The Ides Of April

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Les Hélicoptères, 1972

April is a punish. An astrological pattern that is cardinal a.k.a. cathartic as fuq, a healing crisis and a half, the Zap Zone on steroids. The Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn situation ongoing since 2012 is now augmented by Mars and Jupiter.

It is the natural enemy of half-baked faux economic fixes like quantitative easing and bailouts. In classical astrology, it would be considered a war configuration.  The astro-crap of April is not always spelled out by me in the Horoscopes (there are not that many synonyms for ‘cathartic’ you understand) but understand: I am totally on to it and in the Daily Mystic email + Horoscopes am going to be offering up some highly specific, pointed advice for actually thriving through this thing.

Because even though it is electric and intense, there are also opportunities for the aware.  We always knew 2014 was going to be a year we’d have to bring our A-Vibe and April will be the proof of that. Subscribers, please keep an eye out for an extra Daily Mystic email, totally about April…


Image: Robert Doisneau – Les Helicopteres

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56 thoughts on “The Ides Of April

    • I always find Aries energy the hardest of all to manage as a Scorp with Taurus rising and Cap moon. Can’t deal with the rush/impulsiveness. But here in US April means spring, so we love that! This winter was old before it even began.

      • Yes, I have the same Sun & Rising VR, and I feel the same about Aries energy, although I wondered if it was because I have a Libra stellium. Maybe not! Maybe it’s because I have no fire in my chart but Chiron in Aries.

        • Well I have moon in Sagg but still can’t deal with the Aries energy. You know I have Venus in libra but also Cap Asc which is incompatible with that full on Aries vibe.

        • I am an Über-Aries and usually love the onrushing of April energy, but last year, with that pile-up in Aries plus Zap Zone… traumatic doesn’t begin to describe it. I never thought there was such a thing as too much Aries, but my god, let this April not be a repeat, or worse.

    • Oh. It is so lovely here in April in northern California, with wild irises, tiny tulips, and other dainty wildflowers.

  1. I noticed this. April 2nd and 21st. What’s gonna happen? The zap zone has been good to me actually, but I’m expecting pretty full and interesting days.

  2. Thanks Mystic! Your advise has been invaluable spesh last week – my moon in scorp pre-empted a unlawful dismissal – pheeew fore warned etc….. My detached state was able to withstand the super crap return of mr big and he looks more and more the pre zap zone fo he is

    Meanwhile did have super crush sneak up on me so had it all going on!!! Now am ready for whatever comes – my lillith in cancer conj all the other goddesses supported me against his all out attack and I coolly shutdown all his ridiculously petty issues – actually FELT the worm turning!!

  3. I’m actually scared of April. Pluto opposite Sun didn’t scare me, but this spring sounds horrible.

    • Me too! Holy Shit! I’ve just had such a painful personal time cathartic as fuck deep realisations, but feeling trapped in taking responsibility for my behavior while others don’t… Not just others my loved ones, meanwhile I get blocked out!

      My heart has broken so open I’m worried about the impact in my health… … Ivevjust been for a healing now and will sleep now… One thing I’ve learnt in thus period is that I have to keep things to myself about my pain, so.e things are not best shared, and destroy relationships… I also have to remember that I can be ok on my own….

  4. This could be more living with less, and being happy about it, while in the background, I foster the hope that I will be beamed up by a spaceship, recipient of windfall sums of money, or be at the center of a widely publicized lawsuit and NY times article. lol. That is what the zap zone has been bringing me.

    • Are you saying that the ZZ SO FAR has brought you a lawsuit and a NY Time article, but you’d prefer alien abduction plus loot? I mean, understandable preference. Or do u think you’ve got it coming?

      • The zap zone has amped up my hope for how things could work out better – for example thinking that its setting me up to get windfall sums of cash, or thinking that alien abduction is just around the corner, but none of it is realistic.

  5. My son turns 21 on the 18th April, so Aries sun and Cap rising. He has been doing haute Aries: good nutrition, epic fitness and forging ahead in his career and saving to build a house. Very very proud mama here :)))

  6. Balls to the walls this April. No other way. I’ve been waiting for this. All my cardinal planets oppose or square the present transits. I’m not about wimping out on my puisr. I’ve got nothing to lose but do much more to gain.

  7. Oh shitballs i’m doing something totally major in April, and since there ain’t no way around it, i’ve been quietly ignoring this. So, er, the astro will definitely affect my 2nd H Capricorn Mars, my 5th H Aries Merc, my 8th H Kataka transited by Jupiter and my 11th H Uranus in Libra. While i finally come to the end of my transient lifestyle…RIGHT.

    Opportunity. Right? RIGHT??

    Well hey as i said of Uranus transits, forewarned isn’t really forearmed. Expect the unexpected et al. Forearmed is forearmed! (or is this the Iran/N Korea mentality, unsuited to Mars in Libra?)

  8. Hey don’t be scared astro-homies!

    There are GOOD things about this.

    i do think it is going to be geopoltically and economically, you know, very interesting but it is essentially an intensfication of the process that began back in 2008/mid-2010…

    Stay Authentic & clutter-delusion free.

    I will send out special rant by Friday…

    • It’s not external forces that worry me – it’s my own inner demons. I hope I’m super busy!

  9. Right that’s it. If January is a precursor to April then I am going out into the bush somewhere with a month supply of valium and am staying well out of range from any form of human contact. Fuq DAT!

  10. I always loved April – one of my Airies turns 16 on the 1st. And I have my DSC and in my 7th house. January proved great for me and I want more of that!

  11. Considering I am due to have a baby in early April, it’s hard not to be a little concerned about this!

    • My astro is similar, April with lots of squares and oppositions, and I’m nearly 50 and quite ok!

      It would have been good in retrospect perhaps, to have some astro understanding of the challenges that lay ahead
      But your little Aries baby will no doubt be up for all that!

  12. Just thinking, the bodies of those gorgeous women captured in bronze would be stupidly considered fat in the sparrow, skinny obsessed culture of our day.

  13. The magic degree is 13* right? Oh my god…Uranus in Aries is going to be right on my MC. *gulp*.

    This year so far has been about getting a lot of work done…nose to the grindstone. I imagine April will be the same. Really motivated in terms of career. I’m taking classes to switch mine. So I am busy now that classes have started again.

    I’m reading an amazing book, Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead by Sheryl Sandberg. Just started but every word has me going “YES!”. It’s about how to be successful a leader as a woman, why women SHOULD be leaders, etc.

  14. Very provocatve pic Myst .

    And still don’t know which day of course that ZZ grandaughter is going to be born as far as being a Pisces or an Aries…she is due 3/20… same day double Leo Mum died, 2010 and with her ZZ exact on my Sun and Saturn, this young lady commin’ in with a thing or two for grannie no doubt…On a spirtual level just know we’re in cahoots…hee

  15. The “punish” is only if your an ignorant, selfish, greedy and arrogant asshole. It’s brought upon onself…

    Sure most of us here aren’t, eh?

    Don’t worry…be happy 🙂

    • “Asshole”, really? Oh like, bad things only happen to bad people? Strongly disagree.

      I do think though that the tough times are soul-enriching lessons, if you can get through them intact.

        • It’s about ego…not being “bad”…One is a moral judgement, the other perception and how one treats others.

          We reap what we sow..

            • Again, I am talking about ego in this instance. Willfull knowingness of one’s actions.

              Accidents are energies that that may or may not be driven by conscious choices. The energies may have been buried deep within the genetics/dna of a person and those energies passed down. Then some one family member plays them out. It is not because they are bad, its because the energy needed to be cleared and realigned.

              I’m sorry if I hurt you lovely. I didn’t mean to. Only we know in our own hearts what our motivations are on an ~ego~ level. We are given those choices each and every day at every moment.

              Hungy children in the world, abused animals, on and on…the powers that be know they are self serving in this way because they are power mongers. Thats really all I was referring to.

  16. so i haven’t posted here before, just love your insights. i hope to be around more, i am grabbing for attention from astro world because north node 12 cap, sun 12 aries and on and on.

    i just thought, maybe they can hug me.

    love saoirse

    • Love that you have Circe for your gravatar.

      There are some GREAT things about this configuration…it would just be remiss of me not to mention that it is also a gigantic flashpoint.

      My thing is that i will be living very quietly in April and along with other interested students of history, observing geopoltics closely.

      See my DM rant when it is out – it will be reassuring, promise.

      • i am planning on being in a trailer for my birthday the 2nd of april. party of one with trees.

  17. April is always pretty full on and usually I can get to grips with it seeing as it is all eaten up in my first house. Ego rules! Last April was just the pits and I had a massive melt down for all the right reasons I suppose but meltdown it was and I am still clearing up. This April by all accounts is going to be a doozy. I’m not worried, I’m interested to see what occurs. I sort of figure I am ready to ride this big maverick!

  18. Interesting. I’ve had this gut feeling for months that a major life change is coming and it will be in April. One of those your life will be completely different from the way it is now gut feelings. Hoping to reap the rewards of all my internal hard work.

  19. Is that bird shit on those lovely statues? Helicopter droppings? Hawkeye can bunk with me: I got a thing for tall surgeons on the front lines.