January Horoscopes Are Up

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Japanese Modern Art Girl Rising Sun


People, the January Horoscopes are now posted, hectic month but we make it ALL Happen, yes?

Also, i am going to resend the Mars Message out to subscribers now – i think some domains (me.com being key amongst them) may have blocked it.Β  As i foolishly put ‘Sex’ in the subject field.Β  If you get it 2x, that’s why.

And you prob already know this but the 2014 Zeitgeist Super-Scopes are up already, on the Shop page, along with Binaural Beats & all.

Proper blogging & horoscopes/daily mystic flow will return after the New Moon/New Year!



Image: Yuko Shimizu

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31 thoughts on “January Horoscopes Are Up

  1. Yowza! Is it just me or are the Jan scopes beyond Next Level Awesome?! Huge smile on my face while reading – thx MM. 2014 I’m coming for ya!!

  2. ooooh, i had thought there was to a blog as silent as the grave until january 6 or something, this IS exciting. Mystic i am not complaining but what is the significance of the new Tokyo theme? Tokyo on the daily horoscopes moon signs, this picture – are we turning Japanese? Did i miss something?

    thank you 1000 times over for the Mars email from this Libra Rising and also the Leo scopes for Jan. NEEDED that tonic. The only thing you missed is how the howling flying fuq i put on three kilograms over xmas. Oh wait, i know it.

  3. Glad you’re giving yourself a good break Mystic. You deserve it (and we need you fighting fit, is that too selfish for me to say?)

  4. Happy New Year Mystic! 2014 is going to be awesome! I am gratefull to this fading 2013 for everything it was and for finding you! Thank you for all your gifting!

  5. Thanks for the resend of the Saturday email Mystic. Got it this time, and it’s full of tips and hints that have been squirreled away to be read and reread during advice might be needed

  6. Such a beautifully conceived perspective – that there image.I hope 2014, from Feb onwards is something like that.
    Sheesh, January is a bit of a tough one. But with the wisdom of an eagle, the strength of a bear and the cunning of a panther .. or stealth – I’m going to Mars up and 1) save some more money, 2) put some clothes in a charity bin, 3) say hello and be nice to my uptight neighbour and wish her a prosperous new year, 4) buy coffee for someone I like 5) buy coffee for someone I need to get along with at work but think they are a bit of a tool, 6) take a risk and ask a guy I met recently and would like to get to know better out on a date, or a coffee, whatever,7) make a meeting with my new mentor, 8) be more of my friendly self with gumption, 9) tip every place i dine at, 10) continue to bogan-proof my home/life/friendship circle, 11) do the stretches my physio reccommended, 12) take the stairs, 13) leave the office at lunch time and 14) keep my pie hole shut about my goals.


  7. The image-theme (which I love) fits the intense libra vibe. I read somewhere that Libra is like the zen, martial artist, particularly Moon in Libra…. Love it. The east and eastern philosophy, like southern, intrigues and is mysterious.

  8. Thank you Mystic for your thoughtful, empowering and positive horoscopes and blog posts. Happy New Year to you and your family!

  9. Although I can’t wait for 2014.. it’s confrontational highway out there.. Everyone is barking at each other.. I thought I was bad when I posted a political comment on a social page and got attacked.. but I eventually deleted it. So after beating myself up after my “mistake” post I have been checking the page and people continue badger others on different topics. It’s not a politically based page. People on this page were like that prior to me and recent posts but it has been very evident lately. I think I am going to stay in for New Years and clean.

    • There has been some tension out there. I’ve been trying to tell myself it just goes with the season even tho it feels like there’s more to it.
      I’ve chosen to stay home and spent today tidying up around the house, clearing out 2013.
      So whether you unwind or vacuum your way into 2014, may the tension stay in the current year!

  10. How amazingly positive are the monthly scopes giving HOPE. Hope in the Scope.
    Happily recovered from doing pain & irritation-inflammation.
    Now to write up what doesn’t serve me or honour me, then pretend i’m young again, toss the nothing left to give mind- set and replace it with
    a ‘you are still awesome’ attitude and most of all manifest work which equates to moola.
    Hahaha… wished someone a happy NY and they replied ‘are you going to New York?’ I wish πŸ™‚

    Wishing all Mystic’s friends & followers a bountiful, conscientious & content 2014.

  11. Hey america west coast people (and Japan I guess..), you might want to keep an eye on the Fukushima situ. i read a thing on some random alternative news site so not sure if that’s bunkum or bona fide.
    take care earthlings, see you next year πŸ™‚ xxoo

    • Do tell, Pi? Not sure of the news of which you speak, but I did see something this morning about the powers-that-be using the homeless now, to clean up irradiated shit, offering them shit money of course, since most other willing workers have had their max amount of radiation (and no doubt way more than they realise, along with everyone else in god knows what radius, and anyone who eats fish caught in the pacific…).

      • The true story of Fukashima will be many years coming to light.
        A shocking eco terror tale still ongoing of which the consequences to be seen for decades to come.
        So foolish not to have asked for help in the beginning
        when something could have been done to plug it.
        Saved face but didn’t save people. Pride won instead.
        POOR FISH!

        If WE ruled the world………….

  12. Wow, just had a massive breakthrough of understanding…..wow… it has to do with the story of Shiva-Shakti/the stalling of the understanding of dark matter/reconciling the dual nature of present reality, male/female polarity. I will write it out more fully later…
    It’s like some synthesis of things I’ve been studying lately. This is really blowing my mind…….

    The Venus retro in my 7th as well as my natal Venus is in Cap, too, has brought loads of friends back into my life I hadn’t seen in awhile and that’s been really heartwarming.
    Even got asked out by a guy I’ve been writing to online! Gonna go out with him in a couple weeks……wow. THAT hasn’t happened in a long while!

    Happy New Year! Funny turn of events…..was going to travel to a big party in my home town, but hosts are ill, so changed plan to now going to integral yoga centre to a NYE kirtan and meditation! About face! Spirit just made me do a U-turn there…..redirected! πŸ˜‰ I can see where this year is headed already…..lots more mindfulness and less mindlessness! πŸ˜‰

    I really need to re-subscribe to MM! It’s been a few months since my subscription lapsed and I miss the scopes!

    • Good to hear about things coming around!
      Bet there’s a whole bunch more in 2014 for you :)))

      Happy New Year Flowerchild! <3

  13. Mystic, thank you!!!… I’m definitely a better peep
    because of you and all the fab peeps
    who do the check in. Cheers to you all in
    2014 πŸ™‚

  14. Mystic , grateful for your Presence and support
    Wishing you an Astonishing New Year !