Requiem For A Love Zombie

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“I have spent so long trying to shine brightly for you that I have burnt myself out, just smoke arcing up through the hollow shell of what I used to be. No heat. No light. If you look into the windows of my eyes, you will see the buzzing sign flash, ‘vacancies.’”

Love, Hunt Me Down

WOAH!  There is some genius writing on this chicks blog, for sure. But how Requiem For A Love Zombie is the above?

One of the many fun manifestations of Retro-Venus (sexual nostalgia, a hardcore Capricorn style re-think of your image, beauty aesthetic etc) is cringing at past excesses of romance, delusional crush scenarios, chaos addict relationships and of course, Love Zombie episodes. So hey, you are not cracking up. VENUS IS RETROGRADE. 

In Capricorn, the sign least likely to give you a break already.  Some days it’s more strong and weirded out than others, see your Horoscopes for more…And hands up who inwardly flipped a little bit at the above passage.

If you don’t know what any of this is about, the original Love Zombie post (and the accompanying fascinating debate) is here. I may be wrong but i think this is the post that so incensed someone she called us all “pseudo-intellectual astro-bitches.” I am – i swear – looking into actual t-shirts with this on it and it is still my Twitter handle. 

People pay branding companies a fortune for such insights and clever one-liners – all i had to do was a Love Zombie post. “Fuqed up clueless whores” was sadly less usable and resonant BUT flinging around different concepts is all part of the mind-storming process, right?


Image: Joszef Arpad Koppay

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92 thoughts on “Requiem For A Love Zombie

  1. Actually MM I believe the phrase was “cashed up clueless whores”
    I loved it then and I love it now.
    I’d total buy the Tshirt AND the hoodie, hey I’d even bag me canvas tote to replace my Girls Just Wanna Have Funds one. Way more chic than that silly duck egg blue Birkin bag I used to Freudianly lug around. Nothing screams “old but really high maintenance yet miserable lady” louder than an “I take myself WAAAAY too seriously handbag!
    When I tweeted that I’d dropped it at Oxfam I was bombarded with “which Oxfam ?” DM’s and shameless tweets All from women I’d have expected more from. Hey I’m on a massive detox bender and I’m FUQUIN lovin it. Just downed loads of green goopy stuff I made in my “masticator”. Yes. That’s really what it’s called. Just cancelled my bimonthly fabulously extravagant lunch at my favourite art gallery (the Wallace collection) because I’m just too into my writing and detox process. Turning down money I “desperately need” like never before. This is inner time. Me time. The only thing I desperately need is to be true to myself. Might sound naff but it feels awesome. The thought of meat or even expensive red wine is repulsive to me at the moment. This isn’t a pretentious act or even a moral conviction. It’s just the truth. Finally

      • Lol no she’s bright pink, almost royal purple in places but thanks for asking:)

        Birkins suck
        So pre zap zone.
        For me anyway. Picking one up at an Oxfam shop would be cool but being on a waiting list and paying £4000 for A BAG doesn’t feel chic to me. It used to but I was referencing MM’s post about handbags Alledgedly representing a phallus according to Freud. But you knew that!

        • Oh I am so glad you said Purple. I have never come across (excuse the expression) another one before. Hi can I be your friend?!?!?!

      • I would NEVER donate my vagina to Oxfam. Science yes when I’m dead cuz I’m not done with her yet.

    • More typos than usual cuz I’m using my iPhone but seriously, I’m awed at my own magnificence right now. I’m not strong I’m fuqin feral. Listen, HF writes to me the other day because I refuse to “meet for coffee” on the grounds that its the wrong thing to do with this ridiculous analogy about fois gras being wrong but still tasty and like hey, they’re already dead so why not enjoy them rather than let them go to waste?

      I was like “how the fuq could I have taken this dude seriously?”

      Mate, in a capitalist economy money is how we vote and when demand dries up, supply will atrophy too. Like comparing yourself to fois gras is going to make you more attractive to me?
      Even if you ARE a Taurus dude “because it tastes good” is not a justification I’m comfortable with.

      Knowing what I know about how that stuff is made, I would not eat it. Much less enjoy it. Here’s to the death of delusion!
      Raises a glass of green goop!
      Cheers zap heads!

      We rule man!

      • Bwahahahaha The Taurus pickup line cracks me up. Toro types are just too easy to make fun of…a few weeks ago I had a date ask where what bar we should meet in his side of the bay and I said “anywhere with a couch”. wtf.

        I’m really curious to hear about how you work these new epiphanies or feelings of yours regarding nutrition…I’m a swamp drink fan but worry about protein because my blood urea nitrogen is very low. Humic acid, nutritional yeast, and bee pollen are things I’ve experimented with to get amino acids and protein but i need to start taking them daily…

        • Dear Rache
          I have NO FUQIN IDEA.
          My whole inner landscape is shifting and I actually think I’d be going nuts if it wasn’t for the support I get as I transition on this site. Was that pass agg? Definitely manipulative.
          Fuq. I don’t know.
          Probably I’ll become a big lump of lard and just watch Michael Ceramic films and eat tofu.
          Seriously. I can handle my own homemade baked protein muffins and tofu right now. Besides that, nothing
          Hey, I’m missing my epidermis and who moved my brain?

          • Michael Cera. Oh I love spell checker. Thanks for that. You have no brain blue. You are just a lump of big silly!

        • Oh I get the the couch thing totally.
          Torros are so sexy is frightening.
          More scary than Scorps
          At least I can have a laugh with Scorps but Torros leave me gasping for air and clutching my sweaty Virgo palms together. Fuq
          So sensual it’s scary. Too attractive.
          Torros should be a controlled substance as far as I’m concerned

        • What does that even mean? Is that some kind stupid insult? The woman is denouncing eating force feed gooses livers for crying out loud. ….Grumbles and walks away

          • DH, this is the, erm, ‘gentleman’ who feels that Nelson Mandela was merely an overrated useless git…

            IDT we’re expecting a lot of rationality here. Actually wondered what he would even be on the site for? Maybe like those people who get on the PETA posts and say how much they like clubbing seals…

  2. healthy – the venus retrograde cycle – definitely feels like a cleansing process.

  3. I keep thinking about the job I got fired from and how blindsided I was by that. Seems retro Venus in Cap appropriate but not sure I can gain more control or clarity over that situ than I already have. Just feels shitty and scary still when I think about it.

    As for the quote, I knew with the Sag soul mate I could have burnt myself out like she describes. He wouldn’t have stopped me and it would never have made any difference. Life has its own way. Glad I let it go. I’m happy with the Pisces now. Amazing how each one of us can stand in the way of our own prosperity…romantic or otherwise…by claiming to know and control what we want/need/are worth. I just have no fuqing clue what comes next or how. I’m running with that. And the goal of paying my mortgage off asap.

    • It’s true Twelver, ‘we can be our own worst enemy’.
      Hindsight is 20-20 vision.
      Happiness has been worth the wait…great!

      • Ha ha – I wouldn’t say it was worth the wait but it seemed to come in spite of my focus elsewhere, lol!

  4. Great tight quote…says it all!!! All this cappy schizz is on my south node so i’m downloading the past karmic style and damn, I’m definitely a founding member of the long-suffering-love-zombie chapter. Taking a true time out for self healing then the health is wealth et al surge–I’m on it!!!

  5. Brill t-shirt!
    I’d wear one for sure. Xoxo

    Happy New Year to one and all! This place of yours MM has saved me more than several times this past year!!

    This scorp gal feels stronger than EVAH!!! Love you!!!!

  6. This is difficult but necessary. I’ve spoken about my crazy natal Venus-Pluto in Capricorn transit in 2010-ish and now I have to revisit (with HALF THE SKY in capric and put it all away again.

  7. Is the phrase “what goes around comes around true?”. Not that its a nice concept but after seeing the exes behaviour i wonder if life will ever teach him a lesson too. Why so much hate and anger towards me I will never understand? Ughh! Does any one have real life examples as to whether it actually happens? Somehow they always get away…

    • Karma does happen most definitely – the only shame is that we don’t always get front row seats to witness it. An older bloke I knew told lies about me and caused trouble around me so I cut him off and he really took against me. Bad vibes from him all the time and bad mouthing to my friends behind my back, I wouldn’t have put it past him to try and put a hex on me but hey that was 10 months ago and he is recovering from a triple or was it quadruple by-pass!!! I didn’t wish it on him, he caused it himself with his bad vibes but I did have a wry smile when I heard 🙂

      • I’ve had a recent similar experience and have cut him off for the past 2 months. Both of us being Leos we are very stubborn in our righteousness but I will go apologize soon as there has been some space and easing now so I feel its time.

    • Karma is a big thing to want to see in action. It crosses lifetimes. The Pisces said to me “Nobody gets out alive” and I told him “Nobody gets out. Period.” That’s what I’ve observed. Ultimately – on a cosmic scale – nobody ever gets away with anything. Its impossible – ultimately – being as all is one. Best to worry about clearing your own karma. Maybe having a relationship with an asshole and seeing that clearly is karma served for you. Think on what you can do to better your own karma. The ex will have to live life as himself, which, if he is a true asshole, is punishment enough – more than you may ever be able to see.

      • No ofcourse you’re right. The ex in my life could possibly represent bad karma on my part. I am no angel. I wish him well but sometimes the feeling of wanting him to experience the same hurt he subjcted me to sneaks up on me….

        • I understand – but wanted to hurt him strengthens the bond between you two…same as his anger toward you. Freedom is in accepting you don’t know or control the outcome for him…that you’re free. Good luck, dear. I know its not easy.

    • Me. My shitty run of lovers is karmic testament to the horrible bitch I was prior. Of course, I had grown up independent and stubborn as a child/teen so I didn’t have much awareness of my own horribleness…. but having been in the opposite position of being treated like shite I definitely learnt from the patience and kindness those people had shown me in my past.

  8. So wise 12th house…I have a friend who is a massive buddhist ( I am small b Buddhist ) and they are the experts in karma as far as I’m concerned…she would support all you say…this lady is so karmically sensitive she catches flies in her house ( the little fockers are too fast in Sydney ) and then lets them go outside singing Tibetan chants to them cos she doesn’t want to have to come back…I just bust them with a spray can cos I’m sick of chasing them all over the house…

    • Thanks. I got schooled in karma pretty hardcore when Pluto went over my IC, which happens to be the 26 Sagittarius, aka the galactic center. Things that I never did in this life…well, I saw and realized those crimes. Not sure the benefit of that. But I am sure that justice gets served in ways no individual could ever trace. So now, I try hard to surrender my desires quickly.

  9. Never underestimate the slogan-development power that can be harnessed from pissed off Love Zombies….actually, they could be the next big alternative energy source. Like Wind farming.

    Anyway, YAH, goddamn retro-venus in Cap! All I can THINK about is the financial stability (or otherwise) of potential suitors….c’mon! What happened to FUN??? I’m not an accountant!!

  10. OH this passage! Sadly have known that feeling before, but not so much now.
    Except things have been so rough with the pisces sun son with cappy rising. Pluto about to cross his ascendant soon.

    Venus is retrograde on my vertex, not sure what that would mean.

  11. Oh and I’d definitely wear a Pseuo Intellectual Astro-Bitch T-shirt!

    I’d also wear one that says “Cashed-up Clueless Whore” but I really prefer something that has astro in it.

    I have taken to referring to myself as an “astro-freak”…

    • Haha I am an astro freak with learner plates on! Even my twin gets a bit glassy eyed when I start with the astrospeak

      Can I get a racer back singlet with PIAB print please – tomorrow is a sultry 41deg!

      • Actually it was fuqed up, i am sure of it.

        Re the shirts, would love some feedback re style – as i only want to do one (not being in the fashion biz) and was thinking of general all purpose classic Hanes style t in a medium…

        seriously, thoughts? I have the dude who can do them already sorted.

        • I prefer a more fitted/shaped style of t-shirt that comes in a wider range of sizes (eg. XXS – XXL). Black, grey and white are generally good colours.

          Generic t-shirts with no shape always make me look like a pregnant wombat. :/

          • agree, I’m sadly no longer a medium and the Hanes shapeless style is f-r-u-m-p-y on my curves… an alternative would be at least a large and I could alter/ create something with it at least, like grommets and ribbon tie-ups on the sides….

        • Bonds always do a great range of t’s – women’s and men’s am wearing a white scoop neck from the supermarket right now , nice lightweight GSM if you have a bsb number you can order a range of sizes and styles/colours for very reasonable price

        • I only wear fitted baby doll style t’s myself (and they have to be uber soft cotton cos I’m a delicate petal flower).

        • I’m tiny so would not order anything i can’t try on…hate being swamped in fabric. I would order one of those late seventies style silver necklaces with ‘Pseudo Intellectual Astro Bitch’ in running writing instead of, say, “Stacey”. Well, that’s this weekend: I’m Mutable.

          So, um, obviously I’m the wrong person to ask.

        • Ive always favored Alternative Apparel T’s. I live in mine. Great quality and company seems like they are on the right track with eco/sustainability.

          I agree with doing one style and just a basic M size. You can always add more styles/colors in the future should you change your mind and the market demands it.

          • Also, would love MM stickers I can slap around everything, lol. Would love to stick an MM sticker on a giant candle and make it my official MM Lady Oracle candle 🙂

  12. Watching someone I love still like this empty zombie shell. She can’t be told. She is spent from trying to be the perfect girlfriend, from ongoing negotiation with a man who still after many years sees himself before he sees them as a pair.
    He’s not a bad man, he doesn’t mistreat her physically, he doesn’t abuse her verbally. But he talks, all he does is talk. About his needs, his plans, his fears.
    She seems lost or at best secondary to all of him.
    And if you tell her she needs to be recognised and valued and trusted she responds with the accusation that she doesn’t understand why everyone is trying to make her unhappy. That she’s tried to cut all the negative people in her life. Like a threat that if you dare say any more you will be next.
    So we all walk on egg shells. Leave so many things unsaid.
    She doesn’t see how vacant she has become, how her smile is forced, how the beautiful smart witty girl seems AWOL.
    And I’m caught between holding out my hand desperately hoping she’ll grab it and just slapping her and yelling. Neither will work. In the end it’s up to her. But it’s so hard and so sad to watch.

    • Thank you for sharing that. Thank you for being there for her. Perhaps deep down she realises it and doesn’t want to face up to it, i’ve put people around me in the same situation as you described above, and i knew deep down. This is where courage comes in.

      It is people like you who stay and to whom we can eventually run to when our eyes open that we realise your loyalty and sacrifice for us.

      Just some thoughts.

      • I just want her to break free before she disappears.

        Your thoughts give me hope:-) I really wish she finds her courage. I miss the wonderful vibrant person that I know she can be.

    • it’s like some think their life will end if they don’t stay with their partner (or get back with recent ex or whatever) no matter what the pain or the unhappiness. aaaaagh. you won’t die if you leave them. you will LIVE.
      sorry to read your (friend’s) story…

      • I think its a confused sense of loyalty in this case. And it must be harder and scarier to leave with every passing year.

        • yes. it’s some rut isn’t it.

          i recall being worried about my ex’s feelings should i broach the Breakup topic. Yet we were both unsatisfied. i was worried about his feelings at the expense of my own (honestly, pisceans, ugh) in circumstances where everyone would have been much better off if we’d just bitten the bullet years earlier.

  13. This Venus retro sees me living two streets away from where I lived during Saturn’s last pass through Scorpio (my 4th). I’ve been doing a bit of a forensic analysis of the relationship I was in then, how it ended and how I dealt (or rather didn’t deal) with it. Brute clarity about how I have been at the end of all my relationships: a mess of self-loathing, self-destruction, gin-sodden stasis, total zombie. Always valuing the other person more than myself.
    I’m not beating myself up about it but just being aware, and deciding how it needs to be different in what I’m calling ‘phase two’, post-marriage.
    Venus is retro-ing through my 5th across my moon et al. Such a productive retro so far. I am really comfortable with the vibe.

    • Soz forgot to add that my natal Venus is square Neptune – say no more – :). Perhaps Venus retro is making me aware of the patterns of a lifetime and helping me to rewrite/rewire?

      • Hey Chrys my natal Venus in the 12th square Nep in the 3rd….. I am also post marriage but yet to have the divorse papers signed and still going over my feelings regarding my intimate relationships and why I have wound up where I am – single, childless and virtually broke, all hard lessons and taking a lot of effort to let go of the emotions and hurt.

        • I feel you, DH. The emotions come and go in waves, I find. Take care of yourself and celebrate the strength and sense of purpose that have got you through this very difficult thing. xx

          • Thanks for the kind words Chrys, I get it in waves for sure. Most if the time I feel strong and together and proud if myself and eternally grateful for my family and good friends and now the good people here

  14. “I have spent so long trying to shine brightly for you that I have burnt myself out …”

    That was me ten years ago.

    Not anymore.

    A Phoenix is rising from the ashes …


  15. Resolved not to ask the Oracle any “x” questions. Three days successful. Have a visual journal – been working on that instead…. current project: cutting the fine toned torsos of men into letters to form words.

    Anywho, I’ve always seen slogan tees as tacky… much prefer some sort of large poster: PIAB writ large, with a background of neurons shaped into a brain with the planets and symbols all between or formed from the pathways. That’s what I’m seeing in my head but I can draw for shite though.

  16. aaaaaahhhhhhh hahaha awesome divine rendezvous (plural) with fabulous rugged/insane/normal outdoorsy types who I first met quite a while ago… including totally worthy LZ objet who shall remain nameless for now. So refreshing. Divine direction-setting for the year – freedom, joy, and JUST FUQING DO IT.

        • yeah… alas nah. still a twinge with the LZ object who I have written about here before and worked and WORKED for the last 2 years on … neutralising (in my heart). his mars is on my south node so, hey. he’s still beautiful. like the star in an inspiring film I watched as a teen, fell in love with, yet never watched the film again. that distant feeling. Mystic mentioned poignant , etc, so maybe i’m at the right place for me right now. Appreciative though. wonderful people who I am sure to see and spend an excellent time with again.

  17. Oh you guys have got to see the Problem Glyphs by 3liza the Bog Queen. People send her a problem and she draws a glyph with a title.

    For example, someone wrote in with the problem, “i’m almost constantly terrified that i’m fucking something up beyond repair at that very moment” so the bog princess drew a scary and beautiful glyph entitled ADVANCING IN FELLOWSHIP WITH DESTRUCTION.

    One my favorites is, “instead of just Doing The Work, i find myself comparing myself to artists i admire and always falling short. Oh you must see the glyph she drew of a face showing devious pleasure in wielding her two whips, it’s entitled “JEALOUSY IS LASH OF MUSE.”

    And some of them are heartbreaking and uplifting at the same time. Someone wrote “I feel ashamed of the years I lost to depression, like I’m desperately behind my peers in the game of life and I’ll never catch up.” She drew flamingos, some flying and some on the ground, entitled “I ALIGHT WHERE I PLEASE.

    But my favorite glyph is unexplained, it just has a title “DO WOLVES LIKE PEANUT BUTTER.”

    • that’s great.
      scrolling down the page i also read:

      please stop sending me problem glyph requests

      at this point i estimate the backlog is about 300 unanswered requests.
      i dont know what my stopping point wiil be, but i cant keep up with the rate they are arriving, so please stop sending them for now. thanks.


  18. Would love a T-shirt. Bitchez or not, the info on the site alone is worth the bites and smirks… 🙂

  19. I cannot tell you how much I am loving venus retrograde. This is beyond the beyond. Sometimes smoke gets out of your eyes.

  20. I just love how you turned hate mail into your new motto for your company. Absolutely brilliant.

  21. So … Love Zombies suck your heart out – rather than your brain. This is what this Venusian retrograde is teaching me. Reminds me of a Divinyls song for some strange reason.

  22. I vividly recall Mystic’s post about Love Zombies (was nodding my head wildly in agreement recalling a female relative who seems to get off on being a zombie) but didn’t read the comments. So have waded thru and found the infamous ‘pseudo intellectual astro-bitches’ post – YIKES! some anger there. But what set me laughing aloud at 3:30 a.m (ALWAYS have insomnia during void moons) was Mystic’s reply that therapy helped some realize…” their thing with married guys was not so much about the man as about their hostility to their mother ” . Queen of astro-bitches herself couldn’t have described my relative’s problem more accurately if she were Freud himself! All in that one throw away remark. Tickles me still. Sadly my relative never did listen to well-intention advice (the truth). Drama is her thing.

  23. “Some days it’s more strong and weirded out than others, see your Horoscopes for more…And hands up who inwardly flipped a little bit at the above passage. ”
    I flipped a little as that was me up to mid 2013 but now I speak up I will not shrink away from saying what I feel. Loving the venus schizz that is making me take off the rose coloured glasses a little more and Cap is pointing the finger at me and saying pull you finger our you PIAB ha!

    Still a recovering LZ and had an attack last week but now I don’t retreat. I spoke up and told him my truth and he told me his. Now i don’t expect an outcome which makes life so much easier.

  24. This retro is passing over my south node in cap… not really sure what it’s doing there yet…..venus retro so far seems to mean mentally going over everyone I’ve ever known’s faults which makes me feel kind of guilty and petty, blah, and obviously I have too much time on my hands to worry about what other people are up to…. hoping Chiron hitting my natal Chiron will bring some final healing, or at least a good burn through a solid layer of it, on some of this lingering “stuff”….. on the beauty side, had an interesting thing happen…. picked up a cat shelf from a lady on freecycle and she gave me an astrology “object” that someone had given her, and I can’t really figure out what it is either…. it’s a wooden case that opens up with two printed magnetic blank natal charts and a million tiny magnetic planet signs. I can only guess that it’s for charting your natal and transits and a partner’s, although it’s way too many symbols supplied, and the second part is a wooden box that looks more hand made with a top section that has little wooden panels that pull out with the phases of the moon painted on them and the lower section has bigger pullouts with hand painted panels of various things like Saturn, the moon, Ishtar , and the very top opens on a hinge with a tiny compartment and a painting of the Earth………. I’m not really sure what it’s meant to be, but it’s beautiful and going on my altar….. the kicker? the outside of the boxes and middle of the blank wheels are printed with the symbols for cap and Saturn!

  25. Tote bags ! tote bags! tote bag !
    of both “pass-agg bitcherel” & “pseudo-intellectual astro-bitches.”
    amazing !