Muscles Are The New Status Symbol

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Money expert Dave Ramsey has a catchphrase for his radio show. It goes something like this: “The paid-off home mortgage has taken the place of the BMW as the status symbol of choice.”

I like that. Some of the most successful, wealthiest people I know live modestly, drive paid-off cars over five years old, and prefer Timex to Rolex. Some of the most broke folks I know are just the opposite…

…You won’t have to tactlessly and tackily stick your pink, conflict-free diamond ring into people’s faces; you’ll just have to walk into the room. Stepping out of your used Honda looking healthy and strong will carry more status and elicit more respect than struggling to get your plus-sized ass out of a limited-edition Corvette you can’t quite afford.

The whole “status” thing is a bit stomach-turning to begin with, but sociologists tell us that we can’t escape it; it’s just built into our genes.

Okay, fine. But let’s choose to display our status not with baubles on loan but with a body that reflects hard work, wise decisions, and engaged living

This is an epic synched-with-the-Zap-Zone rant from Chris Shugart of Testosterone Nation.  Read the rest via this link.

Mars is going to be booting our bums for most of this year so we may as well get with it via some hardcore fitspiration, right?

And obviously, our idea of what constitutes ‘fit’ or ‘muscles’ will vary but the point of uber-health as fuq you to a system that wants to turn us into debt slaves and drug us with useless crap, junk food and pharmaceuticals to “fix” the problems from the latter is SO now. SO Zap Zone.

Share your 2014 Fitness, Nutrition & General Awesome goals here.  Mine is to do MORE of what i already know works brilliantly for me. Regular Yoga (just skipped two weeks and radically notice the difference), way better form with weights,  work on some more-important-than-you-might-think alignment issues via Pilates and completely UP the cardio so as to make a measurable improvement.

AND cut out crap carbs. Ie: when you THINK you want a bit of bread or potato, whatever, maybe what your body is really saying is GREENS.  Your body don’t lie. We just choose to misinterpret some signals.

And you?

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145 thoughts on “Muscles Are The New Status Symbol

  1. Me: running laps around the lake, swimming laps in the pool, dance, pilates, walking to work, walking on the beach, home cooking, no sugar in my tea.

  2. I was forced onto the Auto Immune Protocol a few months ago which is a strict version of the Paleo eating regime and it has changed my life. Health issues I’ve suffered for over 3 decades are now slowly resolving. So my resolution is to stay hard core with this and to find my daughter who has some long standing health issues of her own a better doctor.

  3. My health regime is closely linked with financial fitness & effectiveness in my thinking

    • Totally agree virgo virgo! Same mentality: delayed gratification, mental strength, the process the reward in itself…

  4. Bikram, swimming, running, less of the white carbs and junk food that I think I can can get away with cause I’m vegan.

    • Oh and I plan on saving 10 grand for my holiday in December instead of relying on credit.

  5. Love this. Reminds me of that Rick Owens quote posted on here awhile back? Found it…”Buy less clothes and go to the gym instead. Trying to talk with your clothes is passive-aggressive….Isn’t it more chic to be free?”

    Start my side job at the yoga studio tomorrow and I plan on doing a class a day all month, rotating between different ones to get a sense of what I like (the place is large and there is a huge variety of classes that go on there all day long; favorites are jivamutki, traditional ashtanga series, hot yoga. excited to try the aerial yoga). I also want to do two ballet conditioning sets a week because it helps me so much with alignment and core strength and the results are crazy.

    I was a computer sloth all December and slacked on my diet and fitness. Weigh the same but lost so much tone and just feel sluggish. I’m going to make sure I eat ENOUGH good stuff so that I don’t lapse because I’m starving. That’s always how it happens. Coconuts and rice help get calories in and keep me full in addition to lots of greens.

    • Hey Rache
      Side job at yoga studio sounds totally rad!
      Ballet exercises are my secret legs and bum weapon.
      Have you tried Classicore?
      It’s a mix of ballet, Pilates and yoga.
      It totally rocks.
      Go Rache go!
      You’re so cool xx

      • I do Ballet Beautiful by the woman who trained the Black Swan actresses and I love it. I previewed the DVD when I got it and was like “what’s the fuss…” because it looked simple and then I tried it and was in awe of how difficult it is.

        Related to ballet I have a link for you that you would LOVE… It’s a ballerina domme woman living this insane life of kink, crime, business, and art in Vegas.

  6. Love this! For me, it’s about recovering from the current summer cold by being really KIND to my body – bed rest and fluids instead of pushing through to meet my ‘deadlines’.

    Then it’s about gradually making the changes to support dear body – less carbs, more green, less processing, more raw, less computer time, more movement.

    And taking it gently so I don’t flare up old injuries, instead of going all out and ending up back on the couch in pain. Figuring out how to get Mars in Libra supporting me with doing it smarter, not harder, when it comes to my health.

    Ahhhh….. 🙂

  7. I already exercise regularly, but I am going to add to it, gonna start doing daily sprint training and add to the regiment I have set up already. In like 2 years I should be able to do planche push ups, one arm pull ups etc.
    Right now I am away from my apartment and all the stuff I need to workout so it kinda sucks but whatever, just a few weeks.

    • Hey i just returned from a holiday i didn’t want to end …until i realised this morning that i would finally have the right floor space to exercise on again. Missed it.

  8. I virtually stopped All exercise after running myself into the ground (boom boom) a couple of years ago.
    It was a bad decision that turned me into a couch slug. And it’s had a toll on both confidence and stress management.

    I started the new year with green juice and a careful and small weight session.
    The aim is to do a little more each day.

    Healthy body = healthy mind.

    • After a long time unwell and incremental exhaustion, i was nervous about running aground again. But i found that rather than doing a bit more each day, i’d aim to maintain a slightly uncomfortable limit until it got comfortable, then up it a notch. I was too worried about sliding back into exhaustion mode, but perhaps that’s because i have a lot of Sagg/Jupiter overboard go hard or go home style to what i do. Anyway, it is one idea, if that helps.

  9. “Love this post!”, she thinks, as she lies in bed shoveling spoonfuls of Haagen-Daz Butter Pecan ice cream roen her throat…

    Just being real!

  10. I just became a very low fat, raw vegan (5 weeks ago) even though I am already super healthy. The idea is to use it as a really full on 3 month cleanse and then stop and take note of how I feel on it. I also need to deal with a lot of emotional shizz, letting go of the past, self criticism etc. I’m fit as it is so the later is probably the more important goal.

    • wow raw vegan is hardcore – would love an idea of your daily menu? what is your main source of protein? Last time i tried it, i went a little bit overboard on the bliss ball type things…Also had sudden intense awareness of how much i use carbs as some kind of a drug. If you’re doing zero wheat dairy or cooked foods, really wild primal emo comes up and the ENERGY is ridiculously awesome. I actually have been TOTALLY getting the shits with how the govt routinely rips the tax payer for healthcare money whilst at the same time letting the most outrageous crap be sold as food. Apparently in germany now a whole lot of stuff in supermarkets is being re classified as “edible non food substance.”

      • Edible non food substance? !!!
        Is there an article about it that you know of? I’d like to know more.

      • Good point mm! Further so much money is invested in cures fir diseases while toxic substances in our water, food, air and thoughts are not curtailed! But we live in a conflict we know that…

      • Have just heard the same thing on a news program, and another on fire retardents in our furniture and the damage it does, from the USA.

        I wonder if our federal gov is even aware, let alone answer questions about these changes to our food & labeling or manufacturing/imports with dangerous chemicals.

        I have noticed that a lot of clothing imported from overseas has chemicals added to the fabric to prevent bugs eating the cloth, but if you wear these clothes without washing them, they can & do cause skin irritations.

        Anyway, have also started my own fitness program at home, so hopefully by Feb i should start to see the change in my waist lol lol

        • chiming in after a loooong absence.. freedom and margy, California is now instituting the Green Chemistry act which will target “priority products” thus identified as generally containing mutagenic, reprotoxic and cancerous substances.

          Once these are designated, manufacturers are required to make alternative assessments as to replacement products or otherwise justify why they can’t alter the make up of this.. of course this will be judged from cradle to life, not only in after use and waste but environmental and socio-geographic impacts pre-manufacture. In other words, while something is known to be dangerous at end of life, the questions need to be asked if any replacements would pose similar dangers pre and post.

          The challenge aside from all of the above of course is that people need to be willing to pay for this. I’m in an industry which will likely be targeted so its a constant balancing act.. even while we replace substances that we believe are “better”, how that’s being defined is becoming more acute. So yes, the gov’t is aware, but the people need to be equally so.

      • I’m not a raw food person by any stretch of the imagination so please take this with grain pf salt – I know nothing about it. I do however use this once a day because it’s the only way I can get breakfast happening when I’m in the morning haze – garden of life raw vegan meal replacement (only for me it’s missing meal manifestation and I get to maintain my organic food please stance :).

        Apparently people complain because it’s gritty but if you add a bit more liquid than they recommend and blend it for longer than you would a normal smoothie it’s fine.

    • Good for you that you are brave and inspired to do so. The raw vegan concept is millenia old and so relevant to now. The Essene Gospel of Peace supposedly translated decades ago put forward the possibility of this amongst the essenes. I remember my mother’s interest in the essenes and later Leslie kenton’s raw food books. My most admired person though is Ann Wigmore, she really epitomise radical as far as raw food is concerned. I am not vegan as I have a three year old, but surprisingly a fair quantity of our food is raw.

      • I love ann wigmore too, I want to go to her training facility in Puerto Rico. Kimberly Snyder has a site with lots of recipes inspired by her and I like chef ahki too because she emphasizes greens/alkalinity so much.

        Ann wigmores life story is pretty crazy too. She was a classic Pisces and a beautiful person.

    • Do watch low fat. Make sure you have an intake of the right omegas no matter what. You need those long chains!

  11. Yep, I joined the gym yesterday and signed up for 4 intro one on one sessions to get started correctly. I’m 11 Aries moon and 12 Aries sun and know I need a body full of muscle and water to channel Uranus and every other damn thing that is hitting me. Used to work out but then got hit by car and spent last year moving across country. Also signed up with a writing coach whose sole purpose it to make me use my writing muscles every single morning. I can’t slack off at all. My Saturn and Mdh is Scorpio. This cardinal cross is going to slam into my north node Cap in 12th and south node conj URANUS in Cancer in 6th soon enough. I feel like the cosmos is playing pool with me and hitting every single ball straight on. Do or Die time.

  12. I lost 15kg last year by removing grain based carbs from my diet and moderate exercise so maybe I got the message early. The last few weeks have been awful due to going through a grief process around relationships – healthy eating went out the window and I put on 2kg having become a carb eating machine. Bit over it now and feeling the momentum to get back into the healthy lifestyle that I know works for me …

    Oddly enough, just a couple of days ago I was seriously considering selling my car. It’s nothing flash, but it’s relatively new and still under finance. Posted up something about it on FB and amazing the flurry of comments from people who carried on like I was considering selling one of my kidneys. Fuqing ridiculous how dependant people are on the idea of a car. Most of the negative commentators didn’t bother to read my notes about my lifestyle (and hence why I probably don’t actually need a car) and jumped straight into projecting their own shite onto the subject. *rolls eyes* …. that’s another thing, people and their bullshit is really starting to grate.

    My 2014 plans are still pretty loose. Aside from toying with being carless (will certainly help the fitness and finances), am also considering dipping my toe into the arena of community services work as a career. Neptune is doing a long slow dance through my 10th house which is ruled by Aqua but the majority of the house is taken up by Pisces. So the idea of shifting careers has been with me now for a good few years. Tried the art angle and couldn’t stand it – too much ego wankism. Just wasn’t for me. I may be artistic, but I’m far too practical (Cancer Sun 2nd house) to identify with something as ephemeral as art as a career. I appreciate other artists work, but it’s just not something that suits me personally. Graphic design is the best expression of art plus practicality, but I’ve been doing that for nearly 20 years and like I said … Neptune has been itching at me for something with greater …. purpose or whatever.

    And joy of joys, I now have a great big whopping Pluto Sun opposition along my 8th/2nd house axis to contend with. I can already “feel” what it’s about – carving out a new sense of self identity. Have done a LOT of inner work over the past few years, purging enormous amounts of old ideas, beliefs, wounds yadda yadda. Now it’s time to establish a new identity based on a more authentic connection to self. And Pluto’s onside to help me do just that.

    Watch this space ….. 😉

    • …. and sorry there wasn’t too much in there about muscles and for the length of the rant. Have been so shut down and non expressive for the past month that I just had to purge! :mrgreen:

      • WOW that is interesting with the reactions to the car thing. I don’t have one. Walking/public transport is RAD for you and the environment.

        ALso in general, i would just like to say that i get some excellent recipes from Thug Kitchen.

        • I sold my car last year and currently rely on public transportation. I’m almost debt free now and lost 10 pounds from all the walking. I may not always live in a place where this is feasible, but I love that I’ve reduced my carbon footprint and have money freed up for other things.

        • Me too!
          Was “forced” to sell both my SLK 350 platinum convertibles which was only car poor little Paris Hilton clone would drive. Yeah.
          I had one here in the UK and one in CT in a garage I rented from my dad (he used to pretend he didn’t drive it but the milage would rocket up inexplicably somehow:) but I could simply not afford to have a car, pay car tax, numerous parking tickets (sag moon and rag rising lol) speeding fines, fuel costs and the stress of being constantly late.

          It hurt like hell for a while because fuq handbags that car was my ego! It was not a mode of transport but rather how I defined myself.
          Could not imagine owning a car now.
          What a hassle.
          So much happier without it. Really.

          My dad has his own one to drive now..
          He was v anti me selling mine but i don’t think was able to comprehend the level of poverty and debt I’d slipped into when he showed me his new one during a Skype call. Lol
          Love you dad, you big dork!

          I did used to love driving but I wasn’t as good at it as I thought and genuinely prefer not having a car now. They do represent our egos I think and they are status symbols which drop in value rather drastically. I understand people with kids or who live in areas without reliable public transport need them but I sure as hell do not need or want a car.

          • Cars are the worst health choices we make. Every time I’ve owned one, my weight has gone up dramatically. Lose the car, lose the weight.

            It’s not just physical health either. Without a car, one way or another you’re out in the world soaking up the sunshine and other weather, not getting vitamin D deficient, learning what your neighbours look like and interacting with people.

            No wonder people find not owning one threatening.

      • Not a rant PC!!
        Very inspiring, as I have to lose 10 -12 kg to help my pre diabetic condition, and have just started an eating plan with very low carb intake. I just hope I can keep it up, as on holiday now, but have a stressful job, and tend to eat when stressed, in a hurry, don’t have time to prepare meals…

        • See my other epic post to CCA below … it applies to dietary changes and weight loss and is the approach I took to changing my lifestyle.

    • That’s interesting about the carlessness. I went from being on my 3rd BMW in a decade to not having a car for almost a year in 2013. So it’s a jump in mindset but it’s totally doable and frees you up tons. Saved so much money during that time. Living where I do and pursuing the work I do however, being without a car is not very realistic or efficient. So I chose to get a car again. I got a hybrid, saves me so much in fuel and just overall car cost so I’m happy I made the choice. Hope your plans work out well for you, good luck with everything!

    • This new career shift sounds interesting prowlncarb.
      I’ve never owned a car! Last time I drove a vehicle was when I lived at home – 26 years ago!!

      Definitely helps with fitness and finances 🙂

    • Hey ProwlnCrab. Well done on your epic weight loss – whooo!- and on getting through this past month. Sometimes we just need these down times in the journey to pause and be with how we feel – it’s a way of processing too, as much as being in a more results-obvious warrior phase. (Strikes me as characteristically crab gait too – sideways, sideways, forwards!!)

      I spent most of last year without a car too and felt so much more connected with my surroundings and other people. I discovered new buildings, developments, things going on. I felt part of life and a broad community again as well as getting way fitter and saving money.

      I will probably get a car sooner or later as I need one for carting pictures between exhibition venues (and I hear you about the art world – I’m new to it and find the focus on ego & self-promotion depressing at times). BUT if I do, I like to think I’ll still use public transport for the reasons above.

      Good luck with your Pluto transformations! Is it perverse to say that it sounds like fun? I’ve just had Pluto in my 1st square my Venus and Pluto so I know about the get real challenges to identity! I like to think I’m a bit fiercer now haha! All the best xx

    • I just got through with a Pluto-Progressed Sun conjunction in the 8th House and it engineered many changes in my life, but its final message was about self and identity and my need to take up my due space in this world.

      I didn’t struggle with this transit nearly as much as I have with Saturn, but I think that’s because Pluto is much more integrated in my natal chart than Saturn is. How is Pluto positioned in your natal?

      One thing’s for sure, you won’t be the same person after you get done with this transit. It’ll pare away all the deadwood that is obscuring your soul’s purpose. A great relief, actually.

    • I live in your town, Prowlers and i get the wide eyed flak from people as well. It’s a bit of a pain in this town, but if noone does it, transport will never change. I can’t wait for my chariot of freedom of movement at some point, but i feel right not owning one just yet, just to prove it is possible to live. I mean, people act as though you might actually die without a car. But i restored health and i think this is a part of the health jigsaw puzzle. (I started using my car differently for three years before i sold it, as health issues interfered with my ability to drive at times.)

      • Blue Moon, I had a Porsche Cayman S. Got divorced and could not keep her. To sell her hurt more than the divorce of hubby number two. Way more! But she had to go for hard up cash reasons. Saying that though, I have had to keep a car due to work and being out in the wilds for over four years. No vehicle no life at all. But if I am truly honest I would have that car back in an instance. I still can’t look at one now! I’m in LZ mode for my Cayman. And as for keeping the weight down, I always drive off to find some remote route to go run and therefore the pounds just stay off.

  13. Paying off hecs, zero balance on my credit card, drinking more water, increasing cardio, weights, enough sleep, reading in my favourite spot at home. Chiron conjunct moon in Taurus – I am my own guru on this.

  14. Last year I tried to follow a “to-be list”, 6 items rotating every two months. This year I made another one. To-be lists are good for soul cleaning but this post made me realize that I need a goal-list to survive this year’s ZZ.

  15. I already discussed some of my stuff in this space and previous, but I’m planning on perfecting being in the 5am club this month so I can enjoy the fruits of that decision this year. Huge thing for me because sleep is one of my biggest things. But Being time poor is not what I’m going for. It will give me the time to meditate, journal, and rotate some workouts. No excuses on that front. I have a lot to work through this year so time is important.

    Financial fitness is huge for me this year. I’ve planned everything out so at least I have a good guideline to fall back on.

    I wish I had something interesting to add about diet/nutrition but Im good with where I am at – my energies are focused more on outer physical and financial fitness.

    Snake year was good for me in setting up good habits and releasing dead weight peeps. Lighter, freer on lots of levels. Super nourishing for my Sun and Moon.

  16. The big thing for me is conviction – I want to want to change, not just talk about it but own it.
    It’s not something I am very good at for myself – yet.
    I’d love any thoughts on how to achieve personal conviction to follow through.

    • I was reading some brain research article the other day which revealed how willpower is relatively useless for making long term lifestyle changes. Which is why the majority of people fail to achieve their goals.

      Will power is only useful as a short term motivator, but it can’t sustain itself in the long term – our brains just aren’t made that way.

      I found that the best way to make long term change is to get help. Find people or groups or professionals who model the new behaviour and can lay out a step by step plan. Keeping in regular contact helps reinforce the new (difficult) path and provides motivation and inspiration to keep going.

      Be prepared for internal resistance – there’s always some kind of internal resistance from the subconscious which is incredibly conservative and not remotely interested in supporting you in your new changes. It will undermine you left right and centre – anything from convincing you that the new positive changes are a waste of time to putting you in a biochemical brain fog to force you to stop. Emotional crap rises to the surface and needs to be dealt with.

      Get help, don’t try to do stuff alone, stay connected and stay accountable. Sometimes baby steps are enough to start with.

      Oh and remember it takes minimum 3 months to create new synaptic links in the brain so that new behaviour becomes “normal”. It takes up to 2 YEARS to undo an old synaptic pathway and for the old behaviour to be truly left behind.

      Good luck 🙂

      • Thanks so much – much gentler way of looking at the situation which is definately part of what I am learning about lately.

        Naming the internal resistance is helpful makes it feel less all encompassing.

      • Yes thanks PC, and as a matter of fact, I am doing it with a naturopath, who made the food plan up for me, with a streamlined list of suggestions for what I can eat.

        This definitely helped me do what I couldn’t do by myself. I am doing a course of consultations which as you say, should help keep me on track.

        I hope I can lose as much weight as you!! I want my old body back!!

        • WOW prowlncrab. Thanks so much for that post. I didn’t know a lot of that and it’s really helpful for me as I try to create changes at the moment. Arigato and have a kickin 2014.

    • Hey CCA – I subscribe to a newsletter by US coach Martha Beck and was just reading this today. You may find it useful:

      The other really good advice I try to follow was from a fitness guru. She said it’s not willpower or conviction or motivation that gets you through – it’s consistency. Just get up and do the same thing every day regardless of how you feel. I find if I start with this then the motivation comes once I start seeing good results. Good luck!

      • Nice – get up and do the same thing every day!
        I will try that for when I am at work…

      • Thanks Chrysalis

        Just checked out the site 😉

        I agree with consistency – it was only a few months ago I did my first very mini triathlon after boot camping 2 x a week. Then I stopped going and am again looking for the magic solution to get up and go.

        Thanks for getting me think this through some more

        • Oh wow that’s fantastic, I should be asking you for tips on achieving goals!
          I don’t know your astro… I am a multi-Pisces and I know this is a bit less-than- haute but sometimes I have found ‘fuq the haters’ an excellent motivator. I am routinely underestimated because I am considered flaky and ‘soft’ and it gives me great pleasure to watch some people’s shock when I accomplish something kick-arse 🙂

          • My strategy to date is to start something get really fired up achieve it a bit and crash – would not recommend it unless studying for an exam.

            Time to value consistency and routine ????.

            Not sure how a cap cap aqua moon struggles as much as I do with “just do it”

            Seriously, thanks for your thoughts – most appreciated

        • The biggest motivator is that you’re excited about you’re doing, continue learning and studying, and setting a daily schedule to devote to your career/interest/project. The habits of a good student to achieve your goal. Read success stories. I’m on linked in. I enjoy reading Richard Branson and Deepak Chopra. There’s so many motivating articles in linked in.

  17. I’m doing happiness this year for my fitness program. My dietary choices are based on, What makes me happy? I went without eating processed sugar for YEARS, and then thought desserts sounded like a happy thing. They are not. Sugar is addictive. I’ll stick with fruits. But bread? Specifically, my favorite bagels toasted and spread with butter and (real) jam? That’s pretty happy. Beef? No. Chicken raised by the nice Amish family? Yes. Raw milk and eggs from chickens tended by the over-worked farm family? Still deciding. With all this testing of traditional foods, I find myself longing for summer and the simplicity of a handful of berries and nuts for a meal. But 2014 is my testing out traditional (organic, unprocessed, bought from people whose names I know, prepared at home) foods until I find the balance between emotionally happy foods and physically happy food.

  18. Interesting article. I really think it was written more to appeal to men though. Most women fear putting on muscle as much as they fear putting on fat. While I would personally love muscular to be the new status symbol, I’m going to assume the article is more about men putting on muscle and women trying to be skinny bullshit again. The Ronda Rouseys and Sarah Robles types out there never get a much ohhhs-aaahhs about their bodies despite being top notch and FIT athletes!

    I’m already in shape and active and hope to stay more in shape and active. The main thing I’m fighting is boredom. I want to find something that chellenges me mentally. I did that with some parkour training last year but it’s barely enough. I’ve got a debt I need to pay down.
    So far this sea plants diet has been a great thing for me. I’m looking at continuing it. No need to fix something that isn’t broken.

    • Paying down debt is a wonderful mental challenge. Finding new ways to conserve and create money to hasten the end of the debt is one of the most challenging and rewarding things I know.

      • As a Libran I guess I’m not particularly thrilled about this hobby, but I also see the wisdom in pursuing it. It’s sort of like getting excited about getting your teeth cleaned. So yeah, I don’t love it, but with Saturn cruizing your 2nd house, what else can you do?

        • I have saturn natal in my second house and i actually LOVE going to the dentist (for the maintenance visits). could also be the cap moon calling.

          • I fucking love going to the dentist too, I’d choose a dental appointment over a hair appointment any day (dental pain is short lived, hair trauma can last for decades…)

            • teeth cost a lot more to fix after a period of neglect too. best to keep on top of those things. plus feral teeth = massive turnoff.

              • Cap rising and love my Dentist, and yes, he’s gorgeousness, also paid him my Feastmoney Xmas eve emergency visit for mouth not actual teeth. Teeth i seriously notice on a person and don’t understand why politicians in the media don’t spend on their teeth for those off mouths of theirs. Teeth tell me much about a person. 2 smokers at Xmas dinner with heavy nicotine stains.
                Is it ok today to friends ‘get your teeth CLEANED’! It is the one of the many costs of smoking, when i smoked (so proud of myself for quitting) it was a granted to have them professionally cleaned regularly.

    • increasing muscle doesn’t mean overdoing it and becoming too beefy, on top of the fact its harder for women to put on muscle and its hard for anyone to overdo it since it takes a while, muscle is a really really good thing and helps keep off unhealthy fat and a bunch of other health benefits I don’t remember, a good muscle/strength base makes everything vaguely better health wise, muscle just makes everyone look hotter too, maybe just stop at regular pull ups and push ups if your a girl doing upper body stuff, but you cant overdo squats at least

      • also, usually when people think a girl is “too” muscular, unless its about the arms/shoulders, its not the actual muscle per se that looks jarring or weird, its the freakishly low bf percent, people look a bit better with at least a bit of fat

        • lol! I’m a freak. The people who say women can’t put on muscle easily haven’t met me yet. I have alarmingly high amounts of natural testosterone in my blood and I put on muscle like crazy. I really do have to dial things back. As it is, clothing doesn’t fit well in the shoulders. And any time I size up that means the waist is baggy. Knits are my friends.
          Right now, I’m not so big, but when I was bigger I know it freaked out guys. I’m not super low fat though beause I’m not into gyms or living off of whey protein shakes. I have a normal amount of fat. My sister’s nickname for me used to be “Man-back”.

          • ohhh ok haha, hmm maybe just don’t progress upper body stuff but keep doin squats, I dunno, getting muscle too fast sounds like a good problem to have ha

    • Off topic, but Rhonda Rousey wtf?! I watched her in a fight last weekend & at the end of it, after she won, the loser extended her arm to shake hands & Rhonda just kind of went “pffft”, stuck her nose in the air, turned around & walked away! Baaaad form. I thought she was Pro? Please.

      • i saw that too. I don’t know if she huffed the same thing Miley Cyrus is huffing and just thinking this kind of shit raises her career or what? Hard to be humble or something these days??? I heard Cyrus was knocking Beyonce saying she’s all washed up now that she’s a mom and all.

        • wow. young women (and men, and OK just society in general) = i include my younger self in this – really need to get some respect for the Motherhood. Fear of baby , regardless of decisions around what we want, drives some really shit attitudes in my experience – not just my past attitudes, which can in turn make us avoid healthy relationships and turn our backs on the totality of others’ life -experiences. and the most vital of all, making people.

          • Am re-posting this after some editing because I feel strongly about this and I didn’t say it very well the first time:

            wow. young women (and men, and OK just society in general) – and I include my younger self in this – really need to get some respect for the Motherhood. Fear of baby , regardless of whatever empowered and informed decisions around what we ultimately want as men and women re children, drives some really shit attitudes in my experience, and I don’t just mean my own past attitudes. I believe this (misinformed fear-based judgement about having a child, maybe based on shitty things we witnessed our own younger parents dealing with) can in turn make us avoid healthy relationships in favour of those which make it easier to decide not to have children. And turn our backs on the totality of others’ life experiences. And then judge other women as numbskull social dropouts for having a child. When in fact these are the ONLY people imo to actually tune IN to real life, happening right there in front of them. but we judge the shit out of them. WHY? Does anyone else get what I am saying here?

              • I get where you’re coming from pi. I have no desire to have children but I realise it is a normal biological function that others engage in and enjoy. I have respect for the motherhood. I do think that you may have things a bit skew whiff re people who choose to breed being the only ones who are in tune with life though. Interesting choice of words.They are in tune with an aspect of the gamut of human life experiences possible meanwhile others are in tune with life in other ways. We are all alive doll, all experiencing life. I know you’re not meaning it in this way but the way you’re saying that implies there’s a hierarchy and I could not disagree more. We are all adults (hopefully 🙂 making choices and considering our options. For some that involves children, for others it does not. Respect for both camps in society at large needs to undergo an overhaul as far as I’m concerned.

              • I forgot to say if you want to frame things as being about being in tune with real life – one of the reasons I choose not to have children is that I don’t believe the planet needs any more people. This is something I’ve considered at length and my choice stems from my own personal connection with real life and the planet’s ongoing ability to sustain it. We’re all on different paths with different outlooks and although I understand where you’re coming from re people who make choices based in fear of something or whatever, not all those who choose to abstain are working at an autonomic level.

        • That was adamantly denied by Miley, totally made-up.
          Celebrity media wanting to fill up pages with replies answers and denials, hon.
          LIke having Sean Penn mating with Charlize Theron when they are probably making biz deals or joining causes for Haitian children.

      • Agreed. Bad sportsmanship! Women can be the worse to their own kind. Men can sniff out women who only like men and shun or put other women down. Yuck

  19. Well this year really is now or never for me. Neptune’s about to do my Pisces stellium in 7th and Pluto’s almost on my Cap moon-Lilith-Eros-Juno conjunction. Plus I’ll have Jupiter on my ascendant.
    I made a vision board for Operation Full Power 2014. It covers everything, but top of the list is losing the 8-10kg of wine / party weight I seem to have acquired in 2013. Even my ‘fat’ clothes are too tight and I feel revolting. So it’s back to yoga and Pilates and proper weights/cardio. No excuses this time.
    Also, my new obsession is podiatry. It is a revelation. The practitioner who is fixing my dodgy ankle said she is having huge success treating people’s migraine headaches by working on their feet. Like osteo it seems to have a powerful effect on my emotions/releasing old psychic crap. I am adding podiatry to my self-care regime and scheduling up the year ahead.

    • Ok, that was helpful – thanks Chrysalis ! Neptuner in hard aspect (fixed squares) natal, coming to square natal Mars by transit. Weird foot ailments coming & going, not to mention recent head-splitters with these confounded squares aggravating natal Saturn in Aries. On it, ty !

      • Honestly Rox it was quite startling. After the first treatment I needed rest and water. I’d be interested to know how / if it helps you too!

    • podiatry… hmm. I was considering seeing a podiatrist – first time ever omg i feel like an 80 year old not that there’s anything wrong with that – as i am worried about a potential foot thing after the usual high heels scenario. plus as a pisces you know, maybe a podiatrist/reflexologist/pedicurist (sheesh, that’s a whole clinic worth of foot specialists OMG ANOTHER IDEA *adds to endless list*) is to a pisces as a hairdresser is to a Leo…?

      so what did your person do that was amazing? am curious. x

      • To be honest Pi she probably just did what any practitioner would have done to address my issues, and by doing some much-needed loosening/unblocking, it affected other areas of my body. There was nothing special as such but the effect on me certainly was. She reports this kind of reaction all the time from her patients yet says there isn’t ‘evidence’ to support what she sees. I bet other podiatrists would see the same thing. I imagine it’s the whole ‘western medicine/compartmentalising the body’ issue yet again.

    • i’ve never been to a podiatrist but when I had my (sweet jesus so painful) dislocated foot put back in my vision was immediately crystal clear. chiro just nodded and smiled. so enigmatic they are. but later my acupuncturist told me there’s a point in the middle of the front of your foot that you can press to improve vision. MENTAL. Pisces MC rates the peeps who can work magic on the trotters.

      • anon! any chance you want to share who your acupuncturist is, if s/he is not hideously expensive?

        also can one just ask an acupuncturist to bring about a certain effect in our body.!?!!? the only acupuncturists I have ever dealt with are chinese with limited command of English (whatever, but it means clear communication is an issue), and one guy who was hideously expensive, and basically talked about himself and how great he was most of the time, like i give a shit dude, when I am paying you $150 (never again) it’s your job to listen to ME ..

        • you’ve hit the jackpot pi 🙂 but mine is so awesome and cheap that they get booked up weeks in advance and I try to keep it on the down low. If you want will create a faux email so we can hook up that way and I’ll give you their deets. Is totally doable on a student budget.

          • you reckon an acupuncturist can fix a blocked tear duct?

            It’s driving me MENTAL!!! 😥

  20. I too am already doing some exercise; however, I’m going to ramp it up a notch (BIG TIME) by doing my first marathon in October; have already started my exercise journal…

  21. Yay to it being the year of the Horse, too. Super pumped about that! We’re so vain, lol but I’m thinking that’s no coincidence given the muscular but skittish nature of horses. Very ZZ.
    But, fyi, just started getting into a training regime called Tacfit before Xmas, which was working very well. They refer to ‘functional mobility’, ie., doing exercises that are informed by our natural movements. It was designed for first responders so the people in the class are a good looking cross section of those industries, as an added bonus : D
    Was def helping with a shoulder issue I’d had lingering for years *but* gave me more muscle definition in 4 weeks than anything else has in years. Plus, it has a mental challenge component so has some Mercurial magic.
    Am actually looking forward to getting back into it next week. No, am not financially affiliated with these people in any way, shape or form. Just sayin’.
    But… have really come to the conclusion that it’s easier and more effective to eat properly (whatever your version of that is) than it is to have to try to correct your weight via exercise.
    It’s taken me 47 years to admit this so it has been a bitter pill to swallow (no pun intended) and, as a Piscean, discipline is not my strong suit.
    But yes, I hope this one is a good one for all the members of this enlightened community. Mystic you’re on point as always. A huge thank you for keeping me sane in 2013. xox

  22. LOVE this! I have always lived frugal, even when I could afford so much more expensive things.

    AGREED paid off house is so hot!

    I don’t do tons of carbs, gluten free for many years and don’t fill my diet with substitutes except on rare occasion. I walk, but need to step up on everything else.

  23. Yes to more exercise and less alcohol and high sugar/processed food.
    Regular meditation and yoga.
    Swimming laps 1-2 times a week and more walking and bike riding.
    Lots more art and a show!
    Learning digital and web design

  24. Just been watching some TED talks about motivation. The main message is just do it. Doesn’t matter how – just do it.
    So I will
    keep up the aversion to alcohol – don’t need it
    Get to gym 2-3 times a week espesh if i don’t feel like it
    start in group fitness to meet new (hot) peeps
    take 10 mins out of day to think nothing
    measure my results with fitness app
    journal everything
    Stick to boundaries around relationships

    opening up a new brain gym that I will design myself

  25. Yes totally on this vibe mm! So much exciting energy around the fitness thing! I hit some goals last year and have some more to do this year… Planning on enjoying myself s lot while doing it!

  26. For me, its BML , Mars, Moon in Gemini conj. the ASC- its TRX, advanced pilates , no carbs, probiotic( the gemini) and Aloe vera juice!!!

  27. Toward the end of 2013 I noticed that I had, without any real conscious decision, started practicing intuitive eating and it has been amazing. I have never been overweight, but have struggled with being underweight and yo-yoing up to the top of my healthy weight range, and as a result have struggled with having a healthy relationship to food. I think what prompted the change was the radical shift in routine/my life that happened with a big move to another state and looking for a new job, that I just wasn’t *thinking* too hard about what I was eating, I just ate what I wanted and stopped when I was full. Since that’s happened, I feel SO MUCH MORE at home in my body! I love how I look — I’ve only lost a few pounds, but I feel like I look like I *should* look, if that makes sense. And I feel a tremendous sense of freedom now that I know I can trust my body. So simple, and yet such a hard thing to achieve (it’s taken me almost 15 years!)

    So, as for food, I’m all for MORE of that. I started taking a similar approach to exercise, too, and that’s been really laboring (I find there’s something depressing in forcing myself to workout all the time.) I want to step up my fitness, though, so I think I’m going to modify my approach to getting into more of a set routine in terms of WHEN I work out, but allow myself freedom to do the activity that I *feel* like doing. I work best in most areas of my life with some structure, but not too much! Too much freedom makes me lazy, overwhelmed and listless, but not enough makes me very rebellious!

    Other goals — more greens, less sugar, more sex, less anxiety, more joy, less debt, more tattoos, more passion, more power!

    • YES! Intuitional eating.
      The body tunes into what it NEEDS rather than what it WANTS.
      As an experiment, group of peoples grew all their own food and their children went to the garden and ate their veggies raw on the spot. Some days they only went for carrots, other days tomatoes.

  28. That strong and healthy person coming out of the used Honda thing just flipped a switch in my brain. Fabulous. That is who I want to be. 🙂

  29. My diet revolves around non use of PLASTIC.
    How i hate plastic glad wrap, tuppaware, take-away containers, drink bottles etc.
    If you eliminate anything that comes with any kind of plastic, anything tinned, you are left with Real Food. Stopping smoking has given me the reward of tits & ass, so they must weigh a combined 3 kilos 🙂
    First and only time i ate a mac hamburger, spat it out as it felt like eating cottonwool.
    A Health Guru seminar in ’72 said ‘eat nothing white & purchase a juice extractor, intermittent fasting, no meat’. After a week couldn’t pass a butcher shop w/o feeing nauseous.
    That changes when travelling as it’s polite to eat what locals eat and not refuse what is put in front of you, even if it’s squares of boiled pig’s blood, if that’s what the tribe deems gourmet.
    Have never lost or gained more than 3 kilos since 16 yo. Never calorie counted besides it’s pointless.
    Do you know there are countless children who don’t know chips comes from a potato as have never seen one. HUH?
    Good posture really counts as does simply ‘bracing’ (pulling navel to backbone), can be done waiting for traffic lights or in cues in markets.
    Do PC pumps as well, keeps the internals toned whilst doing nothing much, just isometrics. Feels good too!
    Give nothing to the banks, instead use Bank Mattress = no debt.

    Idealistic Sagg is more ideal than real.

    • A hearty greeting to your tits & ass, Pegs! Welcome, welcome, curvaceous lovelies… I posted below, then started reading from the bottom up– bottoms up! A hahaha

      I never wrote about smoking until I stopped doing it. You? Well, it hasn’t been long for either of us. Not for me, anyhow.

      I did the burn a list thing on the new moon, and no, I didn’t inhale 😉 Ya, feels pretty good.

  30. “It takes a muscle to fall in love *beep beep*” (M.I.A.) The heart’s a muscle– I think that was the muscle she was referring to. That’s what I told my son, anyhow, when he heard the song.

    The tongue’s a muscle, too. So are butt cheeks. Cheeky.

    In the privacy of my home I would chatter incessantly as a youngster. They called me muscle mouth, or motor mouth. As a teen it was metal mouth, & by then I didn’t have shit to say to anyone at home anymore.

    I have now two weeks under my (black) belt as a non-smoker, & one trigger to my propensity for fire breathing has revealed itself to me: my parents. LOL

    We are physically snowed in, & I’m heavily under the influence of my own personal astro transit blizzards. Scheming like a royal mofo, power sleeping, endurance training, eating me spinach. *buff*

    Happy 2014, astro fiends! Which way to the gun show? 😛

  31. Coincidently am just finishing a book by Australian author Caroline Hamilton called ‘Consumed’. Cover says ‘a sensuous tale of food, madness & revenge.
    A few amazing hints-recipes in it.

  32. This year, definitely doing what I know works too!

    Body Movement: Starting every day with some stretching and at least some Pilates moves! Doing the tantra shake! Being even more active!

    Food Intake: Consistently keeping fresh fruits and veg available and in sight at all times! Listening for my little “burp” which is a definitely signal from my divine body that I’ve had just enough to feel good. (yes, it comes and I only started to realise it when I was doing silent vipsassana mediation 10 days where i would eat quietly and talk to no one!)

    Mind Intake: Continue to be selective about what I consume, choose inspirational, development oriented content. Finding humour and things to laugh about! Continue to focus on the positive intentions and let the others go by the wayside!

    Sharing with Others: Taking it to the next step and sharing what I have learned with others – teaching them what I know to be true! Share appreciation via cards more often (i already do this, but more often because it feels soooo good).

    Self Care: Choosing the best most flattering clothes that I feel the best in, every day! Taking more baths, getting back into using aromatherapy to help support my beauty and care regimen. Nurturing my body and telling myself “I love you” when i am looking into the mirror, washing my body or my face.

    Valuing My Time: This one is huge for me. If I value my time and energy, I then hold the space for someone else to also value my time and energy. Letting go of any last bit of limiting beliefs about my value, my worth and making money!

    Overall really building on what I have been working on, just taking it to the next level!

    Thank you! 🙂

  33. Woah dude! Just seen this post. Must have missed it before!
    I am so there.
    My goals are Health
    Financial Fitness
    (Work my North Node like a laboratory cuz it feels awesome)

    This whole, inner health and beauty over exterior is REALLY working for me.
    I just woke up literally giggling because I had a cool, funny and super awesome dream that was so my “natal Jupiterian ” that at some point I began to laugh at myself and that’s what woke me up.

    Green goop drink (wheatgrass,spirolina, Moringa power plus high end probiotics and digestive enzymes are doing great things for my system.
    Organic Carrots are my latest craving. I know right??? Insane lol
    Oh and think I’m pescatarian now. Is that even a word?
    I can’t explain why but the idea of consuming the flesh of any other animal (including, humans, cows and sheep:) sets my gag reflex on high alert.
    I feel amazing and I’m so pleased I got sick because I’m rebuilding myself on so many levels from the inside.
    Yesterday I needed to buy some washing up liquid so even tho I felt sluggish and sloth like, I combed my unwashed hair into a long plait, put on pillar box red lipstick, a beret and the sort of earrings Frieda Kahlo would have worn and strode forth to the supermarket.
    Everyone outside looked really sick and unhealthy, which is totally how I was feeling inside, even if not looking it on the outside. I got the sense that my life was almost beginning anew. A voice in my head said, “you came down from a very high place, fell into a very low place then you voluntarily dropped yourself into the very darkest and slimiest, most frightening region to be found which is why you’ve needed to numb yourself down. Because it hurts to do that since you are extremely sensitive and ignoring your pain was the only option but now you know you can deal with the dark and the slimy, you don’t have to stay there. You were born to help others who are trapped there and you have the strength and the empathy to do it.”


    I should probably get out more

    • hi BM. “ignoring your pain was the only option” i get this. thanks for those words – we’re in different worlds but i think this helps to explain the way i have lived the past while.
      ignoring the pain, or just dealing with it in tiny tiny bites. so it takes longer but it’s manageable.

  34. um, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of potato. probably more wrong with “a lot” of potato. humans do need carbohydrates for energy… then again i’m sure you’re not judging or whatever Mystic, just sharing your personal approach..
    me, I utterly refuse to go food-fascist on my life. Have done it before, in my 20s, occupied my self-esteem to uncomfortable proportions. my brain has way better things to deal with. healthy balanced eating yes, irrational fear of carbs! swimming laps and walking everywhere can take care of the rest.

    • having said this i do feel the rocky montage thing still (posted before) quite strongly and a key motivator for full-time work is to pay for boxing training and pilates 2x weekly. I want my thighs back.

        • Thanks for this info Serenity…there are a few boxing places in the suburb I’m now living and I’ve been thinking about giving it a try.

    • Yes Pi, I’m also saying no to food-fascism these days. I think I started in my 20s, what was that book where you didn’t mix fruit with veg… That’s where it started for me. I’m surprised to see all this go-for-the-burn muscle stuff is back, a la Jane Fonda… treadmill at the desk and whatnot.

      • Don’t knock Jane Fonda’s workout! It is basically pilates, and it worked a treat when I was in my 20s, and still does now I am in my 50s. The “burn” does not mean risking injury: In fact, in the past year it has helped me heal (a) upper and (b)lower leg injuries I got from (a) a fall, and (b) jogging.

        What’s not to love about the strong bones, long lean ballet dancer-type muscles all over and awesome metabolic rate it gives you in half the time most other forms of exercise require to get the same results?

        You get to drink wine, eat cheese and potatoes or bread or whatever it is you personally fancy, every day, and still fit into the same sized jeans you wore decades ago. That’s WHY I like it: no self-denial involved.

    • Yes! I have found SO much more happiness eating whatever the eff I feel like rather than worrying about it because, as it turns out, I *CAN* actually trust myself with food to know when I’m full and want healthy things! But my body — and more importantly, my SOUL — also wants pasta and cream and french fries, too. But I find I eat sensible amounts of those things when they’re not verboten. And I’d rather be a size 4/6 because I exercise and eat pasta and drink wine or whiskey then a size 0/2 who exercises and eats macrobiotic or strict paleo and is a teetotaler. Which isn’t at all to shame or bash people who eat differently and are thinner (or larger, for that matter!) Plenty of people don’t get the same heady sensual pleasure out of food and drink that I do — they get a different buzz out of self-discipline, or they simply like to eat that way. The point is, all of our bodies are not only different, but we’re all different people with different needs and priorities….and I need wine and cheese! 🙂

      • The French way Darling, the French way…
        Eat whatever turns you on but never more that what fits in your palm.
        I believe good wine is very beneficial to the body
        when enjoying an excellent meal.
        ONe wouldn’t feel like wine in an Holistic Organic Wholefood rest, the body would would water from glaciers blessed by monks.
        Yes, to Soul Food. SOme of the so called ‘peasant dishes’ are delicious traditions made from beans ‘n greens.
        Thn there is creme caramel made by a Michelin Chef also soul food?

      • well said GFT. at least, I agree with your approach. I feel very uncomfortable around food puritanism. Don’t get me wrong. whole foods, fermented, whole-system thinking for food and nutrition i very much am interested in. But yes.
        btw I don’t know what a size 0 even is. That’s a size 4 in australia, which doesn’t exist as far as i know.

        • My food philosophy is now about eating clean and unprocessed. Never going to count a calorie again. All that “Improvement = diminishing” crap that women have been force-fed for decades and which ruled my life for most of my 20s/30s… fuq that.
          Saturn is coming up to square my Venus in Aqua in 6th and I really am going all planet warrior or something about health. Had a bizarre epiphany in the supermarket the other day. I think supermarkets might be the root of all sickness, truly.

  35. Been on Atkins for 20 years. Modified now. Lean fish, chicken and not as much beef these days. I have my green shake at least four times a week in the morning. The shake can be a combination of kale, chard, watercress, celery, carrots, apples, blueberries, chunks of ginger, bitter melon, mint, parsley, chia seeds, coconut oil, coconut milk Mainly green, it can look like liquid sludge. I’ve been taking vitamins forever I have added DMAE in the last five years every morning. I have been working out pretty much all my life. I am at four times a week even with my hip arthritis. I ran out of glucosamine chondroitin for a few weeks and I noticed the pain creeping in. I ordered a bunch of glucosamine/chondroitin from Puritans pride because they have a sale of 3 for 1. I’m 5 foot two and I have maintained my weight at 102 pounds. Since breaking up with my ex and no longer living with him, I am not forced to eat three meals a day. I eat when I’m hungry So I have maintained this weight for the past year. My body fat is a 12%. I have a lot of energy and my clothes fit perfectly. I don’t have any carbs. I don’t crave it at all. I’ve stopped craving it over 20 years ago When I started Atkins at that time I was training very hard and martial arts. Because of my arthritis I cannot train in martial arts or any high impact sports. My hip arthritis has also limited my gymnastics in the bedroom. The biggest change I’ve made is cutting down on alcohol considerably. I only have a drink when I go out with friends or go out for dinner. I do not drink at home. I made this promise to my daughter and myself when I got upset with a family problem and had too much wine. Over the holidays. I told myself I will never do that again. I also told myself I will not let my family affect me like that again. I have also set very clear boundaries with others. For example, I made it clear to someone that I am no longer giving her free tarot card readings. I will give when I want to and not when someone demands it In terms of my personal life, I am careful of which energies I allow into my space. I’m a true INFJ. I wake up in the morning with a thank you prayer, I tell myself I will do my best today and go to bed at night with a thank you prayer, I pray for the same things, I work with the downtrodden every day, and I have made some very clear intentions. 2013 was financially successful. I believe that 2014 will be more successful. All of this is about taking care of my emotional and spiritual well-being. The advice that I give others, I practice myself. I think the biggest change I’ve made is cutting out the alcohol, my mind has been clearer, my will is stronger, and I am able to manage my life responsibly. I have a 16 yo daughter. I think it’s so easy just to party life away and forget that we are adults and parents rather than teenagers. My life changed when I had my daughter. She grounds me. She’s the source of my joy. I do believe that people are doing their best however that is. I have a strong faith in God. I have seen money destroy relationships in my family. I have seen how it has made the women in my family turn into judging snotty bitches. I do well and live frugally.

    • Happy new year Serenity! thank you for sharing more about yourself… I hope the personal changes you have described here work beautifully for you 🙂

    • Serenity, that was a beautiful read 🙂 inspirational to me as well.
      More so, very motivational. The benefits of movement in form of an art. 10 years of classical ballet training from 5-15 years gave me a lifetime of body awareness that made it impossibility carrying any xtra weight, also no babies, and tho’ i’m way past post menopause, it didn’t happen except for not needing the Monthly Sea-Sponge
      Intimacy 🙂
      YOur letter tells me i can a whole lot better with more discipline and scheduling (Chiron in PIsces is dreaming me out in a wafts way-waiting for all the Cap to kick start me) and if you can do it so can i because your regime spelt SENSIBLE to me.
      THanx for the recommendation of Gluc-Chron.
      Cheers. YOur’e hot!

  36. I love the acknowledgement at the end, that this is nature, rather than something to be ashamed of and to deny.

    Embracing my total reality is 2014 for me.

  37. You’re so cool! I don’t believe I have rea through something like that
    before. So wonderful too find someone with ome genuine thoughtgs
    on this topic. Seriously.. thanks for starting this up.
    This website is something that’s needed on the internet,
    someone with a little originality!