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R.I.P. Nelson Mandela, god what a giant of a human being. He was Cancerian with Moon in Scorpio and the North Node Rising in Sagittarius. How’s that for Singular Destiny astrology?Β  Think also this: Jupiter, his chart ruler, was conjunct Pluto. The transformer.

And his elegance upon release from jail, his superior temperament when he could have come out and whipped the whole country into a bloody rebellion in five seconds flat, is a brilliant example of Haute Mars in Libra.Β  In a world where it is SO easy to be insanely cynical about politicians, with good reason lol, Mandela was like this Beacon Of Awesome.


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70 thoughts on “R.I.P Nelson Mandela

  1. Brilliant post. Mars in libra myself. So good to know a haute example of what a planet in its detriment can do. No excuses for going low.

  2. Ohh Bless Him,
    What an extraordinary life and legacy,
    Gotta be happy with that.

  3. Oh yes, a truly great man. And his capacity for forgiveness totally blows me away. RIP xo

  4. Love your tribute, MM!

    Nelson Mandela is one of my all-time heroes and I feel mentored by his approach to life.

    I felt off, and odd, and sad all day, then came home to find the announcement of his passing, so perhaps some part of me was anticipating heavy news……I know he has been very ill for the past many months but one wants such a light for the planet to live forever! He will remain with us in spirit, I’m sure…..he knows the planet still needs a lot of help!

  5. Vale to an amazing human being. Just goes to show how transforming how love, forgiveness and compassion can truly be. Let it be a lesson for all of us.

  6. I visited Robben Island 7 years ago and saw the prison cell that Nelson Mandela was forced to live in. He was too tall for it so could not stretch out to sleep at night. But also for those who have visited Robben Island your guide is an ex prisoner. ours was someone who was there while Nelson Mandela was imprisoned. What our guide told us was that Nelson Mandela always preached was that it was only through forgiveness that South Africa could move forward as a country. unbelievable cruelties were inflicted upon the prisoners but thanks to a man of vision and compassion could South Africa survive.

  7. My daughter has Moon in Scorpio. When she was born I read an astrology baby book that said children with Moon In Scorpio all grow up to be psychopaths. So glad to see there is this other amazing destiny possible for her.

    • I hate books like that – seriously w.t.f.? My daughter is Moon in Scorpio and she can be, okay, a little bit intense with setting some of her boundaries but also crazy perceptive.

      • thank you for saying that myst. us lunar scorps catch a lot of flack at times however, having plumbed the depths of it as obviously nelson mandela must have in that tiny little cell he got rose through it too as all good scoro moons do. love to your daughter.

    • I can tell you that pretty much the only people who write negative things about Scorp Moons being “psycho” (particularly the female ones), are usually written by men who got burned by a female Lunar Scorp. They tried to be manipulative or whatever underhanded b.s. and got what was coming to them.

  8. Thank you for this. I remember that Free Nelson Mandela song as some sort of a turning point in my consciousness. Can’t recall where this quote is from but it seems right today “We will not see his like again.”

      • Yes thanks for that! I was singing it all day. What an inspiration that man was and how proud South Africa must be of him, and we too should be proud of such example of a human being

  9. God, his capacity for forgiveness and utter humility always blew me away. Peeps like him come at critical times and us mere mortals can only thank them with whatever small humanity we can muster. Thank you sir, for your beautiful soul. May we all aspire to drink in your a drop of your greatness and live the example you set us xx

    • HUMILITY. What a word win ego rules so many of leaders.
      His was a power that did not corrupt, tho’ many tried thro’ him.

  10. We have a DVD of Paul Simon’s Concert “Graceland” in Zimbabwe where they all sang “Free Nelson Mandela”. Amazing stuff. He was someone who set an example of modesty, grace and forgiveness. He was a great man, unlike modern world leaders.

    • ‘Diamonds on the soul’s of their feet….’
      Didn’t know what that song meant until it was revealed that diamond used to be smuggled from the mines between the toes. For a dollar a day pay?
      And Gina Rhinoheart wants miners here to work for 2 dollars a day.
      Hope all copacetic with you Marvellous Mo with the Animal Farm.x

  11. So happy he is finally, truly free & restored to perfect wellness! A beautiful soul, the stars shine a little brighter over all of us now. Godspeed, Mandela.

  12. If only we could have a 100 more of him to change the world into a place of forgiveness and sharing, we could see a world to be proud off.

  13. Awww…Bless His Heart…

    ~Approach the door to freedom and leave my anger and bitterness behind~

    I remember when the song “Do They Know It’s Christmas” was recorded and the stars were asked to leave their ego at the door…


    But omg, all those years in prison…that Scorpio Moon must have faced such demons and been to hell emotionally and back. Yes Myst, I think that Jupiter and Pluto transformed that first and then others. It probably could not have been done any other way if he were to play his part in the human drama and evo.

      • Sweetpea, what do YOU say?
        Forget everything you have read, ignore everything you have heard, the write from YOUR core.
        All that you need is in your body, the highsest spiritual creature is in your molecules, no-one can tell you anything you don’t already know. my friend.
        Read science fiction instead, Frank Herbert has more esoteric information and intuition than any of the higher learning books passed thro’ my hands.
        (going on 600 up to date, with only 3 taken notice of.
        Written with complete respect for you and your path, tinged with a little bossiness πŸ™‚

        • Pegs, it doesn’t hurt to quote great teachers from time to time. It’s a form of respect to Those who have come before us. The Great Teachings are the same and passed down teacher to student.

          I do write. I am writing a book. Am going to have my say, no worries.

          But really, you should just let people have their say for it makes them not want to share at all when you tell them how to do it, hmmm?

          I don’t spend much time here anymore as working on my purpose of writing. You just confirmed it. Thank you.

  14. so how are the blacks in south africa living now?? worse than before.
    mandela the terrorist planed to blow up public places. lol

        • Pretty sure you couldn’t come up with a better plan or take any real action eh, Mick πŸ˜‰

          Much easier to sit on yr ass and label Mandela a failure from the comfort of yr IPhone…

          • never said I could but all this demi god shit is over the top you and the media is making this guy out to be something divine like all the celebrity worship. for something to have value it must have utility, try and consider some of the 19th and 20th century inventors and industrialists who changed the course of mankind for the better or certain mankind. keep worshiping bullshit artists and moviestars

            • Oh yes, such visionaries like the industrialists from the petrochemical industry, who have left the oceans full of plastic and marine life dying and endagered, is that who you mean?

              Or maybe Industrialists from the cotton industry who destroy villages and water supplies to whole regions so target and Coles can supply cheap jeans for the betterment of mankind…

        • I just love the way in general subjugated (black) people are supposed to accept institutional and systemic violence but if they respond with violence in the form available to them it’s called terrorism.

          And if they choose cooperation there’s something else to keep them in their place – unrecognised and disrespected….like failed terrorism? hysterical.

          Mandela’s militant energies were as important as his renowned capacity for forgiveness.

          What’s your problem, mick?

  15. RIP!!!! I wish his hearts path could be instilled in all humanity! I have not seen anyone as powerful for human life as Mandela.. MLK would have been just as powerful!

    • So with you VE on Dr King! What a beautiful storm of wisdom & vision he was, & beyond brave. I would have been honored to march alongside him… I try to every day, in my own little way πŸ™‚ Him, Jesus, Mohammed, Jane Goodall, Gandhi, & the Dalai Llama.

  16. Death needs a new paradigm, we need to know what happens after our hearts stop beating. Not how much the soul weighs in grams.
    The last living appearance of Mandela was quite weird as was said to be a photo opportunity. Medico’s and family kept him alive for political purposes?
    He just wasn’t there. LIke he checked out a few months ago, and the heart stopped beating even with the latest hi-tech assistance.
    Am feeling down. It must be Global Grief. 6th December a day to remember.

    It’s THAT woman from 8 Β½ weeks who rescues animals, has a 6 foot tall daughter, and who’s hair i have always wanted, and acted with Alec Balwin, Mickey O’Rourke and Richard Gere, and who she that clued me into having a tattoo on my right shoulder like the one she had in the movie with Gere, a Parokeet, but mine a turtle & ghekko, B-Day tomorrow.
    Mars into Libra may mean to help others. This time of year is supposed to be rocky for lovers, perhaps partners included.

      • Pegs, I love you and I’m sorry you’re feeling down luv. My Saggo bestie birthday is Dec 6th and she’s a pain in the arse just like you… πŸ˜‰ X

        Btw, I don’t do sci fi. Just don’t. I am into true, direct perception. This life I don’t have time for fantasy much to the chagrin of my Neptune in 5th.

        • Then again, before you p’d me off, I was wondering where I was gonna put my story of
          how I took $40 to the casino last night but had banned myself from the place a long time ago. Think like Daveyl I’m a paradox too…but then who ain’t eh?

          You actually have to go into the main office (elsewhere of the casino location) and fill out a form saying you ban yourself for such and such a time. Well, I did mine for life :mrgreen: Aries don’t know “for life” from nothin’ lol…

          And then they take your pix, see? Just like you turned in your self as a fugative


          But last night I did a two dollar spin on a penny machine and won $3,000….and well, my face and info was in the system…

          So I sat there as this gent rounded my California license round in his palms and I wondered my fate. I tried not to envision the cops coming and taking me away in handcuffs…For I’ve heard that has happened… 😯

          I prayed hard as an ahole…My heart was racing, I nearly broke a sweat…(Never let them see you sweat I think the commercial says..)

          But then the gent comes over and says “we cannot pay you”. You “self banned yourself” (Jezus…self persecution with the hopes that someone will save you from yourself?)


          That was the idea quite frankly.

          And so then, I had to sign a form that I had trespassed on Indian land.

          “You are not welcome here”…he said. And if I came back I would be arrested.

          So gee guys, seems like I’m going thru mega endings of some sort.

          When the hell that Uranus going forward?

          Looks like it done left the station for me already.

          Trans Venus conjunct Cap Moon in 8th (others resources)…And since I was on an astro roll, I played the Lotto as still have my dream of a healing/spiritual center. Spirit confirmed that will come true. I pray all of your wishes for you all come true too.

          Mystic, there is some wonderful info in Autobiography of Yogi book about his non belief of astrology but his teachers belief in it. Have been re-reading that lately for inspiration.

          Yeah, we all saints and sinners. Think that Spirit just directing me lately that it is time to not be distracted.

          I guess the casino incident confirmed that big time. I walked away and told my inner teachers…I get it…x

          • Toby Mac “Steal My Show”..

            You might like the song. It’s about letting Spirit steal your show…or what you thought it was… πŸ˜‰ x

          • Sweetie, dunno, i always manage to prickle you when i’m actually sending you the best of intentions and innate Sag sageness.
            I think there’s more truth in sic-fi than most esoteric writings. .And more political truth in comics.

            Won 3k and couldn’t collect? Bummer but for your own good, i guess. x

                • I mean after you go from $3,000 to nothing in your wallet cept a paltry amt in your debit…lol…

                  And Pegs no, I did not care a whiff about the money…it was the lesson that was important…So much has changed in these past months and I have cried from gratitude more than I have cried for years. x

                  • Don’t feel much like talkin’, busy processing… Got pmt too. Endings.. Yes! And ’tis that time of year where one reflects on what’s passed. Cap Asc asking what I’ve achieved this year and what am I going to do for the rest of my fuqing life (sorry for swearing – it’s a Scorp thing… it’s motivating)

                    Will turn 50 next year. I have natal sun in 10th house. I don’t want a mediocre life! One more week for results of my exam for entry into 3 year study. Never had a plan B. Don’t know what I’ll do if I don’t get in but also wondering how I’ll support myself financially if I do.

                    That’s me in a nutshell. You got my Saggo moon talkin after all. πŸ™‚

                    • x

                      Know what you mean.

                      I have vowed to do massage only one more year and meanwhile gotta keep my arse in gear.

                      Good luck and blessings wherever life takes you Scorps. x

  17. South Africa: more rapes per minute than any where in the world.
    Poverty like i have never seen the likes.
    Baboon stealing in the cities.
    Shocking atrocities.
    Africa my heart bleeds for you.

  18. Death in my personal circle as I read about Mandela’s death.
    Wow, just wow. Functioning fine but the energy of it all – just overwhelming.


  19. As a South African living in Australia, Mandela’s death hit me hard. I could not stop crying (at the office) yesterday when I heard the news. Thankfully, I have very understanding colleagues.

    In addition to mourning Mandela’s greatness, I am also mourning the vision he had for South Africa – a vision that he held dear and in clear focus, but, which, unfortunately, is not part of the vision South Africa’s leaders (Mandela’s successors) seem to hold today.

    For anyone interested to understand fully why Nelson Mandela’s departure is a practical tragedy for Africa, and especially South Africa, have a read: “Nelson Mandela set standards which his successors have not been able to live up to.”: http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/comment/nelson-mandela-set-standards-which-his-successors-have-not-been-able-to-live-up-to-8987164.html

    As JM Coetzee says in his tribute to Mandela (http://m.smh.com.au/comment/nelson-mandela-held-his-turbulent-country-together-during-dangerous-years-20131206-2yus8.html#ixzz2mgflNWsk), “he was, and by the time of his death was universally held to be, a great man; he may well be the last of the great men, as the concept of greatness retires into the historical shadows.”

    Vale Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela.

  20. One of the gifts of our lifetime.

    He has not gone, matter changes form and he now travels in a new one. His hopes for the world have not gone unless we consider they left with him and the collective view is that he was a living deity to make manifest all that many hope to see manifest. The message will be missed if this is so. Those who see his passing as opportunistic are banking on this and this alone. In my view that ain’t the strongest bet to wager.

    What we do, even how we think is what changes our world and no, not in the form of a denial bubble but that too works when immediate shelter is needed. He wanted us to see… really see.. and to have compassion and that is to have it where it is hard to have not where it is easy to have. Big ask? Yep possibly, but the payoff for that is that it lights even our own shadows as well, broadens our view, diminishes rigid perception, opens for more intuition and ultimately allows more love to light the way and love is the change agent.

    Blessings and Gratitude Nelson.

  21. Oh gosh I knew he was a Cancerian, I had no idea I shared a rising sign and Mars though
    Funny mars is in it’s “detriment” in Libra because it is a wonderful placement for mediation /peace maker

    It is our drive (Mars) to make balance (libra) and he certainly did that!

  22. If all of us forgave transgressions against us the way he did, right now, there would surely be utopia.

    I have. I figure if he can forgive what was done to him…