Mercury Retrograde And Pets

 Ellen Von Unwerth - Lana Del Rey

Mercury Retrograde and Pets?  It is not an official thing but it should be.

Perhaps assessing the companion animal situation should be a standard Mercury Retrograde warning, along with “back up thy data” and “don’t put your signature on anything that matters.”

The slapstick treachery of Mercury Retrograde is well known. U.F.O sightings & appliances breaking down. Mixed messaging where you go to forward your smutty yet so-hilarious observation re X to a friend but send it to X instead.

But Mercury Retrograde has another “side-effect” – weirdness around our companion animals.

Mercury Retrograde Heightened Possibilities

It is more likely that –

  • Pets run away or take up residence at your neighbours. Your relationship with the neighbours may not may not involve a weird dynamic or flirtation as you discuss the animal.
  • Animals will turn up at your place with the intention of charming their way into your abode.
  • You will feel inspired on impulse to acquire a new pet.  Bonus Mercury Retrograde points for it being an animal you’d always said you hated.
  • An animal companion who passed on already will visit you in a dream or similar manifestation. Perhaps this is because during Mercury Retrograde, “normal” transmission is somehow suspended?

In the last few weeks, I have noticed that the signs re lost pets are more prolific & twice, people have come to my door to ask if i own the rabbit they found or – weirdly – an axolotyl.

And coming home just now, there is a new sign up for a lost Lorikeet.

Is the mode for keeping birds in cages dying out? It seems so old-school.

It may be sad for the owner but i like to think that the lost lorikeet is having a Jupiter transit and currently soaring high above the Blue Mountains, catching the cross-winds and wilfully swooping into lavish valleys to feast on fresh bright-berries.  Thoughts?

Image: Ellen Von Unwerth Vogue Italia

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16 thoughts on “Mercury Retrograde And Pets

  1. Pegasus and other adelaidians… phew, what a freakin’ hot day/night – hope you haven’t had power outs like so many parts around here seem to be having…

    was in the ‘service sa’ for 45 mins surrounded by grumpy smelly peeps, but enjoying the air con, when finally they called my number to register the car DLE just returned to me – and the power went out. Ran all the way home (ok, it was just around the corner) to find the power out at home too (of course, on the same grid) and frantically raced off to buy ice to save my weeks groceries… got offer of pool/air conditioned comfort for the night (not to mention an empty refridgerator) for me and all my baby bugs by that CUB (what a miracle – what a changed man!)… so then the power came back on and we only went for a swim (for about five hours – a salt water pool and DIVINE).

    in this heat wave my youngest two have started a new school – I doubt they’ll ever forget this week in their life histories!

  2. Thanks for that idea David. Yes far too hot for beach as the problem is actually getting
    there as it entails going outside & getting into a melting car, same for obtaining a kid’s pool.
    Wonder if they deliver?

    Yes, perhaps the Serpent’s turned into a Dragon.
    How about the tennis in Melba, forgot to close the roof, knowing it was going to be 40!
    Oy Vey…these temps are seriously unfunny.

    Alchemist, i heard it was ‘work as usual’ for the outdoor men, huh?
    Fluffing away here on with Myst, takes my mind from the meldown.

  3. really close call…
    just about to order Mr Site, website builder online, when twang… remembered merc retro.

    save downloading, paying online and designing website til next week! lol.

    any hints for comp savvy yet html challenged persons on getting a nice looking site up an running, welcome.

    my darling cat died while i was overseas last year in the long 40 degree heatwave. please look after your pets, wet towels on the floor for them to lie on is good – even cats will do this sometimes.

  4. This heatwave is punishing. It was still 40 deg at midnight. I feel for our little creatures & how they are handling it. Poor Minks is looking at me as though it’s my fault. Apparently no drop in temp for another 6 days. News just said hottest night in history.
    oooooooomy brain is melting.

    • Why dont you go to kmart and buy one of those large blowup kiddies pools. You could sit in there off and on for a few days, i imagine the beach would be just too hot. I love heat but over 40 for a few days is torture. Also might be time to visit those cousins in Tasmania ?

  5. To a point this is probably age related (Lucy is 16 human years).My Taurean sister’s dog that boards with my parents, has just recently started getting a series of infections. Poor old thing, the vet seems to think she isn’t suffering, but she has such low energy . Oh and her body won’t process fat any she’s on this fat free diet. I hadn’t connected it before, but the infections started around the start of this merc retro cycle.

  6. my cat got something in her eye yesterday. i took her to the vet (OMG Bas the vet at erskineville is to die for!!!, should ever you need a new vet). Anyhow, Bas was telling me he saw at least six animals (all sorts, not sure about axolotyls) with eyes variously poked out, closed over, scratched or infected, that day. All these mercurial roamings leading to mass conjunctivitis outbreak among our furry friends? Animals across the world protesting cosmetic experimentation by taking out ther own eyes immolation style? who knows…. for the record i was v dissappointed cat did not return in eye patch ala captain hook. Bas, as wonderful as he is, could only go so far

  7. yes mystic! I saved a native mouse last wk that was just sitting on the footpath in shock! made it a house out of a box & fed + watered it but it wasn’t much better.. until I thought of WIRES who are brilliant, the volunteer came & picked it up and took it to the vet then her own house for mouse rehabilitation.. then last night I came across a bird with a broken wing…

  8. Funny you should say that. A new cat of mine, (ex-feral) went missing for exactly the time Mercury was retrograde last year. I had convinced myself that he was dead. Fink. This time he just pissed off for a few hours longer around dinner time the day Merc went bkwards. I checked my ephemeris and diary for the last time he took off. So I’m glad to have my suspicions corroborated. This time I got up, as I couldn’t sleep anyway and called and called and called and my old horse followed me around in the dark, deaf as a post, but helping me look as I was obviously looking for something. I gave up, went back to bed, told myself not to be ridiculous, and within half an hour, triple belled cat, could be heard galloping down the hill towards the house from a direction he doesn’t usually head towards.

  9. I must admit… (don’t hate me – I’m an animal lover!!) I have always had caged birds and as long as the cage is big enough for ample movement, wing-span, play area, etc and the bird has constant access to fresh water, food, light, toys, etc, my birds have always been blissfully happy. Mind you, I do let them out for plays, inside fly-arounds and give them far too much attention. Often, pet birds see their cage as a sactuary and “home”, hating anyone to disturb it because it’s their territory.

    Most pet birds are unfortuately too domesticated to survive in the wild. Their fitness and instincts have diminished too much. So sad, hence the need for owners to be super responsible and ensure their caged birds are always safe, loved and nutured (not just treated as some random noise-maker in the corner).

    I rescued a lorikeet recently and as he has a disease (can’t be re-habilitated and re-released) he’s in a cage for good. After a torturous couple of weeks, he settled and now adores his cage, toys, food, play time with me, visits from other lorikeets, etc. I hate seeing nature contained but sometimes, when the other option is certain doom, a loved-up cage environ has to be seen as an option.

    I’d love to know the astro of my animals. Unfortunately, I don’t know when the birds were laid or hatched! Hard to do a chart for them!

  10. don’t axolotyls need to stay under water??

    love the idea of lorikeet with jupiter transit Mystic – I can’t stand to see a caged bird – something primal in me wants to let it out (actually I did this often as a small child) …

    I know someone (an astro fiend) doing research into void moons and child abductions… I wonder how many pet snatchings go on these days??

  11. I hope the lost lorikeet it finding freedom with her own kind too!

    It makes sense that Mercury Rx would spill over into the pet arena, being ruler of the 6th house of small animals. I’ve had a gorgeous young cat visiting me every few days, full purr and sweetness. Of course I feed her, though the cat brothers, my boys, are quite offended by the whole thing.

    I also just got an email from my sister, a Pisces in Ca, who has been inundated by a colony (a clowder actually) of strays. She is rounding them up, getting them desexed and adopting the lot. Her husband is calling it something a little stronger than Mercurial Bats!


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