103 thoughts on “Happy New Moon In Saggo…

  1. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Taking a deep breath and curious what will be revealed around the bend…

    Optimistic, as always πŸ™‚

      • Holy shizz…. hitting lots of points for me. It think it will be like Past-Life-a-go-go, methinks.

        • Yeah, the New Moon on New Year’s Day is quite a conjunction: Sun, Moon, Pluto, and Mercury. And that’s in an almost exact square to Mars. It’s in a sorta loose orb with Jupiter opposing, and Uranus squared.


          I am sure that Mystic will have lots to say about this as the time comes.

      • omgoodness, Mars will be introducing my Venus to the ZZ – could this possibly be interpreted as good?

        • I’ve read some pretty upbeat things about mars in libra although last week of december is meant to be officially sketchy but that would depend on how your venus is aspected natally maybe?

          • yeah, I’m quite up for Mars in Libra generally, but there are some horror stories up there for last week of the year and that’s the time of year my ex usually loses the plot, so I guess I’m wary. My Venus and my daughters Sun are involved.

            Natal Venus is conjunct Uranus Jupiter and Merc and opp Chiron.

  2. Does this mean i can tell my ‘disappeared-for-two-weeks-(Libran) dude-who-sent-me-one-text-to-say-that-he’s-alive’ that he needs to take me out, or I’m not hanging around?

    Confused. He was all crazy for me at first, and I did say once that maybe we should slow down (he was intense!).. and then he’s just gone cold πŸ™

    • Also – I think it was Electric Eel or Pegasus who told me to go to the dentist to get out of my cave. It was the most amazing suggestion. I went, my dental problems are much less severe than I think – and my dentist is ridiculously dreamy. Married though πŸ˜‰

      • how do you deal with that type of behavior? i dont like confrontation either but when it happens to me (disappearance), i cant seem to want to (do anything other than) .. revenge. silent treatments & possibly passive aggressive tactics. like take me out, and then im going to make your visit miserable and never speak to you again. probably chat up some new fling i have just so you know — oh i am terrible with that kind of stuff. of course, if im really into the man, ill take it. continuously, over and over. but what for. when i need reassurance. none is found

      • Hello, your dentist is you friend, glad you went and it was less than the 1000, even so, it would have been an investment.
        Men will get away with as much bad behaviour as you allow them, it’s a subtle, and yet direct art to nudge them into believing whatever, was THEIR idea, and i say subtle because unless things are spell out, they don’t get it. (Not my fault).
        Crystal Clear Communication. You want to see him? He wants to see you?
        It is simply one or the other or both :-). Ask him out.
        Ask him over for a dinner. Sharing food is dsharing emotion and beware the man that will not eat with you, it’s a sure sign of a one night stand or fuq-buddy-only rules apply.
        You do not have the inclination to be messed with time-wise so allocate yourself a time-line.
        ‘Terms & Conditions apply’. Don’t be afraid to say that or ask him his. Loving negotiations, so you both have fun for 4 weeks 4 months or 4 years.

        MY line is ‘no you can’t marry me’. Straight up with a laugh or smile or wink, whatever, it is appreciated by them.
        If you DO want to see him again, you could just say ‘Hey i would like to explore you further’ or even
        ‘i LIKE relationships/weekends only/Wed nights etc. Insert your choice & tell him by text, the telephone. Nowadays one seems to need an appointment to actually speak voice to voice.
        New days-new ways, honey.

        • “You want to see him? He wants to see you? It is simply one or the other or both”


    • If he has libra sun around 8 degrees his sudden disappearance is because his sun or something else close to his sun is being opposed by uranus – which along with Pluto IS the zap zone. Librans are intense about love even when there’s nothing causing a revolution for them. He’s into you. It’s as simple as that. If you’re not as intense or spontaneous about it as they are (especially if their sun is being tweaked by uranus) they’ll be outta there asap. It’s an all or nothing scenario. You go with or you don’t. Up to you. As he has said without the astro info.

      • oh and librans do love possibly not as you know it – they’re an air sign, not water or earth or fire – it’s ir / rational. Whirlwind. If you want be with him but want him to slow down you might need to come up with a reasoned argument about the pace. Possibly also wallpapering a room of your house with images of cyclone or tornado damage will help.

        • I just saw your name in the list and thought must ask them how their mars in libra works so I can get some inkling of the vibe for the next few months.

          How else does your mars in libra manifest? I was speaking from uranus conjunct libra sun + venus / mercury in libra. Uranus tends to make impromptu departures without explanation the norm and brings a science experiment outlook to most things. Do you have a more strategic approach to life / romance because of the mars?

    • my theory: don’t get caught up in this situation. regardless of what he ‘might’ be feeling (and it’s not ever up to us to figure it out), if he vamooses after one comment from you that you want to slow down – presuming cause-and-effect that is, then the problem is around *him* not you. A normal person (or someone not having a uranus opposition or whatever, same diff) would be more likely to respond in a comprehensible manner.
      In conclusion: forget about him. Pretty sure his hands can still work a phone and he could get in contact if he wanted to. Go flirt with some other guys to take your mind off him. xox

        • no – not that predictable is necessarily bad, or good, i just mean able to respond in a more or less grown up way to a reasonable request from a romantic partner. disappearing for 2 weeks from someone you’re seeing (i think? have i got that wrong maybe) is pretty shit, imo. I mean unless something’s gone down.
          if it’s just a flirtation thing then hey all bets are off and it’s time to manage expectations πŸ˜‰

        • He’s treating you like you’re his standby (one of them).
          Oh also he is probably an actual crazy person. He better at least be sexy.

          references: ima
          n libra

          (mars in libra is going to be hilarious)

    • Maybe he’s a love zombie and you telling him to slow down was like a wake up call and he thought “well, this girl is too practical… can’t play my game.. i”m outta here”
      or something..

      Fact is, he’s disappeared for 2 weeks!!! That’s fuqed!! Don’t make someone your priority when you’re just and option is my policy.

    • I recommend not listening to any of this and just straight out telling him where it’s at for you and asking what his MO is. So much easier just to be honest than entertain any of these spurious claims re his motives. Everyone has different ways of communicating and behaving in relationships, only you can tell what works or doesn’t for you and whether you’re both able to collaborate and adapt if you have different styles.

      • Ah thanks lovelies.

        We only just started seeing each other and he was really sweet and gushy. But I wasn’t sure if I wanted to plunge into a relationship because that’s where it felt like it might be going while I’m not really sure we’re compatible long-term.

        I’m still not sure what I want to be honest. But pining for him even though I went out last weekend and had fun. I just did a count, I think the response has actually been twice in 11 days. The first weekend think he went on a crazy stag, texted at the end of it texted that he was alive, and then had a bout of food poisoning and texted on Thursday to say hello and sorry about the silence. Meh. I’m a libran sun, cap rising myself, can’t ask people out, don’t know how to!

      • Anon Flux, I don’t know if you’re aware or not, but you can come across incredibly condescending sometimes!!!

        Thanks for making everyone who has taken the time to comment feel like they’ve wasted their time because the comments contain “spurious” claims!

        Obviously everyone has different ways of communicating and behaving in relationships! Sounds to me like Miss kismet was just curious to hear some thoughts as she was confused.

        I don’t always expect people to reply when i comment but I’m always chuffed when they do, whether I agree with them or not, It’s always food for thought. Naturally everyone’s going to make up their own mind but it’s always fun to hear from people with different signs, backgrounds and experiences.

        • Yes we all have our way of perceiving and communicating. You may have a way of thinking Anon Flux, but no one’s viewpoint is more important than the other. Please remember to leave room for others. It is Miss Kismets decision and anything that helps her with her decision is what is important.

        • WOOT! missed this testy sitch, a storm in my teacup while I was out to lunch. By the same token if everyone knows everyone has different ways of behaving in relationships those remarks are dismissive of the person who is absent and whose ‘story’ has never been told or shared by ms kismet – who then went on to explain it was a new thing, so a gap of 2 weeks doesn’t seem so nefarious does it? It sounded to me like a lot was being read into an off the cuff sentence and none of the responses had any astro info in them – relating to the commenters OR the person in question. Hence ‘spurious’.

          My words came from a place of valuing hearing about the astro of the person involved as opposed to the opinions of people of different undisclosed signs. It being an astro community n’all.

          Re being condescending, well there is a saturn placement that will do that to my words, yes I am aware of it, but it’s always nice to have a reminder, so thanks for that. We all have our crosses to bear.

          Big picture, I myself often struggle to read the emphatic negative sweeping and dismissive statements about people’s relationships and lives that are made so frequently here. Often they’re made by people who are constantly bemoaning their romantic status – whatever it might be, yet seem well placed to offer advice about relationships. It seems as though there’s so seldom any display of giving benefit of the doubt, or collaboration or the possibility that a relationship involves two people adapting to each other and evolving together to make things work. Just people making infinitive statements about their checklists of what they will and won’t put up with from their ‘partner’.

          I’m not sure if any of those people realise it or not, but they can come across as bitter and unyielding to the possibility of change or self-examination. I guess we all have things to learn.


          • and before anyone leaps onto that and has an embolism, inadvertently displaying the wound they think I have rubbed salt in, it’s not directed at a single person, it’s an ongoing big picture thing.

    • Oh dear. Umm. I dunno, but that kinda sounds like a jackass’s way of ending things. Personally, I’d suggest getting all dressed up, heading out with best friends, and flirting with a few hotties. You could maybe then send him an “I’m alive too!” text.

      Photo accompaniment of you with a hottie or two optional.

  3. Breath & bed baited: candy canes & lavender, respectively.

    Twice in so many sleeps I’ve dreamed of a man I drool over irl who brings up time in every dream. In the first dream he told me I only have 10 yrs left if I don’t quit smoking now; in the second, he handed me his watch & asked me to record what time it was. I couldn’t read his watch, it was in some crazy world time format like military on steriods, & I quickly gave it back to him– regretfully as it was gorgeous, & I wanted to keep it. And him. I turn to leave & he stops me & gives me this big royal blue vase with a compass on it & a clock I could decipher. “Take this,” he says, “Keep it for me.” It looked nautical. I was pleased & promptly ran off with it. Lol

    So I’m thinking he’s a Cap (with all the Chronos crap) with some kind of prominent Neptune– like I have a prominent natal Neptune: conjunct my NN in Sagg, & conjunct this new moon. Or maybe Saturn’s showing me one of those reset people I keep hearing about; after all, I’m going to quit smoking, aren’t I. I can’t die in ten years! I’ll just be getting going by then!

    The Oracle told me today to “focus on the *fun* in dating & mating,” & to chill with all the 8th house shiz. I think the Oracle mistook me for someone else.


    • lol πŸ™‚

      dreamy! sounds like there’s a drive somewhere to lose the fags Scorp Inc x

    • Lovely dreams. I love those chronos dreams – I would being Satunr ruled. πŸ™‚
      Maybe you were dreaming about Saturn?

    • Fascinating, ScorpInc. First thought on first paragraph was: SATURN.
      ‘Does anybody really know what time it is’ was that Chicago singing that?
      Part of why i am feeling amazing is quitting the cigarettes.
      Watching Mad Men in the first 4 weeks was difficult πŸ™‚
      Candid. NO. Effort is required to put on your tights & spikes, but it is noblesse oblige.
      Arrange a party a la mason de Scorp.
      Go down to the closest Navel Base.
      If all that fails contemplate The Navel.

      Seriously i have lost 40% of my lung capacity (candid) from smoking. It doesn’t show up or give you any distress signals until you are over 50 years old.
      (I despair now when i see a young girl with a ciggie, like Kate Moss par example).
      Decision #1 is: YOU DO NOT EVER BUY A PACKET AGAIN because they is now a count of 3000, yes 3000
      different chemicals in them. Nicotine itself an an interesting drug from Le Pharmacie du Bon Dieu, the medicines of nature.
      Perhaps buy yourself n artisan glass pipe & put basil or rosemary into it for the smoke.
      Ask yourself what smoke means to you, same with coals & fire, your deep relationship to them.
      MIne’s Indian Peace Pipe and smoke as purifier.
      Now really put your consciousness into the WHY DO YOU SMOKE?
      Did your mother? Par example, mine did whilst i as in womb, so born this way πŸ™‚
      Bon Chance. Got get yourself a Man. Scorps must have a lover, more so than Librans, is my experience.

      • Pegs, I haven’t bought a pack of cigs in 7 years: been rolling my own πŸ˜‰ Pennies a cig. But, I hear you.

        I tried to quit cold turkey when I had my cervical spine surgery. Mistake! Even post-op in the hospital on countless narcotics my nicotine withdrawal kept me awake for two days; I didn’t sleep until I was discharged & had a smoke. That was a sweet ass sleep, let me tell you.

        Going to try patches this time around (health insurance covers that, I think). But I’m not sleeping with that shiz on: I don’t smoke while I sleep, so why would I?

        Why do I smoke, why why why… I know how it started & that it was love at first puff, but my insight kind of ends there. I know it helps me shift cognitive gears, & helps me focus, too– which has been empirically proven. Plus, it has yet to cause me any irreversible damage: I can breathe, I can smell, my skin isn’t any worse for it– in short, I’ve been getting away with smoking & that’s a lot to do with why I’m still doing it!

        But I know my days are numbered, & that dream I had really drove it home. Your mentioning 50 also gave me chills: in ten years I’ll be 49. Too young.

        I *do* need a romantic something something, but it’s got to be top shelf stuff. If it moves like molasses, no matter: it’s sweet as πŸ˜‰ I filled the vase with water & flower oils: it’s a done deal! If he wants it back he’s going to have to come & get it. LOL

        • “If it moves like molasses” πŸ™‚

          That’s such a Scorp thing to say.

          I had a fling with a Saggo dude with Venus in Scorp and he once said he’d wait 20 years for me if he had to. Way to make my venus in Libra heart swoon. He had Mars in Libra.

  4. Excellent! Perfect day for my hubby’s bday. The champagne is chilling, dinner is prepared πŸ™‚

  5. “They never change” was the advice i was given a few weeks ago here by kind souls. I vacillated between dumping the man or waiting. I hinted that i was ending it and so last night he decides to end it with me after a silence of ten days. Dark moon. I have sagg moon too so curious whats around the bend for me πŸ™‚ i think he wanted to avoid me dumping him so went for it being his most nastiest self possible. Supposedly to help me get over him LOL. Saturn in my 2nd making me see my self-worth: didn’t realise this was its way until now. Since iur breakup a few months ago I’ve become so strong in my self esteem – knowing what i deserve in a relationship!

    Hes blocked me etc. and i feel dropped like a hot potato. I still can’t believe it! Its like im still waiting for him to apologise for his bad behaviour even just once, a simple “sorry” not once in a 3 hour convo. Total deflection of his crap while point by point analysis of my behaviour.

    I did make the stupid mistake of telling him I almost fell for someone on my lang trip and he has played around with this labelling me things I don’t deserve. Hes blown it up to be something it wasnt and i had totally expressed myself the wrong way. He then proceeds to attack my family….my mother.

    I am dumbfounded. Feel used. Want hugs.

    Deep down i know, my soul knows this is the best thing ever to happen but i will always miss the good times. The dreams i had for us. The pain of growing up.

    • I know exactly how you feel. It has taken me years to get over someone who started off like a fairy tale and treated me so terribly. No advice helped, I just had to wait and keep distance like it was a drug addiction. :/ I hope you feel better soon. You deserve someone who can’t wait to see you and shares your dream, not someone who plays games and can’t communicate.

    • That’s awful, VSLR. I can understand your pain and hurt – it does sound like the best development for the long run. True colours and all that. Take it easy for the next few weeks and be kind to yourself.

      Big (virtual) hugs being sent your way xxx

    • Im sorry to hear about what is going on. When things like this happen, I always wonder what the people’s planets/points are and how they are being affected right now by the transits… because it is at this point in time things start to spiral downwards.

      You are just in time for the New Moon in Saggo. Especially with your Moon in Saggo – new emotional chapter. Better things always around the bend. Hugs xo

    • hugs. Yeah he’s proven himself a jerk, by the sound of things. So now you know.
      At some point down the line you’ll look back and say to yourself, omg thank heavens that ended.
      good to appreciate the good times for what they were. It’s ok to separate them from the person – maybe saves us from thinking the only person we can experience that with is person X. not true, plenty more good times to come with many others. yes the growing up thing. you’re aware., that’s good imo

      • I REALLY love that Pi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And so true!!!!!! (a Saggo moon calls for excessive use of exclamation marks πŸ˜€ )
        New experiences with new people. Good to remember to separate the experiences from the person.

        Wise advice from a Cap moon πŸ™‚

        • Thanks all for the support. When will I learn that he is a manipulative and controlling whatnot? Its like im trapped in a bubble and my vision is hazy.

          I am shocked at how someone can just drop everything all at once like this like the relationship and me didn’t matter to them at all. How?

          Would someone be kind enough to share what they would consider controlling behaviour? Im left wondering now if maybe what i consider some behaviours to be controlling may not actually be that way…

          Astro wise: he’s a libra sun/asc, moon in aries, venus in scorpio, mars in aqua. Nightrose would you be able to tell me what is going on based on his astro?

  6. So looking forward to Mercury in Sagg – that’s where my natal Merc sits!

    Feeling lighter – physically and emotionally. Everything is… well, it’s just good at the moment. Life isn’t perfect, but I am the closest I’ve ever been to being able to handle what comes my way with perspective and maturity.

  7. O, flipping Brill Mystic… Jenna Coleman (LOVE her) has a SuperFly Saggo Moon! And you can see it so clearly in her character.

    Am stunned by how I went from sh*t at sun up to spectacular at sunset!

  8. Am feeling so saggitarian that I wish the moon would hurry up and keep up with me so I can go and do something that works better in Capricorn.

  9. new moon in my sagg 6th house near neptune. Sextile pluto and IC.
    Bought new running shoes. Cleaning the house – while drinking beer.

  10. Asked for what I wanted from the LeoSO on a saggo moon fuq yeah afterv an awkward moment running into a friend of his.
    Learnt from an aries gal “don’t ask don’t get”

  11. new moon in my 7th house. met someone 10 mins after it – someone who caught my eye about 18 months ago but who I never actually met until now. don’t know his partnered status but will no doubt find out as it seems he and I will be seeing a bit of each other from here on in.

    Neptune is there also, you know πŸ™‚

    • Wow Calypso. Sounds intense. The moon & my sun are in my 8th conjunct my natal Lilith. Time for a trip??

      • thanks GY.

        I’m an over-keen pattern watcher, and have experienced precognisance before re: romantic partners, but I don’t want to read too much into this which is why I mention Neptune’s influence which I know you are familiar with! Just….we’ll see.

        • I’m a weirdo but crushing on people before or as I know them is often the best part for me. x__x Blame it on Venus conjunct Neptune+Uranus.
          Have fun!!!

        • It’s hard to gauge how I went. Never been in this type of situation before. More importantly though, I’m wondering how the hell I’m going to support myself financially. 😯
          It’s 4.5 days a week which only leaves 1/2 a day and the weekends to work. Of course there’ll be heaps of projects & essays to write.
          I won’t have a life! Find out in 2 weeks anyway. Much to think about.

          • hmmm, I thought your Cap Asc would have it covered! Hard to say without deets, but are there out of session periods when you can earn as well?

            • Thought i had it covered too. Maybe my progressed Pisces Asc has taken over. LOL. Or my Saggo moon was too optimistic 😯

              No, no out of session periods. πŸ™

  12. New moon in 8th house; random connections for potential jobs and housing coming through and someone I used to be very close with offered to help out with yoga/nutrition school next year if I’m short. Really lucky, really really reaaaaally lucky. I hate asking for and even accepting help but I am learning to do it gracefully. I know that in the future I will do the same for others.

    Downtime for work with the holidays. Spending my time looking for new leads and learning, getting into a self-loving and self-reliant mindset. Found a great Zap Zone-prep website the other day by a guy who has made and lost millions several times: http://www.jamesaltucher.com/ He also has some books, one is called “Choose Yourself” and it is great so far, I think some of you would like it.

    • Rache, learning to ask for help is a buggy, and something we need to learn. It does make the helper feel good you know?
      I suss you have some really good things to happen with you from all the work & awareness you have developed within yourself.
      Don’t get too ‘straight’ though, the world needs the radical Aquarians with a smattering of Cowgirl.
      Peeps that gravitate to the healing arts get healed as a fringe benefit and often go into that arena subconsciously, then reap the return gifts.

    • Yes! James Altucher is the best and so tuned in with the ZZ! Check out his Ultimate Guide to Reinventing Yourself – it’s taped to my wall. This guy knows all about rad candor πŸ™‚

  13. Your very own winged horse hasn’t felt this good, this positive & full of life
    for years, real years. Perhaps getting up close & personal with Pluto for aeons, going underground into depths and now have reached the surface.
    Maybe it’s just SUMMER. Maybe it’s simply spending an hour with my Adonis in his arms (no sex). Btw Adonis #2 sang to me, he’s an operatic tenor. #1 is a renovator, he renovated me. Maybe it’s pure love.
    Maybe it’s resuming my work, being useful, contributing, being active, confidence. Looking in the mirror and liking what i see, feeling skilled, feeling like a winner not a loser. Getting Clear, knowing i’m actually liked & appreciated. Getting a Grip i guess :-)..
    Maybe it’s the heavens aligned for me (and you) OOops sounds like a corny love song.
    Grace & gratitude, my friends in space, hope all is copacetic with you all
    and if not, the Pegasus is close by. x

    • Reading this put a smile on my face this evening as I’m about to drift off to sleep.
      Thanks for the beautiful winged horse imagery to take with me to dreamland.
      I’m happy for you btw, you sound so much at peace.
      Gives me the fuzzies. Hugs.

  14. So hanging for this new moon, today was dragging at boring necessary temp job and I’ve had ants in my pants all weekend! 11pm tonight can’t come fast enough! Think I’ll go to the pool and swim some laps to calm down.