Indigo Adults In The Dark Moon

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Strange surreal architecture art

How HYPER-GOTH is this Dark Moon?

I tweeted already: Don’t deconstruct it.

Stay cool & see your Daily Scopes.

That buzz is the Saggo New Moon-Mercury in Saggo-Mars in Libra buzz waiting to happen.

The monthly Horoscopes for December are up as well; this month is like two different things entirely. The first half is almost like the Nineties, it’s so kind of mellow, almost consumerist. People should be wafting about in flannel shirts, talking about indigo children and how everyone they hate has narcissistic personality disorder.

Then, wham, there is a Truth Serum Full Moon, Uranus Direct and we’re back in the future, the Zap Zone and a zinger of a Mars-Pluto-Uranus scene right in time for Saturnalia/Xmas. I mean, lol, right?Β  It’s nice that New Year’s Day is actually a New Moon though. Sure it’s conjunct Pluto but well, a fresh start and all.


Image: Remedios Varo

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147 thoughts on “Indigo Adults In The Dark Moon

  1. Every year I say I’m going down to Margaret River for Xmas New Years and every year I don’t, but wish I had….

    This year, I’ve organised it so we’re not doing anything until late afternoon, so we’ll just go down to our favourite beach……

    Mind you, Xmas Eve should be fun, smiling politely at various rellies who’ve been trying to extort money from us….

    Anyway, its my birthday today, so breakfast has been a strong cup of black coffee and a selection of Lindt truffles, and then we’re going to the beach. “Going to the beach” is my mantra for this summer. I think its working πŸ˜€

      • Winter about to lay her icy hands on you?
        Under the feather’s sound good to me. Stay warm
        while i soak up the solar rays down under.

        • This too shall pass… Cashmere bed socks and an excuse to wear ugg boots around the house. Baked 150 protein cupcakes using massive amounts of unflavoured help powder, oodles of unflavoured prawn rice protein, 36 egg whites from chickens who I’m told were happy to surrender their eggs, one tea spoon baking soda, one teaspoon baking powder, 3 2 cups of oats, lashings of zylotol (a powerful anti oxidant derive red from the birch tree which tastes exactly like sugar but isn’t, a little bottle of banana flavouring a bottle of mocha flavouring, half a packet of chocolate flavour powder (all protein powders and flavourings sourced from and whipped them up using my hand held electric blending device. Then I spooned each dollop lovingly into latex, star shaped cupcake moulds (leaving room for them to rise of course) popped a Brazil nut lovingly in the centre of each chocolate star, preheated the oven to 200″ for 20 minutes and wearing my latex easy wipe baking apron and thick black latex mittens baked them all for 15 minutes after turning the oven down to 150″ so I didn’t burn them or make them too dry.
          Never use whey protein – it goes too dry when you bake with it. And THAT my little astro possums is how this domestic mortician spend her Sunday afternoon.
          Let’s face it, muffins are just an excuse to eat cake for breakfast. Guess who’s having her cake and eating it in bed on this rather dark and cold Monday morning.
          And I’m not even shtooping a media mogul.

          • Brown rice protein. Not PRAWN
            Thanks autocorrect. Very creative.
            I need my effing caffiene

            • Three and a half cups of oats
              I was all out of coconut baking flour. But anyway too much of that makes them come out a little on the heavy side ….
              Big boned, not heavy as in fat. Just errr dense. Bit like moi c’est matin. Oh I forgot to mention the jar of coconut oil from Tiana (no this is not a product placement) it just gives them a fluffy and moist texture. Now about that effing caffeine.
              Excuse me, I have a date with some cake, chez moi πŸ™‚

              • Left out the dried blueberries. I never use recipes, authority issues and attitude problems render me incapable of following simple instructions. Trial and error darling, mostly error but this batch turned out pretty good, if a little on the sweet and moist side. Entirely edible tho, possibly my best batch to date. Soundtrack, Peggy Lee’s Black Coffee and Robert Mitchum singing Momma Looka Boo boo

  2. Mystic, Can you tell me what you mean when you say a ‘reset’ person? Just laughing out loud at your wonderfully amusing predictions for December Pisceans and you mention a possible karmic rendezvous with someone who is possibly a reset person?

    • Perhaps someone whose presence in your life helps you to start afresh in one or more important ways?

    • I agree with Mitra!! It is someone who will open your heart and mind to new things about what you want with a relationship. It could be a strong pull or it could be just an “a-ha” moment from someone you know or someone you meet that helps you realize that you want this vs you want that. It is a great “a-ha” moment because it helps you with your next level of a relationship!

      Good Luck!! xo!

  3. Been on a high all day. Just slipped off an emo cliff.
    Was not being honest with myself. I think.
    Don’t know, could be dark moon paranoia.
    Either way, it’s pillow hugging time
    S o l o

    • BM, are you still grieving the person we are not going to mention?
      Afraid it just takes TIME to give yourself back to yourself after that emotional wringing out.
      ‘Time wounds all heels’ .
      The unmentionable being the heel.
      Bon chance.

      • Oh la la Peggi, tu est trip “psychic” pour moi.
        Oui. C’est vrai. Merci.

      • Al Green’s “how can you mend…..?”
        Singing along as I stuff my gob πŸ˜€
        It really ain’t that bad

    • Hardcore indeed. I can’t figure out which part is the dark Scorpy Moon, and what is Mars on my natal Sun/Pluto……. whatever it is, all the pain and betrayal of the past two years landed with a sudden wallop today. Hardcore might not even cover it……… oof.

  4. I’m looking forward to the 90s part! Can I swan around in flannel with sunbleached hair and a surfboard? Yeah Dude. Must try not to be too materialistic…

    the other half…well I better get my Saturn on for Saturnalia eh? Contingnecy plan, contingency plan…

  5. Happy birthday, domestic triffid!
    Mystic is on fire atm, I laughed out loud at, ‘you are not The Fuqwit Whisperer’ in the scopes.

    • wow, that wasn’t in the scopes I looked at, but I laughed in recognition reading your comment. That’s the kind of thing that needs to ring in one’s ears at certain moments.

      • I have an article on my wall called ’25 things happy people do differently’. Just added this at # 26, though probably deserves a higher listing.

  6. Yay! A magical forested featuring ferrets induced MC Escher homage. Love the artwork. Indigo be damned I’m a trans neptunian robot chicken from the planet Sedna. I thought I could trick myself that the auspicious jupiter transitting my 10th house would create a nebulous purple haze to how alone and isolated I am. I’ve spent the last three months in an office surrounded by figures and law documents. Contentment is such a fickleything. Blahhhh.

  7. Hahaha omgosh Mystic! that’s what I’ve been going around saying to myself, everyone that has washed out of my life has narcissistic personality disorder and in a big way, I mean characters out of a book. So good at pattern recognition now.

  8. I don’t like this dark moon, I’ve gotten barely anything done all weekend, feeling so…deep and…totally lost in thought.

    Maybe it’s because uranus is lingering near my MC but I feel like my thoughts and beliefs are getting so different than most people’s…like the older I get the less my thinking aligns with mainstream society’s. like being into astrology and tarot, being a strict vegetarian, seeing through what we’re always told, my spiritual beliefs not really aligning with anything. I don’t know, I feel I am processing a lot lately and it’s all very heavy but I don’t know what the outcome will be. I’m researching bizarre things…I don’t know how to word this.

    Oops, is this deconstructing? I have four planets in virgo and don’t know how to not analyze. πŸ˜›

  9. I took last week off and sat on a beach up north. Nothing like miles of empty beach to clear the mind. Problem of course is returning to the madhouse on dark moon.
    Can’t wait for the new moon tomorrow.

    • Sounds absolutely wonderful. Walking miles of empty beach are my plans for the Christmas/Saturnalia holidays. Can’t wait. What a year it’s been – and what a year it’s going to be!

  10. Feeling good!
    Learning the difference between ‘giving’ and ‘over-giving’ this dark moon.

    New moon tomorrow, old friend arrives to stay for a while.
    A cuz of an ex – unfortunately he & my hub don’t harmonise naturally.

    Well, perhaps the new moon will turn the tide.
    My turn for a friendly visit, after MIL staying 1 & 1/2 years. πŸ˜‰

    Indigo adults indeed to replenish themselves on this dark moon.
    Lucky the blue hue is so star-connected, stars aplenty in the night sky on the dark moon!

  11. Slept all day and just got my period. Feel like a clichΓ©. Hoping I get my groove back tomorrow, this weekend’s been depressing and lazy.

  12. I have been feeling bipolar; on top of the world one sec- gifted and blessed to the nines as it’s my birthday this month, then paranoid about money/career/love crap the next. Needless to say I’ve cleared my schedule of as much stuff as possible to putter around should the darkness strike. When in doubt I default to planning and organizing. Got my new 2014 planner and have been color coding my appts, paydays, moon/astro days, etc. Helps me feel a bit more in control of things, like that means anything lol.

    • Happy Birthday beautiful rose!!! πŸ™‚ It’s today yes?

      Wishing you the best for the year ahead x πŸ™‚

    • feeling a bit bipolar too. Must be all the Cap stuff.
      Paranoid about money/career too. Love can wait.

      • With you 100%

        MM’s horoscopes are just singing about love stuff this month. I want it very much, but very hesitant. Not stooping for anything less than utter soulmating to the nth degree. Otherwise, I have too much other crap Ive gotta grok and sort.

        We both deserve a special soulmate Scorpbot. Lets see what Venus in Cap Rx delivers…. <3

        • ooh yeah. Maybe venus Rx will bring us something wonderful. Three psychics have predicted it. They can’t ALL be wrong! πŸ™‚

          Pluto on my Asc was supposed to bring me a soulmate. Clearly there’s been a delay. LOL.

          I’ve stooped πŸ™ but had to after a 3 year drought. Trying to extricate myself from Crab pincers. πŸ˜•

          • Wow, 3 psychics huh? I dont know if I would want to know, but at your rate, its like you cant lose!

            Well, you know what they say, good things are worth waiting for πŸ˜‰

            Ahh, no stooping for me, not even for a little treat…. Saturn in my 5th 😑 He’s locked up my va-jj for only one purpose… LOL

            • locked up va-jj. LOL!!! πŸ˜€
              Well you do have a Saturn ruled moon. Mine’s a Saggo moon – Jupes rules. Packed 8th house – including Mars. I was climbing walls πŸ™‚

              • Yowza! I bet! πŸ˜€

                Forgot to mention… I got Saturn locking my va-jj up in the 5th, then I’m Pluto’s bitch in the 7th. So yeah… That pretty much sums up the situ nicely.

            • i was pretty curious about that one purpose there for a second 😯

              happiest of years to you nightrose xx

      • Why thank you Miss Blue Moon! Have a drink with me πŸ™‚ *clinks glasses*

  13. Hyper-Goth……ha ha! Not knowing anything of this, I literally went to a goth drag show last night…no kidding! It was such a time machine to the past, too, for me. Lots of 80’s music being played, remembering my teen years. My friend and I dressed as goth as we could, in all black, heavy eyeliner..

    I don’t know if I’ve integrated all the Merc Scorp stuff yet. There have been a lot of revisiting of the past, especially through music, so maybe things were dredged up from back then….seems to keep going back to the 80’s….and came up to be healed. That would be awesome because that would be some pretty deep-seated stuff from my decade as a teenager and there’s ALWAYS stuff from that time period for just about everyone… I hope I’ve worked through it all……like I said, I can’t tell yet, but I’m looking forward to a slightly lighter time with every thing in Sag.

    Slight concern for Mars in Libra as this transiting Mars will have a long stay in my 4th house and last year when it was there was a complete nightmare at home with psychotic housemate that I had to evict……..If anything remotely on that level happens again, I don’t think I will make it through….that literally just about killed me……help! How should I brace for this transit..??

  14. “People should be wafting about in flannel shirts, talking about indigo children and how everyone they hate has narcissistic personality disorder.”

    spot on.
    I literally cannot stand loud obnoxious braggart types with NPD. ugh…

  15. ” I mean, lol, right?”

    πŸ˜† πŸ˜† yeah LOL. *nods*

    You crack me up Mystic.

    Monthly Scopes for my Cap Asc so spot on!! – “You can’t live a lie. You certainly can’t sleep with one.” Definitely sleeping with one. Ah, damn it why is breaking up so hard to do??

    Anyway, better get cracking on last minute preparations for very big day tomorrow. My future hinges on it. Thank the heavens it’s a New Moon!! πŸ™‚

    • Woot Woot!! Lets see what the New Moon delivers for you Scorpbot! πŸ˜€ Feels auspicious!! πŸ˜‰

      • Thanks Calypso. πŸ™‚ Definitely need more luck with the extrication! LOL! My mind is made up now. There’s no turning back. I’m sure you know what’s it like when a Scorp makes up their mind! Don’t even want the fab sex anymore. Too high a price to pay for it. My authenticity is more important.

        Re the “test” I’m now wondering if it’s what I really want to do. Hmmm. At least I won’t think it’s the end of the world.

        • yah, I TOtally understand. I could tell months ago you would get here when the time was right, and I’m sure you could too xx

          • I don’t know….. LOL. Ask me again tomorrow? Could just be the dark moon. I have doubts whether I can commit for 3 years to the study – Saggo moon square Uranus – bit unpredictable. πŸ™‚

            Better get cracking on last minute work. I’m a shocker!! Flying by the seat of my pants!! LOL. That’s how I roll.

            • ah, me too.

              dark moon knocked the stuffing out of me. I just fell asleep sitting up – tomorrow is a new day and a new moon.

              hope you feel the new vibe tomorrow and it all goes well, whichever way you end up veering. I’ll look out for an update xx

            • can you think of it in less concrete terms? Like i’ll do this for 6 months and see how to goes?

              • Yeah good plan. πŸ™‚

                LOL re falling asleep sitting up. Done that plenty of times!! πŸ˜€

  16. I’m a sag born dec 11th and have been calling unfavorable coworkers narcissists a lot the past couple days lol

  17. the 90s you say? I was nowhere near any flannel shirts, though there were many, many bottles of bubble blowing mix, fabulous bindis (which are apparently now a racist accessory) and utilitarian layers of clothing with secret pockets and many, many walks in the forest. Good Times.

    • ahhh I just realised the pastel grunge kids must be the children who spawned in the 90s. suddenly the subculture makes more sense.

          • ok grunge? WTF lol. but still. it’s fascinating!
            having said that:
            those thick soled brogues make me puke. ditto the john lennon sunglasses. always freaked me out.
            pastel hair is awesome.
            lol at the vintage-isation of cassette tapes.
            i thought you were more referring to kids of the 90s writing music that was stone roses flavoured, -3 piece band-ish but fresher. and the fashion (cutoffs and whatever)
            strikes me that the pastel grunge thing is almost more noughties..

            • there’s a pastel goth version too and the brothel creepers are totally 80s. it’s all colliding intertextually in pastels pi πŸ˜‰

                • Me too! Personally Im loving the pastel goth trend. I know fashion repeats itself and its never the same as it was – but who’s to say the intention about resurrecting fashion is so we can live it out in the same way? That would be kind of creepy… Personally i love seeing the variations and how they are modernized πŸ™‚

                  • I like the fruity trend too. Unless you’re one of those people who spends their time trawling ebay to reconstruct a vintage themed house to go with your 50s wardrobe the ‘resurrection’ is never the same thing being lived out – it’s always another thing because it’s happening outside of the time of the original thing. I’m all for watching mutations as well πŸ˜€

                  • the vintage themed reconstructions people create in their houses freak me out though. I’m always thinking ‘no fast moves, take it easy tiger, don’t break anything…’

            • there’s a fixation with kurt cobain and hole hence the grunge label? Globalisation = crazy fashion shit happens.

              • yes it’s like the internet’s interpretation of grunge, or grunge as translated for a tween market by Mattel(TM) or something.

                • I like the way you added the trademark symbol Pi. It’s important to protect oneself from the possibility of inadvertent copyright infringement πŸ˜€

                  Some of the kawaii stuff is totally disconcerting – juxtaposition of pastel unicorns and rape speak I do not get.

          • It’s cute, but NOT grunge. Grunge was sweaty, stinky dirty. Methinks the person who made the Polyvore account is young and clueless and that’s ok.
            The corporate version was Calvin Klein ripped expensive flannels, wools and faded ripped jeans and docs.
            I survived it the first time around, worked retail in Seattle, so no stranger to the original anti-fashion thrift store concept.

            • I’m familiar with the grunge phenomenon. Just wasn’t feeling the vibe at the time. I’m not saying it IS grunge. It’s a label that’s been given to a trend – like cheese balls don’t have any cheese in them. Trends, especially those appropriated from or referencing other times aren’t the ‘real’ thing – yeah?

              I saw an interview with Kurt Cobain about the Grunge thing and it wasn’t discussed as an anti-fashion statement, he said ti was just abject poverty and close proximity to lumberjack clothing. Maybe women were approaching it with a different mindset. That I’d be interested to hear about. Women tend to construct their looks differently to men and that was a totally unique subculture before it leaked into the outside world. It was so in tune with the zeitgeist of those times. The return to hand-made and a fondness for patina started to emerge then too. Now it’s mass produced – sometimes even in pastels. Ourobourus.

      • Exactement pegs – the kids who spawned in the early 70s did what their parents did during the 90s. Although the orientalist thing was big on and off throughout the last century. And the kids who spawned in the 90s are doing what their parents did – only it’s a pastel hybrid.

  18. I think those monthly scopes for Aquarius are spot on. I have been seeing a financial counsellor in the last few weeks and we have been tweaking my budget to make savings. It’s the first time I am completely on top of my finances including saving all my dockets and knowing how much I spend on food every fortnight etc.
    The other thing I started today was psychological counselling to help me get a good grip on my goals and future desires, help on my self-concept etc. She is going to do some Gestalt therapy with me that I am excited about – looking at integrating the whole self.
    I’m going to see a physio tomorrow to work out why I keep fracturing one foot – hopefully she can help me with my body balance and I get some understanding there too.
    It has been the year of self control.

  19. apropos the flannies – are they like the flares and mini skirt ? If I wore flannel shirts in the 90s can I wear them again (a la YSL)?

    • *looks at jicky with dead serious expression*

      flannel shirts will never go out of style.

      wear them. wear them with all your heart. if people laugh at you, laugh back at their fickle sense of style and obvious discomfort in their shiny fashionable get-up. sneer at their insecurity. chuckle mirthlessly at their shivering bodies as the crisp linen shirt they put on that morning remains powerless to stop the cold morning breeze. hahahahah!!! Fools!!!! let us pity their un-flannelled wardrobes.

  20. OMGWTF The Oracle Is Freaqing The Fuq Out Of Me Right Now Ooommmmmgggggggg *goosebumps*

  21. Mystic in the dailies you advise gemini / rising people not to “overshare”. In my experience oversharing is a relative experience. Now I am paranoid. with whom have i had an in depth conversation recently? Am I blabbing too much on the internet? have i failed my facebook Code of Silence one too many times? *paces fretfully about*

    • Well I don’t know about FB, but on this blog,when you share it is usually warm, funny, insightful, simpatico, ambivalent in a piscean kind of way etc. Your personality comes across…

  22. I woke in the night during an almighty thunder and lightening storm with the rain, OMG the rain!! It was beautiful, once the dog was in and we didnt lose power which is always awesome. Anyway, I had this song going through my head over and over and over…. I sang the tune to my husband who didnt know it, hmm Lily Allen, I thought? Decided to google:

    I just read the lyrics of The Fear for the first time… oh shit…. now I have to do something with that….!!! Thank you universe and weird astro times (at least ‘its not my fault its how I’m programmed to function’ – LOL, right?!)

  23. Time machine ? oh ya, thanks so much for the fixed star links and info on you page, I’ve shut in holed up and bouncing off the stars all weekend ‘crowd surfing with the constellations’. It’s been a decade since my astro re-baptism and I had to edit some things in order to make myself useful and left the stars to Brady and her Starlight software which of course is excellent but I have missed the connection to the dancing figures in the night sky. Thank you for keeping them.

    Re: negative ASTRO accusations, Cerberus guards the gate to hades his 3 heads given no ingress or escape to those unwilling to face all levels of their being. The fixed stars themselves demand an honesty that triggers fear, the first doorway.

    Ps. Just found out the Earth is only about 16 years old when measured around the Galactic centre, who knew! I thought the galaxy turned much slower but it takes about 250 million years to travel around the GC divided into 4 something billion equals ….16. I can understand this number and somehow it gives me hope and perspective.

    Flannel jams

  24. Moon ON my Moon and Ascendant NOW YAH!!!!!!!!


    And in breaking news, a Capricorn actually admired what i’ve achieved over the last six months.

    En route: Mansion/maison de Mille e Una Notte; et un bon boulot!

    Crikey! What next?? Lerve in 2014? (Probs study. Let’s not get TOO Sag about it all, eh.)

  25. ‘Here we are now entertain us’ is fine so long as the rest of the month doesn’t morph into some kind of New Direction jingly chorus. Just saying.

  26. Darkest of dark moons ever. The weeping spells that come over me are not just me and him, here, now. They are universal, timeless, the agony of losing a loved one, which is out deepest human connection. Birth, death – we are never alone in these. And rebirth! Focusing hard on that one.

    • Have had you in my thoughts, sending you love and light,.
      Was hoping you could have had some signs he is recovering by now. xxxx

      • Last night, he began breathing unassisted!!! His family seems unimpressed, saying things like, “well, it’s just a brainstem function.” To me, it’s huge! It’s life!! You’d better believe I’m manifesting a new moon resurrection!! Giving it everything I’ve got. Thanks, Veronica. Xxx