Existential Is Not A Crisis

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Gisele Bundchen on the phone

Hey people just popping to say that the Tarot is coming along brilliantly…and thank you for patience whilst i take time off the blog to work on this.

So i am back with the New Moon on the weekend and have a whole list of nifty little blog topics to post. In the meanwhile, the Daily Horoscopes are posted, the Weekly Horoscopes are posted & the Monthly Horoscopes will be up by Thurs a.m.Β  Plus i am doing my best to be all across the Strange Astro in the Daily Mystic email.

Weird times: It’s a Dark Moon but with a snazzy amphetamine buzz from Uranus + deep healing momentum courtesy of Pluto in league with Chiron.

Mercury goes Direct and then Mars goes Retro. The Zap Zone is revving up. Asteroid Eros and Lust are conjunct. Venus is on Psyche. HEAPS going on.

A note re the Scopes – the Daily often cover what’s going on months ahead and Monthly often zooms out to cover massive big cycles. I try to zoom in and out, depending on the astro.

Also – an administrivia point whilst i am here and one that is appropriate for Mercury Retro on a Dark Moon.

Spam Comments – I have software to catch these but it is imperfect – some still gets through and then the very act of declaring it spam means that the software learns it for next time. It is also manually checked daily and the comments are deleted. But you don’t need to email me when you see a spam comment!!!

It will be taken care of but if it gets through the spam filter and i am asleep when it appears, it will be there for a short time. Spam affects all sites – it is not just appearing here because i am slack. They also come in waves – sometimes a spam attack can mean that hundreds “bomb” the site at one time. So if i am frantically trying to get rid of them OR not at the computer at the time, having to also answer complaints about spam just slows me down.

There is only ONE way to guarantee zero spam and that is to have either NO comments or have the comments moderated – which means no comments will appear unless i have personally checked them.Β  I have decided this is not worth doing, for various reasons. I think it would slow down the discussion.

If you read that, thank you!

Stay rad, see you back here with the New Moon!


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135 thoughts on “Existential Is Not A Crisis

  1. Btw Thanks Mystic, for the Aries monthly horoscope, not all doom and gloom (was starting to wonder, the sands are definitely shifting under my feet and just have to keep in mind that it is a Good thing)

    Especially love the bit that says

    “does this make you leave the field of play and skulk home to get drunk in front of home shopping network all season? Hardly”

    Btw It wasn’t going to be home shopping network for me, it would be Bewitched, or maybe Mad men..

  2. Had an awesome dream last night that some guy dressed in a black coat (bit like a magician) said he wanted to help me out, so he pulled out a pack of tarot cards from his cloak and splayed them out mid-air and asked me to pick one. I got the Universe card.

    I had to google the maiming as I use to have a tarot pack about 20 years ago but never really got into them, but in the dream I knew it was a good card and woke up feeling chuffed. πŸ™‚

    Loving the Sun in Pisces.

      • Thanks David, I’ve chosen a very challenging and untrodden path full of uncertainty but ultimately a rewarding and fulfilling one. x πŸ™‚

        • Well Mystic has been banging on about evolve or evaporate and not taking the stale, outworn path for ages now.

          Go you for jumping on the zeitgeist!

          • I know!! I really felt like I was going to evaporate several times but especially back in 2012.
            It’s been a 5 year process (Pluto on my Asc) of trial and error that led me to this path.
            Finally made it but now the real work and the next journey begins. πŸ™‚

    • I guess that would be the World card in Rider Waite or Crowley, and what a beautiful card to get!

      Usually depicts a partially naked woman, a philosopher, free and liberated, with symbols of the four fixed signs at each corner. The world is at your feet, the beginning of a frat cycle for you xx

  3. I’m managing the year just fine, actually I’m very proud of believing in myself. I’ve had breakthroughs in health, fitness, finances, relationships, business goals, wellbeing, peace & tranquility. Life is expanding. Thank you Mars in Libra. Can’t wait for Lilith to hit my lioness ascendant and oppose my descendant.

    • Excellent ! So good to hear that !
      I love Chicago , I was first there in 87.
      Neon art was big ! The hot dogs were delicious and I got invited by someone I met in the street to the most amazing party in a massive apt looking over the lake.
      Oh my god, they had so much cocaine !
      Excuse my reminiscing , it’s been constant the last few weeks.
      I’m getting so over my meanderings to long lost places.
      This year so far has been all about inner workings and past unresolved shizz.
      I am Aries ! To me that’s a whole lot of squirming with no reward. Mars in libra, is my nemesis.
      So far …

      • Yeah David, I’m hearing you, I think I’m getting a lesson equal in partnership instead of dictatorship, as all my Aries is in 7th house

        But your stories are fascinating, don’t discount their relevance to other people, it’s a bit like Odyseus’s journey or something! and probably all the better for being told.

    • LOVE this, HH. Thanks for the laugh! And how very clever of you to pick THIS episode (one of my faves). What a fabulously appropriate cautionary/redemptive tale ahead of a weekend with Sun. Moon, Chiron in Pisces and Mars stationary in Libra!

      • Wow thanks! Glad it covers all astro points πŸ™‚ This weekend I’m going to put on my best Penelope Keith voice then πŸ˜‰

        • I’m such a Barbara, by nature, being an irreverent hippy Sagg-type, but in this ep, Margot is quite loveable, non? Was thinking Piscean/Mars stationary in Libra/mercury barely moving forward lessons were: make sure instructions are understood, watch the booze, the knee-jerk starting of wars with friends on the basis of paranoia or missed information, and sudden desires to reveal hidden thoughts re relationships whilst under the influence

        • I was in love with her when I was 10. Thanks H x
          Hope your well. I was just reading one of your posts from 5 years ago !

          • Hi davidl! Lovely to hear from you. Yes I’m well and going through le motions of this tricky astro. Geez 5 years ago huh? I’d like to think I’m older and wiser thanks to Mystic’s guidance. Hope you’re doing well too! X

      • Pegs, I would love to hear more about. Stuart Wilde, what you know of him? Sounds like a magical connection. I had looked on his site last year, and they seemed to be organising ayahuasca tours to South America.

        While I have been painting at home these last couple of days I have been listening to all sorts of podcasts, and I heard a good one on ayahuasca. The guy who had experienced several times in Peru with local shamans was saying that plenty of western folk go to heal a severe health condition, that you actually follow a cleansing diet for a few weeks beforehand (very plant based) and some stick to it, and others don’t.

        so the ayahuasca under those circumstances actually seems to go in to the body and bring up from a deep level whatever it was that made you sick, which is why many people talk about an aya experience as a rebirth of a kind. And the shaman is singing throughout the several hours that the ceremony goes on, which helps one navigate through the experience

        • Ronnie, i adored this man, sexy and shot from the hip direct to the core. Same age as me and half Sicilian as i am. He came to Adelaide twice ’95 & ’99. The first time with Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer & Louise Hay. We made eye contact after, no more as he was surrounded by gorgeous woman, but that flash was magical soul connect and was accepted as one of his A-listers for the Redeemers Club to be invited to Ecuador. Alas the cost prohibitive.
          As he was written up being interviewed at the casino over a Jack Daniels i felt a simpatico with him. Bought all his books. His humour a delight compared to the holier than thous’ at the time that came across as pure as the driven slush, his honesty astounding, his metaphysical knowledge outstanding.
          His blog may still be up, just google it.
          He, like Myst, found wondrous pix for it.
          Heavy smoker, loved pubs.
          Yes AYA, so wanted to go to Sth Am for a ceremony, to have nature open her are to you, tell you secrets of healing, the whole DMT thing totally intrigues me as my LSD (Sandoz & Owsley) experiences were profound, remembered after 40 years.
          Whispering Winds of Change written in 2000 has all come to fruition. Grace Gaia & the end of days is good, so is God’s Gladiators. All worth a read, he was away ahead of the game.
          * sigh * my tribute to him, thanx for the memory Veronica. x

          • Magical ratbag describes him really well, I read Sixth Sense, whispering Winds of change and enjoyed the humour as well as metaphysical knowledge.

            I can see him as a counterpart of you πŸ™‚
            Really enjoy your wisdom and humour too Pegs xx

  4. Been bothered by both of my Aqua exes in my dreams. I dont understand what the point of these dreams are as I never think of them in waking life and I have moved on, like, years ago.

    Some people from the past coming out of the woodwork to hit me up again. One of them apparently had a bone to pick with me, and was basically getting angry at me for being “alpha”. I countered by saying I wasnt alpha anything as I dont buy into those structures/labels, though I do lead my own life, and that she was just as capable as me or anyone else. There was no reason for her to play second fiddle to her own life, and no one should take her power away to feel any less than that. Then I asked her to make good on her words(where she was going on about how capable she was) and I did on mine(my belief in her, thus the positive encouragement) in one strike as I asked her to take back her own power as I will not encourage this “secondary” behavior attacking others who she perceives to be better than her, in a relationship with me. When she comes at it from that way, she already lost the battle. Apparently she didnt like it as I havent heard back from her. I swear, some people are addicted to sadness, angst, shame and guilt like how some men are just addicted to porn. They drool, fantasize and lose their minds over something so unpowerful, but they end up giving their power away to a figment of the imagination/ego, alienating the people that love them most. They dig their own grave, what can I say. Lesson: Neutralizing negativity with positivity. Try it out. Call them out on their crap – lovingly – and give them a hefty dose of positive encouragement and accountability, especially if they are coming off like a child throwing a schoolyard tantrum. Because you know, to be the best possible you, it means to take responsibility for yourself, and to stop sticking your nose in everybody else’s business and then getting upset that they are happy and all that shtuff. Face your own demons, peeps.

    What was that Roosevelt quote Miley had tattoo’ed on herself?


    The answer to critics.

    • Reminds me of a post I saw today:
      You can’t wake up a person who is pretending to be
      . -Navajo proverb

      Its exhausting to be accused by fearful souls. Same as it ever was but certainly intense right now – the contrast between the pretenders and the not

      • Agreed. Very intense right now. To have it come from this friend hurt me as I feel a special bond with her. I can’t make her see something she doesn’t want to though.

        Thanks for sharing that quote 12hv, so appropriate for the mo.

      • occurred to me last week that talking to or making sudden moves around sleepwalkers is never a good thing. find the peeps who resonate and leave the sleepers behind ladies xxx

        • Sleepwalkers are tricky… Their guises are getting more elaborate and they are better at mimicry of something authentic. Keep an eye out peeps.

          • I stand by the just doesn’t resonate approach. Accusing others of being inauthentic is not my thing per se but knowing when they’re not my kind is pretty cut and dried. The tricky bit for me is if we were once in harmony and knowing when I or they have evolved in different directions and no longer sing the same song. That’s when it gets confusing for me. Sometimes you forget and then remember halfway through a conversation. It always feels like you took a wrong turn. Like when you find yourself going home but you forgot you moved house.

            That’s my putting it out there in the dark moon thoughts anyway tomorrow is a brand new day πŸ˜€

            • I wasnt just accusing her of being inauthentic. There was an implication of mimicry being like a “Weapon” for her. I dunno, if you are studying how someone else is, to use their tactics in a way, is that authentic, Anon? And does that sound like an authentic friend to you?

              • Oh sorry! I just re read your initial words and can see that we have crossed wires – I just followed on and answered the replies to my comment without putting it into context with your initial one. Sometimes that happens when scrolling up form the bottom. So this is a misunderstanding sorry! My bad πŸ˜‰

                Strangely enough I do stand by the just doesn’t resonate thing though – even though it’s in a different sense. For her what’s going on IS authentic. And it just doesn’t resonate with you.

                I think we’re all emulating something, trying to achieve the purer for want of a better word form of what we were born with and in our processing of experiences as they happen. Hence my giving the labeling of others as inauthentic a swerve (and that’s just me, I’m not saying you should be like me by any stretch). We’re all at different points on our respective paths and sometimes with friends one person will get on the travelator and move a bit faster causing the kinds of ruptures you speak of.

                Or sometimes the friendship involved projections and illusions anyway (most friendships are a bit like this) and then one of you suddenly realises it’s not what you thought it was and moves on and the other one gets a fright. Friendship is inherently tricky.

                So upshot is I wasn’t meaning my comment in the sense of having a dig at you.

                • Hey Anon, thanks for clarifying but I didnt feel it was a dig, just a good point. Even if it was a dig, there isnt anything wrong with that as you are free to express yourself here as I am. I am not a censor. So no worries πŸ˜‰

                  I just felt it was a good point so I addressed it, thats all. I wasnt trying to have a dig at you either, but those questions came up for me. Thanks for adding your bit about the authentic/inauthentic bit. I really like that you are more cautious about such things. I liked the way you expressed it and it made me meditate on what you said further.

                  I could go into detail about what went on but its not necessary nor would it make sense to do it here. its layers of issues and trying to explain it all would be fruitless and I would be stuck typing in a window as thin as a paper clip.

                  Im just ready to move on and get going. I dont want to feed this issue any more energy. Thanks for listening and adding to the discussion though!

    • YES! I hear some people speaking, expending so much energy complaining. Always a victim of something. who’s the common denominator here? don’t you realise every decision you’ve made, every thing you’ve done in life, has brought you to this point? you are responsible. not someone else. be the fucking boss of your life. no one’s going to give you a permission slip to be awesome.
      End of rant. x

      • I know – I am back reading it again. This is my favorite part. I just posted it to FB, lol!

        “I swear, some people are addicted to sadness, angst, shame and guilt like how some men are just addicted to porn. They drool, fantasize and lose their minds over something so unpowerful, but they end up giving their power away to a figment of the imagination/ego, alienating the people that love them most.”

    • Jumping in on the conversation between Nightrose and Anon Flux down here on how to spot a sleeper. Its interesting as the romance bubble popped quickly for me and the Pisces. Took 3 months. And I think in the past, when that happened, maybe I would have pretended it didn’t and tried to negotiate on and on until we hated each other. That’s what my family taught me to do. When I was young, I could recognize my parents were sleepers. But I couldn’t get away from them. I relied on them for food and shelter. So I learned to negotiate. I think that’s what happens to people. They just learn to negotiate for survival and ignore their freedom to live. I think putting healthy borders in place is the most loving thing you can do. And Nightrose, hats off to you for doing just that! The more adults we have in the world, the better!

  5. Yes, lots of weirdness and everything is moving so fast and so unpredictably that I’m just taking every second as it comes and trying to be zen. Car issues, phone issues, people-not-getting-back-to-me issues…

    I’m really looking forward to summer. March — for sure — is gonna be insane. When does this retrograde end? Two days? Then two months of MARS RETROGRADE OPPOSITE MY NATAL MARS and on my south node in Libra? I’m more scared of that than the zap zone.

    • TBH it has me somewhat worried too, as I need to be making money and I haven’t worked for a couple of months.

      Mars is exactly opposing my sun /Venus in 7th at the moment.
      My partner is the one keeping the household going at the moment (a new development in our relationship) which is certainly a relief, and also I have been in a lovely art making and health nurturing zone
      But I do actually like to earn my own money!

  6. Mystic I want to say Thank You for letting people comment on your site without having to sign up to WordPress or whatever. For some unknown reason it really irks me to have to sign in merely to add my 2 cents.

    It’s weird I seem to remember being able to comment willy-nilly on most blogs a few years ago. And then all of a sudden everything tightened up and you had to sign in to do anything and everything. Hmmm I also reckon it coincided with flashing ads taking over half the page. (I use ad-blocker so don’t see too many of them).

    Anyway, thanks again for bucking the trend and allowing FREE space to BE !

  7. I’m feeling the Uranus amphetamine, I think. Switching from a 9 month to a 1 and am (possibly) emerging from the cave. Getting stuff done- car stuff, school stuff, mothering stuff (and I just saw that the week of retro wackiness begins with Ceres tomorrow, which makes SO MUCH sense). Merc exact on my MC and I’m coming to a peace with career and future uncertainty. What will be will be… I’ll just take care of the details and the big picture will come. Letting go of worry and guilt and just being. For now at least.

  8. I turn 21 this saturday, and the new moon will be exact right when I am out and about friday night(technically saturday), being, ya know, 21. AND its happening a degree away from my natal sun, so a new moon solar return type thing, I don’t even know what to think.

    • also, I assume this goes without saying, things have gotten even stranger generally, each time it does I am somehow still surprised

    • Lord! 21?? I’m so envious. It’s such an awesome age, not sure if you’re in the US, but if you were it’s likely you’d be in Vegas this weekend. That seems to be the thing, though I don’t get the impression you’re into alcohol-fueled anything. Have a fantastic birthday david, and you ride those surprises.

      • I have a cousin going to vegas when he turns 21, I’m just a poor college student though and that’s definitely not happening with me. I live in austin though, so its supposed to have really good clubs, never been downtown but I am going friday night, I like getting drunk a ton actually. All of a sudden I’m like, hey, ya know what, I’m the fucking best, and then I just get really secretly smug and content and just sit around feeling better then everyone, its the best. Its the complete opposite of how I normally am, and to just be anything but hard on myself for a bit is fun. I don’t actually think I am better then everyone, I just like the energy of it.
        I see partying as an introvert as a skill, I don’t know if I will be able to dance out there, and I am more preferential to just chilling the fuck out, I can acknowledge the possibility partying could be fun without mistaking my inclination against it as identity. So hopefully I have fun out there, kind of terrified, and your right its not my style but I though I would try it out.

      • Well babe, if you don’t try things at 21 then I don’t know when you’d try it. Go for it. You seem to have your head screwed on straight.

        Never been to Austin but have heard massive raves about the music scene there. All I’m going to say is that regardless, it’s the perfect age for you to be out and about. Get involved, get interested. Be motivated by your curiosity and just love life.

        I moved to LA when I was 22 and was in a relationship that was really restrictive, in the sense that the person I was with wasn’t as interested/had a chip on his shoulder about just getting out there. I was self-conscious too but looking back now, I wish I just ignored it. EVERYONE’S a bit scared/insecure at that age..but it’s normal and not as big a deal as you think, though it seems that way at the time.

    • Thanks everyone, and also screw you, I’m not a baby, I’m a man! a man! *indignant grumpy mumbling*
      But ya thanks everyone, so far every year has been better then the last, eventually things just have to work out explicitly(I am kinda tired on inner growth, where are the results? Where are they?!)

      • They are in the absence of all the suffering you won’t have to endure from not doing it!!

        Happy birthday david. Many blessings xx

      • Happy birthday for saturday, david.
        In honour of being a M-A-N, here are Muddy Waters and Johnny Winter….hope you like the hoochie-coochie blues.

      • Happy Solar Return to you for Sat, Baby Boy πŸ™‚
        (Don’t you dare say screw me…lol).

        The results will come in your early 30’s. Men develop later and some not at all, so count your blessings.
        Look at all the amazing women you have on your side here all wishing you fun & frolicks, David.

      • Of course you are a man, just a newer version of one than most men I deal with regularly. I have the utmost respect for you. I wish you make as many healthy mistakes and good habits as you can. Happy birthday! 21 is big one – 3 7-year cycles done!

    • Happy 21st David. Trust you will see in your solar return by having a whole lot of fun.
      I also want to tell you that I had my last drinking session at that age. In Oz you can enter licensed premises from 18. Between 18 and 21 I had a lot of fun and not so fun with alcohol. By 21 I decided it just was not my friend. I’m into my 55th year and I can tell you that I’ve seen and experienced all varieties of drug scenes and had my share of helping out friends who have had and do have drug dependency. There is no drug that compares to alcohol when I look at the destructive outcomes for people. Their bodies, their minds, their families. Do yourself a huge favor and treat alcohol like the powerful poison it is. By all means enjoy a few occasionally, that’s your choice, and now your legal, your right.
      End of finger waving lecture.

      • ^ LIKE

        Personal experience and working at the crisis support centre has shown me the utterly destructive nature of alcohol – which is way over and above that of any other commonly used drug. Alcohol projects a thin veneer of binding communities together, whilst violently ripping them apart from within.

    • fuqyeah21! WOOOOOO
      have fun. stay awesome. the only way is up. i agree with pegs. as in the rewards for knowing yourself. 30s seems like light years away, it is, but then bam you’re there. so live your 20s and enjoy the hell out of them πŸ™‚ I don’t necessarily mean debauchery or whatever, but you know, time and place… lol. anyway. happy birthday bro!

    • Happy beautiful Birthday, David! Enjoy your night out, for real. Let those scales and fins shimmer! Best wishes and birthday hugs, 1001 xx

    • Happy 21st, david5379!! Who in the hell goes to Vegas for their 21st birthday? I guess if you live close enough to drive there for the night, but then you need a dd– complicated. When my cohorts & I were coming of age, poor undergrads in the student ghetto, we celebrated by walking downtown to do the pub crawl & stumbling back to our hovel @ 3am after filling our bellies with eggs & potatoes from the 24hour diner– & it was The Best! Yeah we did it every weekend, but on your 21st birthday you got to drink all night for FREE. *bonus* πŸ˜›

      Enjoy, gorgeous! xx

      • hahaha, I’m 50 and still waiting for the “results”, truth is, it’s a lifelong process…. but if you look back at the differences in your life in the last year, the last five years, then you will most likely see that there are indeed results. πŸ™‚ In my experience, Pisces men are the most beautiful creatures at heart, happy, happy birthday!

    • aww shucks thanks again everyone, you guys are the best. I forget the age thing sometimes, and it really really helps to be exposed to all of you, its good to know there are people as awesome as you guys out there and it helps put things in perspective.

  9. Pisces and I are still emailing over what went down the day Mercury went retrograde. I am tired of it. I don’t have the energy for this. Not this dark moon. Broke my phone, fixed it, now the fix isn’t working. Touch screen won’t touch half the time. Totally did emotional shopping online yesterday. Blowing it. My Libra planets – I blame them – for really blowing my budget. Pluto-Mercury-Mars-Uranus in Libra, second house ruler, beauty, harmony, and scent really do matter to me! Possessions get imprinted with events. I can feel it in my clothes – the evil eye someone gave me once. I must replenish. I’ve got to find a way to balance that harmony desire in a way that doesn’t blow my savings. I know possessions don’t buy happiness, but cleanliness and grace are costly, yes? If not really in money, than in time management. I lost balance this retro, big time. Day nine no smoking. That last bit is the only thing I’m sure I’m doing right.

    • You are allowed to blow it, you know. Even as a Virgo with that crazy first house, you are! You’re not smoking and you’ve been really, really strong throughout this entire Pisces ordeal and you sound absolutely exhausted. It’s ok. The balance will return. Sending you huge hugs and fresh spring breezes and flowers. Xxxx

    • Smoke free! Ama—aaazing, girl. I’m impressed. Keep crawling, but rest up and keep drinking water. Bathe in beautiful scents, and if you’ve bought clothes, wear them. Everything you have spent on, use as a talisman, not hide in shame.

      Here’s to love, the universal kind, the self connected kind and the kind that brings out the best. May it make itself shine around you, so you know it really IS. Love xxx

      • “use as a talisman” YES! I feel so flighty, but – yes – that is it, isn’t it? I realized when I am not so depressed, I am better groomed and accessorized. Not sure if that is a cause or effect, you know?

        Whew. Day 10 smoke free. Not stinking is a great accessory and its free!! πŸ™‚

        Ah, love. Yes. I love you. Silly, but I do. “When we are born we cry that we have come to this great stage of fools” So much love and so much looking for it.

  10. So I’m not the only one who experienced mercury retro as a big clusterfuq? I’ve had two cars fail on me after the snowstorm-one had the battery die and then the other had a busted tire. Then, I had to can my trip to San Francisco because they cancelled one of my flights and couldn’t get me on any other plane out there. And now…..my school stole 300 dollars from my account in an “oversight” and the business office told me I can’t get the refund back until next week through the convoluted process of activating a card. Ugh, I’m done.

  11. Mystic you are a whirling dervish of efficiency, m’lady!

    I think what I have hacked into at the moment is the Pluto Chiron sextile. It’s like my soul is on a retreat in Borneo and it is sending me extra-dimensional spirit-poetry instead of a postcard. I mean, I’m not having visions as such (usual Pisces merc daydreaming in full effect though). But thoughts that are healing and revealing.

    A stroke of generosity from a local business offering a short session of energy work. Timing was So perfect. Went in with open mind, came away lighter…. *gratitude*

    Synchronicitous (?) developments on the creative front. All I have to do for the next 3 weeks is rest, do routine of awesome, repeat. That’s my focus for now. Open heart focused mind busy hands. X

  12. Sure spam is stupid and annoying but it can be kind of funny. It is actually less stupid and annoying than some of the interactions, shall we just fuqing call them, i have had with oh let’s refer to these ones as nearest and dearest. Maybe that’s why i’ve seen some of the spam on here as light relief.

    Only one spelling mistake in a Daily had me super perplexed. I’m Pisces so i thought it was just me being bimbonic, and went off to ponder it, repeating the sentence in my head for a while. Came back to find a new corrected version on email. Haha!

    • I’m with you on the spam. Sometimes I’m tempted to reply to it just for my own amusement. Some of them are kinda funny.

      • Please tell me what spam is, i really don’t know.
        Could you take time to explain?
        And don’t security-privacy settings deal with it.
        Is it junk mail or is that different?

        • Yep, Pegs, as I understand it, spam is basically just (junk) unsolicited mail, or in the case of what we get here occasionally on the site, posts from people not into astro trying to market/sell us something/re-direct us elsewhere.
          Think Mystic explains above why in the case of blog post type spam, it can’t always be caught before it appears. eg. if I decide to start posting on the site, and choose the username Ilovetimtams, and a real email address, spam software may not be able to decide immediately whether I am just a sincere astro-and-chockyfiend with a weird taste in handle names, or a marketing company.

          • Thanx Fi for the explain. Yes, have seen posts on occasion that use MM
            to promote non-interesting products, they come up as red, but very rare. x

  13. Been stung by mercury big time. Just been slapped with Β£500 data roaming charge while in USA. Had no idea my new (unbelievably shit) phone was set on roaming….airline lost my bag and piece of artwork being sent for auction lost in the mail. Horrible!

    • O fuq. My 75 erroneous bill is a pittance compared to 500!
      At least mine was cancelled.
      Was warned about data roaming when collecting the i-phone.
      Corporate scammers, such an energy drain to challenge them IF you can get through that is.
      THEY make mistakes WE pay & pay & pay.
      Wishing you money, do an abundance affirmation.

      • Thanks Pegasus.I’ll fight the bastards but am SO SICK of being fleeced. Am going to re-frame this and wean myself off the mobile…I’m 53 and managed the 70s,80s & 90s without one. On the plus side, I was in New Orleans which is one of the greatest places on this earth..why would I have been on the internet when I was visiting Marie Leveau’s house FFS!?

  14. I decided to reinstall my OS and it still didn’t solve my wifi port problem. *cries* Should just have let it be and waited until it crashed. Now have to reinstall so many things….

    • Ja, I have intermittent ethernet and extremely dodgy to non existent wifi. Lost a sh*tload of work yesterday. Nedd to upgrade to a better service provider but OH the admin involved in doing that! and catch 22s all over the place. Only a few more days of Mercury Retro in fishy left!
      Counting the seconds!!!!
      Hope you get OS reinstalled and manage to find the lost work. It’s happened to me so many times.
      JUST ONCE I’d like to turn on my f-ing mac and not have to update my gawd dang software, take a tutorial and have a f-ing maverick, snow leopard force me to do a tutorial so I can morph into an apple genius and scroll up and down or send an email. I mean I love you Steve Jobs, I do but can we limit the updates to one a year??
      I feel like I have to update my friken software once a month!

      • The Retrograde has pushed Mercury back into Aquarius…i think..? That’s what I’ve been reading on the astro wiki sidebar. Have i got this wrong, or is it a glitch? When there was a small family meltdown (leading to my friend suggesting that rather than my future birthday gift ideas she was thinking group therapy for all of us) i checked the Merc degrees and…crikey…Aqua.

      • I forgot all about Mercury Retrogade….itchy fingers. I should have waited!

        Rebooted, reinstalled and wifi port has now disappeared. From undetected wifi card to gone. I’m sticking to ethernet and leaving technology alone for awhile.

      • Same same. I will not chase updates anymore! Sometimes they cause more problems then they fix my poor astrogold has been thru the wringer with that crap. It has saved bacon to wait.

      • My wi-fi is running extra slow than it usually does.

        After 2 intrusive calls from Telstra, an email and now a threat of suspended device over an overdue account with nothing itemised, finally called them and found out it was an email transfer fee from the house lived in 10 years ago when i didn’t have broadband, let alone an email account.
        It was an 75 dollar bill that has been dropped of course as one can’t get charged for something they never had right? But what a money grab. No apology for the interruptions and my stress, stress because i’m religious about my bill payments.

        Is life better with all this tech access and it’s resulting headaches or was plucking the duck, sharpening the quill and then attaching it to carrier pigeon a healthier option.
        Send in the ravens πŸ™‚

    • sorry to hear that πŸ™ Mercury retro IS hard on electronics…. my phone went schizz to…the…day… that merc went retro…. hoping it clears right up at direct, but I doubt it….. looking at tablets, but don’t dare pull the trigger till at least next week….

  15. Oh woe is me spoiler/alert!!!

    The last 48 hour have been sheer fuqin Hell – all drama, all the time.
    Ex has lost his sh*t big-time – trip to the cop shop and HELLO Protection Order…..

    Fun times.

    • dear Annon
      an ex of mine, same same. Not been to cop shop yet but tis on the cards. Sorry you are having to go thru this. It sucks. Tres Chiron / Pluto non?
      I hope the cops where you live are sympathetic.
      British cops rock. Also I’ve already opened a harassment case against him 7 years ago so hopefully they still have that on file.
      I really hope that your ex gets the message and obeys the restraining order. How terrifying for you!
      Is he a recently exed ex?
      I hope he is not violent as mine was 7 years ago and that you are safe from harm.
      Well done on the restraining order.
      Shields up. Claws out!
      thinking of you

  16. What’s spam? Is it an acronym? Silly Peoples Attempting Mischief?

    Peoples are annoying me today. Asking unnecessary questions that are an energy drain, time wasters, not knowing what they want, endlessly boring, when i only want to waste my own without their help.
    Think i’ll put the phone on voicemail & have a glass of white with ice in the sun.

    • Looking HOT Pegs!
      I LOVE it!
      Have gravatar envy now.
      Might have to change mine again and my name since an ex boyfriend is stalking me. Not just cyber but IRL. I’m not freaking out about it although it was a long time ago and he is a pretty scary dude. What happened between us was not pretty but I feel the time is right to cleanse myself of that and let it go. A few women have called me who work in my former occupation saying that he is persistently bothering them for my phone number. I received an email from him during the Chiron Pluto juju in Feb, the same day I had that very healing encounter, a truly honest conversation with the French man I had previously avoided out of fear of rejection. That was so wonderfully validating, to know he’d felt the same way and ten years later, still felt it and was kind of bittersweet too but in a lovely, wistful way. This guy is a different kettle of fish (what an odd expression) entirely. Talking to men like him really doesn’t help. I’m not going to bore anyone with the details but it does make me so grateful for my healing process, my transition, my friends here on this lovely site and the support that this life gives me. I’m really appreciative of it all.
      Pegs, white wine in the sun sounds like the way to go beautiful thing. I love Tim Minchin’s song White Wine in the sun. All his songs but that one is a bit of a tear jerker, in a good way. I played it a lot in Feb.
      omg, can you imagine is the genius zeitgeist that is our snake headed leader Miz Mars in virgo had to PERSONALLY check every single comment for spam? We’d never be able to have a conversation, so comments would dry up, the daily emails would suffer a slow and painful death and our beloved astro weather reporter and news doctor for the soul would be shipped off to a yoga retreat in Goa for nervous exhaustion in no time. We can’t have that. I propose we simply ignore any thing that looks spam like and please guys TYPOS? really?
      Not to knock anyone who points them out but seriously? It happens once in BM and even then, the meaning is so easy to discern, is it really worth pointing them out and making her resend the daily email or whatever? Obviously as a fellow Mars in Virgo with way too much Sag than is healthy for a Virg I suffer from a rare blend of keyboard specific of teretts syndrome and dyslexia so lets just take a moment to celebrate MM for her awesome, creative and consistent work (how rare is that combination?) I have a theory that she is really a cyborg since I can’t fathom how a single human being can deliver such epic creative work with such accuracy, attention to detail and sheer genius. Just the images alone blow my mind but the astro stuff? And her personality as an inspirational force of nature???
      Like yeah..
      This is not a love song but if it were the bridge would be ” I never know that by joining an astrology site I’d become a part of a community that feels like home to me. I have met soul mates here and the relationships I’m developing with gravatars and their pseudonyms and the peeps behind them reach and inspire me in more profound ways than most of the people I meet IRL with “real” names and “real” faces.

      It’s a long bridge I know but I can’t read or write music so there!

      I gotta run my friends. Have managed to churn out 2049 words out of 14000 since last Monday and I need to hit at least 7000 by the end of today or I won’t be able to eat or by vogue.
      Have not cut my hair yet.
      Am trimming it (yes again) on Sat, the new moon.
      Thanks for all your advice re this Pegs.
      love my astro homies, have a super awesome, healing, magical day and if you can’t, just breathe and feel and love yourself xxx

  17. people are complaining about a(n ad) free site? to you, who it seems obvs would also not be loving the spam? far out.

    In other news, I have a Merc Rets heeeeeroooo! who recovered old files off my hard drive, AND I am no longer ignoring an ailing computer in my front hallway, yay! my fridge is fixed, double yay!! the old flames arrived like clockwork, and I showed them where the future lay. sometimes you need a Merc Retro….

    • Yes! Sometimes you DO need one. I spent yesterday deleting every extraneous program from my ailing computer as well. Was of course fraught with snafus, and I did a lot of heavy sighing and yelling at it, but it feels so good to have it done. Also decluttered all the paperwork and kids’ schoolwork, cleaned the dried bouquets that had been sitting for months… I have surfaces again and my psyche IS lighter. Triple yay for repairs! And for Fabio, and I hope your future with the old flames is the perfect one for you… πŸ™‚

      • ah, I just knew Merx Rx brought them to me….it wasn’t personal. I gave them what they needed to hear and showed them the path πŸ™‚

        but thanks HDQ and I’ve just had the biggest most comprehensive declutter too, I even lost my job! wow, the slate is CLEAN! I had a small panic about it but hoping some better thing rings in the new moon/Merc direct w/end.


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