50 thoughts on “Fire, Earth…

  1. He is a Gemini… both in awe of her and whimsically playing along :).. at peace 🙂

  2. Am feeling the best have felt for a long time. Could be that work is dribbling in….and made a new woman friend. Saggo’s love their friends.

  3. Praying for AIR!!! My dear friend expecting first kiddo- he/she is taking time to arrive- already past due date by a few days! And these airy/fiery parents are WAITING for this wee Sun/Mercury/Pluto Cappy babe. I reassured her- and told her that nothing she did would make that baby hurry up.

    Told her the Full Moon may well bring that wee one along.


  4. Gosh sounds just like me! Moon in Taurus, Bast in Sagg, except ive got Venus in Scorpio and Eros conjunct Mars, Jupiter, Asc, and Neptune. Im a Libra but that dude is either a Gem or Pisces.

  5. I saw that picture and thought “ah, yes, those were the days” but that was another life. Lol

    • He he, know someone who has a big Pele connection. Said he had a past life as one of her lovers, she would incarnate & make merry with her island’s men.

      • The scenes I recall took place on an island, around Crete. I was researching volcanic activity in that region today. I guess the time was around 1600 BC. Its odd that I got a download of those life and times. I feel like I should write the story because the culture was unrecorded. I’m dominated by Mercury. Then Pisces came home with a volcanic painting he did. And then this picture…just thinking about it today.

        • You KNOW we need your earthed mystical wonderful writings, and you should take this Mystic-Pic-InspiRemembering as a Sign!

        • I have a Macedonian (well now it’s more or less Macedonia) life from around that time that was just so complete. One of the more detailed recollections I have experienced. Down to the clothing etc. and how it felt to wear it. I get the impression it was a good time to be alive in that area, the vital village still connected to Gaia!

  6. Sun, Mercury, Venus and Moon in Gem – For balance.
    Tribal drums too please – can already hear the beat !

  7. I feel like that pic right now. Past beau has returned. Confusing because there is a current beau. What did Mystic say in prior post – mars (men) are essentially trying and preening and venus/women are indifferent, doing their thing. I don’t want to decide. Too busy. One makes me feel like the pic and is loads of fun. The other is less demonstrative but sweet, steady and mellow. Ah, where were they when I had time?

        • Arrrggghhhh no. That statement for me is so disturbing. I have had the past four years of being surrounded by blokes who can surfice with their fantasy. Oh gods am I so not that person. As I wrote to one of them the other day “I am into the residue and the ache” Stuff the mind. It’s gotta be real.

          • Hehe… I don’t mind a bit of of hot, wet, and dirty – Uranus/Pluto/Mars in Virgo conjunction in 8th.
            In small doses though. Venus in Libra likes to come up for air. And Saggo moon gets restless.

            What’s your astro Emg? You’re a Crab sun if I remember correctly?

            Do you have an earthy chart?

            • Hey girl…I hear you. Libran NN sextile Uranus and then all the Gem stuff…

              I actually had an experience of suffocating…long story…Not fun…x

              • LOL. Oh dear! 😯

                What degree is your NN? My Venus is 7° In 9th house!! and it trines my Saggo moon 7°

                So hot ‘n heavy is fine as long as it’s light and quick 😆
                The thought of spending HOURS in bed. Ugh. Get claustrophobic thinking about it.

                • All I want is to spend hours in bed… 😡

                  Virgo Mars, Cap Venus, 8th house Moon 🙂

                    • With someone! Always had a strong drive 🙂
                      That Cap Mars though… We started around 8 and didn’t stop til 4 in the am. Yeah…

                  • Hours and hours Bliss
                    but I can sometimes love that quicky grabbed at a glance. Yum

                • non-stop? WOW 😯

                  they don’t call it “Horny Goat weed” for nothing. LOL!

                  Never had a Mars in Cap experience *sigh*… I’ve heard about their stamina. Would suit my Mars in Virgo and Cap Asc.

                  Mars in Virgo is all about regular doses for optimum health. It’s all about the portions 🙂

                  • I think a part of me liked the experience so much because I got such a good workout.
                    Was eating whatever the hell I wanted and was losing weight lol.

                    Pluto came and washed away all that though.
                    I think he wanted me to practice more portion control 😉

                • My Libran NN is 13 degrees in 5th. So we are conjunct by 6 degree orb…which works eh?

                  I will take you out and wine and dine but the convo should probably be stimulating (with your 9th house Libran Venus).

                  I’ve been to Europe and Hawaii twice…Can tell stories…

                  Will I qualify?


                  Nah, I only like boys but that Sagg Moon of yours means we could def rip up Palm Springs and give the boys straight and gay a run for their money heehee

                  The suffocation experience was about something in the astral realm and someone’s astral body seeking to control me.

                  Hideous really and a pain that goes back to ancient times.

                  Anyway…Yes, I need air! x

                  • hehe, would prefer a cup of coffee and a good old chin-wag but yes you qualify Sweetpea. Stimulating convo is a MUST! I like worldly people… people who’ve travelled and seen things.

                    “I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe” one of my fave quotes from Bladerunner.

                    Love getting to know people… Saggo moon in 11th? But then Uranus square moon gets bored if you’re not interesting enough. LOL.

            • Hi Scorpbot
              I have so little else than water in my chart! Water water everywhere. Grand trine Neptune in 8 Scorp to saturn chiron in 1 pisces and moon mars jupt and sun in crab 4/5
              Ah NN is earth Moooooo
              Water finds the lowest levels and once I go down I like to stay down!!!!

              • NN is in Earth “Moo”

                hilar… 🙂

                “Water finds the lowest levels…”

                Well put Emg..

                • I mean that in the essence of the water thing…not consciousness wise..but snorkeling and diving kinda thing…

                  When I have been underwater I often find the sunlight patterns on the bottom of the pool quite lovely and call it my “secret world”

                  Hey watched something on Discovery Channel the other week about Mermaids…was fascinating…Have you seen it?

                  • If you mean the video evidence of mermaids in Israel, Britain and at the bottom of the sea, I have seen it and found it very interesting, Sweetpea. I was talking to a friend the other day who works in special effects animation and he dismissed it out of hand. But I don’t see why there should Not be mermaids

              • “Water finds the lowest levels…”

                That’s beautiful!! 🙂

                I guess you’re in your element then.

                I have Mercury in Scorp And neptune in Scorp conjunct my Sun but that’s it as far as water is concerned. The rest is earth. Would rather walk through a rainforest than go sailing.

                I like being NEAR water but not IN it. It frightens and overwhelms me sometimes. Had a panic attack last time i snorkelled. 😯 I must have drowned in a past life.

  8. Insomnia the last 2 nights…..venus retrograde in my 5th house. I keep thinking too much and ex flings not thought of in awhile have come to mind. I don’t want them, just reviewing. Then there is the still regret/anger/shock of the last serious relationship. wtf? Yet I saw him just before he moved cross continent. I felt peace and wished him the best. I even sent a note, saying how well I was. I meant it. but…..Then I realized he made me go to the dark with my anger, then get help. I am so much more patient, calmer, less reactive than I have ever been. Which has all come mightly in hand dealing with my Pisces son as he unraveled, defiance and volatileness swinging in each hand. For that, I am grateful, because there was 2 weeks where things were beyond hard to handle. sigh…..but he is much better.

    My son, he became a source of unharmony, to the family and to my relationship. Was so hard, knowing in one second I could turn my back on my lover, the one I have been happiest with, and never look back. That is the love of a mother for her child. It was close to happening and we both knew it. Torro pulled through though as I suspected he would. Now I am about to make a decision to give my son freedom again after a month long restriction of sorts. It may cause strife and for that I am resigned. I am the mother. I hope my son does not screw it up again. I hope and pray he has learned some lessons.

    The Torro sun, scorpio moon, he loved me up well, me with my taurus mars. Tonight though I am out of town. I just realized he has no fire! except that generational neptune in sag. But he is firey, redheaded Irish man.

  9. ~This guy had better be an Air sign~

    Ha, funny cuz I was just out to Mexican combo plate lunch (needed a fix) with *moi* and was flipping thru my notebook cuz doing my budget for the weekend and came across this…back in June when the NDNA and me hit the rocks after a very dysfunctional drunken stint of two Cap Saturns/his Moon/my Sun and nodes all in a gang bang in the Zap Zone..

    “My Next Door ….Next Door Shadow

    I awoke from this dream, or nightmere really, two glasses of wine down…

    That allowed me to be mostly coherent. I would need at least a bottle or two to be really sloshed.

    Seems I’d been at lunch time as the owner of the Mexican restaurant (the one I just ate at today..my fave), called me a cab.

    At home, when I awoke around midnight, I didn’t know where my car was. (Had forgotten the cab took me home).

    I knocked on my condo mate’s door saying I couldn’t find my car. He said that….”

    I didn’t finish the sentence.

    Currently, trans Cap Sun/Mercury/Venus are conjunct my Moon in 8th. I’ve come a long way since last summer and thank gawd that mess/karmic sitch was short shrift… 😯 lol