Living La Vida Leo

Nolan Funk

Nolan Funk is totally living the Leo dream.  He actually got a “Leo awardlol.  But seriously he has all the requirements:

* Epic hair.

* A supremely droppable cool name.

* Performance-wise, he is not so much as a triple threat as an omni-threat: He sings, dances, boxes, underwear models, does television (Glee), Broadway Musicals and has haute + indie move cred:  a mercenary opposite Vin Diesel here, Lindsay Lohan’s lover there, playing opposite Jennifer Lawrence….

* He is also a gymnast and a diver. He was a toddler gymnast but says he did not start taking it seriously until he was aged six. Mars in Capricorn, you understand.

* He’s artistic and evokes high concepts when discussing his career: “I love the idea of renaissance. If my career is like painting a canvas, i want to have as many different colors in there as I can.”

I think there should be an asteroid named after him. Thoughts?

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85 thoughts on “Living La Vida Leo

  1. Glad to hear that he boxes and dives. otherwise i’d be worried he’s one of those types who squeals at walking outside without shoes, or leaving the house without hair-gel, or something. then again.. Leo man .. hair gel, don’t leave home without it..? 🙂 sounds like quite the renaissance bloke. man. type? whatever! leos make good inspiration for me right now.

  2. “I love the idea of renaissance. If my career is like painting a canvas, i want to have as many different colors in there as I can.”

    That would have to be the most LEO statement I have EVER read!!! HA!

    As a two-planets in Leo person, I heartily approve!!

  3. That name sounds like a character from Revenge. Oh no wait they already have a possibly bi character called Nolan.
    These types really bore me.

    • Nolan on Revenge is not “possibly bi” – he is blatantly bi.

      And you find good looking, talented successful Leos boring? How could this be?

      • He looks like adult Bieber. Think he’ll go the way of Ryan Phillippe.
        My criteria of success and talent are different than the ones he has been measured by. What a bland old world it would be if we all liked the same things.

        • Exactly S!! and he does look like a Bieber. LOL. Was never a fan of Ryan Phillippe either.

          • I’ve never been up for status quo kinda attractions.
            I wonder where Ryan Phillippe is? Bad Pluto/Neptune transit maybe?

    • yeah, I’m like do something interesting or i dont’ care – you could be Kardashianesque for all I can tell. But he was in The Canyons written by Bret Easton Ellis and directed by Paul Schrader, so that rates in my book.

  4. I can see it now, hes dressed kind of overly trendy, has a stupid earing(not that those are unilaterally stupid), uses words like bro and swag with exuberance and sincerity, and has that oblivious enthusiasm that makes me cringe in people and makes me think that they should probably feel embarrassed but clearly don’t
    and there I am am, emitting an unimpressed nonchalant scowl larry david would be proud of
    That’s what I think of when I see this guy at least, maybe in real life he is super cool, but if I saw him without knowing anything else, I dunno. I can easily imagine him as super lame but getting away with it

    • also, clearly as a fellow guy I am a bit biased, in my defense I don’t overlook this type of stuff with hot girls like other guys around me do, guys are probably way worse at that kind of overlooking how lame someone is because they are hot

      • Fascinating. is it the knowledge that the hotness is an idealised western representation of masculine beauty that irks you about this guy? Or is there something more subjective involved? Do you have a visceral vs intellectual response?

        • its definitely definitely definitely just where I live and there are a lot of those types here at college, blonde good looking douche bags. Tons of them. So I dunno, that smirk of his, just gives me the wrong impression. He is probably super cool, I dunno. Also, again might just be personal experience blinding me to the actual stuff, but I feel like good looking people are more likely to be terrible, but again I am away at college with a bunch of spoiled rich kids who have skated by on looks as well.

          • I’m totally with you. Something about his facial expression here is extreeeeeeeeeemely off-putting to me. But then again I went to a high school and university full of spoiled rich kids so perhaps we have some similar personal experiences colouring our view of the YOLOSWAG crowd?

            • I love that you both had this response – I have no knowledge of, or connection with the cultural code you speak of, so to me he’s a lot less loaded – so to speak… I read it in an entirely different way – or maybe I should say indifferent 😀

              • oh yeah, also thought it was interesting you added him to your blonde douche bags compartment – he’s not blonde.

          • Yeah a paper bag would not go astray and he should more to Oz and we could work on his 2 finger salute.It def doesn’t have enough attitude.

            The rest of his bod is yummy yum yum

          • That facial expression is so awful its captivating…its hard to like him after seeing this pose/face on him.

  5. Like my sister’s boyfriend – model on groovy film clips, stuntman on international films, tradie (electrician), still studying highest martial arts of various types, thinking of doing of doing his masters in Spanish, as well as speaks a south East Asian language. Taurus, Leo rising.

    He’s been fairly self involved cos he’s young, but dotes on my sisters son, has a killer sense of humour (can do impressions of anyone) obviously self disciplined, and there’s something unusual in that my sis is more than 12 years older. She is gorgeous, and funny, always has been, has known him since he was a teen, and he pursued her after her marriage split

  6. WOW!! Am shaking…

    That bitch moon flashpoint thing just happened!!

    Thought I would be immune as I’ve been sitting quietly at home minding my own business these last few weeks, but just had an altercation with my mad old neighbour that’s been simmering for weeks cos he calls out insults to my partner, has been for ages.

    I finally told him until he pays the mortgage here his opinion is not necessary and he went all psycho on me. He is lo lo lo Scorp.

        • LOL Leogroover, you are right! Way too messy 🙂

          Pegs, I will do just as you suggest, I know you have had some direct experience of this… Freezer it is. Am over the shock of it now, don’t it want to escalate – is frightening how it can flare up out of nowhere just like that
          *shakes head, narrows eyes*


      • Put his name in the freezer.
        Tell yourself ‘he does not exist’ so as not to give him or the situation energy.
        Circle of protection around your property.
        Stay Calm & Switch Off.

  7. MEH. Does nothing for me. Nor Leo men.

    And if I wasn’t already disinterested, him being “Lindsay Lohan’s lover” would have been enough to put me off.

  8. Good for him! Play to your strengths. I once received a “Leo award” (a popularity gong) voted /judged by my peers.

  9. Damn!

    (Although I don’t know what’s going on with that pose.)

    Where can I get me one of them?

    • Although he does remind me a little of Gemini high school first love. And I’ve never gone for blondes since.

  10. leo men – edward norton, robert deniro, robert redford, dustin hoffman, sean penn, bill clinton, carl jung, denis leary, elliott smith, keith moon, layne staley, robert plant….and of course, mick jagger. to name a few. i dunno, quite a range…lots of bravado, brains and sex and even some depth psychology. as a leo lady, i gotta stand up for my tribe…this guy…he needs a little time to mature into his many talents. may stick around, we shall see 🙂

  11. Mars in Capricorn men seem to make a living from there gym physiques have noticed. Chick magnets too.

  12. Disgusting. makes my scorp blood boil. gross. it’s really, really hard as a super-scorp to appreciate that vibe. Though I’m trying to be more understanding of my Leo brothers, the presentation and ‘look at me’ factor is very challenging. I won’t take anything away from the guy in terms of talent or bod points, it’s just the whole spectre is inane.
    Surely, dear Mystic, we have more interesting things to rant about here.

    • – it’s like – by having to pay attention to this over-driven ego product, by lending even one neuron of my being, I’m contributing to something very corrupted about our current situation.
      Take it easy on me, dear Leoness crowd.

      Hey Mystic – how about a Super-Scorp poseur version for eye candy for all of us? Oh, right – there aren’t any, we do it quietly, while nobody’s looking.

      If I can get the million dollar lighting right though, I’ll try to get a few shots to you.

      Oh, and – I could kick his ass, even at 50.

    • I can appreciate him astrologically here; not interested enough to look him up, for sure. And yes, certainly find those super Scorpios (sometimes unfortunately) intensely enchanting.

      Curious, though…do you (like david5379 above) find it equally irksome in women as in men?

      • Hi Millie – I wouldn’t say so, exactly. I just find them mostly un-mysterious, and not compelling on the hotness scale. To be fair, I actually *do* appreciate some haute-Leo qualities, especially warmth and loyalty, the way Leo can genuinely care about the tribe and want to look out for their friends. Beautiful kind of loyalty, which is one of the places I’ve felt overlap with the Scorp vibe, though the loyalty is built from different fundamental material, the Leo being warm and inclusive, the Scorp being fierce and intense and willing to defend, etc.
        The Leo women can be very dramatic, obviously, and this is confusing to me, as I always take displays of emotion sincerely, and so what to them might be simply common expression, to me is always feeling like there is an emergency in need of response, which can wear out my adrenals!
        One other thing I’ve encountered with Leos that is difficult – always having to have the last word, or improving on something said. Some of us say things that are subtle, and ask to be unpacked, ask for the other to really listen to the music rather than the brief utterance. My experience with many, many Leos is that they are operating on a different wavelength and don’t get this type of secret-code-speak (not trying to be tricky, you understand, it’s just very efficient). So, after a bit I just stay away. I know they aren’t trying to be patronizing or condescending, but my own arrogance and humility-challenged person has great trouble with this.
        I absolutely LOVE cats, though.

        • Oh i totally love how you’ve expressed the subtlety of communication (very water sign, i believe). Yes, i have favourite Leos whose warmth i have leaned in on, but i do get the shits with the lack of subtlety at times. Or used to. A good good lady Leo friend is partnered with a Scorpio mate. It never fails to intrigue me! That loyalty is most definitely something in common, though i feel Leos extend it more broadly, while Scorps to their inner circle and very deeply.

          • I think you’re spot on re the loyalty. I’d love to see that Leo-Scorp pair, must be other loveliness in their synastry to make it all work, and perhaps they are also, how to say………mature? I’d love to have dinner with them, just to feel it out! Something to learn, for sure!
            I could never, ever be paired with a Leo sun/AC, though Plutogirl is moon in Leo, which is challenging enough, dramatic but loyal and radiant at a moment’s notice. Our moons clash a bit (Scorp here), but it works as long as I don’t jump every time the alarm sounds, which I’m slowly learning. Love sticks around to learn, overcomes stylistic stuff. Maybe someday I’ll be able to apply that universally…………..I’ll let you know how that goes 🙂

            • Yes they are both mature and were previously married with several children each. They are about 10-15 yrs older than i. It’s very hard to do their astro, though i think i did her chart ages ago for her…i can’t talk to him much (he’s one scorp i just can’t deal with, and i don’t think it’s the sun sign bit showing through – i’m sitting with the idea so i can manage him better. I’ve been away a long time and i think i used to manage by being intoxicated, which doesn’t work now, and probs didn’t work then either!) And there you have it: trying for the universality! I love how love has us working it through with our partner, and yeh it would be amazing made bigger than two! She’s going to be my neighbour soon so i’d really like to find a way to embrace his personality more. Pisceans accept at first, and forgive/understand but can get worn down, especially by someone intolerant/non compassionate for the marginalised. That’s why it’s difficult now.

              • Maybe if you hold a fund-raising morning tea for the Salvos or refugee advocacy or something, every weekend, he simply will find an excuse not to come over. but lovely partner will. That way, you do something good, but voila! no having to listen to shitty views on things that you care about 🙂

    • ya, I think I might just be biased by my personality, but being so “look at me” is irksome to me innately, its like I am colluding with an ideology I am totally completely against. No, I don’t also think your amazing just because I look in your direction and it upsets me you assume that blerg. I don’t think I am amazing, I think I am just a person with his own flaws blah blah blah, the possibility of seeing myself as amazing appalls me so when other people do it loudly and probably assume I agree I am offended like some victorian prude.

      As time goes by I slowly have come to realize it might come down to a stylistic difference, but youd swear I turned in to some judgy nun who just heard the most foul mouthed needlessly sexual crass humorless joke every time I see someone so cocky.

      • Rock on, brother David! I love your honesty. And I agree about there being differences in style. I have given that a lot of consideration, and it’s one of the reasons I so appreciate learning about astro – makes life feel less personal, and I can learn to understand -precisely- that it’s pretty much a style thing, generally beyond our control.
        I’d still like to smack this git, though.

        • I get everything here and think p-boy and d5379 are fantastically self-aware and articulate fellas.

          so I just want to throw in my 2c here (that makes about 12c total for this post). that flamboyant look at me thing? I’ve only just learnt where that comes from. Literally in the last 3 months of my life, learned what a healthy (not overfed) ego feels like. Now, suggests this might also be Jupiter squaring my MC. but I am not bothered. After decades of criticizing the living daylights out of myself, I’ve figured out how to not give a rats and just actually get a kick out of whatever it is that Leo/fire sign types do that pisses people off so much (including me at one stage probably). It’s late and I”m probably not expressing this very well, and every one knows where they’re at re the whole thing, and everything’s good, but really this is simply me waving the gold-sequinned flag in defence of Leo-things. (also wave black flag in defence of Scorp things… ah scorpies)

          having said that, plutoboy, that Leo drama emergency-level adrenal thing? omg yes. sigh. I have cap moon so am more likely to understate things. “hmm, I seem to have cut myself. Excuse me, I need to get to the medicine cabinet” *meanwhile blood pouring everywhere*

          My favourite Scorpio has i think Leo moon squaring his scorp stellium. I’m being a jerk and acting like a big-haired, tinkly thing around him to see if I can provoke a response 😀 probably not since all that scorp is in the vault, yo

          • Pi – you probably are evoking much more of a response than you know. The WHOLE point of Scorpness is that everything (until it becomes a volcanic Plutonian event) is internalized. I’ve often been shocked that someone didn’t get my “obviously clear” communication/response, and have come to understand that is because to me it’s all about the vibe, and not the words. Ultimately shows in actions taken, especially displays of passion, which to a Scorp are like giving access to our soul, which is otherwise very well guarded. And we can’t fake it, as this is extremely sacred. So if you love a Scorp, soften and listen to his eyes and heart, because that’s where it all is. We’ll never, ever be able to put into words the intense complexity of our feelings, and the passion that is available. But make love or fight with a Scorp, and you’ll get it all, it’s like life or death at that point!

            • thanks Plutoboy, that helps me to understand.
              I am all for the unstated statement (in some matters). This scorp belongs to someone else and we rarely cross paths, so when I say ‘being a jerk’, the mock-Leo thing it’s sort of my way of flirting-but-definitely-not-flirting. (aside from the whole flirting/fuqing thing up there.) to actually flirt with this guy the way I might with say a Sagg or a Libra, I’d feel like I had opened a line of conversation that you just don’t have with a Scorp who is taken (i mean, or anyone, but scorps don’t take anything lightly and i don’t want to go all transgressive on their relationship boundaries etc). and also with scorps there are layers within layers beneath other layers so hidden that you need to decrypt specially encoded molecules of oxygen between you and the scorp to pick up the information. which as a pisces, i often love doing, of course.
              hmm. so maybe i should lay off even more than i have been. all those molecules being encoded.

              • I love the way you use the word “belongs”…..usually so not PC, but in Scorp world it’s just the way it is. Being possessed is so erotic, owned. Only because it’s consciously offered, which is so beautiful. Plutogirl helped me understand this, she allowed me to possess her, in a way where everyone maintained power. And I returned the favor. Not the same as the normal version of possession, but contains even that, and disarms those fears, which is a principal undertaking for a Scorp. Something evil became something beautiful and deeply shared. Utterly erotic.

                • It’s funny. I get very thingy about ‘possession’ in terms of love. I am very much more along the lines of “if you love something, set it free. If it comes back to you, it is yours, ..etc” – Freedom to go and freedom to stay (as Waylon Jennings sings it 🙂 ) to feel like i am being ‘made’ to stay somewhere … it gets a but ugly. *But* if the other person is ‘you do whatever makes you happiest’ simply having that option makes me feel ok about sticking around – not trapped or stuck – and no dramas if i need to do something else – the ‘setting free’.

                  But yes. I am glad you picked up on the nuance of ‘belongs’. I wanted to respect his commitment to her (she is lovely) and also her commitment to him. So, yes. 🙂

                  • Believe it or not Pi, I’m totally with you – the space you describe has to be there as a foundation, else it’s a dead zone for me, too. You’re describing real LOVE, to me…..yum.

        • Well said Pi!

          While I very much appreciated what these guys have described as I have my own Scorp moon, with Saturn and Chiron in Pisces (so sufficiently watery to totally get the unspoken transmission thing) when you’re feeling Fire, you just Are. (Multiple Aries) it feels good, and generally, has you in a frame of mind that extends the goodwill to others, you just bounce off the vibe, and it’s all good. Not designed to be an affront. One can be quite surprised that another might have taken offence to just doing your thing.

          My guy is multiple Leo, Scorp asc. I love the Leo sunniness and warmth and fun. It’s great that he though, that he has added Scorp depth. What I like about Scorp men is that nothing scares ’em. They are staunch.

          • I think things scare them as much as anyone, they’re just too busy stategizing how to overcome the fear and remain in control, because fear is above all a loss of control and power, and displays of fear are the same. It’s definitely there, though. But the habit of facing it and not avoiding it, perhaps makes one seem fearless?

            • i think the ‘not chickening out’ thing is a big drawcard.

              also agree with Veronica, ‘not designed to be an affront’ – it’s just being.


      • Hilarious! I get this, david5379 and have been known to casually flip a blunt force quip when approached by such men (not as buddies, of course, that can be fun for my Sag/Aries aspects, but the pick up).

        But this is also why i study astro, and like to read here, because i know i have to overcome innate distastes in order to get on with understanding people better and embracing a sense of people more (not the people themselves heheh).


        • of you often articulate feelings or ideas i share but don’t easily put into words, and i am grateful for that wisdom.

          • thanks that’s really nice of you, I am so insulated in my own thoughts I am usually surprised at what thoughts and opinions people actually resonate with or like, to me its all boring redundant oh my god how overly intellectual to even explain this everyone is probably rolling there eyes at you spelling that out.

            • Yes i’m not everyone’s cup of tea, either, and it hurts when i’m misunderstood, especially when you have a deeper perception of that other person. May be my 5th house planets (Sun, Merc, Chiron and some asteroids) helped finding lovely friends along the way, especially when you just jag a groovy group. The group doesn’t always stay with you but those people stay in my heart with lots of love and gratitude for helping me feel my place in the world. This is special really because some of my astro pegs me as independent or a solitary type (full 12th house, Aqua IC, Uranus in 11th and um, just being Pisces). Mutables often flex alongside others, we don’t hold a firm sense of self; that’s how we grow so well. But yeah it can make self identity really tough. I cant state you’ll grow out of it, as others often say to you, ‘cos i haven’t! It just happens less often, or i am more deft at fielding it as it rises in me. I hope that for you, too.

        • I’m with you on all that, Millie.
          I often wish I could “radiate” the way Leo can, just don’t have it in me. I radiate something else, I suppose, but it doesn’t play to the camera AT ALL!
          I was thinking of a perfect example from a couple years ago, illustrating the stylistic difference: I was away for a weekend intensive, and there was this Leo guy who sat directly across from me all weekend. He wore yoga pants, no underwear, and it was like “dude, that’s so pathetic” – to be trying so externally to draw attention (nice smile and teeth too, btw). I on the other hand, sat quiet and still all weekend, in all my glorious intensity, next to the most gorgeous creature possible (Plutogirl), wearing fabulous black undershorts, knowing I’d just had, and was going to have more of the hottest, most delicious sex and passion imagineable with my beloved Plutogirl. No bait required. Certainly no flirting. Flirting is fucking.
          Wouldn’t trade styles with the likes of him for all the world!

          • I am assuming you are Scorpio with your moniker of Plutoboy. Leo Di Caprio is multi-scorp? Talk about charismatic, glowing intensity! I know some Scorps that give off radiant heat, lol.
            xx from a Leo Sun, Scorp Moon.

          • Oh haha! Weirdly enough, Plutoboy, i actually had a long relationship with a highly flirtatious (lo?) Scorpio man, he was Virgo Rising, but also Venus Rising and had this way of making every girl in his orbit feel as though they had a chance with him. I guess he didn’t flirt Leo/fire sign open style, it was a quiet seduction. And he did really hate that bravado swagger. I recall him turning off a tune i had playing because of the raw sex lyrics. I’m Venus Aqua so it didn’t bother me (if something isn’t really mine i let it go do its own thing; until then i give space with trust), that is, until he started accusing me of flirting with everything that moved, like some kind of hallucinatory projection. I’m so not like that so i patiently asked questions and explained all the situations he was funny about, but he never got it, and it kept repeating, all the while him making all the laydeez fall about him. “Flirting is fucking” indeed! Too true, and in explosive Uranus opp Merc square Mars square Uranus style, i lost it at him.

      • Don’t you think he’s kind of generic though? My thoughts are on versace and their formulaic approach to a mythological or idealised form of masculine beauty and their employment of it as a mass media technique to move product and perpetuate what for most are unattainable stereotypes. He’s just a puppet mannequin flogging some gruds to pay the rent to me. This is the first I’ve heard of him. Who the fuq watches glee anyway? Why would you put yourself through a musical once a week? I have more of a visceral response to the mere mention of musicals than a pic of that guy.

        • LOATHE Glee!! and hate musicals.

          A musical once a decade is too much! LOL

          It’s TORTURE. UGH!! 😡

          • I 3rd this notion.

            *slips on gold hotpants & sunglasses, pouts, sticks obvious sexy hip out, takes Leo Sun selfie*

          • omg i love that grim little face you’ve made

            can’t talk about musicals. I go into some kind of manic shutdown. Like sudden onset alzeimer’s I can’t remember what I’m doing and my feet shuffle like I’m on meds.

          • oh my god you people!!! who are you!! i love musicals!! proper musicals though, you know, rogers and hammerstein et al.. NOT GLEE though that just freaks me out. music or not.

            sure ok you might sit down to the entire series 1 of The Killing, that’s a thing too… but .. why… *sniff* … why would you be so mean… *sniff sniff* about Cats?? A Chorus Line?!?! Les Miserables? MY FAIR LADY!!

            *flounces off*

              • Tosca!!!! I once lived with an actual opera singer. we had an agreement that when both of us were home there would only be music that we both liked played. Lou Reed Transformer was our neutral compromise.

            • fuq don’t get me started on the miserables. my mother made me go to that with her. She was totally miffed that I didn’t 1. Appreciate the fiscal outlay and 2. couldn’t find a good thing to say about it so was silent all the way home, nodding and responding facially to her over zealous enthusiasm. Lady, I was in shock. She passively aggressively tortured me in the ‘last time I try to do something nice’ vein for days.

        • i LOATHE musicals, too, Fluxy & Scorpbot. Pure hatred. DO you know, some of those children’s animateds are musicals, so when you sit with a child to enjoy a cartoon it’s like this deathstar endurance test, but you have to smile, for the children grrrr.

          • Look I’m a bit spare the rod and spoil the child as far as that kind of thing’s concerned – think it’s important for them to learn that not all grown ups are going to tolerate that kind of carry on. I’ll run around and do dress ups and mental shit with them but I will not do anything musically oriented unless it’s just singing and having a dance amongst ourselves – freestyle, interpretive, whatever. I will even let them bang on pots. That I can cope with. Not the musical. No sir. I don’t like ’em.