What Draco Did Next…

Tom Ford

My god of course! It is so obvious. Draco Malfoy would have gone straight into the fashion industry after leaving Hogwarts. 

Harry Potter geeks will remember that J.K.Rowling – a Leo – makes all her fave characters Leos and assigns Malfoys, Voldemort and basically the whole house of Slytherin the sign of Capricorn or Gemini. Clearly some issues there,

Anyway, posting is going to be light these next few says as i am head-down, tail up working on the Tarot.  It is coming along brilliantly and i have just had a concept for a 2nd Oracle that i am going to share with Tarot Muses tonight. An email will be going out in the next hour. This is also your chance to ensure that your correct email IS ON THE TAROT MUSE list. 

As the prize draw is done from that mailing list. Thus, if you do not hear from me soon, let me know. There is no rush, the Tarot Muse draw is not till the Full Moon.  Subscribers, you will have ascertained by now that we are on FULL HIGH QI VAMPIRE ALERT, yes?

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32 thoughts on “What Draco Did Next…

  1. That too, I think Tom Ford is making a Virgoan Of Fashion comment on the transitory nature of platinum blonde youth and the importance of bewaring Qi Vampires.

    • Ah yes! Dress well, even if lounging, shoulderblades down and back, made up to stun and deflecting shades on…slight smirk of self awareness compulsory.

    • ‘The importance of bewaring Qi Vampires’ lol Why is this not part of every young girl’s primer? Feels like it should be canon already!

      Personally had more patriarchy bullshit come up with Venus-Sun today (opposes my 7th house Saturn). Like yes – why am I waiting for a father-like permission to LIVE?

      Another layer – poof! Good riddance 😉

  2. But I LOVE capricorns and geminis… ok yes and Leos… but caps and gems are awesome. My spur of the moment assessment her problem as a Leo is Maybe she thinks that they are too sceptical of fame (caps) or don’t give enough one on one personal attention (Gems) … so therefore are evil ingrates who are incapable of greatness?

    • As a Leo I don’t understand it! Are Gems & Caps not sextile Leo? Affable and easy good times. But they are a bit scatty those Gems, don’t worship at my feet with quite languor as say, a Cancerian.. 😉 .

      • purr, prrrrrr 🙂
        some Leos i know and admire do look a little miffed when I change tack in the conversation just as they are gaining momentum. I can’t help it. I try not to do so and sometimes I am very good at focusing on one conversation topic for more than 8 sentences. But other times I have already got the picture and thought of something else relevant to add… but to the Leo it looks like inattentive rudeness aagh ne’er the twain shall meet? xxx Leos are good training for me tho. Making a point and being present, rather than undermining self thru Multiple Attention Disorder (MAD) 😉

  3. This post is bringing back so many memories of me spending hours and hours reading theories on everything Harry Potter. It made waiting for the next one to come so exciting. There were explanations on symbolisms and mythical creature, names, relationship dynamics and predictions on what the next book would have. Sufficient to say, I was obsessed with the books. Hated the last one.

    Maybe her ex husband was a capricorn or gemini lol…

  4. MM, so excited about the secret Oracle project. If only it was ready today. This Cap is in need of just such insight at the moment! (And I don’t ask often, lol!) So thrilled to be a Tarot Muse, and to know that such cool thing is on it’s way!

  5. oh yay I can geek about Harry Potter. It’s been ages since I’ve done that, lol.

    The House system strikes me as really off – it always has. As I’ve become more ambitious in recent years (I have moon in capricorn) I wonder – what is so wrong with being ambitious? Yet Slytherins are always portrayed as THE EVIL HOUSE. Evil for…wanting to be successful?! I’ve heard it said that maybe the books were skewed because they were from a biased Gryffindor perspective but still. Also I hate how Hufflepuffs are portrayed too…another rant for later, ha.

    Anyway, among HP fans Draco has always been super popular – the bad boy with leather pants, super vain too. Fans always loved him though Rowling continued to write him in a disappointing way, barely mentioned or else just super lame in the later books. But they’d (and I’d) agree that he’d totally go into the fashion industry.

    • My ambition also returned once Pluto hit my Cap Asc and Saturn entered my natal Sun 10th house. 🙂

  6. yeah but Rowling also made one of the heroes, Prof Snape a Cappie and a Slytherin too.

    I test House of Slytherin….heheh.

    • Beautiful FA,
      Is that book inside you ready to come forth this year, into print ?
      Just back from a lovely trip on your blog…*sigh* i could read you for days and days on end…x

      • Hey ya Cosmic, yes, me too, but methinks the Blog is The Book or the closest to your own personal doco
        there can be.
        Publishing a book without 100 peoples supporting you is difficult. Publishers want pre-published authors
        = catch 22.
        Am an Angel of the Fall groupie 🙂

  7. For what it’s worth, Draco in the book actually ends up becoming a Healer (a doctor, basically). Slytherin is the traditional house (apparently) for the healing arts, or magical medicine.

  8. I want those sunglasses.
    Never read Harry Potter. Something about that surname…my virginity slayer had the same surname. I’ve been disappointed by books that have been hyped. I’ll put them on my 10 year reading plan.

    • I’m sorry about you and that name doll…There is much more I could say regarding it also. x

      • Actually Pegs that’s really sweet. It was a wonderful experience. Just the gutting if my heart as he cheated on me with a Swedish backpacker. Crush thy heart like a cheap cliche.

        • How Dare He. Make love to you w/o a life long commitment or a gift voucher 🙂
          The Cad…squash his balls to grapes, S 🙂

          My first was on a beach, Life’s a Beach,

          • It lasted 6-8 months. His been immortalized into song, well the name my Mother called him by a man I love very much. Ain’t life strange.
            A life long commitment does sound lovely.
            Beach shag does sound better than in the back of a panelvan.