The Last Time Saturn Was At This Point…

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Omni Magazine November 1984

The last time Saturn was at this degree of Scorpio, it was November 1984.  If you are old enough, there may be some socio-cultural psychic resonance, especially with the Retro-Venus to back the (productive) nostalgia.

Random Thoughts Re This: Now is the Saturn Return of November 1984, Ronald Reagan karma?

I love the vision of Nancy Reagan, a Cancerian, tottering around the white  house after midnight, a glass of Blue Devil Hoochie Juice with ice clinking around, gazing outside at the full moon rays on the green lawns, whispering on her huge eighties style cordless phone into the voicemail of her astrologer.

I also think Eighties Madonna, eyebrows and geometric “cheekbone enhancing” make-up were epic. And you? Is 1984 mysteriously haunting you at all? Saturn in Scorpio is weirder than it seems. Ghosts in the machines. Undead Iran-Contra affairs. Zombie banks. The soundtrack? Caribbean Queen, Prince, Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go and Like A Virgin. If you are Saturn Returning as of now, listening to some of this schizz could be Aural Therapy, like a rebirth, right?

Madonna Rolling Stone cover 1984

Ronald Reagan Time Magazine November 1984

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279 thoughts on “The Last Time Saturn Was At This Point…

  1. I remember the 80’s well. It was the most awkward time of my life but def a pivotal time as well. Pre-teens all the way. Madonna was my idol. I think I’ll spend the day tomorrow listening to “Lucky Star – Madonna station” on iHeart radio while I work. Maybe I’ll even search my closet for some fluorescent colors to wear just for the fun of it. I’ll even crunch some numbers to bring me back to the days when I was in the math club. I was such a dork, geek, nerd – you name it ! but I owned that schizz.

  2. 1984-Pluto at 0 Scorpi was ON my Moon- Mars was in Libra- Neptune/Jupiter were in Saggo- wild crazy times. Now Prog Moon is 0 Scorpi- decision time-

    I went from selling Birkies to ER clerking- loved it!! Worked crazy hours- all shifts- partied in between. Lived alone – had mama drama.

    Loved the ER work- New shiny helicopter for med evac- lots of rides on THAT. Made sure the pilots loved me! We got to go in fuel runs. French, Aerospéciale cool ships. Landed on the hospital roof. We zoomed.

    Everything old is…old!



  3. oh ok ok I may as well join in… I had barely started primary school so when we went to watch ghostbusters – then showing “at cinemas all over australia” my older friend covered my eyes for the scariest parts 😀 bless her. Definitely remember footloose … listening more than watching it. Eurythmics, still one of my favourites… maybe this timing explains why I have such a renewed affection for early 80s pop?

    Family life I think started to go awry then and going back to school the following year I started to become a plump and awkward kid, teased /bullied for stupid things, worse as I was already a sensitive kid. Thinking about this, I suspect I was picking up the stress at home and it was changing me 🙁 but no one noticed I guess. awesome. so begins the upbringing by wolves.

    Anyway, that would also have been a saturn square too. yikes. wow, so in conclusion, that’s a big old fuq off to my past and the beginnings of shitty self esteem, and a big fat Hello to 2014.!!!

      • could have been worse? It’s also pretty easy to count my blessings so.. yes. Wolves aren’t so bad once you know the deal I guess. I think the tone of my statement probably reflects the tail-end of a monumental saturn transit through my 4th house immediately followed by saturn square saturn. anyhoo yes xxoo

  4. I’m too young for this post 🙁

    However, jut checking out my chart with some added asteroids… Transiting Juno is getting damn close to my natal Juno. Excitement!

    Also, I grew a pineapple. It took over three years! That’s some Saturn dedication. It’s the sweetest most delicious pineapple.

    • Why did yours take so long? It only took me a year. I just hacked the top off a pineapple I was eating and plopped it into the ground.

      • I have no idea. I did the exact same thing. I thought it would take two years, because most things I read said that….. but three! Hahaha.

  5. chernobyl was may 84..
    fukushima almost a full saturn return later..

    my mom was inhaling chernobyl when i was in the womb. makes sense.

  6. Pluto was about to be upon my Sun, so the penny just dropped that my parents divorced when Pluto was on my Sun. Far out hey?