You Might Find Yourself…

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Legs on beach with crab

The Full Moon mid-month is one of those super-intense, extended-play little bits of business. Count it as transmitting it’s Weird Rays from Tuesday. Boosted by Mars, it’s tres turbo. In the sign of the Crab, it’s ultra emotionally insightful. You can’t duck a feeling or shirk a task with this astro-crap. It is stimulating Bitch Goddess Lilith.Β  We’re all going to be bringing our best game to this thing. Subscribers, this is why the Horoscopes are more hyped than usual AND anticipate a special rant re this Full Moon on the Weekly Horoscopes page in a few days time. And do watch for pass-agg bitcherel in the meantime.




Top Image: Sheer Radiance pantyhose, American Vogue, April 1981.
Bottom Image: Jawbreaker

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19 thoughts on “You Might Find Yourself…

  1. Made major life changes in the past few years. Been in my new place for a year a few days before the full moon. Now I’m feeling lonely! I choose this. I have my space. I’m not meant to be lonely. Love the guidance from Mystic. Would be bumbling and stumbling without the awesome insights.

  2. Yay! My life revolution that i started 6 months ago is progressing and opportunities are lining up for the start of march. This FM bit of turbo is welcome!

  3. yeah, it’s non-stop emo insights por moi.. which featured yes, a pre-New Year’s eve dumping of the Bionic Cancer, that was my NON-pass agg response to his pass-agg crap. I did it LOVINGLY of course.

    And am still full of freshly poignant feelings for him as I’m pretty sure he is for me. But no. I’m not dragging tired old paradigms of a bygone era to this one.

    Quickly followed that with non-stop meditating..I mean I meditated in bed, at work, on the track, off the track. I set the iPod on random, I’d be in a full on sprint to Ellie Goulding’s Burn and mid-lop it would be Deepak going on about what feeds the heart.

    I’d reckon all my wordlessness has to do with this all, I’ve no hate for anything, only the grateful quietness of the very newly resurrected.

  4. Ohhh YAH it’s crazzzeee non-stop insights for me too. Weirding. Finding stuff. Newspaper clippings falling in my face etc, etc. And yeah, thinking a lot about the meditation thing too! Awareness etc. Weird as.

  5. … living in a shotgun shack!

    … behind the wheel of a large automobile!

    Had a good guffaw at your top image there, Mystic: a full moon in Kataka– in pink panties! Ahahaha So cheeky πŸ˜›

  6. thank you mystic i need this and i am really feeling that i have to be ruthless but also AWARE of feelings, so hard, usually i just shut down and plow through in times of challenge. Also i GET the bottom reference.

  7. Well my moon very recently progressed into Kataka and I swear I feel like a part of my psyche has had some kind of bolt on or mega upgrade that I don’t 100% know how to use yet. You like how if you’re a mac user every fuquin time you log on there’s some maverick genius snow leopard mountain goat crocodile and you think “but I wanna scroll down and up. This used to be so easy .. Grr! But also I’m way more sensitive (to my own feelings of course) I still don’t give a fuq about anyone else’s. My recently progressed sun into Scorpio and moon into Aqua might account for this. I dunno ..
    I’m avoiding doing my taxes right now. I should not be here. Sigh.
    I just feel so like sooooky goooooo goooooo wanna snuggle up ..
    What? I don’t snuggle. I hate that shitz. PDA’s used to give me the creeps. I’d think “oh get a room. How insecure are you guys having to do that in public?” Now I swear I actually feel pangs of envy.
    I’d better find a way to deal with this vibe cus apparently it’s gonna be around for the next two and a half YEARS ..
    Moon in Kataka oh. And just to make things even more gooooey its in my 8th house. That’s right on my frikken South Node dudes. I so do not feel like MORE fuqin past life yearning for you but can’t have you shitz.
    I’m just gonna focus on my North Node in the 2nd house in Capricorn and pull a Tamara Mellon meets Nigella meets Jane Fonda in latex vibe.
    Ok that’s a truly creepy image. I will do my taxes I think.

  8. Back to work today… see what shit comes by tomorrow, know there are loads of big changes happening

  9. Healing. Feeling a bit better. Walking away emotionally because he’s already walked away. With a smirk on his face knowing he used me as much as he could.

    Looking forward to term starting. Want to be surrounded by friends, work and opportunities.

    To single life.

  10. I’ve been feelings its weird rays since 1 January. It’s been non-stop emotional insights. Identifying past patterns, and feeling empowered that I will now allow those patterns to continue into the future. Some pretty tough stuff that I’ve waded through already.

    I’m feeling great – meditating, reiki, restoring my soul with beach time – not feeling the heaviness of the looming full moon like I usually do. But there’s still time I suppose πŸ™‚

  11. So my husband days, “I don’t know what you want.” And I, who characteristically cannot say what I feel, say “I don’t understand. I told you I don’t want to be married. What’s not to understand?”
    No anger. Moderate sadness. Who am I?