xxxx

  20. The work of Marja PirilΓ€ is so resonant with me, Mystic, you have no idea! Thank you so much for linking me in with her website. She was an influence from a book relating to her 1990s work, but I hadn’t connected in with her ongoing work. THANK YOU πŸ™‚

    Yes, a new door. After months of radging with Mars in Libra, I am perhaps now starting to learn to work with the energy: learning to turn myself off to sleep, even though there is so much to do & transform, learning to love fitness like actually, really & truly, never before and learning that actioning through non-doing, non-hating, non-willing it to be, just LOVING, is the key.

    I’m ready for the new door.. Bring it on! πŸ™‚

  21. Well.. it’s been a little rocky with the Pisces. Not sure where it is going and I don’t know when he is heading back North. I asked him we could get together today since I have the day off. I think I scared him. (sigh). But with a door opening I can picture

    (1) it being either the Pisces actually becoming a new love for me which would change everything since 2009 that I was going through regarding relationships
    (2) me moving to a new apartment closer to him when he moves here. This would help me with finances big time.

    Saturn is in my 2nd house which makes sense with me evaluating my finances, dealing with self-esteem issues and resources. If it’s moving to the 3rd house then communications, glibness, eloquence, desire to write, will be interesting. Since I started acting I am now moving into screen writing and as of yesterday my teacher asked me to think about it. (hmmmm)…


  22. ..well I hope it’s the bedroom door.
    Seriously I am over all the growth, realisations, insights etc etc. I want some giant fuqing deus ex machina to stormtroop in and shake things up. (In a GOOD way.)
    That’s right. Tired of spreadsheets and worthy growth initiatives, I just want something good to happen. Hmpf. *Has tantrum*

      • teehee … I so relate! (especially to the foot stomping tanty) … it’s like EFF OFF with your worthy growth shite already. Can I not just parachute into a love nest of hot sex and be left in peace to enjoy it for at least five freakin minutes. Is that really too much to ask? … Must some Big Spiritual Ephiphany always be involved?? For pity’s sakes …

          • at this point every time I have inner growth it just feels almost cliche, oh ya, sure I am getting better all the time, ya and thats why nothings really changing yet, phh

  23. β€œWhen one door closes, another door opens; but we so often look so long and regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us.”

    Me right now.

  24. Uuuuuurrrrggggghhhhhhhhhhhh……

    If another door is actually opening I’m finding it hard today to drag myself along the floor to it so I can roll through.

    Is life every just… easy?! Or at least kind of stable? I feel like every day I wake up and lie there for a few seconds wondering if I’m going to feel good or bad. Maybe I need to catch myself in that little moment and flick the switch towards good, but I feel like it shouldn’t be such a struggle to not have a terrible day.

    *keeps scrabbling along floor*

  25. Hi Mystic,
    TOTALLY agree about the new door opening.

    Just curious, what astro alignment makes this happen??? πŸ™‚
    thanks πŸ™‚

  26. Just met a Sagg, Mars-Pluto-Asc-AND-sharing-my-Psyche in Scorpio. Unbelievable. Never had a Psyche connection before. Your Soul Mating ebook activated Psyche write-up sums it up exactly.

  27. Literally for me. I’m taking a leap of faith and moving into my ULTIMATE moon in 12th house abode — a huge studio cabin with a deck and tub and walk-in closet in the redwoods! It’s cheap but I’ve got a lot of expenses lately (yoga school, tickets, etc.) so I’m gonna take on extra freelance stuff and make it work somehow.

    I feel huge changes coming. πŸ˜€