Marilyn Monroe Was A Minimalist

Marilyn Monroe in pink negilee reading

Marilyn Monroe was a huge movie star, but she owned diddly-squat. She was not materialistic!
Marilyn’s estate was a bunch of poignant schlock. The auction raised more than $13 million, but not because of any intrinsic value in the numbered lots. There were no Renoirs or Picassos. Her knickknacks were pedestrian. Her cookware was greasy. Her spatulas were bent. Even her Golden Globe was broken.
The majority of her clothing showed surprising wear and tear. She had worn it all repeatedly and there just wasn’t that much of it.
Her jewelry? With the exception of her DiMaggio wedding ring it was a bunch of paste danglers and costume crap.
Shoes? Yes, there were several pairs of black suede Ferragamo stilettos with worn heels. But Marilyn—brace yourself for another shocker—was more into books than shoes. Her poignant desire to cultivate her mind and give herself an education resulted in an extensive library of first editions. Take that, Carrie Bradshaw!
This stunning lack of materialism made me love and respect her more. What do you need in life other than a good book, a few capri pants, and a cotton sundress or two?

Simon Doonan, writing in Slate recently.

We’ve discussed Marilyn M previously here her ultimate Gemini genius, Lilith in Leo Rising early adoption of weight lifting and massive Neptunian mojo + foibles – but i did not think of her as a minimalist, as such.  

But it fits! She had Saturn in the 4th House (home sector) and Moon in Aquarius, both often lovers of austerity, clean lines and space. Clutter freaks the fuq out of a lot of Aqua Rising/Aqua Sun/Aqua Moon people…myself included.

Another celebrity minimalist? Steve Jobs, the late C.E.O. of Apple:

Former Apple CEO John Sculley said, “I remember going into Steve’s house and he had almost no furniture in it. He just had a picture of Einstein, whom he admired greatly, and he had a Tiffany lamp and a chair and a bed. He just didn’t believe in having lots of things around but he was incredibly careful in what he selected. The same thing was true with Apple … I think that reflects everything that I have ever seen that Steve has touched.”


And…Jamie Lee Curtis:

My style is a distillation. I’ve etched out who I am through myriad haircut attempts, outfit attempts, beauty attempts, diet attempts. It’s been an evolution. I’ve let my hair go gray. I wear only black and white. Every year I buy three or four black dresses that I just keep in rotation. I own one pair of blue jeans. I’ve given away all my jewelry, because I don’t wear it. [It’s] Function over frivolity. Clean living. Clean lines.


I love these people – minimalists find so few role models in pop culture, you know?

Want to join the clutter phobes? See this motivational zoosh-up from Life Edited for a blast of inspiration the Ton celebrity minimalists + Unclutterer magazine. YES for real.

Maybe there is not a particular astro-signature for uncluttered people, minimalism and all but it’s more that it’s totally now?


Image:  Philippe Halsman

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86 thoughts on “Marilyn Monroe Was A Minimalist

  1. My mom is aqua sun and borderline hoarder. My “dancing around strange mate-date-scenario” partner is aqua moon/rising and not a hoarder per se but clutter is certainly a key word. Is too much clutter some type of low aqua?

    • Aqua Sun sis, Moon in Gem is quite the hoarder. And of odd things of course, like, she moved & I had trouble helping her as the carpet was a crunchy mess of tiny plastic doll & game paraphernalia.

      I tried to throw out a 2cm purple doll’s shoe, “oh no, not that! Whenever I move house I find it somewhere, the last thing. It’s lucky, I just like it, I always keep it”.

      She is…Taurus Rising.

      • Just remembered, she also has a fat air trine – Sun/Moon/Uranus!
        PLUS Nn in Aqua…So über Uranian.

        She does have Saturn in Taurus, 1st House? Anyways, I can’t think of Uranus as a non-hoarder knowing her.

    • Aqua Sun Aqua Moon person i know has two storeys of extra clutter, and keeps the third storey functional. Beautiful stuff in home but closets and benches full of random crap. And this was AFTER moving back in from whole house renovation. It seems easier to move walls, fixtures and remodel bathrooms, than to actually get rid of items you can pick up in one hand, for this Aqua.

      I am a supposedly ‘chaotic Piscean’, but funnily enough am reading this on a break from chucking and streamlining the bathroom before going on to the wardrobes and closets!!! How can i go out tonight if my life is not streamlined to come home and zen out in?

      Also know another Piscean in a millionaire property with a nicely kept bunch of fuq-all, but for books and a boat.

      • Interesting. My friend’s mom is an aqua sun, hoards those green styrofoam squares for flowers, filled in one room. Another aqua sun friend doesn’t clean and has a lot of stuff. Based on what I’ve seen the number one sign hoarder are cancers (July), then some saggies and virgos.

    • you know i know 3 hoarders and 2 of them are aqua sun with aqua moon! the other is a gemini with lots of taurus.

    • I am definitely one of the messiest/most chaotic people I know and before I started traveling a lot I was somewhat of a hoarder. Now not so much…but it’s still hard for me to determine if I will need something in the future so I often keep it around. I think if I was more financially secure I wouldn’t worry about these things as much but for now I do.

      In my experience Aquas can be pretty messy or have their own, um, unconventional (?) systems of value (what stays and what goes), functionality, and organization. The mad, messy scientist stereotype. Fire signs can be scattered but never hoard.

  2. Maybe moon in Virgo is clutter-phobic? I have that. Also Mars in Aquarius. Pisces sun is never very materialistic, although we like a few comforting objects.
    If i can’t pack it all up in a few hours and move interstate on a whim i get quite anxious. The only thing i like having an expensive version of is a mattress.

    But i chuck books too. Unless they are cherished (I have one tall bookshelf full of cherished books) and i’m going to re-read them i give them to libraries or op shops.

    • Oh i do feel bad for all my books, but they give me comfort. I’m rather nostalgic about those. Must work on it..? Do you find that Piscean eclecticism attracts items and fancies, that you then have to declutter (as i do), or that ‘stuff ‘n’ things’ just slide off your Minimalist Force Shield?

    • Hm, I know 2 Virgo Moon hoarders, but both are Taurus Asc, soo… Perhaps there is a pattern there?

  3. I enjoyed reading this. I also read that Life Edited article link — less is more. Carving away what is not me. Good advice. Thanks, MM.

    • Yes, i found this through Mystic before but had forgotten about it. Both links are perfect for me now: i have a little time now to prepare for a major move again next season. Moved cities earlier this year, but feel amazed at what still could go. But really it’s very emotional.

      Saturn in Taurus 6th House. Mars in Capricorn 2nd House.

      And Pisceans love a symbol. Talismans.

      • Big changes. Takes courage. Is there aqua or sag in your chart? has that feature where you can check how your chart looks in the new city-astrolocation? Not sure. I’ve used it.

  4. Saturn in 4th and I’m in a constant state of declutter. I also like to refinish antique furniture on occasion but always give it away to a friend or someone bc it ends up feeling like too much going on in my space …
    nice bit on Marilyn.

  5. I can speak for the Saturn in 4th + Moon in Aqua… love clean austerity. Always was a minimalist, always very picky about what I acquire, as I believe everything you have should thoughtfully reflect who you are/heading to be. Reading that bit on Marilyn made me admire her a bit more. I personally feel she is a little overhyped. Im not into sleb shizz. But give me a speech by j.k. rowling or bio on steve jobs – people without that glossy movie/sleb slant – and I go nuts.

    • Yes, that 4th house Saturn seems a very powerful factor.

      (Mine is in the 1st – I have no sense of humour)

      • Is it that you have no sense of humor, or that its too well hidden/dry that others do not notice…? :)

        I think I come off like Saturn in 1st sometimes. Saturn is square my AC.

        • He he, I don’t think of humour is all that bad really, 😉 my Venus is conjunct my Saturn, Mercury too, which I guess lightens it up? But my Scorp Moon is NOT always in harmony with my Gem Asc. I come off all party girl then get …intense. :-/

            • The other day I told a Virgo friend to start dating women he actually respects, not girls he treats like pet. He was mortified. Then goes, “How do you know this stuff?”. I said, “Well, when when she talks your eyes go in the wrong direction, & you breathe in the odd spaces in the conversation”. He was freaked out. But I also suffer from foot in mouth, so my face reading isn’t always at the speed of my mouth.

              • Foot in mouth could be the bluntness of the Scorp moon. They notice stuff and it’s just so obvious to them they have to say it? LOL.

                Being Saturn ruled (and Saturn square Mercury) I’m way too serious (a bit like Grumpy Cat – LOVE that cat!!!) and I always tell people I don’t have a sense of humour. Of course I do but it’s dark and very dry and I don’t actually find a lot of things that funny. Really, REALLY hate it when people think they’re funny or try too hard.
                Some comedians though, have that face where they don’t even have to say anything and you smile in anticipation of a laugh. 😀

              • I have Scorp Moon 2.0 – not because its “better”, but its just another version built off same model – Moon in 8th. I notice things too, but since its in Aqua its a very strange conflicted detachment but at the same time trainwreck type of engrossment into things.
                I cant just blurt out what I see/sense with my Moon though because usually the Aqua wants to keep it at arms length.

                Theres a saying I was told of long time ago – that you have to accrue a cabinet of friends from all walks of life with different ways of thinking from yourself. You may not agree with them or even like them, but its always wise to have a friend around that has a different perspective/take on things so that you keep yourself fresh. I think its great that you arent afraid to just tell your friend what you think whether or not he freaks out, lol. Hopefully he appreciates your take whether he agrees with it or not. I think Scorp Moons are a very important part of that cabinet of friends.

  6. I have moon in Aquarius as well as a Venus Aquarius in the 4th. I really hate clutter and a house unclean. I try to live with less stuff and be minimal. I have even helped others get rid and organize. Life is not about stuff but living your best life. I am not exactly a fan of clean lines but I do appreciate a clutter and clean free minimal environment.

  7. Uranus & Pluto in my 4th.
    Can’t admit to being clutter free.
    But I have lived with just a suitcase for several years & given away all my belongings once.
    Saturn is more consistent than the bridge burning Pluto/Uranus combo I guess.

  8. As a teen I watched all her movies and had posters of her on my wall. I preferred her attitude to sexuality and her sense of self, as I couldn’t understand the popularity caused by the waif storm.
    Her mind was quick and her witty quips were her true beauty calling cards.
    Aqua rising and I like what I like and declutter is necessary to keep my Crab sun under control.
    Decided not to move in with an Aqua sun because she has too much crap. You feel like there isn’t any room for humans amongst all the stuff. She even had a drawer full of plastic takeaway spoons. I suspect if I kept looking there was a drawer for the plastic forks and one for the knives too. I’d want to light a match on that and just walk away.

  9. I’m Taurus with Saturn in the 4th and don’t have many possessions. I do tend to wear my wardrobe items until they disintegrate. I think carefully before buying stuff and have no problems selling/throwing/donating/gifting items that I don’t use enough – even ones that I like. But like Marilyn, I love buying books. Shopping and cramming our lives with stuff has become a past time/relentless pursuit for many people, but I’ve never seen the point, I’m happiest when I’m not weighed down :)

    • Interesting! I do think of Taurus loving good quality over quantity. Maybe it is a Sun effect as I noted above I know 3 toro Asc hoarders? I have Sun in the 2nd & I love beautiful quality things.

      • Agreed – it’s definitely about quality, not quantity. Not sure about the hoarding, it’s never really been a viable option for me since I move and travel quite often, so i like being light and swift. Although I do get some strange, sick satisfaction from watching those Hoarders shows?

        • I heard sensitive people, psychics etc often hoard. Apparently it’s their way of ‘grounding’ or setting boundaries due to a fear of floating away! Neptunian sounding. You don’t sound afraid of floating off the planet tmr!

          • oh dear god there goes that talisman thing…it really is true.

            but also true that things can be inhabited or played with and are unsafe if you are ‘followed’.

      • I’m a Toro Asc and Moon, and both – I love quality but I have to admit to having trouble letting go of stuff …. that might come in handy one day… I thought I learned that from my grandmother because she lived through the depression but maybe i learned it from her because she had a Toro Sun? Anyway she didn’t know quality, everything was synthetic or faddish with her.

        • I’m similar…it’s hard for me to gauge what I will need or want going forward. Plus I try and buy less of things I LOVE and not tons of trendy crap so I am attached to my stuff. Can never throw out books, which is a problem.

          I think for me the actual bad hoarding is mostly scraps of paper, gifts from other people I feel bad about giving/throwing away.

    • She’s divine, especially in that pink!
      Even if the world did not like Norma Jean, I would.

    • I don’t even like Pink but that is indeed a beautiful hue and the tones in the picture are just lovely

  10. I am multi Virgo / Libra stellium 1st house with Saturn in Toro 8th house – I am a lover of beauty and quality ( hate polyester) always loved mid century style with clean lines in wood. EVERYTHING must have soul (Nep and Moon conj Scorp) small culled selection of books, fiction and design mainly, some vinyl/CDs, interior design mags for reference mood boards etc. I only kept what is precious to me. I have only one shelf in my kitchen which is a like a small art instillation of beautiful kitchenalia – all useful – just added a bottle of rice vinegar found at a Vietnamese grocery store bought for the lovely label as it works so well with the rest. Everything must be beautiful to me with the right balance of form and function and a touch of fun cause life is short and gotta sqe

    • Hm Saturn in Taurus with Moon Neptune conjunction too. I understand the concept of object as art. However i am currently living in a room with paintings, some collectibles, and it is not the same as the creative act of selecting and placing. You can change your arrangements but cannot change an expensive painting. I have deep objections to one of the paintings in particular, as I feel it has a BAD vibe for no easily explicable reason (to the owner – it in fact is a critique of the values and type of people the owner is, and rather a savage one, but you try explaining this to an Aquarian, as it isn’t ‘rational’) so I actually have hidden it. There is a lot of pain in some of the other art but i can feel compassion for it. I do not understand how the emotion-hating Aqua lives with all this emotional art.

      • Are you renting a room out from an Aqua? Maybe thats why those pieces of art are with you because he/she cant stand having them around themselves?

        And Aquas dont hate emotion… they just dont know how to deal with it in the way everybody else does/expects them to. They respond to emotions in non-emotional ways.

        • i think this art was displaced by more fashionable, larger pieces of art (if you are Australian, you will get that our collectible culture is VERY young and excitable, and more prone to trends). Oh i know this sounds typecasting: i generally am really drawn to Aquas, and have had good Aqua buddies. It is just this one in particular, and let me clarify the difficulty: family. I have Aquarius 4th house myself, and also 3rd house Aqua Venus, so it might explain my friend connections.

    • I also think i’ve moved from darker older antiques to the look of mid-century, but wondered if this was influenced by the increased design use of it over the last few years.

      • I totally understand the need to rid your space of artwork that is visually and emotionally disturbing

        Re the rise of mid century design I think the ideas behind these are still very relevant and good design will always be influential – I just wish I had been more able to collect some more pieces when it was less fashionable!

        There is a fabulous exhibition on at qld art gallery atm “California Modern” 40’s-60’s…..heaven

        • Ah that would be something ! Yes, actually there are ratios in the design principles that are relevant to good design. That is true.

  11. Gemini Sun. Moon in Aquarius Rising. Total minimalist. Rarely buy clothes. Never buy knick knacks or jewelry. Hang onto furniture forever (do like to buy it new). But have a good DVD and book collection on shelves.

  12. I keep tings for many, many years then get tired of the clutter and give it all away. I save only a few old things. A couple of lamps then need rewiring in order to be useful, because my Mom gave them to me. An old blanket chest that I paid $35 for at a real junk shop back in ’77 and lastly a very OLD rocking chair a neighbor was putting out to trash. When I asked could I have it, she was delighted to give it to me. She said it was her fathers (she was well into her 80’s) and looked surprised that I’d liked it. Still she was tickled pink that I wanted it. Nobody can sit in it, it’s kind of delicate and the back needs to be recanted but I will never part with it. The rest of my stuff I can part with.

  13. I don’t read and hate books. I wish I did. I can read. I love magazines but I would rather be out in the yard or walking.

    Andy Warhol has a quote about his not reading. He looks at pictures. I just cant find it right now.

  14. I found it!!

    ‘I never read. I just look at pictures’ Andy Warhol

    That’s me :p

  15. Aquarius rising has Taurus on the 4th house of home and likes refined and quality things and although the ideal is to have a simple home in preference I always find myself juggling my many interests in things I need to move but pretty much every move I do I get rid of a bag of clothes and try to simplify. Books a plenty though :)

  16. Wow – I am like Marilyn. My clothes are all worn out and yet I just keep buying books – well, mostly e-books these days, stuff I can’t find in the library. I’d rather spend money on knowledge than clothes any day. It’s becoming a problem – like, wearing the same pair of jeans so often, and my clothes stretchy and needing replacements. I hate clothes shopping and I’m not very good at it. I definitely wish I had more of a personal style – yet I continue to spend the money elsewhere.

    I wish I could be more minimalist and strive towards it. I did a very big clear out this summer. I even cleared out half my books but still have a lot. Some things I cannot part with, like old journals. I’ve always had a tendency towards mess. It’s funny – I had a virgo roommate in college and it was well known our room was the messiest in the hall! I think our minds were a mess, we were so busy and our rooms just reflected the chaos within.

    But as a virgo I like the uncluttered look very much. My dream house is all white and airy.

  17. I have stuff everywhere. Go big or go home… (if you can get through the door with all that stuff).

    4th house is Taurus (no planets)… hoarding tendencies?!

  18. My parents, aunts and uncles lived through WWII as children, when things were taken from them and the Japanese took over their house. They are hoarders. And they continue to compulsively buy useless things and cook way too much food. It’s a double edge sword. Hoarding-so as not to waste; yet big spenders-wasting money on useless things that will get thrown away. They built a large addition to the house with a huge master bedroom for them. They continue to sleep in their original master bedroom with their “things” around them. I think hoarding serves a purpose: if someone breaks into the house, they will trip and hurt themselves because there’s too much stuff, the stuff is a source of security, sometimes the more stuff they have is like building a large fortress around them (protects them from the world, sometimes I’ve seen that protection as a shell, they’ve been hurt — probably a reason why I see more Cancerians as hoarders). The stuff builds a fortress around their heart. Some of the most hurt and suffering individuals are hoarders and many have no friends. I love the documentary:
    on GREY GARDENS. Briliant and endearing.

    • Grey Gardens! Fascinating, wasn’t it?

      I have relatives whose waterfront house was taken over by the Japanese for its key position of the bay in WWII… it is very haunted now. My aunt told me one night recently she was brushing her teeth and looked out the window and saw a Japanese soldier smoking a cigarette. She blinked, put her head back inside, and when she looked out again, he was still there…

      I totally agree with you regarding the hurt/protection factor re hoarding. Whenever I’ve seen hoarding close to me it seems to involve covering -over loss. But also, I have had tendencies of hoarding myself, and I notice that when I’m not painting, drawing or nowadays, gardening, regularly I do tend to shop and accumulate eg vintage collectibles (which I do sell now, cos I ended up with so many of them). I find that for me it involves thwarted creativity ie I have money but no time to make something myself

  19. Was funny after I eyed Gem daughter (Sagg Moon, Virgo rising) book case at Christmas. Saw “The Yoga of Jesus”…She said “would you like to borrow it?”

    I did and love it yet, what is funny is that mixed within her notations in the book and underlying certain passages are recipe notes here and there that she must have seen and jotted in the moment.

    She has Scorp Uranus (born 1981) conjunct Sagg Moon in 4th. She is quite minimalist but comfortable.

    Personally, I find this realm a burden but making (and on going job ) the best of it.

    Saturn, Gem, Uranus play big in my chart. I rent a room in a three bedroom condo and own nothing except the car my father bought me for my birthday.

    But must admit that today was feeling a bit emo. Like I am in this little room, sequestered away, and I am worth more than that, you know? Not in terms of “things” but in terms of “coming out”.

    So I’m gonna come out…

  20. as rudhyar stated, leo offers the potential gift of ‘simplicity’. marilyn’s individuality and her individual relation to all revealed that quality. the 4th house saturn was indicative of her not having a father and being orphaned, and somehow dominated w the ‘restricted’ and ‘limited’ vibe her last home had. that saturn was also in scorpio, which can be related to both her sexuality and her plutonic nature. (she would have been 87 yrs of age now.) i was 12 when she died, and i loved her.

  21. Aqua rising/4th house Saturn/Virgo Sun. I’m *always* decluttering, Karen Kingston is one of my big heroes. In fact; right before heading over to read the latest MM blog entry, I was warning the kids that I’d be ‘rearranging’ (i.e. getting rid of all the dishes, pots and pans etc) the kitchen if they don’t develop a better dish washing ethic *pronto*.
    Wouldn’t that be nice…… no cooking, no dish washing…………. just eating simple foods – would free up SO much time to participate in more interesting activities!
    So interesting about Marilyn, I wouldn’t have guessed her to have a minimalist streak.

  22. I’ve never understood, and still don’t understand the Marilyn Monroe worship. Baffles me.

    • “Hollywood is a place where they pay you 50,000 dollars for a kiss and 50 cents for your soul”

      – Marilyn Monroe

      I can’t help wanting to rescue her!

  23. I wish I could be a minimalist!!! (Aqua sun/moon/mercury) but the sagg sun/scorp rising/pisces husband won’t allow it 😉

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  25. pure sentimentality, but MM in this pic looks exactly like my grandma. gemini, libra moon, most mutually understanding person in my life, who died 3 years and 4 days ago, and whom venus retro has been making me weep for. i’ve spent the last almost month 8 hrs a day in the hospital and it’s bringing it all back up, that stuff i thought i’d processed. ouch x a million.

    • she wasn’t a minimalist, but very organized. i’d give her virgo or cap rising. aqua rising mom could fit the description about not giving a fuq about stuff, easily.

      • last thought- aqua mom doesn’t declutter because that’s too much thought devoted to physical things, which could be better spent strategizing reforms or some other intellectual (with real world ramifications- cap NN) exercises. or playing scrabble or hearts, you know… (libra sun, neptune, saturn- strategy all the way, baby)

    • Hi HDQ! nice to see you posting, and sorry you lost your grandma. She sounds lovely. XX

      • awww, gemmyyogi! i <3 you, and thank you. she was lovely, and she was me. that whole "family souls skip a generation" thing was so true with us. she got me like no one else, especially her daughter, my mother. this venus retro has been intense, to say the least. it's interesting too- i, if i believe in anything, believe in reincarnation, and yet i feel her with me still, especially with my current situ, and i don't know if it's wishful thinking, or if it's real, or if my perception even really matters… everything i thought i knew is so out the window anyway…

    • honey I went thru the same thing during my Mum’s death anniversary on dec. 21st.. tears, snot, fetal position, the whole bin bag of grief. There’s never a time limit on it and I think that’s good, it shows how woven the people we love are in us. Hugs darling. x

  26. Cancer sun, moon in Aqua and Virge Rising.. but with Venus in Leo & Jupe in Libra, I can’t hack the 4 black dresses and a single pair of jeans thing. I mean, not unless I took a vow or it was some kind of performance art.

    Once I had a 5th grade school teacher who’d joined Opus Dei and she literally had a spartan wardrobe. She was quite pretty, so one day I went up to complain saying I missed her outfits from before. Something-something about austerity but all I could think of was how boring the lessons got with less to stare at. Naturally I felt it her duty as a beautiful woman to enhance.

    Then when I was 14, the Lovely Libran confessed she thought she had “the calling”. I went, who the hell called you? Apparently God to the convent, but I argued she ought to have sex first and goodness gracious, did she realize most nuns wear a spectrum of white/cream, grey/black for the rest of their lives?? And those opaque flesh colored tights with the man-shoes. Shudder. Thankfully she listened, or her Libra sun listened.

    I’m not pro-excess at all, I don’t like clutter, I like less is more (because I assume if I own it I have to clean it) but I also like variety. If I did minimalism, I’d need a summer-spring-fall-winter set of minimalist things I can rotate, or does that defeat the entire thing? Nevertheless, I think it’s awesome that people are different enough to find beauty in different quantities..

    I do confess that whenever I visit people’s houses where everything is plush and crowded, kind of like a Hogwarts common room, I love it. I just wouldn’t want to live in it.

    • I was just thinking of you today FA. Always enjoy your posts. Ha, I was a nun in another life and thought of that very thing when I had written (above) “sequestered”.

      Think my kids were shocked when I actually got fashionable for Thanksgiving and Xmas. Said “I still know how to do it”. Just that in P.S., we wear summer clothes nearly year round and I live in thongs (for the feet that is).

      Hugs about your Mum doll and Dragonqueen’s. A song came on the other day and knew Mom was sending a message. Couldn’t listen to it just then.

    • auuw fanks, sweetpea.. God nun in another life’s pretty heavy, but apparently I endured sever persecution of some sort in a prior one as well. Says another astrologer. But have my hands pretty full with the current life to worry too much about past ones.. sigh..

      Palm Springs, haven’t been in such a long time but definitely recall the heat really not being very conducive to dressage. Never doubt that you still know how to do it, but a once in a while practice is refreshing no?

  27. I have double sun/moon aquarius mom and she is a collector. Not a hoarder as such. She always knows what brand is on whom and in etc. I do remeber that we had all the china and chrystal and new lamps allways on display, renovations of house every few years and so on. Honestly still when you opened any bedroom cupboard it was filled with unwashed clothes. One room was filled with a lot, I am not sure hwat it all was… she could also spend a salary of her hubby on a outfit to impress others at new years eve. ut she was a diva type and married to artist. Oh mine. I think things are important to her, attention is crucial and even her haircolor is still sometimes lilac and sometimes orange. Being a pisces sun and taurus moon I do have too many shoes and books, but I am getting slowly much better with age ,-9 My hubby who is capricorn sun and gemini moon hates clutter and this improves me. I noticed that when i am unhappy i start to shop and when i have low moods I cant clean at all. It maybe comes from my moms home. I remember her washing floors 15 minutes before quests coming screaming at us in anger and dragging me by hair since I am not quick enough to chop the salat. Still it makes me want to puke, uff…

    Of my friends the biggest hoarder is a leo girlfriend with two rooms full of clothes, that half of them dont fit anymore. No-one is size 0 or 2 after turning 40 except when they do have anorexia. Another hoarder is also a leo and she is almost a criminal. i guess you can find newspapers from 90s in her second bedroom.. No wonder they are unmarried also. No pun intended…