Pisces: The Sign Of Self-Redoing

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It happens every ten days or so. Some poor person emails, freaked out because they’re read that Pisces (or the 12th House) is the sign/house of “self-undoing.”  To be clear: people wrote all sorts of schizz in the olden days and some of it is hideously fatalistic and without the benefit of, well, modernity. 

Read some old astro texts and wow out at how sexist they are, for example. Why do some contemporary texts refer to Pisceans/the 12th House as being to do with “self-undoing?” No idea.

The old cliche used to be that one fish (the symbol for Pisces is two fish) swam upwards – towards God/Source – whilst the other swam all the way down to the dregs at the bottom of some never-ending bottle of Blue Devil Hoochie Juice.

But EVERY sign (as you can see from the Haute-Lo Sun Signs Astro series) has potentially higher and lower expressions.

Far from self-undoing, the Pisceans/12th House types I know are in a perpetual state of self re-doing, the makeover/the comeback, their pure fluidity is dear to their heart and psyche.  Likewise, if you know your chart, the sector of it dominated by Pisces is where you may definitely have endured some spectacular lows but where you also have the capacity to work some major magic and/or transform very quickly.



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91 thoughts on “Pisces: The Sign Of Self-Redoing

  1. Mystic, how did you know? Just what I needed to be reminded — am feeling at lows a bit.. Pisces rising…

    • Music Quad! Play some music that you love. I’ve spent some of the day making a new playlist of all the music that makes me smile, it’s been fun! 🙂

      Pisces Rising

    • Oh yeah! I have Pluto and Jupiter conjunct in my big 12th house and am so utterly utterly OVER people making out this is a disaster in the house of self undoing, drug addiction and alcoholism! It is the house of re doing, the make over, the re start, the re configure and the place where the phoenix resides in the chart and thanks thanks thanks for the reminder.
      Its my power house.

  2. Pisces Saturn. I have two close Piscean friends and I am drawn to fish energy. They are both crazy and nonconformist.

  3. Ugh am feeling the Lo aspect of this… Someone is stalking me. I have an inkling who it might be. They’ve hacked into my account again I found today. I’ve dealt with weird shizz for awhile now. Really really wish I knew what to do about this as I feel really violated.

    • Change all your passwords… Change your security settings and security questions and secure your wireless. …
      But which account are they targeting as this is the one that needs immediate attention

    • Oh no, that’s very unsettling Nightrose, I hope you’re doing okay. That kind of thing would freak me the eff out. With Pisces energy I always think ‘Boundaries’. Discussions I’ve had with Pisces friends and my Pisces sister actually in the past have revolved around reassessing and setting personal (internal) boundaries – as it seems this sign is prone to taking on so much of other people’s emotions, it can get a bit much.

      Take care. xx

      • Thank you. Like Ive said below, I am going to go the P.I. route. Luckily, this situation could have been a lot worse so I am mindful and thankful for that. Thanks for your concerns! xo

  4. Nightrose~~~> confront/ loudly vocalise to all and everybody! Contact the police and yell out same. Take your power back NOW.

    And B. absafuckinglutely!

    • I’ve went to police but they’re no help. They suggested a private investigator but how far does that go. I need real help.

      • So sorry to hear this, I can only imagine how disturbing this must be. Are you in oz? There must be support groups or maybe lifeline can help with options I saw an insight episode – I am not suggesting watching it but it did point out how disinterested the police were and how behind the cyber protection laws are. The cost to you personally is not appreciated

      • It might worth the $ to hire a P.I. to protect yourself or a young hacker to find out who is hacking you.
        I’ve had to deal with this too.
        You’re not alone, if that’s any constellation.
        If you know who it is let your friends know so they have your back.

  5. Fish in Sun, Mercury and Venus, Also Taurus Chiron in 12th – when not dancing in the Garden of Eden with all the crazy-shizz its endless shameovers followed by endless resolutions, no wonder it looks like ‘re-doing’

    Right now in the Aussie House of Reps they are talking about Fibre cabling under the Sea (hello Neptune!) and the NBN and copper and upload and download speeds and the possibilities…. we can’t imagine the technology of the future! Maybe we should just bang out the fibre and see what happens, hey legislators? Amazing, it somehow feels really relevant. As a Fishlady though, I feel like I already run, talk and think on cosmic fibre (Fibre to the Home!) and want the Fibre to the Noders to come and join in the fun (minus the shameovers)

    • I wonder why we are laying so many cables across these huge expanses when there is satellite? Saw something about peeps doing it for big parts of Africa and India ? It’s a good cheap way for everyone to use mobiles etc

    • I’ve been hounding people since the 80s on this one.
      There are many reasons why the laying of optic fibre to every residence has been stymied.
      Let’s not go thru all of them but let’s try and deal with the biggy.
      Vested interests.
      Fibre to the home allows anyone with a few thousand dollars and a bit of nouse to compete with:
      Television broadcasters
      Advertising organizations
      Power companies
      Cable channels
      Internet ‘suppliers’.
      Telecommunication companies
      And …Governments.

      It lowers the entry price to these markets by many times.

      Ever noticed how upload speeds and quotas are pathetic.
      They want you to download baby. Upload ? Who cares what you think.
      Just keep downloading, we will tell you how to think and what’s going on.

      Fibre is not just a technology it’s the key to personal freedom in the future.

      Why do you think Abbot got voted in ? In my view his NBN policy, the vested interests are right behind this buffoon.

      This blog is a perfect example of the power of upload.

      Imagine The Mystic Medusa Channel. Just dial it up on your magical fibre.
      Contribute even.
      Actually Myst, when this happens, Can I read the 7 o’clock news ?

  6. sometimes we think down is up and up is down, it’s hard to tell when you’re deep under the water, and there’s only blue twilight … the orientation can slide.

    Compass, tank pressure and depth gauges essential at most times.

    Tell us what you’re thinking but don’t judge us, we’re working on it and if we’re not, well there’s probably a reason for it. You’re welcome to ask why we operate the way we do but be prepared for an unsatisfactory or unexpected answer, especially if you’re an Aquarius, Virgo or Taurus (the signs that I for one tend to frustrate or annoy the most 😉 ) ..we hear you on some level. method in the madness.

    • The Pisces folk never give me that uneasy feeling in my stomach and I never have to worry about a knife in my back. They do hide away some time, it’s difficult to get them to come back into the light.
      I have noticed my late Aqua AC does turn into the twin fish when the Moon is in Pisces.

      • i’d hate to try and understand me if i were someone else. pretty sure i’m a massive pain in the ass with professional expertise in procrastination and incapacity to complete most day to day tasks with any degree of regularity. oh well that’s what our lovely virgos are for 🙂

      • Oh, an occasional one will knife you, you will just never see it coming/never see them again after, especially if you confront them with it!

    • Soooo true Pi. been trying to ‘talk’ with Pisces rising friend for 6 weeks and getting now where. it was over a gaff I said as a joke. i am aqua rising and leo so don’t get why he can’t forgive me. he is a very wounded leo man too. and gets into mysoginist rages for weeks on end and won’t talk to anyone. I have left him alone as I been busy myself.
      What to do? I’m not at fault it was nothing.I have offered a peace offering – didn’t work.
      What to do?

      • egads, uber-sensitive water sign rising, lion sun. your aqua rising would be confused about the mega emo fuss maybe?. and he’s Mr Sensitive combined with leo man ego / pride issues .. and misogynistic rages? ugh srsly?! that’s so 20th century. so it’s all gone way out of proportion somewhere in his head. or you’ve hit a nerve somehow. not your prob – you’ve done what you can by the sound of things LG! besides you’re not a jerk so it’s not like you go around stomping on people for fun. x

  7. I had a fish lion lover and I have never known anyone who was so away with the fairies on a cloud but capable of the most ridiculous coups when needed. Cannot for the life of me think how he has managed to get on and prosper but he does again and again.
    I on the other hand seem to have longer term shizz to deal with. Having a fishy asc with saturn chiron conj bang on makes it a real hard core. On your knees girl, learn how to pray…now get up and let it all happen again. Or is this just life?

  8. Tech issue: is anyone else finding that some posts aren’t adjusting to mobile view (iPhone)? The front page is fine but some posts appear across a really wide window, and the type is tiny!! Been getting it the past week, it’s like it’s the wide screen view not converting to mobile device screen size.

    • Yes, ever since I upgraded to this stupid new operating software… Nothing aligns in mobile view and I give up on reading the comments page

    • yes. blackberry was doing it for a while recently. stopped now.
      text size needs to adjust better to the frame / screen too. bit squinty. just about to upgrade to different phone so maybe probs go

    • Yep, ever since the Merc rx iPhone meltdown / 3hr re sync episode mine does same….SO tiny!

  9. As a Scorpio ascendant my fifth house is dominated by Pisces. I would say the “impressionability” quality of The Fish rings true there. My romantic affairs have always been a sort of “mask wearing” ritual where my partner places upon me the guise of her fantasy and I unconsciously act the role. I need only be passive or reactive, or open to the subtle guidance of the moment. I’ve been down many roads … from chastity to vampire fetish to a wealthy Jewish girl in Connecticut with a thing for “Dirty Dancing” (no, really, I Swayze’d that schizz). One of my earliest flings was with a Sagittarian, and when MM says they hump outdoors, take it to the bank. I would say that these historical characterizations of Pisces simply reflect the collective emotional state or stage-of-evolution of the human psyche at that time. So much about the water signs reflect, Pisces, mutable, does this most naturally.

    • Wow that just makes you totally open to morphing. Chameleon nature and getting lost in every meeting. What’s it like when you surface again and be on your own? Do you have a definite persona?? I just ask because I am very open to suggestion too!

      • Yes I do have my own personality, and to clarify, a mask is only so much a morph as I would have it be. It doesn’t take long for a mask to become uncomfortable, it’s the fifth house here so eventually the party ends, the song gives way to silence, the page turns, you run out of money, etc. With Scorpio in the ascendant, you burn through any non-permanent masks / skins very quickly. If I’m not dumped after the fantasy is fulfilled, I tend to stink up the affair. Of course, in younger days, now I’m partnered quite happily – defined by an ever-deepening relationship.

    • Any luck to stop people from projecting onto you and just see you as you?
      I have attracted a few unstable types that project onto me and get violently angry when I disappoint.
      I need a deflective mask to keep some at bay. 😉

      • I think there is a difference. I am never projected onto I just naturally morph into that thing they ask for or require even if it is their subconscious. But there are those who are projected onto and expected to be even though they are clamouring to be who they really are. It is a tougher call to be projected I think. The hard stuff comes for me when they go and I am left wondering which way is up and what colour I really am!

      • I’ve totally been on both sides of that coin, and been in violent situations. In fact, the most intense exchanges have been with my now-partner of 15 years and mother to my children. At one point, she stabbed me…lol…that was long before the kids were in the picture. I would say our early days survived the Scorpio’s sting (in my case, a paring knife). If I have any insight into Scorpio or Scorpio Rising, it’s to say, oh yes, there will be blood.

        BTW she is a Scorpio moon, and I am Sun/Pluto (Scorpionic) with Mars in the 8th (Scorpionic). Her birthday is four days off mine.

        • You sound well matched and sometimes it is so much easier to be with those that will mirror us rather than struggle with those who are opposite. I find that whole opposite thing very uncomfortable, like trying to fit in to a small shoe! If the connection is there it sure is there. Trouble with me is a good connection makes me totally individual and therefore him too? How the hell do you get two real individuals to stick together… UHU??

          • Free will aside, our Jupiter/Chiron conjunct in her seventh house, very impressive upon a Libra Sun/Libra Ascendant I’m sure, and our conjunct Abundantia’s sit on my descendant, so some go-for-it partnership energy is there. Make no mistake, there’s never been an autopilot-to-bliss function like a lot of people expect when they see Jupiter. You just can’t fcuk around with Pluto in the mix. I can say that there have been unexpected rewards whenever we travel the road of honest emotional risk with one another, and being Jupiterian (light-hearted, honest to the grain, open, real) is a continual source of immediate pleasure daily in each other’s company.

        • Explosive scorpionic energy!
          I tend to attract other Scorpios too.
          Interesting. I ‘ll have to dream on this.

      • Maybe theres something going on with your Neptune and a planet of theirs? Neptune tends to have this effect.

  10. As a virgo with neptune conjunct my moon, the virgo – pisces spectrum and its themes have always been so strong in me. I think growing up I was more like a pisces…that could have been the water in my cancer ascendent too. My closest friends were pisces. I’ve always been emotional, imaginative, compassionate, have been fascinated by dreams and written them down since high school…etc. Pisces is on my ninth house cusp, and my spirituality has gone through many stages and is still developing. I love traveling as well.

    My younger sister is a pisces and I’ve always envied how she’s always been so mature, so kind and just…understanding. She’s definitely haute pisces.

    • My personal theory is that your Pisces sister is reflecting what you are to her. Pat yourself on the back for being a good big sister.

      • Ha! I like that theory so thank you. I think also being the youngest makes you mature faster. I’m pretty lucky in that my sister and I have always gotten along and are into a lot of the same things.

  11. Sag’s humping outdoors, PlutonicUranian?! Well…hemmhemm *clears throat* well, yes we MIGHT, at times….lol. 12th house Pisces in Chiron. I am the ‘comeback kid’, even well towards the end of my 40’s. Happy Solar Return to all Saggies onsite! 😀

  12. Also, tried to comment under the Kardashian post about their family Saturnalia card. Guess one of the ‘watchers’ didn’t like my post, as it wouldn’t post AT ALL. ‘Very interesting’.

  13. Hmm, I’ve always been drawn to Pisces types (I have neptune in Scorpio rising); Chiron is the only thing in my Pisces (fifth) house. Of my four sons, two have the Sun in Pisces and one has Pisces rising.

  14. ‘Never let someone with the significance of a speed bump become a road block in your life.’ Ha ha ha one of my more significant moments happened over a speed bump. I ended up with a fractured skull a bleed on the brain, a massive clavicle fracture and broken ribs. And he moved in for a week to nurse me. He’s still a bit of a block or should that read bloke!?!?!?

  15. well, pisces sun in the 6th house, asc virgo, redoing is my theme. feels like i’m working on self disillusionment my whole life. working a lot with abstract definitions and concrete situations. low on equilibrium, low on mediocrity…middle way just doesn’t work form me. lot of black and lot of white but when in low then transforming in faith, when in high inspiring for others.

  16. I sent you one of those wigged out 12th house emails: I noticed that my son had moon in his 12th, & the worry rushed in as I did some web sleuthing on this placement. You allayed my existential wig out, Mystic, but every now & again it rises up & gnaws on my synapses. Yes: my problem. Just like smoking.

    Saturn is so far up my bum that it’s tickling my throat. *ahem*

    Is it a special circumstance then for those of us with Pisces Ascendant? Like an oruburous?

    • My moon is in the 12th.
      I have had psychic dreams my whole life, sometimes stronger than others. I have gone between intoxicated and sober multiple times in my life. I was also addicted to spiritual pursuits, became an energy healer(along with other healing studies). I am emotional, but can withdraw inside myself.

      I love my 12th house moon. Wouldn’t change it for anything.

      • That’s so awesome, catfish moon. I can totally see how a 12th house moon would lend itself to psychic sensitivities & sensibilities. Very haute.

        And it’s synchronicity that you mention it, as I was just having this very discussion (albeit geared toward a 7 year old) with my son today. It’s a gift, I told him, but a really big one so it can be kind of weird to manage/make sense of, at first. He def has that extra-sensory sensitivity going on & I want him to be empowered for it– not weirded out because he’s been seeing our sweet dog following us around the house since she crossed over last week.

        He feels better about it now. And your 12th house moon insights give me joy, cm. Thanks xx

    • I have a 12th house moon in gem. To my mind it’s always been an advantage. One being an ability to spend quality time alone. Even for extended periods.
      Aloneness is often described as anti social, or social exclusion. It’s not for us. We don’t need an adoring crowd. We are our own judges.

        • Hey Davidl I totally agree. I also have Gemmy Moon (3rd house) and I love being alone. I never think it’s a negative thing, in fact it feels quite the opposite 🙂

      • This is certainly true for my son, too: 12th house Gem moon! He needs alone time to recharge & maintain his equilibrium, & he enjoys robust conversations regarding existential queries when they arise for him. He will process internally for days– weeks sometimes– before bringing something out into the open with me. I think it’s a huge asset to be so comfortable & at peace with one’s self to be so autonomous this way, & I encourage him to follow that which *feels* right regardless of what others may expect him to be.

        Davidl, I am very curious about the impact on you of your relationship with your mother, if you can speak to that. (It was the issue of mother regarding the 12th house moon placement & my son’s chart that caused me to send one of those emails to Mystic.)

        • My mother and I have always had a close relationship.
          She is a classic kataka and has all the qualities and failings of the sign.
          In fact in my younger years I lived with my mother, grandmother and great grandmother.
          Yep 3 mums. She was only 19 when she had me and I think I was quite spoilt by so much love and attention.
          The men were more in the background for me. I was raised on feminine energy.
          This means I have always been comfy with women as friends and lovers.
          It also gave me a great sense of freedom and protection that led me on to many Aries style adventures.
          Loved my football, surfing, athletics….fighting…hehe…so let’s just say being raised by the feminine was no disadvantage in male realms.
          Her and dad live down the road from my family home , so she now plays a role in raising my kids.
          I married a kataka, who is different to mum but has that same incredible love and protection for our kids.
          Not sure if anyone could ask for a more loving relationship with their mum. I owe her a lot, and aside from her sometimes dafka
          jewish kataka mothership attitude to me, I’m sure she’s happy with how I turned out.

          • I should translate ‘dafka’ or ‘davka’ …. It’s hard , I’ll give an example.
            Mum gives me 2 shirts for my birthday, I go over the next day to show her how nice I look in the shirt.
            She takes one look and says “so what’s wrong with the other one” ?

            • My girl is 12th house moon in Taurus. Gemini rising Aries. According to the books, 12th hous means bad mom. Nice to hear of your connection to yours.

              • Hmmmm, gem rising Aries sun like me. I have Venus in Taurus conj my moon 7 deg orb.
                I think that helps a lot. Where is her mars ? Is she a 10th house Aries ?

                • 11th Aries with mars in aqua. Her Aries house is intercepted with Venus and NN conjunct her sun.

  17. Thank you for posting this, Pisces (12th/1st) rising here opposing my Virgo Sun in the 7th house. It’s a continuous push and pull for me.

  18. Dear Sweet Pisces. What have you taught us across the ages. The much maligned age just passing.

    In our household Pisces is almost every element of life, 3 things the lady in chains has taught us. Pisces Neptune 12th all symbols of consciousness itself. Pisces Virgo axis masochism versus self compassion. If all peeps are symbols in our collective dream self compassion waters every plant with our inner ocean.

  19. My girl and boy twins are Pisces. My best friends ever. LOve them so. They have taken turns along the road.
    My son is was the sensitive one, animal lover, strong emotions. NOw he is older he likes to smoke pot to balance his mood. He loves to surf, hike up the cliff and look out over the ocean. Loner, except with his closest friends and now girlfriend. Granted he has a Cappy rising and has grown up fast too and loves to do well at school.
    Daughter feels her Leo moon stronger. Sings and wants to do it professionally one day. Lots of gorgeous dark hair she braids and styles.

    I have Pisces in the 7th…so true. Had lowest relationship ever, one I never would have thought I would ever be in. Abusive. So sad and ashamed of myself.
    But now so happy and in love with my Torro. His mars in Pisces in my 7th conjunct my Descendant. Finally!!!!! treated like I want.

  20. I have Pisces Saturn and Vesta (1st house), Chiron and Moon (2nd house), Gem sun. I love Pisces nature but have to admit having it in the second means it lives up to the famine/feast re the $$$.

  21. Sun/Mercury retro conjunct in the 12th. I like to think of myself as having a very animated inward life. I have Uranus trine these two planets as well, so yes I re-do, reinvent and redux and most importantly, communicate from within if that makes sense, especially in the writing that I do. My north node is in Pisces in my 9th house too. The only downside of all of this is that I find self-sabotage can be an issue, which to me is a bit 12th house – not sure what those ancients would say about that. But what I do like is the aspect of collective consciousness that it has, and that can be very amazing as an artist to be able to tune into. It’s like oneness for the body, mind and soul.

  22. Iam Pices rising and am feeling really lack lustre myself at the moment. I havent been to the gym for weeks and cant seem to get myself together. Hope this passes as dont want to loose all the great things i have been doing for the past 2 years.

    • Maria, Scorp rising here- ditto- running outside for first time in several weeks. Pisces spans my 4th-cusps 5th. And have crowded 12th House including Neptune in Scorp- took lots of baths these last weeks! LOL!! And a wee bit of Bacchus juice!! Did not feel oomph of New Saggo Moon- just less bleah. Bought beaucoup carb treats yesterday with my tween for work and home. Heading out to run off the chocolate ice cream treats! Hah!

      My early Pisces Sun-late Aqua Moon girl – sensitive/snippy- cool and detached by turn. Hugely empathic and feels a shift in thoughts/vibes.

      Chiron has helped her heal old painful stories-

      My 5th Pisces House challenge-procrastinating- not getting overwhelmed by details/ distractions. Being positive when swamped with Qi Vamps-esp ancestral ones. Setting boundaries around my creative processes and kids-

      Re-do of toxic childhood stuff so I am not perpetuating low Qi family patterns.

      Music/martial arts are my motivators/secret weapons – which Oracle suggested! Bonding with kids over their music- live Eminem’s Headlights- such a gorgeous /gritty ode to his mom.

      My beautiful, late sister was Neptune/Sun in Libra- on my Venus- very mystical- and Kataka Mars. Had to have physical space or I would space out too and dinner would burn up while we reminisced! LOL! She couldn’t stand conflict- but was a strong child advocate/therapist.

      My gramps was Pisces Sun- every day he came to breakfast and said, “is everybody happy?”
      Had a lovely tenor voice- I sing too in choir. Hate soloing unless I’m oh so alone!
      Hubby is Pisces Moon/Mars- chef extraordinaire and couch potato! Loves the screens!
      Mystic- love that there are no “bad” signs just Low/Haute!!

      Happy Mercury Day!!

      Xx Kat

  23. I have Scorp sun, Pisces moon and rising. For many years, I only knew my sun and felt disconnected from the more intense traits of Scorp. It wasn’t until this year, when I started reading more about the other aspects, that it all clicked. Def feel a lot of kinship with MM’s Pisces ‘scopes and weighting those along with Scorp has been super illuminating.

    Have self-undone in major ways over the years, but in hindsight it always felt necessary. Sloughing off the old skin, however painful it may be. Scorp is the strength to hit bottom and stand right back up, while Pisces is the inspiration to take that jump into the unknown.

  24. OH M !! wow
    have you tapped into some outrageously saucy algorithmic search engine for images from those invisie suit folks ???

    cos that blue pill/red pill narrative has been SO in my face the last few days where with even me livin in the Deep COUNTRY,…
    some chick looking all Trinity (those sunglasses…) , Ya know like from the “Matrix’ , was sittin in a blk SUV in the middle of nowhere country road…while I was on the school Pickup run…
    just looking sunglassy ..on a wide open road…and pulling out as drove past..de-doo-de-doo\
    Lurve the twilight zone.. 🙂


  25. 12th house sun, Jupiter-Ceres-Juno in Pisces. I recently noticed the most exact aspect in my chart is Neptune sextile Pluto – must be a mini-generation of us. I’m mutable and – while its hard to explain – I’m not entirely comfortable existing. I’m more comfortable designing for the conditions of existence than presenting a self. All is one. We’re all undone by that.