Uranus Direct Is The Everything

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Still Life Reviving Surrealist Art

Uranus Direct is The Everything. 

Triggering Mars, triggering Pluto, triggering the Zap Zone.  Triggering asteroid Theodora for fuq’s sake. Hey who doesn’t need a little bit of Byzantine hooker-turned empress role model inspiration these days?

You’re either getting it right now (in which case you’re busy and constantly resetting your Qi, trying not to let your energy frequencies get scrambled or burn out) or you’re not getting it.

In which case you are probably trying to maintain a little bit of a tradition fetish right about now.  Or trying to party like it’s 2007.

The Martian Mayhem lingers straight through to the Pluto (yes) fuelled New Moon of January 1 & yes, yes it’s is going to be exhaustively covered in the Horoscopes.

It may be intense but you will have armor, weapons, data and attitude. 

I am off the blog now until early 2014 but there will be special Martian Mayhem updates on the Weekly Horoscopes page, Retro-Venus sexy love juju updates in the January Horoscopes, Pagan Grinch Xmas Rebel Grinch ranting  & some major rad motivational schizz in the Daily Mystic emails.

The Shop is still open (for Binaural Beats etc),  the Triple Leo Intern and I are still around – I am doing Phoenix Consults & working on the fab Tarot project & the Triple Leo Intern is here (apart from public holidays & Xmas/New Year’s Eve) for any questions, log-in issues, gift sub organizing and so on…AND THE TAROT MUSE WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED ON XMAS EVE…



Image: Remedios Varo – Still Life Reviving

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306 thoughts on “Uranus Direct Is The Everything

  1. Dear MM and Community,

    I grew up in a a town now notorious for thieving pols, a huge bankruptcy, and many woes. As Uranus turns direct, I’d like you to know that this is part of the story- a musician who came back to his town, school, family and friends to say a big thank you. This video features peeps who set MP where he is- Happy Solstice and Happy Hols!!


    Xx Kat

  2. Oh Mystic don’t abandon us now. We have had no official Mystic messages since the 19th. It is the Solstice, and now with Venus Rx, the Queen of Taureans has abandoned me and left me undefended. Mars is opposite Uranus and I fear leaving the house since angry people pop up out of nowhere during these transits (blame Uranus in my 12th). Now the Capricorn stellium is forming and will hit big between now and New Years. Oh how will we make it through December?

    • Lol mate i work seven days a week! I am taking three days off around Xmas & then straight into Tarotscope. If i do not reboot, i will not be able to do good work. Also the Horoscopes and Daily Mystic are still coming out…

      And i am actually about to put up a cool Saturnalia pic.

      But please do not begrudge me the occasional time away from the computer – if i crack up there is nobody to replace me…

      • Oh Mystic, no, I don’t begrudge you any time off. You deserve it. But you know how Taurus can feel cast adrift when Venus is RX. I’m sure you’ve already looked ahead and seen the extreme astro of the next 2 weeks, and have stored up enough global communiques so that the Radio Operator at the Mystic Castle is ready to dispatch them at the crucial moment.

        I doing my usual Saturnalia, which means “Funemployment” for the entire month. So I will stay inside the Taurus Bunker, wearing my Taurus Armor, and only stepping out when I must forage for food.


        The Taurus Armor is heavy and hard for the Taurus to bear. But there is little other choice when Venus has left us to protect ourselves. Fortunately Taurus can bear the weight of the heaviest armor if it is aesthetically pleasing.

        • Was agreeing with MM not Charles.
          I know you are kidding Charles.
          Just saying, our wise zeitgeist needs a breather too. Xx

          • Well of course I am kidding. I could just say xoxo miss you Mystic, but I’d rather joke about how the minute she turns her back, the stars shift and the universe begins to descend into chaos. LOL.

            So anyway, dear Mystic, have some good time away. Your brief absence only makes the heart grow fonder, we are reminded of how keenly we appreciate your work and your wit, and your spirit.

    • My theory is Think Like A Pisces. Have a beer before you leave the house, tune out a little, pretend you’re a tourist and just sort of observe things around you as though it’s all new, look at the freako-angry types as though you don’t speak english and just sort of wander past them all. Then do 150 crunches when you get home, some push-ups, cut up the vegies for the next day’s green salad and send a money-making email, etc. Continue as needed.

    • Charles, get a grip. I know you are joking, but if you have a dilemma over the holiday period, ask yourself what would Mystic do? Or consult the Oracle. Said with love. Happy saturnalia !

  3. Yes Charles DO get a grip. I miss Mystic more than anyone but she has every right to a break and I notice that the horoscopes are still going up so it is not like there is just a “gone fishing” sign.