The Second Tarot Muse Competition Winners Are…

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Hey People, it has been drawn and we have some winners for the Second Tarot Muse Competition! 

* The Comme Dec Garcons 888 perfume was won by Jessica Case

* The Feng Shui Consult with Feng Shui Harmony was won by Fredrika Brillembourg

* The Diptyque Baies Noire candle was won by Mary Anne Lamssies

* The Deep Sleep Dream Cream was won by Kerrie Hammond.

Congratulations and thank you to all my Tarot Muses – the Tarot is progressing and you will be emailed your password for first-look when it is ready. The Triple Leo Intern will email the winner peeps this afternoon or evening to grab your addresses…



Image: Three of The Possessed

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9 thoughts on “The Second Tarot Muse Competition Winners Are…

  1. Congratulations you guys!

    And Fredrika the Feng Shui Practitioner is just fabulous!
    It’s so tantalising I want to get a full consult one day.

    My son was watching tv when she walked in and he (Lilith Rising/Sun/Venus in the 8th) just looked at her and said, “Well, YOU’RE a lovely lady”. LOL.

    • Happiness to the Winners.

      It was a seriously good idea this Tarot Muse. We could collectively rule the world with this concept of sharing and incentives in many other areas.
      (Biz Brain kicks in 🙂
      Every one was a winner, we will all benefit from this Tarot of NOW done in such an artistic and knowledgable way.

    • Yeah rats.
      I do do losing graciously.
      I can laugh about it but I’m hurt.
      Like totally crushed to the core.
      I’m kidding.
      You know that right.
      I’m stoked as fuq for whoever won whatever and just super grateful I can surf this astro and dance my way through the changes … So much of it is due to MM and her awesome advice and subscribers like a certain Pegsie without whom I’d probably still be sniffling into a box of clean ex Haha
      Tissues but that works and listening to depressing LZ music. lol. Love you Pegs. I do. This site makes me laugh so much. Xx

  2. My punctuation is almost as good as my spelling. Tell me AGAIN why I’m a writer?
    Oh yeah.
    Beats that other thing I used to do to get by.
    By a million miles.
    I have a lot of words to edit.
    Need to get off my fave site and work.
    Laters homies