The Bitch Moon Tip Sheet

Ed Pires

Ed Pires

Hey People, i have just posted The Bitch Moon Tip Sheet up on the Weekly Horoscopes page.  This is a Moon triggering Eclipse points from 2009/2010, that it is conjunct Bitch Goddess Lilith – hence the name – and comes with a volatile Mars-Venus square to give relationships an electric cardinal-energy prod in the posterior.  So it is complex, happening and worth working with pizazz.  The Tip Sheet makes it super simple.

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207 thoughts on “The Bitch Moon Tip Sheet

  1. Pwar sounds like an intense MOFO week. I’ve got my schizz together at last and feeling calm after a few emo weeks. So I may just hide under the bed with my cat for this one. The Lusty one is Kataka rising so I know to keep well away from him this week. Thanks for the heads up MM

    • Hey Leo my Lillith is in Cancer trine my Virgo Sun and Scorp moon and my Double Fish north node making one big and beautiful kite shape in blue at our other fav Horo site Astrodient?? What does it all mean??

      • No Worries Groover just completely grokked this one! OK my Cap boss who is in the bad books cause he pissed off to US for 6 weeks holiday after giving me 3 days notice is due back on Monday (apparently cause he has yet to inform me – my chinese collegue THINKS that is when he is coming back)

        I plan on taking the highest road possible – now going to not hold back the emo tho – was scared i might get a bit teary if I strayed of the script of totally together and all business

        after reading MM abso fabbo take on this which if you are reading this and not a subbie now you had better “do yourself a favour” as Molly would say and crack out the credit card…..just saying

        • Agree. It’s the best one I’ve read so far!

          Left you a message on the other thread (Venus-Mars generalisations) re Gravatars

  2. If this full moon is conjunct my midheaven at 25 cancer, any idea what the symbolism is for me there? Or any ideas how to best use this energy to leapfrog forward in a super positive way?

    • See your Scopes and read for Libra Rising? Go on television with your radical mission agenda. Brace for incredible career and business insights. Publicize your Awesome. Do difficult bitch moves that are nonetheless the right thing to do.

      • Thank you Mystic!!! The tip sheet is incredibly helpful, and your comment is illuminating something for me… hopefully I will be magnetizing in the right!!

  3. These are brilliant, thanks Mystic. Loving the uber-practical nature of all the scopes atm.
    Ex hub has Mars-Lilith conjunct in Cancer opp his fuq-normous Cap sun/Saturn/Jupe/+ one other I forget which stellium. Plus he has Saturn on his Scorp rising. All the tips re unexpressed emotion pretty much sum up his psyche… if there is rage coming in my life it’ll likely be from him. Am now prepped!
    Am seeing the lawyer on Thurs re finalising our settlement so will stay strategically retreated this week.

      • Thanks 12HV. It’s all pretty much done except for the paperwork. I no longer care what the ex thinks of me, I am completely unplugged from him now which is making it a LOT easier.

  4. Hmmm. This moon will be conjunct my South Node. I hope this doesn’t mean drama. I looked back at old entries and those periods of time coincided with a Bad Pisces Romance that deteriorated to ashes before it began. At the time I was so emo and ridiculous because I was in Go-Get-‘Em-Rah-Rah-Rah dating mode, had umpteen online dating profiles, blind dated, and followed up on every possible dating tip/lead from friends. I wouldn’t even put up with 5 minutes of that bullshit now, but i was in a different head and heart space then, lowering my standards to ludicrous levels. I remember being so sad he rejected me ( end of july 2009 ), only to find out in early 2010 that he nearly died, ending up in a full body cast from an accident of his causing. LOL. I’m pretty sure the universe was looking after me by not allowing me to be with such a loser. I may be celibate and dateless but it’s only because my equal hasn’t been found yet.

    • Hon, you are only technically celibate if you made a conscious decision to be so even in the presence of viable passion partners.. lack of worthy ones doesn’t qualify IMO. 🙂

      Also I think we go through a continuum with dating and love, those terrible phases are necessary to help us evolve and refine the message we’re using to call whomever it is we need at a particular moment. Not that it’s a pleasant experience as such..but my point is, you could undertake online dating again and it could be a whole different ballgame once you bring a whole new you to it, no?

      • If not celibate, what would you call it?
        I need something uplifting and empowering. I only have room in my life for my dream crush and an appropriate substitute…and if either of them is not responding to me, I don’t have time for down-dating and people I’m not interested in.

        oh hell to the NO. I had such a terrible 3 year experience with the whole “you need to get out there” dating thing. I’m done with it. Absolutely 100% done. I feel like 3 years is a honest, real try. I will find a partner the true-to-me way which is in person or through people i know. Fuck this online dating shit. I know it’s great for others and I’m not denying it could be awesome for you, but for the +40 crowd it is shitty unless you have really low standards.

        • “chaste.”

          It has a more spiritual & empowered feeling than “celibate” which reeks of deprivation,.

          It’s like who remorse is the elegant older cousin of guilt. Remorse has nuance and an intellectual, productive outcome – wisdom.

            • It’s being Re-Virginised to me.
              Wonder how much i would get at auction??

              Did i say it was candles that were my thing now?OOOPs there was a strange rumour about Nuns & Candles.

          • Chaste sounds too Catholic-ish to me. Oddly, I prefer “Nun of Anarchy” which is obviously more Catholic-ish, lol! Even though my dry spell has been broken by the Pisces, I still consider myself a Nun of Anarchy.

        • I’d call it In Stasis. A suspension, a motionlessness awaiting activation.

          Yes, I’m splitting hairs. I’ll illustrate via a rather boring example to explain why. In the industry I’m in, we often treat substrates with certain additives. Some additives exert their properties until they dissipate.. meaning once released, these are gone. Forever.

          Other additives lay passive until the appropriate exposure or circumstance activates it into action. When we view both pieces at the end of a life cycle, we conclude that both pieces do not display any activity at all. But in fact this is incorrect.

          The reason I point this out is that having once gone through a long period of deliberate celibacy myself, I found that to uphold it meant I really had to extend that restraint to damping down my sexuality, even in spirit. Which also meant that it almost killed my ability to put out there the vibes I would need to attract suitable partners.

          So I suppose what I’m saying is this, focus less on how awful its been, after all the past is irrefutable.. but focus more on yourself as a sensual and sexual being REGARDLESS. Online dating is to me the last of various steps to reaching out to people, but your real power lies in protecting, enhancing and enjoying your mojo. Because everything else are words and interaction, but that IT factor that’s unique to you is THE morse code you’ll be transmitting to the universe.

          And you want to be sure it gets the right message about you, no?

          • In my line of work, stasis means a period of non-growth and has a negative connotation. It is the lack of functionality. 🙁

            I’ve sublimated my sexual and sensual side into creativity and work as much as I can. Exercise too. While I have a really high sex drive, I find it just gets me into trouble I don’t need and poor choices, better to shut it off or shunt it into something more useful like art.

            I shouldn’t have to *try* to send out the “right message”. That’s the mistake I made in 2008-2010 era. To much “trying” and self-improvement classes/books. Too much trying to wrangle the perfect words to bewitch some audience that didn’t care to hear it or were too deaf to hear me. I need to just be my true authentic self. If the person is a match that I agree with, then it will just happen. That’s my new era strategy.

          • Actually Electric I never said try, to be clear. I agree, it’s not about trying at all since that comes from a place of desperation vs. wholeness.

            Judging by your reference of that time period, I can see where you’re coming from. What I’m saying however is really about fostering that sexuality and sensuality in its natural state.. if at this time you find it blossoms better as expressed through art, then good. That may or may not change.

            I’m just saying that there’s a place for it as is, even when there’s technically no one to engage with it at this time.

            • It’s probably me being unclear with my communication. I think you have wonderfully insightful thoughts and ideas actually FA. But sometimes talking to me about certain concepts is like asking someone with no taste buds to check if I can taste citrus notes in something. I’m a mars-pluto conj on my sun. My natural state is not exactly welcomed in this world. I’m not really sure it is welcomed in art. But like a large destructive pet you can’t give away or put down, you have to get it large toys to destroy and challenging activities.

              • I feel like this is a variation of the problem I have, I haven’t been able to put it in words as well.

                It’s like, technically, you’r supposed to be just you and through plain ol resonance you meet someone equally amazing. But if you put yourself out there its a bit of a desolate desert, as a guy I have different concerns but kind of the same dilemma. I have to do SOMETHING I feel like, but it is invariably probably going to be more of the same. The only response to that i can think of is a version of, oh you’re just not believing enough, which always strikes me as such an unfair wishy washhy bull shit solution that doesn’t really get at what your going through. I think what it is is you can figure out and have a decent sex life probably, but when it comes to love stuff you can’t really just go out there and solve it, there is no real answer, you could be at the worst most neurotic terrible closed off place in your life and still technically meet someone who is a fit for you, and you can be your most open amazing growing at top speeds go getter and be casting your pearl before swine.

              • I get it. from the mars conjunct sun opposite pluto. i value a contractual agreement over faith, and everything is a hair from collapse, hence the protection.

            • @EEL: I think we can all relate to feeling at odds with the world at large, or not being welcomed as you say. As you also point out on a lower post, we’re neither the type to be “just content” or “accept things as they are” – or I’m taking that in the sense of accepting the status quo as enough.

              I like how david5379 very succinctly wrote that when it comes to love, it’s not a thing to be solved. I personally haven’t seen it happen WELL when I was at my worst, or at least, if it happened it seemed to vibe with my issues at the time..meaning the people I met either corresponded to wounds I had (but didn’t realize were still festering so badly) or the limits I was really feeling at the time.

              In any case, it’s not something I feel should be calibrated for someone else, which we all agree on. The annoying thing of it as david also says is that doing that practicable something looks like more of the same thing..but maybe the difference really just lays in our state of openness and well being. Not so much that it guarantees success partner wise but that it at least allows us to enter the experience with a bit more perspective, a better chance of recovering from it (say it was harrowing) and more lightness.

              Did chuckle at the idea of you having large toys to destroy, I think that just makes you even more interesting.

    • Most of the people I know in successful long term relationships all have one thing in common – they are able to accept their partner warts and all and love them despite their character flaws. They seem to intuitively “get” that everyone has character flaws – there is no such thing as a perfect person – and are thus able to adjust themselves to a place of acceptance and love of the reality of human relationships rather than pitching for some perfect ideal.

      I’d hasten to add that these people (and their relationships) fall into the category of fairly normal, no raging dysfunction or abuse going on. And these people seem to experience a lot of contentment.

      When I look at the reality of myself, compared to these people, I can see that I really struggle with accepting the flaws of others. Hell I really struggle with accepting the flaws in myself! I also have a particular personality type that could be described as ermm …. high maintenance! I’m more motivated toward authenticity of self than the compromise required for a successful relationship.

      At this stage the two seem incompatible and so I see my single status as a choice based on the reality of who I really am at this point in time. Ergo, no need to define myself by my sexual status at all.

      • And the biggie i have found its that they LIKE each other and are big talkers between themselves. Chatty.
        ‘Communication is Lubrication’.

        • true, my partner of almost 20 years is my best friend we love to talk, chat, complain, rant and make each other laugh. We are both Virgos!

      • My theory is authenticity of self *and* capacity to accommodate someone else’s self in a relationship. My motivation for this is I guess is that i would wish to treat someone else how i want to be treated. If that means being cool about them doing their thing, and them being cool with me doing my thing, obviously while we both remain reasonable human beings who like each other, then good. Also I was really sick of being judged and squashed by boyfriends who just didn’t understand what made me tick. So it also comes down to not dating some kind of substance-abuser in the first place (doesn’t it, Pi). and some hot chemistry. and an appreciation of the art of never running out of things to say .. although I think I have that covered.. but conversation is a two-way street … eh *shrugs*

        • and not sweating the small stuff. seriously the nitpicking that I see going on in people’s relationships. OMG. “whatever makes you happy baby it’s all good.”

          • I agree Pi. Addictions and mental illness are the biggest destroyers. Mental illness includes Axis II (personality disorders!). Check that out. Histrionic personality disorder — that’s an interesting one. I grew up with a mom like that. Can’t cure personality disorders, we don’t even try. I was thinking of this yesterday. I used to have a list of traits that I want in my partner or marriage partner. After the last one, it occurred to me — screw the traits! I don’t want a relationship. Not for a long time. I told the last one he took my heart out, spit at it and mashed it with his heel. Haha. I’m over it. I am dating though. Taking it easy, chilling. No rush. No drama. Keeping it very simple. Not delving or probing. Not talking about exes or past relationships (big mistake, I know I’ve made and others I know makes this too). Never talk about past sexual exploits (unclassy). I am making sure I’m being me yet respectful and graceful, attracting not pursuing. So far it’s working. I guess because I’ve been so busy I haven’t been thinking about guys at all. They need to pursue. They like to pursue. I see that now. I say lots of sex for 2014!!! or at least lots of hugs and cuddles and kisses.

            • Successful and beautiful long term relationships can only be built with the right person. Otherwise all the accommodating /compromising is to our disadvantage no?

              How much does gut instinct/intuition play a role in choosing the right partner in the first place?

      • sounds like you just have an “artistic temperament” like myself…

        The people who just accept everything and are just content with everything also seem to just age quicker and lose interest in learning new things in life. I’m pretty sure it’s a trade off. I sneaked checked on old ex-best friend from high school who has been happily married since 25 y.o. She looks so “old” when we are the same age. like she lives in bubble with her husband, child, job, and family duty. …

        • hmm, i think there’s some middle ground there. i mean i am all for shining individuality and independence. definitely. i am relieved to be flying solo right now. But to assume people in a fulfilling relationship have compromised themselves into nothingness is to possibly be seeing things through a fairly strongly tinted lens? maybe for some o’ these folks, satisfaction in life *is* about partnership etc. Nothing’s ever perfect…. dammit 😉 well except for MM and the blog readers of COURSE 😀

          in reply to serenity – yeah I ditched the looong ‘list’ too… too much hard work! at the moment it’s pretty much
          1. we are hot for each other
          2. we are nice to each other (share, considerate, open to suggestion/open-minded etc)
          3. share some similar interests (‘couples that play together…stay together’ love that )
          4. maintains healthy living habits
          5. able to cope well and flex with personal change and upheaval (e.g. arrival of child/ren, death in family, move overseas etc)
          5. x factor

          now this is looking like a list, lol.

          mind you that’s only if i were to think about someone serious. just 1 & 2 is always good too 😉 anyway enough ’bout moi

          • (sorry replying to myself *yet again*)
            I should add these are the building blocks for me at least – I don’t think anything could come of an involvement with someone if these elements weren’t present.

          • also probably you need to be changing in the same direction and at the same speed, therein lying the rub probably

            • awareness of the others change and speed and the ability to support that while also maintaining your individuated self worked better in my situation than changing at same direction and same speed – that just led to a lot of really uncomfortable moments of projects peaking at similar times and our domestic situation going to hell in a handbasket. Now we take turns – one keeps home and budget on an even keel while the other does the change and that seems to work a lot better. It’s a negotiation and a collaboration of individual and shared goals so that we both get what we need at the time it’s needed. It took a few years to work that out.

              • that makes more sense and sounds nicer, I guess I meant less day to day stuff and more capability, most people hardly change at all, and even the people who do improve might not improve by much comparatively

              • I guess I meant on the macro level, if that makes sense, your growing together, no one can get left behind, in my head its like over years and years, day to day I see what your saying though

                • thing about days is they turn into years if you take care of them. work in progress meetings are beneficial.

      • Whilst somewhat on the topic… Would really appreciate it if ex-boyfriend would stop invading me dreams because I currently hate his gutless self. I wake up looking somewhat like the girl in image – angry face, gritted teeth and hands holding my head thinking “what the fuuuu….?”

        • Yes EEL I read ‘Bad Pisces Relationship’ and instantly thought oh my god that’s a thing. I’ve had one myself! I was 16, virginal and naive, he was 32, married, addict, ended up in jail and then ‘found religion’. I’d never get involved with a Pisces again.
          Also – I am multi-Pisces and I wonder if any of my exes would describe me as their BPR?? 🙂

      • triyng to think of one faithful pisces!!! they’re all notorious for being unfaithful. i’ve accepted. my beautiful friend calls himself a bonobo. the tables do turn when all of sudden now you’re hotter than he was, and he’s not so hot after all these years. so funny when that happens. they start pursuing.

  5. MM darling, I LOVE this tip sheet. LOVE it. I’m pasting it on my front door.

    Late July 2009 was the beginning of the end for Sewerage. I met January 2010 divested of him, and the Cappo Comedy Writer (well, it was his first round of disappearance). If Sewerage was the bomb that blew things up, the CCW was the horrible after shock. BUT it was the start on the road of both operating from brokenness while simultaneously healing from it.

    All of this makes sense. All my Sewer debt is GONE. Like done. I dumped the Bionic Cancer on the day before this New Year’s Eve for asking me to pretend we weren’t involved in case a female friend who was a future romantic possibility for him attended – we’d surmised we weren’t going to be long term and he was trying to be “honest”. I said thanks for being “honest” but “honestly if you thought of me as a back up you’re deeply mistaken”.

    He felt he “honestly had feelings for me” but that he also “honestly felt he didn’t see me as a gf/wife”. I “honestly” told him I doubted we could even be friends due to how he behaved. You know, honestly.

    Have focused on work, am training for a mud run and recently found a realtor to happily work at looking for properties. Am being VERY relaxed about entertaining other interests, and deeply happy about entertaining mine. To me this Bitch Moon has not as much to do with detractors or fuqwits, there isn’t much of a feeling of rejecting others or their behavior as much as there is of an organic reset where its natural to be drawn into the blossoming beauty of being and becoming.

    I know we always hear the words, let go, or the phrase, letting go…and it feels arduous when it’s still an idea. We want to intend that, even when we know we’re not quite ready, sometimes it perpetuates a cycle of blaming ourselves for not doing better at saying no to what we haven’t quite resolved – not realizing that the struggle IS the process of resolution.

    The gift of this Bitch Moon IMO is that all those unreal things, those people, ideas, places, wounds and beliefs that have had their time, have ripened into a natural falling away. If it is a wave of wind that casts that quiet blow, then this is a time we greet it with uplifted faces and blissfully closed eyes. There is confidence, both in the unknown and the state of being unknown.

    To me, this is a characteristic particular to feminine power. That the moon pulls the tides in half light, and exerts her influence on our bodies with such mystery is nothing different from how we fall yet rise again. Fuller, brighter and more whole.

    • beautifully said FA as always xoxox
      what’s with that Cancer fellow eh? honestly, indeed !

      Become good at just letting myself ‘not let go’ of things simply because it doesn’t yet feel right. It’s not a sin, ffs. People, possessions, notions, the right time is the right time if there’s a time at all.

      some other things just fall away and it’s like they never even existed in my life, so easy is it to drop ’em in the recycling bin.

    • Thanks, Pi..I’ve been at both extremes of “letting go” (aka running off) and not at all. It’s one of those things that’s painful to be present for but worth it. Like grief I suppose. 🙂

      • Thank you for your beautiful words. Like it was a permission slip to go easy on myself about the whole concept/process of lettng go.

        So like there are reset people who come in our lives as opposed to the qi vamps….there are reset times too?

      • Absolutely. And your reset is YOUR reset. I’ve had times when much as I’d like to clean the slate, the residue hasn’t really gone yet.. we have to remember to be open to however the opportunity to start afresh is, whether that’s a messy kind of thing that happens in ebbs, or something quick and clean.

        And you also have to give yourself credit. Through time we acquire the skill to consciously let go, we know how to find what helps us get there … but it’s infinitely easier when there are people and circumstances that aid in it, whether on purpose or not. Our job is really to be open to the possibility.

  6. Thank you will white-light self / wear lucky undies / apply max. teflon charm this week.

    This FM is also exact trine my fishy Sun and Mercury, and exact sextile my Taurus Jupiter & Lilith. When in doubt, I’ll work on my 9th and 11th houses (basically, leave the house and go somewhere amazing with excellent people)…? Yes.

    Mid ’09 was when it really started to hit the fan with the Neptunian Toro.
    Early ’10 was when I nicked off to Europe for a while for some much-needed perspective. Uranus was starting to cross over my Sun. Cue Change. Ok, so change is the order of the week.

    Thank god I am not in a relationship right now.! way too much for my slush-i-fiedmind to handle. Feel like I have been in some kid of neptunian dreamstate for the last 12 months (as I keep saying) but Neptune hasn’t been aspecting anything, so… Maybe that’s just circumstances getting the one-up on me for a while. That’s OK. Things happen. On the up now.

    • by the by I just learnt that I have two stationing planets in my natal chart – Venus in my 10th and Neptune in my 6th.

      all I could really locate about stationary planets is that their energy is much more focused/evident in the chart (lol stationary Neptune in my 6th house… I work to an imaginary timetable? YES)

      if anyone happens to be an expert on stationing planets or has links to such things, I’d be interested to read more. xx

      • I have mercury stationing direct at 0 deg Aries, my 10th house and Saturn stationing in Cap my 7th.
        I use that merc in my work . I need to understand my customers business very quickly and identify blocks in their business process. I then present my findings and a solution. Let’s just say my style does not include faffing around, licking arse or proposing grand long term schemes.
        As for Saturn in my 7th ? I’m very careful about who I spend time, energy and love on.
        Personally I never read reversed cards in tarot as the reversed effect and I deal with retro and stationing natal positions in the same way.

        • hmm. I agree about reversed tarot cards – after way too much time wasting and reading negative things everywhere, I just quit it and decided if the cards wanted to tell me bad shit, they’d give me a pile of swords or whatever. (I’m not very good at tarot, ftr). So right way up all the way.

          as for retro and whatever, yes, i mean i only have outer planets retro and i haven’t even given much thought to what my mars sq jupiter means so yes… i mean first things first? Vedic astro seemed to have a lot to say but it was 2am when i was reading and zzzzzzz (sorry any vedic astro peeps out there, it was all too complicated)

          anyway so yes as you work your merc, maybe I need to let more Venus into my public image. thanks anyway DL here’s to seeing things the right way up

          • Vedic astro is pretty different pi, if you’re going to apply it to one part of your chart you pretty much have to go the whole hog and read the entire thing that way – it uses fixed stars. Same re the esoteric astrology – it isn’t the same as tropical astrology. Your planets could be in entirely different houses or the houses ruled by entirely different planets depending on which system you use and if you’re framing it in the tropical way it’s not going to be accurate or useful.

            Stationary planets I’ve been reading about because I have two – the effect depends on whether the planet was stationary retro or direct when you were born. If direct the lessons of the planet in retro have already been vicariously assimilated via the mother in the womb but if retro then you will experience more of a focus on the energies of that planet and because it’s retrograde it speaks of looking within rather than without.

            The other major thing to consider – if you’re going to consider it at all 😀 – with stationary planets in the natal chart is that they effect you on an ongoing basis by progression. It’s by considering your progressed chart that you may be able to see how this works more than in the everyday unfolding of the natal.

            Using my chart to illustrate, I have natal Saturn retro. I was born the day Saturn went retrograde and It will not return to the position of stationary direct in my chart until I’m in my 140s, so my entire life will be spent with progressed Saturn retrograde and that will colour the way I experience or harness the energies as it aspects other aspects and points in my chart. Suddenly the things I wanted to be when I grew up make a lot more sense.

            If your Venus is stationary retro you will probably see it leave retrograde by progression in your lifetime – aspects this progressed turning makes to planets and points in your chart could possibly indicate when you made choices about creative matters or reinforce things that happened earlier in life because it’s covering ground the progression already retrograded across but if Neptune was stationary retro when you were born it’s not gonna happen in this life. Stationary direct means you should have it easier re harnessing or assimilating the energies of those planets but it will be an inward focus and not outward as others who have planets direct experience them.

            • ‘as others who have NATAL planets direct experience them’

              Neptune could help with art – interesting your venus is stationary as well.

            • ergh…. that’s all way too complicated for me. Happy to remain an amachoor ‘strologer for now I think..
              thank you very much for the extra explanation though Anon.

              Saturn (natally retro) seems to have gone direct at some stage, looking at my progressed chart.

              Venus and Neptune were stationing retro. Venus still retro.

              Also, interstingly just bringing up the ‘progressed’ chart (not ‘natal and progressed’) shows with explicit clarity that Saturn is like the Puppet Master in my first house right now (Master of Puppets, mwahaha more fitting soundtrack). It’s the focus of the chart – visually at least – Aspecting almost everything, and at the other side of the chart a multiple-cats-cradle configuration linking various other planets to each other.

              hmm. ok I have lucre to hunt for. Maybe I need to do better with Saturn and not follow up on tropical paradise at the moment. Altho astro cartography says lots of lovely things about the region.. maybe for later? post-saturn puppetry? hmm.

              • Yeah sorry might not have explained it very well. Be interesting to see what happens creatively when venus goes direct by progression. My reading about all this retrograde shenanigans indicates it’s really only going to be of any use to read by progression pi. Seems ‘lucky’ to have natal retro Saturn in the 1st though, ironic as that may seem – means you miss it hitting the dreaded 2nd by progression for longer.

              • Basically I just want to get through saturn shitting all over everything in my life for the next 30 years (whatever) without developing a permanent scowl 🙁 does this mean I will NEVER HAVE FUN AGAIN ?!?!?!!?
                *contemplates death by paper cuts* I actually have no idea what I am doing right now. It’s like I am lost in the dark in bushland, and determinedly setting off in a direction that I have decided is for sure the right way, then ending up somewhere completely different, more lost, and the sun isn’t up yet. *cue angst*
                anyway never mind.

                • 😆 hands pi a ream of paper.

                  I had the same thing when saturn conjuncted sign and chart ruler (fundamental to my flavour of studies) simultaneously while opposing natal saturn pi – check out study leave. Use the system (saturn) to give you some space to work your shit out.

                    • fuq that made me cry. I DO care pi. That’s the thing. You’re lovely, I TOTALLY relate to your dilemma and I care dammit. This may be one of those times when too much astro = overthinking – have you considered that ? xxx

        • I never read reversed tarot either – to me each card has its meaning – kind of like how an Ace of Spades will always be an Ace of Spades no matter which way you deal it.

      • basically, how I have learned it anyways, lots of things effect the strength of your natal/progressed planets, one of them is the speed of the planet, that’s all, the overall strength of it is what matters and on its own stationary doesn’t have to be too big of a deal especially with contradictory factors making the planet weaker, if such factors exist

        • kind of like saying mars in cancer is in detriment, but if its in a certain house/degree and going at a certain speed it more then makes up for it, so you can’t assume all mars in cancer are weak, but the fact it is in cancer weakens it, among other factors overall

          • That makes sense with my retro saturn it’s in its fall in the sign of a planet it has a strong and convivial aspect to and I think the link to that planet helps. But the retro thing also makes sense in terms of my experiences of Saturn & its placement. I’ve never had the same struggles assimilating Saturn transits that other people seem to have – even though it’s natally in its fall. I am a natural delayer of gratification for the sake of a better or stronger outcome (even though I have lazy gambling venus in Libra in the 5th) and have a strong sense of systems and strategy – all things the natal retro Saturn in the house I have it in is supposed to indicate. So for me merging your concept with mine works well.

            • And aren’t retros / stations a perception or view. Planets don’t station or retro in reality.

              • isn’t it a slowing due to its relationship to the eliptic of the earth? It’s about relative speed. Astrology could be said to be a perception or view and that view gives some pretty broad spectrum attention given to transiting mercury when it retrogrades so why wouldn’t it have a bearing on the natal chart – it definitely has a bearing on progressions. My view of the one I have discussed is that I’ve observed it to have some effect on the way the planet’s energies manifest in my life. Can’t speak for anyone else and it probably depends on the planet too.

      • hmm, had a look, prog moon’s been in Taurus for ages – the closest thing I can see to the inward-focused, ‘working-through-something-deep’ , is progressed sun going over natal Chiron, and prog chiron/sun conjunct, and square my moon, which Chiron does natally exact anyway. think i’ve had enough of the navel-gazing … need a fresh air supply to come back up to the surface … *wrestling with inertia*

  7. Also – whilst you guys are hanging here – would love your thoughts on this. I am not going to do this till after Tarot 1, Tarot 2 and Secret Oracle 2 Project (Tarot Muses know what this is, please do not reveal)

    BUT i want to do DIY Astro Hacks – a no bullshit guide to reading your chart and loads of cool things to look at. Eg; someone reminded me of this today – when you have (say) a natal Pluto-Venus square, when you have Pluto trine Venus by transit, it helps you work that Pluto Venus square better, It feels magic.

    Anyway, i was going to do it as a e-book which makes sense but then i thought could also do it as a weekly course – “students” have their own Diy astro hacks page with the lessons and then we discuss in the comments. It would be a different theme each week and would use celebrity charts for ease of expanation. As they are characters we all “know.”

    So thoughts please…

    • I love the custom DIY astro hacks page but I think both? Maybe the e-book could be more basic for those who really have to start from scratch as a reference, and the course will be there to enhance further.

    • I think both. Course for those that want a more detailed education, plus the book to work off of. Plus question and answer sessions on thread format like this, but privatized unless you paid/subscribed for course.
      Maybe offer options to only pay for certain points of interest – like how to decipher transits – rather than one giant sum for the whole she-bang. That way peeps can customize their edu and don’t feel like they have to pay for something they already know?

      E-book for those that just want cliff notes/movie version.

      • 2nded for both options so we have choices and can adapt to our needs and lifestyles please.

        I have no time in my world for any more classes but I love your modern, urban schtick and the manner in which you describe transits – that is why I choose to subscribe. If I had to do the class to get the hacks book I would probably not imbibe but if I could just buy the e-book without the class I would definitely do that.

        Thanks for asking 😀

    • Love the idea of a course with comments, however later on when you want a quick reference the ebook would be really handy rather than having to find a post and scroll through the comments.

      So I vote for both! 🙂

      • Yes please to both! As a newbie starting from scratch, I can appreciate the e-book. But as with most things in my life lately, I’m sure that once I start delving into my chart in detail, my hunger for more knowledge will grow.
        Bring it on MM!

    • Sounds really cool.
      Newbies could post questions on a forum which I guess would eventually become a FAQ page. Great gateway tho.
      Also if there are kind souls willing to explain things like The Nodes, The Funny letters on the side of that box at the bottom of the chart on Astrodient etc they’d be helping out in a “been there, got the T shirt” kind of way!
      Rad idea.
      I say yes, keep it simple and low maintenance from your side but with a drop down menu like you have for categories on your main site. Sorry I’m talking bootstrap here but it’s just a suggestion. Whatever is most easy for newbies and frees up the most time for you to keep moving forward and generating rad apps, forecasts and books. I love your ebooks and think you could focus a lot more on that. You’re a brilliant writer, we all know this but curating a blog, dealing with your inbox, maintaining an actual life and evolving. Well, where DO you find the time zeitgeist ? X

    • has that interactive part of their website. I’m sure you’re familiar with it MM, you click anywhere on any chart, and it gives you a description. I think you can come up with something more fun, interactive, even if it’s an online chat/skype course. That would be great. Then everyone can chat and see each other. You have quite a following. You would have your e-book or “textbook”, and additionally, people could sign up for a skype course or chat session with you. Just a thought.

      • Serenity what is that interactive chart called? I’ve never seen that and want to check it out.

  8. My Uncle passed away yesterday and he was a life that came into bloom. All I can hear now is the sound of his voice and prickle of his beard against my face. Perhaps he passed as my Mother and I were looking at cheap flights up to see him and his wife.
    Last night I had a dream. A female women’s tennis champ read my future. She said “I could tell you everything and it would be so easy to do so.” While she was holding my hand and we were watching a game of tennis being played, she mentioned the many angels that watch over me. There is someone called “Kris and a surname with a K and the letter F.”
    So this Full Moon is a great time for my new bed to arrive.

    • Yes, a new bed to hold you and fresh dreams. I’m so sorry about your Uncle, grief is a living thing even when it’s so ironically sparked by loss. Be kind to yourself through the process, I hope your family will be with you during this time. xx

      • Thank You FA. It does feel very new era. I’d like nothing more than my Uncle to be welcomed into this next chapter with the words “Those theories you wrote about were true.” He would be beaming so brightly the night sky would pale in comparison.
        Actually I cope better by myself. I feel stronger and can move more freely through the grief process in solo mode.

        • Hugs, darling. And of course, it’s your grief, you do it however it sits with you. We all handle it so differently as individuals, though sometimes it can be very surprising and heart warming how the depth of it can be shared. It opens us up in strange and unpredictable ways.

          I’m sure he feels you in your remembering.

      • oh my goodness I didn’t say , S I am sorry for your loss. I hope you family can be strong together for each other during this time. xxxx

        • Love this dream, take it for what it is, it’s truth on some level! So sorry to hear of your loss though S, but heartening you receive messages like this at this time. Just beautiful. Hugs to you.

          • My Uncle was the landscaper on The Cascade Gardens on the Gold Coast many years ago, turning them into a peaceful lush environment.
            Not sure of the truth in the dream, but my young neighbour was talking about tennis today. Thanks Andy and congrats on the new addition to your family.

            • Thanks S. Life is but a dream & yr dreams therefore dreams within a dream… Dreams are a vehicle for truth rather a literal truth perhaps.

      • My theme song is “the gambler” you got to know when to hold them, you got to know when to fold them, you got yo know when to walk away, you got to know when to RUN

        • Omg! That’s my song too!
          Which version.
          I have banned Jonny Cash, as all traces of him and June CC should be forcibly removed from anyone checking into Love Zombie rehab. So although I used to really love them I simply am not allowed to listen Jonny or June, just for today.
          Kenny Rogers has a beard, sorry to be beardist but it’s just my Virgo prickly face aversion reflex is high, even via audio apparently. I just keep hearing “beard”
          So I’m rocking out to Wyclef Jean’s version.
          And although Kenny sings along, the whole beard/Stetson combo effect is made cooler by The Clef.

          Seriously which version are you playing?
          Such a rad song!

    • love to you S x

      I’m getting a new mattress tomorrow – I will think of it as my Full Moon mattress now.

      I was reading something about Kris Kristofferson this week too. I like Pi’s idea that he could be one of your angels but he is still with us actually, no?

      • Thank you lovely CS. It’s really put the mortality of my parents in mind.
        Ditto, my new mattress should be here tomorrow as the bed arrived last week.
        The dream conversation was in reference to a person I’ll meet. Sorry to disappoint about it not being Kris Kristofferson, but it could be two different people. Could even be about my Aunt, that’s her name.

        • Yes, I’m sure it does do that.

          I would certainly not be disappointed if you met Kris Kristofferson 🙂

  9. Mystic, I love and appreciate you always. But never more than this week. I so needed this tip sheet. I have had Pluto opposing my 9 degree cancer moon, Uranus squaring it, Lillith will be smack bang on my sun on the cancerian full moon. I am feeling it all so much. This week i was seriously scared I was going psychotic with the energy churning through me. Thank you a thousand times for making sense of some of it for me, I truly do not know what i would have done without your illumination of what is happening astrologically. xx

  10. Tip sheet is great…this FM is trine my natal Moon at 26 Pisces (2nd house). Have just moved house interstate, in with a male friend and this provides rent- and utilities-free accommodation. Getting used to sharing my living space again, with bloke (not a romance), 6 month old labrador, cat who has just had a litter of kittens, a collection of birds who drop in for the free birdseed. It is the circuit breaker that allows me to improve $$$ and it’s a beautiful big house with my own separate office/workspace.

  11. Full Moon conjunct Black Moon Lilith?! OK Mystic, now you’re making me geek out with some lunar astronomy. Full Moon at Apogee, very interesting. Now I am learning astrogeeky terms like “Lunar Apogee Syzygy,” although it is also called a Micromoon since the moon appears smallest at apogee, when it is most distant in its elliptical orbit. There is some (minor) debate about True Lilith vs. Mean Lilith, which does vary for reasons I don’t quite understand yet. And now I have learned more about Supermoons, which are Lunar Perigee Syzygy. (Syzygy just means “Moon Sun and Earth are all lined up.

    We just had a Supermoon, a New Moon at Perigee, opposite Lilith. I have learned that Lunar Perigee Syzygy is a Micromoon. Ah well, I never paid much attention to Lilith, as I have seen more than my share of lunar-related woman bitchiness. But I feel like there is a lost opportunity for richer mythology here. I have discovered that the point opposite Black Moon Lilith is designated Priapus. So a Supermoon is a Lunar Perigee Syzygy, or Moon conjunct Priapus.

    Well now. I must do more research on this matter. It might be worth some effort to have Supermoons deisignated as the Festival of Priapus.

    • Do pay more attention to Lilith – your own, I mean – Charles. “Lunar related woman bitchiness”, you say? In men who have a prominent mean apogee in their charts – even particularly testosterone driven males who haven’t delegated muscles to assistants – I have seen Lilith energy go much further than that, and look quite teenaged, mainly because they are busy projecting their own inner bitch energy, rather than owning her….

      • or in terms of “richer mythology”, Priapus moon = frustrated dick with a superiority complex that isn’t satisfied til Lillith gets underneath him?

        • Oooohaaa, IF, that read of your’s & Charles created a vast intake of breathe and ssssssshhhhh release.
          SYZERGY, huh?
          Whatta word, more an expression of a light bulb moment 🙂

        • Laughing ma tit’s off!
          That was seriously LOL, and fuq that acronym.
          Laughing out loud whilst alone is a buzz.

          The novel ‘Consumed’ by a Melbourne chick author has a wonderful explanation of God, the Serpent (Lillith) and Eve toward the end. She calls ‘Lillith’, Vassillika? and they, the Lilliths under another name, have passed on recipes from generation to generation, one is chosen to be the recipricent of the most sacred recipes.
          Great dialogue between Eve, Lillith & God.

      • I have not read Mystic’s book on Lilith. But I am looking seriously into Lunar astronomy as you can tell. I have tended to disregard “fictitious” aspects since there isn’t any actual astronomical object at that location, it is just a calculated spot, like the Lunar Nodes. And the complexities of these calculations are not obvious, but now I’m getting really interested.

        The Moon is probably one of my blind spots, since I was born at a New Moon. I mostly focused on natal Solar aspects, they’re the same as my Lunar aspects. In case you are interested, my Lilith is in Aries, in the 9th, in the same sign and house as my Venus (in detriment) but too far out of orb to be of significance.

        But the astronomy is looking more and more interesting. Between now and the Full Moon, the Moon will be at maximum declination for this cycle. Most people don’t look at declination very closely, but this one bears examination because we are approaching a “Minor Lunar Standstill season” within a year. This is the moment when the moon reaches its lowest declination, it only happens about every 10 years. But since we are near Minor Standstill, this month’s Lunar cycle will not go “out of bounds,” as it would at a Major Standstill. The Moon occasionally exceeds the declination of the Sun, beyond the Tropic of Cancer or Capricorn.

        So what does it all mean? I don’t know. I just learned that these points existed. But it all just adds to the intensity of the next few days of Lunar activity that Mystic has pointed out.

  12. Thank you Mystic!
    Today was weird. Got 2 different emails from people I don’t really know needing someone to talk to.
    Then got in heated moment with boyfriend. He retreated to bed.

    Pisces son is doing awesome again!

  13. well, I don’t like to sound needy, but in January 2010 my ex was losing his shit and I was the target. And, this full moon will be on my 25 Cancer Lilith and my 24 Cap Mars….so, uhm, am I gunna be ok? Could it be empowering? I guess it could!

    • honey, you are a haute SCORPIO = able to transcend the darkest deepest of shit that might send others plunging to the depths of Mount Doom. That was then, this is NOW: of course you will be OK! x (This message is of course also for me…now that Saturn is in my 1st, and given that 2009-10 eclipses were equally traumatic for me in terms of a relationship…)

      • thanks If – then we are in this together and I’ll draw strength by thinking of you and your words if it comes to that.

        He didn’t handle Saturn well – I think I’ve done OK with it 🙂

        • You’ve done really WELL with Saturn, as far as I can tell – I’ve been watching, even if I haven’t been posting much in last 12 months….And as I have some 28 degrees of my second first house Saturn transit yet to go (ah, 1984-6), I will be looking to you as a role model!

          • yes, indeed I would almost pass for a grown up now 😉

            I truly appreciate the gift of your words If, most especially in a year of quiet observation 🙂 was that Saturn in your 12th at work?

            • That was indeed Saturn in 12th which included Saturn on Venus, Saturn on Neptune, all while squaring natal Saturn in Aqua and natal Mars in leo. Suspect the quiet not-commenting much thng was also the double-whammy of Chiron return (it is natally on IC, opp natal Pluto/Uranus on MC and square Sun).
              By the way, I looked up Pullen the other day – was it you who pointed that out that option? Pluto is my strongest planet, and natal Sun square Pluto is number one chart aspect. The way he describes squares as ‘irreconcilable conflicts” – in my case, between spirit/sense of self (Sun) vs destiny and capacity to shape destiny (Pluto) had me in tears all of a sudden – big gulping sobs of recognition out of the blue – so hopefully I’ve done my emo-full-moon early!.
              It HAS felt like an “irreconciilable conflict” for much of my life, no matter how hard I have tried to either adapt spirit/ sense of self to be at peace with destiny, or – more characteristically for me – change destiny to stay true to self/spirit. But I still think Pullen should use a less deterministic description of squares that gives more hope of reconciliation with continued effort!!

              • aw, If – what a time of it you’ve had! Saturn on Venus would be bad enough without all those other aspects on top! I hope you’re through the worst of it xx

                yes, I pointed Pullen out but it came from someone else here I can’t remember. It’s a fairly blunt instrument I guess – not much couching of anything in nuance or qualification. Pluto is one Mofo of a prominent planet! S has it too I think. Sometimes i feel overwhelmed and life and the world are so full and fast i just wish for a little relief for us all xx

                • Ah thanks for remember my Pluto CS.
                  Pluto is a mofo. I don’t know how the calculation tool works for this Pullen assessment. I’ve been looking at my chart for when I had my breakdown in Dec 2009/Jan 2010, I had everything in the last three houses and Pluto was in Cap.

                    • During that time I had Pluto square my Sun, Moon and Mercury. Saturn was squaring my Venus and Mars. There was no water in my chart then. Almost like how can you have your emotions in order without any water to facilitate this process.

                    • hmmm, I will beware the Pluto Square….squaring my Venus now and for some time. Then everything else I own.
                      How was the full moon for you?

                    • The dog that I look after is very sick and might have puppy meningitis. Keeping up my promise to not buy chocolate when doing the a grocery shop. How are you?

                    • oh, poor puppy 🙁

                      I’m good, busy, tired, I want things to slow down. I’m not keeping up my aim not to buy icecream at the grocery store 😯

                • Thanks as always, lovely one. I definitely am through worst of it: weird for Saturn in 1st to be a relief, eh! And I choose to think of that square as representing
                  ‘obstacles’. At least THEY are navigable – with care!!

                  • you’re gorgeous. Saturn may bring the payoff now if it’s traipsed all over your sore points already!

    • Oh I so understand. January 2010 I lost my shit on my manipulative, psycho, needy, immature boyfriend….scorpio with cancer moon. I paid for it, then put up with his awfulness for over another year as retribution. I grew immensely, I focused on myself, went to weekly counseling, anger management. I discovered me as a single woman.
      Thankfully Torro lover and I are in a billion time better relationship.
      All about turning into the pheonix!

  14. You are a True Goddess Myst! You have just prepped us to your very best abilities. Beyond the Call. THANX.
    Just come form a tense relationship of god-daughter & her bloke. Both Librans. He has just come out as Gay but her must stay with her till lease expires in another 5 months. He brings his new man-friend to play ‘happy families’ with her and her 2 teens. He had neon yellow nail polish on. Told him to take it off and as i couldn’t ask him to ‘wash his mouth out’, asked him to wash his hands. So then he asked me if i could paint them voilet.
    So he’s even using HER nail polish.
    Playing happy families is impacting on her no matter how liberal and supportive she is about it all.
    As we are in for a week of 40 celcius, an official heatwave, there will be explosions i predict in their household.
    This is the 2nd same sign couple that are in ‘transit’ of the week.

    • Holy Bloody Hell – yes very volitate times Pegs ! Really hope you and your daughter manage to keep your cool. I feel like I really loose my power if I loose my temper or start to cry in an altercation with those that have been sent to try you

      • Darling, luckily she is a god-daughter only, (i never had children) and only see her every 3 months.
        I’m a liberated bitch but that scenario left me feeling uneasy.

  15. Anyway have made the definitive decision (that Libran Moon/Neptune conjunction spaces time) to return to Tahiti. An outer island where a retired ageing fire dancers lives, that fishes and grows pakalolo with papaya trees in his garden. Hundreds of coconut trees on the beach & lagoons.
    The reason for this decision is that i ate a whole red papaya this week and it sent me on a trip back there and playing Black Pearl Tahitian CD. Coconuts & papaya are my miracle foods, it was instant health & wellbeing zap plus energy, beaucoup energie, meaning ALIVE. It brought me back from the dead. That and making enough money to eat as many as i can as discovered the market stall where there is a constant supply.
    If i eat Durian will it make me want to go back to Malaysia???
    JackFruit would equal instant Bali:-)
    The Power of Food.

    • Amazing Pegs! When will you make the move? Tbh I always think of you on an island beach with a coconut drink in hand, watching the sparkling cyan surf & setting sun.. 😉

    • Maybe if you eat a durian in one of those crazy iced red bean grass jelly affairs

    • tropical fruit is the bomb. I was reading about the changing dietary habits of various pacific island nations and (unbelievably, to my no doubt biased perspective) some groups have to try to convince their kids *not* to eat imported, pricey, junk like chips, processed meat, and soft drinks in favour of coconut, local bananas, fresh fish, papaya, limes …it goes on… how anyone needs convincing of that i have no idea, price alone is the decision factor but grass is always greener I guess 🙁 did I miss something?

      • That’s it PI, they just want something different.
        My decision to return is based on ‘why feel uncomfortable for 7 months of the year’ becoz it’s too cold and i can’t eat what turns me on.
        Plan for 2015 on 3 month visa first.
        Last time went for 3 months and stayed 2 years.
        Hope the same thing will happen in the Islands of Love.

    • Oh my …..
      That is fuqin outrageous.
      I love it!
      You GO FOR PEGS!
      Just do it!

      • Odd, I have been growing my hair after cutting it off in 2000. It is now shoulder length and I am umming and ahhhhhing about it. It is a shed load of work to maintain which surprised me but I don’t know that I want the uber cool chick look back, as I was trying to go softer, more approachable, feminine.
        Hmmmmm and then the whole rugby team kept running their fingers through it last night. Hmmmmmm

  16. Your description of this being a ‘Bitch Moon’ is very apt for me. We just adopted a dog!!
    😀 😀 😀
    Via the Internet I hunted down a rescue adult to train as canine companion to my ASD boy.

    I meditated until I got a rough description of his appearance & likely breed mix from my guides.
    Totally clear vision as you describe atm MM.
    Told Gem ‘This is the One, his new name will be xxx & we have a green light from my Guides’. Gem cautiously reserved judgement unsure of what to make of this – then he met him & completely thrilled said, “Oh! He’s perfect”.

    It was unintentional but will pick up dog on Lil’ Cap’s birthday! Next step is Companion Dog training.

    He is super Lilith, a stray with a run of bad carers & a family who dumped him when they divorced.

    Can’t be sure of his astro but seems to be either a Libran or Scorpio Earth Ox.
    One more Ox won’t sink the boat, this Tiger is surrounded already!

    • Ohh that is such wonderful news! Miracles will happen I can just feel it… the power of connections with animals. I suspect from what you’ve said about this pooch’s history, and how you found him, that the miracles have already started. Keep us posted!

    • That is WOnderful about the dog, for him and for you!!
      I would like to have a few rescues, after my darling old girl and boy pass

      • Thanks Blu, Crys & Ver!
        I am sooo excited, it really is an addition to the family.
        The astro for this is really interesting too.
        MM said it was a great time for moving on from relationships – he will be moving on from his foster people.
        Then MM says that Moon resonates with beginnings of Jan ’10, which is when the Cap was born.
        We weren’t expecting to do this, but there he was.. so!

        • Plus I have Moon in the 6th – and haven’t had pets for a decade. With Saturn on my Moon atm, I can do with some extra daily dose of unconditional love.

  17. MM thanks SO much.
    These tips are like etched into my brain. I will keep referring back to them.
    Am amping up so much these days. Now fully recovered. Only eating what feels good and for me right now that is all organic, mainly veg but even some fruit (qu’uelle horror! ) hey I feel great.
    Protein powders (vegan ) backed into bread like stuff seem to fulfil the “need to eat things with a soul” ie protein. Writing up a storm :))) literally 😀 and about to shoot off to 3 hours of Classicore. That’s a combo of yoga, Pilates and ballet. Hardcore and awesome. Just wanna say thanks.
    Oh. And.

    Like badly dude.
    I know, I know, Venus retro etc. I’m not talking skinhead short just like a bob maybe. These long tresses feel too SEDUCTRESS and high maintenance for new me that is emerging. I’m feeling uber Virgoan fashion wise and have taken or plan to take everything that I don’t feel magnificent in down to Oxfam. But seriously, a bob. I haven’t rocked Chinese minimalist bob vibe since my teens but it just feels so me right now.
    I’m HATING my long hair. I know it’s crazy and I’ve been trying to talk myself down from this ledge for weeks. Think I’m just gonna do it next week.
    Have also swopped my contacts for glasses. I LOVE THEM!
    How Venus retro is all this?
    Super lucid dreams.
    Thanks for your amazing site. Xxx

      • Yes! That’s EXACTLY what I had in mind. Thank you double happy
        Kind of simple but chic.
        Not UNfeminine but not ultra femme either.
        Just simple, clean, stylish and super low maintenance.
        I’m thinking short up the nape of my long neck and long at the front with an assymmetrical side parting.
        More minimalist punk than miss money penny .
        It just feels like freedom to me now.
        Freedom from Making An Effort.
        Freedom from tying it up to do yoga.
        Freedom from Doing it a All Vintage to impress you.

        I think the freedom from the need to impress others and the back to basics simplify are the most relevant.
        I just love how this Venus retro is making me reassess my own sexuality and what makes ME feel good instead of my previous perpetual quest to be adored by others.
        I may regret it but its hair.
        Hair grows, it’s not like I’m having surgery or getting into debt. Besides I can’t afford to keep up the kind of lifestyle and beauty regimen that I used to.
        I’m fine about it.
        I want simple.
        I am after all a triple Virgo 😀
        Granted I have a Saggo stellium too but I’ve had it with constantly “doing my hair”. It’s feeling so passé

        • Sorry Blue posted above rather than here re the hair debate. I’m blonde can you tell!!

        • Blue, google Karlee Kloss. Messy bob. Can be sleeked back.
          Like your idea of asymmetrical bob.
          Very liberating to have a new style.
          Will find the author of ‘Consumed’ for you, as
          got it from my local library, wonderful read.

    • You should totally get the bob! I just got a v.similar cut. I had super long mermaid hair for about 6 years, and I think it just started to carry around a bad energy after a while, ya know? Like, everyone loved it and thought it was beautiful but I didn’t want to be defined by it, and it felt like people were just projecting their ideas and ideals of femininity onto my hair and it wasn’t me anymore.. Even when I was sat in the chair at the hairdresser I had a stranger next to me saying “why are you doing this? it’s so lovely…”
      Anyway, got it chopped off, best decision I’ve made. Feel heaps more confident and free. I’m much more witty than I used to be, I think. DO IT!

      • Yep, off to do it right now.
        Not going to go as short as I would like at first. I hope (said the sago moon to the sago rising 🙂 maybe I can do something tentatively rather than drastically for once?
        Will report back later lol 😀
        Cheers for the support peeps xxx

  18. Haven’t read the other posts yet so forgive me but had to get this written down.
    2009 Sept, met and instantly clicked with my last super beau and had three and a half amazing and deep years with him, which crashed in April after the lunar eclipse and such.
    Since then nothing has been on the radar. Never had such a dry spell. Old lovers still there etc but no real and telling meeting. In fact I thought my spirit was broken with the loss of my tall man. I’ve scanned the world for a pair of eyes I know and nothing. Dead folk walking.
    Last night, well actually the whole day was extraordinary. My weekends have been tumble weed through my living room mostly, but yesterday it got better. Eventually ended up in a bar for some food with a good friend and the place filled with exceptional men. Mostly over 6:6 and all ripped. Yup the rugby match I’d seen earlier, the team just walked in.
    And as we went to leave I was accosted, met a pair of eyes that just shone and I have a new play thing!! Ha Ha
    An international capped plaything.
    Now I was a very good girl and left the bar with a kiss on the cheek and NO numbers exchanged, thinking, well I enjoyed my night, that was fun.
    This morning my phone rang. He’d googled me, found my details and called to say he’s well up for this.
    I am grinning.

      • Tee hee Haven’t had such a day in ages. I can’t stop grinning. People are going to put me in an institution at this rate.
        It’s so funny because a guy on thursday night who wanted me to go back to his hotel with him and was most put out when I said that although I was chatting openly with him I was not ‘into’ him and therefore he should give it up. He tried to tell me again that I fancied him No no I don’t. So I proceeded to tell him that although he fancied himself, that there were another 25 guys at the bar who wanted the same as him and I’d say no to all. Jumped up pr**k. The one on saturday night, nah he was mine!!!

        • Oh oh my new beau, his pluto is in my 7th! And my moon mars sits on his moon with his venus trine my moon mars. And my pluto uranus conj at my DC is band on his NN ! Bit deep and a bit hot. Oh yes. He’s aries

          • I am being so sensible that I haven’t asked the young turk for his birth details yet, lol

            • Yeah me thinky that this is a case of oh dear god here we go again. But he has given me an idea for a book!
              It would be an experiment…
              but I reckon I could pull it off and then write about it. Names changed to protect the innocent!

            • Soz Calypso, did you meet yourself a young international babe too?

              Where, when 🙂 hazard a guess at his placements?

              • I did V! Online, this week. Was a success at the time, but now with Venus Rx in Cap I’m reviewing it in terms of a cost/benefit analysis, lol.

                I think he’s Katakan – another one 😯

                • Good to keep your hand in (the game) so to speak…

                  My theory was always to keep a few little interests simmering away without taking up huge amounts of your time and emotion

                  eventually one stands out cos it’s the real deal

  19. well, classes start for a new semester tomorrow, I am going to do a new amped up work out regime, and I started eating healthy. On top of that I am going to meditate daily and start reading everyday like I used to. I dunno, it feel like the atmosphere is especially conductive to change of late, and I want to cram as much in there as possible and take advantage of it. We’ll see how this semester turns out.

    • i just started meditating again using a different style – for ever I didn’t realise that there are different styles. Instead of having crazy visions and receiving messages this one is simply relaxing. Am finding it conducive to witnessing the rampage astro as opposed to being on one.

      • relaxation is probably better, but something in me just thinks the whole crazy visions thing is just so cool even if dangerous, at least to do for a little while. What has actually kept me from picking up the habit was knowing there were different styles, I finally found one I like too, and its safe in case your wondering, my dangerous fascination notwithstanding

        • 😆 I think you may be giving my harbouring of maternal tendancies vs ‘dangerous fascinations’ with regards to other dimensions more weight than it warrants.

  20. Cardinal chick with Cap on my AC so right in the eye of the storm here… Oh man, the last 4 weeks have been a real kick in the pants… had about a magnum of champagne on NYE and woke up next to an ex from ancient times, we had fun but the next morning he was a real JERK, he put on his pants walked out of the room without saying anything, and we had to then endure The Most Awkward Breakfast Ever with all our friends + his sister. At some point during the previous evenings he told me “I try really hard to hate you, but I can’t,” So I take it that ignoring me within five minutes of waking up is a sign that he’s back to trying to hate me, also WHO TRIES TO HATE ANYONE THAT’S MESSED UP AND SUCH BAD ENERGY I CANT DEAL WITH THAT.
    On top of this found out with the Retro Venus/Merc conjunction from a few days ago that an friend of mine saw my most recent ex (who i’ve spent 5 months trying to get over) with another girl only 2 weeks after we initially broke up and only just told me now! Feel like my life is backwards and I don’t even know who i am/ who anyone I love is anymore, do I just make relationships/personalities up in my head? Been trying to take the high road and just ignore bad peeps but then I never get my explanation or an apology, I just feel worthless.
    Eating all the carbs and drinking all the gin as they are not complex and deceitful, at least I know where I stand with them i.e. fat and drunk. Trying to keep my shit together at work but on the verge of tears the whole time… met up with a Virgo friend who gave me a bit too much real talk along the lines of you like guys who are “projects” and that in life “we accept the love we think we deserve,” and yes, she’s probably right, but for the past 5 months I’ve been trying to sort the pile of crap that is my life/body out, not focusing on love or relationships at all, I don’t really want that stuff…. now that all of this has happened I’m just very very tired and I feel like I’m back where I was 5 months ago. I didn’t want all this angst back in my life again and now it’s here I feel like I’m drowning in emo sludge and my puny little heart can’t deal with it.
    Thank you for the advice sheet Mystic, I shall put your advice into practice… tomorrow I’m going to go for a run, drink a green smoothie, write some abusive letters I will never send and apply to some jobs that don’t involve me accidentally putting my hands in phlegm and so I don’t have to live with people who try to trick vegetarians into eating meat.

    • run and a green smoothie sound like a good way to relocate a bit of balance.

      I wonder if your friend who saw your ex with someone else after the break-up didn’t tell you as she knew it would mess you up more. not telling you out of kindness as you were going through enough already? Would it have changed anything really..? x

      the champagne fiasco, well best to clock that one in the ‘oops too much champagne’ corner – can’t do much about it except forgive yourself hon. hey you had fun, the ex has proven himself a dick but by his own admission he can’t hate you (nothing stopping you from hating him though, for a while at least)

      good luck finding freedom in your heart from exes . hugs 🙂

    • OK i have just had someone all over me then suddenly just about incommunicado BUT i’m not stuffing about with carbs and gin to maximise the notion i am unlovable, and NEITHER SHOULD YOU, Miss Lady! Hey if i think about it i split a couple of gourmet pastries with a buddy, and i did take her to a specialty gin bar, which delighted her. Like you, i wonder, did i make up that personality in my head? And it IRKS, that lack of explanation (all my Sag planets, Aries Merc, Capricorn Mars, Aqua Venus like it crystal clear, hey) and i’ll admit to visiting the oracle with my dumb ‘x’ questions. This morning i heard a little voice in my mind say maybe i just wasn’t lady enough, and BOY did actually being conscious of that little voice wake me up more than the coffee in my hand!!! I can never think of myself that way again. Shiny people always run into -um, what, phlegm??? – but the real shine doesn’t come off when some tit brushes his dirty sleeve against you. Keep that chin up, hips centred for strength, shoulders back and stride into your brand new day, Jenny. You’re allowed to cry but not allowed to be dragged backwards, OK? x

    • i agree with pi re your friend not telling you straight away. When my best friend ended her relationship of 7 years and I said thank god I never liked him, he was patronising and arrogant I got a stunned silence and then an answer I wasn’t expecting ‘Fuck you’re the 3rd person to say that, why didn’t anyone tell me?’ and my response was because we love you and it wasn’t about us – you were happy, we were happy for you so we tolerated him. I suspect your friend was protecting you from the truth – a true friend.

    • No, you guys are totally right, I’m so glad my friend didn’t tell me at the time, I definitely wouldn’t have been able to cope with it at all! I just meant what I said in regards to my ex… feels like I made him up… he was always going on about how living an authentic life was the most important thing, and yet he was extremely deceptive, more of which I’m finding out in the aftermath- e.g. with this as he always said he couldn’t have a one night stand- and I’m just finding it really difficult to wrap my head around it… I mean I shouldn’t really be that baffled, he’s a Gemini with a Mars-Neptune square lol. Most of the things I have found out (e.g. emotionally blackmailing a friend into not telling me info) have made me glad we broke up, but this has made me relapse so hard… thank you all for the kinds words. I’m still feeling pretty sad about it today, but I’m trying to get all my stuff done and hopefully forget about it. =]

      • Douche bags are real people and it sounds like you met one. There is no reason to internalize that as some quality of yours. Douche bags happen. On to green smoothies!!!

    • If its too much for your “puny little heart” to deal with than drop it, yes? Drop it all. Embrace the total power of “Just Say Fuck It.”

      Sorry, I am a Virgo.

  21. Thanks for posting the tips! 100% feeling the feminist moon rumbles. Keenly sensitive to patriarchal b.s. (more so than usual) AND found a copy of Valerie Solanas’ SCUM Manifesto at the thrift store today. It was suddenly imperative to have this book back in my life, as my previous copy went AWOL years ago.

    • was she a bit mad? I just read about her this week but in the context of her shooting Andy Warhol :/

      • Yes, she was diagnosed as a schizophrenic after turning herself in for the shooting. Prior to that she had escaped childhood abuse and teenage homelessness, got a degree in psychology, wrote a few works and supported herself as a prostitute. Plus, she came out as gay in the 50s. The cards were stacked against her and SCUM is def her rallying cry against the patriarchal strictures of her time.

        I always read it as a parody, of sorts, like Swift’s Modest Proposal, but I’m not sure if Solanas was serious about “eliminating the male sex”. In any case, it’s still a powerful critique of gender inequality and capitalism. Worth a read!

  22. This full moon is on my IC which is 26 kataka!!
    Strangely I was talking to my friend who said she had an emotional meltdown NYE home alone and feeling lonely — she separated from husband last year and is rebuilding her life. I was saying you have to feel the emotions and process them, not resist or distract. Sounds like I’ll be diving into a big pool of sadness this week.

  23. 2009 was right after my divorce when I reconnected with the Sag soulmate that drove me to the edge of reason and beyond. For the Pisces, it was right after he got married (2010 was the divorce). Odd contrast-similarity.

    The Pisces and I did the full moon yesterday. He locked horns with my little Ram and forgot he’s the grown-up. It ratcheted up to inviting him to leave if he couldn’t handle being the adult and taking the ego blows. Painful stuff. I think he sees it clearly now. Who knows? In any case, he stayed on and apologized to each of us individually. My baby Ram really knows how to push someone’s limit. Guess she found his and, in turn, he found mine. All good stuff to know for our household.

    I know this: I am not afraid of inviting a situation to leave my life if it doesn’t work for me. Why waste time? I served my time in 11 years of marriage – no more invisible needs. Everyone has to play fair of gtf out. And the Ram stays, of course.

    I had a dream the other night of a snow tiger. I could see the tiger and in my dream I exclaimed “Snow tiger!” and that was it. Taking that as my animal totem for the week.

    Good luck, lovelies! Forewarned is forearmed, yes?

    • That’s interesting 12th, the snow tiger is such a symbol of powerful, solitary independence.

      It’s nice to know that part of you is vibrantly awake.
      You sound very clear.