Rad Not Mad

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Rad Not Mad

For how to be Rad – not Mad – or overly existential whatever, see the Weekly Horoscopes from Jan 4 just posted and/or the Mon-Tues Daily Horoscopes. Think: Directional Advice for maxing out the cosmic influences in your fave. Yes people, there is a more-than-30-hours long Sagittarius Void Moon coming up to finish off 2013 in style. Or in the nude, on Dream Weed and playing the bongo drums. It is definitely aΒ  Haute Hippie vibe.Β  Is this compatible with the Zap Zone energy being evoked by Mars? TOTALLY. By the time people realize they’ve under-estimated you, it will be too late. For them. Not you lol.

Saggo Hippy Chic

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63 thoughts on “Rad Not Mad

  1. LOL I have a turquoise ring almost that big. What did they used to call them? Squash blossom or something like that. I used to wear it all the time but I stopped because it got in the way when I played guitar.

  2. I’m 61 and was a hippie in my 20’s. I still have all my turquoise jewelry and my ex’s too :p Although I’ve gotten quite plump this holiday season I wouldn’t find much to fit me. Everything I had I gave away or lost throughout moves. I too LOVE the hair on the mod style chick up there.

    My bedroom is back to the old days since one of my dachshunds has a disk issue I have put my mattress on the floor.

    They are running out you know, not finding any more.. price is skyrocketing.
    Been coveting this massive chunky strand of turquoise, it’s only $400.. 😯 without being properly strung. I tried to tell my husband it was an investment, πŸ™‚ .

      • Ah, I am better off spending money speech therapy for the kids.. πŸ˜‰ Seriously my whinge-fest ends this dark moon!
        I have Saturn on my Moon & Jupiter on my Saturn – restrictions are highlighted I suppose.

  4. Wow this progressed Leo asc could just save my life. My hair is being freaking phenomenal yet I haven’t been near a hairdressed for 18 months. “Anything you can do I can do better” is stuck in my head. I just caught myself referring to a change of outfit for heading to the movies as a ‘costume change’. Not only that but I am thoroughly overdressed (compare to earlier ideal outfit of ripped denim shorts, birkenstocks and baggy singlet over a bikini top.. Still a beloved combination, mind). Champagne tastes as refreshing as water. More conscientious of appearance, All. The. Time. The idea of ‘having a few friends over for drinks’ and ordering 2 or 3 cases of champagne doesn’t sound over the top, it sounds civilised. Or is this just summer and the festive season that’s doing this to me?

    • Could be a combo of both, Pi. As you know I am Leo rising and very Leo / 5th house in many ways. BUT whatever other merde is going down my hair is always my superpower. Only other Leos get this. Welcome to our club πŸ™‚

    • I’ve only been to the hairdressers once since my Asc progressed to Leo and that was just for a trim. I went DIY on cuts and colour, and replaced rip off salon ‘products’ with some cheap organic shit from the supermarket, and my hair has never looked better. (My hair is kinda shit to start with so I don’t look like a Pantene ad, but it definitely looks better than it ever has before!). I will only step foot in a salon if I need some sort of scissor action that I can’t manage on my own.

      • Yes, I buy some cheap shampoo from my supermarket-priced organic shop (some stuff is cheaper than Coles! Today they had mango’s for $1).
        Mineral hair analysis proved I was very high in bismuth found in hair dyes, so I stopped dying it & though it will never be pantene hair, at least it will be ready for my progressed asc in Leo coming up! It looks loads healthier dark mouse than with the bleach or reds/golds that dying creates.

        Prog Asc Kataka right now, so I guess the Christmas comfort food was a happy coincidence!

  5. How weird, have been looking for long skirts and have been wanting to change my style of dress. So want to dress like I did in the seventies. Said to my husband today about climbing Mount Warning for New Year!!! Next thing I will be wear ing pumpkin seed beads. Groovy! Lol

  6. Lol big hair yeah yeah..I’ve been straightening mine over Xmas and it’s been looking and smelling wicked..as for drinking the champs, I’ve gotta say that I’m over the fuq of drinking..have drank far to much pre-mixes and feeling fat and frumpy πŸ™

  7. I just bought beautiful turquois jewelry last week. I can’t to wear it!

    Happy New Year to you all!! xo!!

  8. Please send my family love and positive energy and healing. My 12 yr old Pisces son is having such a hard go of it. As is the rest of the family because of his continual choices of drama and chaos.

  9. Hippy chic here I come. I will put on all my turquoise and find a Stevie Nicks type outfit to celebrate NYE in!

  10. I adore this turquoise jewellery. I buy this kind of thing for my Sagg moon niece and she absolutely loves it.
    I’m doing my Cap moon this NYE… getting together with a couple of friends to drink some French bubbles and make vision boards. Never done a vision board before so really looking forward to it.

        • πŸ™‚ shut in astro fiend. I’ve discovered there are people who do astro using other planets and their moons. It’s like some kind of fractal shenanigans to my mind. If they’re having a weird venus transit they look at venus and what its moons (?) or asteroids are doing. Then read those for the answer. Their websites are really ugly though so I came back here for a breather.

          • “Their websites are really ugly though so I came back here for a breather.”
            So funny! πŸ™‚

            • hey love, hope you’re well and have a beautiful night with your whanau and a happy new moon xxx

              • Helloa! Thank you, I have my bonhomie back today.
                What is a ‘whanau’? I shall take it to mean loved ones, lol. Happy New Moon to you & your ‘whatnau’ too.

      • I remember a high class shut in New Year’s Eve in the late 80’s. A friend came over with these crazy blue pyramids. Tiny little things. Thank god I only had a half of one of those. One of my flashbacks from that night I still hold in my mind as a mystery. An old Chinese shaman holding a burning incense bowl over my dead body. He was calming me and at the same time sending me on my way to passing. I did not follow his instructions, clearly. He told me he had spent years preparing me for death and that all would be better on the other side. He told me not to look away from him, I did look away …20 years later ? I’m like WTF was that ? Couldn’t have just been half a blue pyramid ?

        • greetings wise ram !
          hey David, this sound so past life…reading books by Dr. Brian Weiss haute scorpio psychiatrist turned past life regressor, he notes that being under the influence of drugs can let your mind open to past life experiences …how fascinating … but 20 years preparation .. i wonder who you were …
          hope you and the family are enjoying the sunny south coast, we are down here too, go back friday … popped over to murray sbeach in jervis early this morn to greet the new year in with a swim, got metres away from a magnificent kestrel. then 2 others showed up..magic magic magic. xx

          • Hi Beautiful Cosmic girl, we were there all day yesterday, it was perfection. We are here till the 16th. Murray’s is where I talk to eagle, usually near sundown, yesterday was no exception. Trust you and your crew have a wonderful 2014 x

            • My profile pic was taken at Murray’s .. Can you believe that in the 60’s it was earmarked as Australia’s first nuclear reactor site !!!

                • May just add that biatch looks like Samantha of “Bewitched” wondering what the hell she’s doing..?

                  Going Berko? (love that word of Mystics…)

                  As a mother, I always had “a mother’s helper” of scotch or some such tucked away when cooking in the kitchen…

                  hello? πŸ˜‰

                  • Hi Sweetest Pie x Wishing for you to get all the delicious wonderful things for 2014 and beyond. How is this mars in libra shizz going down with you ? All these words …balance…strategy…what is this strange language πŸ˜‰

                    • Strabge language…haha

                      Yes, it seems to be. Just a bit of tension at the office as noted elsewhere but very gung ho to get on with certain changes. Feel like I’ve outgrown so much…Is that possible for us near 55 yr olds Davey? lol..
                      Never, yeah?

                      Hoping all the best for you and your loved ones too doll. x

              • Sacrilege !

                It’s a beautiful shot, taken at a magical place David. Christmas morn we swam early with a dolphin pod not far from us .. beautiful pink sky, have been rising 5am to greet the sun in on the beach each morn … here till fri…recharged and rejuvenated. blessings D-Ram ! x

                  • Think if you’re gonna go Radioactive or Berko gotta make a choce to go whole hog..

                    Or not


                    That guitar just scratchin’ my back..

                    zhazahzah RA..


  11. Maybe no big chunky turquoise for me – never been my thing – but am loving the vibe. Its been kinda cray lately but whatta way to end the year!!! Universe still rooting for me, I can feel it πŸ™‚

    • And very very anxious to see the January scopes! Thought they were going to come early? Oh wells, still looking forward to them.

  12. Wow such a grounded vibe, all those planets lined up in Capricorn, like jewels on a crown.

    • Oh Jezuz Christ…

      Fuqin jewels come with a price and pain in the ass..

      But hey, love that they wearin’ a crown…

      Cap no doubt earns it once it learns a bit of wisdom.

      Course it’s born with it but how does it use it…? Thats the question.

      If Cap believes in the material world, it learns nothing but what it is to aquire security on shifting sand…Course it thinks it’s cement…

      But if it has wisdom, it sees that life itself is just shifting sand and sets its anchor deeper.

      • Hey Toro, my remarks had nothing to do with you personally and your comment.

        Just hit a button in the sense of what is real and unreal in this world and what it takes to wear the crown for it is about what is real and unreal.