Da Moon Is Nearly Superfly

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Just another couple of hours till this slightly edge, even paranoid, Scorpio Moon gives way to the SuperFly Saggo Moon and THAT amps the Jupiter-Uranus square a.k.a. the catalyst for some of the weird magic and warp-speed life morphs of late. More in the Daily Mystic email for Monday AND your Horoscopes obviously.

BUT i am off the blog for several days – maybe till the New Moon/Mercury Direct of March 1 – as i am super-immersed completing the new Tarot bit of the site.Β  But there is heaps here to amuse you in my temporary absence: the Oracle, D.i.Y. Astro-Hacks, the Bitchcraft E-Book, Binaural Beats and obviously your epic, genius ability to talk amongst yourselves.

Remember – this rad astro requires your A-Vibe.

Image: Jean-Giraud – Moebius

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227 thoughts on “Da Moon Is Nearly Superfly

  1. I’ll be happy to get into breezy sagg as had the most intense week with new job, bike and surfboard stolen in past 2 days and lost small contract
    Im still surviving after a huge hoochie fuelled cry last night. So loud the neighbours called the police.which was higlly embarrassing. But it was worth it. – so catharic to be yelling at the top of lungs like a banshee .
    I am always so well behaved but last night – lost it totally.

    • Major major BUMMER!!! LG. :/

      Hopefully that’s it all over and done, with the law of threes

    • Yo Leogroover that SUCKS!
      So sorry to hear of those losses.
      Had to smile at your booze fuelled catharsis.
      Only a Leo eh.
      The neighbours called the Police and it was just you alone havin a roar.
      Rest up.

    • holy sh!t LG, that must have been one helluva cry sesh. the cops! love it Leoness. xox

      hell and scum upon the bottom-feeders who stole your board and your bike though. did you tell the cops you’d keep crying like that until they found your stuff? give em hell.

      many hugs fiery one xoxoxox

    • That’s rough Leogroover! I love that you can have the police around and say it was worth it though. You are awesome. Hope you feel better soon, xx.

    • Fuq, honey. Badge of honour probably….you were probably bansheeing so hard that you missed my response re the Midnight Oil comment on other thread. Been there, done that, and will no doubt do it again!!! x

    • I think “awesome!” – and maybe the lovely neighbours just need an alert next time, lovely to think they care? One of the great things about living scrub bound – plenty of places to let the banshee fly. I’m a fan of hammering things into submission – like the pair of silver wedding goblets that had our names on it – I’m imagining them proudly salvaged apform our local tip and being returned (not one of the better things about a small town – people know all your stuff), so out came a block of wood and a big hammer – ahhhh still remember the cathartic feel of all that.
      Big love xx

    • Wow! Can I just tell you, I’m maybe a little jealous of that cry sesh? Sounds a bit amazing! And the cops! Well done. πŸ™‚ Sorry to hear about those losses, but hopefully they are just temporary set backs. <3

      • Thx gftpi. I was impressed and it so good. Teo days later and im feeling cleansed and fresh

    • Hey, Leogroover babe.. am a bit late to this but hope you’re feeling a bit more settled. I think banshee-primordial type crying is (sorry to overwork the word) absolutely cathartic.

      I’m surprised given life’s twists and turns that we don’t do it more often, it is to me, such a natural thing. While I don’t come across as a softie to people around me, I reserve the right to shed tears as needed. No explanations required.

      Some days it’s as little as dew on a leaf, and others, a storm full bore. I usually feel really blank after a massive cry, like every sob has everything words could never adequately say. I hope you’re in some peace right now, and if not, now that this is part of you and equally as beautiful. Expression is so much better than suppression.

  2. Take care MM. I best have another wine for you to help with your Tarot workload.
    Just ran into a former bully from my public service days…slam that door shut, this is new era I don’t need that shizz.

  3. Ah, I looove Moebius!! Just gorgeous.. the colours, the space, the concepts. Yum!The 5th Element was so special due to him..

    Well now, didn’t realise the Moon was in Scorp, my LEAST fave transit moon. Wish I had looked at the astro before hosting Piscean Pa’s birthday..

      • Went back to Pi’s question of how to deal with family when you perceive the world differently.. Well there was a bit of mocking & some highly emotive language tonight. It’s so annoying. I mean a dog hear’s different noises than a human, why shouldn’t a person see differently? Muggles, so illogical.

        More importantly, why hasn’t Moebius done any Tarot cards?!

        • skimming and saw my name. hey xx
          I wish I could remember the things I said sometimes πŸ™‚

          what, mocking you? hmmmmmmmmm.

          those tarot cards would be awesome.

        • My lovely old lecturer adored Moebius and lent me DVD on his life and work.

          Imagine mocking when you went to the trouble of having a dinner party for the muggles? Very shades of Harry Potter indeed. Nice if they could be turned into guinea pigs or fruit bats, just for a little while…

          Have borrowed the first season of Bewitched from the library, mainly cos I am drinking in the modernist interiors, and clothes, the whole look of the era, with all the classic white bread values of that time

          Plus I used to watch it every afternoon after school. Looking at it as an adult you can see Endora, the witch mother as quite a feminist voice complaining about Samantha’s dumbing down and not using magic cos her husband wants her to be ‘normal’

            • Wow, it’s like they actually went to some trouble to find scientific opinions to prove you are lesser than…

              I have been at dinner party where a woman contemptuously put down this couple I know when they were talking about their alternative belief system. I will always think the less of her.

              It costs nothing to have an open mind, you never know, you might learn something.

              This whole multiverse is an unceasing succession of personal perceptions, so who has the right to claim that their version is the Only one?

              • I remember being at a cool get together up on Mt.Warming. A couple of hundred young 20 / 30 something’s who had left the city behind to start a new life in rural nsw.
                A real confluence of new age city slick gone bush. I knew no one but was invited along.
                As the night wore on I started to feel pretty uncomfortable about the discussion.
                Basically “we have made it out now let the apocolypse begin”. This was 1993 ?
                As I listened to stories about how tidal waves will wipe out japan, Australia, etc, economic collapse… You get the picture .. Eventually I decided to say something to this woman, one of their ‘leaders’ I said that I’d noticed that the idea of the horrific death of 3 billion people sort of just rolled off her tongue. A few people looked up and I said in quite innocent fashion the next thing that came into my head. “Maybe you 200 are the ones that need to be isolated from the general community before you kill us all off.”
                She just had time to look at me when, this is fuqing true, a bolt of lightning hit the mini Ferris wheel and killed all power to the site. A rain shower hit us and we all instinctively ran under cover. A big tin covered area. Someone yelled out “were all going to die ” silence , then someone yelled out “not all of us, just some of us”
                We all cracked up and the storm passed.

          • Endora is fabulous – I used to feel equally frustrated with her daughter & look fwd to her entrances, the only really interesting part of the show! Do you like that Mad Men style of interior?

            • Well Dad’s office was like Darin’s, with the wood panelling and the clothing styles are similar to my parents in my childhood, so I enjoy the retro design feel very much, just gives me some sort of visceral pleasure! Plus I dabble in vintage furniture, teak pieces from that era

              I also like the sets and colours of Hitchcock movies. Haven’t watched Mad Men yet, probably should rent that next.

              • OMG Mad Men *swoon* the set design is sumptuous. Such a visual feast. Get it out ASAP and have a marathon viewing session. You’ll be in heaven! πŸ˜€ I’m dying for season 7!

    • Andie I answered your query on the Neptune thread x

      Party tonight …sheesh ..I just went the new Coen Bros. movie. Inside Lewyn Davis. I love their work but that was no party.
      I’m sure your evening will be wonderful.

      • Oh no, it’s done. Poor Gem – muscle-bound mother-hen that he is – cooked a big fat Moon in Cancer feast for the cray cray’s & it was overshadowed by the eruption Mt. Stupoovius. Will check out that thread D, thanks.

  4. Bold new era… yes please. The more I think about this the more I realise the key is in my own perceptions/thoughts etc. I know I’m possibly the last person in the world to get this but I’ve been thinking through all my major life choices/paths etc and the thought processes/beliefs that led me to those choices/pathways. And how different life might have been, had I felt differently about the world/myself.
    In other news – I have signed up to a dating site! This is huge for me. I don’t expect to meet Mr Right but it will just be so nice to have some male attention. I also seem to have a little work crush thing going on! Nothing serious or tacky, just a gentle and respectful flirtation. After years in the deep freeze of my marriage, I can’t tell you how good it feels. There is blood in my veins after all.

    • Oh wow Chrys that is AWESOME.
      Online dating is so much fun, just be sure you join the right site. There are some dodgy ones and some fab ones.
      The great thing is that you can meet potential lovers whilst chilling at home in your sweatpants. So much nicer than getting all dressed up, having to be confined by geography and try to make conversation over loud music while having drinks spilled on you and smoke blown in your face, only to not end up meeting anyone you fancy.. This way you get to cast a really wide net (world wide:) and find out who they are (to a degree at least) by exchanging emails before even putting on your lipstick and heading out the door!
      Beware of form letters, guys with no photo (they are married) and it helps to put the best photo of yourself up. Preferably just you alone and just your face, smiling pics are supposed to be best. Also in the bio, try to hit 3 key points about yourself that will appeal specifically to the type of guy you are looking to attract. It’s like branding, you know, advertising – lol. Because in essence that’s what you are doing. This helps to weed out the nefarious time wasters.

      Hey, that’s just my experience of it. Feel free to discard this advice completely tho. I’m incredibly cynical but I do have some experience in this area.
      Wow I sound like such a sad looser. Haha
      I don’t mind tho

      Have fun Chrys. And Bon Chance!!!!

      • Thankyou hon that is great advice. It’s interesting because I feel absolutely no expectation. Kind of like an experiment to try out my new boundaries, approach and boosted self esteem. (Venus in Aqua). I was with the same man for 15 years and have a longstanding group of friends so it is so liberating to see myself through the eyes of strangers. xx

    • i feel similar C, and most strongly about ” how different life might have been, had I felt differently about the world/myself.” !!!
      oh well fuck it
      i semi enlisted for online dating to see what i can see, but didnt quite get to handing over valuable cash moneh …. and explaining myself to a stranger… sigh *backs away again* also , like, it’s internet dating *shudders*

      Blue Moon your advice is good though. memorising for future reference πŸ˜‰

      • Plenty of free sites Pi. No need to hand over $$ – especially if you’re just dipping your toe into the swap. LOL. Oops. I’ve expressed how I feel about dating sites here before, I won’t repeat myself.

        It’s not too bad I suppose. It is what it is. I had a few flings from it and some truly AWFUL experiences too. I’m done with it forever now.

      • Thanks he is very sweet and has been paying me lots of attention. It’s so nice to be seen in that way.
        I know re the ‘internet dating’ thing… It’s weird but I have no investment in it. I spent my whole life looking for “The One” and look how that worked out πŸ™‚ For me it’s totally liberating. I can pick and choose and just enjoy myself. I am calling all the shots. Never been in this headspace before re men. Maybe it’s Neptune on my sun etc – only 3 degrees off now.

        • yaay for the crush. πŸ™‚
          Nice to get a confidence boost. Hope I didn’t put you off re dating sites.
          Just have fun with it. You deserve that.

          Few tips: Don’t spend too much time chatting online. A few quick emails and then organise to meet in a public place for a coffee. Some guys are weirdos and just like to chat and have no intention of ever meeting you. The aim is to discover if you have some kind of connection in the real world, right?
          Some use fake photos. So beware. And don’t get blown away by an awesome or too good to be true profile either. It just means they can string a sentence together but could be really awkward in person. I guess you’ll find all these things out for yourself. I guarantee you’ll have some funny stories to tell your friends.

          Good luck! Be safe and trust your gut!

          • Yes, fake photos or Very Un -recent photos…my last date attempt was with a gentleman whose photo must have been about 10 years old

            I think going in with an empowered, sample -what -there- is -out -there ‘tude is the best way. Also the objective marketing that BM describes. I have a friend who got great results with a bit of her hard -ass cappy moon approach.

              • damn. cap moon. where have you been all my life? oh that’s right,*in my face* … might as well make it work for me then for a change … maybe online is best for us lot. πŸ˜€

              • But seriously, it weeds out a lot of the initial crap. And it’s the contemporary way to optimise your potential to meet more men, or just get back in the ‘swim’ if you haven’t been for ages

                You don’t go in vulnerable, you go in efficient. you only reveal vulnerabilities later, if it’s worth it

            • Thanks V all this resonates with my Cap moon stellium πŸ™‚ I have set myself a pretty stringent list of dos/don’ts and for once in my life I won’t be compromising for the first ‘lost soul’ who comes my way. It’s all ‘absolute yes’ or nothing before I’m so much as having a cup of coffee xx

          • Thanks Scorpybabe xx I am doing all these things so I hope I’m on the right track. My Cap moon is onto it. I reckon these same principles apply IRL as well, wish I’d set higher standards and trusted my gut in my 20s πŸ™‚
            I agree re meeting in person – my friends who have done this say exactly the same.
            More importantly tho’… how is art school???

            • good old Cap moon. You’ll be fine. πŸ™‚
              Art school… ask me again in a few weeks. Had two days of orientation last week. I officially start tomorrow with an art history lecture and tutorial.

              I’m so excited but it’s daunting as well – so much to do!!! It’s going to be intense and I’m flat out now tying up loose ends and organising myself for total devotion.

              Maybe it’s the Pisces sun conjunct my Progressed ascendent. Sun and Jupiter trine my Sun? Who cares. LOL. I’m so content… Floating on a happy cloud πŸ˜€

    • Soz to keep banging on but I forgot to add.. this online dating decision besides being shiraz-inspired was the result of another sleepless night of feeling sad about my ex and my old lover. I can’t keep looking back. I need to put different prospects in my field of vision even if’ it’s just some window shopping. It’s sort of like a declaration of intent to the universe that I’m willing to make space for the possibility of love again. I can’t keep sitting by graves.

      • Yery interested to hear your online dating experiences Chrysalis. I’m thinking of giving it another go, have found it a waste of time in the past. I don’t like RSVP at all. Please share! Xx. Ps how old are you, if you don’t mind me asking. When I tried in the past I going that guys my age (40s) were looking for 30s women.

  5. Ok well, breaking news.
    I am cutting my hair.
    I know, earth shattering hey?

    I’ve made and cancelled two appointments. One just today.
    Come over all superstitious like and thinking I should wait till the moon is full. Cutting hair on a dark moon feels like a no no.

    Decided to lie in bed and watch Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky instead of going to gym :-). Much more pleasant. But yes my Coco obsession is reaching new heights .. I’m a Love Zombie pour Coco. πŸ˜€

    And her bob is so chic. Everything about her, I love <3

    Cancelled my plan to get back into the gym every day this week Oops!
    world championships in 5 weeks. Lol. but pffffff

    Doing a yoga workshop called inversions this afternoon.

    I'll be the upside down girl till the Saggo moon puts me back on my feet!

    • omg that’s on my to-watch list, HI, MADS MIKKELSEN!! HIIIIII OVER HERE *waves hysterically*

      i too am debating an ultra awesome haircut but am wondering if i am (1) too fat for its uber-coolness [yes i actually ask myself these things, i am the biggest asshole to myself ever]
      and more importantly (2) can i actually afford to maintain it since it’s bleached blonde, massive shaved undercut, cropped fringe. answer NO.

      “yes, just a trim thanks”

      • That’s not being an asshole to yourself.

        Now that I am an older person, I like to pass on this one good piece of advice that I was given (as a young reckless Saggo with an Aries moon) by an older person, that still holds good. It was this:

        IF IN DOUBT, DON’T.

        Hell, it is easy enough to screw up when you have NO doubts and do it anyway (been there done that). So the above is definitely a no-brainer….

        • (By the way, I have Mars in Leo, so hair disasters/brave mistakes you instantly or slowly regret? I know about them and how they can bite your confidence and wallet in the butt…)

          • Hey Pi
            I gotta agree with If here.
            If you have a shadow of doubt and are already wresstling with body issues do NOT go for a radical chop. Odds are good you will regret it. Been there, done that SO MANY TIMES. Something about cropping and going uber blonde that conceptually feels awesome but the reality is fairly horrific. Last time I did it- inadvertently because of over bleaching so all my hair broke off and I was overweight (for my height and according to my ridiculous fashion industry indoctrinated standards) but anyway the ex I sometimes mention who I’m still friends with said I looked like a prison dyke! Fuq. I have to admit I kind of did. Please note, I have been in a lesbian relationship, several actually and have a thing for convicts with perfect diction so this is in no way meant to be derogatory. Lol

            I’m delaying the haircut. Very out of character.

            About Mads Mickleson, you can have him but I want Alesandro Nivola. Aka Boy/ Arthur Capel in a Coco Before Chanel.
            Dreamy πŸ˜€

            Fuq I just looked at Coco’s birth chart


            I bloody knew it as well. The minute I saw her clutching those rolls of fabric as grief therapy. I was like. That’s so me!

            • whoa she also has venus in Leo in the 8th
              comme moi
              en plus
              Saggo accordant Mercury in Virgo
              Saturn in Gemini and had trouble sleeping
              ok I had better run off or I’ll be late for my upside down class
              laters astro homies

        • wise words ladies..

          my brain wants cray cray hairstyle to reflect the inner zap but i am truly SO LAZY when it comes to maintaining the mane … wash n go mop is my MO… well for now. ha

          a sadge with an aries moon? by god, you would be a fabulous partner in crime.

          • If’s advice is very good. You have Saturn in Leo yes?? It’s all very well wanting to do a Gwyneth in ‘Sliding Doors’ morph BUT short blonde takes major upkeep. I know you know this – possibly talking to myself here as I covet a new radical rock chick ‘do πŸ™‚

      • I feel for you PI. ‘Just a trim thanks’ – tragic
        I had to say that last visit but spent up big on a great conditioner (John Freida) so at least my hair feels good.

        • i KNOW!! It’s so…. like going to a famous restaurant and just ordering a salad entree and mineral water due to various constraints (I mean who does that anyway, – seriously does anyone do that? – but the bored, constrained feeling is the same)

          i’m using ‘constrained’ a lot.. where are you saturn

          glad the JF hair juice is the goods LG XO

          • No!! Get the undercut! Just don’t do the bleach imo. If you feel confident to do the fringe yourself and get a pair of clippers ($15 at kmart, but they don’t last well) you can fix it so you only go back once every three months?

            Hair grows back – have some fun Pi!

        • Have just tried using pure coconut oil on my hair while I make a body scrub with that and salt – WHAT A DIFFERENCE 10 mins made!

    • Why?!! Your hair is really long and prettyyyy.
      But I could see you rocking a fierce Coco bob variation.

      I am biased because it’s taken so long to grow out my hair since I bleached it to death. So I instinctively talk everyone down from extreme haircuts. But am also being a hypocrite because I almost cut some Bardot-fringe with my kitchen scissors last night (would have taken about 5 inches off the front layers 0_0). What’s with the hair-restlessness, guys?

      And have fun at the inversion workshop, Blue Moon! I am looking to up my handstand game and taking a similar workshop in early May. πŸ˜€ This girl inspires me: http://heidifuelsforflight.tumblr.com/

      • Woohoo thanks Rache
        I know!
        This hair restlessness is mad
        I’m waiting.
        No cutting yet.

      • Eeeh ! Gah !! Wooo…


        This is the kind of shit which inspires me to be a vegan, yoga-doing, surfing, Buddhist -y type.

        Whereas IRL I am an overweight, lazy, meat eating, not-as-stressed-as-I-was stress head. I mean, I AM doing LCHF and I’ve lost weight (almost 10 kilos) living like this. And I DO meditate every day. And I make pots. Also good…

        But seriously I want this alternate existence and I KNOW it wouldn’t suit me – I’ve been Vegan several times and it makes me slow and sick. …And I’m lazy when it comes to yoga….and although I do try to be serene, three small boys plus DH plus house plus Arty career does sometimes get on top of me….and….and..

        I do sometimes wonder if I wasn’t, you know, two different people in a past life….

        I wish I could just settle into a tie-dyed, scattered, voluptuous bohemian existence; but the clean, pure allure of The Other calls to me. Haunts my dreams….


        Damn my Virgo Rising ! Wish it was Taurus !!

      • Totally Chrys.
        Venus in Leo over here…
        But enough about me, what you think of my HAIR?

        • Hahaha! My question to my long suffering sister – “yeah but is it blonde enough?”

  6. Glad the moon is finally out of Scorpio. I have been noticing the moon more lately; the day it was in Libra (conjunct Mars) I was go-go-go, then with this Scorpio moon I was feeling some unpleasant Saturn (the foundation is strong or it has to go) things which made me emotional because I realized that I want self-respect more than…anything or anyone I used to think I wanted.

    I start a 10-day/10-hours-a-day yoga teacher training next week through my awesome studio (on the new moon, yay) and career things are looking up. I’m thinking the universe is telling me to move on from this guy (AGAIN) and that it’s just never going to work and that’s okay. He keeps saying he wants to get engaged after his stock clears in the spring and I was so caught up in it I *thought* I wanted that too but it’s an old feeling. Now my heart is actually like “why would you want to put up with this shit for the rest of your life?” :p Hoping that giving myself the security I looked for in other people (by staying clean and healthy, going deeper into yoga practice, and having my own place again) I will find real happiness and peace and grow into something different that fits better.

    • Oh Rache I so get that.
      It’s too easy to feel validated by some guy and that blessed proposal isn’t it? It’s like a drug. We feel, somehow more secure because of it. It’s a total head rush but I suspect the path of least resistance. In terms of evolution and growth I think flying solo and YOGA is way better. If the love is real it’s not going anywhere and getting married might even ruin it. All those expectations .. Ugh. Shudders.
      I’m cynical because I’m not the marrying kind. Tried it once, didn’t work for me but who knows? Maybe just bide your time? A long engagement ? But yes yes yes to the yoga teacher training. Omg I’m envious :-D. Enjoy.

      • I like what you said here. I just got out of a self-validating, prince-charming relationship myself. I finally met a guy who was good-looking, successful, and sensitive. He was really looking to find the one and settle down. He was a Pisces.

        At first I thought I had hit the jackpot …but as the months went by I realized that the one thing out of place in this idyllic picture was me. No matter how much I wanted to be the one for him, it just didn’t fit!

        In the past I would have blamed myself for not being good enough to make a good-thing work when it finally came, but this time I’m not having those feelings. I think he wanted the β€œperfect” girl a lot more than he wanted me, and I feel really relived not to have that pressure on myself anymore.

        I don’t know if I will ever get married either, and I’m grieving the loss of the BIG DREAM…and also the image of the person I always thought I’d be (married, and safe, and secure). At the same time, I’m starting to feel like the REAL me more than ever and discovering a lot of passions and interests that I didn’t know I had in me…

        • Thank you for sharing that. That’s an incredibky beautiful mindset to have. Enjoy the journey onwards xx

        • You show incredible insight here that will stand you in good stead for the future. As a refugee from a soulless and debilitating marriage I can tell you I have wept buckets over the death of the dream. Divorce is horrible even if you want it to happen. The keys to a successful marriage appear to be all the non-dreamy stuff. Some Pisceans (I am one) may find it hard to come to terms with this.
          Also – who decides what a ‘good thing’ is? My ex and I were great on paper. Everyone said so. Took me a while to work out that what I need in a relationship has nothing to do with others’ standards or judgements.

          • “Soulless” is a good word for it. There were so many time with my ex where I was like, “this is IT!” This is EXACTLY what I’ve been searching for my entire life! But it turns out my ultimate dream was actually really soulless. Thank God for my Saturn return for making me see the truth!

    • Yes! only you can make yourself feel secure. It has to come from within first. Rache your general thing sounds really good. New hood, new space, new day-to-day, new learning, and some (further) perspective on That Guy. Sounds like he’s still shilly-shallying around…? Really wants to impress you (maybe you’re *his* LZ object) but maybe doesn’t realise that’s not going to happen by doing whatever he’s doing..?
      Go team Rache xxoo

  7. my ex just sent me a message and I’m not reading it….it’s never good. I have to feel empowered in that at least as control is his issue i.e. he wants it over me.

    Anyway, I just noticed that when he threatened me badly 2 years ago Saturn was right on his Sun. Now it’s on his Neptune, 23ΒΊ and sitting there for some time before revving back to his Merc at 17Βͺ. Guess I might be in for some more fun yet, and I have to take some faith that the old time lord knows what he’s doing, right?

        • oh bummer.
          And April 😯 right in the Zap Zone.

          I’m sure everything will work out fine.
          At least the process got started long ago. Mars goes retro on March 1 – “don’t (ideally) start a war” is always Mystic’s advice

          • 7 April, so not quite in the ZZZ (Zap Zone Zone). Saturn will be on his Neptune (he has substance abuse history); NN will be on his Sun; Neptune on my MC; Jupe conjunct Moon in Cancer which I’m hoping will be good for me πŸ˜€

            and thanks Scorpy xx

            • His a Libra. Say no more. When a low version they can be violent and volatile with substance issues more Pisces (are perceived to have).
              Thinking of you CS. Just did a few aquatic drawings for work including a Sea Horse.

              • really? I didn’t know, but that’s a very good description! Thank you S, I know you’ve got my back πŸ™‚

                drawings sound lovely, pisces-time xx

                • You can count on me CS πŸ™‚
                  Read your comment about NN and Sun and came up with Libra. Oops you know what they say about assume.

                    • Cool. Just an explanation of an ex Libra Model Tool I had an abusive and violent relationship with. Relationship seems the wrong word to use, when violence and abuse have no place in relationships.

    • Threats…GRRRR. Perhaps Saturn can arrange for him to slip under a bus…
      What is the worst he can do to you?

      Maybe let HIM start the war, during Mars retro, you stay tactically uninvolved (as you are)

      • Of course I worry for the children, but I think he’s a coward – he just upsets me. He wants a fight and I want to be left alone….it’s really uncool when someone won’t stop, you know? I’m fairly certain that if I ever repartner he’ll quit it out of respect for the other man 😯 He’s a base misogynist, probably repressed homosexual.

        I’ll see if, once we get final court orders, I can get away with blocking his number. For now anything he sends is potential ammunition. I just won’t look at it til I see my solicitor and by then it’ll have lost it’s nasty zing.

      • and lol, I honestly don’t think it’ll stop until he meets his “bus”. The war is so old, you know….but it’s all his war – I just defend and protect. But yes, I hope Mars has his way with him as well πŸ˜‰

        thanks to you too V xx

    • Oh I feel for you. Sounds like you are Saturn in his chart right now? Setting cast iron boundaries around contact and engaging (or not). In my situ this was hard because the ex knows how to push all my buttons/keep me engaged but it was the single best thing I could have done. Gave me my power back.
      April is ZZ ground zero but I reckon it will work in your favour. Even if it gets messy and/or ugly for a while it is about a giant and irrevocable reset. Hold your nerve Calypso!! Do you have shit-hot legal support?

      • yes, I think you’re right Chrysalis, as he played Saturn for me a few years ago (in a different way!)

        I appreciate your big-picture view….I have legal help which I wouldn’t call shit-hot, but I am grateful for it. He represents himself (badly).

        I haven’t bought into these messages for over 2 years and still they come. It’s one thing not to read but the energetic intent still has it’s impact, you know? I just focus on fortification and protection. My Aries friend told me 5.5 years ago when we split “batten down the hatches, they get pretty crazy”. Yep.

        Thanks for the support, I appreciate it xx

        • Sheesh what a pain. You’d think he would have given up by now but obvs he still needs that engagement with you on whatever level he can get it. What a fuqtard.
          Any lawyer who is thorough and professional will give you the support and advice you need to take care of your best interests. If he’s representing himself it sounds like he will show up and simply demonstrate what a bad proposition he is. Wish I had more to offer…. It’s just a shizz time isn’t it. Hope you can make space for good self care in the middle of all this xx

          • yes, he won;t give up on this until he finds someone else to fight with….but this is the very thing which has taught me self care, so you know, swings and roundabouts πŸ™‚

            In the same vein, even the shit things you encounter online dating will be productive for setting your standards. Good luck!

            • Psychic hugs from me, as always, luv. I too have been in a situation of trying to extricate myself from dark ex-relationships places where angels would fear to tread (in fact, I have always had a silent number, since, and don’t do social media for same reason). But your knowledge of his psyche is your equivalent of the vial of the light Galadriel gave Frodo: a light you can use, along with your smarts, to guide you out of a dark place, when all other lights have gone out xx

        • “energetic intent” – Beautifully put and yes of course it has impact.
          2 years of that. Far out!! 😯

          Wishing you the best outcome xx

          • the entire time in truth, just been ignoring for 2 years….

            i thank you Scorpbot, for your wish, gratefully received πŸ™‚

  8. My poor old pussycat, Mr Pipkin, had an abscess the size of an egg on his poor little face. Now he has a plastic collar and two drains coming out of his head. He’s a very unhappy pussycat.

    Oh and I might be sharing my studio with a professional ceramicist.

    That’s my news the noo.

    Weird magic ? Oh yes. Am using North Korean brainwashing techniques and a hint of hypnosis, on myself. Seems to be working, although I think it would be more effective if I could get my hands on some industrial strength hallucinogens… I’ll keep you posted πŸ˜€

  9. Inversions workshop TOTALLY ROCKED
    I am so over body building.
    Yoga makes me happy.
    The thought of pumping myself up cosmetically and going 50 shades of orange (yes the hideous tan is mandatory in competitions) putting on Vegas stripper shoes, a spangly bikini and “practicing my walk and my poses” yep that’s mandatory too. It’s a whole different walk and vibe than catwalk. I actually hired a coach to help me prepare but now I just can’t be bothere to trek across London to have her yell, “STEEL SPINE, BUT OUT, SHOULDERS BACK!” At me as I awkwardly mince around like a drag queen every Tuesday morning is just horrific.. The idea of pinning a number to my bikini and strutting around vibing “pick me pick me” just fills me with dread.
    I’m really wondering if I will do it.
    I’ve said I would, paid for this crap (training, fake tan, shoes, costume etc) already and people are expecting me to show up.
    The last contest scored me so much publicity, magazine articles etc but bleh
    I just wanna do yoga man!
    The whole ridgid diet plan and gruelling training ritual just feels…
    My heart isn’t in it,
    I’m not really asking anyone to say “yes you should do it Blue” or “follow your heart” I mean I know that both answers make sense. I’m just allowing myself to have the thought that it’s ok if I decide not to compete.
    It’s an incredibly relaxing thought to allow myself to ponder.e
    Like, maybe just focus on your book and do yoga?
    You did a competition and you won Blue, so what are you doing this for?
    Who do you need to prove yourself to?
    Is this a wise investment of your time and attention given how many other things you have on the boil right now?
    That’s where my head is at
    I do love yoga and I’m so proud of the way I’ve gracefully transitioned from basically being a sex worker to being an author in less than 5 months.
    I mean seriously, that is quite a transition to pull off.
    My whole life has changed.
    I can’t imagine going backwards, it’s just never going to happen.
    I am a writer now.
    I’m thinking the time might be better spent focusing on my writing and also developing this online business with my wonderful friend in Barcelona…
    I’m not making any hard and fast decisions tonight.
    If I DO do this competition I will do it for fun and on MY terms.
    No more pushing myself too hard or trying to fit myself into some cookie cutter mould to be what others want me to be. Fuq that.

    I will ask my dream maker about it tonight.
    Maybe the answer will come to me in a dream
    Love you guys

    • Write an article on the competitions from an insider then outsider’s view as you have touched on above. 50 shades of body building? Describe how each one feels i.e.: the ‘pain’ of serious workouts and the peace of yoga?

    • I am a specialist in the cut-n-run, so bear that in mind; but to me, it really does sound as if you don’t want to do this.

      If I were you I would be ceremoniously using the spray tan can as a blow torch for the bikini, but I’d never have the focus and dedication to do body building in the first place πŸ˜€

      So do it one last time. Do it amazingly. Go out in a blast of glory. Channel the publicity into your book / online business / new career as a yoga teacher (not sure about the last one….. but kind of getting a vibe here).

      You HAVE transitioned amazingly. I see you as a butterfly sitting on a twig, with your cocoon behind you, and blood pumping into your still-crumpled wings. You have the whole world before you and all you have to do next is to decide which direction to swoop off into….

      • I agree. It could be really strong brand-building to be the winner and then use your experience and title to basically denounce it all and promote what you’re actually into. But you already WERE the winner so maybe it’s not necessary. πŸ˜€

        I like Pegasus’ book/article idea a lot, I think it would be very popular as typically people reside one one camp (weight training/bodybuilding/paleo) or another (yoga/body weight only/vegan) without having really explored the other side in depth.

        • BTW, am I sensing that you & Blue Moon need to start up a yoga business ?

          Forgive me for projecting – I have a vision of moi, clad in white and turquoise jewelery (Saggie) – in a serene, pale studio, in Fremantle (insert hippie enclave by the sea of choice here), elegantly extending into languid poses whilest encouraging my classes with a mix of earthy humour and Buddhist metaphor.


          In real life I do three sun salutes and I’m ready to fall over. I realised that I will never become a Yoga Teacher, ‘cos I don’t actually *do* yoga. But I like the idea of it.

          Feel free to steal my dream. I have a soundtrack worked out….

          And a colour scheme…..

          • BTW I am sensing that you guys know each other IRL ? In that case, definitely start a Yoga studio together !

            Let me know if you want the soundtrack. Suitable for Vinyasa Flow…

            And the colour scheme. Suitable for any coastal yoga studio….


          • Wow, I would so go to this Yoga class.
            Imagine the retreats?! Awesome.
            Plus Saturn Pilates Room, a Neptune Spa & Pool, a Mercury Writing Class, a Venus Painting Studio and Jupiter Organic Kitchen. At night we can do astrology lying down by a fire and observing the stars while drinking absinthe. *sigh*

              • You guys are so fuqin awesome. Don’t laugh but I actually cried when I read all the comments this morning. I know I know… But like I have this DREAM to be a yoga teacher and the support I’ve had from peeps on this site has just been invaluable. I honestly don’t think I could have made the transition without it.
                I’ve got 10 000 words to hand in by tomorrow morning and I’ve been doing everything but write this week. I will check back in later but I had to stop by and say…er thanks? No like I really am a bit lost for words here. Just thank you. Really. X

              • That was a response to DT and Andro’s visions
                Pegs & Rache, your ideas and suggestions are blowing my mind.
                Where is eloquence when I want it?

      • Ok I’m gonna start blubbing again.
        This is ridiculous.
        Gwynnie in the pink dress at the Oscars moment
        Tres uncool but. Fuq. I’m cyber touched. Genuinely.
        Ahhh. This site.
        You guys!

        • Blub away sweetie ! It was due to this site that I decided to go after my insane dream of becoming an artist πŸ˜€ If you had told me two years ago that I’d have a studio and friends and family queuing up for my pieces, I’d have laughed. And then burst into tears….

          My next step in world conquering is to put together a total web/Etsy/Etc package and then have a grand launch to actually flog my stuff to the public.

          BTW – I LOVE this lady. Not pale, calm and cool in any way whatsoever. A vibrant and coloruful, fabulously inspirational yogini:


          • PS: Her Pinterest Boards are also well worth checking out. I raid her quotes board frequently.

          • What an exquisite site. A huge dose of BEAUTY when needed. I’m enthralled about how these pix were obtained.
            Certainly not something you see on a day to day basis.
            O how the heart yearns for beauty.

  10. Well, we got into a confrontation about him not making any sacrifices or following through with promises and then he dumped me. We were only back together since my brithday after over a year off. I’m in a ball on the floor sobbing waiting for it to pass and just thankful that I know better than to hit the liquor store or call up one of my old party frirnds looking for trouble at this flashpoint moment like I used to. Think I’ll take a bath and work on a coursera class I enrolled in to get my mind away from it. Wallowing does nothing but sometimes I can’t help it, it hurts. πŸ™ Not feeling superfly (though I DID have the outfit for it today).

    • The best writing on the subject of relationships I have come across is from a fabulous American woman who bootstrapped herself into a life in France at the age of 46.

      I apologise if you have read these before, but they really do come off as a rallying cry for every woman who has ever been messed about by some unworthy jerk. I hope they help you x



    • Ohhh Rache that sucks. As we would say in Oz, what a total w4nker. Cry it out and stay strong. Catfish is right… if he can’t keep his promises then goodbye. Hugs and a large cup of tea with organic chocolate for you xxx

      • Fucking hell Rache
        That’s horrible.
        What a jerk
        I hope you find a way through the pain without losing your sobriety. Relationships are so tricky in recovery. They can really jeopardise everything because they hit us in the core and we can’t escape so we need or we think we need a fix to medicate from that godawful pain that just fuqin hurts so damn much.
        Shit I’m sorry this happened
        And you had the outfit πŸ™
        I know THAT feeling so well.
        I know it sounds lame as fuq but breathe
        If you can get bodywork like a massage then do.
        Otherwise a movie, something inspirational and a bit sad and or corny, some comfort food and bed is my suggestion. Just have a good cry and know that tomorrow will be less shitty.
        I promise

    • Figures! Want to know where a guy really stands? Hold him accountable for his behavior. The ones worth feeling low over won’t make you feel so low. Chin-up, you were headed to the woods anyway, yes? So glad you’re not life-ing it with that douche.

    • Sorry RachΓ©. Your vision above of a healthy independent yoga woman is more powerful and you will make it happen. Be kind to yourself dear. Xx

    • I feel so good about this, guys. It’s been a huge growth moment. I realized how brainwashed he had me. When I recount the situation to my friends and my family (while taking care to include the parts that paint me in a not-so-good light or that I feel I was wrong about in hindsight) jaws usually drop and everyone tells me the same thing: almost nobody would stand for what he’s trying to force me to be okay with and the shenanigans he pulls over and over again, and that someone as *awesome* as me should not put up with it. They all tell me they are PROUD of me for getting angry and having a bottom line. Now that I really see this the situation is almost comedy to me.

      Friendships with a few people have deepend in intimacy by me sharing what I am going through and listening to stories about their lives, their turning points, their way forward. I am making friends with a few girls at my studio and I am so grateful — for whatever reason (people tell me shyness can be interpreted as intimidating). I have issues befriending women out in the wild and one of my hopes in working at the studio was to connect with strong, likeminded women. Two of the people I’ve connected with in particular are beyond amazing and I just feel so lucky to have become a part of this awesome community we have here. It’s not the usual get-in/get-out/get-a-tight-butt yoga studio, the owners have really built a community through the cafe, the workshops, the teacher training program. It’s so awesome. I am a very lucky girl even if I don’t have The Money or The Career or The Guy yet and all this drama is making me realize what’s actually important and what I want, and that I have so much of it already.

      Thank you all for the support and wise advice, it really helped. <3

      • Welldone dear Rache! You seem to be in the right mind set. Surrounding yourself with positive like minded people is the right way to go. Stay with them long enough and you”ll feel your energy, attitude and mood shift.

        Wishing you many more things to be grateful for! Love and hugs xx

    • I am so sorry Rache.. been there! I like that you are not going done the juice path for help recover. It just makes thing worse! Hugs to you! xo!!

  11. Last year, I really cleared things out – donated / recycled / threw out clothes, books, tons of things that were collecting dust. But now I want to get rid of even more. I have so many old clothes I never wear or shouldn’t wear because they are stretched, faded, etc – I am GETTING RID OF THEM and devoting myself to cultivating a small capsule wardrobe like the one described on the site into-mind.com.

    No matter how much I get rid of, it never feels like enough…I think this is because unfortunately I am living with my parents while I go to school, and my mom is a total pack rat. (Okay – not like Hoarders bad – ‘average’ but ‘average’ is pack rat). I think the stagnant energy in the rest of the house seeps into my room (Yes I’ve been reading about feng shui and qi). Advice for dealing with this besides single-handedly getting rid of my parent’s junk myself??

    I’m really trying to be more eco-friendly and take care of myself better. I’m making small shifts all the time. Very Zap Zone. I still can’t get myself to the gym even though I KNOW it will improve some health issues I have. Maybe I will go tomorrow.

    My sister’s birthday is today. She is 21 and has both moon and sun in Pisces. Now that I am into astrology I get why we fundamentally are so different but so alike, because virgo-pisces is a spectrum that is strong in both of us.

    • Getting rid of other people’s hoarded goods is a bit like healing others. As Scorporation notes below it is as least quite difficult, if not impossible.

      If you can’t move out/build a granny flat/stay with other people then I suggest starting meditating with them.

      This alone will start chi moving through the house.

  12. Feeling better after my friend’s suicide. Boyfriend still is pissed at dead friend, thinks he was a selfish asshole. But oh well.
    We saw our dear close friend, closer to us than the one who commited suicide. Our friend was renting a room there and is the one who found the body. πŸ™
    We had our moment for me to be sweet to him. Boyfriend listened to him as well. I dreamed of our friend, how he has to move, won’t go back to the house yet. πŸ™
    Worked the last 3 days and made good money. That is a bonus. I need the income as I am looking ahead. Economics are changing here…..

  13. Tried the Oracle for the first time in a long time. Now I remember why I stopped using it.

    Q. why no love action? A. a hunky Cancerian awaits.

    ARGH!!!! Mean. It’s teasing me.

  14. shonky spiritual org enquiry!

    does anyone know the Peace Theological Seminary and College of Philosophy? or the MSIA (Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness) group that run it?

    sounds like the poor man’s scientology….I have a naive relative “studying” there.

    • Well, no, but I would say that most spiritual organisations attract the opposite of what they intend to. It’s like Newton’s third law of motion: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

  15. I just read that Charlotte Dawson was an Aries (for those OS, ex model and media personality, who had been troubled lately with twitter trolls)

    Apparently kept up a facade very well so no one knew the depth of fragility and had a willpower ‘strong as an ox.’ She also done fundraising and raising awareness for friends with cancer.

    Sad. it said she never quite got over Scott Miller (he has got to be a Mars Neptune something) whose birthday it was last week.
    Poor old Charlotte, hope she’s at peace now.

    • V – I was reading in the paper this morning about Charlotte Dawson being unable to get over Scott Miller. Can’t comment about his 60 Minutes interview, but I guess something was stirred up in her as a result of that broadcast. Very sad and RIP Charlotte Dawson.

  16. Came across this information in a wildcard search re: asteroids.
    Sun or Ascendant: conjunct Asteroid:
    PANDORA: Will attract trouble regularly
    LUST : Insatiable sexual appetite
    LUCIFER : Wicked Mind if afflicted and radically innovative if blessed.
    DISCOVERY: Will discover insights at warp speed
    VALENTINE: Will be very lovey dovey
    SWEET: Obviously will be a sweet person.
    ACHILLES: Heroic Individual with one major weakness.
    AURA: Will be very sensitive to others vibrations
    SHERLOCK: Will be obsessed with the stories and character of Sherlock Holmes
    DESCARTES: Will make a great philosopher or show deep interest in philosophy.
    TRANSYLVANIA: Will be obsessed with Vampires, Anne Rice and Gothic culture.

    • Do you think all those pieces and bits of rock spinning around can affect us or only if we want them to?
      There’s enough rocks in my head to notice those rocklin’ around in space πŸ™‚

      • Very true Pegs. I was more interested in how an asteroid on one of your 4 points in the chart could be intensifying qualities, interests and reveal past life intel. For instance you experience a Node Return and conjunct asteroid, that’s got to activate some past life residue.

  17. About hair. New moon for cutting or trimming not dark or full one.
    Two shades lighter or darker instead of radical change if not used to paying a lot of attention to it.
    Those here for many moons may remember i did my hair styling apprenticeship with Lillian Frank of Toorak when she was in Collins Street when she was The Socialite & Model go to of Melbourne and is one of Australia’s best known ‘ragbags’ who has raised millions for drug rehab place Odessy & who’s daughter is editor of Marie Claire.
    Have noticed supermarkets are now stocking hi-end brands that are almost as good as salon stock. Matrix’s Biolage range is fab and huge mileage for the huge price. Nak i recommend also. Redken.
    Water down 30% of your shampoo as usually peoples use tho much when washing than they need.
    When choosing a salon, go and talk first, just a trim before any big change. She-he must become familiar with your hair, make friends with it.
    For home lightening Decore Ultra blonde #4 as no toner needed after (generally) is the best if you don’t have access to hair supply wholesaler, although i have found in these times if you go to a wholesaler & put cash on the counter after choosing products, they won’t say no.
    Himalayan salt added to water spray will give you the beach head scrunched look.
    Argan oil is no better than good quality coconut oil or olive even just finer.
    Mistakes can be made with henna and it doesn’t wash out, it has to grow out. Ask Triffid πŸ™‚
    Want to go from long to short, then do shoulder length first, do it by degrees, a centimetre can change a look for better or worse.
    Growing out a layered look, then underneath needs constant trims til all one length.
    Hope this is useful to hair novices, even by a hair’s breadth.

    • Here is my No 1 henna tip.


      I lost a foot of hair doing that….


      The sad thing is, I do dearly want to become a glamorous blonde again, but my hair is naturally dark and the constant bleaching was killing my scalp. I have to wait until I go much greyer than I am before I can contemplate it

      …and then it will mean killing my hip length hennaed hair….


      …but I can’t keep up this length forever…. am actually thinking of paying someone to shape it up and make my fringe a bit more interesting….

      And thanks for the tips on products. Priceline do hydrogen peroxide, lifter and toner in scary strengths. I have the scars on my head to prove it !

      • The salon lightener is called LUMIN*ART (art blue powder lightener) for professional use only.
        The activator is also called LUMIN*ART oxidising cream volume 15. It has coconut oil in it.
        Never more than 15vol or damage can occur.
        Container holds enough to 18 months at not much cost maybe $30 for both approx.
        Take a half inch or even inch strand in front or side paint with a square of alfoil underneath, then close over foil. leave for 30 mins if med brown & check.
        Once you can obtain this product, brush & foil, your’e set to paint away. Ballyage is going out into the sun and seeing where it plays on your hair. Draw it, then just paint the lunimart as it’s thick and won’t run.
        Can add the pink, grey, violet colours over streaks if you want.
        Wouldn’t trust PL for advice but at least they have specials on excellent hair clean & condition.
        Usually the pricier the better mileage i have found.
        Great hair, nails & teeth is what peeps notice i think more so than wardrobe and most don’t look beyond the neck when interacting.

  18. I thought this was the rad candor moon? Only thing clear is a Pisces’s ability to disassociate. Pisces-Cap came to collect his things and hung out with us for a few hours. It was odd, as if we had never fought. I had to keep reminding myself he called me a disloyal, controlling censor and keep my distance. He acted as if all were fine. Talking about what’s new but somehow totally unaware of his agency in life. Describing things happening around him, not recognizing mirrors, hard to put plainly but I said at one point “you do realize you have agency in your own life?” He said nothing. Then some bit about getting his flag blessed by the Dali Lama. I told him I’ve accepted nothing is getting any better and that’s what is helping me quit smoking now and where I am at spiritually right now. He left shortly after. Then he sent me an email saying he couldn’t recognize his own feelings, basically. I told him to clear his remaining stuff out before the new moon. I guess that is clarity. Poo.

    • Haha I’m just reading this after posting below. I’m sensing similar themes…

    • Twelver, he wanted fantasy & forgiveness. You saw the reality, that being he is not good a provider for sperm or support.

      • πŸ™ Rad candor sounds sexy. This is not sexy. True, but I miss the sexy bits πŸ™‚

    • Sorry 12th.. been catching bits and pieces of this. I know from the start it was a “wow” connection. What a great feeling it was! I am sorry it’s not working out. So, you would not reconsider trying again? He seems so in tune with his feelings which is unusual for me. A little shocked but since you are so strong with who you are (Virgo-ism.. I know)… giving it a shot if you don’t want to be alone. Yes, I missed some major points if you have gotten to this point of getting his crap out so I am just asking. I might be projecting since the Pisces in my life and I trying to reconnect. It’s his birthday and he might be heading home on Thursday so.. let’s see. Very bizarre meet&greet on the whim. Him living in my hometown with a sister who lives where I am. Vey weird. We were very comfortable with each.. BUT he is immature. I know how to find the divorce types that are damaged from their first relationship. It’s sad!

      Well any-who… I wish you well… I hope things get better to make you realize that you will find someone. I love your Virgo strength, knowledge and understanding of people through astrology.

      God Speed! xo!!

      • “He seems so in tune with his feelings which is unusual for me. ” LOL – I am shocked you would say this as he has displayed the *exact* opposite. I’ve never met someone so disassociated from what they feel before. Its almost like there is no him inside him – no one living his life – just a happening. He really seems to have no idea of what he feels versus what someone else feels. Or who he is in relation to others. My daughter said we should keep him “like a pet…what’s one more pet?” And I said problem is he is a man, not a pet and she agreed.

        • Ok.. that makes sense. I think what I was trying to say is that he is trying to realize his feelings by reaching out to you. His comment about losing more than a partner.. I took as though he lost himself as well. But of course you know more since he’s been around you. I guess I just hope that damaged men would realize and take the step to improve their actions on love. Gosh.. it is so frustrating.


          • Actually Virgo Ellie! I did wonder that as well! and that he might be trying to realize his feelings by reaching out.

            Hard to pick up on the nuances 3rd hand, I would have a stronger sense of this observing. I like what the daughter said about another pet πŸ™‚ Sweet

  19. Pisces ascendant here, Sun et al. in Scorpio: rad candor, check. I meet with my spiritual advisor in two days. Let’s get this show on the road.

    • (Btw, it occurred to me recently that many people may not know what I do 9-5 for a paycheck, & out of context my dealings with a pedophile that I mentioned a few posts back may seem really bizarre. If you don’t know, I am a state licensed clinician, mental health. It is my j.o.b. to put myself in what are sometimes not healthy conditions– and I don’t want to do it anymore. So: context. lol)

      • Do people ever change? Like, really change? I ask because it seems you would have seen it happen once or twice if it could.

        Good luck finding healthy borders – one’s that work for you – that’s huge for a Pisces!

        • Ah, maybe once or twice I’ve seen someone deeply change, almost become a different person, but what is more realistic & does happen more often is for people to gain deeper understanding/insight into who they are & what does/doesn’t work for them– & then make choices & live in ways that are congruent with who they are.

          Take me, for example: I’m too porous for this shit. Pisces asc, just as you said. I have the guts & competency for it (stacked Scorpio 8th house, Libra-Moon conjunct Pluto), but 1st house Pisces… I could berate myself for not being different, I could pressure myself to “change,” but I’m ok just the way I am: I need to make a change in my environment that suits who I am. Not the other way around. And the same is true for most everyone I’ve worked with. More often than not, it comes down to finding what works for a particular person to lessen or eradicate symptoms of mental illness.

          • Its scary to see people disconnected from themselves but it happens all the time. I realized Pisces man really has no idea where he begins or ends. No wonder he likes climbing, he is just air and mountains inside. My first house is ruled by Virgo, but most of it is Libra, with Pluto-Mercury-Mars-Uranus all in Libra. I over analyze myself and my partners. So far, no one like that πŸ™‚

            I am sure you are right – the situation has to support you, not the other way around. Just because you can stand up to something, are strong enough, doesn’t mean you have to keep up a struggle.

            • Our charts are so similar: I have Uranus & Mercury in Libra too, although I never think of it because they’re at 29Β° & I have “Horns of Scorpio” stuck in my head (& my 8th house begins at 25Β°). So fixed, I am…

              “He is just air & mountains inside.” And that’s what attracted you, right? That expansiveness, that loftiness. So theoretically it was kismet, but in practice it was something else. It happens. Had the two of you stayed on, each trying to jam square pegs in round holes, I guarantee symptoms of mood disorders would ensue– & maybe more yuck.

              Most of this “what works for me/where do I fit?” we work out in adolescence, but we evolve as we grow & experience life, & so many things we just can’t know until we try it on. Maybe this guy will never be equal- partner relationship material, & maybe he doesn’t know it yet, but there was something about you that inspired him to try it on– like something about him inspired you. And that’s a beautiful thing πŸ™‚

              You walk away from this a winner because you can really glean a lot about what you want & need in your future relationships. You’re fine-tuning your vision via your experiences. It’s all good, babe. xx

              • That’s what he said – I’ll grow wiser. I’m sick of getting the consolation prize of self-awareness.

                My last few romantic interests – when they declared their interest for me their inner child visited. With Uranian Scorp, his inner child lived in the woods out back, asked how it felt to sleep in a bed with clean sheets, but refused to come in. With Pisces, it was just mountains and air. And MCA – Adam from Beastie Boys, lol, he stopped by and told me it was nice I was bringing light to the people. Anyway, I thought the mountains and air meant he wasn’t carrying a wounded inner child for me to heal – because I can’t – I have seen that I can’t heal what others don’t acknowledge they carry or are or – whatever – you’re in the business. He said he is the child. LOL. I didn’t know how much. Next time – no wounded children, mountains, or air.

                • LOL

                  Oh I know it: lovely dovey, I have a *partner*, etc, is so much more fun & socially recognized than being single, healthy & self-aware. Sorry: better luck next time.

                  • Of course you can’t heal another person. That’s between Source & Person. Or whatever.

                    You are so disappointed. I know. But don’t dawdle here too long: This swamp is full of quicksand, & *that* would really be a shame, I think.

                    • Don’t dawdle in the swamp – yes! Sage advice to a love zombie depressive, thank you. I didn’t smoke today – I know I did that much right. I’m still in shock this guy came and went and the pets and all.

        • Re borders: I think pedophilia as a central issue (though not the treating condition– pedophilia can not be listed as the focus of treatment) is something I can add to my “Do Not Accept As Client” list. Self-preservation. Hey

          Right now I’m attending a webinar re disenfranchised grief & ambiguous loss (for 2 hrs). After I listened to stories of grief & loss all day. When this webinar is done, I will teleconference with my supervisor for an hour re all I’ve heard (& what I did with it) over the last week. Loss loss loss irreversible loss — I’m not complaining, I’m just saying: I’m having a really hard time not making jokes during the webinar not because I don’t take grief & loss seriously, but can we just lighten the fuq up for a 2nd CCChhhhheeeeezus!

          How do I make the face with the big eyes? O_O

          I found a riveting video that’s a real hoot. Going to put it on my blog soon. Before my head explodes.

          • 😯 I think it is 8 plus upper case letter O.
            Working with paedophiles is a very tricky area, I almost think one needs a vocation. Was told when studying hypno to work out early what our boundaries as a therapist are so as not to waste people’s time.
            I do hear you on the grief loss thing, but then when someone dies I am always upset! But intellectually I am cool with it.

            Thanks for sharing that you are a clinician, that makes so much sense! It’s great to know clinicians like you exist out there. You da bomb. Xx.

    • Hi Scorp.. did you have your meeting? If you did will you post an update? I get confused with where everyone is located and the times etc. You might be meeting with “them” tomorrow. Good Luck! xo!!

      • Virgo Ellie hiya πŸ™‚ I’m in the NY time zone. East siiiide uh uh

        My pastor/spiritual advisorj is a gorgeous woman of 70 with dancing eyes, 2 grown sons, & a wife. Drives a fiat spider. lol Spider.

        She knows my life & my heart like the back of her hand. We met 2-3 months ago.

        She reminded me that I’m fine tuning my vision via my experiences (i shit you not, 12hv HA!). She reminded me that to truly honor the spiritual eternal Me– to love Me & subsequently be of the most positive force for good on Earth– I have to create the work & life that rejuvenate me, not deplete me. She said, “There is no utility in trying to be someone you are not. Who you are at the core of you is infinite & Truth. When you speak your truth, the Universe hears you.” She also reminded me to pace myself & socialize more with the like-minded. She was all “more refueling, less working.”

        Because if I’m following what inspires me, I will have sustenance & opportunities– and create the same for others around me. That’s a creative universe! I Believe πŸ˜‰

        So she gave me some phone numbers of friends: two clinicians & one graphic artist/horse enthusiast, so I can get busy with my refueling/rejuvenating biz.

        Fresh opportunities, soul food. Pretty simple but can make all the difference. xx

        • Wow, Scorp your spiritual mentor said exactly what I needed to hear today. Thanks so much for posting. It has taken me til this very moment to truly understand that I have to do what supports me and that it might not make any sense to anyone else, including my own mind and my own fear levels.
          Weird. But I’m finally getting it. It has taken many lifetimes I’d say!

          I’m just curious about something you mentioned earlier about people changing and that you have met a few along the way.
          Did they do loads and loads of analysis? Have a big accident? Drugs? etc. etc.
          Wondering what does allow people to change.

          • Thanks for your above and below comments Scorp Inc. You delivered a message, greater than you’ll ever know. x

        • Love that you have a connection like that and it is close to you! Wow!! Glad she is near by and you are inspired by her! Thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚

  20. So from March 1 i will be able to tell Telstra what i think of their service after 20 loyal years they are starting to make me angry. They have made a mistake in my billing. Can’t enter my account, refuse me after an hour of live chat on 2 different occasions. catch 22, need password to access help. The Circle Game. Why should i have to spend my time telling them IF i can get through, where their mistake is.
    So the rumour is true, Corps make it so hard for you to question or find a solution, you give up. They want you on Facebook to access your account with said password that doesn’t work.
    Must not disconnect from them during retro, say x 10.
    Electricity company are not going to give back the money everyone was charged for the carbon tax that being axed. What a money grab these utilities are doing, blatant as.
    APril may have me saying a few succinct words to them. Zap or be Zapped right. Uranus still in Aries right.
    Yup, feeling like disconnecting EVERYTHING, unplug, and doing ‘sauvage blanche’ again. 20 years must be the cut-off point when i said i would be away 2 years!

    • And in the meantime, before the escape to Real Life, the utility companies are going to screw every last drop life force from you and the only cure will be fish & fruit.

    • Good find Cosmic!
      Am collecting Gregorian Chants as an antidote to demented neighbour’s noise & to dispel any demons hanging in the atmosphere.
      Music & Mandlebrot πŸ™‚

  21. Feeling mundane- splashed hot cappucino on myself at teens bday fΓͺte. Saggo Moon (hot liquids) and Sun/Neptune in 3rd-trine Neptune -hot spills on Gem ruled arm. Sigh- aloe to the rescue!!

  22. Different energy from whatever I was feeling on the weekend. Good to feel a new feeling! Getting more organised regarding revision just need to actually start working on the revision now. Whatever time I have wasted before has gone and I will waste more time if I continue to wallow in the anger etc. Help is coming. Realisations that empty spaces left by people/ things in my life does not mean that I am broken or deficient it just means there is space to grow and attract the right people.

    • Yes. Like leaving fields fallow after cropping. Lets the soil recover. It’s not nothing time. Just rest and rejuvenation. X

  23. Hi All,

    Talk about magic.
    Yesterday I was writing away in my study and cooped a whiff of this acrid, toxic stink reminiscent of an electrical fire or something.
    I heard one of the neighbours shouting so I rushed outside to see the house across the street billowing smoke.
    Long story short~ I filmed it and went inside to download the files forwarding them to Laura Dymock (swoon) the local Seven news journo.
    I went back outside and there she was standing on my footpath!
    Talk about instant manifestation.
    So-far since then all I’ve managed to manifest is an infestation of mozzies when I went out on my pushy in search of more magic.
    I’m so stoked that Laura Dymock was in my garage, that’s fuqing rad.
    When she spoke to me I had a full anxiety attack and felt like I was falling over sideways and I swear my bottom jaw went into a spasm and I couldn’t talk so I just stood there, then she busted me looking at her breasts… Talk about hopeless…

    Here’s an observation I couldn’t comment about, maybe a secret coded message from Mystic to moi?

    ‘DA MOON IS NEARLY SUPERFLY’ I dropped one O and look what I see.


    Ha Ha, hope so!



  24. So,… I am realizing that I don’t trust anyone. Boy no wonder no one wants to get close to me. I have a negative view of everyone but yet I love trying to inspire everyone.. but a mixed up thought process ‘eh? Any thoughts on how to reverse that process?

    • And this is why I like you, VE: you are always trying, i.e. looking inward. That is a big insight you have there, & you didn’t need to share it. But you did, & that’s awesome. I agree with Pegs in that astro will help you know you, the divine You, but I disagree that this is no service to you. Anything that helps one gain insights is good, all paths are good. Keep going. x

    • I agree with ScorpInc, it is a beautiful realisation.
      Hmm…. I know what you mean. I don’t know that I’m suspicious, but recently I realised that my parents really were not there for me when I was growing up, and had to deal with feelings of betrayal and abandonment.
      I think what is really helping me to break that is finally learning to trust myself.

      So, taking a stab at answering you… I would suggest taking the issues you have outlined here, trusting other people, and trying to inspire other people and now apply them to your own self. Do I trust myself? Do I always need to be inspired? And then the opposites: Do I distrust myself? Do I often feel dejected?
      Work from there. Follow the trail of feelings in your body and the memories that come up. There will be very valid reasons why you don’t trust.

      Also, I have read that you are seeing someone. There might be very valid reasons for not trusting this person, and your body/soul may be trying to get the message through.
      Remember: your mind will outline a million reasons why one should do x, y and z, and lead you down all sorts of paths. But if your solar plexus clenches up or feels like a rock, then it is saying loud and clear ‘NO!’

      • yes! and try your sacral chakra point as well, to test his availability. if you feel clenching there, he’s not fully available to you or anyone.

    • Hi VE, I think it’s great you don’t trust people. Spent most of my 51 feelin the same, read Venus Scorp is always testing with psychic radar, friend or fow. That fits me. Personally many other Scorp and virgo like elements conjure this master teacher in my own soul growth. Reminds me of the painter Dali and his ‘paranoid critical’ method. My work place is fraught with Scorp nrg too (tho not art, sadly). The heightened state of your perceptual abilities will yield a big, big payoff when the time is ripe. A method of discovery and the driving force of the psyche. Fear sends us alone into the cave, Virgo lantern, Pisces boat. I have always trusted something tho, for convenience let’s call it the goddess. The female growth potential of nurture, fertility, creativity, empathy, abundance, trust, love, embracing all cycles of change with the stumbling grace of perfect imperection, and the realization that everyone has been my lover, my mother, my father, my friend. March new moon.

  25. Ellie, you are not trusting yourself perhaps?
    As an observer, and this is said without trying to critique, but to some of us Aussies, your political views can be alienating, a bit set in stone.
    That old saying don’t discuss religion or politics could work for you.
    Took myself to my Psychologist appointment yesterday, a woman, very helpful and free whereas you have to pay over there. It was name it claim it & tame it. Identifying core problems and reframing them.
    You need someone you can talk to, astrology won’t have answers for you, it helps you KNOW yourself, identify your weaknesses & strengths.
    Good Luck says the Sagg who’s all about luck πŸ™‚

    • None of my clients pay for my services: the gov’t picks up the tab. But I hear what you’re saying. Definitely you all in Oz have way better access across the board than we do in the US. You all are *very* lucky that way. Yep, very lucky…

      And I think Virgo Ellie offends lots of Americans, too. Am i right? And you know it too, VE: no surprises there. But shit, if I didnt talk to people who I find offensive on some level at one time or another, I wouldn’t have anyone to talk to, online or irl. LOL You know? x

  26. Testing new gravatar, manga space goddess drawing circa ’84 has been around for aeons.
    Found this rendition of Kali on Stewart Wilde’s blog site (a deceased soul mate) and saved it.

    Just realised how the 3 Taurean women i know are totally corporate, networking mistresses of the universe that wear and love luxury.

    • Didn’t know he was deceased Pegs!
      A very interesting writer, I came across his books at a time when I needed to.