Uranus, Glee & Abandon

Matthew McConaughey Wolf Of Wall St

For years, McConaughey embodied complacency; he was an actor who bought too heavily into his own allure and therefore stalled out early on. The fact that he has been able to unravel that perception in a few roles shows how wrong we were. And it takes an actor who’s keenly aware of his own mythology to play games with his audience, to slash through his own persona with glee and abandon.
Rachel Syme in the New Yorker on Matthew McConaughey’s comeback

It takes a Triple Scorpio and brilliantly managed Uranus Opposition.  “To slash through his own persona with glee and abandon” is a genius description of how Uranus transits can feel.

We discussed Matthew M pre his Uranus Opposition, when he was looking mysteriously constipated in a Dolce & Gabbana ad.

But then…Uranus into Aries opposing his natal Uranus in Libra and BLAM.

Everyone has Uranus opposition in their early 40s – McConaughey has just completed his – it can be the making of peeps; a super-lucrative and liberating individuation trip, Zeitgeist central OR of course, some peeps just go bats with it.


And he’s cosmic too…From Elle:

“If you want your hair to be thicker, cut it when the moon is about to be full—a heavy, full, waxing moon. Do not cut it when the moon’s waning. Right now, it’s 14 percent waxing on, it’s a crescent, so you don’t want to cut now. In about 10 days, the moon’s going to be 94 percent full—that’s a great time.” For real? “Damn right. Why do you think that [farmers] plant at certain times of the year? It’s not hippie-dippie stuff. Look, how do they know when you reap, when you sow, when you plant?”

Matthew McConaughey
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108 thoughts on “Uranus, Glee & Abandon

  1. Was recently fascinated by his character in dazed and confused – never really noticed him before. Without uranus I would be lost on the white line in the middle of the road. Thank god I realised that was what was blinding me.

  2. ok so, so many small comments.

    “strangely constipated” !!! LOLOL

    you’re right though, fragrance advertisements *always* seem to suffer from its team just not knowing when to stop. Result: contrived, overdone. *sigh* they could be so awesome if they just, you know, lived a little.

    i LOVE a good uranus transit. It’s when I feel like the way is clear. slash thru own persona / glee /abandon = perfect way to put it. when I Do Not Give A Fuq. Or when it’s like looking through the ‘doorway to change’ is giant, shining double doors opening to a huge paddock/ garden / ocean vista, and the ‘doorway to keep doing the same thing’ is a tiny, shitty, thing you have to crouch down on your hands and knees and squeeze through and hold your breath so you don’t breathe in cobwebs and dust etc.

    love that he’s down with moon/phase hair cutting but giggled a bit at his farming analogy. reminds me of this 😉

  3. Well, … for Matthew, specifically, I think there is more to his suddenly full head of hair besides getting a haircut on a heavy, full, waxing moon… Not doubting the glee and abandon, but nor the (admittedly well done) hair plugs.

  4. Doing the Uranus Opposition as we speak, plus Uranus transiting Mercury-Chiron natal conjunction.

    Life is certainly tumbled over and – also Saturn opposition Saturn transit – it has been both hard work AND inevitable. Nothing can prepare you for one. Some of you might recall how i sold EVERYTHING i’d owned since my twenties and upped sticks, but i can tell you the URANUS SHOCKWAVES keep coming. These last two weeks i am trying to maintain routines of awesome to some degree but i simultaneously feel punchdrunk. Please don’t forget the 7 year cycles. You’ll know it as a number but you still won’t cotton on to exactly which bit of that 7 years ago life it was that Uranus is going to casually bam in your face and revive by electricity, like some goddamned “Reanimator” head in a tray moment. Uranus will dismantle your life so you don’t recognise it, which is fantastic opportunity, but then as you’re working hard on the good build he’ll just throw in some other icing-on-the-cake surprises, like a friendly slap. Jupiter was NEVER so good to me by transit as Uranus has been, augmented by the TaskMaster. You ladies bitching about getting older, just stop, ‘cos life gets harder but finer. I was always just a rebel on the move: now i’m doing some REAL individuating, and i hope it never stops!

    • To clarify: i had been gallivanting around the country with all that STUFF. I have returned home with ZILCH. Ok some boxes of clothes and books, some of which i’m thinking are too much but haven’t been unpacked yet so i can’t check as i’m still officially in transit until later this year.

      I am also heavily re-thinking my romantic/love/sex modus operandi, and how it got really really weird 7 years ago (like, it spooked me and i am natal Venus Aqua trine Uranus Libra, so it has always been unconventional), to the point where i felt like i was living in a foreign country (pun intended). It doesn’t help that Uranus has clearly thrown a man in my path who has…Venus in Capricorn!! Lilith, too.
      Venus t-square Moon and Uranus!!!
      Venus trine Pluto and Venus trine Mars!!!!

      This is like a whole big test from the goddesses. To assist in this, we don’t see each other alone. It’s that difficult. But you don’t fling it about when you’re having Saturn opp Saturn and it’s Venus Retro in Cap (esp w a Venus in Cap native…when you’re a Mars in Cap native). There are other mundane factors that mean if i play i’ll create a ripple effect explosion in the community, so you know…not right now when things are going well for me and i’m in build mode.

      But fuq it’s got me in a headspin. Currently wake at 2am for a few hours every night, spinning the fuq out.

      • Yep. My Uranus opp was big ! It came at about 40 ish …It all worked out and I got a new life. It was fuqing heavy handed at the time. Same as you, got down to a few boxes returned home after 10 years wandering. The thing I remember most was being attacked for no reason by all sorts of crazy people. It was like they chased me away from my previous life with pitchforks beying for blood. Uranus obviously needed to organize that to get it through my thick skull. While this utter desolation was going on beams of my new life were appearing before me. Without any effort on my part the doorway appeared and I just had to walk through. The process took 2 years and was astounding !

        That was 14 years ago and the changes made then are still the foundations of my life today. I just started my Uranus trine Uranus transit.
        I have no doubt that by the end of these particular transits all the boogey men will have disappeared.
        You will get the chance to be… and be appreciated and loved for who you are.
        It was all just practice before.

        • You are such a spooky witch, davidl…your last line is an echo of some random tarot wisdom i found! The seeking out of old friendships was also like a scene from Reanimator, so i let things go and have new friends. Apparently, i left those baying for braaa-ins at my old job in the old city JUST in time: they got so much worse. Of course, Uranus sent me a random encounter from that place to bring the message of my escape. Everything is synchronous but unexpected. I’m so glad to hear your tale because i have tremendous admiration for how you’ve shaped your work style. I’m nowhere near that but if i keep building this new life differently, who knows what i can set up? Uranus trine Uranus must be fun! Thank you for the encouragement xx

        • Interesting davidl & millie … I’m around that age and have the Uranus opposition plus a bunch of other mover & shaker transits on the go. So yes in the early stages of a rather massive career shift.

          It was somewhat weird. It occurred to me as a random thought (the specific direction), I did a bit of research, talked to a few people and somehow within a week got accepted into a uni course and got a job offer in my chosen career.

          When stuff flows into place that rapidly I often consider it to be divine providence.

          • Unlike both you and David, Prowlers, i don’t work for myself. So, although there is a change of career direction, it is not a career reinvention in a sweeping sense. I would like to be able to change later on but having the steadiness of work just now is helping with everything else in flux. I am amazed by the talents both of you have, and i kno it is way more than just dumb luck that gets you both where you are. I have a lot more sweatin’ to do.

            • I do wonder sometimes about the continual exhortations to “work for oneself” – i see it everywhere – i mean, flying solo is not the only means to fulfilment. I like the idea and all, but you know. There’s nothing inherently bad about working with or for others.

              • it’s definitely not for everyone and increasingly it’s not for me either – although my god there are some awesome lifestyle benefits that I will miss!

              • my 2 centimes = i think there’s some industries that are really well suited to working for oneself – particularly the ones that involve really pressured deadlines that are unsustainable on an ongoing basis. Some employers forget the sustainability aspect and expect their staff to be giving peak performance on an ongoing basis. My preference is to visit those people, cane it for as long as it takes to get a specific thing done and then be out of there and recuperating/restoring energy reserves at my own pace. If you encounter a dysfunctional environment – and they are common in the industry I work in, you can disengage more easily and make choices whether to ever return once the gig is done. Working for oneself definitely isn’t for everyone though – you have to have total faith in yourself and your abilities to sell your skills and be secure of mind and bank balance when the downtimes come – and they inevitably do. I did a random job recently that had no responsibility whatsoever and although I would’ve gone bat shit crazy if it’d gone on for too long, I was amazed at how relaxing it was. I can see how going to the same place and seeing the same people every day to do a set thing at a measured pace has its appeal.

                • Yes, exactly. I go in to a client push hard, get the job done and walk out waving. It’s intense for short sharp periods and I do stuff for them in the wee hours that they would never get done.
                  The pressure for me is, where is my next client ? But I’m used to that now and god help anyone who is slightly interested in my product. I’m a difficult person to say no to. 🙂
                  With software you can create something in a month that saves hundreds of people hours of drudgery for years ahead. That’s my shtick …. How many hours of inane admin drudgery can I save per employee over a set period. It’s normally a no brainer.

                  • I’m get in get out too. I have no desire to become enmeshed / a permanent fixture – am happy to be a member of the team for a specific reason but once the goal has been achieved I see no reason to hang around. I get really irritated if I have to sit at work with nothing to do because there’s other things I could be doing.

              • Of course it’s not for everyone, that’s not possible. For me it was about my children. Working for myself means lots of time with them. School pickups , sports trainings, taking them to the beach in the afternoon, being there whenever I need or want to be.
                In the last 15 years I’ve always been there for them, it’s allowed wifey to do her thing, she has her own biz, and we didn’t have to stick them in disgusting long day care centres which are like sad prisons.
                Why have kids if you can’t spend time with them ?
                Actually now they have grown I’ll have more time for my work. Which is my next big adventure.
                I’ve been quietly building a suite of software that should go off !

                Aside from that no fuqer is going to tell me what to do 😉

                • ahhhh DL.. last sentence… THANK YOU for reminding me of a personal mantra I somehow (?!!) forgot in recent times…. xoxox

            • Well yes my old career has been mainly self employed for the past 8 years. And I will be keeping that up to bring in the $$$ until the changeover is complete.

              But the new job is a completely different industry, working for someone else. Thank god it’s part time or the shift would do my head in. In fact that new career will be working in NGOs or govt depts. – so no more cozy home office!

              Gonna take some getting used to that’s for sure!!!

            • Yes it does take some getting used to. I realise i was lucky most of my career. I worked with brilliant and awesome people who nurtured my skills. It was a shock to have colleagues who were seriously sub-par, not to mention patently suffering disorders, and weak management. I didn’t have a compliment or supportive word in seven years, compared with getting several within a few weeks at another place. May you find somewhere brilliant, Prowlncrab!!

              Pi, i so get that. It has made me wonder if i am not in my full awesome if i’m not doing it for myself but my skill set takes this little introvert into the people realm, as it happens, and my astro is actually all perfect for what i do, i see now. What i’m aiming for is more creative fulfilment, but that needs more time and money than i have just yet. As a typical Sag influenced type, it can and has taken many forms, so i’m waiting with antici-pppp-pation to find my next thing.

          • I dunno… I think being Saturn ruled puts the kibosh on “divine providence”. Might have something to do with my Jupiter / Saturn as well. Or Saturn squaring my Mercury and my optimistic Saggo moon.

            I’m struggling to think of a situation where I’ve been put on the right path and it’s all worked out.
            Usually it goes like this – working my fuqing arse off, reaching breaking point. Consciously having to choose another path – more sweat and tears / starting from scratch. Two steps forward, one step back then lots of waiting and waiting.
            And now venus ($$$) is retro. More waiting!! 🙁

            • For me it’s working my freaking arse off doing it as i think it should go; Uranus or ye olde goddesses step in and go, No, this is what we actually have in mind for you to work through. I can fight with the best people on my side, but i find that Fate takes a different turn. Of course, none of which would happen were it not for the sweat of my brow in the first instance. What i mean is, the harder i work, the harder the universe works for me: i never end up with what i thought i was creating!

              This is probably good because I have an iron will, what with Mars in Capricorn, and the Pluto trine Saturn plus Pluto square Mars and Pluto opposition Sun, no doubt enhance by Mars square Uranus, and Mars square Mercury. So i push through When I Get Ideas, which the universe probably saves me from 🙂 Apparently my ideas are not normal but i don’t know what to do about that. Guess that’s my guardian angel Jupiter in the 12th house placement.

              • yeah that’s totally a strategy!! Gotta be prepared for the worst case scenarios right? 🙂 Saturn likes a back up plan.

                I’ve got Mars square Merc too. Pluto sextiles my Sun, squares my moon. Everything squares my moon. Must look into that.

                I suppose I’ll get there. It’s just that my Saggo moon gets SO impatient!!!!!!!!!!! and cardinal Cap Asc likes to take action. Totally understand that iron will of yours. I’m not good at sitting back waiting for things to happen. Can’t force a fruit to ripen eh… but I have been known to try! – with flowers anyway 😯

                Courtesy of the Bitch Moon, I have Super Bitched up PMT, so will do my Jupiter in Taurus – couch time with dark chocolate, watch some tennis and try to chill the fuq out. Thanks for your thoughts! 🙂

            • Or, um, maybe i just expect the total worst, so i feel rather enthusiastic when anything goes right? Hey, it’s one strategy 🙂

            • Oh to illustrate that iron will: i fought to STAY in situ for three years because i viewed leaving as giving in. Three years of spiralling health and social isolation (after all my glam social hobbies and habits and circles). I did come out with a second job certification. I don’t know how i did 6 day weeks in such poor health that i couldn’t drive much of the time.

              • Mars in cap I’d say… soldiering on.

                I don’t know how I did 6 years at a corporate agency which was nothing but torture!! Was doing my Cap asc “being professional” :roll:
                Then Pluto/Uranus saddled up on my ascendent and I said “fuq this, I’m miserable. I’m outta here” That was 2008 – the beginning of the ZZ.

                • Though you and I have two very different charts – you saturn, me urnaus, there are some interesting parallels. When the Zap Zone started to happen I went totally the other way, relinquished all freedoms and hooked myself up to the ‘plan’. Saturn kicked in and overtook uranus. I can time the bizarre detour of the last few years to the astro – it’s like the arch nemesis took control for a while. So while you let go of those kinds of things, I bought in.

                  • well, having a “plan” would be a radical thing for a Uranian like yourself, no? LOL.

                    2 years after the first ZZ I starting feeling suffocated by the idea of having a mortgage, so I got rid of that!! So yeah, Uranus zapped me for sure.
                    Now I’m back with my ruler 😀

        • ideally i get appreciated and loved for who i am before i turn 40. *squints into time horizon* otherwise i might turn to drugs and alcohol after all. lol.

            • hey. it could be the key to my creative flourishing. Look at Coleridge, or Whiteley. Lou Reed. Nothing without alkaloids in their system. rite? amirite? *sigh* grinding self-doubt right now. don’t want to even leave the house because leaving the house means spending money I don’t have. i just want my girl-posse around to sloth at the beach and unravel a few life conundrums over a refreshing mineral water or snorkelling session or something. seem to be stuck with self-interested couples (fair ’nuff) or indoors types. help. stay TF away, grinch-thoughts. I see you.

            • I’d like to remind you of Lou Reed’s love lyric:
              “and you know what they say about honey bears
              when you shave off all their baby hairs
              you have a hairy minded pink bare bear”

              Hey that may be the kind of love you had in mind, though? It would certainly shake things up. But it isn’t a substitute for chicks talking, beachside!

              • Fantastic observations Mille, David, Prowln n Pi! Yep Uranus is shaking everything up for me too, but same thing, the doorway to new career just kinda appeared with the Uranus opposition. I’ve been getting zapped in wee hours with genius mind lightning- keeping paper and pen by my bed and waking up wondering where the hell these ideas are coming from. Saturn is going over my MC as well so I’m working hard but it feels so easy now. I pity anyone who has Saturn crossing the Ascendant – I found that period grueling.

      • I’ve got Uranus conj my MC and opposite Uranus going on right now, no massive shake ups for me but I’ve always been pretty ‘out there’ even in my most conservative modes, so maybe I’ve been spared having the rug pulled from under me, or maybe I really am a fuqing alien, maybe I was swapped at birth, I have nfi really…

        Despite being mega Uranian as a person, I don’t like Uranus transits (I have too much cardinal and fixed energy to enjoy sudden change unless it’s instigated by myself), but I wouldn’t mind some of this cosmic doorway opening up shit you guys have mentioned experiencing. Where the fuq can I sign up for some of that?

        But, total weirdness in the love realms. Things just kind of sparked up with a fishy man with Mars in Capricorn and Venus in Pisces (double whammy sexual napalm yo!). I’ve known him online for years via my good sister but not met him in person as he lives overseas, he’s prepared to travel though. This is so fucking weird… I don’t want to encourage it though because I’m a flake and a heartbreaker, and I’m scared I’ll go cold on him when Venus goes direct again. (I’ve got two other guys on the go but they’re both annoying my Lilith department this week and making the fishman look extra attractive, I need a bucket of cold water and a month in a nunnery till this Venus shizz is over.)

        • *sigh* that’s what i meant to say – how do i get me “some of that cosmic doorway opening up shit” but ended up sounding whiney.

          Now, nothing but cold ice baths or showers for you until Feb 1 young lady… mkaaay? 😀

          My 8th house Pluto/Uranus/Mars conjunction would be tempted to play with fire just for the hell of it. HELL being the operative word. Have learned my lesson though.

          I’m RE-evaluating EVERYTHING re love, sex and relationships. Venus on my 3º Asc – a wide orb but still, I want to move onto another subject of rumination already!!

          • Heh, I think you nailed it as far as Jupiter/Saturn putting the kybosh on the whole cosmic doorway/right path thing. I’ve got Jupiter opposite Saturn and have much the same experience as you with the whole deal!

            Definite ‘yes’ on the cold showers till Feb! My days of playing with fire are long gone, I don’t need the drama!

            I’m ready to move on too! Though can’t say I’m looking forward to months of Mars retro – I will have to delay fishman for a few months (if I haven’t gone cold on him by Feb, hehe), I don’t want to start bonking anyone while Mars is rx!

            • I think I’m definitely on the right path for now. But there was no magic doorway, nor did Uranus suddenly make one appear.
              This path is something I’ve wanted for a long TIME and with HARD WORK (thank you Saturn) and a little bit of talent “I” made it happen. It gets bloody exhausting making things happen though. Would be really, really nice to experience something just landing in my lap.

              Bonking during Mars Rx – Noooo! 😯 Would be so frustrating. I still remember the extra long Mars in Leo Rx we had 2 years ago? Painful!!!! Mars retros affect me strongly, more than Mercury, as mine is 0º Virgo powered by Pluto in 8th.

              If you haven’t gone cold on him by Feb then you might have crossed wires, thanks to Merc Rx. LOL.

              Some intense astro we’ve all got to get through and April sounds like a doozy! 😀

              • I just discovered his psyche conj my eros on top of the double whammy venus/mars (his Venus on my NN, my Sun on his NN) – Jaysus! 😯

                This is going to get interesting…

                I don’t recall any specific Mars retro periods (I get smashed up by Venus retro instead, maybe cos it’s conj my Sun) but I do always feel lazy as fuq until it goes direct again (I mean lazier than my usual Mars in Pisces modus non operandi). Might have fight that and spend this Mars retro getting the bod mega hot and ready for a Mars direct sex fest! Woot! 😀

                • Wow with astro that HOT not even continents can separate you.

                  But see how different you are from younger days? You care enough to protect him from ice cold Venus days. That’s why being older with hard astro can make things diamond-shine brilliant. But trust your instincts, wild thing; when something holds you back, it’s not Time. There is more picture to be painted on the canvas first.

                  Trust me: if an Aries Moon and a Sag Moon can do it, anyone can!

                  • I’m all good with the holding back, it gives my brain time to adjust to the whole sitch…

                    There’s no hot and heavy lust thing going down, I need actual flesh to feel that sort of chemistry. I’ve always flirted with him and given him shit with no intention of anything ever happening, still only flirting, but we got talking and the next thing we’re discussing living together, and later my venus/Uranus freaked the fuck out, but today I’m cool with it again…

                    If he’s the soulmate I was fully expecting to meet when Pluto hit my Venus (that’s when we got introduced) then I’m going to need 9 months to get my head around it all. (I’m generally anti hooking up and shacking up together… so I’ve got some adjusting to do!)

                    P.S. He’s trying to find out his birth time, I suspect he’s another fish with horse rising – the street sign theft research shall continue! 😀

                  • “but I wouldn’t mind some of this cosmic doorway opening up shit you guys have mentioned experiencing. Where the fuq can I sign up for some of that?”

                    Maybe that’s your answer? Anyway, Fish with Horse Rising Mars in Cap… it’s a wonderful combination 😉

                    • Who knows, maybe it is! I was kind of expecting something more along the lines of career enlightenment, considering it’s bang on my MC… time will tell! Apparently Ox and Rooster is match made in heaven too… looking scary!

                  • oh and of all the stuff i sold and gave away, it was the street sign i rather missed a few days ago!!!

                    • The only two things I still own from my street sign period Is my LBD, and a hammer that the pisces street sign stealer gave me (he was a carpenter and said every woman should own a hammer, maybe in case they need to hang up street signs while their pisces is off being a mutable mystery

                • that is some amazing synastry!! The double whammy venus/mars is hot enough! I’ve only ever had that once. He was my next door neighbour. I remember looking through the peephole when he first moved in and going “WOW”. I have venus in Libra, Mars in Virgo. He was a Libran with Scorp rising and Venus in Virgo / Mars in Libra. It was electric!!! Then he called me 17 years later to tell me that one of the moments we shared was the best thing that happened to him. 😯 He had potential and did it for me on every level but thank the heavens for my Cap Asc – was never going to get involved seriously with a drug addict. Such a waste.

                  Anyway, keen to see how all this unfolds. 😀

                  • Ahhhahahah the Scorpio Lady peeping through the keyhole at her hot Venus/Mars present! That is TOO MUCH i love it!

                  • lolz@you perving through a peephole! Such a Scorp image! That sounds mega hot! Shame about the drug addiction 🙁

                    This one uses drugs the same way as me, medicinally. He’s addicted to being fit, but at least it’s a healthy addiction and attractive to look at! 😛

                • maybe venus Rx is your soulmate from a past life present? 🙂

                  Just a thought…. if you met during Pluto /Venus

                  • The Eros/Psyche conjunction shizz would seem to back that up… hah, this is freaking my head out! (and yet I’m strangely calm about it)

                    note to self: careful what you wish for (can just hear Pluto going, this will teach you for calling my your bitch, bitch!) Stay tuned!

                    P.S. Don’t cringe about perving through peepholes, I couldn’t count how many neighbours I’ve perved on through peepholes and slits in venetian blinds, hehe!

      • Unfortunately i have to leave bits out to protect the guilty, but those bits make it even more hilariously weird. I am so being played by a Piscean player! The worst of it is, he is brilliant and interesting and wonderful so i would be devastated to lose the friendship. Trying to distract myself by prepping for my new upcoming job.

    • This is so interesting, all these stories…many of my good friends are beginning, experiencing, or has just ended the Uranus opposition. Major, major changes for all of them. And a new confidence that seems to set in during this time.

      Have Uranus approaching my mars/north node this spring. Things are suddenly moving so fast but too nebulous to keep score.

      • Uranus 7 year cycles: i spent the first four years undoing addiction to Class A’s. I spent 3 years coming to terms with the fact that liquor and cigs and ganja are not acceptable just because they are not class A’s. So had to face a second round of addiction issues.

  5. ugh. so tired of this guy. i really hate how entitled he feels to ruin local concerts by just jumping in with his stupid bongo drums. Any other person would get hauled away by the police.

    • Sorry, which guy? Oh, this thread is about Matthew McConnaughey? I thought it was all about ME. Sorry, my ego has eclipsed HIS 😉

      I’m going to add that HAIR has also been an important factor in this whole transition. Finding a brilliant hairdresser, leaving her, doing a whole new hair thing. It’s rampant at the moment. Leo MC. SO i don’t judge him for the plugs. He looks good, so hey.

      • Nah, I took a survey and this thread is now officially deemed ‘all about our Mille’.
        Lets not talk about hair though. Some of the summer snaps from our holidays, of me, where fuqing scarey. I have a full head of hair but it’s short , salt and pepper….basically dead. Turns out it looks fine when dry and cut but get it wet …in one photo it looked like someone had photoshopped a Brillo pad on my head that had been used to do the washing up for 2000 seamen from HMAS Scuttlebutt. Frightening.
        And let’s face it, a fifty something guy can’t where a bandana !!! Oh, unless he’s wearing a poncho of course.

          • Agree eel
            Im getting me salt and pepoer eye candy yhis morning at a protest paddle out. Plotting best catsuit to wear

            • oh god that reminds me of this older Dancer (50’s?) i saw in this contemporary dance choreo of an Antonin Artaud play. Of course there was full frontal at one point. Anyway, after the show he caught me staring, totally dreaming that if i had to grow old with someone it was going to be a dancer. He was salt and pepper. And he smiled and winked at me! Like wow! Older, hot bod and understands Artaud from the inside out. (All the ladies in the audience covered their faces at the nude scene, but my Aries bud and i craned forward ‘cos they’d dimmed the lights! The players/dancers were four men of different age and ‘race’)

        • If your eyebrows are still dark well – bam! If it makes you feel any better, i have had grey since i was 25 and now my hair is growing out the silver is everyhwere…and i don’t dye. Probs should but it makes me nervous just thinking about it.

      • Rock on Mille, you’re killing me! To my way of thinking, your posts are actually far more interesting than anything I could read about Matthew whatever his name is any day! (I have read all your comments and don’t actually recall much of the original post, particularly since reading the one where you nailed him on the whole astro hair cover up thing- Neptune hair transit, lolz!)

  6. hey is anyone else noticing this? On my phone or on the main blog homepage, the teaser image for this post is a very fit lookin’ man, shirtless, in a leather vest, with some kind of bicep cuff and metal feather pendant thing. I can only assume this is Mr McConaughey baring his, uh god-given gifts. As the photo doesn’t include his head I can’t tell however. But on the post itself it’s McConaughey but all demurely dressed in a shirt, shirt etc. confused.

  7. Living in the sticks, I routinely bathe & wash my hair with rainwater. That sounds magical, right?

    When I visit the bricks & run city water through my hair, it’s as if my hair is on steroids: thicker, curlier, uber-volume! I get the same results when I color with your average chem-full hair dye, total voluptuous sexy fierce mane.

    So as far as my hair goes, if chems are wrong I’m not sure I want to be right. And now that I’m back home from my little Cincinnati adventure, I want to delay running rainwater through my hair for as long as possible. I mean, my coif is so full-on, I could get product endorsement deals with this. Calling my agent!

    • Forgot to mention that pic on this weekend’s dailies has me mesmerized/spell-bound/entranced. So mystical gorgeous! Gimme!

    • golly i love me some rainwater showering. luxury..

      also love the accidental-luxe hair feeling. 🙂
      I wonder if it’s something to do with the pH of the water. just did a quick google and this site came up which seems no-nonsense and informative. http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlreading/curl-products/ph-and-how-it-relates-to-hair

      if not (or in addition to) pH, possibly also various dissolved minerals in either the city water supply or your own rainwater supply depending on how you collect and store / treat (if at all) the water.

      I was about to ask are you any closer to the coast when visiting the city, but instead looked up a map of that city and realised that no, it probably wasn’t lovely humid salty air that was giving you volume from Venus herself.

      hang on, isn’t the Ohio river where the spill took place just the other day? what’s the latest there? if you can be bothered . x

      • hmm. i wonder if you were to rinse your hair in a solution that contained say a splash of vinegar whether it would become all zhuzhy too. chez vous. experiment?

      • OR on the other hand maybe the town water supply is a touch more alkaline as rainwater is naturally just a little acidic. so according to that site i linked to, the slightly higher pH (in city) would rough up the hair cuticle and give you va-va-voom. I had a look at the latest (ok, 2012) water quality results for cincinatti water .. i love the internet! – but there was no mention of pH. ok that’s the end of my nerd-fest for now. thanks for inspiring me 🙂

  8. Am too exhausted mentally/emo after the Pallas Athene thread to describe my personal Uranus opposition back when….it takes a lot outta me to share certain things sometimes.

    Reason why I guess that I’m listening to Norah Jones today “Not too Late” full album…I need something soft and sweet like her voice. Sun on my Moon today in 8th? Maybe…

    But reading your Apres Bitch Moon thread Mystic made me laugh…You mentioned about receiving something.

    I got a dollar bill under a chair at the library same day I wrote on the Athene post.

    Thank you Spirit..x

    • ~The water pools so strong…and no one is around…and the Moon is looking down saying Rosie, come with me~

      Eh, I had a cry today…

      Please don’t shoot me cuz I postin’ another video…it’s my thearapy…x

      • On a lighter note, saw a Dodge car today…older like 1970’s thing I guess called “Aries”…lol I don’t remember it!

        • Venus, ruler of my 5th in Libra (trans Venus currently 16 degrees Cap), is eventually going to go direct onto cusp of 8th (17 degrees Cap).

          When it does I’m gonna play the lotto since if I go to the casino I’ll get arrested 🙂

      • Thanks for that, Sweetpea, that one really took me away……………gorgeous musicianship. Venusian treats really stand out for me these days.

        • Sure.

          Yeah, I love the “honky-tonkness” to it…

          I remember years ago when she first came out and I kept hearing Come Away with Me at work. I actually didn’t care for her voice then. Course I was still heavy into oldies like Def Leppard and stuff 🙂

          I would fantasize about my neurosurgeon while listening to Hysteria…ha

  9. Hey Davey…yes, Uranus trine Uranus….almost exact

    And Neptune trine Neptune..almost…

    Trans Neptune is exact on my Pisces Sun/Mn midpoint 3 degrees and MC 5 degrees opposite Pluto/IC 2 Virgo

    And trine natal Neptune 6 in 5th…

    Lets just say I’m sorta “out there” (Neptune) transforming (Uranus)..

    But a happier period in my life than ever as Uranus opposition was hell except did bring many gifts which like David said built a foundation for the now…

    So I would say, just keep transforming…It will all make sense later..


  10. Was up here in Cali when the Oscar noms were announced @ 5:30 am. Matt M said that he and Camilla set the alarm clock for 5:15 am to catch it…Ah jeeze but that gotta be exciting..

    Mystic that buff peck pix is a tease as I could not find the rest of him on any of your links!!

    And now I’m going to go to the movies and perhaps see Dallas Buyers Club like right now..

    Gosh, what to do when you’re not eating carbs and love popcorn? Help!!

      • I don’t know how to do chopsticks…Can you imagine? A Gem/Mars rising can’t get it down…

        Eh, I gave into the corn and today am back on track. Course it messes up the glycemic levels. x

  11. Explanation for the different pictures:

    people, it is not cliick bait lol – i don’t actually DO that. That is only a ploy for sites who have to report to advertisers. And this site is kept ad free by my lovely subscribers.

    I originally put a pic of MM from Magic Mike and then thought it would be more contempo to use a Wolf of Wall St image so changed it BUT the site still put the Magic Mike pic as the “featured image.”

    however…i will bung it at the bottom of the post when i have time!

    • Thank you!

      Actually that happens sometimes on this site when i open up old posts from the sidebar, but i thought it was just some strange Piscean Glitchy Timewarp in Pictures by Head Witch Mistress Mystic. But it’s that ol’ Piscean Change Your Mind Magic, huh?

    • I was just kidding Mystic. You don’t need to put hot guys on pictures to make me click. I read your articles regardless of the pictures. I sometimes browse using text only. I just thought it was both odd and funny, seemed like an inside joke!

      • Exactly…I mean I really didn’t care that much to begin with and was kidding..He is tho a beautiful man.

        But hey, Saw the Dallas Buyers Club…You wouldn’t recognize him. I hope he gets the award.

        Christian Bale was really, really good too in American Hustle (I saw a triple header yesterday 🙂 ), but DBC was more intense and the physical transformation extreme yet CB did a transformation too.

        The 3rd movie I saw was Hercules (it is conjunct my Sun so wanted to see a hero movie, you know?)

        Yipes, a love story and then all smash and bash. I mean he does call on Zeus his father to give him powers…I could barely stay awake tho and then just walked out. And I paid $13 for that crap lol…Had my 3d glasses on… Simply could not take one more bloody battle..

  12. He looks great hair and all, and his new movies rock. Good for him.

    He needs to give Johnny Depp his hairstylist’s card.Johnny is looking old and tired in blonde hair, no facial hair. Who would advise him to cut and dye his once beautiful hair? yikes..:(

  13. I NEVER really thought Matthew Mc was all THAT hot, that is until that pic you just posted above from ‘The Wolf of Wall St.” R E T R A C T ! ! !