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Wow so now drones could be used to deliver one’s online purchases? This is clearly epic, total Uranus in Aries ingenuity.  We always knew this was going to be an era of pioneering ingenuity. Mind you, i’m still annoyed that the invisibility cloaks we were talking about a few years back are not yet available although…(cue paranoid gasp because Mercury is now Void in Scorpio lol) maybe they ARE available…But only “they” have them.

My concern with drones being repurposed for this sort of thing would obviously be Mercury Retrograde – i mean, seriously w.t.f? I would be worried that the military-civilian bandwidths might get scrambled in error so some terrorist leader plotting an atrocity would have my copy of Why Men Love Bitches bonked on his head whilst i got chased by a battle drone on my way to Yin Yoga. Unthinkable.

Jeff Bezos – the C.E.O./founder of Amazon – is, however, a multiple conjunct Capricorn. He HAS to know what he is doing. This is competence plus. Dude has Sun conjunct Mars & then Mercury Retro in Capricorn….Let THAT be the riposte to any twits who somehow still say that Merc Retro is a recipe for mediocrity and bumbling. Far from it. It’s the classic “think different” placement. Steve Jobs was also Mercury Retro.

I rest my case. AND how cool would it be if, in a few years time, we will be able to say “I’ll drone you.”



Image: Alex G Griffiths

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25 thoughts on “Drone On

  1. Reading and adoring your writings about this but it’s delaying me watching the last episode of Breaking Bad, the Final.
    Drones are Uranian Insanity.
    William Burrough’s quote from Nova Express:
    Take your metal asses back to Uranus.
    RIP William Burroughs.

    Something suss about the owner of Amazon, or is it because all of those
    cyber billionaires were insane.
    A machine jihad.

    • Breaking Bad is awesome. I watched the whole show in a crazy 2 month BB fest. Absolutely loved it, so crazy, so well written. A psychological study of a man’s moral decay.

      • I like that about it too, its like a greek tragedy played straight, not gimicky or overly up itself, just a plain ol tragedy done right

  2. Actually it’s a couple of Aussie guys who have it already in place. Have been using this drone delivery to send university textbooks. US can’t allow this sort of drone use until 2015.

  3. My ex is from this same Capricorn era, 1977 right? It was Sun with Hekate, Persephone, Mars, Apophis, that Merc retro, and he also had Cap Moon and DC – some of the most Ultra Multiple Capricorn men of all time born that year.

  4. My first thought was poor birds, bee’s, butterflies, etc that are going to get run over in their skies.

  5. only a matter of time before drone-napping becomes a thing. shoot em down, claim the contents. maybe that’s the guerilla in me.

    • pi, that thought never crossed my mind. I could never imagine myself robbing a human but I can imagine shooting down a drone to get my hands on a fresh, best seller. Or even better…. coming up with a progam that hacks the drones flight path, sending all the books straight where they are needed most. Imagine bombing a war zone with the words of Gandhi?

  6. the amazon drones are a publicity stunt apparently and won’t be feasible in america until at least 2020, and thats just legally. In oz and china though they are definitely starting to use tons of drones for non military purposes and its way more possible.

  7. also mystic I think it would be awesome if some would-be criminal had the book thrown at him (her) .. so to speak… imagine the epiphany! book falls open at perpetrator’s feet, page 114: “oh!! So this is the reason I have been angry at the world all these years…. *sits down to keep reading, forgets about bomb plot* “

  8. Heard the U.S. launched a secret spy satellite yesterday with an octopus logo saying “nothing is out of our reach”

    :roll: (again)…

    But really, I feel sorry for them quite frankly and will pray for them.

    “Dear God,

    Please let them invent the invisibility cloak and disappear”…

    lol…Just kidding…but do feel sorry for them.