Retro-Venus Question: Who Is Your History Crush?

Mark Antony Rome HBO

So I think Retro-Venus is a brilliant time to ponder your History Crushes…Sure, they were a good study aid at the time (for Venus-Neptune types who can’t engage with history sans a little personal engagement) but maybe our History Crushes also provide vital insight into our own psyches?

Mine have always been Mark Antony and Nikola Tesla – Mark for being both a man of Mars AND Venus, Tesla for the pure raw genius and iconic nature of the man. He was Cancerian with Pluto Rising in Taurus, you know.  Mark Antony was Capricorn (Sun-Mercury) and with his Uranus-Chiron on my Venus…We would have been so compatible, sigh.

If i am allowed a Gay History Crush as well, Aphra Behn definitely. Restoration playwright, poet, spy – what’s not to like.  Some say she was the first woman to officially support herself by writing. Virginia Woolf said something to the effect that every female creative ought to put flowers on her grave or have a shrine to her…

And so who is YOUR History Crush?   Bonus points for working out your compatibility.

We should do a movie about Love Zombie Time Machine Tours. For when you have had enough of doing your Saturn schizz (spreadsheeting, responsibility, emotional accountability, taxes, pelvic floor whatever)  you can go on a Time Travel Tour To Stalk Your History Crush.


Nikola Tesla in his lab

“As a young apprentice in Thomas Edison’s New York office, Tesla, regularly worked from 10.30 in the morning until 5.00 the following morning. Later, after he had started his own company, Tesla arrived in the office at noon. Immediately, his secretary would draw the blinds;  Tesla worked best in the dark and would raise the blinds again only in the event of a lightning storm, which he liked to watch flashing above the cityscape from this black mohair sofa.”


Daily Rituals by Mason Currie

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119 thoughts on “Retro-Venus Question: Who Is Your History Crush?

  1. My historical crushes are Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart ( God i desire him so much), Leonardo da Vinci, Vivaldi, Hitler