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Here we go people: yes the Jupiter Versus Saturn ratio was looked at a long time ago but it’s time for a revisit. It is one of THE keys to working your chart successfully and yes, we need to be fully ON and dynamic in the Zap Zone.

As always with D.I.Y. Astro – looking at this sort of thing IS how you learn astrology. You just need to generate your birth chart on Astrodienst, find Jupiter/Saturn and then pop back here. So long as you are not trying to score an actual reading off the more astro erudite people here, no question is too dumb. This is how we learn.

So the glyph for Jupiter looks like Jupiter glyphthe one on the left and Saturn is Saturn Glyph
on the right.Β  To simplify things, let’s just say that Saturn is lessons in life and where you have to work your arse off to get anywhere but that once you’re put that effort in, it becomes your shiniest source of pride. People would probably freak if they knew how hard you had strived to reach that point. Jupiter is where the good living comes easy. It’s where you are blessed, it’s where you CAN actually wing it a little bit. It’s where you put in some oomph and bang – major rewards.

So you i.d your natal Jupiter and Saturn. Look at the House or Sector they are in and what planets are cosied up along side them. Imagine that you need to always have a hardcore plan with your Saturn area and Jupiter is where you are ideally dauntless and optimistic. (There are heaps of previous D.I.Y Astro posts about what the various houses mean). Check the “Houses” category as well.

BUT WAIT…there is more. You can also check out the current positions of Jupiter and Saturn, to see where they are transitting and the same rules apply. AND, see what sort of aspect the two planets make. An officially positive aspect between Jupiter and Saturn (a sextile, trine or conjunction) means you get that Risk-Security balance pretty much correct in life. You’re a visionary pragmatist. You have fun but not to some ludicrous, dysfunctional extent. You like to prosper but automatically self-nurture.

A beneficial link between Jupiter and Saturn is a big bonus. What about the square or opposition? You gotta concentrate so as not to sort of insanely oscillate between Jupiter & SaturnΒ  consciousness in a non-productive fashion. Successful entrepreneurs, people who can lead in a corporate or government setting without turning into a pod person and creative talent with well managed careers all tend to have strong, good Jupiter-Saturn aspects. Or they’ve learned the hard way how to manage them.

A really classic example of a Jupiter-Saturn fuq up is those companies you hear about who enjoy massive debt-fuelled growth and an orgy of publicity but the fundamentals aren’t right. And yes, you guessed it, Saturn is the fundamentals. The skeleton of the enterprise. Jupiter goes out to pitch schizz at lunch, Saturn does the books.

So please check out your Jupiter-Saturn ratio and as always, Astro-Fiends please help the newbies in the Comments.Β  F.y.i i am doing a D.I.Y. Astro Hacks book this year, it will be my no schizz guide to hacking your birth chart.


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262 thoughts on “D.I.Y. Astro Jupiter Versus Saturn

  1. Jupiter at 1 deg Sag. 6th house, retro . No aspects to my Saturn at 7 deg Cap in the 7th, stationing. Any clues on the Jupiter position ? It’s a bit if a mystery to me.
    Saturn in the 7th is not a mystery !!!

    Jupiter has been over my asc and mars recently to great effect.

    • Healer? Vet? Good at daily living/carpe diem? I imagine these qualities would make for a great partner, counteracting that Saturn a tad!

      • Thanks Andy, I’m forwarding your response to wifey.
        The vet thing is interesting. Dogs and birds especially. We just get on. I’m sure they think I’m one of them.
        I have a number of close friends from the canine and bird world. The family laugh when I just go and sit in the backyard and within minutes I’m surrounded by all sorts of birds. They come so close and don’t fear me at all. If dogs are around they are lying all over me in no time.
        Let’s not talk about cats though. I’m allergic.

    • I lolled imagining the great effect Jupiter might have going over your Ascendent and your Mars David πŸ˜‰

    • The 6ht house is also the house of just everyday living and punching in on the clock. Maybe you are just blessed in this aspect and have smooth sailing when it comes to the daily grind?

      • Thanks eel, I think you got it there. I have mastered the daily grind / work life into something that resembles and feels like freedom. Raising 3 kids, helping keep house and earning a living from my own business playing on a computer for a few hours a day is a blessing. Groundhog Day is going on now into it’s 15th year and I enjoy the peace and stability of it. Peace and stability are underrated by so many people.

    • Davey, one of my friends said years ago…with Jupiter in Sagg, 6th house 1 deg like you (for those who don’t know…davidl and me are born just 12 days apart)…

      But, “you are so lucky” because finding a job…6th house, always came so easily.

      I think that is why you are blessed to have something you love to do.. Jupiter, 6th house (daily routine).

      It seems you are living it perfectly!

      I know for certain I have with the massage but Jupiter is trine natal Aries Mercuruy in 10th so I ain’t done shuttin’ up yet and will not die until I have my say lol…

      • And, a big part of that was when trans Chiron conjuncted natal Jupiter and set off a whole healing process..

        That is a main theme which so much of my path revolves around. Yet, since I understand it now, I am bored with it…The drama is over.

        Being an Aries, that is a danger as we can just easily move on but Saturn (square Sun and Mercury) means I need to convey how that disciplened me and to assist others with that knowledge.

        Ya know I only put the last 20 yrs or so into a cohesive whole in the last 6 months…Thank trans Uranus? Probably. I mean I had hints and clues…

          • But! Those studeis were only instigated by life’s circumstances…

            Until then I was totally ignorant…Spirit FORCED me to find the answers to certain experiences.

            Sorta like the cart comining before the horse. That is always what I have likened it to.

            And I have resented it and in the end felt blessed by it.

            Consider that is your life…It is all our lives…x

  2. Hi Guys
    Just did the chart thing on Astrodienst and it says…
    Jupiter is 22 degrees Leo in the 6th house!
    Saturn is 0 degrees Sag! In the 9th house!
    Is that all I need?
    Really not great at this.I got my chart from Astrodienst…

    • Jupiter-Perennial student, rocking health care, New Age niche alternative therapies, being a go to person for peeps doing start up businesses, rocking NLP, EFT, manifesting Neptune inspired healing from the 12th- Aqualand messages… Dramatic public service announcements for… Families….local theatre….

      Saturn-Lawyer, professor, inspiring person, pastor, stand up comic, multi-lingual esp ancient languages, traveler of lands and world, inspired helped by wise older dudes, horse lover , animal rights champion..

  3. Ooh! Love DIY astro.
    Saturn is conjunct my Sun and Merc and loosely conj my Chiron in 7th Pisces. My Jupe is in 10th Gem, in a grand earth trine w my Cap moon etc and Pluto/Uranus conj in Virgo.
    Relationships..yep. Always problematic. I am getting better at it though. I do find if I do my earth well, I can do haute Pisces. If I set the foundations properly – boundaries, self-knowledge etc – Saturn in 7th serves me well instead of just making me scared.

  4. Jupiter Gem 4th House and Leo Saturn 6th House.
    Having two Leo Houses explains why cats feature so strongly in my life.

    • Donna Karan NY has Jupiter in 4th, this explains why DKNY esp. utilizing the name of her home town in her business name = lucky for her.

      • Thank you georgie. I love interesting little facts like that.
        I am looking now at my Jupiter sextile Saturn and Jupiter opposition Neptune. Then it’s Saturn trine Neptune, Mars square Saturn, Saturn sextile Pluto and Saturn square Uranus. I know in my Phoenix consult Mystic spoke at length about Saturn. Time to master my Saturn Lion.

  5. ok, let’s see….natal Jupe is conjunct Mercury by 1ΒΊ in Libra. Fairness is a big deal for me and I guess I like to talk about it, lol. There is also a wide Conjunction to Venus, but I’ll take it :) Sq to Cap Mars = blunt, and maybe principled but stuck in the idea phase.

    Natal Saturn in Toro 12th. Not so sure about this placement….except being in the house of the hidden and opp my sun seems to explain my dislike for order. I am learning to buff my relationship with Saturn while it is in Scorp but still, the further it gets from my Sun the happier I am :)

    I like the current transit placement for these two. Jupe in 2nd house trines Saturn in the 6th – if I do the daily work now the rewards will come when the big J turns direct again πŸ˜€

    However, I don’t think having Saturn in the 7th house is going to be much fun, right?

    • Apparently it can lead to finding a long-term or life partner, a spouse, if you will.

      • Yes, Saturn in my 7th was always on the lookout for the mother of my children from a young age. Although it took a while to find the right one I was lucky enough to succeed there.
        Every relationship is taken seriously and one night stands were rare. I was the boy who wanted to marry his first love at 18.

        • All my relationships were way too serious and not as fun as they should have been. I wanted a soulmate but attracted nothing but trouble my whole life.

          Saturn 7th House in Taurus opposition Jupiter 1st in Scorpio.

      • haha, can you tell I’m not really feeling ready for that? I’m still workin the Uranus/Venus opposition! Still, I guess Saturn will sort me out and maybe I’ll meet someone unusual to partner with :)

  6. Saturn (1st) in water trine w/Jupiter (9th).
    Saturn is in stellium with Venus/Mercury (sadly my 1st house Venus is not in trine to Jove, tho my Merc/Moon is).

    Saturn is transiting my Moon atm. :-(
    But positively, transiting Saturn is trine my natal Saturn & Jupe.

    Not sure how this trine effects my l

  7. Okey dokey, I’ve got both in Virgo. I’ve got Jupiter in the 1st house at 0 degrees Virgo and then my old friend Saturn in the 2nd at 20 degrees Virgo. Hmm.. I’m not sure what this means as I’m not as advanced at this astro thing but Jupiter in the 1st could explain why travel to wild places is a theme in my life. Saturn in the 2nd is a bit of a downer financially but I’m working on turning this around and am confident I’ll prevail here.

  8. Got Saturn and Jupiter spooning one another, but one is in the 4th and the other is in the 5th.

    Im going to say that I think it plays out as Saturn merde/getting-shit-together shizz in 4th, and balancing all that drama crap out by going Jupiter in my 5th. Fun, creativity, etc. At least thats what I can see for now.

      • Ooh nice! I actually work from home and have been doing quite well. I get good hours and not micro managed. Heading towards more creative aspirations in near future πŸ˜‰

        My Saturn is in Libra, Jupe is in Scorpio btw :)

  9. Jupes in libra first house 11 deg (hello zapsters) conj Merc and Uranus trine Mid Heaven

    Astrodienst says- you really are, that is, someone who enjoys life, who does everything in a big way, who is generous and helps others. At the same time you are quite willing to let others do what they want, as long as they do not try to control you. According to your liberal temperament, everyone should be allowed to be themselves.

    Haha yep

    Saturn in Toro 8th house trine ascendent

    Astrodienst says – financial dealings of your partner or associates could be severely limited and may be frustrated by what seems to be harsh fate.

    I left my marriage due to domestic violence with only what I had brought into it and yes it does feel like a harsh fate at times

    • As harsh fates go, I absolutely understand. But I will say this. We get here naked and we leave naked. The work of your soul is the essence of the journey and something to be truly proud of. I applaud you for leaving that situation.

      • Thanks Angel ! I am proud of myself and also have so much empathy for others who are not as lucky as me to have a loving and supportive family to turn to. This does feel like important steps in my own life journey and I have to go the highest road – just dust myself off and keep trekking.

        Want to thank all the kind people on this great site for the strong support shown to each other and me :)

      • Thanks Angel!

        Am doing my best to take the highest road and very grateful to my loving family who were there when I needed them – many women cannot find the strength or support to leave

        Thanks to all beautiful people on this site

  10. A bit off topic re Saturn transits: I read somewhere recently that Saturn wants to tease from you your Commitment to your here & now *life on Earth*. That perspective is still blowing my mind.

    But natal Saturn? Mine’s retro in Kataka/5th house. I want to type in all caps & use excessive punctuation when I tell you that this is by far the most bullshit placement ever & that i’d prob be better off without a 5th house at all than this shiz in my chart. It trines my Sun-Venus in Scorp/8th house, & I dont know if that is a good thing for my 5th, or a detriment to my 8th. Like my 8th cares: Scorp Inc. gets any & all jobs done regardless.

    Natal Jupiter conjunct Ascendant, without any aspects to natal Saturn. A non-issue.

    • Saturn is by sure one hell of a fuquer, Scorporation. Ouch for you. (I have Chiron in my 5th but Chiron doesn’t, you know, eat its children.) Kataka is artistic and canny, and in the 5th would be expressively gifted, i imagine. Romance, pleasure, children, art, warmth with others. You do have a child that you nurture fearlessly, or do i remember wrong? And you connect easily here. Trines to Saturn are supposed to be good (um, i have one with Pluto) and give persistence and fortitude, survivor championship..heheh as if Scorpy 8th House needs extra, right? So you find it hard to relax, have frothy fun, make mellow?

    • I’ve come to realise that that interp of Saturn is actually correct in many ways. Saturn has been in my Scorp 5th for over 12 months and it’s conj to natal Neptune over that period was a revelation. Saturn can be fun. A bit like a scout leader at summer camp. Lots of swimming and frolicking with Saturn making sure I have my hat and sunscreen on.

      • I’ve found your comments re Saturn on your Neptune to be really useful, davidl… I have Saturn on mine now, in my 4th right at the bottom of my chart. I am quite Saturn-influenced – conj my sun/Merc and have a huge Cap stellium so have been learning to work with Saturn’s influence in my chart.
        Starting to see Saturn as the bloke with the tool kit. He won’t do the work but he’s got the right tools to help me do the work for myself. It actually feels pretty grounding having the ‘weight’ of Saturn there at the base of my chart just now.

        • Wow, the Bloke with the Tool Kit. Love that one, even though Chronos is giving me a look like i’ve just asked the plumber how big his wrench is…like, excuse me Frivolous Miss, but there’ll be no laughing until the ablutions is fixed :)

          Helpful image, like the hat and sunscreen.

          • love it too. like a classy gary! well, not really…
            no saturn for the first time in two years. tool-kit bloke, i’m used to you, you’re my buddy by now, where’d you go???

  11. Saturn in Libra in first house and Jupiter in Scorpio also in first house. No aspects to one another. Pluto in Libra also in first house. Saturn is closest to the Ascendant and I believe is the chart “ruler” rather than the Venus from my Libra Ascendant, or Uranus from my Aquarius Sun.

    Stupid question- On Astrodienst, when you have up your free chart, on the list of planets in the signs on the left, is the degree of the planet the number before the sign, or the one after? e.g. my Saturn is listed as Saturn 22 Lib 14’11”
    And…what’s the meaning of the other number? Thanks.

    • wow talk about a loaded first house!
      don’t quite know what it means except all of those planets are tied to your identity…interesting!

      As to your question, the important number is the first. You read that as 22 degrees, 14 minutes, 11 seconds. The 14 and 11 are smaller numbers like finding the exact fraction position your planet is located. That’s as far as I understand anyway.

    • In your example it’s Saturn at 22 degrees Libra. And 14 minutes (there are 60 minutes in a degree, and 60 seconds in a minute). The minutes and seconds are not really essential, they’re super detailed, so it’s easiest to use the degree.

    • Saturn is at 22 degrees Libra, 14 minutes, 11 seconds- unless that second number is over 30- which is closer to the next degree, only that first number really matters. Even if you are a Virgo! LOL

    • i like how you’ve been all saturny and scorpy saying, hmm, yes, this is how it looks on the surface, but these little numbers, what do THEY mean?? no detail left unsurfaced. digging deep. πŸ˜‰ it’s not like they don’t matter… when you’re in the midst of a transit and waiting for it to become exact to the minute (i don’t know that anything charts seconds, though that’d be cool) they’re huge! otherwise, not so much, unless you’re doing fixed stars with a small orb or something. anyway, first house, figuring out your identity, it makes a lot of sense. :) and your saturn is on my 22’50” NN so i had to comment. πŸ˜‰

  12. Natal: Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Leo in the 5th. Maybe that’s why there’s always the feeling that the fun has to have a goal (ie the romance has to lead to a relationship, it’s hard to be in it just for the fun of it, as much as I try). Anyone else have this placement and have advice on how to handle it?

    Progressed: Jupiter in Cancer retrograde in the 11th trine Saturn in Scorpio in the 3rd. Anyone know what that’s about?

    • Actor, creative genius, muso alert.

      Nice progression – why don’t you start a book club or similar cause itd work out very well!

      • Thank you!

        Not a book club but I am starting a new website with the input of a few friends that has a learning/home/sharing knowledge angle to it! Does that work?

  13. And Saturn conjunct Ascendant. Does anyone else have Jupiter and Saturn in the same house? What is the effect of having the planet of restriction and the planet of excess in the same house?

  14. Jupiter has the -really, pardon the pun – biggest influence in my chart, sitting at 6 degrees Sagittarius 12th House.

    So it’s Neptune 3 Sag, Jupiter 6 Sag, Moon 9 Sag, Ascendant 10 Sag.

    If you add the fact that 12th House Jupiter, in this multi, trines my Pisces Sun, and recall that the ancient ruler of Pisces is Jupiter then you see how Sagittarius and Pisces are quite twined, and i just feel that the universal cosmic intuitive questing nature of Pisces is totally encapsulated by Jupiter. Although there a moments i think oh that makes a King of little pisces (Zeus, right?) and laugh because being overblown is always going to trip a true Piscean…and DOES! Sorry if this is rambly but Jupiter (along with Neptune and the Moon also trines my 5th House Mercury :) )

    Saturn is in my 6th. So it truly is the quotidian grind, the routine, the daily homage to your maker that is known as your Life, the daily alchemy that you magically create with your actions and choices, that is CERTAINLY honed at great pain, grind and never-ending quest for efficient perfection. Compared with the ease with which i can lucid dream, clairaudiently tune in, smell presences, speak in a voice that isn’t mine, appreciate symbolism/noh/surrealism/voiceless arts and drown in oblivion through addictions or psychic openness…and move outside of time :)

    Jupiter in my chart conjuncts Moon, Neptune, Ascendant; trines Sun, Mercury, Chiron; sextiles Uranus. (Makes up for empty 9th House, eh?)

    So Saturn, which trines Pluto and Lilith, squares Venus and NN; and conjuncts Nefertiti fwiw, has QUITE the task! A Tarot i often draw in any deck is Temperance, not for personality but for advised action.

    • i am so happy that you’re posting again. the magick that the simplest of your posts puts into the universe, not to mention my little microcosmos, cannot be conveyed.

      obviously… :)

      and what a spectacular 12th house lineup!! <3

      • Oh thank you so much! It’s lovely to feel i contribute, when there is SO much knowledge here. I’m a bit funny with capital K knowledge. I did learn a lot but had some weird ptsd memory warp, and it now works in fits and starts (Mercury-Chiron conjunct opposed by Uranus). So i feel most comfortable posting just about my own world, not even some of the amazing tribe i have called my friends, cos, well,m it’s not my story to tell. Then i think how Jupey blowhard or Leo MC it must come across! So thank you, again.

        I’m super happy YOU’RE posting again, and i know i’m not the only one looking out for you :)

  15. I have Jupiter in five degrees Virgo/tenthhouse and Saturn in 16 degrees Aquarius/fourth house. My chart states that my weaknesses include bad luck, adversity, problems and disappointed hopes. Yep! Can anyone share any insight?

    • I’m not sure about your Saturn but I also have Jupiter in the 10th house and it means you’re going to excel / expand in your career — it’s good luck. Especially in a career-oriented sign like virgo! It might be in a virgo kind of profession like nursing or analyst or…well google it as I’m drawing a blank, haha.

      Don’t worry about weaknesses…psht your Jupiter is not bad luck!

  16. Jupiter is rolling my Saturn right now. Certainly feeling a growth in responsibilities, but also the freedom of choice and style right now.

    Natal Saturn 10th house 16 Cancer. Natal Jupiter 6th house 11 Pisces conjunct Juno and Ceres. Lucky health? Jupiter and Saturn are the water in my chart. My NN is in Sagittarius. I’m not so good at reading aspects, but my chart looks like a bunch of planets on the left side all tied to Jupiter on the right, like Jupiter is sort of a megaphone spitting out my chart.

    • my chart looks like a megaphone too but all projecting out from my rising Moon on the left

  17. As far as I understand it my Jupiter is stronger than my Saturn but they’re both pretty strong.

    Jupiter is in Aries, 10th house, trine Mars, trine Uranus, trine Neptune, opposite Pluto, square ascendent (I know – a lot!). My north node is also in aries. Will you believe I’ve never considered myself a leader? I think that as I get older I will assume this leader position. Or maybe be self employed in my career. I hope so anyway! All those trines will help! And Pluto opposite – transformations. I’m switching careers currently.

    Saturn is in Sag, my 5th House, conjunct Neptune, square my sun and venus (ouch), trine my MC. There’s not an aspect between Saturn and Jupiter but it’s interesting that Saturn is where Jupiter rules…still thinking about that one. I need to work on expanding?? Also I feel that I am very creative but I need to work very hard to get anywhere. Still working out what saturn square sun implies – nothing good!

    Anyone have any insights??

      • i think one of the marks of a true leader is not to consider yourself as such, no?? especially conjunct uranus, which, like saturn, leads one to late blooming. and, if i’m understanding you right, you have a kite with mars, jupiter, uranus, and pluto?? i imagine power like that takes a bit (ha) of maturity to work. as does the NN, and perhaps the ac square is the lifetime identity crisis that brings the authenticity that backs to whole thing? sounds HUGE, really… :)

        • hey, thanks – I needed to hear that! I feel like a late bloomer, things take me longer than other people to figure out. I was always shy and wanted to fit in but am seeing now that I’m not meant to. I’m 26 and just starting to figure out who I am – aries NN can mean lack of solid identity, and my goal is to form one (according to the book Astrology for the Soul). Learning astrology is really helping me as you can imagine.

          so, yes! I have a kite – Jupiter is in the last degree of Aries so it’s in a grand trine with Mars (in virgo, conj sun) and Neptune (in cap, conj moon), and Pluto in Scorp is the ‘tail’. Uranus in Sag is too far off to be part of that. But it is pretty impressive looking, ha. Still making sense of it all. Looks like I have a lot of growing to do…

    • Saturn just passed mid-Scorpi ASC and got off my 12th Jupiter also Scorp. Had horrid fears of being quite ill- survivor guilt- imagined that every little ache was a dire symptom. That I was repeating path of my relatives who all died of a yucky illness. That’s the Moon/Neptune neighbors in the 12th talking! Hah!

      Natally Saturn is in Saggi-2nd trine MC and Uranus. Hate desk jobs- like to be flexible and active. Also love to solve problems. My progressed chart has my Libra stuff in Sag- conjunct Saturn. Especially Mercury and the Sun. It has freed me of awful, crippling guilt/anxiety/perfectionism-when writing and speaking. I’ve been writing thank you notes galore!!! Natally Cappy cusps my 3rd house, so delays/blocks to expression, every day energy exchanges. Used to get panicky giving gifts!hah!

      Saturn transit in Scorpi is conjunct Part of Fortune in first. Building life as authentic me. Jupiter trining from my 9th-probably pursuing old uni studies never completed or paralegal certificate.Dropped out years ago due to my mum’s utter venomous disapproval/caustic critique. Meantime have totally become comfortable expressing myself- not hiding behind mask of others’ expectations.

      Still releasing the old to incorporate new- simultaneously. Still struggling with decluttering and permission to release- any tips welcome!

      Xx Kat

  18. It’s so interesting to ponder everyone’s planets and their interpretations….. I’m no expert, so no insights really to share, but I feel like it’s helping me learn a lot. Thank you.
    My natal is Jupiter r at 19 Aries in the 2nd sextiling Saturn at 19 Aqua in the 12th….. it’s like the rest of my chart opens from there as one or mostly both of them positively or negatively aspect almost everything else, the most important being a yod pointing at merc 19 Virgo in the 7th…. merc being the most heavily weighted planet in my chart according to astrodienst….. Saturn in the 12th opposes my sun and cosies up to my asc in aqua, which I have to say was NOT fun in my youth, but I have learned the value of structure in relation to life, yessirree……..

    Currently, Sat is 20scorpio in the 9th and Jupes is 15cancer in the 5th and I believe they are trining…… I’ve got the sun, merc, venus and pluto in a cluster going over my south node in cap in the 11th, maybe it will awaken some knowledge of how to get a career going, something should give me some support from that cap placement, shouldn’t it? So far, this is an area of life that escapes me…..

    • more random thoughts on this as I read other posts and look over my chart….

      Jupiter in Aries in the 2nd says, things always work out, come through, sometimes without actual money, and luckily that Saturn in the 12th keeps me in line with outside responsibilities, because I always pay my bills first, but the rest goes to whatever is shiny (talking natal here)…. on the other side of the spectrum in the 8th is Neptune in Scorp which intuitively knows all I’m likely to inherit is other people’s illusions, while Lilith stands by and says “WTF?” grateful for the Jupiter end …..

      next observation: natal Jupiter squares moon in Cancer in the 6th, while Saturn in 12th opposes my sun in Leo in the 6th, not a happy day to day worker….. current transits have Jupes going over my natal moon and the moon is transiting my natal Chiron in Pisces, while Saturn crosses over my natal Lilith in the 8th, sun now over Capricorn/ natal south node in the 11th….. my feeling is I have enough pieces put together to heal/ move forward all this shite that has been my… career… path? but with some style…….. Lilith was not even on my radar until about a year ago, but she has become very near to my heart, must get MM’s Lilith Bitchcast next….. currently I’m studying to be an herbalist, which doesn’t seem terribly practical, but it’s what was put in my path and seems to fit with my natal north node in Cancer in the 6th….. so I’m going at it full force….

  19. What does the ratio mean? I have Jupiter Gemini 3rd house direct and Saturn in Pisces 12th house retrograde and… I have a Jupiter Square Saturn! Am I doomed?

  20. Thank you for this. So, I have

    Jupiter (N/T) in Cancer (9th house) = New Horizon, Travel, Beliefs

    Saturn in (N) Pisces – 5th house = Creative expression, romance
    Saturn in (T) Scorpio – 2nd House = Money, Resources, talent, peace

    Jupiter placement I am ok with no concerns as of yet.

    Saturn… for my 5th house does this mean that I need to work my creative expression and romance techniques better? I am currently looking at my communication skills AND I am in acting that I am moving forward with a vengeance.. a little scared but I need to commit to it. It is exciting. Along with the acting is my creative expression which means I need to pull my inner child to the forefront. It is tuff for me. I am so militant. I am fun but have been stuck in trying to survive vs living a life of fun and games and I am realizing that now. 2014 is my mission to change that for my acting career AND to help me be more interesting to others (friends, boyfriends and co-workers). I started acting for professional reasons. I just get SO scared with how people view me. It is painful. I want people to like me and they do but in a social media environment. Get me in person and it changes for some and I feel like people get uncomfortable. Still evaluating that perception.

    Romance is definitely changing for me in that if someone comes into my life it will be about me. After the toro/gem relationship I now realize that I was just not in a relationship.. it was a fun game. No relationship. I have thought about that entire situation and have picked out what I want and will take forward with the next guy. :)

    Saturn in my 2nd house has been posted on my vision board = $$$, Resources, talents and peace of mind.

    Money = Last night and today I have been setting up financial transfers of money from my main bank account into other funds. I need the money to be taken away from me NOW.. so I am setting it to be handled that way leaving me little money to play with.. (sigh).. I barely had enough money this week.

    Resources = I think I want to apply this to how I am gathering new resources to help me with future plans. Acting for example, I am reaching out to more people to help me.

    Talents = again with acting I am stepping it up to be more committed to the classes and really improve so that I can get more bookings and hopefully paid.

    So, with Saturn in those houses did I understand what Saturn can do for me if I “work it”.

    Thank you!!


    • saturn transiting the 2nd usually involves a reduction in income or available funds so the fact you’re removing it from yourself of your own accord is a positive thing VE – better that than someone else reining you in. You’re doing a good thing πŸ˜‰

  21. That is to true. I felt when I had my
    Son that i, at a really deep level Was making a commitment to life on earth. It was a really gut wrenching time for me, as until then i Always felt i had a choice – whether to stay or not. It also meant trying to find purpose.
    I was 21 as natal saturn opposes my sun, transiting saturn was forming a t-square.

    • I struggled with the same things when I decided to have my daughter and even now. I can’t use the emergency exit door now, and not only that but I’m forced to care in a way I used to self medicate for. Her sun is exactly conjunct my saturn.

  22. Hey y’all!

    I have Jupiter at 0′ Virgo and Saturn 21′ Virgo, both in 12th house. So confusing!! Ah! And my Ascendant is 25′ Virgo… I should now by now what it means… :( any help would be really appreciated.

    Saludos desde MΓ©xico!

    • Greetings from South Australia to Mexico, Hanna.

      Think you have to have more presence here before the astro wise women assist you with queries, have noticed that from my years here. And help you they certainly will especially if you are subscriber which is real value for money plus give you hints for your own blog.

      • True Pegs. Besides, who has the time?!! If something jumps out at me I might say something and I might point someone in the right direction but I’m too busy reading all the comments and trying to learn. So many posts to catch up on at the moment too.

        Also being a regular you get to know and remember people’s astro and more likely to take the time to comment. :)

      • I wish I spoke spanish so I could understand your site, I was into the mayan glyphs and day count years ago when life was simpler – it’s a harmonious rhythm and one that your site has reminded me I could probably work with again without it getting in the way of external routines. Do you use the calendar yourself?

        This is mystic’s explanation of the 12th house http://mysticmedusa.com/2009/09/the-12th-house/, if you read that in combination with her description of the planets above and also have a look here http://www.cafeastrology.com/risingsignsascendant.html#virgoascendant at this post about the ascendant – which you have saturn conjunct with – things will become clearer.

  23. Yikes, I have Jupiter square Saturn. Disorganized. Work or party hard but can’t do both at the same time so I do that unhealthy oscillation thing. Trying to integrate it all…otherwise my Saturn has lots of good aspects (Mars trine Saturn, Saturn-Uranus conjunction, Sun sextile Saturn).

    • Finally someone I can relate to…. Also have jup conj Chiron and Lilith in 7th (op asc) square sat conj mc. You would think sat in 10 would be great but it’s in cancer. Limitation in the breast dept if u know what i mean. But great career luck! Occasionally I work for a production company that does sound and light for music shows and what not and it’s like making the party my work and it feels really appropriate. I can be in the middle of it but sober and have purpose. It’s the only way I can mix the 2. Sat trine mars must be nice….

    • I have Jupiter square saturn as well. I don’t do routine. I wish I could, but at least have carved out a life where I don’t have to.

  24. my saturn and jupiter are squared in my natal chart, saturn in the 3rd (sag) jupiter in the 6th (pisces); current transit is jupiter trine saturn though, so does this mean the usual tension i feel btw the two planets is being mitigated somewhat?

  25. My saturn is the strongest planet I have, and jupiter is one of the weakest, behind venus. I have jupiter in the 2nd and saturn in the 6th, and I would say both of those are pretty spot on. I am slowly, and very reluctantly, becoming more and more efficient schedule wise, and my workouts better and better, and I am going to try to start eating healthy too. Actually if anyone has any food advice that would be great.

    • The most general food advice I could give someone I don’t know, and without knowing your habits, is cook…. No matter how well marketed, most prepared food is not very healthy…. start with “simple” “30 min or less recipes” if you don’t already know how… and use quality ingredients, ie, at least organic, maybe studies don’t show that much more vitamins in organic, but it’s what’s NOT there, the chemicals…. fungicides, fertilizers,pesticides, etc. that can accumulate and wreak havoc on the body…. if you can’t afford all organic, at least look up “the dirty dozen” for the worst foods to avoid non organic….. I could go on and on, but that’s a start…..

    • One of the best things I have come across for not having time/patience to cook but needing all your nutrients is making a shake with Vega protein powder. Its vegan protein, used by this triathlete.

      When I started this powder, I was really desparate. My skin was acting out SO badly – I cleaned up my diet by pretty much subsisting on only miso soup(also a very quick meal with probiotics – you buy the soy paste in an asian market and just add water, tofu and chives to your liking – you can pre-chop them and tupperware it in your fridge so they are ready to use) and brown rice(also easy to make, just rinse, pop in rice cooker and you have rice for days). After I started this powder it helped with so much of my skin and digestional upset. Not to mention it is loaded with goodness.

      To my experience that is the quickest, healthiest meal I have come across. I like to throw in the powder with organic chocolate soy milk and some ice and blend it in my NutriBullet knockoff thingy, and voila! It also keeps your energy up all day. I remember being really busy when I first started it as I juggled full-time work and photo classes/HW where I would regularly have to take jaunts around city and lug around my heavy camera – I was able to drink one in the morning and last until class in the evening. I have another friend of mine that regularly drinks the stuff and loves it. I hope this helps you some.

      • wait, so you would only eat miso soup and a protein shake, or do they go together is what your saying?

        • Sorry I wasnt clear – I would have them separately, as different meals. But those 3 things were basically the majority of my diet for a long while as my body/skin reacted badly to anything else I ate.

            • Cool, hope it helps you! :)

              I still think it’s best to cook and eat organic/juice, etc, but this is a pretty good substitute when time and not the best cooking skills limit you a bit. In no way will it substitute a real meal. Good luck’

    • my food advice is this (saturn trans my 6th): don’t buy shit. anything. if you have to buy salt, buy good salt. if you have to buy oil, buy good (ie local olive or coconut or nut) oil. if you need a junk fix, buy nuts or dried fruit. boxes of baby kale are the best invention of the 21st century. if, out of habit, you buy (like me) marshmallows, or chips, or a loaf of bread, or a frozen pizza, you will eat it, and you will feel like shit. be that uppity bitch that has a cart of nothing but goodness. make it a point of pride. it will make you feel good to stand in the checkout and see that you have the best food around, and it will make you feel good when you eat it, instead of bloated and ick an hour or 15 min later. work your 6th house saturn and be a warrior, hard core. people will respect you, which means nothing, but you will respect yourself, which means everything.

      • ya maybe I should just finally go all out, I think I have been avoiding it because I know I could pull it off and be disciplined enough too. I know that seams like a weird reason, but I know once I go for it I probably won’t go back.

        • i totally get that. it’s the whole “one more celebration” mentality. i do it too- i think maybe everybody does? the thing is, though, that good food a. makes you feel better, b. tastes way better, c. makes you look and perform better, and d. TASTES 10000000x BETTER. when you look at it that way, putting it off isn’t a celebration at all- it’s swimming in the swamp of mediocrity when there’s a crystal clear lake 10 feet away. but it really is an all or nothing proposition, and you’ll get there in your own time. college is a hard space to give up pizza in…

        • at first it takes discipline… and then one day you give in to a hankering for the old junk and it actually tastes like crap….. you don’t go back then because you don’t really want to anymore…..

    • Was thinking of you the other day david – nothing to do with saturn or jupiter, but your bronie post. in borderlands 2 after defeating handsome jack you feed butt stallion eridium and he pukes and shits rainbows of loot – fleetingly hilarious.

      • Haha, I forgot about that, I don’t remember what I said but ya uggh. Thats cool you were playing borderlands.

        • Borderlands is totally inspirational – how they use colour is phenomenal. Sometimes when I’m watching the news I find myself thinking ‘that’s totally borderlands’ though – not so cool… unless there is a herd of loot puking ponies yet to come, the world is in a wee bit of trouble. Not sure if you’ve ever done any image theory at school but the intertextuality is beyond clever.

          I just realised I do actually know of something that might be of use to you with the food sitch. This stuff is quite good if you’re looking for a balanced thing – at your age you have to make sure you’re getting everything you need, you’re still growing yeah? I’ve just started using it and it’s way better than the last thing I used. I have it because breakfast wouldn’t happen otherwise but it seems to have everything you need for a more serious dietary/firness undertaking than mine http://www.gardenoflife.com/Products-for-Life/Foundational-Nutrition/RAW-Meal.aspx

  26. Jupiter in Capricorn, 4th house: I’ve read a few interpretations of this, one saying that I’d likely lean towards Zen Buddhism, finding the strictness and discipline appealing, and another saying that I’d be happiest moving far from where my parents are. The latter is definitely true and I’ve moved house a few times, getting progressively further from my hometown. I’d like to turn the anti-parent angle, though, and rather say that it’s more that I’m strongly compelled to create a home of my own and have the freedom to explore what that looks like.

    Saturn doesn’t aspect it in my chart; it sits in the second house, in Scorpio (but not trining), currently going through the first natal return. (It’s going okay, considering that every forecast predicted bankruptcy and financial ruin; turns out to have been more about self-esteem in my case.)

  27. YES, definitely looking forward to that book!

    Jupiter in Aqua 6th House. Definitely enjoy the benefits of a robust constitution — rarely get sick, can eat and drink almost anything with few nasty side effects. Of course, I recognize that being able to drink others under the table and stay standing is my Jupiterean excess/taking something for granted, and now that I’m getting older (Saturn return will be starting soon in November!) I can feel the effects more, especially the next morning. I’ve also always been generally successful at work and definitely able to wing it successfully often.

    Saturn in Scorpio 4th House. My family was warm, but my mother (with a PROMINENT and often low Scorpio moon) is kind of an emotional tyrant, thinking her feelings are holy and cannot be questioned. Most of my childhood was spent trying not to piss her off or make her cry. My father is pretty much whipped completely and thus no help. This year, things really flared up and I finally said my piece and, guess what? Neither one of them are speaking to me. I have moved a few times, each progressively farther from home, and am only now feeling like maybe my husband and I can set down roots, but I feel kind of root-less some of the time.

    I have Jupiter sextile Saturn, which makes sense, too, because while I have always been successful at work, I have also always been really hardworking and had to work for anything significant. Similarly, while there is a lot of crazy and sadness in my family, I was raised in a loving, decently well-off home, and never suffered any real trauma.

  28. My daughter’s Sun is exactly conjunct my Saturn.. Let me tell you, this couldn’t be more appropriate.

    • My saturn conjuncts my mom’s sun in Kataka. My sun conjuncts my saturn and her sun conjuncts her saturn.
      Fun times…..Ha! WE are very close though.

    • Oof. My mom’s Saturn opposes my Sun. Fortunately the signs involved are somewhat-passive Virgo and Pisces; I think in other signs, it would’ve just been constant struggles.

  29. You’d think Jupiter in the Fifth would be lucky in love….. baha! Nope. Last degrees of Aries but first degrees of the house.

    Saturn in a Saggittarian Twelfth House. Any suggestions on how I can max it our……. Saturn return looming guys!

    • Maybe I can become a spy…. I’ve always wanted to be a spy πŸ˜› I feel like Saggittarius and the Twelfth House don’t mesh well. Freedom in restriction……. well, I guess that does somewhat characterise me. I do feel freer when I am restricted.

      From memory one of my Mystic consults had said when I’m a mother my children will be awesome – something like that.

      • A Saggo spy!! LMAO!! πŸ˜† …. Dressed as a clown πŸ˜› that’s the image that came to mind. Who would suspect a clown anyway? Lol

      • I would say that placement tells of lessons regarding exploring your inner world, how it relates to the outer world, maybe keeping a balance between the two. Adventures in the subconscious. I think a meditation practice would be very useful if you don’t have one already.

    • Y’know Woohoo I have been reading your story here for a while and I reckon maybe you are luckier in love than you think. Just an observation here, take it or leave it – but if I remember it properly you’ve got rid of a couple of f-wits who weren’t treating you well, which was difficult but you did it anyway. Perhaps that was part of the process. I read time and again of people for whom Jupiter took stuff away first but then it turned out to be blessings in disguise.

      • … I mean so that now you are better prepped for Big Love when Jupiter sends him your way

      • Jupiter took away health things moving through my 6th Taurus. But i have replaced with better health through the 6th 12th matrix.

      • Yeah, my observation of Jupiter transits are the big rewards come right at the end.

        You’re right, my love life could be worse. It might be the Aries rulership. I want and I want it yesterday. I could take advantage of Jupiter more than I do, the opportunity to have many flings…. but seventh house stellium in Cancer has no interest in flinging about with random men. I don’t feel comfortable with that sort of thing. I dunno.

        I hope you’re right about “Big Love”.

    • Hi WOHOO, I have the same 5th house/12 house jupiter/saturn as you, but mine is Virgo/Aries. Being a bit older than you and still working on it (sorry), for me Saturn in the 12th signals the need to focus on deeper meaning of life and the higher self for other parts of life to fall into place, including maximising the good fortunes of Jupiter. I think that if you ignore that Saturn placement, you could feel dissatisfied and restless? My Saturn is conjunct Mars, so perhaps I feel the need to work on that a bit harder!

      I guess there is something about temperance there too, with a 12th house saturn in a fire/free spirited sign and honouring both the free spirit and the discipline/spirituality. I was lucky in love early on and that has move on to being not unlucky. Saved by a good dose of Virgo caution, possibly. Jupiter in 5th house Aries could signal you being too quick witted to be duped, no bad thing at all.

      Several conflicting parts of your internal nature to be harmonised, perhaps?

  30. Just thinking about Saturn a few days ago when i was asking ‘why do make mistakes STILL-the lessons just keep coming endlessly’.
    Jupes in Sagg in 11th house and until the last few years have been incredibly lucky, perhaps the luck run out as the wrinkles emerge..lol
    Saturn in Leo 8th house. Yes, death fascinates me and want to talk about it
    but it’s not a subject that is popular so i remain silent.

    • TALK about it Pegs!! It’s about time somebody did. Fascinates me too. I have Pluto/Uranus and Mars in 8th.

      Saturn in Leo – make it popular. Leo can! :)

    • Yes, talk about it, death is an interesting subject, we’re all going to do it, and we’ve all done it already….

      and while you’re
      Around, Pegs, wanted to know your opinion about Baba Dez from Sedona? Is a tantric practitioner and sex therapist. On youtube, a doco on him, Sex Magic, Manifesting Maya, there is a trailer as well (still don’t know how to cut and paste links on iPad)
      Anyway, pretty sure he is a Sagg…I’d be interested to hear your take

      • Veronica, had dealings with his promoter when he was in Oz a few years back. Gave me the creeps!
        The myth of the trickster stealing women’s magic comes to mind.
        Margot Anand is The Tantric Goddess, you can’t get purer than her.
        Go for White Tantra.

    • Please talk about this and explore! Understanding death is part of conscious living, we are meant to be unafraid.
      I work in the area of birthings and pregnancy now, spent years involved with death and dying before. Is all on the spectrum. Lots of books written on the subject. Knowledge of how it all works can enable us to live every day fully and consciously. I am a firm believer in past lives as well, how can you not be?!!

    • break thy silence, thou winged one!!! pluto transiting the first few degrees of my 8th and i would love to be a rapt disciple. well, not disciple, exactly… follow no one… but you know.
      on second thought, wait until the horse year begins. timing!

    • honey.. saturn in leo 8th, hello, “the death and sex show”. Meaning speak and perform, present how interrelated those two things are. It’s not called le petite morte for nothing no?

      And do we not always escape from and to death in the throes of bliss? I think you’re very uniquely situated and experienced for this subject, and as a Sagg, you’d draw humor and spiritual largesse into your lessons.

  31. Oh I wish I was better at this! Jupiter 13 Scorp, Jupiter 24 Libra. I’m a Libran. Any ideas? Help much appreciated. xox

      • Oops. Totally messed it up.
        Jupiter Scorpio 13Β°54’40, in house 6 direct
        Saturn Libra 24Β°23’18 in house 5 direct

  32. Natal my Saturn and Jupiter are conjunct within 4Β° in Libra 7th. So in my life I’ve faced many challenges as well as been lucky in 7th house matters. I have a packed 7th so many lessons for me to learn. 5 planets in that house including my Virgo Sun. Transiting, Saturn is in 8th house which has brought up much for me in regards to 8th house matters. Transiting Jupiter in 5th now and will move back to fourth in the next retrograde.

  33. The zap zone has been proving a beearch for my last year, I’ve just learnt to roll with the punches so to speak. Venus, Mars conjunct 5th house and Jupiter in 6th but still conjunct mars all in Scorp, Tada Saturn directly opposite Mars in 11th. I figure Saturn transiting over all my fun stuff has been in direct oppostiion to my natal saturn and so I’m just kinda sitting back and letting them go at eachother. Seems that with all my efforts to get shizz out there, the universe is being really clear with me that I haven’t found my true direction.

  34. I have Saturn 9 Degrees /Jupiter 10 degrees Conjunction at the end of my first house in Libra. I kinda get the Saturn/Jupiter Conjunction but my question the the Astro Fiends out there is how this manifests in the 1st House Libra – The First house and this conjunction always puzzled me a bit …. My interpretation is that I have is that my Learning/Life lessons always end up being very fortunate – All most the worst things end up being the luckiest for me ?? Do you think this is correct ?

    this conjunction trines my Mercury/Mars Conjunction in Aqua. in the 6th House, and Squares my Venus 5th (Cap) / Moon 11th opposition (Cancer) ..

    Thoughts ??

  35. My Saturn in Airies in 7th House (my Descendent) and Jupiter in Venus in 11th House.
    My late father , one of the Xes and two sons are all Aries. Even my lady-boss is!
    And I was always been lucky with friends and support I have from them – they are my family.
    Anybody can add anything to my insights?
    All comments are welcome.

  36. Jupiter in late degrees Gem conjunct Part Fortune and partway through 2nd. Transit is 2nd in Kataka.

    From Astrodienst:

    Saturn in 10th conjunct Chiron and MC. Transit is early 7th just over DC.

    Saturn square Sun and Mercury in Saggo 7th.

    Jupiter square Uranus in Virgo 4th.

    From an individual reading:

    Jupiter trine MC – no squares, only semi’s to Pallas & Juno. Conjunct Part of Fortune.

    Saturn square Sun. Conjunct SN. Trine Vesta. Trine MC.

    Mecury square Uranus, not Jupiter.

    Saturn in Pisces = intuitive and compassionate worker. In 10th has shown lots of false starts in career but with the intuitive aspect and conjunct Chiron suggests healing (Chiron will conjunct Chiron in the not too distant) of self and others and overcoming fears most likely about perception and risk.

    Jupiter in Gem is the information exchange and 2nd house indicates it’s all about possessions but these can be non tangible as well as tangible eg wisdom, insight, courage, staying power et al.

    Am I missing anything obvious?

    • 2nd house is about values, self worth and how you make money through your own efforts versus 8th house (the opposite) which is inheritance and money given to you through a partnership / other people’s resources.

      • Good call Scorpbot. That ties in with some life themes particularly relevant now as Pluto is in opposition to Saturn and Pluto currently transiting my 8th. Independent career is a concept I’m delving into.

      • Yes, fortunate exchange teaching about values, worth and ideas of self. You have a lot of talent there. I certainly learn much from your thoughts on things.

        8th can also be other people’s secrets, deepest motivations.

        • Ahh… yes that feels right too with the futuristic view Mille and you are so kind, doubt often gets in the way of owning that one xo

  37. Newbie here! After a few years as a subscriber, I’m only just starting to look into my chart. Thank goodness for MM’s fabulous consults.

    I have Jupiter at 3 degrees Virgo and Saturn at 24 degrees Aries.

    Any insights career wise greatly appreciated.

    • Which houses are they in? Do they have any conjunctions, squares or trines to other planets?

      • Jupiter is in the 5th house, Saturn is in the 1st house. No squares, I have Neptune trine Scorpio, and Mars, Mercury and Venus conjunctions.

        Apologies if I haven’t used the correct terminology here – still learning. Baby steps. Thanks for the questions – made me look at my chart properly.

        • Well straight up Jupiter in the 5th should be pretty inspiring imo.

          Check out Jupiter’s traits and also 5th house and see what you get. 5th is love, creativity amongst others.

          And check out the nature of Saturn and then 1st house which is things like childhood, external mask, self image etc.

          Look at all traits of the planets, both positive and not so and don’t fixate on one. If you do find yourself doing this then consider why it’s attracting your attention for relevant clues but look broadly.

          Then reread diy for perspective. You might be lost… well it happens to me and I’m a Jupiter native, often expansive and then gone way past the point I was initially considering.

          I imagine it’s Neptune trine [planet] in Scorpio :)

          It’s a constant learning and evolving and ne has to start somewhere right. Most of all have fun!

            • Thank you so much Centaurus. So much to research :-) And just from your input, I’m wondering even more how I ended up in the career I have now. I’ve been itching for a whole new direction, and in 2014 I finally feel ready to start that journey.

    • Interesting that Jupiter is in the 5th, yet is Virgo. You’re meticulous about having fun?

      I could see this aspect showing someone who makes art of a very intricate kind.

      Saturn in the 1st… perhaps lessons in who you are? Who you perceive yourself to be? In Aries… do you have trouble asserting who you are?

      • I know someone with Saturn in first – very insecure and he has Mars in Cancer too – trouble asserting himself.

        • Wait, no its Saturn 2nd house that is barriers to self esteem / self worth.

          Saturn 1st house is just the mask one wears- people unknowingly come across as stern, yet high court judges / authority figures usually have Saturn 1st house. kids with this saturn 1st can be desribed as old souls / responsible due to Saturn influence.

          • I have to agree with Saturn in the 2nd house and lacking self-esteem and worth. That is me with a capital T. But it is transitioning through my 2nd house. I just got there in October 2012. I can understand the mask concept in the 1st house because I think I did have a mask prior to October 2012 and during 2010 – 2012 I was being worn out with that mask. October 2012 showed up and holy moly I started being outspoken more thatn I use to and have been completely insecure about how people see me. 1st and 2nd at work?

            Saturn is in my 5th house natally so what does that mean? Does that mean that I am insecure with my creativity and romance? That makes sense to me. Because it is true. If that is the case do I face the fear and do it anyway?

          • That makes more sense to me Lib – I can sometimes come across as stern (take my career very seriously), and I do feel like an old soul spiritually.

      • DP you’ve just blown me away!!!

        Yes meticulous about having fun.

        Yes the last 2 years have been about learning lessons about me (activated by the breakdown of my 16 year marriage & being diagnosed with depression). And now I feel more of my authentic self than I have in my entire life!

        And yes, had trouble asserting myself throughout most of my adult professional and personal life. I’ve worked hard to get through that – but I still find myself over analysing to the point of stagnation sometimes.

        I work in the somewhat artistic industry of advertising, but not on the creative/design side of things. I’m ready to turn my back on 25 years in the industry and look at new options – interior design has piqued my interest, but then so has chucking it all in and going to the Antarctic for 3 months with Sea Shepherds. Need something that feeds my soul!

        On another note – I want to acknowledge all the welcoming, beautiful souls that make up the MM community. I’ve read the blog posts on and off for a few years, and only in the last 6 months have I put my toe in the water with posting. And MM rocks!

        • MM does rock, and so does the community here. I don’t post often, but the peeps here are wonderful- authentic and supportive.

          Thanks for the feedback- it’s all so interesting. I feel like Saturn is the Great Delayer, bringing lessons that take decades to learn. It must be very frustrating to have that assertiveness issue filtered by Aries- and yet, there is also your greatest treasure: Aries will fuel your assertiveness ever brighter.

          Reminds me of this:
          “A man’s greatest strength develops at the point where he overcomes his greatest weakness.”
          (Elmer G. Letterman)

  38. Jupiter in Taurus in 4th house SQUARES Saturn in Aqua in 2nd.
    Have done well with real estate but earning a wage/salary is like getting bloody from a stone!!

    Have been told a lot of wealthy people have harsh Jupiter / Saturn aspects and I could be rich if I get the balance right.

    It’s tricky!!! Still working on it.

      • Jupiter trines Pluto and Uranus in 8th.

        Saturn trines MC in LIbra and sextiles Cap Asc

        Saturn trines NN in 6th.

        More than two planets and my brain starts getting foggy :)

        • Mine too though I’m attempting to train it otherwise :)

          Just pondering the Jupiter trine to Pluto/Uranus makes me wonder if in relation to the 8th and also you mentioned property. Perhaps luck/thinking big coupled with innovation/lateral thinking and hard work/commitment will generate income via selling property eg renovate ’em and sell for profit?

          • Nah, I can’t imagine anything worse. I renovated properly – a kitchen from scratch in my current abode for the first time ever and hated it!!!! I don’t know how people do it for fun. I now see the connection with 8th house as my lucky break (other peoples resources). Interestingly enough my dad has moon in Taurus conjunct my Jupes in 4th – isn’t 4th house father?

            I think maybe the key lies with my NN in Gem in 6th trine Saturn. Mystic mentioned it when she did my chart but I haven’t “grokked” it completely yet.

            Thanks for your thoughts. Much appreciated :)

            • Hahaha, I’ve done a bit of reno work and both loved and hated it. I couldn’t do it as a full time thing myself.

              Well NN and 6th house, work, health service etc is worthy of contemplation. Isn’t it the last house in the stages of personal development?

              4th house is childhood, parents, ancestry, conditioning and ironically enough, real estate and property. It may have more paternal elements. Definitely if you consider it the end of all 3rd house searching which may be more inward (yin) and then bringing it to the world being more outward (yang) or this could be random madness beset upon me lol :)

    • Jupiter in Taurus in the 4th- I imagine someone who has a lovely, comfortable home, and loves to spend time there.

      • Absolutely!! Love my sofa too πŸ˜‰ Saggo moon loves to travel but i love coming “home” just as much.

        Have always wanted my own home – dreamed about it ever since I was a kid.

        • I know what you mean- I have a 9th house pileup and Sagittarius Mars in 5th, so travel is necessary- but with Moon in the 4th (Scorp), I MUST have a nest to return to. I must have a sense of Home.

          I think you will definitely have your own home! (If I read you right and you don’t “own” yet)

          • Had my first ever real home / mortgage during my first Saturn return! How’s THAT astro for natal Saturn in the second house! :)

            Current abode is my 4th. Have always bought then sold and moved onto something better. 5 years is about my average. Have never stayed longer than that. Something always happens and I have to leave – moon in Saggo square Uranus perhaps? :)

            • How interesting…I have Saturn in 4th and I also started mortgage life during my first Saturn Return.

              I totally love the sound of moving every 5 years. Sun + Uranus in Sagg :)

  39. Saturn in Kataka in the 11th……have always had older friends, prefer mature people, more loner and hermit. Family responsibilites from a younger age.
    Saturn conjunct sun…very serious, matured fast, responsibility, worked hard and achieved a good bit young.

    Jupiter in Aries in 8th. I like scorpios, sex, occult.

    Jupiter square Saturn. Flip flop between fun and work, though over years. Just went through a long binger of sorts. Work wins out for longer.
    I know tons of people, but few do I ever want to be involved with, close to, talk to.

  40. Jupiter in 12th in Virgo
    Neptune close to it in 12th
    and both kind of close to rising sign

    Saturn in 10th house Kataka
    Venus very close also 10th and
    both close to mid heaven

    Too many variable here for me to decipher what this energy is or how to work it best. Haven’t looked at transit yet since I don’t know really how to interpret this or best way to brake it down to interpret it. Any suggestions?

    • I have similar aspects- Venus conjunct Saturn, straddling Midheaven (Saturn in 10th).

      First, the Venus/Saturn aspect denotes partnering later in life, and also aging well. If Venus is close to the Midheaven, it often indicates a living in the arts, or beauty in some form.

      Venus in the 10th can indicate partnering with someone older and successful. But that Saturn in the 10th… ouch. For me, it means it’s been (and still is) a long road to finding your career path.

      • it might be a long road but when you finally get there, you’ll be successful. Saturn rewards hard work.

        I have Sun conjunct Neptune in 10th and midheaven in Libra and although I’ve been somewhat successful in one chosen arts field I still feel I haven’t found my calling yet – thanks to Neptune. Hopefully my next venture will stick :)

        I can vouch for Venus/Saturn ageing well. I have Venus square Cap Asc. :)

        • Thanks DP and Scopbot. Comments spot on.
          I am aging well and the long road career path wow that is very true too.
          Any comments on the Neptune/Jupiter in 12th house near the horizon line?

  41. thank you, thank you, thank you. i needed a diy astro- a little structure to balance the astro goo. haven’t been able to comment lately as it all feels so superficial, or selfish, or something (which it is NOT, i’m just in a shell-shocked anti self-dev mindset. not a criticism, i promise- self-dev has been the all and the savior since i found this site, years(!!) ago now.). also, i’ve been holding it together for so long and the moon is finally in pisces and mom is off at a conference and i bought a bottle of pinot and have every intention of finishing it tonight. so, a little jupiter rising opp neptune in the spirit of things…
    jupter rising, 15 gem, 12th house. i DO, without a doubt, have a guardian angel. i fly by the seat of my pants, and it ALWAYS works out. i wanted to comment on the libra-strategy post (but couldn’t, see above) about how the libras in ma fam (x3, x4, and x7!!!) are so game-playing (in a fun way) and strategic, but i can’t for the life of me do it. it feels contrived and bites me in the ass every time i think i have a game plan or some such yucky phrase. intuition is everything. BUT! it is tempered by a sextile to saturn at 13 leo. i thought i had a bucket, but apparently it’s a cradle. jupiter, saturn, pluto, neptune- all sextile. no focus. why i’m not kanye, i guess… πŸ˜‰ anyway, saturn keeps me grounded, and no matter how far out on a limb my jupiter- neptune opp gets, saturn keeps it reasonable. i was a homeless junkie and never once stole, hurt anyone, or sold myself for my addiction. i got to that threshold, so common, and saturn kicked in and said “stop. ” and i did, cold turkey, no questions asked, and while it wasn’t “no big deal,” i have learned in years since how very very rare that actually is. saturn in the 3rd and i’m an oldest child, a flake of one, but when it comes down to it, i get it done. jupiter until that moment, though, mostly, but as i grow older and wiser, meet others who have walked pieces of my path, i grow increasingly grateful for both of them, and awed…

    • Incredible journey, HDQ, and i just want to say i sometimes feel the same (superficial etc.) which signals i’m grappling with stuff, but can’t post about anything other than my self because i feel it’s all i can discuss with certainty. Lucky 12th house rising Jupiter, too. Walked the line, and won’t go into it now, as i’m sure mentions of things are scattered on old blog posts, and i’m tired of looking at my past. But it’s interesting that your journey is also very apart from your family. Random strangers have often been angels to me when i could have gone. Hope your heart has some rest, enjoy that pinot xx

      • thanks, millie. the bottle is gone and my heart is still heavy, but it feels good to be a part of here again. true community and support. :) and random savior angels, even to the point of saying, “really? how is this cliche even possible?!?!” though there is no random, only to our limited view. beautiful, the journey, and the companions. xxxx

        • Yes it’s good you’re back here, lovely. Bottles always come to an end but that’s no matter, the promise is exciting and there to be enjoyed xxx

  42. I’m a really big novice at all this. I know from a natal chart I’m Scorpio/Jupiter and Capricorn/Saturn. What does this mean to me? (I’m Kat/Sun, Aqua/Moon & Kat/Asc)

    • Well, you could get a basic feel about each of the planets, Jupiter and Saturn, and then see which houses they are in, looking at a site like Cafe Astrology, which is really good for basic interpretations. Astrodienst helps you delve deeper but can be complex. So the houses mean which numbered slice of the pie is Scorpio in? If Kataka is your Ascendant, then it could be roughly the 5th house…but it depends. So you would look to see what interpretation Cafe Astro gives on having Jupiter in the 5th house (or 4th nor 6th or whatever), then do the same for Saturn.

      Interestingly, your Sun and Ascendant are the same sign, and Saturn is in its rulership of Capricorn, so imagine you are fairly defined in nature and have ambitious focus, certainly the means to get where you want to go. But this is not in answer to the Jupiter Saturn thing, really, so search and enjoy.

      • Ta Milleunanotte, I will go to that site cafeastrology which I have checked out a time or two before. I will try and make sense of it.

  43. unconnected but I just noticed my daughters Part of Fortune is smack bang on my Asc. I’m sure this means something karmic :)

      • is that how it works? Astrodienst gives a formula that is Asc + Moon – Sun (degree values/360) for day births.

        • weird that I knew your post on this old thread was to me! Yeah, I think was thinking about something else, the school of astro I’m studying (well actually avoiding right now) is all about midpoints. Cafe astrology has a really interesting thing about POF and houses.

          • oh, thanks for that – I had a look….it’s associated with worldly success and the body/health. hmmm, will ponder that. maybe she’ll become my manager πŸ˜‰

  44. Hmmm interesting …. I think it’s important when analysing a chart to clarify ones current philosophical standpoint, as this influences the entire “flavour” of the interpretation. If you are strictly a “we have one life and that’s it” kinda person, then you would view a chart quite differently from someone who believes in the soul, its spiritual journey and the multiple existences it manifests along the way to achieving its purpose.

    I am definitely in the latter group, so I look at Jupiter and Saturn as practical servants and sign posts to the souls purpose. Saturn in the natal chart therefore describes earthly lessons and the areas where the soul must learn to work with the restrictions of this dimension, as well as the cultural structures it is born into. Jupiter points to the awakening of the human to higher consciousness and how the human can co-operate with his soul purpose. Both of these need to be looked at in conjunction to the Ascendant, which symbolises the higher self, and the North Node, which describes the soul’s ultimate purpose in this particular life.

    I could do an interpretation of my own chart to show how that applies in a practical sense if anyone is interested. But it will be a bit of a long arsed post and I’ve already done a few of those lately! πŸ˜‰

    • Could you balance my long-arsed posts with one of your own, please, Prowlers? This view of Jupiter Saturn resonates with me, as it is the work of acting in the daily versus the ease and sense of largesse/freedom of simply being in the spiritual realms that certainly characterises much of me. I have also been born into a very peculiar cultural paradigm…well, mighty peculiar to others but exactly fitting in my own ideal anyway, and i take for granted what others seem to require explaining (but explanation is inadequate for understanding anyway).

      • hehehe … yes I can so relate. Both to peculiar cultural background and wanting to float around in the realm of spirit for ever – coz god it feels nice to be all content, at peace and be whole by doing absolutely nothing. But alas, whilst that is an important stage of journey and there’s loads of healing that goes on in that space, once it’s done it’s time to move on into the action leg of the journey.

        God knows why it’s important to those soul thingies to create and evolve a bodied species that’s connected to a higher consciousness – but apparently it is, as they keep banging away protecting us from self destructive tendancies, helping us awaken, giving us more clues and signposts than you can poke a stick at and so forth. Must be a purpose .. just has not been revealed yet.

        • my crab was going on and on, before his moon progressed into pisces and his speech and cognition were mostly erased, about how this is all a video game of sorts, and we’re just glowing balls of energy (actually i think that part was my input, whatevs) playing. which i can see, in the context of my gaming addicted little bro and our disconnected, sociopathic society- we just want to feel. something!! and we work so hard to keep these virtual characters alive, and we live through them, and then we get bored and say, well, hey, what happens if we fuq with this… and why not this… but we’re trying to stay alive at all costs regardless…

          • I guess that’s the importance of the bod: keeps us connected consistently to an experience until we have really truly got to understand it, in a myriad of forms, ages and responses. More than a flash of inspired understanding. The form that is created is persistently connected to other forms, cannot wander off and disengage. Apart from speech/cognition, is your Katakan in bodily health, receptive to touch, and sound? So Katakan, to have such an intuitively appropriate discussion preternaturally.

            • he is receptive to touch and sound, very much so, perhaps too much. bodily, not sure. yesterday (thank you aqua moon) i won a huge 3 week victory to get him off of the awful, hideous antipsychotics that were literally torturing him and making his bodily functions (or lack of) exponentially worse. much is unknown. at the moment he is diapered, fed through a tube in his stomach, heavily medicated, and not allowed to even put his feet on the ground except for certain times. 24-hour babysitter, and the majority of it is for the hospital’s convenience and liability issues, and little to do with wellness or rehabilitation. so maddening. perspective and precognition has helped a bit. it’s some heavy, heavy karmic payment. regardless of philosophy, though, nothing about the situation is in any way ok.

              • This is so intense, HDQ. i can’t understand it: was there some trigger? My reading before seemed to indicate it was out of the blue. how lonely this must feel. But it made sense that you missed mother and grieved again. I don’t know what to say that is helpful, as i’m not great at waiting myself. It’s a bit hard to distract yourself from the love of your life! So i guess one must immerse. Feel like i’m standing here drawing a circle about you, or part of people drawing a circle. We fill it with space and silence.

              • Mille, you express yourself so beautifully, thank you for writing that.
                HDQueen, I am just wishing you so much love and strength, be safe, be strong, xx.

    • Hmm interesting. Yes please! Definitely interested in seeing how it applies in your chart. Go for it! :)

        • what house is your Mercury in prowln?

          Could you somehow combine your gift with words (Gem Asc) with Pluto transiting your 8th plans?

  45. Saturn at 22 Taurus widely conjunct the ascendant at 10 Taurus
    Jupiter at 0 Scorpio (obviously a wide conjunct to the descendant at 10 Scorpio.

    I’ve struggled with these two all my life trying to find balance.

  46. Jupiter in Virgo in the 3rd= grammar nazi. πŸ˜‰ Seriously, though, English (communication) was always my best subject, but I can’t make out what that placement in the 3rd is all about. (Although… Jupiter being the great expander… the 3rd being siblings… I DO have brothers who are twins!)

    It’s quincunx Saturn in the 10th. In fact, it’s part of a yod as it sextiles Neptune. I see it as my dreamy nature in constant tension with the need to make a living. :-)

  47. Right well as promised …

    With a Gemini Ascendant the higher self and the human self work hand in hand to communicate and bring down spiritual truths and teachings to others. Oddly enough, in esoteric astrology the ruler of Gemini is Venus and whilst I resonate more with Mercury the teacher and communicator, I do happen to have a 1st house Cancer Venus at 0 degrees.

    So channelling universal love (not personal human love) is part of the equation. Delivering the message with the love and nurturing essence of Cancer seems to be a fairly apt description of how the energies combine. And yes I do have an inner guide which has been with me since a child, however I deliberately refused to co-operate with it and went blindly down the path of ego. That activated the negative attributes of a 12th house Saturn. Was not pleasant and I recommend not doing that!! Reconnected with it through my own healing journey and now it’s a fairly stabilised foundation of my life. Up to this point the focus has been mainly on clearing and healing the self. However, I’ve been told this phase is nearly complete and it’s time to move out into the wider community.

    Which brings in the North Node – Aquarius in the 10th house conjunct the MC. Purposeful humanitarian work as part of a group or larger cause is the way forward. Possibly innovating and developing new, unorthodox methods of teaching and communicating that assists humanity. I’m hazy about this bit because I’ve only just dipped my toe in – my journey so far has been mostly about surrender of the ego to make this sort of work even possible. And that’s not been easy, since I have a very stubborn ego that did not want to get out of the way or let go of its own agenda!

    How does that tie in with Jupiter and Saturn?

    Right well I have a nice, cozy Scorpio Jupiter/Sagg Neptune conjunction in the 6th house. Idealistic much?? That opposes Gemini Saturn in the 12th. Today I look at that and have a laugh because the meaning seems so obvious. But it didn’t seem so obvious then! Basically it’s saying that I’ve had to walk through my own dark night of the soul (Saturn) and get shit on my shoes before I can be of any use to anyone else (Jupe/Neptune conj in the 6th).

    It would not do to be a middle class chick with a silver spoon in her mouth who’s only life challenge to date was a bad hair day. No! To relate to those in need of helping via the 6th house one must have compassion for the hell that is the human dark side. To have conquered ones own darkness and moved back into the light is key. Jupiter Neptune can get so idealistic it can get lost up its own arse, so it had to be tempered with that gnarly realism of the human unconscious that is 12th house Saturn.

    There’s a bunch of transits happening now or are about to be activated that are pointing to working in community development or social work of some kind. That seems to be the next stage. We shall see! But that’s my understanding of the workings of Jupiter and Saturn. Pretty much as Mystic described above, but in more detail.

    Hope it’s useful!


    • WOW that was a great write up. Kind of wish you could read my chart, lol. Thanks for sharing.

    • Fuqing brilliant!

      I also Aquarian NN (but in 4th, conjunct IC). It is a very difficult one to work out and i still have lots of ego shifting before it becomes any clearer. However, it can find expression in my work, even though it’s nowhere near what i think it could be doing.

      Now i’m seeing my Saturn more as being in 6th House of Service…hmmm…

      Will ponder over a couple hours of cleaning decl;uttering minimalising. (Saturn happy; Jupiter filling the space with thoughts and awareness.)

    • wow, that was so well put…. it echoes some similarities in my own chart and helped me see some things in another perspective, thanks!

  48. Jupiter in 1st house Taurus conjunct Part of Fortune, opposing Neptune. Jupiter in Taurus means I am practical, organised and like material security. All true.

    Saturn in 11th house Pisces. Vesta and Chiron in 11th as well. Saturn squares my Moon and Mercury and trines Venus in Kataka. Saturn is also opposite Pluto and Uranus in 5th house Virgo.

    My findings from astro googling:

    Saturn in 11th: I take friendship seriously and can find socialising tiresome. May feel lonely/separate. 11th represents long term goals and dreams and I am reluctant to commit to them because of a fear of failure. Also in Pisces means I can become an addict and try to dull reality… This sounds true, have always been a great reader and daydreamer.

    This was interesting: in early life you may have been criticised and discouraged from following your sensitive/artistic/creative side, parents believed it wasn’t a practical occupation and make you feel inadequate which blocked your imagination and personal inspiration.

    So true… I always wanted to be an artist but this was always discouraged and made to seem a ridiculous fantasy.

    But Saturn in Pisces helps ground these dreams and make them a reality (which has been my goal for the past few years!)

    • Similar astro with the Saturn in Pisces and the parental discouragement of a career in the arts. I have to say back when I first studied graphic design, there were no computers really, especially as we know them today. Type was copy- fitted practically hand! No wonder I didn’t want to be a designer. Not like now, with 3D animation, web design etc

      Nowadays I say to my students there are plenty of options
      in the arts to make a living. Back then the ONLY paradigm was be to a starving, unhinged artist a la Van Gogh, and then only make sell work when you’re dead! Even a school bus driver told me I’d only make money when I’m dead, after I mentioned I was an artist…

      Jupiter in Taurus also, practical, organised, material security etc tick, and I do love my home and a comfy couch, as Scorpbot wrote above

      • I have Saturn in Aqua but I also experienced parental discouragement. Maybe it’s a Jupiter in Toro thing? I did graphic design before computers – sticking down bromides with wax, Letraset, Rotring pens etc etc. Loved it!! Makes me think of the dark ages now when I try and explain it Gen Y’s. LOL.
        We had time to do stuff back then and one had to have a certain level of skill. My Mars in Virgo definitely appreciated it :)

        Looking forward to using my hands again when I start my fine arts degree this year. Haven’t told my parents yet. They are going to FREAK!… but I don’t care. I’m an adult now and can do whatever the hell I like πŸ˜›

        • BROMIDES! Omg Letraset!! I just could Not get my head around copy fitting.
          I have mars in Virgo too! but it must have been extremely latent in those days… I was a very spacey 19yr old to start with, and my father passed suddenly in 2nd yr of study. Did love the Rotrings though, and I enjoyed learning hand lettering.

          A few years later I went to art school and majored in painting, which was a turning point, I was really immersed. More recently I just finished a Masters in natural History Illustration, and I can confidently say Scorpb,
          that you will get SO much more out of the
          experience being an older student, knowing who you are and what you want from it.

          And stuff your parents (meant in the nicest possible way). : )

          • Oh wow. That sounds great! Do you have anything in the 9th house? I have Venus in Libra in 9th with Mars transiting through it now. Last time I studied Saturn was in Scorp. It’s like its meant to be. Being a Cap Asc I needed to get my foundations sorted out first before doing something “frivolous”. Late starters we Cap risers are. Mature aged student so Saturn πŸ˜€

            What’s your astro – sun/moon/Merc/venus/Asc? I remember your name but not sure if you’ve mentioned your sign.

            • Aries sun, Venus, merc,
              Scorp moon and Neptune,
              Mars Pluto Uranus in Virgo.
              Libran rising, Gemini true node in 9th

              I am guessing I am born the year after you and Gemyogi as you guys are dragons and I am
              snake year. I kept noticing we have similar placements when I read your posts

              • oh cool. Funny how some Aries peeps here (if Veronica is your real name) don’t bother with a pseudonym. It’s like… TA DA – here I am :) I do like that about Aries – no beating around the bush.
                So many Scorp moons on here!!

                A lot of us have the Uranus/Pluto/Mars in Virgo. Mystic included. She has Gem NN too.

                Nice chatting to you V. Now that I know your astro I’ll be keeping my eye on you… or should I say my Scorpy laser beam eyes 😯


              • thanks Gemyogi. Mature aged is the way to go I reckon. Have so much more to offer and the confidence too. Can’t wait!!!! πŸ˜›

          • How funny. I remember bromides and letraset. Started studying graphic design in 1983. Before computers!

            I’m glad I finally studied visual art in my 40s, when I was younger I didn’t have the self confidence to believe in my work. And I have good skills and can find work in design while taking over the art world. Bwa ha haaa.

  49. Oh God. Here goes.. Jupiter in Libra in the 2nd house, Moon squares Jupiter while my Sun trines it = handles money in a big way, doesn’t do things by halves, loves beauty, elegance and travel, learns most things about self thru relationships with others, well liked, fortunate and cheerful, values money for what it can do for me – MUST learn self-control. Intends to earn money so as to expand my world as I get older thru travel.

    All true.

    Saturn in Taurus in the 9th house, trines my Virgo ascendant and Pluto, sextiles Mars = diligent, hard working, thorough, practical realist, needs a strong steady base to operate from, enjoys working hard, finds it hard to relax , extremely tough and handles adversity well, changes may be slow but enduring, learns best on my own. Loyal, not attracted to just anyone but a bit of an isolationist.

    Also all true.

    Saturn is in my 5th..where Venus is, so yay for me (not) but since he got in the picture, I’ve definitely been more conscious of time and use of talents. Also, I’ve never been one to fantasize about kids though many loved ones have commented I’d be a good mother, but now I really know, it’s something that won’t happen.

    • My natal Saturn in Taurus is 6th house but what you have written is also true of me. It squares Venus natally but that Venus is Aquarian 3rd House. Loyal until the minute i leave. And i don’t share anyone’s secrets afterwards. From your previous posts i think you also treasure luxe items, get their use from them.

      • Yes, loyalty big time..I’m pretty much The Vault. And yes, Mille darling you’re right about the luxe things. I’m not into status as such but the sheer beauty and relevance of a thing to my life..even if that relevance is the extent of knowing I think a particular shade of red is rare and I need to see it everyday :)

        • Yes it seems i’m better at tidying than full on minimalising, for similar reasons.

  50. Still noob here are my Natal Stats
    Jupiter Taurus 28Β°54’36 in house 8 direct
    Saturn Leo 10Β°06’37 in house 11 retrograde

    I still don’t know how retrogrades work I have 6 in my natural chart and have no clear idea on how they work their magic. Much of my chart is a one thing working the opposite signs or houses. I am an Aries Sun, Moon in Cancer and Rising sign Libra talk about a weirdo haha

    As for the Saturn in the 11th I have have always wanted a family or community but I am also fearful of the control I feel when getting close to being apart of one. Co-dependant fears as I have been influenced by others forsaking myself.
    Jupiter 8th in Taurus thinks there is a reason I always am blessed with food haha.
    Any extra insights greatly appreciated.

    • Jen, I think that is a very accurate reading of Saturn in Leo in the 11th. Leo does have control issues, after all- at least, it can. It wants to be the boss! So the lesson, the tension, is Leo the Boss vs. membership in the community.

      That Jupiter… I have to ask: is there family money? Heirlooms? Partner with money? Could also have to do with intense sexuality.

      • Well I have no family money only have my brother and his wife and my nephew to my blood relations. I have yet to be in partnership lifelong aka marriage with someone and sadly my sex life hasn’t been intense since 2008/2009 and that was the most intense it ever was. I have had long stretches of independence and not interdependence which is my life long hidden desire maybe not so hidden if tell people on the net or in person but my lack of houses but my empty 4th house has my Imum Coeli in Capricorn 3Β°23’40.
        All of my natal’s that I have ever been interpreted say I will be blessed with financial comforts or blessings in partnerships like marriage or biz. I think because my sun Mercury and Venus are all in the 7th house as well.
        How can one find out how to interpret auspicious timing to meet marriage partners. My spiritual beliefs know its on Divine timing but I am always wanting to help the stars out when I can?

  51. My Saturn opposes my Jupiter. Jupiter is conjunct mercury retro, sun and neptune in Sag and happy with my pluto and moon. Saturn is sort of conjunct my asc in Gemini, except it’s retro in my 12th house.

    No kidding – it’s a challenge!

  52. Jupiter & Saturn are in exact opposition for me.

    Jupiter is at 5 Sagittarius in the 11th H (conjunct Neptune) & Saturn is at 5 Genini in the 5th H.

    The pendulum seems to swing from one end, which is a focus on advocating humanitarian, ethical, equitable reforms &/or involvement with spiritual groups (Jupiter/Neptune in 11th)… to the other end which is a focus on lovers/personal relationships & creative projects of my own & others (Saturn in 5th).

    I’m finally starting to strike a balance where I’m able to undertake or even begin to merge projects from both ends of this opposition at once…but I still can’t help but feel a bit put out for example, when it’s time to drop one end to concentrate on the other ie: stop in the middle of a creative project to deal with a pressing human rights matter or visa versa.

    The intense focus of my Venus in Scorp prob isn’t doing me any favors with this either… But i would have thought my Sun conj Uranus could lend a hand, y’know with a love of change, impulsiveness & spontaneity, but sadly no.

  53. Jupiter in the 3rd as the first planet in the unfathomable domino conjunction with pluto uranus IC sun. There is no separating them. It just makes everything more intense. Saturn in the 10th trine mars in the 3rd along with that conjunction I totally get as part of this whole thing. I was 5-6 when I started walking around the neighbourhood asking people if they had odd jobs so I could earn pocket money. I had an awareness of energy in exchange for coin at an early age. People often pay me more than was quoted because I get things done early or faster than expected. Less in this economic climate but it still happens occasionally. Am still learning not to shit in my own nest – the stellium doesn’t help.

    • saturn’s high standards = people seldom measure up and it’s hard for me not to tell them so. I always end up being friends with my managers and most of them tell me I will never be satisfied with the average ‘foot soldier’ level of commitment or work ethic and that I should work for myself. Which I do. Easier. Less loathing of the adequates.

      • I just realised that ‘foot soldier’ is a particularly poignant way of putting it – the mars is conjunct regulus and a lot of my work involves strategy and the overseeing and communicating of many details. The 3rd is virgo and I’m a multi-tasking freak. Even my volunteer job accidentally turned into me running the crazy fuqed up place – not something I ever aspired to.

        Transiting Saturn in the 2nd house from my sun gave me the biggest work-derived savings opportunity I’ve ever had – in the middle of the GFC! – and I took it. This has given me some breathing space and lately I’ve been deliberately taking time out from onerous responsibility (Trans Jupiter retro in the 2nd???) and doing jobs with no ‘power’ component whatsoever and it’s been bizarre. I recently worked with a woman who told me to ignore everything management told me to do. Hilarious.

        • From that experience have discovered it’s liberating to drone. It means you can strategise in your head at the same time. I started taking my phone to the toilet with me during my breaks and putting the plans into evernote. Managed to do the volunteer job remotely from the toilets. I realise this sounds insane but what else can you do once the dominoes start to fall…

  54. so my jupiter is in leo 4degress in the first house saturn in pisces 22degress in the 8th house both are stationary
    hmmm ?

      • Saturn trines your sun and rising, Jupiter squares your sun and moon.

        Maybe you are naturally fluid and in touch with your emotions, but your Aquarian moon is a whole ‘nother thing.
        My stepma is Cancerian with Aquarian moon, can be very warm and lovely, but can be very very cold and hard to understand…I am thinking you can be
        exceedingly stubborn if pushed.

        • i used to be stubborn, not so much these days, & i seem to have a much better handle on my emotions as well, I’m with an aquarian & the joke is I’m the sentimental mushy one, as he’s not sentimental at all

  55. Saturn conjunct Mercury in the 2nd house in Sagittarius….. still no idea how to make this one profitable hahaha! And transiting Saturn has just entered my 2nd house… so I guess the time is coming for me to finally figure out what the lesson is??

    In my natal chart Jupiter is in the 4th house. That’s Cancer themes I think. Family, home. My midheaven is Cancer too, and Jupiter will be transiting it this year.

    Transiting Saturn is squaring my natal Jupiter now, so this is probably keeping my happy home from too pie in the sky? Maybe this is why I have been trying to budget our groceries lately?? My husband is taking some classes and we’re living off of our savings…

    My husband has natal Jupiter in the 4th house in Gemini and transiting Jupiter is there right now too. His Saturn is in the 6th house. That’s Virgo… health? organization? His Saturn is in Leo… I fell in love with him during his Saturn return… he was very nobly, stubbornly resisting every lesson that was coming to him. Saturn is transiting his 8th house… not sure what that may mean. Inner psyche work?

  56. Saturn at 0 degrees Gemini in the 10th. I’m a classic introvert, I have to work hard at the public face thing, and I’m a performer on top of it, in an industry where face time and ass kiss are golden rules of success. Saturn is opposite natal Neptune….a little tension between the spiritual highs of Neptune and the nuts & bolts of Saturn. I would be so happy to read tarot and do astro and give massage all day but oh yah, the rent. Jupiter in the 5th. I realized the other day that I have been loved by many great men. Seriously, I am fortunate to be the recipient of all this love & admiration from some people who I think are pretty amazeballs. Jupe trines Mars in Taurus, giving me stick-to-it-iveness in relationships and my creative pursuits, and sextiles my Pisces Sun in the 8th, so my Scorp-like nature is appreciated in both my relationships and my creative output.

  57. Thank you so much for this DIY. I’ve been working it over and am starting to understand what it means to me. The insight that I have Saturn in my 5th house is revelatory – it explains so much. This resistance to spontaneity has been a stumbling block in my life time and again. My sun sign is Libra with Sagittarius rising, moon in Pisces. Saturn in the 5th house in Sagittarius, cosied up next to Neptune, also in the 5th house but in Scorpio, opposite Jupiter in the 11th house in Gemini. My friends are increasingly important to me, as it’s been a rough couple of years lately – enormous personal growth and transformation and I feel I’m just picking up speed. Lots of work and not enough play, and I’m acutely aware of that fact and uncomfortable with it – but I keep feeling it’s for a very productive reason and perhaps more play is on the horizon in the next few years –

  58. Saturn in Scorp in the 9th–travel, philosophy, mind expansion—ahhh yeah I’ve had to work on getting my head in the right place and it’s a constant task keeping it there.

    Jupiter in aqua in the 11th—hmm–groups, utopian visions and community you. Well I do run a small community arts group for young people and it seems to flow pretty naturally, so I guess that works?

    Guess I’d better check out the tran-shits, ha.

  59. It appears that saturn is in Scorp, and at 20 which is close to it position in my natal chart (i.e. 22). Whatever that means.

    Also jupiter is in Kataka at 15 degrees…kind of looks like it’s heading for my Venus (Kataka, 26 degrees)…not sure what it means but it looks good to me.

  60. Natally Jupiter (12th) in virgo 0 degrees and Saturn (4th) in aqua 0 degrees

    Currently saturn transiting my scorpio 2nd house and jupiter in 10th cancer.

    I have no idea what that means…so any help most appreciated!

  61. All my relationships were way too serious and not as fun as they should have been. I wanted a soul-mate but attracted nothing but trouble my whole life.
    I do not feel my Jupiter placement has brought me any luck only trouble.
    It’s as if I attract violent abusive people who end up physically attacking me.
    Second bf broke my front tooth because he thought I looked at another guy and cut up my paintings right before a big show because he felt I spent too much time on my art and I wasn’t talented enough to have a show.
    To this day many of my friends blame me for being abused. As if my looks attract attention and i should be shamed and smacked into place.

    Saturn 7th House in Taurus opposition Jupiter 1st in Scorpio.

    • Jesus. I really want to give you a hug. Are any of the attitudes you speak of able to be attributed to the prevailing cultural vibe of the place you’re in? ie. do you think your friends think that about any woman who experiences those kind of events, or is it just you they’re thinking that about?

      • I’m struck by your use of words – your mention of desiring a soul mate is profound in the context of esoteric astrology, as is the blame issue. It’s different to the astrology we talk about here – you might find some answers or a path to resolution of this if you’re interested in researching esoteric astrology or having a consult with one. Grain of salt when researching though. Some of it’s framed in an old-school theosophical way.

        I mention this because you have Saturn the planet that rules the esoteric ‘Dweller on the Threshold’ experience IN the house where the Dweller initiation takes place and you have Jupiter opposing it IN the sign which the Dweller initiation is ruled by and the house where the soul’s purpose springs from. If you are down with this way of thinking, having Jupiter in this position signifies an undertaking at soul level to work this challenge out in this lifetime. You have a phenomenal opportunity to transcend and transmute something here in esoteric terms.


        There are some good esoteric astrologers on the web – I think this manner of interp may help you depending on where you’re at re the esoteric ideas. With Jupiter in Scorpio in the 1st I’m guessing you’d definitely have an opinion either way. πŸ˜‰

        • wow, that explains something.
          Luckily, I’ve met a partner after many years of attracting extremely abusive boyfriends.
          I felt I was cursed.
          I still attract very abusive treatment from my siblings and parents who are in denial. They allow my older siblings to abuse me me emotionally and verbally now.
          I grew up feeling that I must deserve to be abused and that I was evil. My entire family called me evil. It’s hard to shake that.

      • I grew up in Seattle. It’s a “progressive & liberal” but many women still blame the woman for rape, and abuse. It’s not really that progressive if you scratch the surface.
        Many bleeding heart liberal female friends of mine feel sorry for male addicts and abusers and are highly critical/verbally abusive to the victims. Lots of women that have been suffered generational sexual abuse and lots of dysfunction.
        Further research shows Jupiter in Scorpio means something different than I first thought.

        • Bloody Hell. I think a big part of your journey must be to believe yourself, and then tell your family that what they are saying is mucho loco. Seriously. They are the ones that should support you to get out of abusive relationships. They are criticizing you for a weakness in themselves they fear. Not okay chica. God speed and surround yourself with people who treat you with love and respect. You deserve it. Believe it. Make it happen. (I have Saturn in 7th house too btw, understand how hard it is to create boundaries.TOTALLY worth it.)

  62. Saturn conjunct Mars in Cancer in 11th house; Jupiter conjunct Venus in Libra in 2nd house. My Saturn is a workhorse and does not let me be very impulsive (Mars) – must strategize and double-think before I act; Jupiter partnered with Venus in Libra is very jolly and doesn’t worry about it! — a bit of magical thinking and a disconnect with reality (Saturn). Optimistic for No Good Reason! But life is fun and beautiful.

    • I have a strong venus placement that sings in tune with your life is fun and beautiful song AI – there are grinding moments of the flip side but saturn always moves it’s fat ass in the end πŸ˜€

  63. Saturn 16 degrees of Scorpio conj. Venus near MC/SN in the 9th.

    Jupiter 6 degrees of Capricorn conj. Mars, Eros, Neptune in the 11th… all sextile Pluto.

    As long as I’m scrupulous, everything flows beautifully.

    I’m not sure where the 11th house comes into play with that clump of planets. Not involved in community groups, and have few friends left after Pluto entered my 12th recently.

    I grew up in utter poverty/chaos, but I’ve hardly had to work and have attained what a lot of people probably work their asses off most of their lives to achieve. It doesn’t make sense.

    I remember being 3 and thinking, “Why do my parents do these strange, counterproductive things? They must enjoy being miserable. I don’t enjoy being miserable.”

    I’m 29 and have been married almost 10 years. I joked not that long ago that I am ‘over’ men, which made my partner smile.

    I don’t think I could have lucked out more in my relationship.

    • Just remembered Jupiter began trine to my Saturn last September, exact same day I decided what I want to do with my life. Been building toward that goal each day since. It’s been a good and calming energy. Tres unusual for me.

  64. Hi there!

    Jupiter conjunct uranus in the early degrees of sag in the seventh house. Opposite chiron. Trine sun (3rd) and trine moon (11th).

    Saturn conjunct pluto in libra in the sixth house square my mars and sun in the third house.

    Funnily enough my saturn return of a few years ago was pretty easy going? I fell in love and had a baby and felt blissful for the first time ever.