Fire, Earth And The Astrology Elements

Kim Novak with book of spells and red magic smoke. Vintage witch movie.

The Astrology elements are super-ancient, linking into the medieval temperaments, the traditional Chinese elements, and old Babylonian beliefs. Once upon a time, they were not intellectual concepts or even a way of categorizing the signs/people. The elements were magical forces. That is, Fire, Earth, Air, and Water were powers. In this way of thinking, each has its own attributes, directions, and allegiances.

For Feng Shui and any form of House Witchery, you need a balance of all four. And then the 5th element is Quintessence. Scientists and alchemists alike have been mystified by this ‘dark matter’ since history began. Without the other elements being in balance, the 5th cannot be perceived, let alone utilized.

The Elements Are Magical Forces Not Just Categories

How do you get the proportion right? Start with the astrology elements. Understand your birth chart, where you are strong and what element you need to seek in others or your environment. It’s natural to drift toward similar elements but better for you to cultivate the element you’re lacking. Strongly Water people need the breezy detachment of Air, lest they become too soggy or sentimental. Air benefits from the emotional intelligence and intuition of Water. Fire inspires Earth while Earth is a stable foundation or worldly acumen for Fire.

Like all real magic, it works on a high and a low level. Balance your living environment with equal amounts of each element for harmony. Know your birth chart energies. Notice when you or others are neglecting the expression of one element. Eg, being all scientific Air while refusing to acknowledge a feeling. Or, worse, projecting the under-used element onto another person.

And remember that all Fire, every grain of sand, molecule of wind or drop of water talks to the rest of its element. That is what underlies the astrology elements.

Have a symbol of each around you before any intent setting, prayer or spell.

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