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Hello Dark Moon Trippers – i have updated the Tarot page with some fresh info, the winners of the most recent competition and so forth. Go check it out and f.y.i the Tarot is coming along beautifully.

I am really happy with it and think it is going be rad.

Thank you to my Tarot Muses!!! And to all of you subscribers in general, of course. You help me keep this an advertisement free astro space on the internet!Β 

Also, i am announcing another Tarot Muse competition next week, with even MORE amazing prizes in the offing.

If you are a Tarot Muse already, you need not do anything – all Tarot Muses are automatically entered.



Image: Sylvia Fein – The Lady Magician

26 thoughts on “Tarot Muse Update

  1. Yay! Congrats winners! Cannot wait to see this Tarot Deck made real.

    A very happy New Moon to us all, each. and. every. one. πŸ˜€

  2. Saw the New Years fireworks in Sydney on CNN this morning…6:00 am ish Cali time. Beautiful!

    Happy New Years Beauty Myst and All… xo

    Funny…that Cap stellium this day square my Aries 11 and Libran NN (13 degrees) et al..

    Got sorta p’d off at Toro co-worker this am as she sprayin’ room spray around cuz I had steamed veggies for brekkie…Later said she was “kidding”..

    “I heard you loud and clear”

    Don’t fuqin’ fake with me darl… πŸ˜‰

    Thank God there is hours of massage to process “the shite”. lol

    Said my good-byes and happy new years until Thursday afternoon.

    Told Toro..”give me a hug” (all is forgiven)..Said “safe and sane”..

    She said she don’t know how sane it’s gonna be..


    x Love you.

    • Trans Venus (ruler of 5th..Libra) exact on my Cap Moon (8th) …no, we are not going to the casino this NY eve…

      I am waking up in my own bed…not in jail.. 😯


      • Wow, but my last patient today…Born 3/26…not sure her yr…younger than me.

        But she is a teacher and if ever an Aries was working thru the ZZ and having a time of it, it is her..

        Her reputation has been at stake…She was arrested on site at school and hand cuffed..

        My goodness it just never ends for her. She is a High School teacher and even tho she was vindicated, she said the kids are just awful and so disrespectful towards her.

        My heart goes out. Any of my probs are miniscule…

    • Happy New Year Sweetpea!!

      Hope 2014 brings you everything wonderful xx

      Cap stellium – FIVE planets!! 😯
      is just making me melancholy :(

      • Well, it will pass… 2014 is going to bring you a lot of wonderful too Scorpbot xx

        • I know, I know… it’s probably PMT but I’m also keen to get the show started!!!. Saggo moon has no patience. :)

          • Yeah that a big Cap stack up in your first house….Don’t know your exact degree…3 degrees? Do I remember correctly? Or is that Pegs? Happy NY Pegs! I still love you even if we don’t always see eye to eye.

            Trans Mars on my Libran NN 13 degrees opposite Mercury, Medusa, Sun, Point of Fortune, NN..

            Laying low…just am…Not looking for trouble from anyone (but I notice the ego of others, eh? Not gonna spoil for that fight) But my back (where I had surgeries) just killing me (Libra rules the low back)..

            Last time Mars was opposite my Sun and Sun was on my Dsc opposite natal Mars, thats when I had a back injury. Circa 1998. Very karmic. So am not surprised that it would rile up so to speak to be healed a bit more.

            Bots, You HAVE been hit alot over these past years….Saturn first on your Venus and now the ZZ hornin’ in .

            Tell it to fuq off :) Sure your Scorp bot bits will heehee. Wishing you the best with love and life this NY.

            Cuz I’m radio active…Come too close and I’ll burn yo ass… πŸ˜†


  3. Great image, I love Rosella’s, they remind me of my late granddad.
    I’d like to be part of the tarot muse, but will re- read the info again and send my questions in an email to you about it.
    The tarot question in the oracle section of your web page doesn’t give me tarot answers (which card represents xyz etc) it slightly makes me edgy the responses I get. Hmmm interesting

    • I so badly want to cut my hair but I know I must wait. Venus retro is not to be ignored! In the meantime I’m going to enjoy wearing it long as much as I possibly can by experimenting with retro hairstyles. But enough about my hair, how are you?

      • I have a very full second house in my chart and am cleaning, clearing and getting rid of my possessions which is easier than it ever has been before. Transits and progressions to my IC, I suspect. “…life raft for the spirit” are nice words. This Capricorn energy is good for my soul-making!

    • For those who like to Strategise ahead (Plan is a boring word for Mars Libran), go see the stars for March 2014: Jupiter turns direct, Venus turns direct (changes sign), Mercury retrogrades (I think, or finishes and turns direct).

  4. Happy New Moon & Happy New Year
    To MM and all my astro homies,
    I want to start the year by saying thank you to all of you who have supported my total life transformation this year.
    Thank you for bothering to read my badly punctuated, pedantic rants and rambles, my arse clenchingly embarrassing LZ confessions and for offering your support and guidance.
    I seriously don’t know how I would have made it through 2013 without you guys.
    For a happy, crazy, anti social freak like me this site has been a kind of life raft for my spirit.
    Thanks and more thanks!
    Lets rock this year!

  5. Been trying to post a link to Loose Lips by Kimya Dawson.
    Just a song I wanted to share but hey, you all know how youtube and Google work so, if you want to listen to it. DO!