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Omni Magazine November 1984

The last time Saturn was at this degree of Scorpio, it was November 1984.  If you are old enough, there may be some socio-cultural psychic resonance, especially with the Retro-Venus to back the (productive) nostalgia.

Random Thoughts Re This: Now is the Saturn Return of November 1984, Ronald Reagan karma?

I love the vision of Nancy Reagan, a Cancerian, tottering around the white  house after midnight, a glass of Blue Devil Hoochie Juice with ice clinking around, gazing outside at the full moon rays on the green lawns, whispering on her huge eighties style cordless phone into the voicemail of her astrologer.

I also think Eighties Madonna, eyebrows and geometric “cheekbone enhancing” make-up were epic. And you? Is 1984 mysteriously haunting you at all? Saturn in Scorpio is weirder than it seems. Ghosts in the machines. Undead Iran-Contra affairs. Zombie banks. The soundtrack? Caribbean Queen, Prince, Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go and Like A Virgin. If you are Saturn Returning as of now, listening to some of this schizz could be Aural Therapy, like a rebirth, right?

Madonna Rolling Stone cover 1984

Ronald Reagan Time Magazine November 1984

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279 thoughts on “The Last Time Saturn Was At This Point…

  1. Wow. Met my beloved in 1984. This weekend marks the first anniversary of me moving out. So our relationship lasted an entire Saturn return.

    • Wow. I’ve never thought about it before but checked on Astro charts and my marriage lasted exactly one saturn return to the day – different dates to you.

      Is there something in this Mystic?

  2. If i recall lots of things had geometric stylings from hair to clothing graphics to home furnishings!

    I really tried to avoid that horrid music. For me it was more: Siouxsie & the Banshees, Scraping Foetus off the Wheel, The Smiths, The Cure,…

    • aaah Siouxsie. My mother was very tolerant with the music but that was the only thing she ever complained about. Around then I discovered a pirate radio station that was playing ska and I never returned to mainstream radio again. I’ve literally never known what people were talking about re the charts except when I worked in magazines and it seeped in insidiously.

      • It was very hard to get decent music back then because the big names crontrolled the air waves. I spent all my time sifting through music stores for rare imports and gettiing mixtapes from pen pals who lived in more well connected areas. Those were the days!

        It’s only hard to get good music now because the market is flooded with crap you have to sift through. Same problem but different reason.

        but yeah when you’d go somewhere public the awful 80’s junk would find its way into your hearing like a plague.

    • Bauhaus! 😉

      And yeah all that geometric clashing with loud primary colours, squiggles and so forth was the Memphis design movement. Basically deliberate bad taste as an antidote to European modernist minimalism.

      • awww yea…Bauhaus. Can’t forget one of my fave gothic Crab vocalist, Peter Murphy! …

        • He’s been in the paper not so long again, has a Turkish wife I think, converted to sufi religion..Yes I thought he was amazing too. In fact I had the collectable 12″inch blue vinyl of Bela Lagosi’s dead…Wow where did that record disappear to I wonder, how about The Virgin Prunes?…Whacky and dark…Oh well, that was then, corporate culture is less forgiving now…especially aspirational parent groups…None of them would even know this music..Let alone my other nine lives…

    • Alternative new wave/punk rocked!
      great taste in music.
      I preferred college stations and strange late night radio shows.

      • It did indeed. Came back from London with a suitcase of underground reggae records and a master tape for pressing but was told by the companies ‘we are into new-wave’. I replied ‘this is the last wave’.
        It was the time reggae incorporated a massive brass section, most impressive.

  3. Saturn returning the hell out right now – 30 in Feb with dress up birthday party theme planned of Movies from 1984 – planning to Purple Rain it. Prince will always be my therapy!

  4. Saturn is officially on my ascendant as we speak. I mean to the tee. Lucky me …

    • horrid place for it to be. don’t buy any clothes until it’s over. unless they’re vintage / investment pieces. It took me a while to work out what went wrong with my wardrobe and why. It all started going awry with Saturn crossing the ascendant.

  5. 80’s music as Aural Therapy??? 😯 … more like Aural TORTURE!! Well, all that pop stuff anyway. There was some cool music from the 80s

    1984 I was at arts college – finally out of school (a boring girls school that I loathed) and doing something I loved. It was one of the best years of my LIFE!!!
    So definitely echoes of that Scorp Saturn era as I’m about to begin art school. My heart is about to burst 😀

    And OMNI magazines!!! I use to read that in the 80s-90s. Awesome mag!!!!

  6. I like 80’s music even the really cheesy stuff. Something about the weird voices and style they all had I just love. I have great taste in movies and tv, but when it comes to music I am pretty embarrassed at what I like.

  7. Aha! I had 1984 nostalgia all last year – it probably was my most exciting year for music (alt), seeing bands, clubbing, parties. I’ve oftened wished to be back there – making different choices, ha.

  8. I was born in 1985 with Saturn in Scorp in the 9th….I did the Saturn transit thing as suggested by the DIY astro post and it appears that saturn is in Scorp, and at 20 degrees which is close to it position in my natal chart (i.e. 22).

    I feel like some things have gone full-circle. It feels like the completion of some kind of cycle. I guess I must be Saturn returning! I feel much wiser this year.

  9. 1984, my first Saturn return. I remember parts of that year vividly as my father passed very suddenly of a heart attack. I was actually at the cinema watching Gone with the Wind (ironic) with my friend, when they put my name on the screen to call me to go to the desk urgently (friends parents came to get us and take me to hospital).

    Was sometime later kicked out of home ( I was a bit unruly, stepma couldn’t cope), met a significant boyfriend with lovely family who are still dear to this day. We used to go every weekend to a nightclub called Arthur’s at Kings
    Cross that was owned by Claudia Karvans’ father, sometimes to Jamison st nightclub and there was another one called Fiasco, and everyone had a crush on Cameron Daddo in those days, he used to go there. I lived in Double bay for a while, then a tiny studio flat in the Cross which I don’t think exists any more.

    Had a great crew of friends, very social and I used to love early Madonna, and Malcolm Mclarens’ buffalo girls, and Neneh Cherry and heaven seventeen, Human league, etc. got dressed up as a buffalo girl to go to Stranded nightclub to see sandy and the Sunsetz. Didn’t get to the alternative music scene til later (next boyfriend was a base player in a very indie band – influences, the Smiths, velvet Underground, lemonheads, stone roses, the Go Betweens to name a few).

    This Saturn return (has gone over my moon, and Is hovering around my Neptune) is very different but feels like coming home.One year in my own house, and these holidays I have turned out every drawer and closet (have been working 6 days a week sometimes and have had NO time but reeaaally wanted to do this!) cleaned and decluttered, swept and polished. Feel very at peace, on herbs, minimum carbs and an eating plan. Am a stellium Aries, but totally doing my Scorp moon for plutonic clean out bliss, and probably my Virgo Mars as well :)

    • Arthur’s!!!! and Stranded nightclub!! Yes! I was still living at home and use to sneak out at night to go there… dressed up like Haysi Fantayzee. :)

      Brings back memories. And Patches nightclub on Oxford Street for the disco 😀

    • O Yes, Arthurs. Been there, done THAT! Claudia was a friend of my BF’s daughter who was ‘Vivian’ in Home & Away,now directs theatre.
      You have just reminded me i need more fun in my life.
      *sigh* the good days before i grew up.
      Time keeps on slipping slipping slipping into the future…Moody Blues.

  10. I’m a December 1984 baby, and Saturn is just a little over 1 degree away from its natal placement. The initial hit of my first Saturn return is due in about three weeks but I’ve been feeling the planet’s influence increasingly since it went into Scorpio. It’s been particularly strong since November, and I am really valuing the rigidity and process that is entering my life.

  11. Ahhhhhhhhh and this would explain why I recently went to an 80’s themed NYE party. For some reason, it felt okay ringing in the new year dancing and drinking with people dressed as Ghostbusters, Rambo, Jackie Collins and the stars of the Golden Girls and Miami Vice – we were just channeling the astro.

  12. I used to sneak into my older sister’s bedroom and look at the Like A Virgin cassette cover. It was speaking to me.

  13. 1984? I’m pretty sure that was the era of smoking bongs in one’s bedroom whilst listening to the most miserable goth music I could lay my hands on. Oh and occasionally Nina Hagen if I was in a party mood. It was when I stopped being a “good A student” and decided that everything could go fuq itself.

  14. And why are there so many horrid Cancerians in this world? Nancy Reagan – bleh. Imelda Marcos – double bleh. George Bush – simply no words foul enough to describe him adquately. That horrid goobly eyed Wall Street guy – vile.

    Surely there are some decent ones floating around – can we focus on them instead of these low rent pretenders?

    • Can’t think of any famous ones off the top of my head, but at least 3 of my most interesting, longest buddies are Cancerian gals

    • Tom Cruise? LOL. Just kid din’

      What about Alan Joyce – the Qantas CEO? Why is that little weasel still in charge?? The airline has been a disaster since he took over.

      Richard Branson? :)

      • lol, TC :) is it true that Brad Pitt came out and admitted he can’t stand him? or is it just a scragazine fantasy? :)

          • is it? cancer square sagg? but anyway I just had to go and check their charts didn’t I? and TC’s Sun is smack bang on BP’s North node! lol.

            Also, how in the ZZ is Brad Pitt? Uranus on his Jupe, Pluto on his Mars and his Venus Moon conjunction (yes, really) on my Mars! well now I’m delirious but TC’s asc is on my Sun and my asc is on his Mars. i don’t even like him.

            I’m laid up with a small injury – that’s my excuse!

            • no need for excuses. We’re astro fiends! I’m always looking someone up out of curiosity.

              It could be a word, a phrase, or a look that piques my interred and *bang* straight to google!

              When I saw the J. Edgar movie I was curious to know if Hoover had any planets in Scorp – movie being all about FBI et al. I was ITCHING to leave the cinema to google his D.O.B. Sure enough – Saturn In Scorp.

              Gives me such a thrill to pick someone’s astro.

              The best one was trying to work out the sign of a hot artist barista. For months i observed (and perved) and it was a process of elimination. I got down to about 3 possible signs then I did some stalking and found out his surname and his artist statement. He wrote the most beautiful thing I’ve ever read about colour and I thought LIBRA!! He HAS to be a Libran! Eventually we became friends on FB and yep – Spot on. Libra with moon in Sagg. 😀

              • oh well done :) and I see you have embraced colour tonight yourself!

                it’a happening to me as well, spend all my energy on particular people I meet guessing their astro. I have a highly excited student who can not abide people taking different positions to those she is voluminously trying to hit them over the head with, I mean convince them of. I’m thinking Gem/Toro?

    • There are good Crabs too! Peter Murphy, Marc Almond, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Blondie, Orville Redenbacher the popcorn guy, Montel Williams and Geraldo Rivera…. lots of worthy crabs!

        • What can I say? I love popcorn! He’d probably turn in his grave if he could see the microwave shite flavoured with cottonseed oil instead of butter. :(

    • That Malala girl. Sorry i’ve suddenly forgotten her name: she was shot in the head by the Taliban for her support of girls’ education.

      Yul Brynner (DON’T – i love him), Debbie Harry, George Orwell, Hermann Hesse and Kafka.

    • The Dalai Lama, hello?

      Buckminster Fuller, check.
      Henry David Thoreau, check.
      Helen Keller, check.
      Everyone Mille mentioned.

      I know, I know. But maybe all that concentrated goodness is enough to wipe out the bad ones?

      • Oops, this was meant for prowln, didn’t see your comment til now fallen. Marc chagall too, freda kahlo

  15. Ah! 1984! I was 9 and in 4th grade….LOL. But yes I remember it. Prank calls, roller skating, madonna and Prince.

      • Aww you guys too? 😀 And there were leg warmers to keep my calf muscles supple, & a neon-colored pick in my back pocket to keep my coif just so. xx

  16. this was the year i lost my virginity – go venus retro, I might google that boy right now and see what became of the man.

    • Was it a party night?.. was it the end of school?

      “Come said the boy… let’s go down to the sand
      Let’s do what we wanna do, let me be a man for you…”


      • eeeeow! that’s in some way tainted an already questionable (in terms of quality control) adolescent act.

      • I’m pretty sure I lost my virginity in 1984 too…indeed it was down on the sand but thankfully the young lad didn’t say anything in the vicinity of “let me be a man for you” 😉

          • I think mine said “are you ok?” which was pretty apt! but I’m having trouble taking up your suggestion of googling the man because I can’t quite recall the poor boy’s name!

            • apart from those who’ve become public figures, no one I knew prior to the internet ever has an online presence. It’s strangely comforting to me. They’re either all dead or we share some generational need for privacy – neptune in scorpio?

        • i think it happened “properly” for me around the end of ’84 too.

          He was a Saggo.

          • Properly? CUTE for some reason that strikes me as really innocent and cute. You’ve made me smile robot.

            • well, prior to that, when I was 16 and I just wanted to get the whole virginity thing out of the way, it was just awkward fumblings with stupid boys.
              Met the Saggo in a night club – I had a very 80’s spiral perm which looked like more like an afro with my porous dry hair, he picked me up and took me back to his place. Good and proper!! 😀 Well it wasn’t THAT good…

  17. Preggers with my first child, born 2/11/85. She has scorp ascendant and scorp moon. She’s a difficult and unbelievably jealous/envious woman. We are very much estranged because I’d rather not talk to her vs deal with her scorpionic mind game misery. I guess she’s going thru her first Saturn return lol. Best of luck kiddo. Maybe she will have a major epiphany?

    • funny. for different reasons obviously but that’s exactly how i feel about one of my parents – it’s liberating when you get to the point where they’re just some people you know and can view relatively objectively. Love them but no need to get involved with the re-runs.

    • If her sun is square her moon, that’s supposed to be a hard thing to take. Your emotions and what you’re thinking and believing in are always at odds with one another. :( Supposed to be harder for men though.

      • I have that, its exact and between pisces and gemini.
        Its like a dilemma between dilemmas.

  18. This should be an interesting time for me, I was born in Nov 1984 so i might just find myself right at home with this! :)

  19. Useful link: Saturn return calculator.

    Hey I forgot about this site. Check their front page, scroll way down to the bottom for some interesting Lunar astronomy links, moon sign calculator, and other fun astrogeeky stuff. Oh I love reading about Metonic Cycles and that sort of crap.

  20. Ha ha… I juuuust had a convo… with my therapist… about the validity of 80s music

    Fall 84 baby

    I was always a fan of Flashback Lunch on KROQ in LA back in the day. They used to have this thing over Memorial Day Weekend called the Flashback 500. I found one of the playlists online and basically pieced together a massive 80s mixtape from it.

    Been listening to EBN-OZN and Scritti Politti a lot while cooking this past week :/

    I don’t think I can listen to Bauhaus, JD, or the Smiths anymore. That stuff brings back too many memories of teen struggle. That one Love and Rockets album… Express… is still a huge fave

  21. omfg i used to totally live for OMNI magazine in its heyday…nerdy sci kid…and same time i was researching astro. Thanks for the flashback, Mystic. I adore your images so much.

  22. I remember the 80’s well. It was the most awkward time of my life but def a pivotal time as well. Pre-teens all the way. Madonna was my idol. I think I’ll spend the day tomorrow listening to “Lucky Star – Madonna station” on iHeart radio while I work. Maybe I’ll even search my closet for some fluorescent colors to wear just for the fun of it. I’ll even crunch some numbers to bring me back to the days when I was in the math club. I was such a dork, geek, nerd – you name it ! but I owned that schizz.

  23. I’m seeing Missing Person this Friday night at a small club down the street. Right on, MM. Then Berlin in 2 weeks.

    • And no! I hardly ever get haunted by the past.
      Especially 1984.
      But then I also have some trouble preparing for the future… Come to think of it, why did that guy write “The Power of Now”? :)

  24. Little known fact: “wake me up before you go-go” is actually a Scorp-styled passive-aggressive ode to Saturn from Jupiter in Sagittarius.

  25. Oh soundtrack? Would like to add: Echo and the Bunnymen, early Tears for Fears, Joy Division, the Style Council, the Specials, the Triffids, Violent Femmes, the Stray Cats, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Siouxsie Sioux, Eurhythmics, Smiths’ “How Soon Is Now”, and also “The Unforgettable Fire”, Frankie’s “Welcome to the Pleasuredome and Bronski Beat’s “Smalltown Boy”…pretty sure also still listening to INXS then, and Billy Idol plus maybe Ultravox. Napalm Death also featured on my playlist, and i was still listening to older punk.

    Think i’ve got the right year, with some of those memories. I could be going back a year or so further. Anyhow, I was dawning aware that fam life was a bunch of fuqd up shit, i was full of fury and awkwardness and alternative radio saved my life, i reckon.

    • of course Echo and the Bunnymen, and early Ultravox with John Foxx before Midge Ure :)

      “Smalltown Boy” !! Such a great song…
      Billy Idol is still HOT I reckon – a multi Saggo 😀 Have already done our astro. 😛

      • C’mon then… how’s the synastry? Any Mars Venus action going on? Are you crying more more more in the midnight hour? :)

        • yeah and with a Rebel Yell! 😉


          • His Saggo Sun smack bang on my moon.
          • His Mars in Scorp on my Sun 😀
          • His moon in Gem conjuncts my NN.
          • His NN in Sag on my South Node.
          • His Venus in Sag on my South Node
          • His Saturn in Scorp on my Merc
          • His Merc in Sagg on my moon
          • His Jupiter 0º Virgo smack bang on my 0º Mars Virgo – HOT!!!! 😛

          His Neptune in Libra on my MC

          Hows’ that!!! 😀

            • Best astro I have with anyone!!
              The Saggo from 1984 that dragged me back to his flat said he had partied with Billy Idol. I NEARLY / could have met him!!! I was too inexperienced back then though. LOL.

              Actually my astro with the Libran artist / barista is pretty hot. There were sparks from the day we laid eyes on each other. But he’s married :(

              • Billy Idol in 1984….that would have been something. No wonder you had sex with the Sagg! lol 😉

                • LOL. Next best thing!! Saggos are fun but not actually the best in bed… unless they have planets in Scorp 😉

                    • Aw, good luck with the school Bot.

                      Did I ever mention that my Gem/Sagg Moon/Virgor rising is a wonderful artist?

                      With Neptune in 5th, it was inevitable really that one child at least would be artisti and she is also spiritually sensitive.
                      know what you mean time wise. I am waiting on a computer repair.

          • I think its cool his band and he coined a phrase that defines a generation – kids that’s Generation X to you

    • Yes forgot – the specials!! “I’m a fully fledged member of the nightclub ” yay!!!!

    • May I add “The Smiths” and The The’s “Soul Mining” (particularly the title track and ‘I’ve been waiting for tomorrow all my life?”
      Were on heavy rotation round my place…along with Joy Division, New Order, Psychedlic Furs et al.
      Then, as now, Saturn had just crossed into my first house. Except that back then, Uranus was on bang on my Sagg Sun, and Neptune was in last degree of Sagittarius, and Pluto was just starting its treck across all the planets and asteroids in my Scorp 12th.
      The The’s lyrics summed it all up for me!!

    • oh God TOTALLY!
      Imagine being alternate music freeky goth kid in SA and that music was just the shitz that got me through those weird times. Didn’t exactly score me points for popularity but hey, who needs popularity when you have the controversial crown already.
      Hey homies, happy Sunday!
      I gotta make a play list ..vacum & write!

  26. 14 was the age I was on the cusp of freedom, and I felt strangely powerful then. The world, whatever the “world” actually was, was full of possibilities. Time stretched on and to me, it wasn’t so much the rosy dream of success I found appealing, but the opportunity to be free to make mistakes. I’d have enough time to correct them right?

    So despite being hounded by both parents and siblings, I’d applied to only three universities except to my father’s chagrin, to very disparate courses. In one, I’d gone for business. In another, philosophy. And in the last one was accepted for both medicine and fine arts. I got The Talk. About What You Will Do With Your Life.

    But as with many a father of his generation, it pretty much ended there. I did get bribed to go with the “sensible plan” of business school, but I loved the pace of it. We had three terms in a single year and I entered at 15. 6 months in and I had two profs trying to convince me to switch my major to either journalism or sociology.

    I don’t think I was really equipped at 14, to stand up to whatever was “sensible”. Especially when I’d been skulking around home hiding both sketches and my writing. Maybe Saturn had too much of a say? My rather astute Sagg bestie at the time had declared that it was the year I entered uni that I’d stopped writing anything else but college papers.

    I guess I got my freedom by trading on a plan, but didn’t even know what I was giving up at the time. In business school, I found the structure I’d wanted, things were practical. Not to mention, my parents actually seemed happy. But looking back now, what I really wanted was guidance and direction on how to channel all the creative impulses that kept me up at night into Something. Not to be told it would never go anywhere.

    Apparently my parents were convinced I’d succumb to being a revolutionary subversive if I did pursue the arts, though they weren’t entirely wrong about my compulsions, it would’ve been good if they’d been encouraging. They probably just didn’t know how to be and were way too freaked by the idea in the first place. Oh, 1984, I do have memories of you.

    • Asian father FA? As if he was ever going to approve of you going into the arts…Business or medicine all the way :)

      I have Chinese Australian friends who went Into the Arts field but they ended up gallery directors, curators and headhunted by prestigious New York philanthropic foundations. Apparently that was acceptable to the parents…

      • You got it. He was pushing for the computer sciences but I’d completely ignored it.. don’t think he ever saw me curating anything, as he was probably way too busy picturing me bunking off to a commune after doing some kind of guerrilla art (my temper wasn’t quite well-handled at the time).

        I ended up with Marketing instead. This was pre-internet you understand, so it wasn’t quite as groovy without the social media.

        • The thing is, you are a really good writer! I’ve been reticent to comment here in the past because I never felt I could write as gracefully as you and some others on the blog who have a distinctive, elegant style. Am more visually oriented myself, and Aries merc. Sort of blunt…

          Would you have done things differently career wise, looking back?

          • Angel’s writing creates Emotion & Feelings, warming my belly.
            There is no water in my natal chart houses, translates as not very emotional, crave water constantly in any form.
            Can’t cry. Wish i could sometimes as would love my tears licked by a lover.

            • Yes Pegs, she writes about feelings which I have but barely find the words for. A Cancerian gift of nuance which my Scorp moon appreciates.

              Your written ‘voice’ in my mind sounds something like Marianne Faithfull’s, very warm and smoky, very present.

              • NUp, like MF’s songs but my voice is elecution- trained- kinda BBC, very recognisable on telephone dammit, with lapses into street girl Oz speak, sounds younger than it is,
                luckily previous smoking did not effect the register.
                But thanx for the warmth & present part.
                Am so present forget what i did yesterday :-)
                or 5 minutes ago….

                • Pegs have you seen the Pluto oil post?
                  You’ve made it on Mystic’s top 5 most frequent commenters. 😀

          • That’s such a lovely thing to say Veronica and Pegs.. thank you.

            @Veronica: Oh, the Ariean word spear? shouldn’t be reticent, there’s value in all different voices. Some may paint a picture, and others make a very straightforward point. I haven’t been able to comment as much lately due to work etc..but to confess, I used to hesitate as well. When I finally did, I realized I’d deeply underestimated the value of the exchange, it can feed and facilitate private and rather lonely ponderings, without the pressure of having a specifically personal situation discussed.

            Would I have done it differently? I’m not sure I could’ve with the circumstances I had at the time, my own tentativeness and a lack of guidance. I came to that conclusion with some self-forgiveness, because we always think maybe we could’ve changed things somehow, in the past. Except as you know, we can only do what’s here and now.

    • Far out, fa: I’m reading from the bottom up again, post-posting, & noticing that you too used “freedom” & “possibilities” in your first paragraph.

      Saturn in Scorp, freedom & possibilities. How committed are we to this lifetime? x

      • Jinx! Just saw that too.. yes, commit we do, even in sub-zero temperatures it seems.

        How are you holding up in the polar vortex?

        Much warm thoughts darling. xx

  27. I was 15 and going to underground nightclubs in Brisbane and seeing slots of bands – ska and soul are still my faves but LOVED Paul Weller and The Style Council (went to Sydney in bus for. 16 hrs plus to see the at the Horton Pav with The Alnighters – HAPPY DAYS!!) The Jam, The Clash, THE BEAT ( saw then earlier this year and the were fantastic!!!) and heaps of Jamacian ska classics – Lee Perry is a genius! And heaps of local bands Brisbane has a great live band scene to this day – thank you ZZZ for the music!! Not embarrassed at all bout my 80’s days!!!!

  28. i dressed up as 80s madonna for halloween, and have sorta integrated pieces of it unconsciously ever since. matte red lipstick, darker, bigger brows, eyeliner, fingerless gloves. no neon or geometry though- the horror.

    in 1984 i was 7. unaware of music yet- true blue was not to become my first album for another year. i do remember play-voting for reagan. double the horror! i don’t know if it was the conservative, catholic microcosm that was my neighborhood, or if he was such a force that it was a given. it seemed that way to me, at least. yuck!

    the omni looks EPIC. electronic souls, superwomen, and dune? yes, please!!

    • Ah, yes, True Blue! I remember having the record. In 1984 I was 9. Not sure what else to recall from that. I do know I was never a fan of Regan and my parents voted for him.

  29. Oh yay!

    If the groan didn’t translate in that simple cheery statement then you just didn’t read it backwards to glean it’s message.

    Dark days back then.

    Shield up in t+minus+zero.

    Perimeter secure. Shield now set to ongoing infrared surveillance. Alarm will sound if perimeter breach occurs.


  30. OM…yes!
    Totally love all those songs. Seeing Madonna on TV was an epiphany for me. Am wearing leg warmers again with EVERYTHING despite giggles and snipey remarks from friends. I totally don’t care. My vibe right now is just “Flashdance” and being seen as cool by anyone really isn’t an option when you’re channeling this. Like I’m going to lose sleep over what others think all of a sudden:-D

  31. I still listen to music from that era. Esp the Madonna songs. Just love them. They marked the beginning of my “walking away” from what anyone else thought of me and what passed for a need to conform. Sure, it was the most half assed and lazy pretence of “being in attendance at roll call” but I still felt I had to show up and roll my eyes, chew gum and spin my yo yo (I aced all those tricks) but after seeing Madonna sing “Like a Virgin” something fundamental shifted in my psyche. It was like being struck by cosmic lightening. Like seeing Riso sing “There are worse things I could do” in Grease. I hated that film but I LOVED her and the dude with acne.

  32. I was too young in 1984, but take your word for it re. music and themes.
    This astro is completely new to me…


  33. lol just bought tickets for my man for his birthday retro stuff we grew up to, got with him last year, but we lived near each other back then i was 17 turning 18, took forever to meet the love of my life

  34. 1984: young Scorp Inc routinely took to the roller rink, lots of hip hop & colored lights. Boys. A Funions & soda-fueled zeitgeist of funky fresh freedom & possibilities.

    But I have to report from the Great Lakes presently: last I heard, there are over 12,000 cancellations (schools, biz, flights, etc) throughout this region & the Midwest due to Arctic temps & blowing snow. A large section of major interstate in a metro area has been closed because it’s all ice & it’s too cold for any topical apps to melt what’s packed onto the asphalt. Stuck trains, ice-covered lighthouses, frozen batteries, frostbite in minutes… We have been instructed by authorities to not leave our homes unless it’s an emergency; otherwise, we could be ticketed/arrested. It has been 24 hours of this sitch, another 24 to go– just speaking economically, surely there will be huge ramifications for the entire US from this weather. I know Pluto has been a major player as of late, but what about Uranus? Are we having a ZZ direct hit?

    • No joke: I just saw that the cold weather record of -20°f was set today, 1984.

      At -15°f with a windchill of -35°f presently, close enough! So there ya go.

      In other news, Cibo Matto recently released their new single MFN (for Mother Fuqin Nature) & it’s the shiz– all hail Rx Venus! Album drops Valentine’s Day 😉

      • cold weather record of 1984 makes sense!!

        Scorp = water sign = turns to ice
        when in Saturn = restriction and limitations

      • Have been looking up Polar Vortex. It’s actual air from the Antarctic broken away and pulled south.
        Ye Gods, i shiver when below 66 FH.
        Loved the snow in Kashmir,where it belongs in winter!
        I would have leg warmers on legs arms and head, doubled up.
        The photos of frozen light houses, waves frozen in mid crash. MInd boggles.
        Hope you have fires. Fire warmth is like no other heating for glow and ambience.

    • Scorpation, I am near Motown. Schools cancelled- Gov imploring peeps to stay put- and he’s a boot-strap, pro-biz Republican. My work is open last two days- options to work from home or use accrued time. Which part-timers don’t have but I am ok with staying put with teens. I am seeing Saturn/Pluto- buried by excessive weather- delays due to same- also interruptions-Uranus- unpredictable delays, annoyances/hazards. Retro Venus in Cappy quickly recalculating values priorities for pragmatic -Saturn in Scorp survival.

      Saturn in Scorp- emergency preparedness. Shoveled six hours Sunday- snow blower broken. Got most of 1 foot of snow. Did buy bottled water in moderation. Running water slightly through all pipes.

      Cats burrowed into down comforters. Mega grateful for warm, dry home and cars!

      Xx Kat

  35. Anyone out there travel through the nightclubs of the time?…Subterrean? Mud Club? Locomotion? Obsession? Hardware Club? Razor Club?…The Seaview Ballroom?…The Prince of Wales? Underground, Inflation?…I have very good memories of Inflation…

    But most of my associates from then are either dead or have assumed new identities…

      • Yes! I understand that 1984 was the last year for what we call today “old school” rap & hip hop; post ’84 saw the birth of different genres (eg, the Miami bass sound via 2 Live Crew, & sampling as a staple) that have been characteristic of the music these past 30 years.

        Love it, aquasunbird!

        • That’s the way you spell New York……is that a eurphermisum?

      • Danced a storm to Grandmaster Flash White Lines.
        Yes, my close friends from then are dead or living in another country under another name.
        Seriously thought about doing that myself last night..another name, another country, reinvention.

    • Yes I remember the Hardware Club being pretty gothy, climbing the stairs, the gay boys hanging in the ladies toilet, disco heaven at Inflation and Subterrean (sp?) and the Anglers Club in Queensberry St. Met a boy who looked like Robert Smith there. I was dressed in op shop dresses and tights. With lots of eyeliner and purple lipstick. Good times!

      • I was at the Anglers Club too! You have truly survived…What a wonderfully seedy era…Deliriously potent, otherwise known as the Users Club…No irony there? There was another club with a brilliant DJ at the The Zero Club – did music for FDC parade at the old Palais St Kilda…Warwick championed 80s music!

        Almost forgot Chasers nightclub at the Chevron…Transformed into apartments….A CEO of one fashion menswear label I worked for made a killing from flogging the old Salt nightclub (which no one would go near after a homicide) and that is apartments too, along with my last Boss’s old HQ in Prahan…countercyclical

        Music of the era transformed into $$$ real estate, how pluto in capricorn post the scorpio saturn cycle…I prefer the music!

        • Lol the Chevron (or the ‘Ron’ as we called it) was always very sleasy and seemed to have more in your face wankers and bogans.

          it was a great era for music and nightclubbing. Thankfully I stayed away from the drugs… a young lady from a country town. Drank a LOT of booze though… hangovers didn’t seem so bad aged 18-25! My friend and I would stay out until 4am trek home by public transport, have breakfast/shower and go to uni!

  36. I was 25 and embarking on the most exciting business venture I could imagine.
    It all fell to pieces in October 87 stock market crash. The lessons of that time changed me forever.
    I’m currently embarking on another business adventure,
    Saturn in scorp, my 5th house, was a hell of a lot of fun the first time ! Like a lot !
    When it moved on in to my 6th sag that fun turned a bit sour,
    the remnants left became the career I’m still in.
    I’m going to try and condense that time into the lesson of it.
    I will be really pissed off with myself if I make the same mistakes.

  37. I don’t remember what was going on last time Saturn was at this point for me – but it Definitely Was Not me getting super tribal energy healing to the nth degree, ghost busting, rut busting, or that which feels like growing pains. Oh wait, scratch the last one, I might have experienced that then. But experiencing that now is pretty friggin epic.

  38. This was from 1982. I would walk into Deans cafe on Kellet St and put this on the jukebox

    • Mate! Hunters & Collectors from a Young American – I’m impressed! The song all (nearly) sing when drunk is the classic “Throw your arms around me” wish I knew how to link it … All I can say is “you will make me call you name and I will shout it to the blue summer sky”

    • Yes! I used to go to Dean’s cafe all the time. That was when the CRoss was actually safe enough to wander around without getting king hit.

  39. I was 19, recently returned from the UK where I’d been at school for two years. Lost my English weight really quickly, was suddenly slim and apparently hot although I didn’t know it at the time. Had a huge, look-out-for-power-lines-in-the-vicinity spiral perm.
    Was ’84 the year of the Faberge stonewash stretch jean? Those years are all a bit of a blur I’m afraid.
    I was recovering from a breakup with my first love, a smart, talented but already drug addicted Welsh muso. I came home and fell into the flannel-shirted arms of a bong-smoking, huntn-shootn-fishn Sagg I’d been at school with. Spent my Saturday nights getting shitfaced at a seedy pub called the Raffles, home of legendary Perth metal cover band the Jets. Drinking gallons and gallons of beer and headbanging up the front near the speakers. For something special the Sagg would drive me to the river foreshore afterwards and we’d bonk in the back of his brown Gemini wagon while listening to Jethro Tull’s Broadsword and the Beast. Classy!

    • Ah yes, The Raffles. I used to venture SOR to catch The Church there. My other haunts were less classy establishments such as The Generator and The Nookenboro, also watching the Jets!! ANd I was pretty familiar with the back seat of a Monaro. Married Monaro man and now I often find myself singing that Meatloaf song Paradise by the dashboard lights -the praying for the end of time bit!!. 3 years ago he fessed up to an affair (with a fuqing 26y/o!!) and begged forgiveness- AND I TOOK HIM BACK?????, Ha, took the wrong turn at that crossroad!!
      So I’ve been spending a bit of time of late pondering choices I’ve made since I was a mere 20y/o in 1984 (God I was gorgeous back then- and I thought I was ugly!!), and hoping this Saturn square transit I’m having will help. Actually, I strongly suspect it has something to do with sun, Saturn and Mars in my natal 12th house (Aquarius).

      • OMG the Generator and the Nookenburra!! I think the Nookie is still there but has now been tarted up – is it Botanica??! I find myself missing the seediness of the old places. I now live near the disgusting old pub I used to drink at in the mid-80s and it too has been cleaned up, wall to wall white linen tables and wine lists. The grimy old stage in the back corner has gone – no live bands any more. Such a shame.
        Soz to hear about Monaro man. Don’t feel bad for taking him back… you’ve invested a lifetime and these things shouldn’t just be chucked away without really thinking them through. However with Saturn squaring all that Aqua stuff, no wonder you’re taking a good look at if it really serves you any longer. When Saturn squared my Cap moon a couple of years ago it totally sorted out my marriage. Someone here once described Saturn as bringing ‘the end of what you’re merely tolerating’ and that’s exactly how it played out for me.

  40. wasn’t born yet but I love reading through these nostalgic comments. xx

    some memorable movies were made in 1984, Sixteen Candles, Footloose and Ghostbusters (lol!) and my favorite one, Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (I’m completely obsessed with Hayao Miyazaki films).

  41. In November 1984 I was six. My favourite song then was Dead or Alive’s ‘You Spin Me Round (like a record)’ This is when they told us kids to pick a toy and say goodbye to our friends, we were leaving the country and we did – we went and lived in a bus as nomads in Europe for a long time and were very different people after that. Here’s something weird – it was definitely that November that I had chicken pox and I woke up a couple of days ago covered with mystery spots which I thought might be a food allergy and so now I am going to the doctor to find out what the eff they are, talk about weird cycling.

  42. 1984 was possibly one the worst years of my life. Music saved me. The music and the arts were my drug.
    Family life was difficult.
    My older brother (10 years older) and I were always estranged. He didn’t approve of my accidental birth was always cold, indifferent to me and trying to exclude me from our family. He’d fly into rages if I received any attention.
    I was raised to not discuss my achievements in his presence or he’d fly into a rage.
    I suspect my brother suffered from OCD and other mental illness and severe autism. But until recently diagnosed with OCD.
    He is the Golden Boy that can do wrong ever. Even after he pushed me down a flight of stairs when I was 5.
    Older sister by eight years hated older brother but resented having to babysit me. She is bipolar and schizophrenic. But my parents couldn’t get her to get help. She she severe mood swings and would attack me with knives.
    Parents didn’t protect me.
    So 1984 it all came to a head.
    The music literally saved me from suicide several times and i got damn close many times.

  43. I can recall 1984, Another big move across the country, over the Nullabour to Perth. A new life, new start. The first time I thought I had found true love and also the first time I had my heart broken, also the time I had discovered myself with more travelling. This year in 2014, I am not planning another major move and also major changes in my life. The love life is non existent. Let see what other big changes are in stall for us all. In all honesty, 1984 was an interesting year!

  44. Was 18 and just entered my college to study a way out course for three years. No one had a clue what I was up to but I knew it was the way forward! Right now I am just putting the finishing touches to the website for my new company which takes all my learning through all these years into one programme and hopefully will now allow me to move away from the title I worked so hard to get but is now way too mainstream and prescriptive. And my wings have dried and I want to fly!

      • dancing to it now.
        Salt sprinkled all over my flat from last night. So I’m stepping in it now.
        Sunday morning and I passed out before ten pm in my clothes, which has happened almost every night this week.
        Weird but hey. It might be time for some “I want to break free” vacuuming al la Freddie

  45. its weird hearing about when you guys were my age, real weird, I still got stuff to figure out.

  46. Flashback! Had that copy of OMNI as a rabid Dune fan. It was also when i had a desire to be a computer programmer. There was an issue that showed Virtual Reality sex(uality), where one was in a bodysuit with wires for stimulation, which i thought brilliant & futuristic as HIV had raised it’s ugly head around that time and the word out ‘no exchange of any bodily fluids’.
    Saturn was telling us to examine our attitudes toward ‘it’ as in if could kill-so could it cure’. That’s what i thought anyways.
    Was till country hopping back then and didn’t like Madonna from the time
    i heard the young things singing loudly along to her, pissed outta their minds to ‘girls just want to have fun’. THough that was in Darwin where everyone is pissed. Met a hunky black american there for airforce defence exercises. We danced all night, walked on MIndil beach in the Moonlight. He nearly went AWOL & i went a bit AWRY :-)
    His name was Washington.

  47. 1984-Pluto at 0 Scorpi was ON my Moon- Mars was in Libra- Neptune/Jupiter were in Saggo- wild crazy times. Now Prog Moon is 0 Scorpi- decision time-

    I went from selling Birkies to ER clerking- loved it!! Worked crazy hours- all shifts- partied in between. Lived alone – had mama drama.

    Loved the ER work- New shiny helicopter for med evac- lots of rides on THAT. Made sure the pilots loved me! We got to go in fuel runs. French, Aerospéciale cool ships. Landed on the hospital roof. We zoomed.

    Everything old is…old!



  48. oh ok ok I may as well join in… I had barely started primary school so when we went to watch ghostbusters – then showing “at cinemas all over australia” my older friend covered my eyes for the scariest parts 😀 bless her. Definitely remember footloose … listening more than watching it. Eurythmics, still one of my favourites… maybe this timing explains why I have such a renewed affection for early 80s pop?

    Family life I think started to go awry then and going back to school the following year I started to become a plump and awkward kid, teased /bullied for stupid things, worse as I was already a sensitive kid. Thinking about this, I suspect I was picking up the stress at home and it was changing me :( but no one noticed I guess. awesome. so begins the upbringing by wolves.

    Anyway, that would also have been a saturn square too. yikes. wow, so in conclusion, that’s a big old fuq off to my past and the beginnings of shitty self esteem, and a big fat Hello to 2014.!!!

      • could have been worse? It’s also pretty easy to count my blessings so.. yes. Wolves aren’t so bad once you know the deal I guess. I think the tone of my statement probably reflects the tail-end of a monumental saturn transit through my 4th house immediately followed by saturn square saturn. anyhoo yes xxoo

  49. I’m too young for this post :(

    However, jut checking out my chart with some added asteroids… Transiting Juno is getting damn close to my natal Juno. Excitement!

    Also, I grew a pineapple. It took over three years! That’s some Saturn dedication. It’s the sweetest most delicious pineapple.

    • Why did yours take so long? It only took me a year. I just hacked the top off a pineapple I was eating and plopped it into the ground.

      • I have no idea. I did the exact same thing. I thought it would take two years, because most things I read said that….. but three! Hahaha.

  50. chernobyl was may 84..
    fukushima almost a full saturn return later..

    my mom was inhaling chernobyl when i was in the womb. makes sense.

  51. Pluto was about to be upon my Sun, so the penny just dropped that my parents divorced when Pluto was on my Sun. Far out hey?