Maleficent Is Lilith, Eris And More

Angelina Jolie as Maleficent

Yes, Maleficent is the first Disney story told from the villainess point of view. But what about the magical Maleficent origins?

She is undeniably a dark goddess Lilith type figure. Note also her Hathor style headgear. It is a homage to an ancient female deity, the Holy Cow herself. The Bible condensed many Mesopotamian Goddesses into one; the “Whore of Babylon.”  Maleficent’s wings recall Lilith, though Ishtar has also been portrayed as a winged woman. Her role in this movie is akin to that of the scorned Eris archetype. 

She is joining a long line of female troublemakers, biblical upstarts, witches and goddesses besmirched by the patriarchy.

The Maleficent Origins – Lilith, Eris, Jezebel And Countless Witches

Disney or no Disney, it’s significant that a mainstream company is releasing a film that sides with the witch. In the story, duplicitous douche-core of a toxic patriarch steals her wings and magical powers. Yes, after she slept with him. He takes her power and leaves her bereft. Naturally, she seeks revenge, but the story evolves from there. She ends up nurturing the younger female character she had sworn to destroy and regaining her powers.

There is no traditional love story in Maleficent. Prince Charming is a prick. The love is Maleficent’s love of herself, the princess, and her sidekick/daemon/raven hot guy.

I thought of Lilith when i saw the Pope releasing his doves of peace the other day, only to have them attacked by a big black crow.

Peace Dove Black Crow

Prince Charming Is A Prick

The Raven flies between the worlds. It is associated with the Morrigan (Celtic Shapeshifting Trickster Goddess) and the Norse Odin. I don’t see this as an anti-peace omen. It is more like the rage of all the innocent witches, midwives, divorcees, and so on persecuted by that church over the centuries.

You could see it as an omen of the snowy-white purity reputation of the Church under threat from dark revelations.

And here is Tom Bagshaw’s take on Maleficent. The splitting of older female characters in Fairy tales to “good” and “bad” godmothers reflects the number society did on women in the Burning Times. Older women who lived independently were the most likely to be executed for witchcraft, along with their familiars. Thoughts?



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Wish Upon a Star

I’ve reserved the DVD at local library. Mystic praised the movie and after accidentally catching the end of it on TV I’m hooked. At least I won’t get ads.

Thanks for the links

Wish Upon a Star

Just watched the you tube. Beautiful man talking about Lilith. So relevant. And he goes thru the signs.

Wish Upon a Star

Holy Moly (LOL)

What is it about Menopause and Chiron return that really wakes you up and gives you strength against poisonous patriarchy?


My lilith is conjunct eris in my aries mc..should i pull an angelina on all..?with this i have no clue what i say. Men combat me like malaria ,too much patriarchy and misoginy against.ill endure or go out flaming (cancelcancelcancel)


From an older and wiser friend who I forwarded your article to… “One big but ….Lilith was not a goddess that harmed children she was a protector, and she was not bad. She was just not prepared to be walked all over by the masculine. She retreated under her own decision to live in peace with her familiars by the red sea. I am a believer that Lilith gets a bad wrap as the evil witch. It has been the masculine and to some extent some parts of the feminine that has demonised her. She is not a witch just… Read more »

Scorporation, Inc.

WOW. I wear a big black oval-shaped obsidian (my auto correct translated that to “ovarian”) ring on my middle finger left hand, just like Bagshaw’s. No crows: maybe I ought to begin a rescue? Have a black Chow, but no way would she fit on my shoulder. And we’re going to get a cat! **Excitement** A cat would fit on my shoulder. No word yet on my horse, in this most blessed new year… Waiting. Watching. Of course it was a patriarchal non-nature event: it Always is! Everything else is poetry in motion, talking pictures… Like the pope-dove event: that’s… Read more »


Good luck with your pets Scorp Ink!
The right cat is a truly a blessing.
Even the wrong one is pretty amazing. 😉


I like the concept but I will have high expectations on execution. No lie. And I dunno but I dont like AJ for this. Too cliche/expected. She walks a fine line for me… I love her but I feel she needs more unexpected roles/image. More box breaking! Its like she stopped trying. Also how they portray these archetypes just get so cliche so many times. Its like mindless fapping how its just time for eyes to glaze over and just pRon out, drool over pretty pictures and traditional/expected images/story than thoughtful, exciting, New(!) content. SO, though this is new for… Read more »

Blue Moon

This has to be my favourite post of yours to date MM (and that’s saying something) in terms of imagery and content…..
Fuqin SUBLIME dude


Love, love Angelina! Go Gemini-Lilith girl and the release date (30 of May) is in Gemini as well! Right after my Birthday. Looking forward to watching it. Finally stories been retold for our kids to learn it from ‘the other side’.

Hathors Horns

PS Happy Lammas Mystic and everyone in the South Hemisphere!! Happy Imbolc Northerners!!


I am actually writing an astro-myth article about the crow-attack right now, I am obsessed with this. Hint. The dove is not a symbol of peace.

Hathors Horns

Sounds interesting! Do you remember last year when the lightning bolt hit the Vatican? Sign of the times or the Finger Of God. Doves are indeed a weird ass way to express peace. Love yes, peace… The olive branch that it flew back to Noah with…?


I do remember that! But it didn’t captivate me like this. With Pluto-Venus-Psyche-Persephone all together, and Ceres conjunct Hekate. And also Chiron opposite Athena. And of course the new moon sextile Uranus, and year of the wood horse, And of course Inanna’s first gate. Then the crow attacked the dove and everything came together into a single beautiful message. It’s beautiful you guys. Fuq that pope’s dove.


Hee hee – totes!
Please go on. 🙂


National Geographic explained the science behind “Why birds attacked peace doves in Rome”: “Why did the crow and the gull attack the doves? Because the doves were white. Thousands of pigeons (relatives of doves) live in Rome, as in most cities. They range in color from grayish to brownish to blackish and everything in between. Many other species of birds live in Rome as well, but none are pure white. So if you’re an aggressive, badass bird (as gulls and crows tend to be), what’s going to draw your attention? The pure-white bird. What’s going to be the target… Read more »

Hathors Horns

From a purely scientific POV yes – pure (poor) white doves must look so tasty to crows et al. Nature for sure is a mean MOTHER of a Mutha.

Hathors Horns

Tis the Year of Our Ladybitch!! Poor doves. I can totally relate to Morrigans ravens going at them though. Perhaps it’s also attacking warped notions of what constitutes Venus? They are sacred to her also. The new Pope Francis does seem to not be cut from the same cloth as his predecessors however. Perhaps he’s working up to ordaining women? They do refer to The Church as “Her” though it may be in the same vein as calling ships “her”… Speaking of HER will be done, how much of a major push does everyone feel since Venus has been AWOL… Read more »


Love the Tom Bagshaw image……….she is free to kill me when she’s done with me……………….(Lilith in Scorp conj AC/moon/Mars/Vesta blabla….)


Did anyone else see Snow white and the huntsman? Charlize Theron played a more nuanced villainess, I thought it was a great rendition, more Morrigan type references 🙂


ahh, I was hoping that would post the actual pic, but click on it to see her


Yes I did see it, and Charlize was great, a fully dimensional villainess

virgo kathleen

wow, really looking forward to that movie. sleeping beauty (Aurora) was so lame.

I did not know that happened with the crows…so interesting. Lilith conjunct ascendent and don’t get me started on the Catholic church. YES…a lot of people have problems with them.


Shapeshifters. How come you’re always so bang on the money, MM? In my thoughts recently. I like your take on the attack on the peace birds.


I must have been 7 or 8 maybe when I first saw Sleeping Beauty and was utterly captivated my Maleficent. I was never scared by her but wondered why she was so filled with rage and felt that she had been wronged. The three fat fairies where sweet and funny but she held the power and I have carried her with me. Now she and the feminine are just vast in my psyche and I cannot help but see life through lilith tinted specs. This production is timely and apt and I hope the world is watching. And to put… Read more »


Agrer aqua re.. Ptetty gestures being hollow compared to the reality of the crows world -persecuted for being black and the seagull is like the down trodden battler
Time for gestures is over its time to get real and make amends for all the churches f** ups.


Soz meant agree AR.


I LOVE horned headgear. I always wish I had horns though I have no taurus in my chart . Pan rising though 😉

Jolie looks like a princess dom at a rubber event but I love how disney is doing a villianess flick. My piscean undertaker friend is obsessed with disney villianesses and collects the dolls, knows them all by name etc. We will have to see this together.


That is hilarious!!!

A crow really attacked their “peace doves?”
Maybe it’s god telling them they are full of shit?

The Morrigan!!!!
hopefully its a sign ireland will now denounce catholicism after all the abuse


I’m so excited. Have always loved the villainesses, evil queens, wicked witches and murderous step-mothers. They’re just so much more interesting than the good, suffering girls, and so rarely the centre of their own story. And I feel exactly the same way about crows (so smart and funny!) and doves (…yawn…). If anything the attack by a crow and a seagull on the doves seems like the attack of the real on a facade. Those crows and seagulls have it tough, and I think the time for pretty gestures that aren’t accompanied by determined action is over. Plus if I… Read more »


I had a dream last night and the phrase I said to a women was “oh that’s your dark moon, water Lilith.”
I have to see this movie now.


Just to be completely accurate, this does not appear to be a Disney film. It’s a Disney licensed property (the character) and Disney distribution, but it’s a Roth Films production and was filmed in England. Joe Roth ran Disney Studios back in the 90s, they couldn’t just hand one of their most valuable properties over to a complete outsider.
If this was a real Disney film, it would be a Pixar production. It would not necessarily have a Pixar label, but Pixar runs Disney Films now.




I am not sure who is more accurate – this is what ‘Wiki” has on it:


Yes those poor little doves… Ecology in action, they were in the other birds territory after all 🙁

It’s nice to see a lilith figure smiling, instead of a FTW-face. Our strong iconistas need an image makeover. More joy less scowling. Methinks.


As a child I had recurring nightmares of Maleficent, where I was being simultaneously drawn to and terrorized by her (usually in a local park. the complex emotions of a 6 year old) and until this year had always wondered why those particular terrors seemed to stick with me. She’s an incredibly powerful archetype that has always grabbed me in a weird way. Sleeping Beauty was my #1 tho and empathizing with Disney witches was always favorite past time. It felt timely when this project was announced in terms of my own personal growth happenings. It feels like a curtain… Read more »


I used to have the very same recurring nightmare of Maleficent as a kid. When I recently learned my Lilith was conjunct moon in Scorpio, I was strongly reminded of those dreams. And now, here she is. Agree, spot on.


Going off at a tangent .. Love the beautiful and cowlike cheekbones of Hathor in the Hathor link and the laugh out loud comic link from

libran tiger on August 12, 2009 at 8:22 pm said:
thanks for the hathor details mystic. it reminded me of this classic online comic – hathor the cow goddess –

Very apt – beauty and laughter!

Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot
Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

Oooh I love it! And we all know how well Angelina loves Lilith (I remember that post on her snake jewelry designs…

Now that Venus is direct are we allowed to dye our hair/get tattooed??—I seem to remember that for either Pisces or Virgo this was off limits till the end of March….


March? Holy cow, SHITE SHITE SHITE – crazy piscean just had her face lasered yesterday first time ever and it’s a scary freakin thing looking back at me in the mirror!! Thought we were safe from Feb not March???

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