Mainlining Uranus


God i realize that the title of the blog is going to evoke the usual Ur-anus quips but whatever; i have a yoga class to get to AND hey how beautiful, lucid and cool is this waxing Aqua Moon?!Β  Now and for the next eight hours it is in beneficial aspect to Mars, fierce but detached. Loads of eureka flashes out there for the getting, languid detachment & genius revamps for better living. It is also perfect for snapping anyone susceptible out of their Retro-Venusian Sexual Nostalgia funk. Check your Scopes for more and enjoy…



Image: Freeminds – Light Fox – Society 6

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29 thoughts on “Mainlining Uranus

  1. I have transiting mars sextile Uranus till June. What’s the mars retro version of this aspect Myst ? My Uranus transits are lining up one after the other, they look and feel great. Mars retros make me noivous.

    • The aqua moon feels great, like a relief after at least 2 weeks of lifting shitty heavy things. I’m finally relaxed on my holiday !!!

    • Uranus will be conjunct my Sun from May til September- actually looking forward to it. Aries need fresh air!!!

  2. living the languid detachment thing. wondering if I should duck for cover in anticipation of potential shitstorms, then realising if I keep on at my dreams and goals for this year/life, and stay tuned to the voice within (and various other voices …no not the toaster OK), then I’m doing everything I can, so just relax Pi..

    • I have a bitch inside me who talks and talks and talks. I hear her. But…I just keep an eye on her. Its humbling to be in a relationship and have to confront the insecurities, bitchy controlingness, stuff like that. II know now not all voices are to be listened to – even if they are my own voice. Wishing you loads of uncontrollable inspiration this year, dear Pi.

      • Hey 12V, sorry, I totally missed your nice reply!! – anyway if you are still reading this far down the posts, thank you! And yes it is strange to use a different mirror (like, a fresh person and somenew ideas about how to live and love) to evaluate ourselves – we see all sorts of things that we hadn’t perceived before…. take care and happy pisces hugs for 2014 xox

  3. Libra scopes resonate with me – Pluto transiting the 4th. No matter how massive and extreme, decluttering is never done. My mission to streamline is never accomplished. I’m OK with that. Its a lifestyle.

    Feeling Saturn moving into my 3rd house. Scorpio rules my third, just the tail end. When’s the new Saturn era start? This year, yes?

    Uranus is not a feeling thing for me. Sometimes under I hard transit, it makes me feel over caffeinated. But today – I really like the detached vibe. Ahh. Aqua rules my 6th.

  4. Been looking forward to the aqua moon all week and it did not disappoint. After my first day at work I impulsively went to the Korean spa…got all my dead skin scrubbed off and soaked/steamed/meditated for hours. It was just the best. Had so many great ideas and insights and just felt really calm and confident. I am excited for today!

  5. Yes. This has been an awful, lonely, love zombie-ing kinda week and now I feel fine and have plans for tonight. O hai moon in aquarius πŸ™‚

  6. Oh yeah, well, trans Sun in Cap square trans Libran Mars and all included in my Aries ZZ line up..

    This afternoon I finished work and just got the hell out. I can tell when to duck and dive and just mind my own business…

    “We must do it delicately”… Mars in Libra? πŸ™‚

    Couldn’t find where the witch said that in the clip exactly tho…

    “Your cursed brat! I’m melting!” lol

    Last Mars in Libra I knew was an ex boyfriend…Double Cap…Not prejudiced at all…But he was a horrible flirt!

    • Hi Sweetpea.

      Saw your response to mine on the other post.
      Yes! 3Β° Cap. My Part of Fortune is 27Β° Cap. πŸ˜€
      Sure is a packed 1st house Cap party. πŸ˜€

      Yes much “growth” since 2008. Actually started with Saturn Virgo on my Virgo stellium. Saturn on my delicate petal Libra Venus was by far the worst transit. Saturn on my Sun feels like water off a duck’s back. With moon in Saggo and Cap Asc I have a lot more Saturn lessons coming up. All my planets lined up one after another. The learning never ends. Sometimes I wonder if it’s better to have stelliums – then you get your transits done all at once. Or would it be too much?

      Whatever is in store, I’ll be fine. Mystic did a consult for me back in 2008 and said with Pluto on my Asc I become the person I was meant to be. Certainly true and I like it πŸ™‚

      Happy New Year to you Sweets.
      Well get to wish each other the best again when Chinese New Year comes around. Year of Horse. Giddy up!! :roll:

        • Jah, Scorpbot, I’m with you….Saturn on Libra Venus was the worst. i almost died. Saturn over the whole Libra stellium sucked but I believe once it’s done with my DC and Neptune in late Scorp I’m home free πŸ™‚ Bring on late 2015! lol

          • Yep… I went back on my medication after 14 years!! 😯

            …and you have more Libra than me!!! Pluto on LIbra? I can well imagine! Forgot about my Libra MC – 29ΒΊ

            Libra needs the rose tinted glasses no?…. oh look, how pretteeeeee πŸ™‚

            • *sigh*. Okaay, so I did learn some valuable lessons with that transit but still, it’s hard to knock the “beauty is everything” outta me. Apart from Saturn in Aqua, and MC I don’t have any air in my chart so Venus needs to be protected and nurtured – like a rare and delicate orchid. Saturn came along and crushed it and snuffed out the only bit of air I had.
              Loving my prog moon in Libra. πŸ™‚ Easy breezy cover girl. *flicks hair*

              • yes, me too….hey i’ve just been cluing in to the significance of the mean node. Fated love when it crossed my DC & Neptune….and now I’m planning to submit my thesis when it hits my Merc/Jupe conjunction in Libra!

                Pluto in Virgo btw!

                • where’s your Libra stellium then – Jupiter?

                  Oh yeah, don’t underestimate the North Node!! Work the astro!

                  I’ve been taking notes whenever Mystic mentions it. Eg. – North North conjunct Mars = destiny happening no matter what.

                  And we all know about connections to the South Node. πŸ™‚

                  • where is it as in what house? Uranus/Venus/Jupe/Merc + a bunch of asteroids incl Aphrodite…all in 5th but Uranus, at end of 4th. I just realised Neptune was on my North node when my marriage ended but I’m not sure what went on when it was on Mars but I’m waiting to see what happens when the Mean node hits my Sun on 17 Jan! lol, I wrote Man node then, but caught it in time πŸ™‚

                    • Man Node….Now I like the sound of that! πŸ˜‰

                      I meant what planets you got in Libra. Wow, packed 5th!! I bet Uranus in there makes things interesting! Not so good for stability bt at least you get variety!! LOL.

                    • Man node…fuqed up clueless whore speak for Mean node πŸ˜‰ Uranus at end 4th actually, but conjunct Venus, so yeah πŸ™‚

                    • Hey, it was your Asc degree afterall bots.

                      Cool..You are doing so fantastically!

                      “Man” node. lol…x

  7. Moon is traveling through my 6th house and I am sick. Went to work since it is not always available. I was alone and was grateful.

    • Hope you get better soon. How is your family doing now? You posted a little while ago you needed positive thoughts. Hope things are ok.

  8. You can only imagine the quips that I got when I announced that my Uranus gong had arrived. I feel your trepidation, lol. But oh, the movement. The life change. To actually say the words, not in anger, that I cannot do this anymore. I must go. Painful, but freeing. Slow going, but mature.

  9. It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to connect with this outrageous and inspirational blog — Looooovvve It!!!
    Dig the foxy icon precipitating Aquarius!