Mars in Libra = Art, Business, Pleasure & Karma

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Unicorn with Ufo

Mars zaps Pluto + the Zap Zone. 

The weird, who have been working their heart out trying to be pro since mid-2010, suddenly feel mighty Zen about it all.  It is around about now (and beyond) that the Not Stagnating policy pays OFF.

I am still on a break but the Triple Leo Intern is back to sort any subscriptions/admin queries, the Horoscopes are happening and i have just added the timezone for Tokyo so now it is Sydney, Tokyo, London, New York and L.A. for the Moon phases etc.

Also there will be a special rant sent out to subscribers on Saturday. It’s re Mars in Libra till July 2014: Art, Business, Pleasure & Karma. Tips, you understand.

Grace Jones Bulletproof Heart

Top Image: Unicorn Vintage
Bottom Image: Bulletproof Heart

Beloved in Christian & Pagan mythology alike, the Unicorn is a beautiful, mysterious loner – the astrology of Unicorns.

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239 thoughts on “Mars in Libra = Art, Business, Pleasure & Karma

  1. Looking forward to the coming rant. I’m surrounded by people losing it and I am, for the most part, keeping Zen since I’ve been doing the work for 2 years.

  2. Still resting, and no physical activity or human contact for days because I’m ill, IMO fighting off this parasite but there is a chance it’s actually a contagious virus, no one can figure it out. I am so NOT a stay at home, indoorsy type but oddly am feeling more zen than ever.
    Still taking disgusting drinks and pills from Dr and naturopath who felt antibiotics weren’t necessary ….
    My sense is that my immune system just isn’t strong enough to fight off this bug on its own. Ironic really considering I recently won a gold medal, first place for UK over 40’s fitness model and took home two other trophies…

    It’s a major wake up call. Just because I look healthy does not mean I AM healthy. This is a visceral reaction to the zap zone. No more hardcore training or pushing beyond my limits. More sleep, zin yoga, meditation, probiotics, digestive enzymes and homemade wheatgrass juices and other yummy smoothies. More writing, more chilling, more reading.

    Self nourishment is like a religion to me now. As is financial fitness and sticking to a budget. Yes, I have a stationary fetish. I admit it.
    Two days of reorganising my pantry, wardrobe and bookshelf felt totally therapeutic. Looking forward to more evolution and growth in 2014

    • I sympathise and hear you, after always taking the attitude that willpower can overcome all, I have broken my foot after a stupid slip. I guess my lesson is to slow down and accept what is…. you can’t control everything and no one is bullet proof

    • Diatomaceous earth, food grade, amorphous silica is excellent for detoxifying and ridding parasites. It is gradual in feeling its effect but I am convinced its helping. I am sure you know what to do however we are finding this at home to be wonderful for restoring the immune system. That and filtered water, with diet changes as you mention (daily sauekraut, yoqhurt, pickled foods, olives, nuts, seeds salads, organic juices bread and meat and some organic milk). I am going to try drinking miso soup as well as eating more brown rice. We do little sugar (only fruit) no alcohol and no caffiene at the moment as the idea is to give the body a rest and chance to restore. Jupiter is retrograde so is opportune time to re-nurture as Mystic suggested here a little while ago. It seems we can revisit this to repair, then maybe when direct proceed forward…Mars will square it which will encourage some to action improvement, the reward comes from the work of the challenge!

  3. Feel like I am turning pro in Mars-Pluto-Uranian mode. I am on leave til mid January, and have mapped out a regime of yoga, writing and housewitchery for my leave period ( with the occasional day of indulgence with my loved ones thrown into the mix). I have natal Mars in Libra ( in the 4th house) and feel I am slipping into the zone quite well. The Stealth Leo & I had a HUGE day of cleaning & decluttering today, and sourced a new, energy-efficient fridge to replace our 2nd hand clunker.

    Blue Moon, hope you feel a lot better soon! Rest & rejuvenate.

    • It’s 4th house for me too, we have escaped the city for 3 weeks of down time. Beach, swim, eat, sleep, beach .. My natal mars in cancer sqs all this and that’s ok but my sun in the 10th is not very comfy at this stage. Must purge the current work scene weirding.

    • Saturn is exact on my natal Neptune, and turning out EVERY cupboard and the fridge, decluttering and cleaning, in preparation for drawing, painting, sewing as much as possible January *bliss*

      Won’t be doing much else! …as no income coming in til mid -February, but I am stocked up to the eyeballs in art materials, now to use them!

  4. Libra generally confuses me as far as life management goes, but I do my best to understand. Libra-zone to me (personally that is, I mean the United Nations is Libra I think.. or maybe early Scorp.. whatever that part of the sky is .. chemin du fer? no. that means Railway.. hmm) seems only to mean remaining without an opinion, not arguing, always wanting at least one person around / not enjoying isolation. I honestly don’t know how to work with 4th house Libra (pluto & NN), apart from the fact that I utterly cannot handle conflict in the home, like srsly gtfo if you’re going to behave like a fuqtard to the family.

    but i mean aren’t there a zillion other signs that also do art, biz and pleasure? namely taurus, capricorn, Leo, pisces…? Is that the Libran superpower? Being invisible but pulling all the strings? someone talk to me. anyone. explain. i want to understand.

    • I have to agree with the hard to comprehend thing. 6 months of this ??? It feels like new terrain to me. Still can’t put my finger on it. Maybe after it’s done we will have an aha moment ? Or a thankchristhatbloodythingisover type moment.

      • mate it is all about STRATEGY. And August will be epic for certain people – rant will be sent tomorrow and the Jan scopes will reflect the new vibe.

        Also, pls see the Zeitgeist 2014 Scopes, yes? x

    • omg lol i think i just answered my own libra 4th house question – All Parties Must Play Fair. open dialogue. Emphasis on cooperation and conflict resolution. Sharing. Teamwork.

      haaaaa thankyou

      • balance – it’s a binary mindset until you get the hang of the balance.

        I was reading your words thinking you seem to have it totally sussed – pisceans are adept at being subliminal librans?

        • Oh yes. oooooo-o-o-oh Yes.

          11th House natal Libran Uranian here. I’m exploring people again. Or they’re exp[loring me. Random meet-cutes. Sudden affectionate displays incoming. Charm (in)offensive. Uranian buzzworth under mellow wit. Photography. Photographers and lots of design. Groups of artists and financiers, creative business. Impeccable hosts and hostesses, unusual types who might be brittle under other stars have manners and grace, sincere and unusual compliments. Almost temperance; indulgent luxe with temperate habit? Plenty of Aquarians in the mix…is this my Libran Uranus in mutual reception with Venus Aqua thrumming in sympathy?

          Piscean 5th House Sun: always had a random assortment as my tribe at any time, but emerging now from 3 years of almost solitude. And can definitely handle Mars over my 11th house Uranus tee hee, [lus the strange wardrobe revamp including resurfacing of forgotten and vintage items, plus new friends who seem like very old buddies wot ho (Venus Retro, naturellement). Or i’m falling in love differently with my old hometown – about time it (and i) grew up. Pisces finds Libran energy lovely and helpful. Reading self help book with no tears only intellectual fervour optional; gossip and high literature, but only contempo! Go lightly, go lightly.

          • oh how i love a bit of sincere and unusual – this phase you’re having sounds swell mille. I had an image of a verdant garden flourishing as I read your words x

        • hey anon, I think because I have so much bombastic aries emphasis in my chart that I’ve often had trouble ‘getting’ Libran types. So I have more recently made a specific effort to understand the libran raison d’etre. And many Libras I know are *definitely*, utterly, not the pink-wearing, cooing, hearts n flowers types. They are fuqing tough, intelligent, and when it comes to the crunch, they are (well .. can be) REASONABLE people. A Libran negotiator will make sure everyone is “in the tent” as they say in diplomatic terms, because this way everyone gets a say (even if there is a very disagreeable person) and a solution that meets the needs of more people can be reached. Think of the success of PM Gillard – very effective at progressing policy and negotiating agreements in spite of the media storm against her. I considered what Libra is: the scales – balance (opinions, time, resources)! diplomacy! legal professions! judgement! My mother has a gigantic 7th house crossing two signs and containing mars-pluto-jupiter-neptune-chiron. She is utterly incapable of asserting her own opinion unless she has first heard what everyone else wants. I realised this was not a “mother” thing like I first thought but a “fairness” thing. Fairness is paramount to her. Getting her own way for the sake of it simply just does not factor into her decision making. My extreme frustration with what I thought was her lack of assertiveness (ok yes it is that sometimes) drove me to really sit down and interrogate her (pleasantly of course) so I could see more clearly what was going on for her. Libran wiles are therefore maybe more effective because you know what everyone wants. Does this make sense? Rambling a bit maybe. in short, it’s been an exhaustive(?!) research process 😉

          • i think sagg /9th house / jupiter is also involved with the law. my (totally amateur obvs) theory with this is that saggi energy and the law is more to do with legal institutions, the philosophy of law, the legal system in relation to society, rather than the practice of law.

          • I loved this picture you create of your ma, I have a lot of trouble understanding my 7th house NN, but this just made something go *ping*. When young I tended to be upfront with an opinion (Leo) then hear others thoughts and do a 180 – Gem Asc/Mutable Axis I thought? But I think that the 7th House NN is in play after yr comments (and age, 😉 ).Thanks Pi!

      • agree. I know a ‘prominent businessman’ libra who can be vile to his own family. i don’t understand (neither do they). which is why i was wondering if the libran strength is in the negotiation, not necessarily the ‘niceness’. maybe the concept of fairness warps depending on time, politics,values..

        • that could be other planets working together as well but when you consider that Libra is cardinal air it’s sometimes so rational (once it’s made up its mind) that it can seem cold and unyielding to others. It’s the balance thing again. If a decision has been made using flawed or skewed logic, because logic is key and a libran has committed to it chances are people will be left wondering wtf is up with that. If you have a lot of aries I get it that you would be puzzled by libra – it is mutual 😉

          • 😉
            no longer puzzled by ‘them’ I have to say. but still often misunderstood / misconstrued / taken for an insensitive berk by those with libra-heavy charts.

            • YOU? Strange, they are not words I would ever use to describe you but I guess the online persona is read subjectively. Am I gilding your lily pi? LOL seeing you with my libran rose tinted spex? I think you’re quite thoughtful.

              • ha. thanks anon. I really do feel like a blundering beast around some. maybe i am being too (lol) sensitive and it actually comes across as whatever the female version of rugged charm is … one can only hope. 😀

                • I have Mars Jupiter Pluto and Uranus in Virgo with Saturn trine the Mars from Aries and a Gemini Ascendant so I totally get that my way of expressing myself could come across powerful strong as Virgo – my mother once claimed my birth took so long to bring some balance to all that uptight shizz 😀

  5. Cut unheathy ties, seize more personal power etc
    I’m looking forward to both the rant and 2014. I adore this change making vibe.

  6. Hot damn I wish my face had that symmetry! And, you know…. Zap Zone…. 2010. Gosh. Venus retro in Cap. The last few days I’ve been tallying up all the changes since well, at first 2010, how far I’ve come since then. And then I started thinking all the way back to 2008. Can hardly believe it.

    On a somewhat related note. Watched “Muriel’s Wedding” this evening. Thought it was quite fitting.

    • love Grace Jones!!

      her partner at the time, John Paul Goude graphic designed her face and body on some seriously iconic album covers.

      I remover being taken to her concert by stepma and pa when I was 14, she was amazing. Dad was hoping I wouldn’t get some of the raunchier references…

  7. Please explain Libra being in the same phrase as “business.” “Karma” too, for that matter.

    • Yo! I AM intending to explain. See above. MARS mate. Mars. In clandestine, covert, Machiavellian mode BUT hardcore aspecting big planets. everyone who is not a zombie is feeling this right now, the feeling that you are either about to opt out and placate yourself with suburban sedatives or attempt to pull off a big self actualizing authentic Awesome true life play…..

      • trying to work out if latest Sagg crush is of the mild-mannered sedative ‘let’s get married’ variety or if the chemistry is on the money and foretells extreme satisfaction in le sack, and think about the rest later. really I just want to take him to bed and find out once and for all. that or just shag someone else so I don’t have to fixate too much on my leetle friend.

        • love how i think some kind of potentially stable relationship is ‘sedative’ and hot boudoir action (or beach, whatever) is the opposite. venus-moon issues, pi?

          • Hahaha yes I did laugh at your comment re sedative ‘let’s get married’ 🙂 You could just play the Piscean card, shag them both and see what happens?? xx

          • it’s the ones who don’t realise that the chemistry is all there is to it who are the most irksome

            • do you think so anon? I mean I am truly beginning to wonder if the reason people remain married is because they are indifferent. like, “I have less emotional investment in this relationship but you’re a good provider and not too unstable so do whatever you want, dear”. oh GOD I HAVE ISSUES sigh

              • I have no idea about those people and their marriages pi !!! I was talking about the people who don’t realise that all there is is chemistry and then think it’d be a good idea to get hitched – I had so many marriage threats in my 20s from people whose ignorance to the fact that we were inherently incompatible yet electrically / sexually in tune that it was a relatively constant source of amazement to me. Possibly some venus in the 5th in libra or lilith conjunct ascendant haze? Some people seem to put the cart before the horse. If you have chemistry its a good thing but any long term sitch is a constantly evolving thing – I can’t speak for anyone else but that’s how mine works. Indifference would be a motivation for me to exit post haste.

                • Interesting… I was just talking to some of my girlfriends about this. When you have chemistry from the start can it survive or is just a physical thing that fizzles out. It justifies my single status because I have never been in a relationship where the long term training was practiced to make it last. Chemistry… love it and wish it was something that would encourage a good long term relationship. Who wouldn’t want good / fun sex.

                  • well because good sex (sex on your terms) doesn’t last forever. Most people will outlive their sexual days. Show me all the oh look…blah..blah…slebs having rejuvenating vaginaplasty….tantric sex bullshit ….horny goat weed extract implants….you want….but that’s the case of so many older couples i know who are happy with one another. they still have their friendship and still in love. They just can’t slap it like they used to.

                  • For the long term there has to be something more than chemistry – chemistry is most excellent – don’t get me wrong! I’m all for chemistry but it isn’t a sign of a quality relationship in the long term. That kind of long term thing is a constant evolution, you ideally keep growing and changing as individuals within the couple that you make. Otherwise it’s like you’ve been snap-frozen which isn’t good for either of you. That’s why it’s important to have some common thread that draws you together that goes beyond the chemistry – it doesn’t have to mean the same hobbies or interests or whatever – it could be cultural or religious etc, there just has to be some kind of shared foundation, passion or fascination to fall back on and if it’s only chemistry it probably isn’t enough to sustain a thing. What EE Libran said 😀

                  • Postscript 😀 chemistry at your age is a good thing though David – learning through the relationships you have in your teens and onwards is how you learn about boundaries and personal preferences. Chemistry is part of the adventure.

                • oh right! Sorry, I had interpreted your comment the wrong way around. YES agree, if it’s only sizzle then it’s bound to fizzle.

                • ‘marriage threats’… ha, that’s fuqing brilliant! I’ve had a few of those too… *shudder*

              • To answer Pi’s question, my take is that I know people who are (long-term) married because they actually like each other, but I think they’re in small numbers. When I was young, anything but passion driving a relationship felt wrong, but now I see the enormous value in having a stable relationship, even without passion. If you’re a person happy on your own, fine; but if not, a relationship that allows security is satisfying a need, and passion can be found elsewhere. It’s very practical.

          • LOL David I have found most guys propose when the chemistry is not right, there or warrant a follow up phone call. But given the right one with the right chemistry and physics (more importantly) they run a blood* mile. Well that has been my take on it to date!
            The wrong ones don’t matter and don’t screw them up or require growth and development. The right ones play havoc with their equilibrium and they begin to understand just how unstable their world might be and how important this woman might be… surrender time. Nah toooooo scary. Plump for the wrong un.

            • i second this. i have never seen it from a man i was actually interested in. They do it as a power play to keep you.

      • That feels spot on here, dear Mystic – Mars nearly on my 11th house Merc+Pallas, then over into the 12th for sun+Juno………hitting the gym 4-5 times a week, and in the last two days fiercely grokking bodyweight workouts, ala Convict Conditioning – part of my overall Ground Up (get it, haha) Complete Reset Plan, which includes the MOST audacious aspiration anyone could imagine. It’s utterly insane, but it’s the only thing left, so I’m making myself into a weapon. I’m serious. But then sometimes I just want to find those painkillers from my shoulder surgery last year and eat them like candy, just to exit all this (hated them at the time, didn’t use). It’s like being extruded through a bronze pasta die – the butterfly metaphor seen through the Mars/Pluto lens. Totally scary, only a very narrow path illuminated before me. Lonely as fuck, too.
        Beneath it all I’m questioning whether I have the will to continue, or whether I’ll just fold in a cloud of simpering, whimpering mist……………
        ……..BACK TO THE GYM.

        • Hmmmm…. definitely *something* going on with that Mars transit. You’ve got me thinking that pine pollen is a normal part of daily nutrition, and craving gluten free egg wraps after not eating eggs (except in the odd pastry etc.) far at least twentyseven years…….yikes. (I’m afraid to think what may be next!)
          Not sure about the lonely part, pretty sure Plutoboy’s lover/freak takes issue with that one. 😉

          • Hi Plutogirl……….er, ms. vervain.
            Existential loneliness. And haven’t seen my loverfreak in nearly a week.

            Hi Plutogirl……………………..
            Yes, lonely. Nobody to tell me what to do. Nobody to sleep with. Almost nobody to speak with who doesn’t make me feel like running away. Hardly a friend left.
            And no warm Plutogirl leg draped over my thigh this morning, just a cat.

            Not complaining, however, just feeling it all.

      • Just had a job interview for full time- 40 hour- near home new job. Think they loved me. Currently only working 15 hours- no bennies. Neptune/Moon is crying Boooo hoo! We don’t want to work full time!!!!! Saturn on Scorpi ASC says mwahhhh yes you dooooo. This job ends June 2014 as it’s grant based-

        Zap zone protocol- pushing way out of comfort zone- way more than I wanted for time away from kids- but …. I’m going for it. Stay stuck and ..


        Mystic, thoughts?

  8. I thought I was fine! I thought I had paid my dues! Oh make it stop.. I want to get off now. :p

    • There you are Andromeda!
      ‘Make it Stop’?
      Have had now on 14 days of PAIN. First a blocked then infected salivary gland = swollen tongue, desert mouth, swollen lips and neck, meaning no eating and visit to Dentist, and now 2nd & 3rd toe on left foot in excruciating pain that has come & gone for 3 days. Morton’s neuroma maybe. Horses fuming hooves!
      My body has rebelled, a reaction of inflammation about Xmas?
      The upside has been discovering the series ‘Weeds’, late
      comer to it and the laughs are continuous. An hilarious show that is cheering me up.
      Bring on the New Year, the last was a horror show in parts. Little consolation that others have had been nursing themselves thro’ this time of year.

      It will pass Andromeda, as we KNOW it does…..

      • OH PEGS! I do not know how you do it. Watch Weeds I mean… okay the first few seasons were lots of fun.. 🙂
        I am watching Avatar: The Last Airbender with my 5 year old, his Christmas present. He wants to master all the elements (earth, wind, water, fire), I keep telling him as a Cancer in the 8th House he is a Water Bender, but he just wants to be the Master of All.

        As for the rest, you need to put your hooves up, fold your wings, stash away that halo and I don’t know. You could try wallowing like I have? Have a nice roll in the grass?

        I have food anxiety/Mercury issues/Sun in the 2nd (throat) so when my oral apparatus goes I get so stressed. How are you coping?
        On the upside you can nurse yourself back to optimum!
        My shoulder is frozen and the bubs don’t appreciate that a whacking great hug is torture right now…

  9. I got food poisoning for Christmas, did anyone get anything nicer from Santa? I figure it was just toxic overload. I spent the day doing mantras only to heave ho ho ho from about 2am until Boxing Day morning. Crikey and thank you transiting Mars in the 4th house I guess :/

    • Many in my state came down with food poisoning due the the extremely hot weather we had to the lead up that turns most food tricky.

      Xmas day lunch? Instead of eating ended up on bathroom floor heaving my guts out, sweating waterfalls, the having to lie on couch with my doona & teddy bear and listen to the other’s having nosh & fun.
      (self inflicted due to a spliff and glass of bubbles waaay to early in the day).

  10. Libra feels like “the other” in every way. The ability to dance and move around a centre. That centre can be inside or outside, unowned qualities we love or unowned qualities we hate. It is the element in our psyche that ‘seeks’ balance.

    Libra is the opposition the polarization of one into two. This is a great teacher. This is a conflict. Libra is the balance of spirit and personality charging every encounter.

    • randomly scrolling and saw the word orcus which I’m curious about, read your words and hallelujah you get libra.

      Any thoughts on gemini or pisces?

      • Hello anon, sorry this is late. It took me decades of study from others to discover and personally live those thoughts in my daily life (kinda slow that way). I’ll share the bit of lunch I have, hope it is not too repetitive for U.

        Have you read MM’s brilliant yet scathingly entertaining piece on Pisces, must do.

        I’ll imagine these 4 are linked 4 U, (Pisces, Gemini, Libra, Orcus either personally or thru your circle, they are in mine.)

        Gemini, Mercury, 3rd, can be thot of as left brain linear type logic, the world of duality, the perceiver/learner of and from that duality and variety. The ‘character’ of the mind. The brother/ sister.

        Pisces, Neptune, 12th, are, well, kind a like ‘everything’ more specifically – the jelly of consciousness itself. Which is not only localized in the skull but ubiquitous. Often experienced thru faith. The God/Goddess.

        Libra, Venus, 7th, as discussed is the lesson of polarity often learned or experienced socially.

        Enter Orcus. The next ‘planet’ after Pluto. Is the conceptual opposite to Libra. With Orcus we stand naked and alone in the context of emptiness. Orcus is who we are when we have nothing to prove. A kind of integrity that is true to oneself and not measured in a socially relative context. It is us when we are alone with eternity. When we turn from the solar system sit and face the pregnant emptiness of space, of meditation, of quiet. Within and without.

        I think the 4 together R 2 forms of perception/learning about mind/consciousness thru the school of projection to arrive at emotional, spiritual and intellectual independence and self sufficiency. Enlightenment thru isolation.
        Sometimes this is difficult.

        (Check out Jeremy Allan Neal’s Book ‘Orcus)
        Happy 2014

  11. Thanks Mystic! Happy New Year!

    I just met a fabulous guy! (sigh).. Don’t mess this one up VE!


  12. I must be zombie-ing out because I’m quite enjoying my suburban sedatives. Its been an exhausting year. I changed my job 3xs this year, changed my name, changed my house – I’m enjoying the dark moon. I finally have a sink in my kitchen after months without! Pluto in the 4th is serious business. Nice couch to cuddle with Pisces on, so I’m watching loads of TV. Oh – and I fished my daughter’s snake ring out of the sink the other day. Didn’t know it was there in the drain until I got to cleaning it. Finding it like that felt like Pluto winking at me.

    Libra —all I bloody want is beauty and grace everywhere. All I’m feeling is indulged and worried at how much disdain I feel for budgeting at the mo.

    • Yeah, I am really feeling the dark moon the last two days too but tried to be productive about it and read a lot, organize my house, draw up plans for the new year. But I am soooooo tired and lazy and hungry. Don’t feel bad, it’s the end of the year and I think it’s okay to rest up and recalibrate if you need it.

  13. I reckon I’m doing Mars in Libra much, much better than Mars in Virgo despite the fact that I have natal Mars in Virgo. I am totally getting the idea of strategy/velvet glove/iron fist thingy to achieve the outcomes I want. It’s in my natal 3rd and for a change I am really thinking about what I say, what I write down in respect to certain financial/legal situs.
    Venus retro brought the ex husband back and desperate to reunite. I did think about it before saying no (with kindness and compassion.)
    Up early today to get started on Operation Awesome (rebooted after a three-month Neptune bender). Making a list of all the limitations I’ve put on myself and how I can bust them.
    Happy holiday season everyone….frankly after the last two years I’m just grateful to be standing, and not in rehab/asylum/debt/jail/gutter.

    • oh wow. Must have taken a lot of strength to say No. Well done.

      I’m doing Mars in Libra much better than Virgo too (have natal Virgo as well). My prog moon is now in Libra. Things feeling lighter and breezier 🙂

      • Yeah it did. In some ways it would have been so easy to go back. But I know in my heart of hearts it’s been over for years, a long time before I left. Poor bloke is just waking up to the fact.

        How ’bout you Scorpy? How’s life sans Crab guy?
        btw I saw a box set of Nick Drake in a record shop the other day… am I right in remembering you’re a fan or has my hooch-addled brain made that up??

        • Yes ’twas I. Love Nick Drake.

          aww, i know… it’s so sad!!!! Guys always realise when it’s way TOO late!!!

          I’m loving being alone again. Although I still felt pretty single dating the Crab because we never got to spend weekends together (as he worked on Saturdays and had the kids on Sundays) and on long weekend his crazy psycho ex wife would just dump the kids on him. So much baggage. felt like the 3rd wheel.

          Crab is in shock i broke up with him. He thought everything was fine (of course he would – he’s a Mars sq Neptune love zombie). LOL.
          He’s trying to win me back but it’s TOO late!!!! I feel a bit sad. Breaking up always sucks.
          Never want to date another Crab again!!! He had Mars in Crab too. And Venus/moon in Leo – power sulker and Taurus rising – liked to hang on to his ex girlfriends. Crikey who wants to be part of a collection (he was chronic hoarder), girlfriend No. 11. 😯 I’m too idealistic and fussy. He wasn’t particularly discerning and would be happy with anyone as long as he got sex and cuddles. I think that’s all that mattered to him. Very simple needs. I need someone a bit more complex to keep me interested.

          Anyway, looking forward to 2014. So excited about art school!! I want to start now!! – Mars in Libra transiting my 9th house (natal Venus Libra) 🙂

          • oh YAY to art school!!! That is huge. Can’t wait to hear all about how that goes xxx
            My ex was Mars in Cancer opposing his huge Cap stellium (Sun/Saturn/Jupe plus one other I can’t remember as I deleted his chart 🙂 ). He was classic pass-agg. I mean, what is sending anonymous letters if not an expression of impotent rage?

            • oh wow!! 😯 That takes the cake!! My Saggo moon has zero tolerance of pass-agg behaviour. Radical candour… that’s how we roll 🙂

              • He he yes my Sag Moon and Merc in Aries takes a slice and dice approach to bullshittery of the so-called veiled order; or the thunk of an arrow. Though we often miss the apple 🙂 Whoops.

              • Yes it all got horribly telenovella at the end.
                But we’ve achieved a kind of detente now.

  14. My strat in past few months has been to speak my truth. Just had another session and it feels good. Spoke with my heart and it feels lighter now. I am free of the box that the lusty leo had me in. I was stifling in there playing by his rules. I should be happy so why am I so sad ?

    • Because when you finally speak it, the whole truth sits in front of you, and you grieve the last bits left over xx

      • True Mille Thx and at least its all out in the sun and not eating away at my soul like a cancer.

  15. Yes please to it all in 2014… Art, business, pleasure and karma!! Plus turning 50 in June. :shocked:

    Libra is my descendent 6th/7th if I remember correctly. Time to bust out in my art career, make more money (lots more considering I’ve been on student budget for 3.5 years), pleasure… goes without saying, and karma… rewards for hard work and doing it tough (and staying haute! mostly). Hooray!

  16. I just had a peek at astrodienst and apparently I have Saturn conjunct Neptune until Aug 2014, and opposing my moon and mercury late next year! and Chiron conj chiron until 2017! eeek

    • No, that’s good!!! Saturn conjunct Neptune means you make your dreams REAL!!

      I have it coming up next year in Nov. My Neptune is 17º in 10th house conjunct my Sun. What house is yours?

      You’ll reach the big FIVE-OH before me 😀

      • I tend to agree with Scorpbot, Gemyogi, as Saturn is right on my natal Neptune atmo, and am in the process of sorting out my art materials and workspace so as to be able to work steadily through the year! It is in my 2nd, and since Saturn has been there I have bought first home, started planting garden etc.

        Also Chiron close to my natal Chiron in 6th, and have finally just started a diet and supplements to get on top of pre -diabetes, and currently detoxing (have the headache to prove it actually :/ But feel like I’m going to stick with it, I’ve been putting it off too long.

        We are of a similar age, I had noticed our natal placements are similar, but I am a snake year, so 50th in 2015 – planning a big party!!

        • Yes I’m planning a 50th celebration…maybe an overseas trip?!

          Also planning to do lots of art and have a show etc. If I organise a show I will be forced to do lots of work! 😉

      • Thanks for the encouragement Scorpbot! well the main thing is organising my first art show and I’m pretty excited about that.

        My Neptune is 15 deg 7th house scorpio!

    • Hmmm, I had that Saturn Neptune conj from late 2012 till early 2013 in the 5th house. It was actually the opposite effect to what I thought it might be. Instead of Saturn sort of overpowering Neptune it reversed and Saturn seemed to support all my Neptune in scorp 5th house fun. It even structured it in a way that made it more fun than I thought possible. What house is it happening in ? I think that’s the key here.

  17. I’m wrapping up some final tedious contract work right now (CSS issues, technical writing translation to marketing, and my least favorite — editing wikipedia as a disguised marketing tactic UGH). Want to start the new year without that hanging over my head and I need to get paid.

    This morning I was reading The New Hermetics and using it to write up my goals for the year in a very clear way. I’ve always been into this sort of stuff but have not applied it to a daily practice in any consistent way…I like the book because it’s modern and practical (for example, they talk about NLP, Jung, and Reich and also emphasize that you can take or leave the spiritual aspect so long as you remain aware and open to what is happening) while still being rooted in ancient traditions and thought.

    • Another thing I’m planning on starting/making tomorrow: a grounding device. Reich was infamous for his orgone box and orgonite stuff but grounding is a more measurable way to channel/connect with life force it seems… this is a cool video showing the effects of grounding on sunflowers:

      I’ve heard from the one person I know who does it that it helps sleep.

      • This gives me the incentive to actually read the book as I have it already, thanks Rache.
        Got a grounding pad for my husband as he works surrounded by computers all day every day. (I also gave him black tourmaline & other crystals that he politely stores in his desk at work, lol).

        It’s hard to tell if it really works, I don’t get much feeling out of my phone cover for example.
        But when I use the grounding sheet I do get a feeling like I am falling in space (ironically), which I relate to being a good thing.

        Interested in your thoughts! I mean there is a point where I would rather buy a cat as a soothing/healing device. Or just practice meditation, cleansing the energy field with intent. I don’t know, I feel guilty spending so much money on methods to put up with this existence..

        • Yeah, I know what you mean. I feel that way about bodywork (why do I have to PAY soooo much to feel okay?) a lot but it helps so much I can’t imagine living completely without it.

          You can make grounding devices for super cheap! I’m gonna try sticking the copper pipe in the ground first.

          The reiki/craniosacral guy I have been to twice has one of those thousands-of-dollars-costing amythyst bio-mats on his table. The first time I laid down on it I was really surprised by how suddenly calm I was and how much my digestive system suddenly and noticably woke up. But unless I come into like millions and millions of dollars I could never see myself buying one. Ya never know! 😀 I love all these health gadgets….whole body vibration machines, infared saunas, rife technology. But it’s all so expensive. When I was younger there was a place that had all that stuff, you could buy a membership like a gym. Unfortunately it closed, but I remember feeling so high and clear after visiting. It would be cool to open something like that again, maybe here in Santa Cruz where so many people are into alternative health.

          • I would love one of those amethyst towers… saw them at Crystal Castle near Byron Bay… I loooovvveee crystals.

            I think you can earth/ground yourself by being in nature… swimming in the sea, walking barefoot on grass etc.

            Not saying the hippy crystal vibration thing doesn’t work though!

            I hope to travel to Taos, New Mexico next year, my reiki master always spoke highly of Taos Mountain and vision questing there.

          • Currently thinking how I could build (presuming I had land of course!) my own little temple. It would have to adhere to the golden mean, be acoustically amazing, crystals built into the building somehow.. An healing dome or something I guess. My original dream was to build a meditation centre in the CBD with cells to solo meditate, healers on various floors and a central place with water fountains and light and prisms all about.
            Anyway, my point is, if you like it, you should do it! We are all drawn to the perfect thing for healing ourselves I suppose, Chironic passions maybe.

            • If only I could go to Taos to check out these places, sounds like fun.
              And I bet if you keep tinkering Rache, you may end up a genius millionaire hiring others to edit wiki to your benefit, hee hee.

            • Speaking of healing A, thanks again for mine!! combined with herbs and lo carb diet I think deep change is on its way…

              Have been feeling very clear and energised, doing lots of housewitchery and gardenwitchery.

              Physical detox is probably the hardest bit, really don’t like the taste of the herbs and powders

              • My honour Ver, thanks for the follow-up! Glad to hear that you are taking on the physical too. Herbs & powders, thank goodness they aren’t for ever!
                Post this week I am back on the no carbs which I ADORE, but I rediscovered plantain banana this week with a south american friend visiting.. it’s paleo enough and I LOVE it, bolo de verde con queso, yum!! How could I have forgotten? 😉

  18. That’s so often the pattern isn’t it? Female partner wants to sort out some matters important to her / that she sees as important to the longevity of the relationship, male partner refuses to come to the party, despite continued efforts to connect/convene/communicate, wash rinse repeat, relationship slowly disintegrates, she “initiates” (lol iow takes an axe to the already rotten tree) the formal breakup, he wakes up, too late bruh. Anyway, so I hear.
    Happy 2014 to you chrysalis. Sorry to hear about theturmoil but glad you’re not in prison etc 😉
    What colour do you want your wings to be? Xoxoxo

    • OMG!!! You’ve nailed it!!!! That’s exactly how it went with Crab. Can’t believe he actually said “why didn’t you tell me?” 😯 – as if I broke up with him for no reason at all. We had two discussions about his poor communication skills. Not my problem he couldn’t remember!!!

      • Pi and Scorpbot – I just want to say, this isn’t a one way street, and I can tell you from personal experience it works both ways, in all directions. Maybe it’s more common the way you’ve framed it here, but lack of understanding really isn’t gender specific, and sometimes it’s just time for things to change………I suppose if this was a forum populated by 90% men, someone might be saying the same thing, with the genders reversed (and I’d be just as disgusted).

        I’d really like us to be as considerate here about gender shit as we would be about racial or sexual pref stuff.

        • totally plutoboy, I suppose I was expressing sympathy / solidarity for Chrysalis but of course agree that this is never a one person/gender/issue thing. Not personally bitter about men and stuff so that’s not where I was coming from. tacky “all men are…” statements – lol like I probably wrote there – do annoy me. I was tho recalling some stats about which partner initiates LTR breakups how when and why, etc, so yes. ntl I reserve the right to bitch about whatever, whenever, however !

          • Got it, Pi……..
            I’ve been realizing lately how imperfect, incomplete, and sometimes almost futile communication is on common terms, with so much emotional investment, beliefs, and the hurts I and those around me carry. There’s really no end to it – sometimes things line up and there are less challenges, and life is harmonious, and we rest on it and become sleepy, then we are caught unprepared when the wheel clicks, and we’ve not been keeping up with the hard work of (basically) un-doing, releasing ourselves because there’s been no external incentive……then suddenly there is an explosion of emotion and we need to find a story so we don’t feel insane…….but it’s not actually personal, it’s just life here in this realm of incomplete awareness and wantings and being scared, and it just keeps going……unless we do something truly radical, which is the scariest and most painful effort a human-thing can undertake. Much easier to extend the comfort for another day, another month in any way possible……….

            And I realized, as far as stories go, you’re probably right as far as the role playing goes, just that I’ve been in the position of trying to go inside and work through some things, to be met by the desire of my S.O. to stay comfortable (sleepy) so there was no issue resolution possible. BUT, along the way I’ve realized that only means people are following different directives, and Life is guiding us, sometimes together, sometimes apart. No Victims, no blame. Of course this space is so very hard to hold when things change, and we are in pain.
            I realize this is a little rant-y, and I almost ditched the post, but I’m going to put it up anyway.
            And in the meantime, I’ll keep making sure the man-hating doesn’t get too out of hand around here (that’s a joke, sort of).

            • I really like reading your words, PBoy. I agree with your view on chauvinism, though i have learned to be watchful of it coming out of me anyway, only since i actually began sharing with groups of women. (I used to keep love issues to myself.) I like the way you articulate this.

              • Nah twas deliberate on account of the fact that carbs are all I’ve been eating of late! 🙁 …. thanks to one stupid arsed triple cap with scorp moon male who definitely does suck! You of course don’t … you realise I was just kidding about the “ALL men” bit dontcha? 😉

                • Of course. I knew it was an expression borne of current…..circumstances, from things I’ve seen you post lately. I think most of them suck, too, especially the Scorp moons, gotta stay clear of those types………

                    • Down with all those with Scorp Moons, especially if they are straight, gay, of a blend or particular race, male or a female. Scorp Moons just don’t suit anyone.

                    • I’d really like us to be as considerate here about
                      zodiac shit as we would be about racial or sexual pref stuff, but damn it, those scorp moons (especially the Capricorn ones) should all be exterminated from the planet for all the evil things they do

                    • Hahaha, this is so funny, since the one who made the Scorp moon crack to bagin with is a Scorp moon conj Ac/Nept/Mars/Venus/Lilith!!!LOve you guys (gals, whatever)!

                    • bEgin. And we surely are a handful, always the upper hand etc….but when we love, we REALLY love.

                    • @ Plutoboy

                      It’s all good man! Glad you can see the irony of it all. 🙂
                      I was just checking to make sure you aren’t another person who got banned here as they used to have a similar handle to the one you are using now.

                  • How are the Scorp Moons, exactly?

                    Have a girlfriend with that, and
                    know of one at my work who has that – my Aqua Moon always vacillates wildly between intrigued and offended. What gives?

      • Yep – it was exactly the same here except the discussions had been going on for three years. So sad in so many ways. I can’t go back now simply because he is beginning to feel his own pain although the concept of ‘maybe this time’ can be SO seductive.
        Plus I have that pattern that says, ‘hang in, accept bad behaviour and you just never know… it may change tomorrow.’ 4th house lessons.

    • Hehe I think the wings will be a deep turquoise – sea-coloured 🙂
      I have had the ‘if I could turn back time’ speech before and indeed when I told a few friends what had happened they recounted exactly the same experience with their exes…. I took it as a reminder that II made a choice to leave, and I wasn’t just the hapless victim of a total b-tard. There is something really freeing about looking someone clear in the eye knowing you will always love them in certain ways and saying ‘actually thankyou, but it is over for me.’

    • yes. this what happened to several of my relationships. In one, the guy tried to avoid talking to me by moving to Europe for 3 months, thinking that would give me time to calm down. Even after the breakup, waits another 2 yrs before wanting to get back with me. By then, I’m like…excuse me? who are you again?

  19. I have been working my butt off for two straight years, hitting roadblock after roadblock, feeling like I have been hiking up a hill during a mudslide – so we’ll see what happens.

    Question for astro people: If you have Mars in Libra, is Mars in Libra a beneficial time for you? Curious about other planets too, if your Moon is in Cancer, when the Moon is in Cancer is that a good time for you? Or do other aspects matter more?

        • Start typing in moon in cancer, mars in libra etc. as search lines, there is quota a lot of good info from sites such as eg Cafe astrology.

          Moon in cancer natally would mean you are very sensitive to moon phases, maybe more than other signs, as moon rules cancer…

          • Oh, OK, that makes sense, thanks for clarifying. So there is no benefit to a planet passing through a sign where you have it? My wording is not good here I know lol…

            • maybe you just feel more “you” or more comfortable when a planet in your sign passes / transits. But it all depends on what house it’s passing through.

              There is no growth when feeling comfortable though. So a planet opposing or squaring one of your is just as beneficial in the long run 🙂

              Best to start taking notes and looking at transits and see what happens for you.

            • I have a STRONG moon, amplified by its conjunction with Jupiter and Neptune, in the 12th house no less, but also on the Rise. Moon phases amplify my emotional currents. I am so sensitive that i almost preempt disturbances in my environment and react. My heart breaks. Nothing stops the wave of emotion, i cry moon tears, i am that silvery reflection for a heart. It’s terribly inevitable but i can prepare by using non-moony times to do Plutonic self work (i’m Pluto opposition Sun so i dive right into my own deep shitty muck and face Shadow), and lean back on that hard work during the roller coaster. My friends are also my support army, as i am not soppy with them and they know i’ll stand on my own if they can give me a hand up. Inspirational Cancerian: read paragraph 6 (just after the list sentences).


            • It depends on how the planet is placed in your birth chart. If your Mars is in easy aspect to other planets, then transiting Mars will trigger off all those birth chart connections, so you could work them consciously and get some positive results. If your Mars is say for e.g, conjunct Uranus and square Saturn, then transiting Mars is going to trigger that square, which can be a bit stressful. When a planet transits a sign, the planet starts expressing energy in the manner of the sign being transited, whether this is good or bad for you depends how well you can deal with that signs energies, but you look more to what aspects in your birth chart are being triggered if you want to get more specific. (NFI if that makes sense.)

              • eh shit sorry i misread totally: it’s about your Mars, not transits to your Moon.

                Agree with Scorpbot, though, about triggering ASPECTS in your natal chart. To me, this means unresolved issues, especially those we believe are resolved but are just put aside somehow, will irk. This is a good thing, though may not feel like it at the time.

        • Maybe it’s one of those mars libra things that is baffling me also. This is fire sign hell I reckon …

          • “On the other hand, some Mars in Libra people turn the Mars energy into action, and they fight for Libran justice and fairness in the world.”

            This is what needs to be done. I say we get on it.

    • Someone else may disagree however I believe moon is dignified if natal moon in cancer…Just depends on whether any hard aspects to this, and how this is managed, effected by transits. In my case this is so as I do have moon in cancer and it has very good aspect to jupiter and mercury but there is a karmic test for me with natal saturn in aries…Triple aries husband, aries daughter LOL.

      • Meant to clarify that this would be compassion, empathic however if challenged by mars in libra then the test is to maintain emotional detachment and to keep objectivity with a diplomatic assertiveness.

    • I have Mars in Libra natally. I’ve noticed that when the transits going on match my birth chart the energy feels natural to me. Venus-Neptune transits tend to feel sobering to me I suspect because I have Venus-Neptune in my natal chart. Whereas Uranus transits get me feeling on edge – I don’t have a lot of Uranus in my natal chart. Mars in Libra, for me so far, has been realizing how Mars in Libra I am. And its a good time to own that expression of myself since everyone is a bit Mars-in-Libra at the moment.

  20. Had my winge about doing pain. Never complain never explain rule broken.
    Oops 🙂
    SATURN-alia for me is teeth & bone issues. The saturn stopped the alia part. Dammit.

    • Pegs hope you are feeling better soon, do your celebrating then. When have you ever followed the herd? 😉

    • Just get your framework sorted before the Year of the Horse, hey, Pegasus? Take to pasture for a bit. Love you xx

  21. Trying to stay zen, while the Leo hubby has been giving me the cold shoulder for quite sometime now. His mood swings are becoming unbearable. Kids have moved onto their own thing so thinking it’s time to move onto mine!!!!!! Maybe the Jan scopes will give me a clue.
    Happy New Year everyone xx

  22. So Venus retro on my Asc – bad time to buy a new pair of reading glasses???
    I need a new pair to replace the daggy old ones and have been looking for ages. Worried I might make the wrong decision. 😕

    • Libra is my asc too … I really want to pixie cut my hair but I’m holding out until this phase is over. I think the rule is no drastic changes, but getting things done that you normally would do should be fine?

  23. My advice? Trust your own judgement. I bought some new specs and the whole shop was oohing and ahing over one pair so I bought them. As I left the shop I looked at what the staff were WEARING and realised that I might have put my faith in the wrong hands.
    Now I have them they are ok, but not awesome.
    With Venus Retro, maybe buy a style that is similar to ones worn previous!
    Venus on the Asc is ALWAYS good, even retro imo 😉

  24. Life has been so hard for me. My poor pisces son. How troubled he has become.
    My heart is hurting. Just feel so at a flashpoint. The son, his anger, wanting to do drugs, being so mean.
    The boyfriend. Who somehow pulls through and suprises me with his love and devotion.

    I’m tired. I’m pulled in so many directions. I can’t make anyone happy. I don’t know what is right.

    • Sorry to hear is a rough time but it lovely your partner is attempting and proving to be supportive. Maybe your son is testing your concept of nurturing as a parent and he seeks to learn what it is to be self nurturing – destructive attitudes imply someone feels deficient somewhere…Its inevitable for young people to challenge those closest as they assert their desire for independence. The concept of needing anyone, being needed may be the issue. Addiction is dreadful, I have a much younger sibling who is having a terrible transit, an actual saturn return this year, and is yet to survive a decade long problem with narcotics and stimulants. My health is really battered from previous excesses many decades ago and I know you cannot tell anyone what to do, they make their mistakes and whether they survive them is their choice. As we love them dearly we jus keep advising them of genuine options to give them a choice or way out, support and trust where appropriate, good luck.

  25. I feel I have lost some of my easy tolerance, am more discerning, less likely to cut people slack, really clear-sighted about things….mostly people’s shortcomings, lol. Not everyone, just a few sticking out, and don’t care a fig to foster those connections. Is that Mars in Libra?

    • Yes if you can calmly smile at them, be gracious for what comeuppance they bring to themselves that you don’t need to experience, coolly detach and then gracefully and elegantly get on with your beautiful agenda (s) and maybe they will not even notice your change of heart, opinion or purpose, just your current tact and patience.

        • Yes I’m going through this too, its actually a good lesson for me as I have natal saturn in aries, and my aqua sun can be more of a gentle breeze instead of an occasional uranian tornado…Enjoy the energy!

  26. After a slightly only start, I’m loving this phase! Libra is my asc. Step one: slowwwwwly start to rev up my appearance/online presence/FB etc. So I started by changing my name here to Venusyonce, in honour of goddess Beyoncé and an effort to remember to channel my Venusian self more, especially the action will start opposing my venus-merc conjunction in aries in the 7th soon enough.

    I feel like I need some help on strategy, though? Strategy = a plan, right? Like goal setting, with after July as the final delivery date? I may be libra rising but my sun and mars are in toro, moon in gem, rest in aries, so I’m used to sitting on my butt for ages and then just diving in. For instance, I have a great urge to refurb my FB and friend a zillion people and announce my writing plans to the world but i know that would have the opposite reaction.

    Anyway, in the. Past fortnight I’ve caught up with two writer friends I met in 2908 when everything started to change … Turns out they know heaps of amazingly creative people in my new workplace (which itself is so Uranian and special and truly changing my life and outlook everyday) and so I guess I feel that even though pluto and the zap zone has basically fucked with my life and loved ones so much between late 2010 and this year, I’m finally back on track to take my raw experience and make a fricken masterpiece or twenty out of it. Well I sure hope so – the dragons of doubt are biting. So, I need a STRATEGY with goals. Is that right? At the very least, I should finish my degree and travel to the USA for the first time by July next year. But I hope and yearn for so so so so much more!

    • Argh these typos! I guess there’s a message not to rush even in that! 2008 is the date I ws trying to type, when everything started changing for the better and for the worse at the same time. Total mind freak and emotional train wreck living. But I made it through and even though my saturn return is also looming for 2014 (ahahahahaha) and I’m getting status anxiety when I compare myself with my uber creative friends who have not had to walk the same path, I know that these experiences have shaped me and made me stronger and in a better, more empathetic position to make beautiful and life changing.

  27. Who’s currently got Pluto in their Second House?

    How’s it going?

    It’s in my first and and it’s still years away from being in my second…… but still, forewarned is forearmed.

    Any tips or stories?

    • Good question! You must be Cap Asc like me. Hence the planning YEARS ahead. LOL.

      Pluto’s in my first now too. Glad to have it out of my 12th.

      You got anything in the 2nd house? I’ve got Saturn and Chiron.

      • Nah, my second house is empty. However, when it gets into Aqua then it will square my natal Pluto….. :S

    • I’ve got it in my 8th. You definitely don’t want it there.

      And no the spelling of my nic is not a typo :/

      • it’s in my 8th too….I hope it will pay off eventually, but for now there’s a period of isolation and let’s say preparation 😉

        • Well when it was just pluto it was kinda tolerable. But now that half the cosmos has decided to gang up in Cap and take turns opposing my sun and venus it’s friggin vicious. 🙁

          hate hate hate this space I’m in.

    • I have Pluto in the two. It crept over from the first house and bludgeoned me. I thought I was tough. This took me to new depths of survival. But now that it’s been there awhile, it’s starting to be nice to me. Twenty more for every one I lost. They say it’s the wealth building transit. I believe it. Tips? Accept having your previous beliefs crushed to dust and blown away. Embrace the new. Mystic has it right.

      • “Previous beliefs crushed to dust and blown away.”
        I have Pluto going through my fifth and your description here is precisely how it has been for me.

        • I’ve got it natally in my 5th along with Uranus. Fluid Feline once did my chart and said “you’ve got strange ideas of what constitutes fun” …. damn straight.

      • I should add that the bludgeoning was done as it transited my natal Saturn, who sleeps with my Part of Fortune, in the 2nd.

    • sucks for money and finances, however… if you are struggling with a way to make ends meet, you will be shown a new income stream or additional way to make money. They will not be risk free ventures but at least it will be interesting if the old ways no longer work.

      • I saved a small fortune, and enough for a home, under this transit. Have done it painstakingly, though, and via dismantling the ‘old way’.

    • Pluto transited my Mars in Cap right on cusp of second house, then just moseying ever-so-slowly through rest of 2H. I sold all my possessions, lovingly carted across the country and to various homes. Looking back I cannot believe how much it cost – how much i would have if i hadn’t clung to those THINGS. When i was younger i thought it was an investment to pay more for beautiful longlasting furniture. But when strangers come into your home and haggle over it all, it changes. I realised it was the memory of all my close friends and lovers, with whom i bought my furniture…the memories of a sudden find, the laughter of getting something awkward home, the surprise at my audacity/taste, the parties and times shared, as I travelled away from them.

      No point “investing” unless you have also invested in a home to keep it in, especially for a wandering Sagittarius Rising, Mutable Sun-Moon-Asc.

      Impact has clearly been felt in my Taurean Saturn 6th H 🙂

      How we spend, how we save, how we travel through this world (body) and live (home) is all linked to what we VALUE in ourselves (esteem). These are just outward signs in my life of tectonic shifts internally. Sorry a bit long response, but nothing can prepare you for Pluto. Or that could just be because it ran over my Mars which connects four major squares, two tsquares to heavy hitting planets in my natal (Sun, Uranus,Mercury, Pluto).

      I have just worked four jobs, and will settle on a new HOME next year, so if you let Pluto break you apart it brings reward 🙂 Oh and shifted career, too 🙂 (I will not lie about the pain and tears, though. My counsellor gave me skills, so now i pray thanks to her, whom i also left behind.) Good luck xx

      • Long enough response, but i failed to mention my health: it had faltered badly for three years (and me a superfit, bounceback Sag Ascendant all unprepared!) Making these changes has also had the corollary of slow healing. 2nd House is body too, esp. with that link to my 6th. So check other connections in your chart, to Taurus maybe, or aspects/angles.

        • Nice details Mille! I haven’t noticed anything in health being crap yet, but the transit is not over for me just yet!

      • Congratulations on your new home Mille! And on all the hard work you have done.
        Yes hanging on to stuff is a good lesson. Much easier to travel light! I had to sell my dream home and downsize to an apartment 6 years ago and while I miss some aspects, I love my home and have become quite minimalist.

    • I do! At first it was horrid- now I’m getting to the buried treasure- warts and all! I have Saggo Saturn natally ( wasn’t that hit fun!) lol!

      Tips: utter integrity re: transactions, intentions, avoiding low Toro- sloth/resentment/mindless cravings/impulses. High Toro- generous giving (yes you can! Does not have to be fiscal) random acts of kindness, rebalancing give-take in core relationships, super kind/mindful to body, soul, great stewardship of stuff and peeps…

      Challenges I have had- money schizz with hyper spastic controlling hubby, jealousy, sloth vs industry, amping up my own self care/beauty, physical movement, becoming sterling with speech and words, overcame fear of being seen literally and figuratively, zapped Qi vamps and LZ- that’s ongoing. Being who I say I am- walking my walk. Core belief redo with assist from Byron Katie. Also love Kim Falconer and Law of Attraction- Jeannette Maw- Good Vibe University. Mystic, hope that’s ok to mention these ladies-

      Ancestral beliefs vs yours- good luck sorting it out!!

      Xx Kat

      • YES, agree on Bryon Katie (just read about her and The Work ). She has an interesting perspective on you see who you are by seeing who you think other people are. Good luck for 2014.

  28. Tonight I had a 12th house inkling to read the chart of Robert Downey (Jnr).

    All that impulsive – rebellious – raw energy of multiple-Aries sun ruled by Mars in the 9th of legal/law/spirituality is a good teacher for Mars or Sun in Libra. And I found that we share more than a few chart signatures. Anyway, Iron Man meets Iron fist in Velvet Glove.

    Thanks MM.

  29. YES!!!! I am feeling this! n the pics are perfection… the frolicking Unicorn above …below everything is accepted for what it is and it feels a bit foreign hence Bulletproof, this Grace Jones pic put it all in perspective. Thank U, as usual your genius!!! Happy Holly Days! xx

  30. Mars transiting Libra/12th House.
    Must grok the magic of this new energy.
    The 12th House is always a mystery to me.

      • Mars is headed towards my Libra Venus too, and Venus is headed back towards my Cap Mars. I’m anticipating at least two lovers after this conversation! 😉

  31. I’ve got transiting Pluto, Venus, the Sun and Mercury (exact) punching on in my Saggy 11th house and now it’s turned Cap multi loaded. Moving on over to my 9th de Libra natal Pluto is being squeezed by Mars. I am concerned that a pyramid scheme or coup is underway in my 11th house. I need some Water to level this playing field.

  32. ” the feeling that you are either about to opt out and placate yourself with suburban sedatives or attempt to pull off a big self actualizing authentic Awesome true life play….. ”

    Transiting Neptune is sitting on my Piscean IC and placating myself with suburban sedatives is just the thing. Hand me another cocktail while I elaborate. . . Life has been HARD the last few years. I’m finally in a place where I can pretend the world is a nice, rosy, convenient, happy, no-stress, instant-gratification-with-no-consequences place, and I intend to stay here awhile, thank you. I am HAPPY, dammit! Let someone else self-actualize this transit. I’ll spend my time thinking about the possibilities of WHOLOCK.

  33. oh man I was feeling really bummed about Mars in Libra partly because it meant it was out of Virgo (where I have my natal Mars, sun, merc, venus) and also I have NOTHING in libra except my south node. But I’ve just remembered that my progressed sun is in Libra so I do have that energy now. So it’s time to embrace this Libra Mars! Let’s do this!

  34. Yes to the comments above! Boo to Scorp moons, or indeed 8th house moons of any kind. My ex was an 8th house Gem moon. I’m an 8th house moon hating bitchface!

    • Do you think an 8th house moon is worse than a 12th house moon?

      I feel you on the Gemini moon deal – an ex of mine had that and ended up being psycho stalker/emotionally, mentally abusive. Not saying all Gem moons are like that but perhaps in a strange house like the 8th or 12th, it brings out a very unsavory flavor.

      I’m still scratching my head about the 8th house moon hating- everyone entitled to their opinion, but is it really that bad? then again maybe Im just biased, as I’m an 8th house Moon.

      • Oh guys the punch line was, we commenters all have Scorp Moons, lol!
        Of course we are adorable, engaging & loyal kitties 🙂 .

      • Hi Nightrose oops it was intended as a bit of a joke after Pi’s funny comment about being a ‘man-hating bitchface’ elsewhere on the thread – it possibly seemed funnier to me than it does written down and a little out of context! xx

        • Hey all, my comment prob sounded too serious, but as with any joke there is always a grain of truth… So the question still stands 🙂 if any of you feel like commenting lol.

    • Lol I’m a toro moon, much better.

      Despite being an airhead fickle Gemini. Lol. And a man hating bitchface ( but only when in a bad mood and when a man has really pissed me off!)

      Btw you don’t even have to be a man to bring out my bitchface either. :mrgreen:

  35. hmmmm. I haven’t received an email from you on Saturday Mystic, or anything on any other day that resembles what you have put in your post. Still coming?

    • Hi “Moved On” they were sent on Saturday. It is easier if you email me with this sort of thing as i (a) don’t always have time to peruse the comments as much as i would like to and (b) I don’t actually know your email. Thanks.

      I have noticed that for some reason the domain name seems to be rejecting the Mars message – no bounce but it is not getting to people – i THINK it may have to do with the word “sex” in the subject.