Angel Of The Gemini Moon

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Circus Clown and Girl

Mercurial, obviously and with a strange little left-jab upper hook combo to the emotions in amongst all the heightened flurry of communications. Probably because asteroid Psyche is involved with this Full Truth Serum Moon.

Trolls, admirers, true friends and people who leave behind a trail of nebulous confusion. Separate the signal from the noise. Grok the Full Moon in Gemini message – because there is one and it’s important.

Then get set for a fortnight of Merry Martian Mayhem.



Image: No Circus Without Clowns & Girls – 1952

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33 thoughts on “Angel Of The Gemini Moon

  1. Zippity Zap – I just applied for a new job and a loan today …. not intentionally today, mind you, just worked out that way.

    Gem Full Moon ZZ T square vibe is triggering my natal Jupiter/Uranus conj in my Libra 1st house round the 11*…. my car carked it last week and looked on it as an opportunity to move from 18yo to with airbags and dingfree

    Job of moment is nuts….boss tells me last week – the peak of the crazybusy season – he going to USA for a months holiday with the family and just send him one email a day. Right

    Scopes for Virgo were all about shifting your work/biz to awesome so am strapping in

    • Yes but your boss didn’t specify *how long* the email should be…i bet 😉

      then again bosses tend to not get past the first two lines regardless of the subject

      so it’s a careful balance between not scaring them into ignoring one’s email as ‘too hard basket’ , but also conveying the exact thing you want them to know/ respond to.

      blunt is best? “Hi Boss. What’s with situation X? we’ve done this this and this. this other thing needs to happen. any thoughts? thanks. PS we’ve found your whisky. *hic*”

      • Hahaha yes, believe me it’s all bullet points and a few. “What do you suggest?”s the place is groaning with wine – a sideline for him – but all sav blanc which is not my drop – more of a Chardonnay Socailist

    • a fleeting thought,”the static IS the signal”

      but then again i am a pisces sun-mercury, i stare into space a lot so maybe that whole idea is just confusing.

      • Hahaha! Pi, you and I must have a birthday round the same time, as we seem to have some similar astro. I’m also a Pisces Sun-Merc. I’m feeling your thought.

  2. I am freaking out, like, for serious.
    I am TERRIFIED of clowns.
    No sooner had I put down the phone with the not-so-typical-virgo (who was telling me he’d just ordered a clown suit on line and was going to do unspeakable things to me in it) when this post pops up?!
    You’ve got to be farking kidding me…..

      • No please, don’t be Mystic!
        – this is obviously something I need to look into more deeply within myself, face my fears and sh*t?
        And Mr. Virgo/Gemini rising/Mars in Cancer/Venus in Scorp…and four placements the same as me is simply put:
        Kinky as Fuq.

  3. The big top!

    Great news for Detroit et al via GM yesterday. An xmas miracle!

    Merry Martian Mayhem sounds groovy, especially the Merry part. Making merry. Today I quit smoking; cue the mayhem? As long as it’s not madness, ok.

  4. Gemini Moon Natally here. Gave a lashing to my (Gem Moon) Scorp Dads closest ally re taking his ashes out to sea and not thinking to let his daughters know.

    Then emailed Dads identical twin – who has the other half of his ashes and gave him a direct hit – As he ”ok-ed” it. (Dad spent half his time in Australia, other half in the UK, so made sense he wanted half ashes here, half there. Everything with him was in 2’s) .

    These were short, sharp, direct, and came with a complementary sting (Liltith 8th house – Aries Mercury).

    Speaking to my Gemini Sun sister about it afterwards ”I’m truly, deep down not that broken or upset about it, i was stunned for a moment, my stomach tightened and i thought i would throw up,as now its so final, then the feeling passed. But I swear, if I was the kind of person this would upset, I would be devistated”.

    Sisters comment ”Are you sure you’re not a Gemini, Could Mum have gotten the month wrong ?” Laughter ensued.

    Truly felt my natal Moon/Saturn/Venus/Mars in Gemini illuminated !

    All is good.

  5. 25 Gemini is my Psyche and 24 Saggo is my Neptune. Also my AC/DC axis is 29 Gemini/Saggo. This “morning” (it’s 12:45pm right now) I could not get out of bed because I couldn’t think of a reason. This used to be my whole life, but I rose up out of that like two years ago, and it sucks to be dealing with this right now when the astro seems to be suggesting that I (aries sun, gemini rising) should be kicking the world’s ass.

  6. Out last night.. gig, friends, thousands of others, watching the energy of it all move and swirl in the collective. The forms changed to one and felt the energy differently as one.

    Today is a high coffee need day with basic survival strategies strapped on and accounted for. Tired and it’s crazy town at work but I’ve buzzed up these last few days, Mercury is supporting my vibe nicely and the quick wit and tongue is navigating me out of just about everything with a laugh and a skip.

  7. Full moon close to my Asc, I was feeling pretty groovy until my kitty hobbled inside with a wounded paw about half an hour after the full moon was exact 🙁

  8. I know Mystic gives us the deets on the Full Moon placement but how can I tell the moon is full in my chart through I see the Moon symbol in Cancer.

    ~Still learning!


    • The Moon sign changes every two days and so therefore quite quickly.

      I would do your chart/transits for the exact time you are seeking as today it is now in Kataka. x

    • you can tell the moon is full because it is EXACTLY opposite the sun on that day. in yr personal daily horoscope on the day it will also say the moon is full and also in ‘mundane’ if you click on that, where it also gives the period of influence of the aspect.

  9. Clown makin’ sure she got the shit right.

    Double Leo Mum said my nick name when a wee one was Bo-Bo…The Clown..

    • And I love polka dots. Secret password when the girls were little was “polka dots”. If possible perve didn’t know the password, girls were to run for their lives.

      • omg…last night was watching The Housewives of Beverly Hills.

        They were on a trip to Palm Springs and were going up on the Tram.

        Can just say that a certain someone (NDNA) was on the tram?

        Ha…if in a good mood and I see him I might say something but haven’t seen him for weeks and weeks…I avoid…Want my privacy.

        Mystic, if that TMI regarding his privacy however you can delete…

        • “Cuz I’m bored of hanging out in your cold”…


          Said just like a Cap with Moon in Aries…

          “If you won’t let me fall for you”…

          Okay ahole…I won’t..bye bye…

          Just a distraction to the God w/in Me anyhow…He/She/It always been my boyfriend…

          We non discrimination



          • Can just say that this time of year I been pent up in a dark massage room for yonks and nearly goin’ craze..

            Fuqin’ craze…Yes…office party with Pisces Doc and his wife in order this Friday…And THT texted me…

            We’ll see…

            • Hey, and one more thing…

              Sagg rising Aqua opposite my Gem rising…

              Dido “No Angel”.. 😉

              Got the kids and Pop Palm Springs postcards for xmaz…

              One has an airplane for Pop and “Angel on The Mountain”
              of San Jacinto..

              Thank you Mysitc. You always so in sync. I love you.xx

  10. Wow I never even saw the clown in the pic – just legs and eyeliner gaze. Clowns have spooked me since I was a kid but no need to get psycho rationale on it. Loved that mad 4 crossed moon last night (no idea of it’s meaning) and that the general vibe of life today was so up, happy and full of promise. Cancer, libra rising, Scorpio moon