Happy Sun Into Aqua!!!

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The Sun is now in Aquarius – bringing extra intellectual light & objectivity to the astroscape – and making a brilliant aspect to Uranus in Aries.

Aqua-Peeps and Aquarius Risings – where-ever you have Aquarius in your chart in fact – is now your operational area for the Zap Zone.

Aquarius is widely known as a sign of innovation and the future – it is – but it’s also fixed and capable of enormous tenacity.

Aquarius peeps came out of their Neptune era in 2011/2012 (it had been nigh 14 years of Neptune in Aquarius) and straight into the Zap Zone involving their ruler Uranus.

Now they’re operating with Saturn in Scorpio as a tough but fair career taskmaster, applying fantastic reserves of willpower, guts and discipline to craft their philosophies and futuristic visions into sustainable lifestyles, jobs, businesses and so forth.

The next four weeks = extra light and radiance in the Aquarius sector of your chart…

Aquarius – how are you doing???



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55 thoughts on “Happy Sun Into Aqua!!!

  1. The 6th house! Work could certainly use some light and radiance. Especially of the glinty gold kind!

  2. Aqua rising. And am just wrapping up week 3 of the Clean diet (Dr. Junger)…didn’t even realize how perfect my timing was. I suffer from adrenal fatigue and ALL symptoms associated with that are either gone or incredibly reduced on this diet. I am firing on all cylinders…more energy, my mind is faster, and even that one pesky cold I got was zapped in 2 days. Usually it takes a week.
    AND? I’m effing radiant. My bf keeps telling me I’m glowing and I can actually feel it too. Just starting having vivid dreams of old pains being resolved. Everything feels like it’s just as it should be. Loving this astro.

  3. Definitely noticing the change in my life (born 24/01/74). After years of blocks and angst, the career path forward (writing if you must know) is starting to come together. Good time to be an Aqua peep!

  4. Aquarius rising: cleaning out past angst, decluttering all parts of my life, working on a new lifestyle and biz. Ready for a feb/mar take off as advised by MM’s phoenix πŸ™‚

  5. I have been on Astrodienst and I see that I have mars and Chiron in aqua at 12 degrees. Life seems to be changing somehow. This past few weeks I keep looking at myself seeing all my bad side. Not sure whether it’s that bad just stand up for myself and get agro. I have been doing a lot of things with councelling I want to learn to listen better and understand others especially my husband who argues constantly with me. Terrible at the moment just hope things get better!

  6. Am feeling it too, lighter, stronger/softer, all the angst and heaviness that I thugged through quick sand is gone. No pressure or pushing just inspired action and feeling great.

    Aqua Sun and Venus…bring on the Love, baby!

  7. Oooh, Venus in Aqua… wonder what this will mean? Finally sorting the Uranian Man (once Venus herself is direct)? Intriguing times ahead it seems … we like those!

    • That would be NATAL Venus in Aqua that I mean. She’s actually crossing my sun in Cap at present, oh what fun…

  8. Aqua here! My Sun is at 11 degrees Aqua in the 8th house. (Was never sure what to do with Aqua in the 8th….anyone?)

    Anyway……….Coming up on my 46th birthday on Jan. 31st.

    So, my Sun is sextiling transiting Uranus at the moment. Also, transiting Uranus at 9 Aries is conjunct my natal Saturn at 8 Aries in the 10th.
    Career is in massive forward motion but it’s hard won, a LOT of work, a bit scary, a bit of a jump into the unknown… I struggle with my confidence level and that has always held me back in my career. Otherwise I would have been ruling the world by now! Lol! πŸ˜‰

  9. Bank rang me last week – want to talk about my finances, how I can make them work better for me, etc…. Instead of blowing them off as usual I said I would go in Tuesday (tomorrow). I guess that works with Aquarius being in my second house.

  10. Aqua Sun & midheaven. I feel more independent and forward looking than I have in a long time. My self-respect is coming back.

    Have two weeks to my bday and some big goals to complete by then. Easily attainable with just a bit of work consistently every day. Gotta be ready for takeoff, 27 is gonna be big.

  11. Sex, transformation, death and other people’s money.

    Less death and debt, more sex and transformation plskthx.

    • Same experience! Whew. It seems good though and essential for a sane life in the long-term.

      9th house Moon, Chiron, Mars in Aquarius – plenty of Air combined with Gemini!

  12. Aqua sun conjunct Jupiter in the 11th house. I’m busy trying to start a party revolution, finish a PhD, get married, and turn 40. Yoga helps, my house is a shambles and everything feels strangely possible. I would really like to leave the country though.

    • party revolution… d’you need some help..? mercurial pisces with plenty of fire, at your disposal.

      • I like how your avatar looks like it’s saying ‘pick me!’. Ok, your first task is to throw a party and have a great time. This is doubly important if you live in Qld.

  13. 5th house , that “covers all pleasant things in native’s life”! I would say – bring it on! Need to watch the waistline…hmmm…

  14. This Aquarian is starting to feel easier. Got a call for an interview today – only casual but in my area of interest. Have discovered pool running this week – what a great workout. My counsellor wants me to start mind mapping my ideas for the future.
    I’m in a much better place than this time last year. Can I get an amen in here?

  15. Sun in Aqua, Leo rising, Moon in Capricorn…moved house on Friday, setting up my own therapy space from home at last. So happy in new place, surrounded by nature, peace & quiet…perfect for stressed out clients πŸ™‚

    New & old clients got in touch over w/e to book in πŸ™‚ A GP came round to buy my sofa that doesn’t fit in new space…has suggested I write in to the large medical practice he belongs to with a view to GP’s referring to me πŸ™‚

    Networking with other therapists near & far to set up workshops, based around nature connection.

    So, definitely on the career path!!!

    Love the forward momentum xxx

  16. Really? Sun in my triple Aqua means jacks. It’s the Pluto all over my moon and ascendency that’s giving hell.. I’m just not excited. Time will tell though.

  17. Sun, Saturn and Mars in my 12th house…..I’ve had such an overwhelming need for some solitude for the last 2 weeks which has been uncannily thwarted at every turn!! Today feels a tad lighter. thankfully.

  18. Aqua moon conjunct my Pisces Sun-Merc. Would LOVE some extra light and radiance in THAT sector! Things have been pretty heavy emotionally, and with my family (as I mentioned in the full moon post.) I have the day off for MLK Day in the US. Think I’m going to take it easy, drink a Bloody Mary, call some friends — feel good about the other relationship in my life!

  19. Ok.. Question: Aquarius is in my 4th house. When I look up the house description is says the 4th house is Cancer. How does that play out with the energies brewing for Aquarius. Do I still rely on the activities for the 4th house: House of Home and Family / Ancestry, heritage, roots. Early foundation and environment. Mother or mothers as figure. The caretaker of the household. Cyclic end of matt.

    Does this mean, that for me after reading the description and what shoots out at me is “Early foundation and environment and Mother or Mothers as figure”.. which has been a burden in my entire life and creating some “a-ha” moments about my perception on how I see people?

    If so, then what does it mean when they say the 4th house has the sign of Cancer?



  20. Aquarius sun here.. except it’s lighting up my 12th house! Not too energized. Good time for a soul-searching type of retreat…

  21. Jupiter in Aqua Rising partner is not coping with our new rescue kelpie.. πŸ™

    What was I thinking getting a dog with Saturn transiting my 6th House?
    And on my moon?
    My massive nurturing instincts are being smashed the last 3 days.
    Venus/Mercury/Saturn in motherly Kataka..

    He is being objective? He has a 12th House ruled by Aqua.
    Maybe he is being truthful about how much he can take on with Pluto on his NN & Mars conj his Uranus.

    Bloody Aquarius Sun, all it does is oppose my Natal Sun in Leo.

      • oh, that’s a really tough situation Andro – sorry to hear you’re in it xx

        sorry if it’s a tough question but can you handle the extra work on top of your already significant domestic load? i know when I was in a particularly tough phase of post-separation single-parenting and still copping lots of trouble from the ex pet, though a lovely idea, was not a practical decision…

        • Certainly have a child with autism isn’t a walk in the park. In fact I can’t walk in the park with him, it’s a run & then I have to carry him back. He’s getting big too.

          And I have Moon/Neptune in the 6th so I LOVE pets & am not necessarily realistic where they are concerned, so you are probably right Cal.

          I had a cry yesterday (highly unusual!) & my little autie boy spoke: “Whatsthematter?” he asked stroking my arm. Never done that before.

          • aww, that’s so cute!! and sorry to hear about the dog πŸ™

            Does this mean you have to take the dog back?

            • Yes πŸ™ the pet rescue peeps are pretty annoyed and sad as they love this dog and were so excited as they liked us.

              Been crying for three days.
              I mean WTF? I don’t blame the Gem, he’s being honest & our sitch is tough. But I really think this dog is awesome & sweet, I feel like I am betraying him & all involved. Sux.

              Want a dog Scorpy?

              • LOL. I’m happy with my fish. πŸ™‚ Wouldn’t have room for a dog in my tiny studio. When I get a house I’d like to get a parrot again.

                That’s so sad. Why did your partner change his mind. Thought he fell in love with dog? Maybe it seemed like a good idea at the time…

                • He is Sun in the 4th – very easily freaked out re home & security.
                  He visited a friend who confirmed his fears. Friend has dogs & said will never get more after his stressful experiences finding rentals. We don’t own a home etc. Plus autism is exxy, & he is finishing a project soon, so retrenchment a possibility. Pity he didn’t think it thru b4 we adopted tho.

              • darling Andro, be kind to yourself. maybe lovely puppy is meant to go to another beautiful but less stressed home and the vibe in your homelife is so important to all in your family. Pets are expensive – he main reason I don’t have one now.

                You tried, you had no questionable intent. I love that story about your son – very touching xx

                • Yes, lovely moment with your son, and i’m sorry too about heart breaking w doggy goodbyes xx

  22. My Moon is in Aqua and my thought patterns have definitely changed in a good way!

  23. Aqua rising, Saturn in Aqua in the 12th, a big change in perception going on, lately, I’m turning my concepts of planets inside out, ie, what I used to think of placement now seems to be the outer, other people world and my new perception is the inner, me world. Example, that 12th house Saturn used to seem like discipline inflicted by others onto my tender opposing Leo sun, now, from the inside it says, “Look at me! I’m the creative one who has the follow through” πŸ™‚ etc…… conversely, I feel like I am downloading amazing levels of info from the outside world and syncing it seamlessly with my inner vision….. not that there aren’t bumps in the road, but feels pretty cool

  24. My progressed rising sign is now Aquarius and definitely feeling very “fortress of solitude” over here. Crazy antisocial lonerism taken to new levels but I also have an urge to meet new peeps via some kind of spiritual meet up versus just the old random way. Aside from that, just writing up a storm.