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Here we go people: yes the Jupiter Versus Saturn ratio was looked at a long time ago but it’s time for a revisit. It is one of THE keys to working your chart successfully and yes, we need to be fully ON and dynamic in the Zap Zone.

As always with D.I.Y. Astro – looking at this sort of thing IS how you learn astrology. You just need to generate your birth chart on Astrodienst, find Jupiter/Saturn and then pop back here. So long as you are not trying to score an actual reading off the more astro erudite people here, no question is too dumb. This is how we learn.

So the glyph for Jupiter looks like Jupiter glyphthe one on the left and Saturn is Saturn Glyph
on the right.  To simplify things, let’s just say that Saturn is lessons in life and where you have to work your arse off to get anywhere but that once you’re put that effort in, it becomes your shiniest source of pride. People would probably freak if they knew how hard you had strived to reach that point. Jupiter is where the good living comes easy. It’s where you are blessed, it’s where you CAN actually wing it a little bit. It’s where you put in some oomph and bang – major rewards.

So you i.d your natal Jupiter and Saturn. Look at the House or Sector they are in and what planets are cosied up along side them. Imagine that you need to always have a hardcore plan with your Saturn area and Jupiter is where you are ideally dauntless and optimistic. (There are heaps of previous D.I.Y Astro posts about what the various houses mean). Check the “Houses” category as well.

BUT WAIT…there is more. You can also check out the current positions of Jupiter and Saturn, to see where they are transitting and the same rules apply. AND, see what sort of aspect the two planets make. An officially positive aspect between Jupiter and Saturn (a sextile, trine or conjunction) means you get that Risk-Security balance pretty much correct in life. You’re a visionary pragmatist. You have fun but not to some ludicrous, dysfunctional extent. You like to prosper but automatically self-nurture.

A beneficial link between Jupiter and Saturn is a big bonus. What about the square or opposition? You gotta concentrate so as not to sort of insanely oscillate between Jupiter & Saturn  consciousness in a non-productive fashion. Successful entrepreneurs, people who can lead in a corporate or government setting without turning into a pod person and creative talent with well managed careers all tend to have strong, good Jupiter-Saturn aspects. Or they’ve learned the hard way how to manage them.

A really classic example of a Jupiter-Saturn fuq up is those companies you hear about who enjoy massive debt-fuelled growth and an orgy of publicity but the fundamentals aren’t right. And yes, you guessed it, Saturn is the fundamentals. The skeleton of the enterprise. Jupiter goes out to pitch schizz at lunch, Saturn does the books.

So please check out your Jupiter-Saturn ratio and as always, Astro-Fiends please help the newbies in the Comments.  F.y.i i am doing a D.I.Y. Astro Hacks book this year, it will be my no schizz guide to hacking your birth chart.


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262 thoughts on “D.I.Y. Astro Jupiter Versus Saturn

  1. Oh God. Here goes.. Jupiter in Libra in the 2nd house, Moon squares Jupiter while my Sun trines it = handles money in a big way, doesn’t do things by halves, loves beauty, elegance and travel, learns most things about self thru relationships with others, well liked, fortunate and cheerful, values money for what it can do for me – MUST learn self-control. Intends to earn money so as to expand my world as I get older thru travel.

    All true.

    Saturn in Taurus in the 9th house, trines my Virgo ascendant and Pluto, sextiles Mars = diligent, hard working, thorough, practical realist, needs a strong steady base to operate from, enjoys working hard, finds it hard to relax , extremely tough and handles adversity well, changes may be slow but enduring, learns best on my own. Loyal, not attracted to just anyone but a bit of an isolationist.

    Also all true.

    Saturn is in my 5th..where Venus is, so yay for me (not) but since he got in the picture, I’ve definitely been more conscious of time and use of talents. Also, I’ve never been one to fantasize about kids though many loved ones have commented I’d be a good mother, but now I really know, it’s something that won’t happen.

    • My natal Saturn in Taurus is 6th house but what you have written is also true of me. It squares Venus natally but that Venus is Aquarian 3rd House. Loyal until the minute i leave. And i don’t share anyone’s secrets afterwards. From your previous posts i think you also treasure luxe items, get their use from them.

      • Yes, loyalty big time..I’m pretty much The Vault. And yes, Mille darling you’re right about the luxe things. I’m not into status as such but the sheer beauty and relevance of a thing to my life..even if that relevance is the extent of knowing I think a particular shade of red is rare and I need to see it everyday 🙂

        • Yes it seems i’m better at tidying than full on minimalising, for similar reasons.

  2. Still noob here are my Natal Stats
    Jupiter Taurus 28°54’36 in house 8 direct
    Saturn Leo 10°06’37 in house 11 retrograde

    I still don’t know how retrogrades work I have 6 in my natural chart and have no clear idea on how they work their magic. Much of my chart is a one thing working the opposite signs or houses. I am an Aries Sun, Moon in Cancer and Rising sign Libra talk about a weirdo haha

    As for the Saturn in the 11th I have have always wanted a family or community but I am also fearful of the control I feel when getting close to being apart of one. Co-dependant fears as I have been influenced by others forsaking myself.
    Jupiter 8th in Taurus thinks there is a reason I always am blessed with food haha.
    Any extra insights greatly appreciated.

    • Jen, I think that is a very accurate reading of Saturn in Leo in the 11th. Leo does have control issues, after all- at least, it can. It wants to be the boss! So the lesson, the tension, is Leo the Boss vs. membership in the community.

      That Jupiter… I have to ask: is there family money? Heirlooms? Partner with money? Could also have to do with intense sexuality.

      • Well I have no family money only have my brother and his wife and my nephew to my blood relations. I have yet to be in partnership lifelong aka marriage with someone and sadly my sex life hasn’t been intense since 2008/2009 and that was the most intense it ever was. I have had long stretches of independence and not interdependence which is my life long hidden desire maybe not so hidden if tell people on the net or in person but my lack of houses but my empty 4th house has my Imum Coeli in Capricorn 3°23’40.
        All of my natal’s that I have ever been interpreted say I will be blessed with financial comforts or blessings in partnerships like marriage or biz. I think because my sun Mercury and Venus are all in the 7th house as well.
        How can one find out how to interpret auspicious timing to meet marriage partners. My spiritual beliefs know its on Divine timing but I am always wanting to help the stars out when I can?

  3. My Saturn opposes my Jupiter. Jupiter is conjunct mercury retro, sun and neptune in Sag and happy with my pluto and moon. Saturn is sort of conjunct my asc in Gemini, except it’s retro in my 12th house.

    No kidding – it’s a challenge!

  4. Jupiter & Saturn are in exact opposition for me.

    Jupiter is at 5 Sagittarius in the 11th H (conjunct Neptune) & Saturn is at 5 Genini in the 5th H.

    The pendulum seems to swing from one end, which is a focus on advocating humanitarian, ethical, equitable reforms &/or involvement with spiritual groups (Jupiter/Neptune in 11th)… to the other end which is a focus on lovers/personal relationships & creative projects of my own & others (Saturn in 5th).

    I’m finally starting to strike a balance where I’m able to undertake or even begin to merge projects from both ends of this opposition at once…but I still can’t help but feel a bit put out for example, when it’s time to drop one end to concentrate on the other ie: stop in the middle of a creative project to deal with a pressing human rights matter or visa versa.

    The intense focus of my Venus in Scorp prob isn’t doing me any favors with this either… But i would have thought my Sun conj Uranus could lend a hand, y’know with a love of change, impulsiveness & spontaneity, but sadly no.

  5. Jupiter in the 3rd as the first planet in the unfathomable domino conjunction with pluto uranus IC sun. There is no separating them. It just makes everything more intense. Saturn in the 10th trine mars in the 3rd along with that conjunction I totally get as part of this whole thing. I was 5-6 when I started walking around the neighbourhood asking people if they had odd jobs so I could earn pocket money. I had an awareness of energy in exchange for coin at an early age. People often pay me more than was quoted because I get things done early or faster than expected. Less in this economic climate but it still happens occasionally. Am still learning not to shit in my own nest – the stellium doesn’t help.

    • saturn’s high standards = people seldom measure up and it’s hard for me not to tell them so. I always end up being friends with my managers and most of them tell me I will never be satisfied with the average ‘foot soldier’ level of commitment or work ethic and that I should work for myself. Which I do. Easier. Less loathing of the adequates.

      • I just realised that ‘foot soldier’ is a particularly poignant way of putting it – the mars is conjunct regulus and a lot of my work involves strategy and the overseeing and communicating of many details. The 3rd is virgo and I’m a multi-tasking freak. Even my volunteer job accidentally turned into me running the crazy fuqed up place – not something I ever aspired to.

        Transiting Saturn in the 2nd house from my sun gave me the biggest work-derived savings opportunity I’ve ever had – in the middle of the GFC! – and I took it. This has given me some breathing space and lately I’ve been deliberately taking time out from onerous responsibility (Trans Jupiter retro in the 2nd???) and doing jobs with no ‘power’ component whatsoever and it’s been bizarre. I recently worked with a woman who told me to ignore everything management told me to do. Hilarious.

        • From that experience have discovered it’s liberating to drone. It means you can strategise in your head at the same time. I started taking my phone to the toilet with me during my breaks and putting the plans into evernote. Managed to do the volunteer job remotely from the toilets. I realise this sounds insane but what else can you do once the dominoes start to fall…

  6. so my jupiter is in leo 4degress in the first house saturn in pisces 22degress in the 8th house both are stationary
    hmmm ?

      • Saturn trines your sun and rising, Jupiter squares your sun and moon.

        Maybe you are naturally fluid and in touch with your emotions, but your Aquarian moon is a whole ‘nother thing.
        My stepma is Cancerian with Aquarian moon, can be very warm and lovely, but can be very very cold and hard to understand…I am thinking you can be
        exceedingly stubborn if pushed.

        • i used to be stubborn, not so much these days, & i seem to have a much better handle on my emotions as well, I’m with an aquarian & the joke is I’m the sentimental mushy one, as he’s not sentimental at all

  7. Saturn conjunct Mercury in the 2nd house in Sagittarius….. still no idea how to make this one profitable hahaha! And transiting Saturn has just entered my 2nd house… so I guess the time is coming for me to finally figure out what the lesson is??

    In my natal chart Jupiter is in the 4th house. That’s Cancer themes I think. Family, home. My midheaven is Cancer too, and Jupiter will be transiting it this year.

    Transiting Saturn is squaring my natal Jupiter now, so this is probably keeping my happy home from too pie in the sky? Maybe this is why I have been trying to budget our groceries lately?? My husband is taking some classes and we’re living off of our savings…

    My husband has natal Jupiter in the 4th house in Gemini and transiting Jupiter is there right now too. His Saturn is in the 6th house. That’s Virgo… health? organization? His Saturn is in Leo… I fell in love with him during his Saturn return… he was very nobly, stubbornly resisting every lesson that was coming to him. Saturn is transiting his 8th house… not sure what that may mean. Inner psyche work?

  8. Saturn at 0 degrees Gemini in the 10th. I’m a classic introvert, I have to work hard at the public face thing, and I’m a performer on top of it, in an industry where face time and ass kiss are golden rules of success. Saturn is opposite natal Neptune….a little tension between the spiritual highs of Neptune and the nuts & bolts of Saturn. I would be so happy to read tarot and do astro and give massage all day but oh yah, the rent. Jupiter in the 5th. I realized the other day that I have been loved by many great men. Seriously, I am fortunate to be the recipient of all this love & admiration from some people who I think are pretty amazeballs. Jupe trines Mars in Taurus, giving me stick-to-it-iveness in relationships and my creative pursuits, and sextiles my Pisces Sun in the 8th, so my Scorp-like nature is appreciated in both my relationships and my creative output.

  9. Thank you so much for this DIY. I’ve been working it over and am starting to understand what it means to me. The insight that I have Saturn in my 5th house is revelatory – it explains so much. This resistance to spontaneity has been a stumbling block in my life time and again. My sun sign is Libra with Sagittarius rising, moon in Pisces. Saturn in the 5th house in Sagittarius, cosied up next to Neptune, also in the 5th house but in Scorpio, opposite Jupiter in the 11th house in Gemini. My friends are increasingly important to me, as it’s been a rough couple of years lately – enormous personal growth and transformation and I feel I’m just picking up speed. Lots of work and not enough play, and I’m acutely aware of that fact and uncomfortable with it – but I keep feeling it’s for a very productive reason and perhaps more play is on the horizon in the next few years –

  10. The zap zone has been proving a beearch for my last year, I’ve just learnt to roll with the punches so to speak. Venus, Mars conjunct 5th house and Jupiter in 6th but still conjunct mars all in Scorp, Tada Saturn directly opposite Mars in 11th. I figure Saturn transiting over all my fun stuff has been in direct oppostiion to my natal saturn and so I’m just kinda sitting back and letting them go at eachother. Seems that with all my efforts to get shizz out there, the universe is being really clear with me that I haven’t found my true direction.

  11. Saturn in Scorp in the 9th–travel, philosophy, mind expansion—ahhh yeah I’ve had to work on getting my head in the right place and it’s a constant task keeping it there.

    Jupiter in aqua in the 11th—hmm–groups, utopian visions and community you. Well I do run a small community arts group for young people and it seems to flow pretty naturally, so I guess that works?

    Guess I’d better check out the tran-shits, ha.

  12. It appears that saturn is in Scorp, and at 20 which is close to it position in my natal chart (i.e. 22). Whatever that means.

    Also jupiter is in Kataka at 15 degrees…kind of looks like it’s heading for my Venus (Kataka, 26 degrees)…not sure what it means but it looks good to me.

  13. Natally Jupiter (12th) in virgo 0 degrees and Saturn (4th) in aqua 0 degrees

    Currently saturn transiting my scorpio 2nd house and jupiter in 10th cancer.

    I have no idea what that means…so any help most appreciated!

  14. All my relationships were way too serious and not as fun as they should have been. I wanted a soul-mate but attracted nothing but trouble my whole life.
    I do not feel my Jupiter placement has brought me any luck only trouble.
    It’s as if I attract violent abusive people who end up physically attacking me.
    Second bf broke my front tooth because he thought I looked at another guy and cut up my paintings right before a big show because he felt I spent too much time on my art and I wasn’t talented enough to have a show.
    To this day many of my friends blame me for being abused. As if my looks attract attention and i should be shamed and smacked into place.

    Saturn 7th House in Taurus opposition Jupiter 1st in Scorpio.

    • Jesus. I really want to give you a hug. Are any of the attitudes you speak of able to be attributed to the prevailing cultural vibe of the place you’re in? ie. do you think your friends think that about any woman who experiences those kind of events, or is it just you they’re thinking that about?

      • I’m struck by your use of words – your mention of desiring a soul mate is profound in the context of esoteric astrology, as is the blame issue. It’s different to the astrology we talk about here – you might find some answers or a path to resolution of this if you’re interested in researching esoteric astrology or having a consult with one. Grain of salt when researching though. Some of it’s framed in an old-school theosophical way.

        I mention this because you have Saturn the planet that rules the esoteric ‘Dweller on the Threshold’ experience IN the house where the Dweller initiation takes place and you have Jupiter opposing it IN the sign which the Dweller initiation is ruled by and the house where the soul’s purpose springs from. If you are down with this way of thinking, having Jupiter in this position signifies an undertaking at soul level to work this challenge out in this lifetime. You have a phenomenal opportunity to transcend and transmute something here in esoteric terms.


        There are some good esoteric astrologers on the web – I think this manner of interp may help you depending on where you’re at re the esoteric ideas. With Jupiter in Scorpio in the 1st I’m guessing you’d definitely have an opinion either way. 😉

        • wow, that explains something.
          Luckily, I’ve met a partner after many years of attracting extremely abusive boyfriends.
          I felt I was cursed.
          I still attract very abusive treatment from my siblings and parents who are in denial. They allow my older siblings to abuse me me emotionally and verbally now.
          I grew up feeling that I must deserve to be abused and that I was evil. My entire family called me evil. It’s hard to shake that.

      • I grew up in Seattle. It’s a “progressive & liberal” but many women still blame the woman for rape, and abuse. It’s not really that progressive if you scratch the surface.
        Many bleeding heart liberal female friends of mine feel sorry for male addicts and abusers and are highly critical/verbally abusive to the victims. Lots of women that have been suffered generational sexual abuse and lots of dysfunction.
        Further research shows Jupiter in Scorpio means something different than I first thought.

        • Bloody Hell. I think a big part of your journey must be to believe yourself, and then tell your family that what they are saying is mucho loco. Seriously. They are the ones that should support you to get out of abusive relationships. They are criticizing you for a weakness in themselves they fear. Not okay chica. God speed and surround yourself with people who treat you with love and respect. You deserve it. Believe it. Make it happen. (I have Saturn in 7th house too btw, understand how hard it is to create boundaries.TOTALLY worth it.)

  15. Saturn conjunct Mars in Cancer in 11th house; Jupiter conjunct Venus in Libra in 2nd house. My Saturn is a workhorse and does not let me be very impulsive (Mars) – must strategize and double-think before I act; Jupiter partnered with Venus in Libra is very jolly and doesn’t worry about it! — a bit of magical thinking and a disconnect with reality (Saturn). Optimistic for No Good Reason! But life is fun and beautiful.

    • I have a strong venus placement that sings in tune with your life is fun and beautiful song AI – there are grinding moments of the flip side but saturn always moves it’s fat ass in the end 😀

  16. Saturn 16 degrees of Scorpio conj. Venus near MC/SN in the 9th.

    Jupiter 6 degrees of Capricorn conj. Mars, Eros, Neptune in the 11th… all sextile Pluto.

    As long as I’m scrupulous, everything flows beautifully.

    I’m not sure where the 11th house comes into play with that clump of planets. Not involved in community groups, and have few friends left after Pluto entered my 12th recently.

    I grew up in utter poverty/chaos, but I’ve hardly had to work and have attained what a lot of people probably work their asses off most of their lives to achieve. It doesn’t make sense.

    I remember being 3 and thinking, “Why do my parents do these strange, counterproductive things? They must enjoy being miserable. I don’t enjoy being miserable.”

    I’m 29 and have been married almost 10 years. I joked not that long ago that I am ‘over’ men, which made my partner smile.

    I don’t think I could have lucked out more in my relationship.

    • Just remembered Jupiter began trine to my Saturn last September, exact same day I decided what I want to do with my life. Been building toward that goal each day since. It’s been a good and calming energy. Tres unusual for me.

  17. Hi there!

    Jupiter conjunct uranus in the early degrees of sag in the seventh house. Opposite chiron. Trine sun (3rd) and trine moon (11th).

    Saturn conjunct pluto in libra in the sixth house square my mars and sun in the third house.

    Funnily enough my saturn return of a few years ago was pretty easy going? I fell in love and had a baby and felt blissful for the first time ever.