Quantum Mercury Retrograde

Star Wars Stormtrooper Humor

The rumors are for REAL. Mercury IS going to be Retrograde for basically all of Feb, just when we’re trying to get out schizz together for the Awe of April.

(That would be the Zap Zone amped by Mars-Jupiter, Eclipses etc – see the April Of Awe rant linked at the bottom of the Daily Mystic email every day this week).

It is Retrograde in Pisces and Aquarius – that has GOT to be weird, but kind of maybe alluring in a particles zooming around the speed of light, nano-spheric particles of genius, time-bending way. Like a madcap rom-com set in an alternative dimension.

I’m calling it the Quantum Mercury Retrograde and played right it is, in fact, the PERFECT prep for the rest of 2014. It comes back to that brilliant quote from the brilliant Sun-Plutonian Cancerian Hunter S Thompson:Β  When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.

More, more MORE in the Horoscopes & Daily Mystic etc. But for a start, definitely don’t do any intergalactic space travel or Shamanic peyote crap in Feb.


Image: Santiago Sagrado

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90 thoughts on “Quantum Mercury Retrograde

  1. What gives? I am SOOOoooooo Angry and argumentative today. Still Aqua cool, but all my speeches feel like I’m picking a fight – regardless of wanting to or not. Mercury / Mars square or something? Someone switched me to decaf without my knowledge? Or, I am suddenly hyper aware that I am surrounded by socially inept and societally incompetent plebs?

  2. I have 6th house Aqua & 7th Pisces too. Weirdest thing this retro shadow. Saw the Winged Sandal motif at three different times over the weekend. Quite bizarre. Hope it’s not a scary retro.

  3. Merc is on my 6th house Venus right now so will go back and forth over my DC / Venus and 7th house Pisces sun/Saturn/Merc. I don’t generally have issues with Merc retros but always practise good Merc retro hygiene just in case. I will make sure I don’t sign any paperwork to do with my divorce until after the retro is done.

    I have been doing a major forensic analysis of my relationships through the Venus retro so perhaps this will continue through the Merc phase. It’s certainly been productive. An old love whom I haven’t thought about in years recently resurfaced via mutual friends on fb and we discovered we had been dreaming/thinking about the same incident at the same time. No residual feelings there but I’ve been revisiting how that man felt about me v how I thought he felt about me. Turns out my own low opinion of myself was the driving force behind just about all the decisions I made in just about all those early relationships (and indeed my marriage). Turns out the ones I loved really did love me, I had an important impact on their lives. I’m now fb-friends with all my important pre-marriage exes and we have an easy camaraderie, no unresolved merde, and the occasional flirtatious compliment from them which is good for my ego πŸ™‚ Good men have loved me. Fuq! It’s embarrassing to admit but this is news to me. It reminds me more than ever that the most important work I need to do is on my own self-perception/self-acceptance.
    I have to say my loaded Cap 5th feels really comfortable with the ‘slowness’ of this Venus retro. Perhaps once I’ve done the inner grounding work, Merc retro will nudge one of my hot exes back over the border lol

    • Don’t be embarrassed Chrysalis. I’ve been going through almost the exact same issues!! – Chiron return in Pisces 2nd house, maybe? My natal Chiron is 14ΒΊ, Chiron currently at 11ΒΊ

      “forensic analysis of my relationships” sounds about right. Digging deep through the mud. Scratched record of thoughts “shoulda, coulda, woulda, why this, why that… 24/7 on repeat for entire Venus Rx. It’s been truly awful but also very illuminating and rewarding. I’ve learned more about myself, love / sex/ relationships during the past Venus in Cap (on my Asc) Rx than I have in my entire life!

      By the time New in Moon in Aqua arrives and Venus goes direct I can sail forth on clear waters and all this soul mining will stand me in good stead for the next relationship. Stronger, more self assured… Shiny and new πŸ™‚

      • Wow that’s huge stuff, Scorpy. Hard but worth it in the way that major Cap transits seem to be on Cap risings in particular. With Chiron in the mix there is bound to be some pain, but shiny and new sounds pretty fab πŸ™‚

        • No… no pain, to be honest. No heartache or heart break anyway. Just sadness, lots of existential angst and humbling realisations…

          I did break up with the Crab guy a few days before Venus Rx but only because i wasn’t in love with him and I couldn’t pretend anymore. He was driving me absolutely BATS – his Sun/Merc and Mars in Kataka squares my Sadge moon and opposes my ascendent. Heaps of other astro aspects that are not conducive for a long term relationship.

          Wonder how Pegasus is going? She’s a Cap riser too.

          • Ugh that’s too much friction (of the wrong kind). I can’t see your Sagg moon doing well with all that Kataka.
            Interestingly my niece has a Sagg moon and Cap rising. She partied her way through Neptune squaring her moon (she called it turning 18 lol) but has suddenly started working two jobs and staying home to save money and pretty much has a spreadsheet of qualities she’s looking for in a suitor. She’s Gem sun and happiest when working her Cap hard. It grounds her.

    • jeez Louise, listen to this Chrys….you know I went to get divorced last week….well, the magistrate said NO!

      My solicitor missed a page and my ex didn’t sign the papers because they got his name wrong.

      So it was adjourned to Feb 10. FEB 10!! Fuq.

      Anyway, it will still be right, won’t it? Won’t it???? because it IS the review? or something 😯

  4. I’ve been happily out of drama for a while now. Thank goodness. Made a choice. Walked away. Now my mind is on overdrive to get things done in terms of all my trainings, making more money and professional opportunities. Grab while its hot. I gotta walk the talk, because I’m talking a lot with my 16 yo daughter these days.

  5. Hey a quick response to some comments above:

    * Black Moon – if you mean that there will a month without a New Moon in it which is like the folk meaning of Black Moon – who cares? Calendars are just a man made fabrication. Moon cycles ARE the original calendar. So imo black moons, blue moons – irrelevant.

    * Trying for a baby during Merc Retro – why not? Mercury is not the domain of fertility…I wouldn’t try for a space shuttle launch though

    * biz name registration is insanely important – more so than the launch date – for instance, i am re-naming my company and i am waiting till the exact time the Mars-Saturn conjunction in Scorpio is exact – on my Neptune – in late August. I have it literally scheduled to be electronically lodged at that moment.

  6. Merc Retro? I’m just navigating the hell that is venus retro.. cue the Bionic Cancer trying to make sure our friendship can come with benefits. I’m like, really? Seriously?

    It’s so annoying when someone you feel could possibly have the depth is well.. stark raving mad. He’s arguing/lobbying for this as he feels it will work for us.. meanwhile he’s been going on first dates (so have I btw but not at the same rate he is), slept with yet another friend whom he says didn’t work out as she wasn’t emotionally responsive while still plotting to tell this married girl he’s friends with how he feels about her in February.

    CHAOS. Addict.

    The upside? It’s really good to feel like wow, you just saved me a lot of trouble from liking you. God I know I’m a Cancer too but I’m not THAT crazy.

  7. I dunno about merc retro, but venus retro has sure been really great for that type of retrograde reflection so far. Merc retro is usually less of a biggie since I have a merc retro in pisces natally, my brain is naturally pretty foggy and not very straightforward

  8. Holy Painstaking Ordeals Batman … it’s in my 10th house. It backtracks over my MC. And just as I was getting the hang of appearing less weird, now I have to go back to weird again. *sigh*

    It’s really quite tiring all this retrograde business. I wish the multiverse would make up its freaking mind what it wants from me. Does it want me to follow this new career path?? Does it want me to be a single social worker cat lady like Judging Amy’s mum??

    GAH. I just want to go —–>>>>> FORWARD.

    In other (excellent and very good) news, I finally feel over the Mr Cap Business. Was hanging out with a bunch of my mates today, looked around at all these vastly different people I call friends, and thought – Mr Cap would not fit here. They may all be different, but they are also quite similar in terms of values and in how they express themselves. Most are well educated and very intelligent, capable of conversing on multiple subjects and levels. No beer swilling bogans that say “maate” every second sentance and who’s conversational skills begin and end with talking about the footy here. No blokey blokes. No inane girly girls. I would say we are a collective of ENTPs and INTJs – at least somewhere on that spectrum.

    So I realised that the majority of guys I have dated over the past 10 years are not any of the above. Chosen purely for physical chemistry, these chaps just don’t work for me in the long term. Unfortunately I’m not very physically attracted to geeks and arty guys – mentally and emotionally. Yes. It’s a conundrum. Good thing I’m content with singledom for the time being.

    • At least you’re moving forward in the luurve department. Clarifying what you want and what you will no longer put up with. It’s the first step towards calling in that perfect guy, right? And in the meantime, single social worker cat lady is a good identity and nothing to be ashamed of!

      Have to admit I had higher hopes for Pluto in the 8th though, honestly. Patience, I suppose. Blaaaah patience.

  9. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted, needed, a mercury retrograde more. All my future plans are up in smoke; things that mattered a few months ago are laughably shallow and meaningless now. I’ve spent the last few weeks in the thickest fog, refusing to think about anything beyond the most base emotionality. There was a definite snap in my brain and neptune’s separating square to my ruler mercury took over. But! The other day, mercury went into shadow on my MC (where it will go direct- 10th house all the way, baby) and I saw a glimmer, which expanded into a beam, which grew into a full-on spotlight of a plan. Unlike previous plans, however, this one isn’t to please anyone else- it’s solely for me, and a dream big enough to motivate and scare me with it’s possibilities! And it makes other nagging super important stuff fall into place, effortlessly. I’m feeling hopeful and not just resigned for the first time in years!

      • It’s not so much that the career has changed, but the setting. I was planning to take the easy route, I guess. Small hippie town, easy state school, blah de blah and that’s how I felt about it! Then realized that hey, if I’m trapped in this state, I can go somewhere I want to go for ME. So the new plan is to go to excellent school and move to San Francisco. Scary and worth it… I’ve been a city girl without a city for waaay too long. Plus, when wanting to work with the homeless, SF is pretty much ground zero for both population and innovation.
        It seems like a simple change, but it’s tweaked my way of thinking, and I’m grateful!

        • Also it gives me a year to get a couple of certifications, get my affairs in order, and homeschool next year my spaz gem daughter who has never vibed with traditional school and who is going to officially flunk 4th grade. It’ll be so good for all of us. And if the crab can get to a point of independent living, there are a million services for him there.

          • Sounds great! though San Fran caught my eye. Just read an article on the Guardian yesterday or so that most people can’t afford to live there anymore because Google employees have pushed the rental sky high. Apparently there are all these campaigns against the google private buses that they operate to ferry them to and fro.
            You might already know about it all, but just thought I’d toss it out there.

          • Wow this sounds like a really good plan hdq. You seem hopeful for the first time in a while. I know the ZZ has been hard on you recently but this is like you harnessing all that cosmic power to fuel a bold new direction. Good luck with it all xx

            • thanks, chrys. πŸ™‚ it only takes the tiniest drop of hope to make a difference. and it feels right- the process stripped so much away, so much doing for and about others, that at the core of it all was me. πŸ™‚ mars on my nn today. time to move forward (oh yeah, merc rets! ha that). or at least time to remember the dance moves. xxx

  10. Oh my goodness, I can’t even worry about Merc Retrograde right now, because I just got hit with the most intense Love Zombie bender I’ve had in a long time, Facebooking my exes to find their birthdays so I can figure out their astro — and letting myself be driven CRAZY by the fact that I can’t find the birthday of my first boyfriend, the other great love of my life before my husband. Had really not been suffering too many symptoms of Venus Rx until just now. Need to snap myself out of this!

    I did, however, learn that I don’t have a great track record with Geminis!

    • As for retro Mercury, it will be transiting my 7th house natal Moon-Merc-Sun conjunction, with moon in Aqua and Merc-Sun 0 Pisces. Merp. Hoping that doesn’t make things too weird at home, especially with this 5th house Venus Rx Love Zombie vibe I’m getting. *sigh*

      • Oh my God, you guys, I just broke down and signed up for a free trial with one of those people finder sites so I could look up his birthday! Turns out he’s an Aries, like my husband. NO WONDER.

        Anyway, I feel both better and deeply ashamed.

        • Erm… is it wrong that I have read your post and my first thought was ‘there’s a site like that, I must find it’ ????
          Sorry – I laugh gently with you as a fellow Pisces for whom ‘research’ is a core competency πŸ™‚
          It does get to that point where the horrible feeling of lack of self-respect is too much to bear. Best to move on, forgive yourself and know that you probably won’t do this again. xx

  11. basically this is mercury doing its delving in my 12th. So having to chuck out all those old skeletons and dusty bones I’ve been hanging onto with the hope they would miraculously come back to life. Dig about in my secrets, stuff I don’t want to rummage in again. I take it as a big clear out of the attic
    Must say though, this past few days have been mega. Felt a deep shift in stuff on Saturday and yesterday just put it into practice. Have told an old lover it is time to go as it was now over and that felt great. Also had an odd feeling that there were new beginnings sprouting up in the area I have known was still laying dormant. I am really looking forward to April. Somehow things feel strong.

  12. I’ve been having busy dreams lately but wake unable to remember them. I do recall in one I was in an office/work situation and the HR woman told me I couldn’t keep my cat there, so I told them to bugger off and left with my cat. I remember thinking how calm and patient Arlene (my cat) was in my arms as I walked. Then, I was coming up an escalator in a mall, toward a big store, and I realized my cat was no longer with me and thought “what’s the point of leaving to be with her if I loose her in the mall?”

    Aqua is on my 6th house cusp and Pisces rules my 7th. Things are blissful on the domestic front with the Pisces, baby Ram, 2 cats, and 2 dogs. But, I am a bit shocked to find myself as head of household and even more shocked to realize the calm, sober joy and stability that brings me – that is when I am not worrying myself endlessly over the longevity of such a situation. I never thought of myself as a provider before, and yet here I am – providing. Saturn exiting my second and entering my third – I am taking myself more seriously.

    • I recently read a Dream interpretation book based on jungian psychology and it said that often cats represent feminine sexuality…you know, cuz they purr and are all sensual. Something to think about, ha!

      • soooo happy for you 12H and it sounds lovely at your place!! try to not worry about the longevity and just enjoy – remember the future is made up of a whole lot of ‘nows’

  13. Retrograde in Pisces and Aquarius! All over my Sun, IC, NN, Venus?? I can honestly say i don’t think two weird people need further “mad cap rom com set in alternative dimension” astro. But of course this is what we’ll get. I can hear myself growling already from the future. i am already experiencing VERY odd encounters with males. Truly insane. My fav one has recently referred to me as Dr Gonzo, however. Does that sound astro-positive..? 😯 Meanwhile, two old friends have referred to me as patient and sensible (!!!) and someone else called me a good listener (i’m Merc in Aries, right, plus Sag Rising…i’m a QUICK listener). The alt dimension is starting already!

    Fab Merc Retro pic, Mystic. You sure can pick ’em!

  14. Hi all, I need to register a new business name… Can any one offer advice, is it twee to run a few charts for ‘auspicious’ days? Or is the ‘official public launch’ more important? Online presence is partly established, it has been a gradual process.

    For example the current chart, for now, although there is that cardinal square is all linked by Jupiter – in Cancer – on the chart’s MC.
    Libra Asc, which – does this apply to ‘events- might mean an attractive and charming ‘face’ for the business. Mars is applying to it from the 12th.
    The Part of Fortune and Moon is in the second house, Saggitarius.

    Mercury and Uranus are close to each other in the 5th house of creative drive, charm and identity, so plenty of engaging future-shock in the business communications?

    Is this how one might analyse a business launch chart…? I would love some suggestions if anyone has anything. I am also keeping in mind the nature of the business.

    • No, Darth Vader did that air choke thing on the guy who was prolly in charge of the trash sorting. They have a monster in the trash that takes care of composting and trash compact everything else.

  15. Aquarius is my 8th House. Chiron lives there. Venus retro, sun and mercury, soon retro, is playing me like some old melody from 1984-87, … Nostalgia in buckets.. Sadness for lost friends, sadness and yearning for the things that failed. These are not common feelings for me, I’ve normally got my eyes ahead.
    The pain in my chest is deep, nearly unbearable at times.
    It all cascaded from a question I was asked on a previous thread about that time.
    All oracles give no comfort.

    • Honey NOW is the Saturn Return of that time – Scorpio is your outlet now, not Aqua. AND it’s the Dark Moon. But this is Saturn-Saturn-Saturn…Pour energy into restructuring your 5th?

      • Thanks Myst, I know….Saturn, you touched on that era a few months back, and it struck me the other day it’s back at that point .I remember cause that time was so big for me.
        I met an important mentor at that time.
        I found out the other day that he had passed away last year.
        I’m remembering everything he was and missing that really badly.
        And remembering what he gave me and wondering if I am or ever was worthy of that.
        My first Saturn return was when everything the 2 of us had built got washed away.
        My second Saturn return is coming round the bend, and the message I’m getting is ….I’ve got 2 years to fix what somehow got fuqed at that time (84-87) and to be honest I have no idea how ? Isn’t it all too late for that ?
        5th house restructuring, thank you x

        • True, it’s usually random luck I suppose when your given something so valuable. I just hope I can pass it on without totally screwing it up.

        • Hey D, I think I know what the question was that set it off, and how much that era of having everything happening at your fingertips resonated for you.

          I think you are also very fortunate in the now, with your lovely family around you, the skills that you have developed, and the life you have made for them.

          After the pain of regret has been processed – and it will be – you will clearly see the path to weave what you know from the past into the great work that you will create now.

          And it will be more fun with your kids and their crew around, all the little indigos and crystals growing up with their whole new ways of seeing the world

          • Yes, it was from that question. So what’s it like being Saturns messenger (bitch) hmmmm πŸ™‚
            My family have convinced me to start writing it all down. Thanks for the prompt V.
            And yes working that magic into my current life is definitely what I’m aiming for. I have to face the fact though that If it wasn’t for my family, I’d probably be gone already. They are my reason for everything.

            • sorry for the discomfort, man πŸ™‚

              But hell yes! write it down while listening to the soundtrack (what a good idea Barista) shaman stories and cautionary tales for the young. Anyway as you re-tell, things will appear in a whole new light

              • Eeep! I mean when you eventually can bear to listen to the music…

                My Cancerian stepma can’t listen to Barbara Streisand as it reminds her too much of when my father was alive and they were very happy together…

        • Your mentor thought you were worthy of it Davidl xx (as one who has felt the pangs of past I feel it’s best to just feel it – even the unbearable at times. It passes. If I could make another suggestion, perhaps you could make a playlist of the music that you listen to around that time. I also weave in some songs I like today into the playlist to help me focus on the present also. I find it really helpful. Hugs Davidl xx

          • Thank you Barista honey x the music, yes… That’s how Saturn got me back there. As Barbara sang, memories can be beautiful and yet, much too painful to remember. Right now that soundtrack is nearly unbearable.
            I possibly just need a slap, but your hug is much appreciated x

            • I’m sorry you’re having a hard time davidl.
              Though I want to thank you for writing because I suddenly realised that I have also been dredging up all these things that happened around 1986, and I hadn’t really connected it to astrology.
              All this sadness and anger for something that happened then and how much it affected my entire life up to now has been playing out for the last couple of weeks.

              I’m not going through a saturn return, but is this venus retrograde related to that period of time at all?

        • Ah davidl, you get me when you’re sensitive and less the ariean spear..though I’m sure it’s still there πŸ™‚

          I learned from my mother’s death that we almost never avoid regret, there’s always something. And usually grief sets off the layers and layers of loss we’ve tried our best to sift through, only of course to find we grieve for the selves we were then as well.

          As for worth, if he chose to mentor you, then that’s not even your question to answer really, though of course we always do as it becomes an impetus to live up to the gifts we’re given. It reminds me of that saying I’m badly paraphrasing, there are no paths because they only happen as we create them.

          As for memories, like you I find them extremely painful..mine disappear, shunted into a vault somewhere I really have to work to get into, but the odd thing is, even without the memories, the pain lingers and the only way is thru. I KNOW you’ll get through this because warriors always do.

        • i am the same with ” deserve”, who deserves anything, and if its a bad manifestation, who would want to think deserve ?

    • Wow, DL, i have so been there. It was a giant processing factory and while i’m glad to have sorted some of it, it wasn’t no canned peaches factory. Be really gentle with yourself, and do things that are pampering for the body. There’s a grounding meditation thing where you root feet into ground, hold one hand on belly and one on chest, while you feel yourself connected to earth from feet up. Breathing, of course. Can take just a few minutes (or long time) but few minutes is good so you can rinse, repeat really often. My Chiron is 5th House so sadness for fun times and friendships is a theme. There’s a Brian Froud card called the Dark Lady, and the wisdom of grieving associated with her is very Scorpio, and is part of four cornered breathing. May sound a tad girly but we all know you’re a witch with a willy. Square breathing is good xxx

      • Square breathing sounds interesting Mille. I love squares. Will look into that.
        A witch with a willy πŸ™‚
        More like the sorcerers apprentice with the bosses wand. That’s how I feel at times. Natal neptune in my scorp fifth can take one right off track in the most delicious ways but oh, the consequences !

    • Thank you for your support 12h, the above rings true.
      Looking back is not my strong suit. The thing here is that I haven’t been digging or dredging consciously. Just found myself at the bottom of the pit. One I thought I had filled in many years ago.
      Been reading your posts re: mr p. I hope my little astro twin (your daughter) is on board and happy with the situation. All I know is those posts are bringing a smile to my lips x

      • Hi davidl sorry you’re having such a hard time. Those grief pains are real physical pains and Mille’s advice to be kind to the body is spot on.
        FWIW when reading your re-telling of those times in Sydney in the 80s on the other thread, your writing really brought it to life for me. I wasn’t there but I loved reading about it. I thought ‘wow I’d love to read more about this – what an amazing time’. I hope you keep writing about it either as useful process for yourself or maybe for a wider audience. x

      • Ok – think how that 80s timed formed the basis for your philosophy, creativity, your very mojo and that now you are maturing that, taking it to the next level…Creativity is the outlet for this

        • Ahh! Got it. Thanks heaps.
          Though I think I want to reinvent it totally and completely. Seems so very outdated.
          Super interesting though, I am an artist and feel that everything I’ve made til this point no longer fits. I’m in the process of moving from making ‘conceptual’ and ‘experimental’ work, to realism. Big shift.

          Thanks again x

    • Reading this, my first thought was “hmmm… I wonder if davidL is the mentor now… Or learning how to be one” …. And that thought persisted. And then insisted .

      Wishing you comfort and strength.

      • my feeling and thinking was along the same lines, David now becomes the Mentor, crossing through a new threshold. Remember the Eagle/s on the beach on New Years Eve … was that the first call ? xx

        I admire, respect and appreciate you so much on this blog David. You are a wise man indeed, and i’ve learnt once again through you, that no matter how wise and learned .. there’s always room to push through to more.

        Rock on Man. xx

    • Same here…I wonder what that will entail! Secrets? Unfortunate flashbacks to past relationships? Taxes trouble?

      I think Merc Retrograde hits me hard since natally my mercury is in a 4-planet stellium in virgo…Better back up my hard drive etc and prepare for the worst.

  16. No that would be PERFECT – although FYI for a fast past life blast – do my Neptunian Nights Binaural Beats & some zinc-magnesium powder pre bed. They say that the drink (that ratio is one quarter Zinc to Mag) helps you naturally create more growth hormone whilst you sleep (youthifying etc) but it also intensifies dreams…

    I am going to be writing re the Merc Retro in the D.M and it’s also covered in the Scopes x

    • I was just thinking binaural beats this morning! That combination sounds fab. Where can you get those mineral powders? Ever since Mars went into Libra I’ve been finding it really hard to switch off and sleep. Anyone else had this? Yes I am a multiple Libra, but jeez, really?? I love my sleep. πŸ˜‰ Any other sleep/switch mind off tips, peeps?

      • yup. same here. i have to have sleep remedies on hand.

        mermaid baths with kelp, epsom salt, and essential oils help.

        as does keeping a regular schedule…

        • Cheers Electric Eel. I’m sorry to hear your in the same place, though kind of reassured it might be Mars kicking all sorts of things into gear. Yeah I don’t go far without lavender to hand to help sleep. EPSOM SALTS – of course! I love that stuff and keep meaning to get a top-up. From now until end of Venus retrograde, I am going to try disengaging with the world in any but essential ways (taxes, essential work). Don’t know if it’s the Jupiter-Pluto shizz or last days of Venus retro alone, but I am feeling JADED. Time to disconnect to reconnect.. πŸ™‚ Hope you get a decent night’s sleep tonight, Electric.

          • You know what else is bothering some Libras? Places in your home that aren’t quite… you know? I put off cleaning out the garage and it’s like this sword of Damocles thing now. Also the art room looks like a bomb exploded in there and is like Fukushima-ing into the living room. I was busy when this stuff originally happened…but now it is time to put into order. I blame Pluto.

      • I’ve had the same thing – also been calling on the epsom baths, essential oils & neptunian nights regularly but for the first time in years valerian before bed as well. night night xx

        • Valerian is so strong for me plus it smells funny. I mix it into some coconut oil or lotion and take some of the muskiness out with essential oils.

        • Valerian sometimes does it for me; but usually a steady stream of chamomile chills me out. I love the left-overs in the morning! Chill pill for breakfast!!

          There’s a really nice version of epsom salts on sale in the UK that is marketed for psoriasis or eczema – contains loads of sandalwood. It’s like the grail or something – soft skin AND sleep πŸ˜‰

          Cheers guys. Sleepz wellzz

  17. This will be interesting – Merc Rx transiting my 1st/12th houses AND trine my natal Venus/NN/Mars conjunction, sweet.

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