The Dangers Of The Aquarius

Aquarius Mad Men styling

Dear Mystic,

I have been addicted to your scopes for two years now, thank you, merci, gratzi.

I am a professional Gemini (Aka. A writer, not a fighter) and casual Leo-rising (Spotlight hogger). Recently I made a film for Tropfest called, “The Dangers of the Aquarius” (That didn’t make the finals, ouch my Leo pride) and I released it online last night after all the Tropfest controversy.

It seemed fitting since It’s a fake 1950’s Propaganda film that warns the public of the dangers of being Aquarian and basically it’s an allegory for discrimination that speaks out against the exact sort of behavior being rewarded at Tropfest, “Don’t be Aquarian, be antiquarian.”

But I notice my Leo-rising scopes warned against starting any drama or making any big entrances… Does this count? Is it bad astro-karma to release my film now?

Also, on a separate note, I wondered if you had to make an allegorical film on discrimination: which star sign would you pick?

-There are two I’s in Gemini

Hey BRILLIANT!!!!Β  This is not drama, it is genius. Drama would be if you rocked up at the judges house to DEMAND why you did not win, clear evidence of Awesome and all. And then when the police arrived, you had already called a press conference and your stylist. Plus, after that, you tried to Lohan the guy who did (weirdly, it seems) win the film festival.Β 

This is a good move, did you not read your Daily Mystic email? We are in foundation-building mode at the mo.

Which star sign would i pick? Actually, Gemini is the sign i get the most emails from complaining about discrimination against them, followed by Scorpio.Β  But i would prob pick Aquarius, as you did.

What does everyone else think?

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67 thoughts on “The Dangers Of The Aquarius

  1. Must go check out the film! sounds interesting!

    Lol? Scorps think they are discriminated against? why is that? everyone wants to claim a piece of Scorpio even if it’s a asc or NN or mars…because it’s the sign that gets the most written about in regards to sex. I find this humorous.

    Gemini? Everybody loves Gemini unless they get double crossed or cheated on with one. They are the ultimate party and good times peeps! a good source of reliable gossip and intelligent.

    I think Libras are discriminated against. One time I was on an online astrology group and the fuckers decide to make some new subgroups. One was called “animal signs” for like aries, leo, taurus, etc… The other was called “human signs” for like Virgo, Aquarius, Sagg, etc.. Librans were refused entry into either group! *middle finger*. Normally we don’t complain about such things as we see it as a challenge and try harder to charm you.
    Luckily, I’m not the kind of Libra who tries hard to be liked by people I deem mediocre. I have more in common with Grumpy Cat.

      • “Sex is such a fucking issue” not wrong hahaha

        Ok the sign I would discriminate against would be Capricorn – only due to my history with ex, brother, sister and various workmates….. It’s the iron fisted control issues and self righteousness that get up my goat (hee hee)

      • i wish i could disagree but yeah sex is such an issue for me too. Lol!

        I am aiming to actually have sex in 2014. Maybe 2014 will be a lucky enough year to stop a 3 yr drought? I haven’t even had a date or hug from a man. Sucks. Makes me wish I were into women. It’s just not my thing.

        • I know what you mean; there are so many great single woman around however it too is not my thing; This year I finally had sex after a 7 year drought! I suggest you don’t let it get that long as I was like a rabbit in headlights! Sadly that was short lived. My moon in Taurus was very excited about finally having some skin on skin action; it’s ready to feed again…lol

          • πŸ˜‰
            I broke my 3 year vow of celibacy on the night of this past Scorpio dark moon.
            Think along the lines of living like a Nun to ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ in a flash – and boy am I getting an, ahem, education.
            Can’t stop smiling, like the Cat that got the cream…

          • My biz partner is Libra with toro moon as well! She can be quite stubborn too, but I out do her. She gave in twice but was disappointed each time. πŸ™

        • Hi Electric Eel Libran

          I am also a Libra and had a long drought, but it was broken in about May earlier this year. I know how you feel! But wondering why yours hasn’t broken yet.

          Perhaps now with Mars in Libra? Just don’t jump into bed with the wrong person during venus retro though.

          • I don’t think I’m in danger of hasty jumping! LOL! Not unless my dream guy decides to book a flight down here. Then ill be in danger!
            but it is probably because I’m a stubborn jackass who prefers my own company to an inadequate one: scorp moon, venus in virgo sq neptune, sat in the 7th… and despite being a Libra
            i don’t pretend feelings. i either have them or i don’t.

            3 yrs is the time since my last date but it has actually been 8 yrs having satisfactory sex.

  2. The film is hilarious and brilliant! πŸ™‚

    About discrimination, all signs deserve equal opportunity smack. Geminis may be more vocal about it, because they tend to communicate more than the other signs. I am surprised to learn that Scorps air their grievances, but that is likely because they trust Mystic. πŸ™‚

    Another Gem.

        • Definietly not Pi! It’s just that I wasn’t smart or focused enough to be a nerd, I just loved argument. I wish I was a nerd!

            • It’s not just nerds who are ‘smart’ Think of your gemmy mind!
              I do love a bit of the ol’ argue. But over time have learnt when and where a little better. Och.

              Ps . typos – don’t worry – i figure we’re all smart enough to know what we each mean πŸ™‚ xox.

  3. I reckon Capricorns are probably the most discriminated against sign, it’s just that most of us are too busy plotting world domination, and being grumpy and shit to start writing letters of indignation about how much people love to hate the goat peeps.

    • I’d love to see a post for the latest on Capricorns. Not necessarily the corporate straight-hair theme, Half of them are caught up in a sun/pluto-quake right now. but true to form they are bearing the brunt in their usual stoic fashion. but what becomes of a Capricorn in the wake of a pluto conjunct sun transit? enquiring minds want to know.

      • I’ve just watched two friends go through this transit, nothing gruesome or Nigella-ish to report there. I’m still going through it, so far, nothing gruesome or Nigella-ish going down with me either. Pluto is still my bitch, but I’ll report back when the transit is completely done and dusted. (Pluto on my Venus was immediate and obvious, Pluto on my Sun, kinda ‘meh’ so far.)

    • whatchoo taking about? people love Caps when they have your back. no one wants a Cap plotting against them though.

  4. Clever concept, well executed, origiinal beautiful work yet thing that one was boorish un funny thing that looked like made by engineering students in the 80s

  5. Thanks Mystic! And thanks for the thumbs up everyone!

    Gemini’s email the most about discrimination? Why am I not surprised?… I did just make a whole film to complain about it. Imagine if I DID make it ‘The Dangers of the Gemini’? You’d be cyber-knee-deep in Gemini emails!!

    • I liked your film Charlotte although I didn’t quite get the significance of the napkin gag….

      I thought it was heaps better in many ways than the film that won. My opinion is that the only way that guy could imagine his film was funny is that he has such a distant experience of discrimination. Send him a link to yours….in fact maybe Tropfest should promote your film as a redemption strategy!

  6. This is genius! Especially love the way she chooses discriminating Virgo as her new sign! Hilarious! The souring of milk!

    Tropfest is usually always won by wanky/annoying films–consider not having won an honour! One is know by the company one keeps.

  7. Off topic but i am printing out the Thursday horoscopes for Leo and putting them on my mood board mystic!!!

    • What is a printer?
      Is that like a fax machine?
      I’m kidding because I’m jealous. I don’t have one.
      I often feel like printing the scopes out too.

      • I have bad luck with printers. They seem so difficult to work! and to keep working! Annoying fiddly things….I once broke two printers in one day at the office I worked in. Must have gone at them like a bull, lol.

  8. aquarius could read all the books desired but could NEVER be virgo — virgo’s going to notice they’re copying every word they say and every style they posses. (detailed) virgo will hate you (vengeful). “study away, be fake, cloak the mind with false mannerisms and mimicked attire.” (sarcastic)

  9. I’m surprised that Geminis even bother to write and send an email to complain about discrimination. “there’s always another way” … or is that my watery mercury in effect.

      • Ohh i love it Pi !
        Hmm the most consistent renovators i know are la Katakans. Le toros for more major works, however a lot of time planning and getting in architects .. la katakans seem love a fresh lick of paint, and always have a ”i’m renovating the bathroom/kitchen/painting the bedroom/loungeroom/bookcases” going on.

        Love your work beautiful ! xx

        • both of you are brilliant! and Pi, in answer to your question, it all depends on the options available at the time πŸ˜‰

  10. No way, clearly Sagittarians are the most discriminated against because we can’t just travel and go rockclimbing all the time! FUQ THE SYSTEM!

    Great film, well done. I still feel sick from watching the film that won. And confused. I don’t understand why it won, even sans terrible homo and trans phobia. I guess it means something positive that so many people expressed their outrage.

  11. Damn I thought this post was going to be about the dating dangers of Aquarius Men. There are massive sections on how to deal with this maddengly adorable genius and future oriented man. Ik would love some tips if anyone can relate? I am sun rising cancer moon in scorp. But my north node in leo conjunct his moon and my south node conjunct Shia aquarius sun. Soo.. He is aqua sun pisces rising leo moon. Any chance whatsoever that that’s will work? O and he has venus in aquarius opposite my venus in leo.any hope??

        • what starts out as his charming quirks grows into the emotional equivalent of a giant rash, causing intense itching and insomnia. My Cancer friend said this right after dumping her Aqua. It’s sort of mean but sort of true. Most of my female Crab friends have little tolerance for this kind of bs. She’s dating a Scorp now which suits her more.

          • I was sort of joking but I didn’t get a chance to find out if “his charming quirks grows into the emotional equivalent of a giant rash” because before that had a chance to happen I had played my role in fulfilling his destiny and he had moved on without a backward glance.

          • Omg so funny but scarily kinda accurate. These aquarius men are great at the beginning showering you with attention and bring sweet and then u start to see their other side and it’s not do pretty. Too emotionally detached for this me!

            • Whoa that is scarily accurate with my experience with Aquarius.

              I have to say- having a Scorpio moon myself- it doesn’t blend well with Aquarius’s detachment. Scorpio moons need total melding. Aqua wants none of it. Mine even had Pisces moon/Scorp rising, but it wasn’t enough to offset the air.

    • Lol there is a whole lot of material on Aquarius men in 2009 or something, the year i was “dating” The Uranian…have you tried the Aquarius category? I think a lot of stuff ended up in the Uranus-Venus club posts, also see Hunky Doorstopping. Short Version: they are the poster boys for Treat Them Mean To Keep Them Keen, but seriously use the search function or the categories menu – there are hundreds of thousands of words in there.

    • Venus in Aqua is going to make it even more of a challenge. I’m an Aquarius and I’ve always found my own kind a challenge to date. Prefer the in-your-face ness of fire signs or emotional intelligence of scorpios or Pisces…me + earth signs = they can’t handle my scatterbrain and me + air signs = we both play cool and it goes nowhere.

      • Is your venus in aqua as well as your sun? I am very watery but can also appreciate some space as I have a lot of air in my chart so not the typical cancer. But my venus in leo craves attention and adoration from my boyfriend and finding it hard with his sun and venus in aqua to get that from him consistently as he is busy with his millions of friends and hobbies. And my scorp moon doesn’t like that he stays “friends” with all his exes .

        • No, I have Venus in Capricorn trining moon in Taurus…I come across as weird/Uranian to others and then they are surprised that when it comes to relationships I actually crave more traditional/stable roles (though my Venus-Uranus-Neptune conjunction usually foils these ambitions…)

          I speak as someone with a lot of experience w Venus in Aquarius guys, all of them either aqua or Pisces. Venus in aqua totally equals friends with all exes, lack of desire to “own” ones partner. I can be really intense at times and focus on one person at a time, Venus in 8th.

  12. Hah! That was awesome. “A sickness…a sickness of the mind.” It may be satirical but this part is true. x__x

    I would say Capricorns get the lamest and least accurate portrayal, generally speaking.

  13. I wouldn’t say gems complain… Well maybe they do but I always took their inquisitiveness as being the driver. Like they’re looking for a pattern in order to understand better.
    I think all signs go through a picked on stage. Goes in waves.
    I remember reading that aquas were most likely to have breakdowns or end up committing horrific crimes. How crap an intro to astro would that be?

    • Heavily desired an aquarian child and received it. I named her after a Peter Gabriel song, Skye Blue. My Leo rising relishes her persona and my Scorp sun fiercely protects her. She’s the air bubbles surrounding the depth of the waters of my soul. πŸ™‚

  14. There are two i’s in Gemini.
    I HAVE to see this film.
    You are destined for greatness, fuq the nay saying sheople, anyone who ever had brain would give you AN AWARD. And I predict just based on that piece of concise, hilarious writing and your outrageously cool concept fame, success and recognition for your creative genius. Don’t you dare give up.
    I know you won’t. Two i’s in Gemini, I almost hate you for being so clever. Total Venus envy. No wonder you weren’t picked for the chorus line, your a star. Seriously.

  15. If you really need someone to discriminate against, do it to a Leo because they won’t care…….(unless someone tells them)

    Too busy being worshiped by their throngs of adoring acolytes ….and also (in their infinite charity) tossing out fashion advice to those they deem worthy…….

    (maybe this is just my scorp side plotting to get more attention on the Leos in this convo—–THERE CAN NEVER…..BE TOO MUCH LEO)


  16. I don’t know that Pisces is often discriminated against, but I did find a book very recently titled How to Survive a Pisces. Wish I’d been able to figure out the author’s sign.

    She didn’t write a handbook for any other sign but Pisces. The tone was lightly disdainful; she obviously found the type draining to be around.