Katie Five Planet Scorpio

Katy Perry Liebovitz

She looks like she wants to throttle one of those poor chooks. I mean, seriously, this is not how  you pose a multiple Scorpio. We already discussed her astro back here and Scorpiotronic was WAY more how she should be styled. Nothing about Five Planets in Scorpio says sulking in barn yard in couch fabric like Scarlett O’Hara’s mogadon harpie of a second cousin.

But she is actually only up there to illustrate this quote from her notorious G.Q. Interview:

“I see everything through a spiritual lens,” she says. “I believe in a lot of astrology. I believe in aliens. I look up into the stars and I imagine: How self-important are we to think that we are the only life-form? I mean, if my relationship with Obama gets any better, I’m going to ask him that question. It just hasn’t been appropriate yet. I might have won Wisconsin for him,” she says. “Actually, I didn’t do too much, but he called on me a couple of times. Which was very nice.”


I believe in astrology and aliens too – i get it. But it was this quote that has been earning her some, you know, attention.  “Geishas are basically, like, the masters of loving unconditionally.”  I never think that every single strong female figure in pop-culture has to be a raving symbol of feminist empowerment but this does seem a little disingenuous?  

I read Memoirs Of A Geisha once and it seemed mega conditional.  Like Conditions Central.

Or ARE geishas all about unconditional love?  There could be a deeper, Five Planets in Scorpio dimension here that i am missing because i don’t have that much Scorp.  Multi-Scorps, speak up. And others, obviously.


Image: Annie Leibovitz – Vogue

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222 thoughts on “Katie Five Planet Scorpio

  1. I have Scorpio in three planets—Sun, Mercury and Uranus. Yesterday was the end of a relationship that started back in October. The guy was a Pisces. He suggested a slow down approach, with certain criteria attached. I said from the beginning it was all or nothing. So it turns out the nothing ruled. At 1:30pm I was in tears and my heart was hurting, by 2:00pm I was in a meeting discussing the future direction of a project and providing advice. By 8:00pm I had returned all gifts that were given to me by the Pisces, left on his doorstep (no one home) and had deleted any messages on my phone. The day before I had 4 baths (my moon and ascendant is in Kataka), I needed to cleanse. My heart still hurts, but I have to have faith that it will get easier soon and it will just be a memory.

  2. My feeling is that the Geisha in her is her Libra Rising…Venus ruled.

    Beauty, wanting to please with that beauty. She must come thru with that with the Mayer eh? 😆 Jezus can’t think of his first name right now…

    But it’s not something to be humored really. It’s a part of her nature to want to please with beauty. How can that ultimately be knocked?

    And then with all that Scorpio, if you cross her she’s gonna lower the boom and God be with you lol

    • Hey bot, read what you had said about your Cap rising and Lilith in the first house and “hissing snake”..

      Was thinking you take no prisoners…lol Can’t say I blame you..x

      • True, I don’t but that’s my Cap rising. Lilith is actually in my 12th.
        That reading was YEARS ago. The snakes have turned into flowers now 🙂
        Or maybe she was projecting her own Lilith. She was a nasty one. Kept shouting at me and wondering why I wasn’t the CEO of the agency I was working for at the time. “What have you been doing with yourself”

        Sheesh, I get enough of that from my parents and my own inner voice, I don’t need the pressure from a stranger!! Especially one that I’ve paid to see.

        She was an Aries – yelling as a form of motivation? LOL. Never went back


        • There is tons of projection here on this blog and why I really don’t care to spend too much more time …

          I gave my gift and so I’m done now.

          Thats all I came for really. I realize it’s easy to not be real on an anon blog…

          But I give thanks for Mystic. This has allowed me to process so much thru the years.

          She gets me and that is heart and soul felt with little need for words.

          My replacement screen for my computer came in today and so I’ll be getting on with my writing.


            • I’m real to me too and why I’m not buying it..

              but thjos os sprta fim sjot je\/

              haha, \i’m on tyher ney bppl at wprl

              Ah Scorpty you know \i lpove you



              • 😆 Speaking in tongue now? 😀
                Thanks for my first chuckle this morning.
                Hope you pop in some time in the future. Although once I start art school in March I won’t have much time for astro blog.


                • I am on yth4 nry bppl ay wptl nd a fgrr

                  netbook at work sunday night A few margs down..fave mex just a few doors down..

                  ah good luck darlin…L

  3. As a multi-Scorp myself, I think Ms Perry hides her true thoughts, feelings and ideas well behind her public persona. Really, if you read all of her interviews she is often contradicting itself so I get the feeling she is like a cat playing with all the little media mice. Now that is a multi-Scorp!

  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QX-xToQI34I

    I have respect for Ms Perry. She sing songs that empower kids.
    How much more evolved can you get ? It’s a credit to her spirit and soul.

    I had my beautiful Aquarians little Libran with Aspergers in the car for a drive, with my Aquanaut (they adore each other) i played firework (its on the madagascar soundtrack if you’re after it!!) and the little Libran sung it with full lungs and pitch perfect. It was pure. I drove with tears streaming for the whole song. When we caught up with her Mum and Mums man, I got out of the car and said to her ”She just broke my heart” my Aquanaut friend had a Deja vu wave come over her. It was quite a moment. If we do get a flash of our lives before we pass over, I hope to have that moment, driving through the National Park, with that little 8 year old bringing me to my knees with her voice and that song.

    She is saucy as in her Beatty Pages look. Dita Von Teese is Libran, Katy has that perfection to her too. Didn’t Mystic write yonks ago about a Playboy survey the majority of women were Librans ? There is that The Body Beautiful thing going on.

    I believe there must be a real depth to her for Rusell to be so entranced. he doesn’t suffer fools, he couldnt be taken by emptiness he needs a verbal sparring partner who can keep up. I understand they split as he was after starting a family and she wasn’t.

    She seems Japanese Pop Arty in style, but why not cover your depth with Pop ?

    I think the only way that dress would suit would be with some alterations, whiped up into a corset, some fishnets, killer above the knee boots or heels a whip, and long black gloves.

    She is also grateful to her fans, and shows them an enormous amount of respect – she defo has mine.

    • Cosmic, funny that you mention it, because I witnessed another young yr 7 Auty girl at school where I work get up to sing ‘Roar’ pitch perfect, and receive an enormous amount of positive feedback.

      She is an otherwise very difficult girl at times (to deal with in class) a refuser and no one can mention body parts as she would run out of the room. But singing is a great avenue for her to express and bond with the other kids and She particularly loves Katy Perry

    • that’s a gorgeous story cosmic 🙂 xxx glad that these kids can be in the flow thanks to music. where would we be without it??

    • Aww, I might just have to get the Madagascar soundtrack!
      Lovely, special.

      My little Cap just had his 4th Birthday & his 2 cousins, bro & a pal were swinging on a huge hammock together at a park.
      As they swung, they snuggled Cappy & they sang ‘happy birthday’…& Cappy joined in!

      We were all in tears!
      It was the longest intelligible sound sequence we have ever heard from his mouth.

  5. Well my take is very simple – Katy is young and when you’re young you think, believe and say a lot of stupid stuff. Multi-
    Scorp or not.

    Serious about turn oncoming!
    Being a pod person I had never actually listened to KP’s music.
    Her voice is fuqin awesome.
    Have decided I totally love her.
    I’m not even kidding.

    • Oh who cares!!! FFS can’t you shut up for more than 2 secs.?

      Must we know every single thought you have?? It’s fuqing boring.
      You must have a form of Tourette’s or something.

      • You fuqin anonymous chicken shit– go back to your anonymous chicken shit hole, come back when you’ve gotten the bur out of your chicken shit anonymous ass & grown some fuqing balls.

        • Your reply is more disgusting than anything anon said. I think some of us DO agree with anon, however silent we are. I don’t post but I feel the need to show some support to anon who had the balls to say something I myself don’t. I love the community spirit on this blog, I get soooooo much from this place, I’m here each day but you don’t see me venting every thought in my head and sharing it here whether you like it or not. Yeah yeah yeah tell me to ignore her posts but it’s a bit hard when they’re long and many! Over the blog whore.

          Am sure you will now respond with an attack on me and your fans will high 5 you and all that jazz. How tedious *yawn*

          • I think it’s that, we who do post, love that there is a such an accepting vibe here. It’s probably why you like reading it too.

            So when someone comes out with something like what anon did, it just makes me not want to comment at all.

            If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it! You were going well with that.. If anon would even say it differently, perhaps Blue would take it on board. As it came out, it’s just a troll comment.

            When the mean troll spirit invades our little happy space that hurts us all, not just Blue. 😯

          • What you do or do not post is your biz & of no consequence regarding the frequency or subject matter or your own personal subjective preferences when it comes to other people’s posts. So you don’t post often– so someone else shouldn’t either. You only post about these particular thoughts– so should others. You see where I’m going? You & dweedle dee need to get up off others. First though you’ll need to quit obsessively picking at your own scabs alone at your computer screens.

            These jabs like mean-spirited cheap shots on the playground (see anony’s above– good for you for whipping up a handle btw) have been increasing in frequency over the last month or so. Most of the time no one reacts, no one hits back– which is good. You know it’s true: it’s been happening more often, & often times the playground bullies are throwing punches at Blue.

            Blue can take care of herself, of course, but I have a limit as to how much mean-spirited picking I can quietly witness. Because that kind of shiz wears on the whole community’s psyche. Just like Andro was saying, those kind of sucker punches start shutting people down & up and yep

            You can shut the fuq up

            Because Blue was minding her own biz & in the flow & contributing not diminishing

            Start by leaving your scabs alone. Keep picking & that shit’s going to get infected & then you’ll really be a pain in the ass, won’t ya.

            • You guys know we bounce in shifts here, right? I just happened to be the bouncer on duty this weekend. Transiting Mars on my Pluto-Moon in the 7th: my weekend to work. Hi ho hi ho…

          • Hey Exasperated Toro … a bit of tolerance goes a long way in a small online community like Mystic’s blog.

            A lot of the commentators have been here for years (me since 07) and I do find it somewhat disturbing to see nasty, mean spirited and passive aggresive attacks on someone just making a light hearted comment.

            I mean what if a person’s frequent commenting is because they are suffering acute depression and this is currently the only space they feel safe enough to connect with others? I’m not saying this is the case with Blue – but in general. You don’t know where a person is at, they could really be suffering. Do you condone taking their only means of connecting away from them just because you are too lazy to scroll through their posts?

            Seriously, it’s a sign of emotional maturity to respect others ways and means of communicating even if we don’t particularly warm to it. And for goodness sakes it’s so easy to just simply not read if it bothers you that much.

            Anonymous attacks are just not necessary. I’m glad Scorp Inc spoke up about it. For every 1 person annoyed by certain commenters, there will be 5 others who are not annoyed and enjoy their posts. Does 1 person really have the right to bully others just because of their person preferances? I think not.


            • “a bit of tolerance goes a long way in a small online community like Mystic’s blog”

              Damn right!! The blog is an accepting vibe and perhaps I could have worded my comment better but I was bloody pissed off. For once I’d like to just jump on the blog and not have it hijacked by the one person. EVERYBODY deserves a say non?

              I understand that the blog is a safe place for people to connect to others and I wouldn’t deny them that. Blue admitted to being a “dodgy blog hog” so please spare me the guilting that I have no compassion for people who are genuinely isolated and need help.
              I’m not a heartless creep despite what my initial comment might imply. But there are better ways to connect with others, get support and even have people WARM to you without completely taking over and being so self-absorbed and up your own arse that you think it’s your own blog.

              It’s like someone gate crashing a quiet party, stumbling in ranting and raving at people. How is Blue replying to ‘Purelibra’ with “and you’re point is??” “minding her own business” ??.

              The way you all attack any “Anonymous’ person who might just be too lazy or lack imagination in coming up with a handle is bullying behaviour as well.
              We’re ALL anonymous really.

              • uh, everybody *does* get a say, mate. it’s called the comment box. I think it’s worth re-reading prowln’s comment, she makes some very reasonable points.

              • If mystic was worried about others commenting too frequently she could boot them off the blog or put word limits on comments. So…who exactly is acting like this is their blog? The one’s commenting or the one’s policing comments?

                I’ve taken negative feedback for over sharing in the past. So be it. I am glad I ha the space to come to when I had no other and that mystic is clearly
                much more tolerant than her fans.

                If you need a blog to control, go make one.

              • Honestly, I haven’t gotten in an internet fight or anything resembling it for a real long time and I have lost my taste for it, but you know what, you can go fuck yourself. Accusing blue moon of anything is bullshit and we shouldn’t even have to resort to someone possibly being in a bad place to defend her. The fact you take personal issue with blue boggles my mind. All she said was something relevant to mystics post, she likes the music. And somehow, reading that, you feel irritated? This isn’t a zero sum game, she isn’t taking space from all the other commenters you apparently like, everyone is adding to this. And the atmosphere of constant casual commenting is the very thing that fosters such a great community we have here. Sometimes maybe what you say won’t be that interesting, but who cares, its a comment? Because sometimes the things you would think no one would care about might spark up a really interesting worthwhile discussion in a roundabout way, and you don’t really get to those things if people have to worry about someone giving them a hard time about it.
                I went through a time on here I was commenting probably too much, but honestly I don’t regret it and it really really helped just being in contact with all these amazing people. There are so many great commenters here it boggles my mind. This is a great place and if the anon you defend or anyone else should read such a relevant, short and harmless comment and react with anything other than “oh, thats nice” with a half smile on the nice little place we have going here, then you are the problem. Seriously you can all go fuck yourselves. Your reaction should be an aversion to reading things that don’t interest you, not a compulsion to wish it did not exist. Everyone is adding to this, its all great and every little contribution is great. You have no right to discern what should exist for everyone else here, if you don’t like what someone puts, thats a personal problem , fucking deal with it. Not reading something takes way less effort and energy then to feel negative about it and actually comment to that effect to try and change it somehow, your dwelling in your own nastiness. And no one is bullying anon or you, thats such bullshit, if someone starts being an ass, they deserve everyone being an ass right back to them. If the only point your making is, “you didnt have to comment” and you don’t realize how much of a hypocritical statement that is then your pretty fucking stupid, if blue moon didnt have to let her pals know something, then you and your ilk didnt have to let us all know how nasty you are. Just by speaking up that others shouldnt speak up is just the stupidest thing you can contend, and to turn that point in on itself with mental gymnastics and say everyone else is just as bad as you for defending blue is total shit. If anon has a right to voice such vitriol, then don’t be surprised when other people start voicing there’s, albiet directed at the aggressor. If you really truly believe anon had a right to be nasty for no reason and are going to bull some detached bullshit, hey technically fair, then hey, its technically fair if I call you on it and let you know how terrible you are. If your reaction to this is, hey, maybe blue had it coming, this is fine, then you and anon had this coming, and you aren’t allowed to be a little whiny bitch when everyone hates you.

          • the ‘community spirit’ is great on this blog because we don’t go around being rude to each other. you see what i’m getting at here…?

            • ahh thank you for the little belly laugh in the midst of the ugly pi – sometimes your purity of thought is enchanting.As was the original comment by the blue lady. It was a curious one to snap over. Mars in Libra is starting to wear some peeps out – this is what I meant on the other post about mercury retro combined with it being ‘interesting’. Suspect there’ll be a lot of people snapping over something minor that isn’t actually what caused their gripe in the first place over the next month or so.

              • merc rets in aqua tho. maybe it’s time for an ideas spill. system comms shakeup / shakedown. Bring out your gripes! is that what you mean..

                • there’s that whole community angle of aqua and the libran mars vibe is all about the balance of power in relationships + it goes retro on Neptune in Pisces so it’s foggy from the get go.

                • that’s the path I’m guessing online comms might traverse anyway 😉

                  I like the thought of an ‘ideas spill’ combined with the creativity of neptune and the space that mercury gives you to revise + the energy of mars to get it done. Fingers crossed…

      • I’m sick of seeing this shit on here, & not Blue or anyone here minding their biz & spontaneously contributing in a sense of community should be subject to your chicken shit bitching & criticism.
        It’s not nice.

        And I’m not nice right now. I am speaking to you in a language you understand. Ya hear?


      • What a fucking HATER you are…go troll somewhere else or keep your “who cares” phobia bullshit to yourself where it belongs. Yes…you are anonymous and NO ONE FUCKING CARES

        (love to you blue)

          • Ahh, well, I assumed “anonymous” must have a deep fear of having a voice no one cares to hear since it projects that view like vomit on the blog. And I wanted to push that button.

            (no one loves you, anonymous. no one cares. no one wants to know about what you think. or feel. ever. the end.)

            you know, that sort of thing.

      • This clip covers absolutely everything:
        – ladies in red
        – tourettes
        – love
        – Scorp Incs response to anonymouse

        All in one clip!!

      • Anonymous, I would rather hear all of Blue Moon’s thoughts than one more of yours, if this extremely uncool comment is any indication of what we’d hear more of from you.

    • Don’t worry Blue … I actually found myself singing along to her makeup/breakup song in the car the other day and only realised it was KP after when the DJ announced it. 😉

      • Ps don’t stand too close to scorp. There’s some venom in that girl’s tail. I’m still blinking! Woooo you go girl

    • yeah baby you’re a firework!
      come on let your colours burst 🙂
      make ’em go ah, ah, ah!
      you’re gunna leave ’em all in awe, awe, awe xx

      and then she even mentions you in the next line Blue 😉

  7. I can completely resonate with everything Katy Perry said. Being a female multi-scorp myself — Sun, Moon, Mercury all in Scorp in 1st house with a Libra ascendent (like Katy’s) and my Venus in Libra.

    It’s the combination of the intense, secretive, dedicated Scorpio side mixed with the beautiful, light, aiming to please side of Libra that helps to understand why Katy says “Geishas are basically, like, the masters of loving unconditionally.”

    The mix of Libra and Scorpio feels like geisha energy. The sexual side of Scorpio, the romantic and need for protection and acceptance from the Libra side. It is definitely an intense combo…and learning through relationships (usually romantic ones) is an underlying lesson to it all.

  8. Ha! i get the triple scorp vibe, but as for the statement re: geisha I think she’s off the mark. Maybe in the sense that if “All is OK, client upholds various codes etc, then in some sort of Zen ‘in the moment’ way it is ‘unconditional’-as in unconditional as long as certain conditions are met first. So it doesn’t matter if client is ugly man covered in hairy moles, he get’s some kind of zen unconditional love as long as he behaves appropriately etc. But then ‘love’ may not be the term we are after here, as a geisha’s services range from playing the samisen and serving tea, to the other end of the spectrum. So the tea may be poured with unconditional love? How about respect, or quality client service? There was definitely a code of honour there. Geisha didn’t spill their clients secrets. They were highly trusted.

  9. I am a multiple conjunct scorpio and I think that like someone above said that geisha’s are really high trained artists, trained into the service of emotion and entertainment- insert your feminist and D/s views afterwards.

    I think this speaks volumes for Katy and her views on love and service than it does of scorpios who know when the actress is on stage and when one is to take ones face off and leave it backstage..

  10. late degree 12th house Scorpio stellium here (Sun, Moon, Uranus)… Merc RX in scorp, too (early 11th). Love is full of conditions (probably set by Libra stellium – Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto). Mars/Sag rising keeps the party from getting too intense, but doesn’t play by anyone’s rules… I set the conditions. Meet them or fuq off (hair flick).

    Jokes aside, I think unconditional love is relative. What one may view as love, could be viewed as dependence by another.

    • ” I set the conditions. Meet them or fuq off (hair flick)”

      😆 I like your style LEF!

      Agree with you re unconditional love being relative. Could be a recipe for Love Zombie-ism depending on low Venus/Neptune aspects.

      • My style can sometimes shock and awe … but I dig that about my scorp saturation. Thanks for the support, Bot 😉

        I’ve been looking at my natal for about 5 years now (self-guided) so I’m curious about your mention of Neptune. Mine is in Sag; quintile Venus.

        … Can relate to LZ syndrome … Too much, on occasion. … Wish I had some other sign action to give me perspective.

  11. What’s all this crap about geisha’s and unconditional love??? Geez louise … geisha’s are just the Japanese version of a prostitute. But because the Japanese are so frackin’ caught up with the concept of “honour” and such an intensely sexist culture, it would be unseemly and low for a man to actually pay a woman for sex. Instead they dress it all up as this refined courtly horseshit …. blah, just another variation on the subjugation of women that has repeated itself across all human cultures at various times.

    • Actually Geishas and prostitutes are two different things in Japan, traditional Geisha’s don’t sleep with the men they entertain.

      • Oh I know I know …. but it’s the same old deal isn’t it? Women being subservient to men. And geisha’s did (by their own choosing I believe) sleep with their clients. Although it was not considered an expected thing.

          • There have been periods in modern times where the lines have blurred, but originally, Geishas were forbidden to sleep with their customers for money. They were actually quite powerful women in their own ways, it’s only when judged through Western eyes and cultural norms that it appears to be degrading and subservient.

            • It’s an interesting topic, I looked at the male geisha thing briefly & it is quite striking how the role went from Lord’s companion & war buddy, trusted strategist & diplomatic attache, to jester, to comedian to entertainer to becoming a feminine role.. I like that it was a warrior role. I guess after living in modern Japan it has coloured my view point. Man it is socially very rough.

              • Yeah, it’s fascinating how they’ve evolved and changed over the course of history. I saw a documentary about how modern Japan has almost killed Geisha culture, it was quite sad to see actually.

                • That’s interesting Saturnalien, I recently-ish asked a Japanese guy if geishas were prostitutes and heimmediately replied in the affirmative. So now I’m confused. Can you explain more please?

    • I’m going to point out here that the FIRST Geisha were not women.

      Not in order to negate your points at all, but to add another dimension to the notion of subjugation.

  12. Has anyone ever seen even an average looking, let alone ugly geisha?? Beauty can be a fantastic blessing– and a terrifying curse. I think Katy’s saying she supports the human spirit of making the best of a bad situation.

    • It’s hard to say considering they’ve usually got so much slap trowelled onto their faces it’s impossible to tell what the actual woman underneath looks like.

  13. My brother has five planets in Scorpio and Scorpio Ascendant. (Cap Sun though). He is a very very intense guy. He has extreme love for his kids and for animals, I’d say his love there is unconditional. But in other situations and with other people, no, the love is very conditional. He is someone who sees right through to the heart and truth of any person or situation, and he will tell you. He is extremely intelligent as well, and has a wicked sense of humor. You just do NOT want to be on his bad side….. He beat up a guy who tried to rob him in Oakland one time….. He is trained in martial arts and boxing. He is also trained in veterinarian surgery. He is also a marine biologist. The guy goes to the depth of things…

  14. Gieshas + unconditional love? Whatever gets you through the night, Katy. Of course, as there were many thousands of these young girls SOLD into servitude, it’s entirely possible that for some it was a vehicle of enlightenment, but I would think there was a great deal of suffering involved, and this is backed up by what I’ve read, including Memoirs of a Geisha.

    But I want to comment on the Scorp angle you originally queried about, Mystic. For starters, I have AC-Neptune-Venus-Mars-Lilith-Moon-Ceres-Vesta in Scorp, much of it sextile Pluto, so there’s this fundamental Scorp principal that I think could justify what she said, although she wasn’t very articulate: Love has so many facets, and I mean real love, not emotional love, although emotion is certainly included in love. But something happens in Scorp land when and IF there is genuine passion incited – a deep and potent feeling of unconditional love is offered and intensely felt, through the body and eventually the heart. It’s so awesome when it reaches the heart, there’s no mistaking the reality of it, the depth and sincerity and sacredness. Unlike other avenues to love, this version is intimately entwined with the physical act, just as the heart is so often a gateway, where first there is an emotional opening, then something deeper and more abiding emerges. It’s the same, except instead of originating with the heart precisely, it originates in physical passion, hormones, body fluids, and all that delicious stuff that so captivates and arouses us.

    To a Scorp, this kind of intense connection and arousal can be so profound that it is indeed sacred, transfixing, and transcendent. And it is very portable 🙂

    • Oh – having said all that, I don’t know Katy Perry, but the dress works, the hair definitely works, and I’d be more than happy to be unconditional with her.

    • And what I appreciate about the photo is the irony. The dress bridges the two worlds beautifully. Her expression says “yeah, right”, and she’s obviously got about as much connection with the hens as the US congress has with the general population…………but the dress connects her face with the surroundings so craftily. The Spring light is beautiful, as well.

    • I don’t know about this business regarding Scorps being all into intensity and passion when it comes to love.

      In my experience and observation, they like the “idea” of it – but not the reality. The loss of control over one’s emotional state and the vulnerability to another that love entails – well I just see people with significant Scorp ducking and running for cover when love touches their heart. They seem to prefer destroying it than opening up to it.

      Nope I’m sorry, but in my experience Scorp = Player. Regardless of whether male or female. Scorp loves control above all else, even love itself.

      • Prowlin’ – I do understand the bit about control and vulnerability, definitely a challenge. But we don’t always fail in that regard. Maybe since it is so hard to surrender, the feeling of vulnerability is incredible – that’s what I was referring to above, really. I don’t think this Scorp person has really been much of a player, because it feels so dishonest and then the sweetness and thrill is not there. But really surrendering to another is the ultimate erotic experience, so even the lowest of Scorps wants this, I believe. It’s not accurate or realistic to assert that Scorps, across the board, are incapable of love, or (while I have the mic around here) men, for that matter. Everybody’s coping, all 12 signs, and all gender assignments, doesn’t matter.
        We’ve all felt pain in relationships, and maybe most or all of us have loved and been loved. I hope so. Being lovable is a great challenge.

        Definitely not trying to inflame you, Prowlin’, just wanted to respond.

        • Hmmm … I wouldn’t go so far as to say Scorpios are incapable of love. More that it has to be on their terms or ELSE – and be prepared to cop a lot of stinging in the process as you are punished for accidentally making them feel stuff without their permission! 😉

          And I’m only talking about the Scorpionic types I have come across. Of course there have to be ones out there who can rise above their own ego defenses and surrender. It would be very sad indeed if there weren’t … as on the flip side, I’ve come up close and personal to a Pluto type falling in love through the power of the erotic that you referred to above. And wow it sure was hot and something to see – just a pity they couldn’t actually stay with it! If they could that sort of intensity of connection could last a lifetime 🙂

        • As an Eros-Psyche-Bast-DarkMoon-Venus-Neptune-Isis-Asc in Scorp (with Venus exact sextile to Pluto too), thanks for nailing it so eloquently, Plutoboy.
          Yep, there are lo-Scorps out there, but the haute ones can and do surrender/do unconditional love. As for Katie and Geisha’s…I also agree. Meh.

        • “Being lovable is a great challenge.”

          DAMN RIGHT IT IS

          *finishes 3rd lunchtime gin and tonic*

          wy duz noone luv me 😈

          JOKE 😆

          Pi discovers smiley codes.

          • You’re awesome, Pi. Being lovable is probably my greatest challenge. Doesn’t mean I’m not loved, just such a tragedy to not take it all in and feel all that sublime sweetness.
            I once had a guru, a real deal Master, total love. Someone asked him what’s the one best thing we could do…………he said “make yourself loveable”.
            I never forgot that.

      • Certainly there is a proclivity to destroying what they love in a heavily Scorpionic native, this is just the natural influence of Pluto. However, my personal experience with Scorpio types is quite the opposite of ‘player’. Plutoboy is indeed SuperScorp, and I was close (too close) to a Scorp Sun/Asc for many years……. never experienced anything player-like with either, nor have I seen anything other than loyalty to their mates in my Scorpy female friends.
        Katy’s dress….. hmmmm….. at least she’s flying the Scorpio flag, traditional red/black. 😉

    • right ON, Pluto boy! You described that so beautifully.

      Scorps = players? Ah, not in these parts….I have the opposite problem and allow the heart to be engaged even when it’s not appropriate. There are cases in which I’m totally in for a physical encounter and nothing more, but if I’m aware of that I will not fail to communicate it directly and clearly.

  15. Anyway, back to the photo, the first thing I thought was ‘how very Something More’ (the fabulous photo series by Tracey Moffat.) Annie Leibovitz must know the work and has clearly been influenced by it.
    Can’t stand Katy Perry. Don’t like her aesthetic, don’t like her voice. Have to tolerate my nine year old playing her all the time. Which is fine. Nine and ten year olds are entitled to like her.

      • wow – impressed with your artworld astro insider knowlege! I love Tracey Moffat and her style and impact! Will have a to check out the one you’re referring to – multi scorp does make sense….the steamy drama and mysterious senarios hmmmm

  16. Scorpio rising, Scorpio in Venus and Uranus in the 12th- Virgo Sun here. I think she’s being facetious when she says that about Geishas. She is with John Mayer and she may be referring to herself. I’m guessing that she probably has to play a role with him, after all, she’s always playing a role. She is smart, a pop singer, but does not have all the answers. No one does. When I was younger, I fantasized about being kidnapped and made to marry a man, someone whom I’d be completely desirous of, but it was a fantasy of not having to make a choice; that it was made for me and it was a good choice. Sometimes, Scorps get tired of being in control. Maybe that’s her fantasy. Maybe she likes there to be rules in relationships where she plays a part and plays it well.

  17. ugh..cultural appropriation..chicken hawking…yuck…. just say no.

    and that bottom dress.? puleeze. Chinese frog closures mixed with kimono sleeves and other Japanese like accessories because we don’t care if it is mixing cultures right? All Rook Same..haha. Drop the yellow face Katy unless you are going to date an asian man, then I’ll shut up. So tired of media over-sexualization of the asian woman.

  18. Lots of sextiles, conjunctions — not a complex chart, not a complex individual. With venus and uranus in sag — you’d think Russell Brand would have stuck around, including all that scorpio. I guess you can’t have 2 gorgeous competitive people dating each other, because they compete with each other for attention and the spotlight. She’s a young scorpio, maybe she’ll mature into that scorpio as her chart demonstrates. I hope so. It should be interesting. She’s probably capable of taking on roles that Vivien Leigh took on. I’d like to see that. She’s got a lot more depth and complexity than how the media portrays her. I wish she’d be more edgy. I don’t think Kiss a girl was groundbreaking. Girls have been kissing girls since the beginning of time. I don’t like that photo of her either. It’s someone’s else’s message. Last time I used the word pretentious — I got knocked around. on here Haha. I got back up and I’m using it again — that photo is pretentious. So is her quote. I’d like to see the real Katy Perry come out of hiding.

    • Have to agree with you there.
      I think Russ MUST be secretly kicking himself for “the one that got away” AKA her. The reality is, pop star shmop star, he’s unlikely to find a better woman – that we can tell just by looking at her demeanour during the break up vs his. And this from a self declared pod person. Even a tabloid dodging, TV phobe like me can feel. I do have my Lilith in Scorpio tho so…. yeah

        • I’d like to see her break out of this shell soneone else created. She may surprise us. I’m hoping. She’s got potential to. But hey, if she puts out a line of furniture, makeup or clothes when she’s 40 something, That works too.

        • Yeah, I highly doubt he is kicking himself for dating such a superficial kid. Jemima seems knowledgable and smart, she is a step up from a pretty pop star. I mean Katy is fawning over Corporate America’s main man Obama while Jemima supported Assange… There is kind of a serious difference in perspective right there.

          • exactly Andy!! Not only supported Assange but was executive producer on a doco about him. Read an article about her recently and think she’s awesome. She’s a writer and a human rights campaigner. They seem very well suited. Brand being a political creature himself.

            I hate the inference by BM that he must be kicking himself – why because she’s pretty? There’s more to an attraction than the physical!!

            • Totes Anon & I did not know how involved she was as a campaigner. Good on her.
              You know I just learned that Princess Di’s father was possibly also Jemima’s father, as the mother apparently had an affair with him. They were dear friends and I think look quite alike!

              Regardless, I am sure that Russell’s interest in the powers that be would be well fascinated with Jem’s insider knowledge of that world & her political affiliations.

            • Oddly enough I can’t see what the physical attraction is at all with her. Every straight guy I know fancies her but I find her utterly unsexy and generic looking. Just not attractive to me at all. I’m sure she’ll be horrified and totally crushed when she hears that poor thing.

              • I meant “better” in terms of being a “good girl” kind of archetype. She just strikes me as someone who is um, I dunno…good at heart, despite some dodgy styling and the odd soundbite. She seems like a nice person to me. I was pretty tired last night and went on a bit of a vitriolic anti KP rant. I figure it has more to do with my own unresolved shadow issues than anything to do with barn yards, chickens, pop stars, slebs or politics. Basically I’m an attention seeking loner who would LOVE to be in the position she is in. It’s straight up jealousy talking. I can own that. But I still don’t think she’s pretty or sexy. That’s just my lil opinion.

                • Katie opinions aside, Blue, your sharing of your internal evolution is so honest, and SO heading in the right direction that lately I have often felt like jumping through the blog to give you the big unconditional haute-Venus-Neptune-in Scorp-trine-Jupiter-Chiron-in Piscean 4th hug that I keep warm for for those who deserve it .
                  Consider yourself hugged, luv, from way down here in Sydney, and get more sleep! x

  19. I think geishas have to be masters of unconditional love because no matter what their patron does, or who their patron(s) is/are; they still have to love him. Love, or the illusion of love is vital for their business. I am currently reading The Vally of Amazement by Amy Tan which is about Chinese courtesans at the beginning of the 20th century and this theme is vital to their survival. I have 3 planets in Scorpio and it is my midheaven.

  20. I have to say I didn’t think much about Katy Perry until I saw her documentary, Part of Me. It was made about her first tour and also covered her relationship with Russell and its falling apart. I have to say I was so impressed and inspired watching it.

    Someone up above called her a coat hanger starette…well, actually as covered in the documentary she was very actively involved in the designing of everything involved in her tour. She had a say about every costume and every detail on stage…it was all her vision. And she was rejected from record companies who wanted her to copy other pop stars when she wanted to be herself. So…you’ll see her in a new light if you watch it.

    • I love it. I see it as theatrical costume, nothing more or less.
      Geishas have always entranced me the makeup, costumes not the lifestyle.

  21. What is the stylist trying to say with this photo – that KP is like a barn? Lol. It seems the dress/location was chosen for color. At least red seems a good scorp color.

  22. From the waist up, she’s WEARING that dress. From the waist down, it’s wearing her. Geisha’s the masters of unconditional love? No. No. No. They are trained in the art of seduction, which is a completely different thing. Sublimated love (if ‘love’ comes into it at all) is what they’re good at. And sublimated disgust. Sublimated everything really – except seduction. Kat (Cancerian – I still rock the old school tag.)

    • Can you really be ‘trained’ in the art of seduction. I suppose you can be trained to be an actor but the best ones just are as the best seductress is just that and never needed an inch of teacher to get her there.
      I say this because I was lucky enough (cough) to be taken on a stag night where we ended up at a pole dance club and honestly, there was not on neutrino worth of seduction for me and the whole hour felt so contrived and without any form of real sexual expression. In fact my chap and myself left before the end of the show as we had each other to go play seduction with.
      I just wanted to yell, widen your eyes as you look at him or raise an eyebrow or drop your chin and smile…anything but just sex this up!!

  23. I like Perry’s songs and also the fact that she is not completely naked, only half naked in her clips which is refreshing these days. Some of her songs are empowering for women because they are about ‘girl power’ in an asexual way that isn’t just selling lust. I love her for this. I see the Scorpio in her when she tries to pretend she is a strong woman.

    I think she is very insecure as a person though yet arrogant at the same time. She has a weird pattern of idealising Air sign douches. These relationships are predicated on her worshiping them (in the guise of unconditional love).

    Why do celebrities always make astrology sound so shallow and crazy?

    If Geishas offer unconditional love then so do prostitutes.

      • sorry. I actually agree with your comments, just that last line kind of wtf-ed me but my apologies for sounding a tad sharp.
        Defensive moi?
        It’s pillow hugging time for lil me
        peace out

        • It’s ok. I was just highlighting how stupid her comment sounded.

          She could have said ‘prostitutes offer unconditional love’ and thought she sounded deep.

          I agree with the person above who said she is trying to justify her use of cultural appropriation cause she got backlash for use of it in her performance.

          It’s just an awkward ‘Perry’s publicist wanted her to say it so perry made it sound like a pillar of her beliefs’ moment.

          • Ps not trying to link geishas to prostitutes… Didn’t realise sounded like that.

            I just think you can’t comprehend unconditional love is involved when power and money are engaged – both of which have selfish ends. Unconditional love is selflessness without an expectation of gain in return.

            Perry obviously doesn’t know what UL is. Can just imagine her with mayer.. ‘Hey I gave u unconditional love. U owe me.’

          • been reading Robert Bly’s little book on the Human Shadow and figure I must be subconsciously jealous of our KP up there. It makes a lot more sense to say that than the crud I was spewing last night.

  24. Hmnn, my 29 and counting Libra Moon nestled with Neptune/Jupiter Scorp and Scorpi ASC finds the get-up garish- prefer elegant/timeless threads. My Scorpi stuff and Mars Square Pluto hate to look like we care!

    To me all the water signs are masters of Maya, creating illusion/spells- but try to wipe the water from the mirror. Scorpis see all, but don’t want anyone to notice. Hence the costumes. Like secret agents- it’s all a role.

  25. Sorry, I like her but what a wank. As if you’d take anything pop star star, regardless of sign, says. Drivel is the highest regard I can award her meanderings…and I’m an “allegedly” shallow Gemini… Next we’ll be saying gaga is the next Warhol…

      • Actually I could ALMOST roll with that Gaga/ Warhol theory. Almost.
        BTW there are things I like about Mz Perry
        Her insanity and total hubris in taking on the insanity that is Monsieur Brand for instance?
        I respect that. It was totally brave of her and I like my slebs brave and honest.
        Just loathing the whole “champagne politico” vibe but it is in no way limited to her. Dress and chickens, yeah, stylist was either high or extracting the urine at her expense. Why a multiScorp would let herself be controlled by anyone is beyond me. Didn’t she have like an uber religious upbringing?
        Choosing Russ AND a career in POPular music score two big brave points IMO. She’s prob still v young, like pre Saturn return despite the vixen-y looks. I’d give the lady a good ten years to mature before I completely dismiss her.
        Madge said some shitz in her early years which makes her stomach turn nowadays so yeah… can’t be easy living in the spotlight. Your mistakes out there for all to see . I’m exhausted tho and need to sleep. She def needs a new stylist. The barnyard look is not working for her AT ALL.

  26. Katy is so hot it doesn’t matter what she says. if she was being her multi scorp she would not say such things. She is possibly controlled by the music company machine.

    • I have always loved her look/s from the first time I saw her.
      She looks like an old school Siren.

      Don’t like her music, the little I’ve heard. She is young, I do agree that she hasn’t really hit her straps yet, she may not though.

      Another multiple Scorp, Bjork, was really original and arresting from a way young age. Lorde is a Scorp too, very original lyrics.

  27. I wonder sometimes with Ms Perry. There is such Scorpionic intensity there, no fools a suffering, a strength of voice and a look that is both beautiful and alluring that to me is true to Scorpio form. But something undermines it. I have a Scorpio moon so in a way I get that. To boldly go and yet be so undoing of the self. I have a suspicion that she is yet to really hit her straps, something in a way hasn’t quite unfolded. Russell was a precursor but she isn’t quite there yet. She knows it to to my mind – that would be my Scorpio moon at play imho. Saturn must be tricking its way through her chart. I think an epiphany is at hand. Who knows, perhaps she is the alien and she just doesn’t know it yet. There’s a certain ex-Canadian politician who just went public about them walking amongst us, he even went so far to say they were Northern European in appearance and she does have a Danish background. Just saying. Or am I just getting carried away with myself. Sheesh!

  28. Pluto on my Asc, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter in Scorp…

    Never bought into any subservient clichés, but I do love what Katy’s stylists occasionally come up with, she seems a little hit and miss. I reinvent my look regularly, that’s probably a multiscorp trait we share.

  29. Geishas are about unconditional love.
    Mechanics are about unconditional love.
    Bankers are about unconditional love!

    “In the Tibetan Buddhist view, our part of the universe is known as ‘Endurance’ because here all sentient beings endure emotions and sufferings.
    Here we learn to patiently “endure hardship with exceptional courage and excel in bravery.”

    To love in the face of hardship requires exceptional courage.

    • Amen!

      (I think she was trying to justify cultural appropriation with that quote. I doubt she’s spent too long pondering the life of geishas)

      • exactly. trying to seem like just because she read memoirs of a geisha that means she knows all about asian female’s lives.

            • I feel a lot through my fingertips but not Pillowbook? Enlighten me please???
              The last empress was truly a read to grimace by in places and the utter ruthless nature of the human animal was shocking but I did enjoy the experience and the historical tour.

            • It’s a lot of notes by Sei Shonagon, a court lady in the 990’s onwards. If you are into this kind of thing it’s quite interesting, along with the diary of Lady Murasaki..

    • As is normal Andi you have hit the target again. I can’t say I love without any condition and I don’t know it as wise but I can say I have loved with courage in the face of insurmountable odds. And continue to do so. I will not admit I don’t love when clearly I do. And I cannot allow love to leave me when I still feel it or to push it down or away. Courage to be authentic.

  30. My fervent Scorp Moon kinda likes this heavy dress. And I quite like Katy!

    Was curious why Russell dropped her like a hot potato.
    Then I saw the video of one of her songs.
    Basically it is an ad for the war machine that is the US army.

    Boy dumps girl, she enlists, goes off to kill hungry brown people in foreign countries to vent her aggression. How liberated! Not.

    I would have dropped her too.

    • Barf
      Andro, I’m so glad YOU said that because I couldn’t agree more! That self important & self righteous crap about Obama and their relationship. Puke. She strikes me as so egotistical and self important in a really unintelligent way.
      I know she has a lot going for her and I’m not here to diss her out of hand but seriously, this is one of many times I’ve seen her, read some crud she’s said or seen a video and thought WTF? Like am I missing something?
      Why does everyone think this woman so special?
      I’m used to missing shitz like this.
      I’m a total pod person, massively anti social and quite hypocritical in lots of ways so I just assumed I was missing the point when it came to her. But now you’ve said it, I have to say I concurr. And BTW. Incase anyone missed the first one. “Barf ”
      I think stylists can turn someone fairly boring and unoriginal with money and a massive ego into something apparently magnificent And then something wonderful like this happens and I think, “haha”

      Celebrities/ singers should stick to what they know. This whole thing of them getting caught up in politics is putrid. Frank Sinatra did a lot for the Kennedy election. From what I have read, heard and sensed, he had his fingers in a lot of pies. Chairman of the board she ain’t. Neither is Springstein. Obama seems to be using quite a few singers to boost his popularity.
      Why is this necessary ?
      Isnt what a politition does enough with his power enough to justify it?

      To Bono, Geldorf and Annie Lennox all of whom seem to be clutching starving brown infants at concerts in this kind of first world “placebo effect” – (guys it’s just a rock concert) just cuz you drink some cider and wave a banner does not mean you are actually making a difference in ANYONE’s life except your own and the celebrity who by proxy has associated themselves with a noble cause. If you really want to make a difference, do an Angelina or make like Tamara Mellon.
      Put your money where your mouth is. Like all those people on Facebook sending “prayers” to Japan after the nuclear disaster. Slactivism really annoys me.
      Don’t send prayers. Send money.

      Bit of a rant. Nothing to do with the dress or the astro but I needed to say it.

  31. No, you’re not missing something Mystic. Anything a Pop star says I take with a grain of salt.

    Not a fan of her “music”. Have to run out of any shop that plays it. Ugh it’s TORTURE!

    Still can’t believe she’s a Scorp.

    Anyway…. I LOVE that dress!!!! It’s gorgeous. I’d get a shorter version if I could afford it. Or better still, get a SHIRT version 🙂
    My Venus in libra loves florals. 🙂

      • Yeah that makes sense because I always thought she vibed Libran.

        No offence to the lovely Librans here. The energy of the sun and Moon signs express themselves differently.

        I find some moon in Librans painful to be around. Hyper shallow is spot on!!! They drive me mental – so scatter brained.

        Give me a Libran with Scoro moon (like the lovely EEL here) than a Scorpio with a Libra moon any day.

        • hmm. i wonder if a scorp with a libra moon would actually be The Business at relationships. blood-lust tempered by airy, balanced moon.

          that or the quid-pro-quo thing would be off the chart.


          • Judging by Katy’s penchant for untrustworthy (much as I like Russ) sleazeballs, I would say NO! Unless she is into turning pig’s ears into silk purses & can make ANY walking haemmaroid a palatable ongoing concern. But still, I don’t call that a relationship.

          • Pi, the Scorp sun/libra moon lady I worked for once ran her on business – strategy!! How apt!
            First time I met her I thought she was a Libra – she was all light and fluffy but then she took me out for coffee to pick my brain and I’ll never forget the instant she looked at me with x-Ray eyes and I said “are you a Scorpio?”
            Wouldn’t want to cross her. 😯

          • Oh soz, I saw The Business and went on a roll. Lol
            I don’t think the combo is good for relationships. Scorp would want something deep and passionate, Libra moon would have trouble dealing with such deep emotions / feelings.
            One can’t be delicate and well mannered when things get hot n heavy!! Ya know! Lol

            I have Venus in libra. I struggle with it sometimes. 🙂

          • oh nooooo! I had no idea you had moon in Libra and i wasn’t having a go at anyone here on the blog. Just this lady in particular and another air sign with Libra moon (too much air).

            You have a lovely vibe. I’m one of your biggest fans. 🙂 xx

            • The whole “libras are super shallow” thing is NOT a very “deep” observation 😉 I don’t get SOME scorpios. Toxic arrogance and manipulation (speaking from personal experience) does not equal depth.
              Honestly, I have had enough of it. Saying “no offence” doesn’t change the offensive words.

                • Now, now, Prowlin’, that’s a cheap shot, and I know you are so much more articulate than that………
                  We do suck, though. It’s actually a real challenge to carry this moon, we do come off as secretive, manipulative, and needing control. We strategize without even realizing. We observe and keep the data stored away and use it against others if we feel threatened, and nobody wins when these moments arise.
                  BUT, we love (can, anyway) with great loyalty and passion, will do almost anything for our loved ones and friends, and defend them like an “army of me” (thanks, Bjork).
                  We really just feel basically insecure in this crazy world, and emotion is not to be trusted as a source of guidance, and that’s pretty much what is happening – and why it is so easy for politicians, marketers, and anyone who wants to control others to do so. I think the Scorp moon in its highest octave stands powerfully for the quarantine of emotion, without denying depth of feeling at all. Just not allowing ourselves to be controlled by it. I think this “not wanting to be controlled” bit is what can play out as “trying to control”, and if there is not sufficient awareness of the process, it can definitely get unwieldy and harmful.
                  Sounds like you’ve had a rough go with a Scorp moon person. I think the water moons are all a pain in the ass, frankly. Especially the other ones, who just cry too much and come and go with the tides, seemingly no governance at all. It can be exhausting. They cry too much!

            • LOL Plutoboy … that took me about half an hour to read due to the one word per line. You do realise I was being cheeky about the moon in scorp comment right? 😉

                • Teehee … it was a quip to someone saying above me that making a mean comment about an astrological sign and then typing “no offense” wasn’t good enough and then Andy replying “try having a moon in scorpio” 😉

                • LOL Prowln, I got it alright, 🙂 . This humour is very familiar to me & could have been delivered (minus the astrological allusion) straight from my Cancerian Sis’s witty mouth. That was a real Kataka Komment in my mind. 🙂

  32. Oh – geisha’s … Self sacrifice doesn’t mean unconditional love. Tho’ just because someone is stuck in an oppressive regime doesn’t mean that they don’t love unconditionally either. It’s about the individual & their intention. Personally tho’ I think true unconditional love is v.rare and means absence of relationship or self – in an enlightened way … Mmmm

    • I’m with you there. I see unconditional as being very devoid of relating in lots of ways. There is a depth of connection and an ability to love the person for who they are warts and all and be able to walk if that is creating problems for yourself but to stand there what ever is not a healthy place to be. Relating is just that. We have to allow individuals to express and that means every individual.

  33. Do you honestly think Katie had much of a say in what she was wearing for the photoshoot? Coat hanger starlette.

    I like her. She’s young and a woman, let her have her flippancy or thought of that moment. We grow into ourselves.Russell Brand is no light weight.. Therefore I think it would be foolish to underestimate her brain or future star power.

    No : ) I’m not wearing her perfume,but I think Katy has the potential to make this world a better place.

  34. Well I don’t feed my chooks looking like that 🙂 I do get obsessive about things tho’ I have 10 breeds not including the colour variations ….. I think in other posts its been mentioned that scorps have an afinity with birds. I a scorp rising stellium which includes Ceres, as well as a virgo stellium – I just love getting dirty 🙂 My neighbours don’t recognise me when I dress up to go out – I love that !
    Doesn’t suit Kate tho’

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