Weekly Horoscopes From November 30

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Guys you are going to LOVE it next week; a Uranus enhanced “thank fuq” New Moon in Saggo, Mercury into ebullient Saggo after WEEKS in existentialist mode & more besides. Your Weekly Horoscopes from November 30 are up now...F.Y.I. if you are not a subscriber, you can join and get instant access.


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42 thoughts on “Weekly Horoscopes From November 30

  1. Ah, so it was Mercury with all the existential business. I was thinking this might not end.

  2. I rely on my horoscopes for an uplifting feel as much as the excellent information but NOTHING predicted my getting a hair disaster that makes me look like the twin sister of david bowie in labyrinth. Unless, um, okay there WAS something but still, it should have come with flashing red lights and its own richter scale.

    • I had a hair disaster about a week ago! Did not expect that. Had to have emergency hairdresser session and now my hair is too dark and it was devastating. Maybe chiron going direct on my ascendant.

    • I totally understand both of you ….. had worst hairdo ever last year – stylish long blonde bob to grey helmet! VERY confronting….

      • I had hair issues about 2 weeks ago as well! My highlights turned blonde (shouldn’t have…) all fixed now but irritating!

  3. As a Sagg sun, Gemini ascendant, all I can say is: bring it on! I need the relief…. :(

    • I get you, Sagg girl. Everything has felt like such a slog these days, it will be nice to get a little fire in the sky!

  4. Hi Mystic, I know I’m being dense but re: the gemini scopes, should I hang on the working for free even though I hate it or high tail out of there? Although at the back of my mind this job isn’t going to work but I don’t want to just give up…yeah…actually I’m not giving up anything.

    • I’m no Mystic, but I think you’ve answered your own question here. Plus it’s not ‘giving up’. It’s just making a choice… you know what’s best for you x

      • Thanks Chrysalis. I think I’m just scared to bring it up and half hoping that I’d get more opportunities. Yeah, part of it is that I made the choice to take it up even though everyone was warning me that it’s an unpaid position. But I haven’t been getting much work so that kinda defeats the purpose of learning about the job. Ah wells…

  5. I don’t know about my fellow Air/Fire denizens, but this astro has been drowning me. Heavy wet energy, ugh. Looking forward to next week’s fire infusion to help dry it up!

    Plus, anything transiting Sag always boosts my chart – completes the trine between my Aries AC and Leo Moon/Mars. Bring it, I’m ready!!

  6. I’m loving it already! Major victory realized today, I can barely contain myself. I am my own guru, & so grateful for my incredible court! Dance party in the ballzroom tonight, lords & ladies ūüėÄ

  7. I don’t know what happened, and in spite of my opinions it is totally okay if this is your decision and you like it better this way, but I FUCKING HATE THE’S UGLY ASS MONSTER FUCKS, the new gravatar squilgly things. I prefer the space invader looking gravatars so much more, what the heck happened?

    Watch your going to tell me your daughter made them or something and I am going to feel like a dick

    • I think its great that you just say how you feel though David, without the back and forth reasoning you usually do. Good for you for just laying it out there!

      I am partial to the space invader gravatars myself but these dont bother me so much. They are more meh to me than the previous however.

    • hahahahahahah! i am indifferent .. they’ve existed before a few yrs ago, who knows what the deal is… but in the bigger picture I mean surely gravatar or wordpress could do better than that. in this day and age.

      • hmmm, I dont remember just quite, but once you fill out name and email I think that means you have a gravatar account, if you go to their website and sign in you can mess with that stuff

      • Save a few pics first, then sign up with Gravatar dot com. You can use the images you want, and the instructions are pretty step by step.

        • Awesome. Thanks for the gravatar tip! Never knew about it before, wow, we learn something new every day…..thanks again!

    • Well that Bugs looks awful suspicious to me. Got a pencil with a eraser on it. That crazy loon Bugs did it, for sure.

  8. Insanely relevant weeklies for me Mystic… I seem to have run into some work merde which is driven by others feeling threatened by my involvement in a project. Failing miserably at vibing cyborg and my contempt for some less than competent colleagues is proving VERY hard to hide. I know it’s my failing, I really need to shut up and detach. Focus on my long game. Ugh.
    Oh btw I love the new gravatars! I think they’re much more in tune with the site’s aesthetics/vibe.

  9. Anybody else here enjoying Lorde singing the song Royals?

    Her song feels so Zap Zone. It’s like she is taking on the entire pre Pluto in Capricorn era all by herself with that song. Gotta admire that.

  10. Since Venus entered Cap my natal Venus Cap has been in it’s element, it’s zenith, exalted.
    10 weeks of preparation, thinking it was procrastination but it wasn’t, it was timing. Going into debt to refurbish wasn’t an error, it was a gamble.
    And a win!
    Pegasus is showing peeps how to fly again. To the sun moon & stars.

    As Myst says, you have to give energy to get it. Eventually and with patience. What goes around-comes around, as CowGirl always says.

    Then on my B-Day, Mercury into Sagg to have fun with my natal Mercury Sagg 0 degrees.
    A few days ago flashed that i have benefited from all the Pluto-ing on Sun & Asc, when at times thought it would kill me. It’s rejuvenated me mentally
    in retrospect.

  11. What funny little creatures on the gravatars…silly and likeable.

    Yes the Cat Pix on weeklies is magnetic.

  12. Why am I caught in unresolved family issues….. Again?

    I have Aquarius 4th house and Jupiter sits there natally for me… Is there something going on there?

    But also I’m being triggered emotionally by friends also, feeling rejected, left out, not included, and my response is that I have all this anger at these people… Which is just so intense and I’m so aware is not going to create the loving bond I’m longing for … In fact the more emotionally needy I am the more people move away from me! Its such a I hate this moment… When I desperately want to feel loved and cared for I get further isolation… I’m so fuckinh over this pattern and particularly at this time in my life! …

    • did you have a crazy day? I had some pretty fuqd up shit happen yet there are no specific shit storm warnings. I too am feeling like a rat on a treadmill and send my sympathies.

      • the daily email for Thurs contained a warning….I copped a hit from my ex and wondered what it was about until I remembered that. Jupe/Lilith – Venus. Was really helpful. Went from feeling destabilised to poise real fast. Thanks Myst!

    • I’m so sorry to hear you are going through this right now. You deserve to have support, just like everyone does, and I don’t know why it is that some people always seem to get plenty of support and some don’t.

      I don’t know if this will help you to know, but I can fully empathize as I have the same exact pattern, and it’s been there all my life. I think it’s from natal Saturn square Venus, and perhaps some other stuff. Anyway………yes indeed, it feels so incredibly shitty, feels like getting kicked in the stomach by the universe.

      I can almost tell it’s going to happen, because I’ll have something really bad happen, or can foresee a time coming when I know I would benefit from some support and I pretty much instantly brace myself for having to go it alone. I’m not sure what to advise because I don’t know if I’ve chosen the best way to deal with it. I find myself just not trusting people in general because how many times can you go through experiencing betrayal, right? It’s hard to know what constitutes a ‘friend’ when they are not there for you in time of need, and even more confusing when you’ve been there for them but they don’t reciprocate.

      Even today, Thanksgiving in the USA, I was completely alone, and felt kind of lonely for part of the day and upset that no one included me, then I went out to the store and it turned out my regular grocery was providing a free Thanksgiving dinner to anyone who came in, and they put it all in a nice to-go box. It was a moment of grace, for me. I cried while I walked home carrying that box of food.
      Anyway……..I share that to say what I’ve also noticed is that sometimes care can come from other sources than from the sources we were expecting it to come from. ‘Sometimes’ is the operative word, though, as sometimes the help/support/care doesn’t come at all, and that’s when we feel the biggest hurt. So……. I just want to say I hear you and resonate, and how paradoxical it is that we are all not alone in our feelings of alone-ness.

      • Thank you for your kind words…. I agree I think that I need to develop new eyes to see what I do receive… I think it’s all about my expectations, and daily life not meeting up to them… Gratitude is what can pull me out of the black hole of seeing this way, and then processing the grief with self love is what I remembered I need to do…

  13. Pluto has finally breached my 7th house, sitting right on my Descendant and Venus is well within my 7th, and both will be so for months to come, it seems. Really wondering what will happen…….. Haven’t had any real relationships in years, and wondering if this will bring one, but so far just seems like more intensified but generally good platonic relationships. Like, kind of intense but good and positive relationship with my new housemate, but it’s not a romantic or sexual vibe. Also, Jupiter opposing, on my Ascendant and 1st house.
    I think this is all generally good, helping me to have a little more ‘charge’ in the world and meeting some good people.

    Also, it’s Thanksgiving in the USA today and I’m by myself, which is ok, and I’m enjoying the solitude but feeling a little sad, too…..mixed feelings.

      • Good point. Perhaps this will be about deepening a relationship with myself, going way beneath the surface and seeing what’s there.
        My life in the last 10 years or so has been more one of service and spiritual pursuit than one of relationship with others. I guess that won’t change now…..I’m not young, either, so why would it change?