Bast & Beyond

Batman Viewmaster

Cat Goddess Bast* is newly into Sagittarius – maybe time to cat burgle your own dreams back from whom/whatever took them in the first place, Mars is in Libra (Manners!!!) and Monday Horoscopes are posted already…It’s a new, NEW astroscape, betcha feeling it, yes?

I have Bast on my South Node – every single one of my past lives i had cats!  Cool thought, yes?

Image: Batman Viewmaster

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60 thoughts on “Bast & Beyond

  1. yes! I feel the shift….could not lie in this morning. The time is NOW: go!

    incidentally I was just musing on whether any of the elements in particular like dogs….thinking fire?

    • More of my Fire friends have dogs over any other sign.
      Water signs seem to prefer cats.
      Air/Earth Signs can have non-standard pets, on occasion, more often than the other signs, but across the board there is no correlation. It’s sort of like music – it’s really down to personal taste.

      • that’s what I was thinking PW, most of my fire sign friends have dogs, and water signs cats. of course there are exceptions but sometimes it’s fun to think broadly 🙂

  2. Slightly off topic, but how do people feel about living in cities whose sun sign match their south node versus north node. Any personal experiences?

    • Interesting! What is Melbourne, Australia’s sun sign???

      I have never felt more at peace. INSPIRED.

      I am Pisces sun.NN in Libra. (guessing South Node is then in Aries).

      • Melbourne is virgo I think. I attended Uni in a south node city for me (Aquarius) and I never liked the city at all.

            • is this real?? how can one find out more about it?

              i lived in london in the begining of the year.. nn in capricorn. i loved it at first and then HATED it and wanted to run back to nyc

  3. I definitely feel the shift. I have been so devastated all day. In fact the whole week I have miserable. Everything I thought I had has gone away. And I’m really really trying to move forward with the new and be optimistic about all the new options the future will bring. But I feel so sad saying goodbye to what was. I haven’t been able to stop myself crying intermittently all day.

    • I’m sorry to hear this Woohoo. Wish you blessings to come around the corner.

      • Thanks heaps Nightrose. I know it will all be okay in the end. I guess I’m just in adapting stage – I was so happy earlier in the year and then it all just went *poof*

          • I’ve had enough of being zapped. Nothing lasts long enough for me to appreciate it, let alone learn from it before I have to adapt again.

            • Yes. Tricky. I just got rejected with an exhibition proposal I was sure would be accepted. Feeling quite impatient and scattered. I need to be diplomatic again (not really one of my strengths, telling home truths without fear or favour is more my style). The oracle told me to recommit to the dream scheme, so treating this as a minor setback.

              • Yes, impatient and scattered. That’s how I have been feeling for the past week and a half – I think it’s worn me out and resulted in this little outburst of mine.

                It’s been almost two months of unwanted changes and it’s taking it’s toll on me.

                I know that even bigger changes are on the way too so I’m freaking out a bit at the uncertainly and instability.

                Sorry about your exhibition… gosh Mars in Libra – it could either way with your diplomacy!

  4. Mars in Libra – yaaaay! 🙂 t

    Counting the days until 17th Dec when my progressed moon moves into Libra.

  5. How timely. Time to slink around on velvety paws a la Mars in Libra.

    Got my first whiff of how the coming half year is going to play out. And so it shall be.

    • And how does the first half look? Hope it’s positive and exciting. But love your accepting attitude, Nightrose xx

      • It looks really difficult actually. Mars goes into Libra and my mother pulls a fast one on our entire family by walking out on us. I am left with the financial burden and thinking of how to best take care of the family. I don’t even have my own family(from marriage bc Im not) nor years of wisdom to rely upon. It’s been daunting. Somehow I feel protected. I feel my Saturn and Pluto will be giving me the strength to do what I need to do.

        The last few days have been difficult but in a way I feel relieved. Didn’t realize until now how much we were all living under her emotional tyranny, projection, blame and guilt tripping. She needs help, but away from us. Also realizing how blessed I am by having good supportive friends around me that have since popped up to offer help.

        I’m not taking any crap. Planning my life without her in the picture now. Can’t afford to play baby sitter to her problems that she is unwilling to get help for. I have enough on my plate.

          • Thanks GemYogi. Means more coming from you, as I always appreciate a haute Gem’s perspective.

        • Oh no! Sounds similar to y mother. She never really grew up, no sense of responsibility. Have played parent to her on many occasions. I want to do things for her and help because one day she’ll be old and have nothing but some people can’t be helped because they don’t want it. *sigh*

          • My mother is not irresponsible in material ways. But she is irresponsible emotionally. She never accepts help, so stubborn that she always thinks she is right. This is all exacerbated by the fact that she doesn’t know how to take care of herself, relax and forgive…

            I hope she finds happiness out there one day, wherever she is. I am ok with not connecting with her again but I can’t speak for other family members.

        • There is such strength in what you’ve written, Nightrose, and that is amazing and inspiring given the situation. It sounds as if you are approaching it with perspective and maturity.

          Are there young’uns in the equation that need to be cared for?

          Wishing you lots of continued strength. xxx

  6. Felt the energy shift this week, I dig it. Several really fun days in a row, one of which included a date with a multi-Sagg. Sketch, right? He’s so sexy though. Porn star turned psychol

    • *psychology professor. :p

      I love multi-fire sign guys (esp. Sagg and Aries, my mars in Aries and Saturn-Uranus in Sagg) but they are such a handful for an introvert like me.


    *cough cough*
    I’m not at heart, cat person, i’m not not into cats, the ones i know i like, and i know one could easily wrap me round their paw nail, however i am predominantly a wild/free bird person so it goes without saying …

    I did love this show by Joanna Lumley, even to have on in the background is soothing to listen too … Here tis free on the tube..

    • Cosmic, too many vista to emergency vet with lorikeets, too many towel lined boxes for damaged birds, who die from sheer shock if not actual blooded injuries. Ghekkos, can’t go there as love them as much as birds, at least they can grow a tail back!
      It’s the owners of course, as cats are just being cats.
      But a friendly de-sexed, vaccinated, kept indoors after 7pm can wrap me round their sheathed claws anytime.
      Keyword: sheathed.
      We are the sum of our personal experiences…..

  8. Julie Newmar is my fav Catwomen.
    As a kid I always tried to be a cat. Even tried to lick milk from a saucer. I’d hand feed our cat with small meatballs.

  9. Julie Newmar – I would watch her in Batman and think she was so beautiful – still do. That cat suit – so sexy. I always wanted her and Batman to get married! LOL

  10. I have just been through one of the deepest purging weeks known to an Emg. I have not cried so much in years. And for no apparent reason, just deep welling grief. I try always not to think it through but just be with it, even if it means dashing out of starbucks with your coffee in hand because you are about to splurge snot and tears every where. ????? Weird. Anyhoo
    This morning after another night of next to no sleep (thank the gods for the new Neptune Beats) I feel oddly relieved and centred.

    • Dear emg, Like cures like. Me too – welling up grief- fleeing happy hols parties- in tears. Gotta getting online to order new beats. Wishing you lighter, sweeter days ahead.

      Xx Kat

      • Thanks Kat
        Woohoo above talks of similar stuff? Just muchos oddness. But today I am totally amped up and ready to go again at life. A whole new world awaits. Yeah right. And then the big bro of my ex texts me again. Oh did he get more than he bargained for. Yup women is crazy!

  11. Bassssssst is on my Moon/Merc in Libra- in that pretty Via Combusta. Cats speak to me and seek me out. I am sometimes invisible to others- which is useful. It’s 12tg House- my family are all cat lovers. Our current pair lives indoors only- tons of space for them. Always had them in pairs. Practiced parenting on them way before human kits. Left two pages of care instructions if traveling! Only a half page for human babes! LOL!

    Still see my ebony kits who passed on years back- they flit through. Middle son sees them too. Kitty ghosts! LOL!

    When single, my cats were my guardians and I felt safe sleeping because if them. Lived in a very rough area- and one night they woke me up growling. A guy had tried to break into the balcony window.

    MM have you ever checked where Jackson Galaxy’s Bast falls? Auteur of “Cat Daddy” and has the show ” My Cat From Hell”. Big, bald tatted up dude- kitties adore him. Such a heart for critters in pain and their language.

    My kits need their breakfast. Woke me up by staring at me! Same time every day- let me sleep an hour late on Sunday!

    I have a Cat Woman car- loved her! And Diana Riggs had that same energy in The Avengers series.

    • Oh cats. I had the most beautiful chocolate tortie burmese. What a soul she was. Then another blue one. Must admit that I’ve had dogs now for years and the one I have left is a jealous wee bitch, so I can’t add a cat into the mix. But one day I will. And like you I prefer them in pairs. Company all round and extra shredded sofas.

  12. Change is my new familiar. Everything is different…new messages daily…new game plans up every sleeve…fluctuation is the name of the game…but I hace found my ground within it…the centre is holding… I just wanna see what happens next …it hasn’t been a good year for me….challenges I couldn’t meet…but I am now feeling that not matter what happens, I’ll be ok…I have my books…and will soon have a dolphin tattoo…

  13. i was wondering wtf has been up the past few days. It’s like I’ve been dipped in catnip oil and rolled in kitty-kind bud where men are teh kittehs. I had a complete stranger ask to pet my hat and hug me. I let him do it because he was cute and not pervy about it. Strange days indeed!

  14. How do you find your Bast placement? I searched on Astrodienst, but didn’t see any listing…..

    • you have to use the extended chart options, the bottom of your free horoscopes choices. Then at the bottom of the set up page, type in the number of ubasti asteroid. there is also a pop up on some computers where you can click the asteroid.

      • Ubasti is asteroid 4257, so just plug that in at the bottom of the page as Electric Eel advises and voila! Just looked mine up… tis 1 degree Scorpio natally (woo!)

    • My natal Bast is at 1 deg Toro in my 1st House, and now transitting my 8th in Sag, conjunct Mercury and hitting my natal Juno. Any interps welcome…

      • Does Bast give you a certain feline allure to your personality? I would guess that Bast in your first would make one identify with cats in some way?

        With Bast transiting your 8th house, i would think the cat goddess would have your back in shared money matters, death, other 8th house stuff. Perhaps incorporate some kittehs in your work or workplace? Like if you are an artist draw some cats for inspiration or money.

        • Interesting. I do love cats and have been thinking of getting one for a while now. I haven’t had a pet for 20 years, because of the responsibility/mess etc. Having to get someone to feed them when you’re away… I live in an apartment and wouldn’t want to leave a cat inside when I’m at work, but there’s only a small terrace… Love cats, hate kitty litter!!

          I have a strong attraction to ancient Egypt, and it was one of the first countries on my must see list when I first went overseas.