Uranus Direct Is The Everything

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Still Life Reviving Surrealist Art

Uranus Direct is The Everything. 

Triggering Mars, triggering Pluto, triggering the Zap Zone.  Triggering asteroid Theodora for fuq’s sake. Hey who doesn’t need a little bit of Byzantine hooker-turned empress role model inspiration these days?

You’re either getting it right now (in which case you’re busy and constantly resetting your Qi, trying not to let your energy frequencies get scrambled or burn out) or you’re not getting it.

In which case you are probably trying to maintain a little bit of a tradition fetish right about now.  Or trying to party like it’s 2007.

The Martian Mayhem lingers straight through to the Pluto (yes) fuelled New Moon of January 1 & yes, yes it’s is going to be exhaustively covered in the Horoscopes.

It may be intense but you will have armor, weapons, data and attitude. 

I am off the blog now until early 2014 but there will be special Martian Mayhem updates on the Weekly Horoscopes page, Retro-Venus sexy love juju updates in the January Horoscopes, Pagan Grinch Xmas Rebel Grinch ranting  & some major rad motivational schizz in the Daily Mystic emails.

The Shop is still open (for Binaural Beats etc),  the Triple Leo Intern and I are still around – I am doing Phoenix Consults & working on the fab Tarot project & the Triple Leo Intern is here (apart from public holidays & Xmas/New Year’s Eve) for any questions, log-in issues, gift sub organizing and so on…AND THE TAROT MUSE WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED ON XMAS EVE…



Image: Remedios Varo – Still Life Reviving

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306 thoughts on “Uranus Direct Is The Everything

  1. Aww miss you already! Lol. But a break is so deserved, after another wonderful year. Thanks Mystic for helping give us the special info – forewarned is definitely forearmed. And this continues to be one Hell of a ride as the ZZ continues to get into its stride. So much more fun with MM and this community on board! Thank you and happy holidays, all. Looking forward to a blasting, shit hot 2014 :) Big loves

  2. As soon as I got the daily and read “Uranus direct” I was like “Oohh…it all makes sense now…” lol! So glad for the dailies!

    • Uranus gives always gives me an amphetamine high – not saying that I like it, but that’s what it feels like.

    • *waves* hi

      yes thank god for the dailies and weeklies and buying lots of shoes, suede boots.

      major career reinvention power play has left me with a boat of one, but rather enjoying it.

      how are you?

      • Hi. Feeling frazzled. Not sure why exactly. Virgo-ing out, maybe? I need to get more physical exercise. Work is challenging. I think. I can’t really tell, because I carry around expectations and I know my expectations have no real relationship to reality. Maybe I am excelling at my job, I wouldn’t know :-)

        Also, being in a relationship is weird. Pisces is super supportive but I don’t always want to see someone at the end of the day. He was asking me questions – how to thread a needle, what I want to eat and when, how to stitch something right, how to program the thermostat- and I’m like “Seriously?!? Can’t you answer some of your own questions?” I’m on edge!

        • 12HV, (I have mars pluto uranus in virgo in 12th)
          and I was single for sooo many years, very happily so,most of the time, just me and my dog, art and friends visiting…

          It is a BIG adjustment to have a man move into your house, and into your sphere even if he is supportive…With our relationship, there were a lot of fights and tension finding our space in it, but I must say I love living with him now, and would really miss him if he went.

          I love being able to depend on him, but I do like a lot of autonomy, so we don’t do everything together, and if you want to chill out on your own sometimes, just do it!

          Maybe 12th house people need that space around them to tune in with themselves, there was some comments in another post-eg Davidl was saying the 12th house moon helps him really relish time to himself. I just need to stare at the wall sometimes…

          • Totally! He’s 12th house moon and Mars. I’m 12th house sun and Venus. I’m really feeling how hard it can be to reach for the NN. Mine is in 3rd house Sag. Third house is about communicating and having your needs met by your environment. I don’t want to talk about it. I do everything on my own. I don’t know how to set expectations on sharing the load. Pfft. I know that has to change. Like breaking out of a shell. Gah.

            • expectations… 12HV, write a list!! :) may be easier to communicate?

              Plus my partner and I don’t sleep in the same bed every night, we are both happy with that arrangement. I don’t see why one should have to?

              I am Aries sun, venus, mercury, in 7th. Very independent. We have worked out a groove where we can be ourselves in the relationship, but it takes time to sort it out, I guess

            • Oh GAWD I relate! 3rd house Saturn and the exchange of “helping” energies, in a diddly, day-to-day way, is torturous. So much that seems ridiculously unnecessary! Just figure it out already! If only it worked that way…

              Wonder if you’re feeling the second hit of your Pluto- mercury transit. Exact very soon, though it passes quickly. That may or may not be a positive.

              I’ve been meaning to tell you for a month how happy for you I am! Adjustments notwithstanding, you and the Pisces are sooooooo cute!! Xxxxxxx

          • I am so like that! Single for years, unsure if I want to live with someone again, if I did find a man. Live my own space and need solitude and independence. Nothing in 12th, always put it down to Aries rising and Lilith and juno in sag 8th house. The thought of being in a codependent relationship makes me feel claustrophobic!

              • 12th house stuff…mmmm.
                Venus there and find it impossible to share my living environment with a man or any person that i can think of past or present.
                I’m a ‘man on weekends only’ type or leave the key under the midnight mat & be gone before breakfast.

                • Hmm…I like him to make me breakfast but his arms do get heavy at night. Seriously…gives me a back ache…I have to push him off multiple times a night!

            • Me too! I attribute it to my Aries stellium, and also Aquarius on the descendant.

              Plus Scorpio moon in the 4th is a need for a private sanctuary from which to hide from the world.

        • I like space in my relationships. Sometimes I think about if I could stand someone around all the time and how that might be done. I don’t think it’s possible. I can’t sleep with a man for more than a few nights before I kick them out into the other room and close the door on my bed and my sanctuary. Even my dog knows there are times I refuse to sleep snuggled up to him.

          Other times I want to be so close as to absorb the other person and walk around inside them for awhile. But it’s temporary, and we both know that. Sometimes I am hurt by the other’s seeming indifference to me, because that’s a moment a feel I want to connect and they don’t, but I know how laughable that is because I do that to them all the time.

          Complexity is a virtue. I have always found you so very complex 12thHV, and admire you for it. Weaving your complex nature into a relationship is a beautiful thing to behold.

  3. Yeah Uranus, huh. Yesterday I got my contract NOT renewed despite all previous official indications saying it would be. How did I find out? By newsletter!!! Gormless boss. My woodwork students are furious. Placating nepotism is more important than student welfare.

    • That’s disgusting. I hope you are making major complaints to everyone you can and kicking up such a stink your pathetic boss is made to squerm and try to justify him/herself and your students and parents are encouraged to complain en masse to the institution.

  4. Been a year to remember.. for those reasons great and those unforgettable moments that are zapped into the psyche or skin and out of the soulscape yeah!!

    Thanks for being part of it Myst, enjoy some break time in between your power out everything else mode and blessings for the season for you and yours xx


    I’m getting it. By George I think I’ve got it! Qi resetting is daily. Just driving to work this morning I was talking myself into n

  6. Happy saturnalia and grinch Christmas to you Mystic!! Thanks for everything and blessings to you and this astro community. Happy festive season to all!

  7. Have a great break Mystic and thank you for yet another year of FAB scopes, RAD insights and visual treats – don’t know how you manage to access so many different pictures to share with us. Just grateful that you do.

    I re-read your Uranus into Aries message over the week-end – just gold. Also personal yearly reading for 2013 was a great guidebook to consult every so often.

  8. I knew it was more than a full moon…woke up this morning and things just felt…different. I spent a good half hour after waking in some weird superconscious state processing things and feeling thankful and positive.

    Thank you Mystic for inspiring me to keep fighting and embrace transformation and all the awesome people on here for support during some really dark times. I look back at where I was this time last year and am in awe… I was struggling with addiction, afraid to leave the house, not taking care of myself, so afraid. Today I feel excited for the future and accepting of my situation. :) I’m still struggling but I have sanity and hope…two things I did not have before. Happy Uranus direct & (early-but-almost) new year everyone!!!

      • HELL YEAH!!!
        Nice work, Saturn Girl. It has been work, such hard work. You’ve been inspirational!! Xxxx

    • Rache, think you have been super brave and courageous
      in revealing your vulnerabilities. Takes a BIG person to do that, also intuit that you have some BIG things to come your way in your 30’s & later.
      (Saggs’ like BIG :-)

      • Thank you Pegasus. I’m very shy and a bit guarded in real time and this feels like a safe place for me. I think the scariest thing now is feeling…empty…sometimes. But I threw a bunch out (which is hard for me because I have all this fixed & stubbornness naturally) and now I gotta trust that better things will come back in. 😀

  9. since this’ll be the last post in a while, what do you guys do about skin care/ pimples, like last year or so I started getting really little ones that were basically just bumps that could be popped but werent full blown pimples but really small and hard to deal with. Lately there have been a lot more, besides suddenly doing an overhaul on what I eat(wouldn’t be able to do that till mid jan) what do you guys suggest? You guys are usually health nuts in a good way so was just wondering

    • sorry im off topic or whatever, I am not really able to comment on uranus direct, uranus usually makes me just feel more restless and angsty, but its winter break and I am back home so I can’t really do anything about it for about a month

      • I use that internally every now and then to detox heavy metals and shit from my system, it’s fuqing awesome (my eyes go really clear and so does my brain, I can handle more sensory input after a week on it). I should try it on my face some time, cheers for recommendation!

        • Oooohh…explain how you use it? Like how much and how often and do I need to do it on an empty stomach?

          And is it this brand, or do I need to get bentonite clay that is food grade? (maybe this one is, I don’t know.)

          • I just used food grade bentonite clay, no particular brand, I just make sure I’m buying the right stuff (there are a few types apparently) I take a heaped spoonful mixed in water first thing in the morning for a fortnight and repeat whenever I start feeling gunged up. (It’s kinda weird shit to drink, but not totally gross or anything). The main thing with it is you have to take it a few hours away from any meds or nutritional supplements because it will stop your body absorbing them.

            Everything you could possibly want to know about how to take it is here:


            Let me know how you get on if you try it!

            • I love that stuff. That stuff is the shit literally! No, I mean it. Your poop will look funny but it’s ok.

            • My bentonite clay is from France so I do not ingest it – and I have used it only once for skin purposes, as I read recently it is extremely absorbent and because of this it is important to know where it was mined as if the are is contaminated or radioactive this can be a hazard…Choose by the source maybe?

          • Hey Rache and Saturnalien, thanks for the tips. I am not experiencing skin troubles right now but I’m so attracted to using natural ingredients to make my own beauty products. I knew a woman who used to slap a layer of honey on her face once a week and just pat it to draw out impurities. She also showed me the Tibetan exercise routine for youth and vitality. She was full on awesome and totally rad. I should get back in touch with her, I hate Facebook but anyway, thanks for the tips guys. Today I’m channelling FEMME FATALE FINANCIAL FITNESS. Think Arnold Schwarzenegger meets Patrick Holford in Jessica Rabbit’s body pouring over excel spreadsheets, stomping her foot at the bank, demanding back statements and going through them like a marine biologist searching for a nobel prize winning particle. That’s me today. LOL
            Hey have a great day astro homies xxx big love! BM

    • You gotta stop with the sugar, dude. Your guts are pissed off & will keep yelling at you via break outs until you knock it.

      Plus, it’s waaaaaay cheaper & less time consuming than dicking around with skin care products!

      I was out xmas shopping today & did not need to stop at the tobacco shop– it felt pretty damn good! Yeah I’m *high*! On Uranus/Xmas/Life. What better planet than Uranus for xmas season?! It’s blowing my mind otherworldly 😛

      I like nothing better than gifting my loved ones!

      xx party people

        • Fuq yeah Merry Xmas, calypso! xx

          I’m most excited about gifting my folks a photo I took a year ago & had blown up to 16×20 last spring; had to get a frame for it yesterday. Also, art supplies for my niece! Santa’s bringing new software for my son, I heard, for a zillion fresh creative opportunities 😉

          Gifts that keep giving! Fuq yeah Happy Uranian Saturnalia Venus in slow motion magic potion rebirth & regeneration celebration! x

          • I was all high-fiving your stroll past the tobacco shop Scorp Inc but yeah! to creative gifting too :) it’s all music, art, science and magic here too.

            Thanks for your creative tongue and have a great one xx

      • Re tobacco. After 6 months free of the hardest addiction ever & ever, my closest ones who hadn’t seen me for 9 months, said i looked the best they hd seen me over 10 years.
        The weight gain filled me out, now have 4 cheeks &
        2 boobies to boot as a reward.
        Will never go back, non-smoking is so the best.
        Took many insights t& counselling to get to core reason and make peace with it.
        All the reasons i gave for smoking that were said to be excuses are now psychological & genetic facts.
        Want my 250.000 dollars back from tobacco corps!
        Do you know the damage done doesn’t show in lungs until you are around 50 years old.
        Lost some smoking friends, but gained non-smoking ones. They are the ones that are delighted with me.
        Nicotine itself is an interesting drug, just not when blended with 3000 chemicals, yes even rolling tabac, so hear is a cheer from the flying horse.
        Do not give those motherfuquers your precious moola put it in a ‘i did not buy’ jar for 3 months to actually SEE the saved money.
        Unfortunatley with addictions, money is not the factor in stopping mostly, but future health & wellbeing IS.
        The premier step is not buying. You have completed step #1.
        Drink water
        Deeo breathe are the 4 D’s darling. :-) :-)

      • Agree about sugar being poisonous. Takes a while to break the addiction and cleanse the system but boy is it ever worth it. I used to get terrible acne and other symptoms from sugar. Def cut it out but don’t expect immediate results

    • That sort of thing I make sure I’m using a gentle (cream not foamy) cleanser 2x a day, and a not too harsh salicylic acid (aka AHA) exfoliant maybe 1-2 x a week. Change pillowcases weekly. Basically keep skin surface relatively ‘clean’ but not trash skin pH and natural oil barrier. Maybe ease up on the cleansing routine when skin settles a bit? Some kind of simple man-moisturiser with not too much crap In it.

      • Could be that your skin/oil balance is changing a bit, assuming it’s heavy nthn hemi winter wherever you are and you’re indoors a lot – air is different.

      • I used to work for Origins and never liked most of their products but Origins Checks & Balances is the best! Foamy but very gentle. I use it with the clarisonic and my skin feels sooooo clean but not stripped of anything. Boscia is a great, gentle, no-frills line. Kiehl’s too (mostly) + Mario Badescu.

        But I agree with what everyone else is saying…you gotta eat clean to fix your skin. Topical stuff can help you along though. Check out the bentonite clay (as it’s affordable and gets fast results) and cut out dairy if you can.

    • Less sugar, less processed foods, more fresh foods, lots of fermented foods and a probiotic supplement. Find a herb tea mix or herb supplement specifically for skin. Skin is a reflection of your intestines, heal your intestines and your skin will soon follow.

      • Hormones, stress, holiday foods, change in diet can cause breakouts.
        Also drink extra water to flush out toxins.

        Merry Christmas/Happy Holidaze!

    • thanks a ton you guys!
      Usually I my diet isn’t that bad, I only drink water, and the stuff I eat isn’t too bad, I don’t regularly consume sugary stuff or anything terrible. I eat bread and meat daily, and my dinner is probably a bit greasy(I make my own mexican food, basically its tacos, flour tortillas meat and potatos). Sometimes I have pizza or something like that, but not regularly, I have been considering eating healthy, but dunno if it will be more expensive, otherwise I am home for the holidays so not much I can do on that front.
      That clay stuff looks great though I will definitely try it, thanks you guys!

      • That’s very good that you dont do soda & other obvious sugar shiz, david5379! Bread/flour/corn = sugar, tho. I know: cutting out all that from your routine is *huge*. Good luck! Break out or not, you’re beautiful, so no worries 😉 x

    • is it cold / dry due to season change where you live? it’s winter here and I’ve noticed some pimples from the lack of moisture so have been moisturizing more.

      also someone on this site got me started on rose hip oil for skin. it’s not specifically for acne (though it can help it). It is full of vitamins and is very good for the skin and you just need a few drops a day. So look into it!

    • Could be ol’ milia. Better diet, wash face with witch hazel or apple cider vinegar, and moisturize with coconut oil. Don’t poke or puncture them.

      Bentonite is good standard care; just be sure to follow up with best probiotic/green stuff formula you can afford.

    • improve diet like everyone said. remove sugar mostly will get rid of like 80% of breakouts.
      make sure you are um…regular. take zinc, vita c, and fish oil.

      but also…new secret….
      take sea buckthorn oil internally and apply to face. It has omega-7 in it and has cleared my face up where omega-3 just failed.

      • Hi David and All,
        I’ve just had a major outbreak of roseacea on my face with those awful little pimples and thickening skin and redness. Horrid horrid.
        But it was a real kick in the butt. It’s my Liver and my Gut saying enough girl…
        So the past week I have eaten nothing but raw salad and drank either water or green or herbal teas. I’ve cut the coffee and the soy and oh just about everything. This morning not a pimple and no redness. That is just a week and I feel fine! In fact I feel good lalalalalalaaaaaa like I knew I would.
        So David a big liver detox for you honey. Patrick Holford wrote a super little book called the nine day liver detox and I swear by it.
        And that clay? Sounds like something I’d love to try. Off I go to source it.
        Merry Midwinter/Summer all and thanks MM for a real place of escape this year. Love your work.

        • He doesn’t need liver detox at his age if ever, the body does that itself. Milk thistle will assist it to function well and consuming minimal dairy, no or minimal alcohol, avoid HepC +, that’s about all for out largest organ’s health unless diseased medically.
          A liver detox is necessary after being irradiated for sure but he hasn’t been to
          Japan or Russia.
          Yup cynical after dedicated reading about the body for 26 years. Maybe the wrong books devoured, but have been in the ‘organic’ movement for 40 years and truly i know nothing because my brain is so overloaded it’s seized!

          • Hi Peg
            I must have read some different books then and had some miraculous results with a 9 day detox or let’s put it this way a 9 day rest for the Liver. That organ works pretty hard and is affected by caffeine alcohol fats sugar protein etc etc so seems to me that most folk are not perfect and if the bodies largest organ, the skin starts to shout I tend to look internal and give it all a break. As I say, I have just done the same thing for me and my pimples and within 6 days the whole thing has simply cleared up.
            I also tend to take the chinese view of organs too. One has to wonder how much work David’s liver has done where his anger and stress is concerned. But hey this could get to be a complete consult soon. Too much information. But to round off a 9 day break for your system with the liver at the forefront seems to work wonders at any age.

            • I had similar results. In January this year I was knocked down hard with glandular fever and my liver was damaged – had jaundice, hepatitis (cleared up), and after that my skin was absolutely horrible – cystic acne that wouldn’t go away. I saw a naturopath who put me on a liver cleanse (a pretty relaxed one by some standards) which avoided starchy carbs and sugar. My skin cleared up within 2 weeks and I have not had a pimple since.

              • Bleurgh Glandular Fever is a nasty little bug***. I’m so glad you’ve cleared it up.

  10. Have fun getting your Saturnalia on Mystic and everyone! Thanks for another year of inspiration and fun! x

    I must go read up on Theodora, though with my urges to become a borderline geriatric pole dancer right now she’d probably be more inspiring to me if she were going from empress to byzantine hooker rather than the other way around…

        • Nonsense. Don’t be so bloody patriarchal and buy into that youth is the only sexy bollocks please! Have you seen that awesome clip of a modern day “butterfly woman” ? It’s a sacred sexuality dance I read about in Clarissa Pinkola Estes’s Mistresspiece Women Who Run With The Wolves.
          I’ll find it on YouTube.
          There is no sell by date on sexy.
          That’s just what “the beauty / plastic surgery/ fad diets/ fashion industry needs you to believe. Otherwise why would anyone buy what they sell?

          • It’s not me buying into the ‘youth is the only sexy’ bollocks – I know I’m fucking sexy but that’s beside the point. The industry wants young meat, it doesn’t matter how hot I am, chances of actually making a living from it are minimal.

            Too old to be a go go dancer, too young for the pension…

            P.S. I trample dicks wearing 7 inch heels for amusement, I’m far from patriarchal darkling. x

            • you crack me up!
              I’m not so sure about that darkling :-) there is no age limit for Doms
              You’d be surprise, ok maybe pole dancing is not a wise career choice but I’m just saying – you’re so cool and funny AND THAT IS SEXY!

              • I know there’s no age limit for Dommes! I could start immediately, but I don’t want to be a pro Domme, not this week anyhow… x

                  • You should have your own cooking show! I adore Nigella but her food is so last decade… You on the other hand have all the sex appeal AND you’re up with the times on nutrition. Total win! x

                    Disclaimer: I have a weird cooking show fetish.

    • Honeychile,
      you do not know what geriatric IS!
      A pole dancing studio opened in my ‘village’ and each time i pass by i wonder ‘why not’, then wonder what the students might wonder…….at least it’s not an 7am yoga fuqing class and class is the key word as physical fitness procrastinates solo and before noon.
      One must go with their body rythmns, it’s a key to action.
      My best time is after 25 mls of white wine which is not before 6pm, so ripe for pole dancing in evening.
      And you…lol?
      (Determined to be a hot 70 yo, Jane Fonda eat your heart out-my hands are younger than yours or Kim Bassingers
      or Christine Brinkleys. Could that be because they channel energy? Wow what a reward.
      Thanx Alien.
      And who is Theodora apart from Keith Richard’s daughter.

      • Just do it Pegs! I’m sure studio classes get all ages and types rocking up for classes! (I’m pretty sure the instructors of my local studio are older than moi) I would never let age stand in the way of taking classes for fun and fitness! x

      • You should try it Pegs! I tried pole dancing last year and it was interesting. I didn’t like it for a number of reasons: too many divas in class and too much emphasis on “being sexy” rather than form/fitness so it was a disappointing wash for me. One of the routines involved crawling around on the floor looking like you lost your contact lens. So annoying and nothing to do with real fitness. The women (and men) who excel at this sport have amazingly fit bodies but I really wish they would separate the sport aspect of it from the “sexy stripper” aspect of it. In a perfect world I guess it wouldn’t matter. It saddens me that professional pole dancing (non-stripper) dance routines have to be held in venues that feature security guards and invite-only guest lists because of the general ignorance that pole dancing is only for sexy stripper types and not athletes.

  11. thanks for everything Mystic, and that is a LOT!!

    much love and best wishes to you and everyone here for a peaceful and/or wonderful christmas break. may we all negotiate the Martian/ZZ action with grace and poise xxx

  12. More like Empress turned-Byzantine hooker in my case.
    Not that there is anything wrong about that…
    Ho Ho Ho

    • Byzantine hooker-turned empress role model inspiration – yes! Now I have my ‘tude for the next few weeks, thank you Mystic.
      *strokes on another layer of nail polish*

      • Yes, Madame Geurlain, what a brilliant summation of us all ‘Byzantine Hooker turned Empress’.
        Rolls off the tongue. SHE has a long history…….
        ‘Many a true word said in jest’.
        Who said that apart from my Mother?
        Who has been in my dreams the last 2 nights.
        Must have been the full Moon in my polar opposite sign.
        What a blessing as i so miss her STILL.
        She wore Jean Patou’s JOY when it was in the glass stopper bottle with a gold ribbon, the old days :-)

        • Hmmn, Joy. I have an old glass stopper bottle with one or two drops of condensed jasmine/rosey sensuality coating the sides. Perfect.

    • I lOve hookers, the first feminists :-)
      Hooking has allowed many women to attend University that otherwise couldn’t afford it and to be able to buy a house w/o a man needed to co-sign.
      Allowed single mothers to put more than tins of spaghetti on their kiddo’s table and pay education for them.
      Allowed many artists money to go overseas to make it big. (will not name names :-).
      In ancient Rome & Greece they were the ONLY women allowed to own property.
      And i like the way they call every man ‘darling’ when they don’t even know them.
      The true radicals of the world (of course when it is of their own free will) the outlaws, and as the saying goes ‘to live outside the law you must be honest’.

      • what?? a lot of people who live outside the law are NOT honest and unfortunately a lot of hookers where I live are tragic junkies. I can’t see them in the same light as you.

        • Dear anon
          Many are tax paying professionals who exist outside that stereotype. It isn’t necessarily a choice made out of neediness or drug dependency. If you run the numbers, it pays a lot better than waitressing and your stereotype is as outmoded as the one that says all wives are clenching their teeth resentfully and faking orgasms to get their kids thru school and serving TV dinners to husbands watching sport in dirty wife beater vests in suburbia because they are trapped in a patriarchal paradigm and afraid to be alone.
          Sorry hon but ease up on the judgement. It’s just not a good look.

        • Sex work is real work and perfectly legal in Britain. It is a woman’s right to craft her own via whatever means she chooses.
          Crack dealers and pimps are criminals.
          As are many politicians who want to ban abortion and legalise guns, who coincidentally also happen to be white men from privileged backgrounds.
          Feeling threatened much???

          • I have met loads of tragic junkies in my life. From all walks of life. I appreciate you were not having a go at women who choose to charge by the hour for personal services rather than get married but I think it’s more of a shameful indictment that our society is so patriarchal and those women who DO have substance abuse issues have no one to turn to for help. Being a social and in many parts of the world even legal outcast is not easy. It is sad anon that hookers with substance abuse issues have a much tougher road to recovery than Dr’s, traders, housewives or lawyers. Very sad indeed. I do believe that sex and money are the final frontiers of feminism in our white pretty world. A woman has the right to craft her own financial empire via whatever means she chooses. It’s bad enough sex workers are outcasts, socially and legally but to be judged as morally wrong by the majority is only making the situation worse. I’m not advocating it as a career choice for every woman but I’m proud to be an ambassador for sex workers. They need representation and protection, not to be ostracised. Did you know that female circumcision is not only legal but mandatory in some parts of the world. Just because something is legal does not make it ok .
            I’m actually paying 40% tax this year and am not entitled to claim rent, hair! make up! beauty treatments back since I don’t have business rights where I currently live. At least I’m part of a democratic system however and have access to free healthcare, that alone is worth 40% of my income to me.
            I want to raise awareness and help other women to feel empowered by the Lilith archetype. It’s vital that we become more accepting of things like homosexuality, prostitution and those from troubled backgrounds who fall on the wrong side of the law. The current system of incarcerating criminals and leaving them together in jail with other criminals often leaves them worse off than before. So yeah, I think we need to change some laws. It is after all, the oldest profession in the world and shows no signs of abating.
            Demand for it means there will always be a supply. Better that we start accepting sex workers and allowing them to pay tax and own their own homes. Prohibition didn’t work. I grew up during apartheid and have really strong feelings about feeling disempowered for being different.
            Dear anon, this is a rant and not a go at you “anonymously” or personally.
            Since this it an astrology blog I should mention that I have a really strong double Lilith placement (true and mean nodes one degree away from each other) in the 12th house. This implies many past lives embodying this archetype. Asteroid Lilith is also at the top of my chart and on my. Mid heaven creating a grand water trine. Lilith is also conjunct my Sun and my mars. There are loads of other reasons why “I was born to be The Other Woman” but this rant has been long and verbose enough. I’ll shut up now 😀

            • yeah just shut up already!! I don’t care what your astro is. What is this – the Blue Moon blog??? Let others speak for a change. You’re all over this joint like a disgusting rash! UGH.

              • Speak all you want honey, sorry “anon” 😀
                You don’t care about my astro? That’s cool.
                You don’t wanna have a name or an avatar but just snipe at me from your safe anonymous distance. Methinks you may be a weeny bit jealous of my candour and courage. But hey I could be wrong. Maybe I’m just a filthy whore to you but I ain’t no criminal, anonymous coward sniper and there is nothing stopping YOU from posting about YOUR astro or your process. Having a go at me is just so lame darling. There’s room for all of us on here, including you. If you don’t like me, don’t read my posts but your aggressive & anonymous reactions to my posts just make you look like a school yard bully. Instead of just having a go at me, why don’t you share a little of your process. You may not care about my astro but I’m intrigued to know more about yours 😀

                • Blue Moon, i love your eloquence in response but no matter how goading it is a waste of time replying to any anonymous sniping.


                  For some, an exchange of ideas, even in disagreement or protest, becomes merely an exchange of slaps. There has been disagreement here before but it is often a fascinating exchange of argument, due to the thoughtful and passionate nature of the commenters. This one is an insult rather than a disagreement.

                • Hey Blue for what it’s worth I think you are one amazing woman. More power to your…Which ever bit you would wish to choose. luv luv.

            • Hey anon, BM is an passionate writer with real life experience,
              and with accurate perspectives on society.

              You come across as merely small- minded but bitchy…pffft

                  • Hey homies thanks for the support

                    My life is so different from how it was a year ago and most of it is down to feeling for the first time ever “part of” a community rather than just an outside. I don’t want to blather on about how much you all and MM have helped be but. ….
                    Well, you know. Xxx

  13. Happy festive season Mystic and to the entire awesome MM community! What a year it’s been, huh?

    I can really say that I am looking back on this year with a lot of satisfaction and a real sense of accomplishment. The last few years haven’t felt that way, so this is a major positive moment.

    What perfect timing with Uranus turning direct for me to have formally enrolled in a certified astro course today! It’s something I’ve been considering for a long time and had put to one side. The thought bubbled up the other day, and my gut told me the new year is the right time to take a leap and make it a bigger part of my life.

  14. thanks for all that you do mystic and have a great holiday.

    uranus is five degrees from my MC and it’s already so intense there – in this past year I’ve been laid off and gone back to school for a new career. Also more and more I want to be self-employed in the future. (I mean, with my MC, NN, AND Jupiter in Aries, I seem to be made for it). So YES the ZZ is totally rewiring me! I can only imagine what changes I will have as Uranus crosses my MC three times – Wow.

    And now I’ve looked into Theodora. I’ve got it in Gemini square my virgo sun. Interesting haha.

  15. I feel the ‘go forth’ energy of Uranus (which is sitting right on my natal Saturn by transit right now) and tonight I was at a biz networking meeting and we were sharing our goals for 2014.
    It was a really good meeting but now I feel I’ve ‘given away’ my business idea and I’m afraid someone is going to steal my idea that I’ve had for this new business that I would like to start in the coming year. So now I’m feeling worried……ugh……the full moon and other energies had already had me feeling kind of jittery and now I’m really angry with myself for sharing my idea and am truly concerned someone is going to take it from me…..I don’t know what to do………any advice out there? Thanks…..

    Happy Xmas, New Year, Uranus direct and EVERYTHING!

    • I’ve had so many ideas stolen. Doesn’t matter if they steal it, you came up with it you will always do it better. Use the competition as fuel to be better.

      • Thank you for your vote of confidence, I will try to look at it that way. :-)

        I just have to release it and let it go, one way or the other, nothing I can do about it now..

          • Yes, never forget that you as the artist have the power to constantly evolve and create new art, better and beyond what you did before.

      • Very few ideas are solo, they manifest in the collective consciousness, some where someone had the same idea at the same time, like those monkey’s in Japan who put their veggies in sea water to salt them, then others on the other side of the island took theirs to the sea too.
        Yet if it was a biz meeting then YES, they do not pay you for your creativity. As it was an original for you, you are the one that will do it better.
        If you write it down, Flowerchild, date & sign it then send it to yourself and not open it, it holds as a copy right. Or have got it wrong :-)

        • Thanks for that advice, Pegasus.
          Never knew that was an option. Might as well do that form of copyrighting, couldn’t hurt!

          Thanks for reminding me, too, that I can create, because I created this idea, and I can create from other ideas too!

          I would like to work collaboratively with others on my idea, but I like the notion of having a copyright on it, myself, because I came up with it originally.

        • Peg. I agree 100%. Collective consciousness
          The muse speaks, the artist listens and devotes her life to serving by delivering the message. Bob Dylan is an extreme example of an artist who listens to the muse at the expense of the audience. Which is one of the reasons I love him.

    • wtf dailies for Libra? falling in love or lust due to zap zone? somebody’s hot boxing! lol!

  16. Felt a seriously noticeable shift today – in the right direction.

    Merry Christmas Mystic, your blog is always a good read.

  17. Blessings for the solstice Mystic! Thank you for all the wondrous Astro scopings this year, Bitchcraft and über savvy recommendations. All I want for Xmas is Uranus lol.

  18. Really? It’s just making me feel tired, grumpy, unmotivated and meh. Or maybe that’s just Saturn squaring my Mars. I feel stifled and cranky.

    • Me Too. :(

      Or at least oscilating between that and total motivation to get the flock out of the city.

      This little anarchist is moving to the country and going off the grid, but getting cranky waiting for it to all be done and dusted. 3 months to sort it all, minor reno’s, house move etc.

      • 3 months! you’ll be there before you know it. country life, that’s a whole other gearbox. enjoy the clean air, wildlife and change of pace. xo

  19. OK, Uranus direct and Gemini Full Moon ushered in the job I have visualized/manifested! After quitting the toxic job two months ago… started getting very nervous… and now, in true Uranus lightning bolt fashion: interviewed yesterday, started today! I’m a little excited.

    Have a glorious holiday/break/downtime, and see you next year! I’m so happy 2014 is almost upon us. I’m ready.

  20. After reading the above Myst (after computer glitches of 4 days), today explained itself…chaos.
    Blood heated up, as it does when 108F/40C and the Rainbow Serpent in the Flinders Ranges blows desert breathe over us.
    Burnt hands from the steering wheel, gotta sort THAT by googling ‘temperature controlled steering wheel covers’?
    Must keep calm and carrying on
    Overpowering need to give away everything i have (or sell- whatever) and return to My Island Home and the beauteous organic simplicity.

    • OMG the last 24 hours has been like Mercury Retrograde on steroids! Computers and other tools just going haywire.

      I guess it’s Uranus direct….

    • So true Pegs! Don’t know if minimalism is a Uranian thing. Been stuffing bags of toys & clothes into op-shop bins.
      Madly desirous of the beauty of space.

      I read that the other side of ‘Desire’ is ‘Discernment’.
      Brilliant, no?!
      Though once I start discerning it appears I can’t stop.

      Totally Grinching it up at the poor sales peeps when they continue to push their wares.
      (“Where did you say it was made? Under what conditions? What kind of preservatives? Yes it’s quick & easy, most people like that you say? Well most people are zombies. I prefer it slow & difficult without a bunch of crap in it. And I wouldn’t use a Nestlé product if you paid me”).

      And every kinder & pre-school is stuffing candy cane in kids faces like they are going to pay their dental work, I swear I am going to start handing out carrots as party favours to make a point.

      Also feeling like chucking it all in to go to your island! No more therapies, no more crappy school routine, no more Christmas brainwashing, no more toilet training & laundry, no more wage slaving for the Gem…just gorgeous, peaceful anarchy!

      Wait, that does sound Uranian.. 😯

      • Yes we Uranians are insanely minimalist…I was just reading an interesting article about Marilyn Monroe that said she was a complete minimalist …will post re it in the new year

        And yes Uranus Direct is nuts – i just got an email from someone who absent mindedly texted a message ABOUT her CEO (who she hates for various reasons) TO her CEO.

        It said things like ‘even the board hates him because of xyz and he is such a pussy that xyz”

            • No I’m about to watch it tho
              Funny thing is, right after my smug “it’s serves her right comment I sent someone an email from THE WRONG email address right before a formal meeting. Oops lol
              I just shrugged it off saying I have multiple online personality disorder and showed him my online book to really drive it home. Why do the walk of shame when you can STRUT?
              It works, the more conservative people seem to be on the surface, the more delighted they are by my book. It’s actually pretty rad. But jah email and iMessage snafus a plenty.
              Been on a serious detox, even switched my caffeine for herbal teas, now making my own nut butters and superfood smoothies using wheatgrass, Moringa, spirolina whatever I’m going full tilt on this trip. Signed myself up for a bunch of yoga and meditation classes too. Epic dreams, NC is helping massively MM I really can’t thank you enough for recommending that. Next stop, financial health and fitness.
              I mean going through old bank statements tomorrow with a magnifying glass and a fine tooth comb. Amazing new PA’s boyfriend doesn’t want him to pay tax, well that’s a shame but I’ll advertise this time and interview loads of women. Makes more sense than going about things randomly. I’m loving this astro. Loving it!

            • The feral cat clip is HILARIOUS

              And that dog lady in the dodgy puce velour womble onesie was literally “kicking the cat” she was being a fuqin bully and deserved to be shown what’s what. Lol
              My longest standing and still super awesome buddy of an ex boyfriend used to call me The Feral Cat. Fuq I love that man.

      • ‘Discernment’ I LOVE that.!!! Very mars in Virgo!! :)

        And people who have no idea what it means annoy me. I won’t mention any signs. LOL.

      • This is so funny. 😀 Last night I went on an epic cleaning/throw-everything-out bender and this morning my mom called me to look through some stuff before she donates/sells it. It was all my clothes from 2005-2010 before I left to travel. Was sooooooo weird going through it all, it brought back all these memories! And just made me think how different I was…

        Anyways, I’m not done yet. Want to strip down even more. The hardest part is the books and journal pdfs and scraps of paper, I can’t seem to throw any of them away. I would save them in a fire before anything I think.

        • I am doing the winter declutter too. I am stuck at the books though. I need to read a bunch and give them away very soon.

        • two trips to Oxfam a week works for me. I go Tuesday and Thursday and the rule is I have to take something. Dropping is the new shopping. I must guiltily confess that I still shop but only online and only brands and products I LOVE like Ralph Lauren, Swetty Betty (UK version of Lulu Lemon I guess- yoga gear) and organic food stuffs ( stuffs being the operative word here ) Books are more challenging I agree but I tell myself it’s all online so ….

      • you do know that Nestle owns all the water supplies for “when we run out” don’t you?

  21. I am freakin LOVIN this astro.
    Standing in my power NO MATTER WHAT
    Having a bit of a situ with a friend trying to gimp me (I won’t bore you with the details) and I’m like ja well cool whatever dude, I have enough going on can we discuss this another day please?

    Very unlike me to not get lured into speaking “my heart”
    Not engaging with anyone’s drama.

    Protecting myself, loving myself and backing my own vision NO MATTER WHAT. It’s a little scary at times but the alternative is way more frightening.

    Things fall apart, the centre cannot hold, mere anarchy is loosed upon the world. Or something
    I’m an ex surf chick, I can do change.

  22. Bloody Uranus. I hate it!!!!!!
    I don’t even want to share what happened tonight – too cranky, frazzled, frustrated and sad. Or am I just feeling the after effects of the full moon?

    I reckon only 10% of the population can harness the positive aspects of Uranian energy. I’m definite;y not one of them! Makes me crazy bats!

    • It basically only works when you have a detached “don’t give a fuq about anything – I’m gonna be authentic no matter freakin what” attitude. It’s like wild energy … you let it go where it wants to go. I would imagine a Scorp having a few issues with that! 😉

    • I live for the uranian shizz. If life is still calm and just happening I am stir crazy. As soon as those midnight texts come in and that letter from the lawyer drop on the carpet or the bank just offers up… I love those moments. I am alive. Maybe it is because my life has been full of that. I just happen to be great in a crisis or I’ve learned how to be great. Ha nae bother… done this before. And the past week has been all that and more. Real weird stuff just popping into being. All I find myself doing is yelling bring it on!!

      • Pluto oh dear gods Pluto????
        That planet just freaks me out totally. It seems to destroy and halt all my progress and take so much away! At least with Uranus you know stuff is changing and quick and radically. Pluto is just slow agony for me, like being on the rack. Granted once you get where it’s taking you, you are a few inches taller and all your discs are realigned!!!

        • heh heh … and the trick with Pluto is to let go of the resistance. Pluto basically says “time’s up for procrastination, it’s either change or die capiche?” ….

          • If Pluto is like being put on the rack, at least the torture has a process, a methodology. I am a Virgo – I like the structure, lol!. Uranus just gives me the jitters. Its like a bomb going off.

            • You’re right it is like a bomb going off but weirdly I am better suited to that than the long slow drawn out. Pluto has been in my 10th for 5 odd years now and honestly I am about to crack with it all. I try and hold the faith that this is all working out but I have been close to ‘just shoot me now’ status. I cope with massive bombs and debris then reform of structure and it’s all radically new and for a while you can’t tell if the pieces will fit but hey who cares you’re on a new mission. Odd isn’t it how these two can do very similar things but how differently we perceive and cope with them. Uranus is a big hitter in my chart as it’s conj Pluto exact at my DC and that squares my Venus amongst other things. Oh god I’ve just realised how deep and freaky I can be!!
              Yay for me.

                • And thanks for the detailed virgoans amongst us. I’ve just been reading Liz Greene’s Uranus The Art of Stealing Fire and I have had some gasp out loud moments. A great read.

                  • Hey emg! Mind sharing some gems or insights. I am a virgo sun/mercury that doesn’t sit too well with uranian energy either.

                    • yes, don’t make too many plans. esp not the rock hard solid kind. You can make the sort of plans that have contingency plans, loads of backup plans, but chances are planning is useless.

                    • Hi V
                      Maybe I am just set up to love it and you are set upto run a mile.I like that unpredictable although onoccassionit can feel like your world had just become a totally different. OK just takeit asa hugeswift massive alterationand you startwith a very new landscape. Orblank canvas.Time to just begin again.

            • Exactly 12th!!! :)

              I have Mars /Uranus/Pluto all in Virgo. Scorp doesn’t like surprises!!

              I like the process and structure. too.

              I don’t mind being tortured slowly on the rack. All my Virgo planets are in the 8th 😉

          • Pluto basically says “time’s up for procrastination, it’s either change or die capiche?”

            At least you get kind of get a heads up and a choice with Pluto.
            Uranus just drops the bomb and runs off. There doesn’t seem to be any reason for it.

            • to loosen old structures that do not serve anymore but that we are unwilling to let go of …. I know – it sucks. I don’t like it either. But it also brings in new stuff real quick which is a bonus.

              • I know, I know!!!! (can you hear my resistance? LOL)

                Still struggling to think of anything that’s been a bonus where Uranus is concerned. Real quick – yes… but bonus??… *scratches head*

                You know what’s hilarious though… As I finished writing my comments this morning their was a power outage in my neighbourhood. Hello Uranus!!! 😀

        • Seriously can you IMAGINE how kinky and hot a combo of Pluto and Uranus would be?
          Isn’t there some dude / planet / thing called Orcus which is a bit like the both of them?
          Someone told me he’s on my South Node IN THE EIGHTH HOUSE wouldn’t ya know…
          Go figure 😀

          • Trust me, it’s not that sexy. I have Uranus, Pluto & Mars conj my sun. No one wants to be the bottom! :(

            • That is SO HOT.
              We always want what we don’t have hey?
              I just know that I hated my Pluto transit at the time but it made me strong and sexy and minimalist (I still struggle to keep that discipline being uber Jupitarian ) but to me it does sound sexy.
              Each to their own I suppose..

              • :). i didnt mean to imply it was sucky. Just that it gives you a very Scorpy and Aquarian vibe so you just end up being alone a lot, which is not necessarily a bad thing! 😉 peeps just get an idea that it will make you sexy popular /sociable in the outer world. More like closeted smoldering that no one gets to see.

          • Hey Blue
            I have that exact conj at my DC Pluto Uranus and yup it makes me deep wild and utterly unpredictable. Every relationship has depths that no one can explain, the intensity is huge and it seems to last for years. Unless I just go bang explode and everything gets shattered. It’s always about growth and expansion and learning.
            Odd though since my last uranian explosion in April I have lost my edge. I seemed to have stalled in the slow pluto depths, torturous and melancholic. I am so hoping for a huge uranian hit again soon to kick start another phase.
            Yeah I am just a horny lil’ devil.

            • And Blue, you must have your north node in your 2nd then?
              How is it for you? I keep being told there is money but you have to do it yourself if you’ll pardon the expression.

              • totally!
                It’s funny because I was just wondering about that exact thing. Yes. All my life I’ve been able to “manifest money” as in dudes just giving it to me in spades and thus getting all of my wants but none of my needs met. It does not feed my soul. My next trip is to do for my finances what I did for my body. Become strong, starting from scratch, old school basics. Educate myself in the basic concepts and just focus on crafting MY OWN EMPIRE

            • fuq dude, me too. It’s so predictable too. Like sex is just HUGE for me. I am what I am. I can try to be better but I’m not going to deny that for me, sex is a deeply spiritual experience of my own divinity thru the other.
              My outrageously hot NC told me today that he also has his north node in Cap in the 2nd. Yeah. We hung out a little and he talked about himself and showed me his chart. When he touches me I just want more so badly. Fuq how INSANELY WRONG is that? Ugh.
              I definitely felt a vibe from him, not sleazy at all but I sense that he may be struggling with the sexual chemistry between us too. I’m almost thinking we should just be honest about it and admit the ruth because obviously neither of us wants to pollute the relationship. Quite the opposite but fuq he is so unbelievably hot, like HAUTE HOT …..if I mention another guy I can FEEL him getting uncomfortable. His gf made a point of meeting me. I think because he’s pretty enlightened and may have mentioned it to her. He strikes me as someone who would rather be honest and work through shitz like this but um yeah 😀
              Hey, it could be way worse. At least I’m highly motivated to go to NC twice a week. It was cool hearing his views on money and finding out that we both have the same north node. So obis I was wondering if we had the same south node. I guess we do. That would explain the unrequited, unspoken mutual (i’m sensing) longings we’re experiencing. It’s as if we have similar issues which is really cool and helpful. Shit did I mention he is DREAMY?

              I’m not bad, I’m just programmed that way :-)

                • Nah no you don’t.
                  My NN is in my 2nd house Taurus earthly sexy foody sexy let’s get dirty. That being then my SN is in Scorpio. Oh lord and here I just transcend into that other realm you speak of. And this guy is a real electromagnetichook up for you. Jeeeesus just have it, let it run it’s course and mop up after or open the champagne. You never know where this stuff will go. Hey Happy Crrimble at your end.

                  • Thanks Emg but I’m keeping this one clean energetically. Not because ” I should” but because if we both have the same north and south node then by focusing on the north I believe we can really help each other. I’m allowed to fancy him. I just want to keep it honest and healthy c than mi into old patterns also I don’t want to mess up the chiro / patient dyna

                    • Hey is he your chiro? My goodness there is a lotof this about just now someonehitthe hot chirobutton. Hadto help a client with her involvement with her chiroHa haha. I am one too! Yup always stepin clean and honest. That wayyou can stepout clean and honest too. Good foryou

                    • Omg totally feeling this. I know someone I share a NN connection with like your experience.
                      I feel like you, all this longing and unspoken attraction. Both sides… But unavailable. Cue feelings of self loathing and barrage of words like “wrong”, “shouldn’t”, etc.

                      Also decided to keep it energetically clean… Not that I would choose otherwise in my right mind, but being mindful of shared direction. If it’s not meant to be in this life, maybe in another one.

  23. Compliments of the season to you all! Happy Chrismukkah, Merry Grinchmas, etc.

    clouds are clearing ‘within’ so it will be less celery, more celebrating for the end of this year ’13, yes indeed the number of change,

    and yet…

    all finished off by a Rocky montage…. could not be more perfect… thank you Mystic from the bottom of my Venus in Aries heart.

    vote 1 world peace

    • Oh Pi can I join you in the vote for world peace. Wouldn’t that be the most glorious thing to happen ever??

      To agree to disagree and let it be. Oddly I think a lot more would get done and things could change quite rapidly but when you think into it, it is almost an alien concept as such. We have never had peace and the way humans are set up I simply don’t know that we ever will but here’s for a more forgiving and individual future.

      I had to add that lot or I just felt like I’d entered a beauty contest!

      • I used to truly believe that as a people we would do the “right” thing, the just thing (hello Libra stellium) but now I see that powerful people and structures do what serves them even if it compromises others who it is apparently easy to see as less deserving of basic rights and freedoms – life, even.

        So yeah, I agree but it will take massive shifts in the existence of compassion to overwhelm the greed. Maybe that’s what the new paradigm is about but it’s gunna take people power, people. Power to the people xxx

        • Absolutely but there are always chiefs and there are always indians as such. So let’s vote for highly evolved and motivated chiefs who are full of compassion and filled with humanity. That might work!

          • unfortunately I’m not sure the ones you can vote for are the ones running things….but yes, it would help :) not the situation in Aus atm. Just recently people used to say, oh the two main parties are basically indistinguishable…I think the last 100 or so days put paid to that!

            • I think people power is the answer Calypso. The new govt has done enough damaging shit that even the LNP voters are starting to wake up I think! good there’s lots of opposition to the environmental, economic, etc. stuff going down. We have to keep fighting the good fight. The people are not as dumb as those in power think we are!!! Nor as apathetic.

        • Not so clear about your aus situation as it’s all upside down to me but I agree about those in power because those in power are basically those who crave it for it’s sake. Egotistical megalomaniacs, mostly. I’m sure some have gone in wanting to represent folk. But the human as a whole is very different one from the other and so it’s why I can’t see there ever being peace. We are after all and argumentative bunch, because we appreciate things so differently. Here’s to enlightened individuality. And that might make the ones who are chiefs that bit better.

          And anyone who wants to pop over to my castle in the clouds is very welcome over Xmas!!

  24. Yep loving this whole energy atm..2014 is just gonna rock, bring it on thick and fast..I’m wondering if any peeps out there can help me out a bit..my son has 6 Scorpios in his chart..is this uncommon? He has scorp in the following..sun, mercury, Venus, mars, Jupiter, Pluto and Nth node..would love a bit of light shed on this xx

    • Sometimes the astro gets heavily loaded in one sign or element; I’m not sure how common it is, but it happens. I’ve got Uranus, Sun, Neptune (all conjunct) and Venus, Saturn, NN (also all conjunct) in Capricorn, plus a bunch of asteroids.

      Being so heavily loaded in one area can be tricky. I’ve learned that humans are a little like plants- we all need different things to truly blossom. Some plants need lots of water or sun, others like shade and dryness. Some humans need plenty of alone time, others need a consistent creative outlet available to them, others need a healthy dose of the great outdoors on the regular. Learning to take care of yourself is a challenge, but having a condensed chart like that makes it harder, in my experience.

      There’s definitely a great pull to do the lower-type vibes of all those planets, but if you can figure out how to nourish each, you can do haute astro like no other. If I would offer you any advice, it would be to gently help your son learn to harness the best aspects of his astro. I bet he could be the poster child for haute Scorpio!

      • All i need to succeed is for the temperature to be 26 celcius 24/7. Wonder why whatever temperature it is totally affects my mood energy output?
        There is a place in NSW called Pt. Macquarie that seems to be the closest to my weather requirements.

        There was world peace before agriculture created ‘this is MINE’ and a sense of ownership vis a vis foraging and nomading, gadding around the planet when the mantra then was ‘share share share.’
        From the Dawn of Sex (which isn’t about sex btw but our origins.

    • roaring Scorp, there are at least 2 (three?) multi scorps who comment / visit here, with 5+ things in Scorp… (I also had a thing for a yummy multi scorp so it’s a personal intrigue thing for me). Loathe to comment on something I know nothing about but what I understand from the outside it’s all about extreme privacy, razor-sharp laser insight, constant need to bust through challenges (?something like that). Valuing others comes from seeing someone who has compassion, strength, fair and moral terrain, who is not blinkered in their perceptions.. plenty more of course… love a multi scorp. Hope others share some more personal understandings.. xx

      • N.B. “moral” is a loaded term, I mean it in the broadest sense of what it means to be human

  25. Another thought…. I feel the Uranus direct energies, but it is also not yet Solstice, so the energies are a bit at odds. Perhaps Uranus direct will feel better after the Solstice?

    I always feel very inward and very tired, like I’m sleepwalking around like a bear called out of hibernation, in the few weeks leading up to Winter Solstice every year (I’m in Northern Hemisphere in California). That energy seems to me the opposite of Uranus direct. So right now, all that has done has made me grumpy, cranky, more tired……I’m hoping for a shift on Saturday!

    • I hope you’re right – not only solstice, uranus direct, but that last full moon was on my MC/IC axis…feeling soo very irritable!

      • Oh dear, yes, having it conjunct your MC/IC would really rev up a full moon for you!

        I hope I’m right, too, because I’m feeling more and more irritable this week, and the full moon is over, as well as my *cycle* is over, so can’t blame that (ha ha!)….

        The full moon was in my 12th house so maybe it’s all related to something I can’t quite put my finger on, then….buried, hidden there in the 12th..

        I do know my new housemate is irritating the hell out of me and making me feel uneasy, so that’s part of it…..

  26. I think I’m of those “not getting it”. This week has been intense. I’ve done nothing but cry and cry. I find letting go almost like death. Unbearable. I preferred the slow burn of Pluto as I learnt slowly from my last relationship. But this Uranus is just something else. The ground beneath me keeps shaking every time. In my 7th house of Aries. And in true virgo fashion, I’ve done nothing but analyse every thing possible.

    My mind has gone haywire.

    • Imagine you are a surfer Vsir and the only constant is change. I know it’s rough but just try to stay balanced and when you fall off, get back on your board, rest paddle and know the next wave is coming. You’ll get there, I swear you WILL and when you do, you’ll feel amazing. My nose has been broken 3 times from my surfboard hitting me in the face so I know how it feels to be in pain with a mouth full of salt water and gasping for air and the water in South Africa is FREEZING but chill out a bit if you can and if you can’t, just lie on the board and keep paddling (metaphorically speaking :) I’ve cried a lot too this week, and other unmentionable bodily functions for letting go of grief I’d been holding on to. I empathise and I know you can do this. You wouldn’t on this site if you “weren’t getting it” hon xxx

  27. Nooooooooooooooo…(freaks out but tries not to look dependent, losing it, thinks #what would Beyonce do, snivels) but hey that da horosocpes continue over xmas is WAY generous thank you Mystic and enjoy some well earned time OFF. I will, snivel, survive.

    • TLS I imagine you as some kind of cross between a youthful Jerry Hall, maybe Michelle Pfeiffer in The Witches of Eastwick, and say Anneliese Braakensiek (not in her Fat Pizza character though, so don’t freak out!). Basically the left-of-centre tall blonde beauty with wisdom, luxe and a knowing vibe. So it just doesn’t compute when I read that you’re freaking out / a bit despondent and snivelly!

      Maybe that’s me thinking that a woman like that can’t possibly be unhappy, but that would be silly and narrow-minded of me.

      Either way you’ll be just fine :) xoxo (Mind you I am v happy too that we still have the scopes over the break)

  28. Hugs to all getting zapped. I think the secret is letting go and trust that new and better things will come. Not that I’m good at that with all my toro and water! Learning to let go, breathe and trust has been my lesson since 2010. Finished work for the year!! Now planning to rest, recuperate and enjoy spending time with friends and family. Did I mention resting?
    And only doing stuff I really want to do.

  29. I’m quite looking forward to the New Moon, it’s basically sitting atop my own Sun (and Uranus and Neptune). I’ve turned a lot of things in my life on their head- I dropped out of school because I desperately need a break and I’m not 100% sure it’s what I want to do, quit my job and moved across the country back home. Now I get to start a new chapter of my adventure; it all feels a little scary and overwhelming but I’m taking that as a sign that I’m on the right path.

  30. Whoa its so interesting to see what goes on when you haven’t been on here for a minute, lol.
    This community is like lightning, love it.

    Happy end of 2013 everyone. So many have said it wonderfully so I won’t be redundant.

    Gemini Full Moon was interesting as information has turned up.
    I’m doing Mars in Libra hard. Downton Abbey is my everything right now.
    Sorry (generic) Uranus. I’m doing a spin on my version of Uranus.
    Right now, uber Libra is my new personal Uranus, life coach, guru.

    Blessings to a wonderful 2014 to all of you!!

    • A truly beautiful community, loving, generous group of broads who can lift one out of a funk instantly and feel really THERE for you no matter what blurbs and boobie traps are blurted out from the foot in mouth Sagg-es.

      We appreciated out Davids’ too of course said the horse.

  31. Happy holidays lovely MM peeps.
    Enjoy the moments with your friends and family.
    Love da groover

  32. agree, fabulous that we still have the dailies coming. Thank you Mystic. lightning bolt of inspiration struck about 2 hours ago and the Rocky theme has set the tone for my life going into January. Just linking new fb pages and blog and looking up how to register business names. Quick astro-check shows Venus 1 degree off my Cap moon [yes yes goes retro on Sun] and Sun, Mercury travelling through my 6th house trine my 10th house Venus, part of fortune and others. Square my pisces sun-mercury though. I’m going to see that as a Call to Action….. ?

  33. agree, fabulous that we still have the dailies coming. Thank you Mystic. lightning bolt of inspiration struck about 2 hours ago and the Rocky theme has set the tone for my life going into January.

  34. Uranus: planet of change. Yes can totally see that one. Someone recommended above to not set rock solid plans. Well I got an email from my uni saying because I qualify for their scholarship bursary, I am now eligible for the fully funded masters scholarship + living expenses. A masters from Oxford is not to be turned down easily. But from where I am at the moment, all I can think of is a year of rest after my undergrad degree. I want to be left alone and hide away. I had already made my mind up to have a quiet year but this opportunity is only for the year 2914-15 and seems too good to just waste.

    • Congratulations on your success. My advice is to accept. You think you need a rest after your undergrad degree? You might but you don’t need that much of one if scholarship starts in 2014-15 Oxford academic year, which would be 6-8 months away…Your current plan is to hide away. The change is taking the scholarship. You’ll never regret what you did, but what you didn’t do.

      • this. Omg. congratulations vslr. indeed too good to waste. life will keep getting richer. OXOXOXOX

        • Thank you all for your support!

          In my enthusiasm I hope I haven’t come cross as if I have been made an offer and that I am at the stage of yes/no. I am actually at the applying stage. The offer is for an exclusive set of people so there is a high chance they will consider my application.

          I am already doing my undergrad at Oxford and I graduate in June. I have been dealing with health issues for about two years now and in my head I have it that I need time off to sort them out. Oxford terms are intense and have put a significant strain on my health. But my time here has been amazing and a dream come true!

          No i cant defer – only for students starting 2014 for some reason. I am going home this weekend so will discuss this option with the fam. And get some perspective.

          I have to make decision too about if I want to patch things up with my Ex. I have no idea what headspace he’s in and I am not sure if I want to go there again. I’d rather live with oh well than what if. Maybe ive exaggerated his bad behaviour and i’m to blame. Its all a bit fuzzy.

          • I think you have to take this amazing opportunity.

            And dump the ex! move on honey

            Unsolicited advice — feel free to ignore!

          • You seem to have this voice that’s saying health over Oxford. Listen to any gut feeling and if you don’t find the energy or buzz to go to Oxford don’t go. Scrap all thinking on it and just respond to that deep inner feeling.
            Again take or leave the advice as you see fit.

            • I disagree
              Dump the ex and go to Oxford
              That is just The Resistance
              Trying to wheedle you out of your amazing future.
              I’m old. I know about staying with exes over taking major opportunities. I don’t truck much with regret but if I did, I’d regret sticking with the exes and turning down the amazing opportunities. No judgement or blame but have you considered the possibility that you might be scared of success and sabotaging yourself. Not that I’ve EVER done that:-) lol
              Just my thoughts, feel fre to ignore them. Xxx

              • Hey Blue
                I agree in lots of ways re the ex thing. Oh lord have I ever wasted some time in my life. But I also read this stuff and just laugh as to my angle your angle and the next acute obtuse etc. All boils down to your own authority to say this is what I have the energy to go after and this I do not. If only I had had that knowing in my life some 20 odd years ago. I wonder where I would be now. VSLR will go the way she has to go and she will get all the lessons learned.
                Heavens I really have grown into my sandals and the lentils I eat.!

                • Dear all,

                  I contacted my ex drafting the best apology i could muster, knowing that I was betraying myself and the truth in the process. He didnt reply, a while later blocked me on that number too. Ouch. I let him know that if he had no feelings for me or had moved on then I wouldn’t contact him again ever. I guess I got my answer. I feel sad. But i am content. I tried the best I could, i am no angel but most definitely committed to change to be a better person year by year. I feel very used by him for a number of reasons.

                  I am now free to pursue whatever I want. I have always been an A student but looks like I wont reach this with my degree because of how embroiled I was with him. I don’t blame him, i have only myself to blame.

                  After speaking to my lovely folks they feel that I should have go applying. And if the health problems persist, I can always decline the offer + use my gut inner feeling to decide whether I am wholly committed to it.

                  Regarding resisting….perhaps yes I am. This guy made me feel worthless for the longest time. I wasnt asking the right question, not sharp enough, replying with “oxford essays” or arguing too much if I tried to assert some boundries. I accepted his version of me. This site and your comments that I have copied into my journal have reminded me of my essence. I deserve kindness and I should give it back too.


                  • Don’t judge yourself and blame. You are who you are right now. And tomorrow you will have grown. So glad things are moving and just wanted to send best wishes for the new year and above all the wish that you love who you are. And remember relationships squeeze us into places so that we really get to know who we are.

                    • I agree with Emg. I have been you and not too long ago. Hey honey, take my advice I’m not using it!
                      (Actually for the first time in my life I’m starting to but it took me 41 years to start backing myself and stop channelling my beautiful creative genius into unavailable men. I could blame my parents but I Think There May be a sell by date on that. I could blame my South Node but just for today I’m going to tell you how life affirming and energising it feels to get behind ME and stop chasing after “them”. May I recommend Network Chiropractics and perhaps just 10 minutes of yoga per day? I’ve had more profound and noticeable results from this than from anything I’ve ever done before. Best of luck whatever you choose V. It’s your life, there is no right or wrong decision here really. Just love yourself as much as you love him.

  35. congratulations and commiserations! Increase the quality of your alone time in every way you can so you get a years worth in the time available seems the only option.

  36. Happy summer solitices, Merry new year to you, Mystic, & your Leo intern…. thanks for the help with downloads.
    Enjoy the beautiful weather and holiday season.
    See you with the new moon in my sun sign in 2014.

  37. a new wind blows in…feeling good. Decluttering, and finding some cool stuff. Decluttering the psyche and taking credit for hard work done.

  38. Fuq you Mars!!! I need a decent nights sleep! TONIGHT! I’m going to be driving across the desert for 13hrs tomorrow & I do not want to end up on my roof. Rant over!

    • Not over yet :) … Ummmm, driving 13 hrs ? In one stretch ?
      Take you time Savannah. It’s possibly better to make that 2 stretches?
      Rant over and out.

      • Thanks David for your rant lol :)
        There’s 3 of us to share the driving and we’re all Terrortorians. One learns to drive long distances safely, early. The NT stretch is easy it’s slowing right down to 110km that makes one gets drowsy. The majority of NT accidents involve alcohol, tourists (especially international) and the indigenous because of the alcohol sadly.

  39. There is definitely something weird about the general vibe out there and in here.
    It’s all over everyone too. It’s hard to describe ?
    Not sure if it’s ever felt like this before ?
    No, this is not a love song ..

    Merry festivus to all of you astro junkie hipsters x
    Remember that you only have till June,
    while mars resides in leeebra to kick an Aries.
    I’ll be twerking around town during this time,
    so feel free if you catch my act.
    For you overseas people,
    a local Aries can usually be found twerking in malls during this transit.

    Love you mystic x enjoy your break.

      • Apparently he’s the only twerker that can be seen from the international space station.
        What I can’t wait for is Toned Abbs private lap dance for Clive when the senate resumes.

      • mind you not that I want to kick an aries, you lot are generally more fun to cause mayhem with than kick.

  40. Coming off the back of what feels like too long stretched on a rack I’ve begun looking around for another job.

    The dilemma phase of stay/go is over. The dilemma phase of what next has begun.

    I dig what I do but the year that was has tried it’s ass off to take all of my vital Qi and I’ve held until now.

    Last couple of months been a dance of trying to get out of my own way so I didn’t just give a big Sage speech of why and triumphantly march out the door. I’ve succeed there but been waaay to close to the edge and work rels have been stretched.

    Last couple of days have been looking around. Woke this morning and just said yes, I need to do this.

    So… this is Uranus direct visiting the 11th with Mars opposite in the 5th.

    All this and Saturn just crossed my DC.

    Happy holidays to all you Astro folk on the blog.

    • Ay yah ha Lady Centaurus, the ice has just broken here too. Early days, and very raw, but some things are very clear. If only i too could apply for a different position lol! But mine’s not a work situ this time around. Relations stretched to breaking point? The rubber band can lose its snapback spring, even for a Mutable, it’s true.

      Good luck with the next steps! Big hugs, too xxx

      • Sorry to hear that things are strained and at this time of the year it seems to magnify anything and everything. Maybe it’s the end of year thing too, there’s a tension in that, urgency to complete to take stock and/or action if the calculations don’t equate to perceptions.

        I’m holding the reins back from gallop toward that fence and jump it and then just keep galloping lol.

        When a rubber band looses it’s stretch you cut off the lifeless bit, retie it anew and heat it with the essence of new dreaming and it will regain it’s stretch.

        So nice to see your presence here Mille!

        Love, easy times ahead and a gentle nurturing holiday season to you xxoo

        • Thank you, both, Centaurus and Gemyogi. Cray-Cray has gone on holiday, and now i have some respite. I don’t go back in the ring for weeks :) (Soz to anyone else struggling with the mentally unwell. Santa took away for Xmas, in my case. Thanks, Santa!)

  41. omg lol just received phoenix consult – THANK YOU THANK YOU

    got that ‘omfg this is going to be AWESOME’ feeling in the pit of my stomach as listening – confirms a direction I have been angling towards, joy

    I’m off to do some strategy and investment.

    • I feel it in the marrow of my bones.. next year is going to be your Year of the Magnificent !! Kick Arse Lady Pi ! xx

    • Mine was spoooooky. It’s all starting to come together. 😀
      I’m with everyone, I have an amazing feeling about 2014. I am always “meh” about the new year but something is happening.

  42. Alleluia I’m getting it!!! what a year 2013 has been filled with fabulous growth opportunities (I always try to look at the positive…lol); found out after 6 months that my online dating correspondent was a fake; then I went on to tear hamstring in the warrior dash (5km obstacle race); went to Hawaii courtesy of my cousin’s husband paying for me to join their family holiday; broke a 7 year sex drought; snogged 2 different men; one of whom was one of the best kissers I’ve experienced; cycled around UK and France on my own; a breast lump turned out to be ok; scored tickets to the Bruce Springsteen concert; phew… I’m exhausted. as for 2014, I’m looking forward to consolidating all the I’ve learnt in 2013; bring it on…

    • This is just the best yearly roundup I’ve read in an age. Go you!!
      You’ve inspired me to do one too.
      Got back together with my main man, things went from strength to strength, kept me sane whilst daughter melted down and I had to struggle to keep her in school and struggle to pay the school. Managed that and then found her a new place with a huge bursary and so my life just got shed loads easier on multi levels. Kid now very happy and doing really well. Ticked box.
      Lost main man and through deep agonising pain decided to rent house and move. Rented house and moved. Tick box.
      Got found by a company who have incorporated with me and now creating my old work a new corporate face, career overhaul done. Tick box
      Ex husband left partner he left me for directly after our baby was born. Consoled her as she struggled with him, mended wounds. Tick box
      Daughter estranged ex ‘father’ and feels so much better.
      Tick box
      Ex husband stops all maintenance for his daughter (not that he ever paid much and always only what the court ordered) I now have a court date set to set that straight in the new year. Tick box
      And have managed to set a cat amongst pigeons with the school who I struggled with regarding fees and they have now called off their lawyers… Tick box
      Today I had Acupuncture and this week I have started to cleanse myself of crap with my diet. Health overhaul.
      Tick box
      I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself really.
      2014… bring it on

    • I must say I’m pretty impressed with this round up. Wish i could share mine, but it’s a secret and not nearly as cool as MmeE’s!

      • Was your whole year a secret electric? It’s sounds very MI6 CIA. Super undercover. If you tell us you’ll self destruct in five seconds? I do hope it was good secret, exciting and hush hush about to do something fabulous mode.

  43. Funny, I thought Uranus and I were friends. Ha! Entire life turned upside-down.
    Crab will not be able to move to me. So long, moving to redwoods and tide pools and hippie Mecca- looks like it’s the land of ice, fake tans, and perma-bitch faces. Ex-hub will not allow this to happen, yet somehow it will. I know it.
    The fuqed-up beat-women-and-children-into-submission cult that has bought up and desecrated half of my parents neighborhood has become an obsession. The whole place is built on old coal mines, and there’s something ancient and very, very unbenevolent that waits beneath. The drive to make the entire state into suburbia and freeway, ie control, makes sense now. It’s damn scary. Lilith came to me the other day with basically a command to unleash it upon them, these men who beat women in the backyard next door (oh how I wish I was exaggerating) upon the new moon, which brings the second hit of my Pluto square. I did a little protection ritual for those women and children last night in the last hour of the cancer moon, and it was not my voice. The rage and vengeance. I may play a genera on TV, but I am wholeheartedly not. The phrase “to heal, you must also be able to curse” rings in my head, and I intend to heal. Also I’ve made a fair few bargains lately and have an end to uphold. And it’ll be a 7 year, my card is the tower, I’ll have a nodal return, and the last hit of the Pluto square will last literally almost half the year, from July to thanksgiving. It would be so easy right now to turn my back on it all, but I think I’d regret that decision for the rest of my days. Destiny year, and so it shall begin with a curse. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t shit-scared.

      • And, I just realized, since I’m in blabber mode, after just finishing up a year and a half of straight Saturn, there’s not a thing Saturn can do here. Getting plutoed, neptuned, and SN’d. Magick and fate alone. Whoa.

        • Only thing I can say to your profound piece is that if you know, then you know. Trust that deep knowing voice and do what’s in there.
          The south node stuff is beyond crazy. My nodes have had me on my knees this year. But you sound really clearly connected to your path. And it resonates with me. All the best for ’14.

          • Clearly connected, hmmmm, yes. It is one of those lightning illumination moments, the amazing Japanese word for which escapes my mind. Crazy stuff!

        • Whoa! Am I glad I use my powers for good, and that you’re my friend!!

          Happy saturnalia to you, beautiful HDQ! And here’s to a wonderful 2014 of using our powers and shining our collective light… And kickin arse!! Xxx

          • Very much appreciated, Veronica. Nothing about it feels safe, which is one thing to pay lip service to, another entirely to live. Xxxxx

    • hdq are you fuqing serious, violence like that next door? what are the cops doing about that? has anyone called them? can you video this as evidence? release to the press, internet, Human Rights Watch? this is insane.

      • Yes, I know, exactly! My sister was the one who witnessed it, a few weeks ago, smoking late at night. I read her the riot act, poor girl. THIS is why your phone takes vids. THIS!! She gave me her firm promise to document everything from now on. She is double libra, Pisces rising, young, small, and TG. Overly nonconfrontational, and she was scared. But we’re all in warrior mode now. Anything else will go on social media, police, social services, news… They WILL NOT get away with this. Period.

        • poor lass (*and victim…*). it’s awful. my zealous response these days comes from early life stomach-churning fear coming across something similar yet too young to know what to do :( . probably I still have anger associated with that. Witnessing violence and not knowing who to turn to is profoundly disturbing but it sounds like she’s on the right track with you in the picture.. take care ok.

    • I know you’ve been through so much in the last month (last I remember your partner was in the hospital) and I’m sorry life continues to shit on you. :/

      “to heal, you must also be able to curse”
      Yes. There’s so much airy-fairy magical-thinking-positivity memes in the world with the “happiness” ideal and industry. I think a lot of it is selfish — I want to choose justice over happiness and responsibility over peace of mind, even though it can be so hard when we’re all just trying to keep our heads above water.

      fwiw your writing is beautiful.

      • Thanks, Rache. He’s still in the hospital, it’s where I’ve been spending every day. Just got out of the ICU and starting physical therapy, speech therapy… He can’t eat or walk or be very understood yet, is restrained to the bed cause he’s angry and violent. Really, really intense. The zap zone finally kicked my booty! But it’s good, for a purpose, and if I can help save even one woman or child, it will all be worth it.

        Beautiful, really? Neptune squaring my mercury and I feel garbled as hell. But thank you! :)

        • lots of supportive thoughts to you HDQ. ICU and related zones are pretty intense. But you seem tuff enuf/OK to handle it. But still. mucho support, light, peace and healing to your people.xx

  44. Hello Gorgeouses,
    here’s a fun one to jump around to and feel good while you’re developing your plan for World Domination.

  45. Thank you, MM, for your amazing site. I could not have survived this year of massive changes without your perspective.

    Moved to a new city to take a new job. Job has it’s share of politics and growth there will be slow. Learned in my bones (maybe truly for the first time in my life) that I need to be the protagonist of my own life. Paid off a huge amount of debt. Have struggled to make friends in this new city. Have lost 10 lbs. Have learned to appreciate some of my family members more. Have gone through serious periods of doubt and self-questioning.

    In early 2014, I’m going into deep communion with Saturn lol: it will sit on my Sun-Neptune conjunction from mid-January to mid-April in the 6th house, although the transit doesnt completely end until next October. Any words of wisdom for really benefiting and learning from this passage? I’ve felt so somber lately.

  46. hdq, sounds very Zola-esque-à la “Germinal”. The heaviness of the earth bound culture, the fire beneath the earth. I second Pi- record, even anonymously.

    This season brought many families to crisis- turning points- but you are the angel that can deliver them to a safer New Year.

    No one is immune from that cycle. Doctors, lawyers, techie zillionaires. Scared inside and raging at their families. Who keep quiet because “it’s not worth it”. They are afraid to lose the stuff and prestige. Meantime these (mostly) men are beyond charming effective brilliant chez work. No one believes they are batshit at home. “Is he stressed?” That’s code for give him more you know what. Soooo familiar with these convos.

    Bearing witness is powerful. Being there is powerful. Know that it takes an average of six attempts before most women finally leave abusive partners. Your presence can make a difference.

    Wishing peace to and around you!!!!

    Xx Kat

    • I’m glad you agree Kat. I physically could not tolerate this in my neighbourhood, makes me cold sweat and nauseous. I actually see red and would endanger my own life to stop that kind of bullshit. No one is violent with a sister and gets away with it, not on my watch. Sorry I know I sound like a psycho guerrilla in matters like this but it gets me at a core level.

      • Ha!! Yes, that psycho was me! The family didnt tell me for a few days, then I spent two with total rage and bloodlust. The other night, I came so close to doing the deed- only the clear message, “it is not yet time,” stopped the words in my throat. Since then I have felt a strange peace, knowing the timetable. No sisters will be harmed!!!

        I hate those statistics. So frustrating!! Women of the world, unite and rise up!! Thanks, Kat!!

      • Me too Pi. Someone’s gotta stand up to these arseholes and say ‘this is not right’. I know people who have been threatened, hurt or shot for being the voice if reason, but I can’t ignore this kind of thing.

    • Agree. People can’t be allowed to get away with this shit. Bearing witness is powerful. I would def go to the cops, stand up and say something, or go vigilante. The weak and the innocent must be protected. Sometimes these bullies just need to be called to account.

  47. Dear MM and Community,

    I grew up in a a town now notorious for thieving pols, a huge bankruptcy, and many woes. As Uranus turns direct, I’d like you to know that this is part of the story- a musician who came back to his town, school, family and friends to say a big thank you. This video features peeps who set MP where he is- Happy Solstice and Happy Hols!!


    Xx Kat

  48. Oh Mystic don’t abandon us now. We have had no official Mystic messages since the 19th. It is the Solstice, and now with Venus Rx, the Queen of Taureans has abandoned me and left me undefended. Mars is opposite Uranus and I fear leaving the house since angry people pop up out of nowhere during these transits (blame Uranus in my 12th). Now the Capricorn stellium is forming and will hit big between now and New Years. Oh how will we make it through December?

    • Lol mate i work seven days a week! I am taking three days off around Xmas & then straight into Tarotscope. If i do not reboot, i will not be able to do good work. Also the Horoscopes and Daily Mystic are still coming out…

      And i am actually about to put up a cool Saturnalia pic.

      But please do not begrudge me the occasional time away from the computer – if i crack up there is nobody to replace me…

      • Oh Mystic, no, I don’t begrudge you any time off. You deserve it. But you know how Taurus can feel cast adrift when Venus is RX. I’m sure you’ve already looked ahead and seen the extreme astro of the next 2 weeks, and have stored up enough global communiques so that the Radio Operator at the Mystic Castle is ready to dispatch them at the crucial moment.

        I doing my usual Saturnalia, which means “Funemployment” for the entire month. So I will stay inside the Taurus Bunker, wearing my Taurus Armor, and only stepping out when I must forage for food.


        The Taurus Armor is heavy and hard for the Taurus to bear. But there is little other choice when Venus has left us to protect ourselves. Fortunately Taurus can bear the weight of the heaviest armor if it is aesthetically pleasing.

        • Was agreeing with MM not Charles.
          I know you are kidding Charles.
          Just saying, our wise zeitgeist needs a breather too. Xx

          • Well of course I am kidding. I could just say xoxo miss you Mystic, but I’d rather joke about how the minute she turns her back, the stars shift and the universe begins to descend into chaos. LOL.

            So anyway, dear Mystic, have some good time away. Your brief absence only makes the heart grow fonder, we are reminded of how keenly we appreciate your work and your wit, and your spirit.

    • My theory is Think Like A Pisces. Have a beer before you leave the house, tune out a little, pretend you’re a tourist and just sort of observe things around you as though it’s all new, look at the freako-angry types as though you don’t speak english and just sort of wander past them all. Then do 150 crunches when you get home, some push-ups, cut up the vegies for the next day’s green salad and send a money-making email, etc. Continue as needed.

    • Charles, get a grip. I know you are joking, but if you have a dilemma over the holiday period, ask yourself what would Mystic do? Or consult the Oracle. Said with love. Happy saturnalia !

  49. Yes Charles DO get a grip. I miss Mystic more than anyone but she has every right to a break and I notice that the horoscopes are still going up so it is not like there is just a “gone fishing” sign.