The Secret Life Of Prince Charming


It starts so young, and I’m angry about that. The garbage we’re taught. About love, about what’s “romantic.” Look at so many of the so-called romantic figures in books and movies. Do we ever stop and think how many of them would cause serious and drastic unhappiness after The End? Why are sick and dangerous personality types so often shown a passionate and tragic and something to be longed for when those are the very ones you should run for your life from? Think about it. Heathcliff. Romeo. Don Juan. Jay Gatsby. Rochester. Mr. Darcy. From the rigid control freak in The Sound of Music to all the bad boys some woman goes running to the airport to catch in the last minute of every romantic comedy. She should let him leave. Your time is so valuable, and look at these guys—depressive and moody and violent and immature and self-centered. And what about the big daddy of them all, Prince Charming? What was his secret life? We don’t know anything about him, other then he looks good and comes to the rescue.
Deb Caletti, The Secret Life of Prince Charming

This got mentioned ages ago but it’s worth a repeat: If you ever want a good D.i.Y. Astro Hack, find Venus on your chart and list all her big aspects.  Count only those that are five degrees or less. THOSE are your relationships. Eg: You have Venus square Neptune and yet also conjunct Saturn. You would have had – or be having – both of those as actual relationships. I am going to shortly be doing some D.I.Y. Astro-Hacks Mp3s. Like astrology lessons.  I was going to do it as a book but have decided Mp3 is better.

And lol yes, what WAS the secret life of Prince Charming?

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219 thoughts on “The Secret Life Of Prince Charming

  1. yep. nope. moon square Venus, venus conjunct chiron, not the worst

    other aspects are ‘favourable’

    I’m more in Xena territory these days 😉

    fine to get involved if the temperature’s hot enough, as long as zero fuqs given about outcome of the situation. :)

    • shouldn’t be too proud of myself, love the wild sexy intelligent but (ahem) suh-prise not avail types, well I used to, haven’t tested that one toooo recently.

      Note I didn’t say addicted, abusive, lazy, needy, jealous, possessive, prejudiced, emotionally damaged, selfish types 😉 those ones get the old eyebrow raise these days

      well now look at that ole laundry list willya? growing faster than pinocchio’s nose

      I blame venus aries sextile 8th house aqua mars, saggi dsc and eros in sagg :)

      • Oh hell I have done my venus to death. Square Asc Saturn chiron conj and square DC Pluto uranus conj
        Yeah like my relationships are all so cozy and cute!

        • Honestly though I simply can’t stand it any other way. Bet you can’t settle either!!

          • it’s true, EMG. give me challenges or give me death (from boredom). I just don’t want the challenges to come from maladjustment issues any more , mine or his!! Takes two to tango, you know. the last two b/f’s were also guilty of trying to get me to stop (or not start) studying. Now, I have sun conjunct mercury in the 9th house. That’s like asking a Virgo to not bother filing anything, just chuck it all on the ground, for ever. Or a Libra to go to a Slayer gig with a smelly, drunk, belligerent polygamous Leo (lol). Every weekend. Anyway, what was my point? oh yes. good challenges. not lost causes. :) oh hai chiron

              • Oh Pi you make me laugh. Yup the boredom threshold with me is way below zero. If things get too even remotely samey, I have to throw a firecracker or twenty mega ton device into the mix. Maybe just maybe I am getting a wee bit bored of this game now though and might have to start figuring out how the hell to have a reasonably sane life without boredom. Did anyone write that manual yet??

  2. Anyone want to have a stab at Prince Charming’s astro? I’ll start. I reckon Gemini sun w Mars in Pisces. Gift of the gab. Loves like it’s a religion. Neptune rising… in what. Sagg? Doesn’t he always show up on a horse??

    My favourite anti-Prince Charming line of all comes from The Threepenny Opera: “a saviour on horseback is so seldom met with in practice” :)

    • Moon in Libra, fickle as fuq but knows exactly what to say and what not to say to get the ladies pants off…

    • sagg rising with gem sun would (say) give him a 7th house solar energy, yes ok that could work. but he’d have to have a rescue complex. you know, saving princesses from themselves, evil stepsisters etc

      HEY here’s an idea, maybe mythologically, (I am in women who run wth the wolves mode), ‘prince charming’ is in fact the princess’s animus. She can’t be saved until she takes ownership of her inner masculine half … and saves herself. Boom. there you go, we’ve been misreading this whole thing. Snow White and the rest.. Prince Charming was You all along. 😀

      • guys he needs some Leo in there. come on…. the princely outfits… Valiant…brave…fabulous hair…..

      • I’ve always thought that…Jungian fairy tales.
        esp for Red Riding Hood. You are Red, the grandma, the wood cutter, and even the Wolf ala Richard Parker (life of pi).

      • I know those with strong Cap placements like to play the father figure in control and tend to go for helpless types that play the victim. They save you so that you will have to depend on them from that point on. I speak from experience – 2x with a Cap Moon and Rising.

        • OMFG if that describes what my Cap sun & moon son will settle w/ I’m outa here!! HIS father has Mars in Cap try squeezing child support out of that s’bag…

    • I’d love stab at Prince Charming himself right now.
      Sod his astro… Just fancy doing away with dude altogether. Yes, I realise I’m talking about my own animus. Maybe I’m a Jungian Lesbo?
      Why is this stuff so hard to deal with?
      I only fancy the crazy ones, unavailable goes without saying obvs but is there an algorithm richter scale of emo nuts + totes unavailable =level of attractiveness.

  3. Venus, conj Sun, sextiles Moon, sextiles Jupiter, trine Saturn, square Uranus, square Pluto, square Chiron. Fuq, lucky I’m not the marrying kind, I’d be up there with Liz Taylor as far as ex-husbands go…

  4. The only aspects I have accurate within 5 degrees are Venus trine Uranus/Neptune.
    My most recent ex had Mars square Neptune… normally if I’m snooping around someone’s chart it’s something I look out for, yet I was in a relationship with him for a year and a half and never properly clocked it until AFTER he left the country without saying anything…. Neptune strikes again, lol.

    Also, I always get a bit confused by this DIY astro hack… what are we looking out for here? A person who has strong elements of the planet/sign that Venus/Mars is aspecting? The aspect itself? Or the sign the planet represents? Or a combination? It’s just I’ve tried this before, and since everyone that I’ve dated is around my age, and therefore has Uranus/Neptune conjunct in Capricorn (and therefore will prob trine my Venus) it gets a bit confusing!

  5. Yeah, confused, but this is how my today has been. Lack of concentration, can’t intake a sentence. Took me ages to read your post Mystic. Thinking I’ve got a non-painful migraine going on. Everything is dizzy when I stand up.
    Anyhow – DIY hacks… confusing. My Natal Venus is opposite or square a bunch of things. Which is how life feels…square and opposite lots.

    • have you eaten anything today? If you’ve been in a heat wave you might’ve sweated so much that you lost minerals etc. take it easy x

      • Thanks Anon Flux. Yeah, plenty to nosh and a couple raw juices to boot. Hoping today will be better, I’ve got buckets of stuff to do. Heat wave is expected to hit QLD today (I’m in BrisVegas) but it has been lethargically warm and searingly draining the past week.
        Appreciate the concern very much :-)

  6. I have venus square neptune and venus conjunct saturn…which also means I have have saturn (conjunct the midheaven) square neptune (conjunct the ascendent). A lifelong experience of being on the cross within, the war between a drive for worldly achievement on the one hand and wanting to dissolve into oceanic oneness on the other, at home with the immaterial…a born mystic. Not to take any gloss away from MM who is contributing so much light and laughter and insight into our lives. We love you MM…

      • I just realised this last week how my Neptune goes into hyperdrive whenever I notice someone. (Venus&Mars conj square Neptune) It’s sure nice to be aware of it. Doesn’t necessarily make it easy to handle… but can consciously aim to channel the energy higher now.

    • haha, a book I ordered 2d hand on amazon arrived as I was reading this post called “We”
      Understanding the psychology of Romantic Love.
      Definitely something I’m in the mood to read right now!

  7. venus conjunct mercury in the 5th + sextile mars + semi sextile IC & uranus = never really into the aforementioned types. I had an eccentric father so my conditioning was unconventional. Articulate/eccentric and clearly a car crash to be avoided would have been my kryptonite in my 20s but that evolved after saturn’s return.

  8. Does -3º A count? Because the only thing aspecting Venus is my Cap AC conjunct Lilith squaring at -3a. And 0º S (separating) bi-quintile.

    I guess that explains why I’ve never been married.
    Longest relationship was 18months. Plenty of flings / casual sex, a few love zombie episodes (we’ve all had them) etc. But relationships… *shrugs* Never really meet anyone worthy of a having a relationship with.

      • yes it is, but it’s not a long one compared to most people who spend YEARS together. I’ve never lived with a partner either.

        • wow – do you want to live with anyone else? Maybe you’re just not into cohabitation. Anything in your 4th/IC?

          • Answer is No!!. I’d feel suffocated. I need my space (Saggo moon square Uranus in 11th) I live on my own and love it. I’m a bit of a loner. I love company and only for a short while, then i like to just go him and recharge my batteries. People drain me sometimes.

            I think my ideal would be to live in the same street as my partner but different houses 😀 If could meet another loner or someone else who likes his space too that would be lovely. :)

            I have Jupiter in Taurus in 4th house. My IC is 29 Aries in between 3rd and 4th. Don’t really know much about IC.

            I guess if MC is considered as 10th then ICis 4th?

            • OK so if I know about anything in my astro, it’s the IC. Pluto lives there, for me. Yes IC is the chart angle that represents our most interior, innermost self, gives us a signpost to help understand any key early-life formative experiences, the colour and tone of our family life. Roots (or absence of). xx

              • it’s how we feel at home, who is our “family”, the hearth. Had a lot of insight/helpful reading about the 4th house and IC from Stephen Forrest’s pluto book

                • cool! Must look into this, because even the word “family’ makes me cringe.

                  From a very young age all i could think about was getting my own place (back then it was a cottage by the sea) surrounded by animals and I’d imagine myself painting all day. There was nobody else in the picture. It felt odd to imagine someone else around that age.

                  I sometimes wonder now if it was a dream or a self-fulfilling prophecy :)

                  • ‘s funny because jupes in toro 4th house i’d think would be a really nice thing. maybe as your 10th house scorp-ness opposes all of that?

                    I too still observe and try not to freak out at what i still call icky family shit. I feel claustro when I am in the same room as my immediate family, not because they’re insane or anything… maybe it really is a sadge/ 9th house thing? ie get me TF out!

                    I’ve really really rooollyy had to put my attitude under the microscope, not because what I feel is ecessarily “wrong”, but i am curious about why I am so freakishly repelled by the thought of traditional (erk) ideas of ‘family’. Luckily, we can also choose our own family, and they don’t have to be blood rellos. (mind you i love my extended family, they’re mega uranian :) )

                    • yes!! I have a tiny little haven and I’m close to water with glimpses of the harbour and it’s all mine!! 😀 (the bank doesn’t own it) That’s jupiter luck in 4th for you.
                      Not painting all day yet but starting a fine arts degree in March. Saturn over Sun Conj Neptune in 10th house made that dream come true.

                    • I do too but my Jupiter is in the 11th and I don’t go bragging about it because people hate you then. Shhh keep it to yourself…

                    • and if people hate me for it, too bad!! That’s their problem. It’s my one big achievement in life. So yeah I am a bit proud. I didn’t jump on bragging. It was in context to 4th house discussions. I’ll be a poor art student for 3 years and love still eludes me, so it’s not like my life is perfect.

                    • I am sooo sorry!! I’m a Taurus :/ too judgemental and careful. I guess I felt you should be carful about what you share….

                      wow that’s awesome that you did all that on your own!!!

                • yes – Sun conjunct Neptune in 10th opposes 4th. Jupes in 4th = had a good family life as a kid but just wanted to get the hell out of there and do my 10th house stuff.
                  My parents critical and annoying. Get anxiety just thinking about visiting them. They’re like one big monkey on my back

            • :) I have uranus there and have similar issues re personal space but have had the luck of finding another human I can be ‘alone’ with in the same room – we also have rooms in the house that are where each of us hangs out to do our respective things too. There is no suffocation. We have our own couches too. It’s better that way.

              Did you know tim burton and helena bonham carter have houses in the same street? Because they have different tastes in decor and different routines. It’s just sensible.

              There’s no reason you have to cohabit to have a functioning relationship. But what about the ideal man who will support you while you study art and he’ll be at home writing his book though? He lives next door? 😉

              • ive always though that tim burton and helena carters situation was utterly dreamy and have always wanted that. but its hard to do on a smaller salary.

              • Soz to interject, but Helena & Tim have two cottages that are united into one house, they do live together.

                • ah I read something different but you know, the media, the truth, the river between. They were probably trying to make them sound wackier than they really are.

              • Anon… “ideal man who will support you while you study art and he’ll be at home writing his book”

                Now we’re entering fantasy territory. I think I could cope with that!! I’ve always fantasised about going out with a writer. Someone who lives in their head.

                I’ve been told that the ideal man is on his way by a psychic. So we’ll see…. She was spot on about the Crab I was dating at the time. But ideal man is a suit “with deep pockets” not a writer. Fine by me. While I’m being arty he could be busy trading stocks or reading the Fin Review. 😀

            • re your IC 29° is a magic number in a chart – some schools of thought rate it highly. In Aries it would probably be super powerful too – 1st sign, ruled by mars etc.

              • hi anon , this 29 degree thing, i have ..2 things at 29 squaring the hell out of each other – moon and chiron.
                OH hey but Eros forms an exact trine, like within 2″, of Chiron, from Sadge.

                sooo. does astro try to ram home its point by putting things at 29 degrees..?

                • It’s the energy of janus – so you’re at the front door of one house while also being at the back door of another. It’s the push and pull between the energy of the sign it’s in and the new one – the turning of the tide.

                  It is said to bring some confusion but it’s supposed to put a focus on the planet at the 29th degree and give it more of a role in your life than it would have had otherwise because it’s on the threshold of a new energy. Its bags are packed, it’s waiting for the cab.

                  Some peeps use the sabian degrees (marc edmund jones) to throw light on its vibe. The bizarre thing about them is that the sabian meaning of the 29° planets that monsieur flux and I have is an uncanny description of what each of us does for work.


                • FYI Sabian is good because it’s not dreary like some of the other descriptions + is bizarrely apt 😀

              • super powered Aries IC – explains a lot!!
                I feel very Martian. I always assumed it was because my Mars was 0º in 8th. Mars Rx are torturous!!.

                Thank you so much for your insights!! :)

                • god i just looked your 29° aries up in me ye olde booke and it’s poignant considering how you’ve chosen to live. It’s a gift for the effective articulation or manifestation of external realities through which you find yourself at one. The key word is veneration.

                  • Hmm, interesting. I ADORE Leonard Cohen and always thought it was so cool that he spent 7 years at a zen monastery. The idea appeals but with Gem NN in 6th and Saggo moon not gonna happen. :)

                    • I always felt like my life was sacred and my home a temple when I lived alone. The guy I don’t share a couch now with lived next door…

                  • What beautiful descriptions, Anon.

                    If not too late to the game, I have IC29 in Leo,barely in the 4th house. Jupiter and Pluto nearby, also Leo but in the 3rd house. Don’t mean to impose, only if interested in this config.

                    Also, Scorpbot, your dream and reality of a home sound wonderful and like a ‘coming home’.

                    Be well

                    • In general, 29 degrees factor in my chart liberally . . . and I was born on May 29. I looked into numerology becuase I often see combinations of #’s featuring 29 . . . often, and everywhere. ,

                    • Thank you DG, you’re very kind. Really appreciate it. :)
                      And yes, lovely what Anon said – “spiritual solitude”

    • I got a psychic reading once and she predicted a long term relationship, my best friend quipped, “oh, so the next one’s going to be a two night stand then?” (slight exaggeration, but not far from the truth…)

      I’ve never married or done the relationship thing either, the longest was about 3 months, and most of that was him stalking me after our one night stand. Then there’s my long term fling… but meh, haven’t met anyone I felt the urge to do the whole relationship thing as per society norms. Feel suffocated just thinking about it…

      Shame we’re not leso’s, we’d probably be a great match! 😀

      • LMAO! I do love Caps and we have amazing astro. :)

        “oh, so the next one’s going to be a two night stand then?” 😆 😆

        • hehehehehehehehhehehehe :-)
          I absolutely know beyond a shadow of doubt that’s why unavailable and logistically + psychologically unhinged = attractive to me.
          suffocated at the very thought. Ah yes. I’d forgotten what happens when they ARE available. THAT!

        • Ooops, I lied! I did actually kind of shack up with my insanely good in bed Sun/Moon twin after I escaped the low Scorp. But we shared a house with others and had our own separate rooms so not in each others faces (except that we couldn’t stop fuqing, so we kinda were in each others faces, but not in an annoying cling-on sort of way). Completely forgot about that, but we had a pretty laid back sort of relationship, really just friends for years who fell into bed together and never fell back out, but I had to end it because I couldn’t live with his substance abuse problems.

  9. Darn it, life is so not fair. I have venus square neptune and venus sextile uranus both under 3 degrees orb. (*gives the bird to the heavens for that*)
    Mystic, is this not the short straw of aspects?

    • but neptune conjuncts my part of fortuna, and sextiles my pluto and north node and neptune trines my south node, while uranus trines jupiter, and uranus semisquares mercury = interesting!

  10. Well I don’t really know where to start, plus I have only been in 2 relationships in the last 10 years I swear!

    Moon ? Venus @ 3.3º
    Venus ? Neptune @1.5º
    Venus ? Mars @ 1.9º
    Venus ? Chiron @ 4.0º
    Venus ?? Pluto @ 0.6º
    Venus ? Uranus @ 1.3º
    Venus ?? Lilith @2.1º
    Venus? North Node

    Being a Libra with a Moon in Taurus in the 7th house, I do value relationships….and I also know that is where my biggest struggle lies. For sure. This is making sad.

    • if u have venus square neptune i can tell you it sucks. The Neptune archetype can be mr. glam-fairytale prince-movie maker-artist but he is more likely to be Mr. drug addict-drunk-needs bipolar meds-disorganized mess. And you’ll want to get with that even though all your friends hate him. or he’ll run away away from you…. basically, a huge mess.

      • That sounds terrible! I have Venus square: Chiron, Moon, Mars, Uranus and my ascendant but lucky for me Venus sextile Neptune. (!)

        I hear you though! The guy I have been with for the last 2 years has Neptune rising. He has an alcohol problem he is also really good at avoiding responsibility and being super evasive with everyone including himself. Bad with money and over all irresponsible. I’m afraid he is a lost soul.

      • you said it sister! errrrr Venus 12th !!! sq Nep in the 3rd……i am a love zombie and am struggling right now with flash crush on Married co-worker who showed me real kindness during a really nasty couple of weeks with Mr Big Stuff – aka boss……give me strength… at least a nice change from the drug addicts and violent heavy drinkers.

  11. Venus square pluto

    Noticed I tend to test my partners to the edge. And I have the urge to transform myself through the relationship…which is not smart if I want to keep the relationship. Obsessive but loyal :)

    Have attracted mars/pluto … But didn’t last :(

  12. I tend to go for ‘challenging yet interesting’ stellium-in-Scorpio types. Most recently a man who also had Moon in Leo – Ha! I know from past readings that I have to watch for illusion and misplaced trust in my relationship sector.

    Both pretty much emotionally unavailable, once they reeled you in! Of course, this means that I am too and openness to true intimacy is my personal work now.

    For me: 1st house Venus in Cancer trines Jupiter, Pluto and MidHeaven. . . and is inconjunct True Node and Chiron.

    Is this good, or do I need a cure? An exorcist?

    • Oh, by ‘both’ I meant the two most recent, important men in my life. My husband of 28 years and serious relationship beginning the year after divorce. Many relationships in my 20’s!! :-) I knew nothing about astrology then, so unsure of their charts. Cheers!

  13. I dont post usually but love and learn so much from reading others .. But had ask .. Does any one else share Venus square Pluto and venus square Saturn .. Hah yes lived both these relationships painfully out .. Any survivor tips from fellow astro travelers ?

  14. Have Venus Gem in 3rd sextile Saturn and Merc in Aries 1st, sesquiquadrate Mars in Libra 8th…

    A few big relationships, most significant: a Gem – his Jupiter conjunct my Merc/Saturn, his Venus conjunct my NN, his Moon 8º off my Venus, his NN conjunct my Jupiter (in 4th) his Mars Quincunx my Asc !

  15. OK I’m not sure what to do with the DIY. Count only aspects within 5 degrees orb? Okay, if we have to restrict aspects, how low in minor aspect do we go? I have a couple of semi-squares and a sesquiquadrate and that’s about it. The only major aspect I have is Venus trine ASC, which puts me in relationship to.. ?

  16. The point about prince charming is – he comes to the rescue! You know and he knows and all the tasks and frogs are to make sure you end up together. Yes, romantic. Happy outcome! All the above others are the handsome Qi vampires and tests. Maybe one turns out, or more, to be able to come to the rescue -but unless it was always mutual, they were not the one. Kiss many frogs, get entangled with the briars, but it’s all part of the fairytale assault and the three wishes, nights, riddles, tests. If you want the true prince /princess, you’ll find – are you ready, or r u still locked in a castle or on a lone quest. Bonne chance! Venus lovers

  17. question: Which is stronger or more likely to manifest? a tighter orb of a smaller aspect like quintile OR a sloppier orb of a bigger aspect like square?

    I have Venus semisextile to Mars exactly but she squares Neptune within range of 5 deg. also Venus trine Jupes and sextile juno exact.

  18. I relate a lot to that quote. I have been single the last few years and not looking. Through experience I have discovered that relationships bring out my craziness, dependence, and generally my worst. I read a book explaining why this happens with aries NN people (astrology for the soul) – because our major life lesson is to be independent + a leader. So, I really just want to be independent and save myself. I don’t need Prince Charming. I’m going to do it all on my own and when I am thriving and happy if I find someone then, then that’s fine.

    My major venus aspects within that orb are venus conjunct sun and venus square saturn. I don’t know which one my last relationship was but it was not fun so I’ll guess saturn. She was bipolar and a pathological liar. Also could really intense friendships/crushes be represented?? Hmm probably not.

    • That’s interesting…also Aries NN and I relate to that and am in a similar place now.

      • The book is by Jan Spiller…I can’t recommend it enough! It talks about how people with Aries NN / Libra SN spent many past lives helping and supporting others. So this time, we were born without a solid sense of self, and our goal in this lifetime is to develop a strong identity. To be more like an Aries – trust your instincts, act on impulses, be ‘selfish’ – because she explains that when aries NN acts for their own best interests it actually helps out those around them too. She also talks about how we do better in relationships when both partners can maintain their independence.

        If that sounds at all relatable or interesting then pick up this book immediately!!

  19. Venus square Neptune, less than a degree orb. Venus opposition Jupiter, 5 degree orb. I’ve had more than two relationships.

    • I’m suspecting it means the type of relationship you have not number of times. Because I have def. had Neptune Sq Venus a number of times!

      • Ha ha! Yes – I’ve had both more than once. In both I’ve gone over the top. The Pisces is certainly Neptunian, but so far this go-round it’s more shared ideals than delusion, but delusion is funny like that. There’s always time to be disillusioned. I’ve learned to expect it.

  20. YES DIY ASTRO HACK MP3S!!!! Can’t wait!

    Okay. So. Wow. This is an interesting one. I have a lot of aspects to Venus

    Venus conjunct Mars in 9th house Aries — I’m tempted to say this is me with my husband. He’s an Aries sun, and a philosophy professor and poet, which I just think is funny synchronicity with the 9th house. In fact, I’m sure it’s my husband, because I’ve always been attracted to Alpha males, but rarely gotten to date them. Until I met my husband, I tended to eat most of the men I dated alive.
    Venus conjunct Lilith in 9th house Aries — tempted to say this is maybe more represented of some of my intense female frienships.
    Venus in Aries trine Uranus in 5th house Sag — not sure, but think this might just generally represent my slutty period in college!
    Venus trine Leo Asc — I think this is my first boyfriend: he and I were together for 3 and a half years in high school. He was very good to me, and I’m not sure I was as good to him, but it was very positive.
    Venus opposite Juno in 3rd house Libra — this is me and my husband. He’s an Aries with Toro rising, but a packed 6th house in Libra. We work well together, but sometimes, of course, drive each other crazy.
    Venus quintile 6th house Aqua Jupiter — hmm…gonna have to think about this one….
    Venus sesquiquadrate 4th house Scorp Saturn — this is, I think, the guy I dated after my first boyfriend. I can not for the life of me remember his birthday

  21. I was discussing this with a few bar patrons the other day – how most male screen writers do not know how to write strong women. They write women that male viewers like and female viewers despise. The lead female role is introduced as a prize to be won. She’s hot and typically witty or sassy. Usually her greatest “flaw” is that she is bitter, jaded, hates men, etc., and this adds to her mysterious appeal. But after the male protagonist does some “development” – or at least comes to terms with himself – she is won over. Proving to the female audience that she is really basic because the male protagonist is usually a dud that we would never fall for ourselves.

    So we tell ourselves, at least.

    • can;t place the info atm, but i was reading about some film awards in scandinavia-land somewhere where a director (screenwriter?) wins an award if two female characters in a film actually have a conversation that does not involve a man, in the context of romance / relationships. omg what, women have a life outside relating to men?? not possible *aghast*

      if I were loaded i’d totally become a film producer for female screen writers who wrote awesome stuff. in fact i am very surprised that more of the elder stateswomen of hollywood have not followed the clint eastwood / robert redford / etc director track.

  22. Venus conjuncts Saturn 0 degree
    Venus opposes Neptune 1 degree
    Venus opposes Jupiter 0 degree
    Venus trines Pluto 3 degrees

    Saturn is on the heels of my Venus (digression: I was hit by the 80 yo guy again, “Hollande affair, wink wink” he said- good grief), who oscillates between Neptune (LZ) and Pluto (turbo LZ)

    So, this lifetime I reject Venusian affairs.

  23. My venus is terrible. Exact trine to chiron, squared neptune uranus conjunction, opposite jupiter, loosely squared mars, sextile saturn and in the 8th house aries which is kind of not so good for venus on its own.

    • also, stories are meant to be interesting, so the characters are going to be more terrible in certain ways. Stories are harder to make if everyone is polite, mature and very developed. I think girls would still have mostly the same taste in men irregardless of stories like those, when you start examining the egg chicken dilemma of such things, do they tap in to truths or influence things it ends up being a weird echo chamber.
      Girls get hit on, invariably the guys they will prefer are the smooth charming ones, but invariably being that smooth and charming they will end up being good to the point of having tons of options, and might also be terrible people. If we are talking about relationships, probably most girls should just think about what they want and get to know some guys, not just wait to be swept off their feet by the most charming guy. Who is best for being seduced isn’t the same things as who would be best to have a relationship(not that those have to be mutually exclusive) with. Those are separate skills. It doesn’t seam that surprising to me that instead of modeling extremely healthy high functioning relationships, which require work, give and take, and blah blah blah, they instead go for the sex appeal and have characters who are appealing on that end of things. That is way more exciting, so they will amp it up even more, and thus things end up exactly as they are.

      • and I don’t mean to get all explain-y on everyone. Mars and venus don’t exist in a vacuum, they have a weird relationship. We need someone who turns us on, mars, and someone we could actually love, venus. If you get to picky on the mars end of things, the only guys who will be able to get past that pickyness might be terrible for venus stuff. But I am sure there are relationships where the girl does love the guy, but isnt getting her rocks off, you need both, its a weird balance and I think along the mars venus spectrum they are going to lean on the mars side of things because its more exciting for stories. Also I don’t know what I’m talking about anyways

        • That was my second to last serious relationship. He will always be one of my important loves in my life and he’s still a great friend and artistic collaborator, but there is no way sex is ever happening again. His mars is exactly conj my venus and it was one of the worst experiences I’ve ever had in that realm. I hope i never experience Mars conj my venus again, but I am curious to find out if trines are better.

          • Haven’t experienced the conjunction but my Gem & I have the mars/venus trine, I think it’s pretty easy and chilled out. Good luck finding your trine! I wish there was an astro fiends dating site that matches according to your charts – it would be such great data opportunity apart from anything else. :)

            • wouldn’t that be great!! Then I could do a search for a Mars in Cap :)

              I’ve already looked at the ephemeris for a Rooster – since a few post ago where we were discussing how dragons and roosters’ are perfect match – and chosen the date of my ideal man – moon, venus etc. He’s a Libran or a late Virgo. :)

              • hahahah. I’m looking for a Mars in Cap too because I haven’t tried that one. Already tried Mars in Toro and that was sort of ok.

                  • Oh please pray tell what Mars opp Venus is like in synastry? Know someone where I share that aspect with, but have thought I was just over thinking things in our interactions. The more time passes I am thinking it is definitely both ways. Whats it like? :)

            • There was Moonit which was an experimental astrological dating/friendship site, but it was too weird.

              • I was just joking. You know how I feel about dating sites! UGH. Would rather stay chaste until my dying days than venture back into that cesspit 😡

          • Aw that sucks I’m sorry that happened to you, are you saying the sex was terrible or that he wasn’t good in a relationship? That’s weird you have an aversion to that synastry aspect, its supposed to be usually a really really good one, maybe another conjunction wouldn’t be the same, synastry is pretty complicated

            • the sex was terrible. :( But he’s such a great chap in many other ways that made the friendship aspect strong. That’s the tragedy. The bad sex wasn’t the number one reason for the breakup, but it ranked as number 3. :(

              So I am wondering if there are any other astrological aspects that sour an otherwise good classic synastry aspect?

              • I wouldn’t blame the aspects exactly. To me, all you need to have good synastry astro is links between the moon, sun, or ascendant. Mars venus might make something extra hot usually, but doesn’t necessarily mean the rest will be there. So if there sun or moon conjuncts or closely aspects your ascendant, lets say, then there you go. Otherwise I would just say it depends on the person, we embody our charts and resonate those energies but it doesn’t denote how we do so or how well we end up doing that.

          • I will have to add that I had the “sexual napalm” aspect with an ex. I have Virgo a Mars and Cap Venus. Ex had both Mars and Venus in Cap. We got along great with stuff outside bedroom but Lordy Id be damned if sex was going to happen with that dude again. Was with him for over 5 years… Basically 5 sexless years. I loved him to death but there was no excitement. Was a very frustrated woman.

            Was scratching my head with that one. I’ve experienced a Cap Mars on my Venus and that was to die for. No idea why things play or don’t play out the way they do.

            • hmm maybe what’s going on here is the aspect means those energies are more powerful, or have the chance to be more powerful, but it might be an all or nothing thing, if they do not embody their mars, lets say, and have problems with that or something, then this synastry would just really call attention to that. Like, if its not amazing with that astro, then its a pretty big failure, and will be made way more obvious. Like the only way to mess up that astro is if you really tried, if you want to put it that way(not that its a persons fault, but that whatever is wrong would have to be really really wrong to keep the astro from making things amazing)

              • Yeah I get you, I think you have a point. I know the dude had Mars issues bc his dad passed away at a young age and he over identified with his mother. I know he had a lot of wounding with men figures in his life. Maybe that’s what got in the way of something very potentially amazing. Everything else was decent enough for marriage but that would mean I would have died a married but celibate woman.

                • If I can chime in here… I relate to this. My ex hub and I had Venus exact conj and our sex life was virtually nil. Too much yin energy. He had mother issues big time and his Mars in Cancer was a big problem for him. Unexpressed masculine energy transmuted into impotent rage. I used to wonder if his lack of interest in me sexually was actually a deliberate act to punish me for something.

                    • sorry you had to have that experience. You need someone who is self aware and I hope they come along once you’re settled in your new world x

                  • Jesus how disappointing that he couldn’t zoom out and see it. What a waste of an opportunity to learn a new way of relating by hanging with you – the smart funny woman who isn’t his mother. I really struggle to understand how people find it so easy to settle into patterns and then not notice them as they progress through their different stages of relating to others. It’s bizarre – like people who can’t remember what colour their carpet is. That always astounds me too.

                  • I don’t get it either, I am so used to assuming constant improvement, going stagnant boggles my mind

                    • Not everyone is up for real self improvement. We all can metally see the benefit of it, and might even go through the motions of it… but very few really take the action and then stick with it long enough for it to make a difference.

                    • hmm interesting. I guess everyone has a different focus – different pluto plaement 😀

                  • oh goodness isn’t that why you’re seeking wisdom here, you funny creatures?? David, you are truly spot on in your observations of compatibility.

                    • Hmm not sure what you mean mille – we’re talking about chrysalis’ ex (sorry if this is weird to be saying chrysalis) who didn’t realise he was projecting his mother issues on to her and that it astonishes us that people don’t realise when they have a pattern that big going on and as a result don’t do something to change it. We’re here because we aren’t that style of person. How did you read it?

                    • It means i love this post and all your comments. I experienced lovers who can’t spot patterns and grow, too. And didn’t want to, it seems. Incredibly frustrating. Whereas here the communication is enlioghtening and stimulating.

                    • I guess i also feel affection and sympathy: people who can consciously keep facing growth and not hit a wall are rare, so i imagine you guys not often finding your equal in that sense, or a partner not quite keeping up beyond a certain point.

                  • Thanks for sharing, yes our experiences are alike – my ex had Moon in Cancer. Very emotionally attached to her – couoldnt make a single decision without her.

      • My version of smooth and charming is articulate and funny. Smooth and charming sounds like a furniture polish that my moon and neptune in scorpio would be allergic to.

        • YES me too. charisma yes. savoir faire, yes, but SF comes with age and life experience, so it is what it is. but trying to be smooth when the ingredients just can’t produce that. like a wholemeal croissant… it just doesn’t come out right. i’d rather spend a (friendly) month with a chatty person who teases me and makes me laugh than one night (ok maybe two) with a smoking-hot but insufferable egomaniac. if the chatty person is also attractive…well i’d probably invent a reason to run away :)

          d5379 i think your point way up there ^^^ re mars n venus was about right ftr.

  24. my venus at 6 Cancer in 5th is conjunct Nth Node, trine Saturn and Vesta in Pisces (both 1st house), sextile Uranus and Pluto in Virgo in 7th (Closer to Ur – within a minute) and sextile Part of Fortune in Taurus in 4th. When I have romantic relationships they’ve been good but not lasting. Gem sun to blame for that? Know Mystic has said via a Phoenix that Psyche conjunct AC means peeps project their image of me onto me (and I reflect it to a point) and then when I’m not that, they are disappointed. Had this all my life. Having it at the moment in my new share house…liking it on the whole but after living on my own for years, am finding it challenging. Especially the bringing the day home to share and it while he is sloughing it off and it’s great to be able to get it out of his system, I’ve got to get better at not taking it into mine.

    Lot of conjuncts in my solar return chart (7th house) that I’m living right now – Venus conjunct Lillith and Mercury, trining Nepune in 4th, trining Saturn in 11th but squaring Uranus in 5th. Relationships have been a theme this year – family, friendships, professional, nothing romantic thus far, but really pining for a life companion/ consort.


    I reckon he’s Aqua – got to be opposite of Toro with that couch/loungechair, probably just dropping by to watch ”the game” as he doesnt have a tele.

    Venus/ Mars 13o in Gemini.

    Said to the Piscean the other day ”Wow, it’s 10 years since the first date this year and i don’t even feel like leaving you”…He did his famous fish taking in water face. (i had found an old journal and had drawn a picture and dated it )

  26. Venus in Sag in the 3rd house conj Uranus (in the 2nd) and exactly sextile my Libra Ascendent…..

  27. His secret life is that he is actually Prince Harming with a dr jekyll mr hyde personality.

  28. I found that the planet Venus is all over my chart in and its the dominant. Not only is in ruler of 4 planets and is in my 1st, the aspects are linking heaps of things.

  29. to:
    venus just in leo in the 11th
    square nepture in scorpio in 3rd
    opposite saturn in cap in 5th
    opposite jupiter in cap in 5th
    sextile mc in gemini
    virgo sun conjunct pluto

    and hope it doesn’t explode.

  30. My Venus is in Gemini and I am not sure what it opposes, but cop this – just yesterday found out that my recent Ex (Virgo) got engaged! WTF? Seriously? Thats the same person, that would walk past the jewerely shops faster and make jokes about people making commitment! And its only a year since I said “Adios” to him? Told my sister and her reply? “You ‘clean them up from their shit and then hand them to others to be married”…. Thanks sis!

    • Sigh. I know this feeling all too well.
      I was with the ex for SIX YEARS and the whole time he was all chill on commitment (I know, I know…I was young!). He broke up with me very suddenly claiming he didn’t want to be tied down.
      Within a MONTH of our breaking up, he had a new girlfriend (I suspect she may have had a large amount to do with his leaving). They moved in together four months later. Three years later, they are engaged and have a one year old, and from all accounts from mutual friends, he’s miserable.

      Here’s what I think happens – they break up with you and suddenly all these emotions bubble up – OMG, I love her, what am I going to do without her, sh!t, sh!t, sh!t – and because they’re essentially weak and spineless and can’t sort their emotional sh!t out on their own, they move onto the next available thing and transfer their emotions there. Any woman would be silly to get that seriously involved with a man who left a long term partner in the recent past, so think of it this way – they deserve each other!

      They stay stuck…and end up fuqed. Not us though, we thrive 😉
      Hang in there hun, and huge hugs to you!

  31. Many years ago an ill fated fling (when he still held the promise of being more than a fling) made the rather random comment that he would ‘ride in and save me’.
    What? Um… Yeah. I don’t need saving. I live in the real world. It was at that moment that I realised that I needed to work on how I projected myself. I certainly wasn’t a damsel in distress and found being seen as helpless to be insulting.

    Lost on astro hack. Would pay good $ to get it done for me. Distressed no, lazy yes.

  32. Oh this is timely….spent an hour yesterday attempting to come up with a history crush after reading that blog but could only come up with literary crushes. Mr Darcy, Heathcliff etc. Lol.

  33. Hmmm I have Gemini Venus trine Mars in Aqua, Venus trine Uranus in Libra and Venus trine North node in Mars. Doesn’t sound so bad but i have a rocky history and nothing serious for 7 years???

    • My venus in sag is conjunct my sun in scorpio (both in 9th house) and sextile my moon in aqua in the 12th house.

      I do alot of push and pull in my relationships. Go away, no come back. I’ve also worked through alot of deep, emotional issues in them.

    • That’s funny, i have Venus-NN Aqua trine Uranus in Libra and it has been seven years since, well let’s just say something that looks like a relationship (rather than a comic strip episode blending crime/thriller/raunch alterna-sex/travel genres). I am just starting to see the seven year Uranus cycles as a factor.

      I do a lot of growth through relationship, but feel like these years have allowed a growth with self.

      • Hi Milli That is funny, I can relate to the comic strip description!..I haven’t thought about uranian cycles. Thanks x

  34. venus conj uranus, square jupiter, sextile mercury. Having pluto in the 7th have probably been most telling thus far. Only 3 relationships under my belt… all krazy karmic. I blame saturn taking 8 years to transit my massive 7th house…

  35. my Venus, 00 Taurus,
    **Conjunct Sun 27 Aries. I think this is the relationship I am in now, where the love is easy, it’s powerfully healing, it’s spontaneous AND reliable, basically the person that I belong with. His moon is sextile my Venus/Sun from the last degrees of Aquarius. Also his Sun is exact on my moon.

    **Sextile AC 29 Gemini. this was an early relationship with a guy whose Sun 1 cancer and retro-merc exact on my AC and his moon on my MC. He was like a best friend that I just happened to also be in love with.

    **Quincunx Uranus 29 Scorpio
    This one is the Scorpio! A lover from several dozen past lives that has manifested once again to challenge everything I ever thought about myself as a woman and a lover, and what love is, and what it means to allow myself to be loved, and he brings out the best in me, every time. And also leaves me feeling totally shattered and naked. Powerful, magical, karmic destiny to the max.

    **Quincunx Hekate/Jupiter/Saturn 2/2/4 Libra
    This one has got to be my daughter’s dad then. He was abusive to us both. The experience of realizing how my family of origin trained me to be the perfect victim for an abusive narcissist was the major crossroads of my consciousness, to understand that people treat you the way you allow them to, and up to that point I had been trained by parents that if people treat you in ways you don’t like, too bad, you put up with it. After I got a restraining order against him, it was the catalyst for my claiming real self-worth for the first time in my life, and to re-define family without my relatives, and do the real Saturn Libra work it takes to create healthy relationships.

  36. Who’s your daddy?


    I have Venus conjunct Sun. Has yet to happen. *raises eyebrow*

    • That aspect was just off the top of my head.

      Looking at my chart, I seemed to have (selectively?) forgotten that my 8th house scorp Venus is also trine my b.s. rx Saturn in Kataka/5th house– which may very well describe both of my marriages & all my romantic (mis)adventures in between.

      But then there’s all the little symbols of which I am ignorant: Venus in black less than sign to my Moon; Venus in red eye with eyelash to my Sun & Mars; Venus in green picnic table to my Chiron; Venus in upside down green picnic table to my MC. No Venus squares: I know a square when I see one. *raises other eyebrow*

      Why am I even here, trying to decipher such things as romantic love? Lol must be the rx Venus working her juju, because this isn’t me. My m.o. is purely intuitive & I’m getting better at it all the time; conversely, I find this romastro analysis too quantitative-rational-spreadsheety. Needing ginger root for this heartburn. And some dream weed. Sweet sweet alchemy…

      • I’m with you on that. It clearly helps some people but for me the spreadsheeting of it doesn’t work either. I spend a few hours a day reading about astrology and only twice in the last year have I looked at my main squeeze’s chart. It just works. I don’t need to know why. I learned that lesson as a child when I took the transistor radio apart. If it didn’t work I’d be all over it though 😉

      • that’s synastry though – Hacking my own venus made a lot of sense. I guess that’s more what this is about. Looking inward.

        Ginger root stimulates your root chakra 😀

      • Yes i prefer to look at my own chart for evaluation of where i’m at and what i need to do, or at others’ for psychological insights. There are some fam members v close whose charts i won’t touch w a barge pole. I’ve never done synastry: would probs do it after, long after, if i still cared and if i hadn’t burned everything and still had details. But i burn bridges and paper.

  37. My Venus squares Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter.

    Also trines Mars and Chiron.

    Opposite AC and NN.

    Conjunct SN.

    Basically = screwed.
    Bag Humbug.

  38. Dang (actually a more adult word comes to mind) this is exactly how I am feeling about my Prince Charming now. I need to make the Xena my laptop’s background picture. Very empowering!

  39. Do you mean we are always having those relationships?
    Or do you mean they have occurred more particularly as experiences?

    Venus conjunct Saturn (as is my partner )
    Venus trine Jupiter (partner is Jupiter Rising)
    Venus square Pluto (um..)

    Have a lot of water in my chart and have attracted Prince Charming’s here and there. People seem to take care of me here and there as I am as happy giving as receiving. I know that seems a failing to some but I kind of welcome being enmeshed as some dislike it.

    Prince Charming’s secret life is as Obi-Wan Kenobi.
    I always loved Obi-Wan!

    • Obi-Wan has a cool little cave castle, he is amazing with a light sabre, he is Master of using the Force, he probably meditates in his spare time, he’s super wise. Yes! This is Prince Charming’s alter ego.

  40. Venus at 26 Aqua (6th) opp 27 Leo asc, conj Ceres 22 Aqua. Does that make Venus conj my Dsc? I have no idea what that means.

    I have a 7th house sun stellium plus the sun is my chart ruler so relationships have always been super-important to me. Yes I have been deluded more than once. As a Pisces and hugely Cap influenced I have been intensely loyal to my delusions – I married the biggest delusion of all and hung in through Neptune in Aqua almost to the day because I saw the potential. As you all know Pluto has now bulldozed that flimsy structure and dumped it into cosmic landfill. puts a square between my Venus and 19 Jupe in Toro and 20 Neptune in Scorp but if the orb we’re looking at is 5 or less I’m not going to count them. Who wants a Venus sq Neptune sq Jupe? Not me :) Neptune is more or less conj my IC and it’s true a lot of my 6th house and Venusian issues can be traced back to my alcoholic delusional mother. However I am nearly 50 and learned long ago not to buy into that story but to take responsibility for myself.

    It seems pretty obvs looking at my relationship history that the Venus-Neptune square has been in play. So how does one work such an aspect better/properly? I’m attempting to do it by working my earth and setting better boundaries. It’s easy to do it better while being alone lol. I guess we’ll see how I go when I “get back out there” *sigh*.

    • Venus-Neptune done well? Art. Never heart. Unless you become super grounded and learn to use your powers for good. Or happen upon the partner who is super grounded and can allow your enchantment to work its magic. And knows how to receive with the good grace of natural giving.

      • Ahh yes of course. Thanks Mille, I get so tangled up in the relationship stuff, this is a good reminder xx

      • Then again i was just thinking that sounds doom-y. So to clarify, i find Neptune is very good for bewitching, creating fantasy and entering the psyche of the other, which is lovely for that breathy excitement but hell as a foundation, as it is rarely returned properly. I feel relationships are better founded with other parts of astro. What is a relationship without enchantment and spice and magic?? But then spice alone is not a meal. So you can view it as you having natural spice, but you need to prepare the dish properly.

  41. OK. Here goes. I love how Mystic sets up “homework questions” for us. Feels like journaling.

    Venus opp. Neptune: my love of the nebulous realms, “underwater love”, mermaid fascination as a child, attraction to men who wield “tridents” in the workplace, I enjoy juju substances – often as a substitute for sex, when sex is entered into I prefer the type that feels mythical. As for a man that has encapsulated all this, I think the Prince Charming in the tale “The Little Mermaid” probably brainwashed me the most and I am still in recovery.

    Venus Trine Pluto: A history of bizarre love triangles? (what does a trine mean anyway?) My last serious relationship was with a Double Virgo, Scorp Rising. A very Plutonic, Chaos magick individual, borderline schizophrenic who had OCD like you wouldn’t believe. We had explosive sex but it was a ridiculous, delusional psycho-power-trip. The last time I saw him was in an airport. I let him leave. My time was too precious.

    Venus Sextile Mars: OK. This is a tricky one. I love men who are “men’s men” though I am also attracted to svelte, androgynous men too (due to my having Venus in Gemini possibly?) Mars is strong in my chart – lots of Aries, so perhaps this means I tend to size up male warrior types as I actually feel like a bit of an Amazon already. I don’t need a man to “save” me but the old opposition to Neptune bug can disarm me.

    I’ll be hitting you up for those mp3s for sure!! x

  42. Venus conjunct Saturn. Mid heaven. No idea how to read this as far as astro hacking relationships.

    I’m newbie here obviously. :) The extended chart shows an opposition and a square to the asteroids but don’t know if those are part of the picture?

    If any one feels like commenting to me……….all is welcomed. This is really fun adventure.

  43. Rock Hard Place.

    We put a-hole men on tv, we is dislike their a-hole ways on glorified display. We put the Prince Charmings on tv, we dislike the lie on glorified display. We put Mr. Average No-hoper on tv, no-one watches.

    It is what is it.

  44. Oh my…..Well I have venus conjunct my ascendant in Virgo from the 12th house.

    Venus sextiles Uranus in Libra, cross signs though. 2*
    Venus trine Chiron in Aries, cross signs also 2.5*
    Venus sextiles Mercury in Gemini, cross signs as well. 3*

  45. Venus is the most aspected planet in my chart, actually.

    My Venus at 6 degrees Capricorn, and is just a few degrees off conjuncting my Descendant, so it is technically in the 6th house:

    squares Saturn
    opposes my Ascendant
    sextiles my Moon
    quintiles my Mars & MC (which are exactly conjunct)
    squares my Uranus
    trines my Jupiter
    sextiles Ceres and Juno


  46. heh. yes

    Venus exact neptune sagittarius 6th house opposite Asc (conjunct Dsc 5 degrees) square saturn 5 degrees sextile pluto exact.

    • Hope you have been well, Ms. Best of 2014 to you xx

      Is this Venus sq Saturn and Venus sextile Pluto, or do u mean Ascendant sq Saturn which sextiles Pluto?

      • been working hard doll, no play time. no free time

        venus exact conjunct neptune- sag

        veuns/neptune opp asc -5 degrees apart- sag/gem

        venus/neptune square saturn -5 or 6 degrees apart- sag/virgo

        venus/neptune sextile pluto exact sag/lib

        I’ve not really had the typical love zombie retard for love thing but some of the other manifestations are very apt. My venus conjuncts everyones neptune in my age group too so its mega lessons here but not all harsh its an amazing aspect for love in some ways more what you become to others as well. Worldly love without fantasy will never do

        • Yes it is totally possible. Rare, but possible, and i can see you working with it well. Very important to be clear sighted or, shall we say, unflinching but with love. You can’t know how you’ve just given me a key to unlock a small week’s conundrum. Much appreciated x

          • Thank fully and like most of us with extreme aspects, I have some very ball busting aspects to balance the above, also I am totally attracted to the most positive aspects of this.

            I’ve also made a lot of damn money out of my fantasy talents in the past, it’s really good for art and imagination as well. I could do without the saturn square really and sometimes I feel doomed to ever be human and be loved but who doesn’t ? I try not to fear aspects because they are you.

            Oh that is sweet, I think you are super smart and insightful so your thoughts will always show you the way Mill xx

      • and also yes sorry, I have saturn almost exact square asc to sextile pluto.

        probably my least liked aspect of chart for obvious reasons. pluto is 4th too. growing up was like jail

  47. Love Xena. Wikied it and found she was a NZ actress and Xena has been a lesbian icon due to relationship between her and Gabrielle ( they kissed in Season 2 apparently) – “A group called The Marching Xenas participated in many gay and lesbian pride parades.[31]”

  48. Venus in Cap conjunct Mercury, Asc, Juno, Lilith, currently transited by Pluto, opposed by Jupiter and about to have my Venus return
    Venus trine Jupiter
    Venus trine U-Plu
    Venus square Moon conjunct Circe
    Venus sextile Chiron

    Venus totally earthed in this chart should alter gravity so much that light bends. Currently choosing invisibility cloak mode.

  49. Venus sextile Uranus, 11th to 9 th,
    Venus trine Chiron- 11th to 3rd
    Venus conj Sun-11th

    Most of my girlfriends are therapists.

    I’m a bit claustrophobic- need my space. Physical and emotional space.

    Love my yoga/meditation/martial arts groups!!!

  50. Have venus conjunct pluto.

    Learned to trust myself before I can trust others. And I don’t always have to choose the person who will fulfil fears of betrayal…just stop picking the bad boys.

    It’s usually my partner who is possessive, but at my saturn return I was the possessive insecure one. Ick. No thanks. Thank god for the end of the love zombie era…

  51. Skyler, your comment was pretty upsetting to be honest. People here share and have shared a LOT more than I have. Wy single me out?
    I have a Saggo moon so can’t help speaking my mind and answering honestly if someone asks. I’m pretty much an open book. My Scorp sun is mortified but it is what is. I can’t help it.
    Thanks for the apology.

      • It’s ok. Don’t worry about it. I’m feeling super sensitive at the moment thanks to last week’s full moon and really bad PMT.

  52. Uhh…so an ‘unaspected’ Venus would mean…?

    By this I mean no close aspects. My closest venus aspect is a uranus trine at 7 degrees.

    I have definitely have had relationships and there’s rarely anything conventional about them – there’s Uranus right there then!