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Vampirella comic

God guys this is the last FUQING straw – the Sun is Void in Scorpio (nearly in Saggo) at 28 degrees Scorpio and conjunct ASTEROID TRANSYLVANIA.  This makes a lot of sense. I even have Asteroid Transylvania conjunct my Midheaven.

It is asteroid number 1537 if you want to look it up on your chart via Astrodienst Extended Chart Options.

AND the Weekly Horoscopes from November 23 are posted…loads of good schizz in there as the elemental imbalance corrects itself somewhat with the Sun into Sagittarius.

So can we please here from someone with Transylvania conjunct their Venus or Rising or something? That would be rad. And how you always preferred Count Duckula to Donald Duck and hate mirrors because you can never see your reflection in them?

Does Asteroid Transylvania conjunct the Sun in Scorpio today resonate or you just buzzing around getting your vibe on for the next hit of the Zap Zone?

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97 thoughts on “Vamp Off

  1. Transylvania ascendant? Almost. It’s at 4 Scorpio and my ascendant is 6. It’s one degree away from Juno as well. I’ve heard that with things like fixed stars conjunctions should only count if they’re in the same degree. Is that true with asteroids?

    If there’s any meaningful coincidence in the name surely it’s about more than vampires. Transylvania’s a real place after all.
    Not that I would mind being a citizen of some fantasy Uberwald though… 😉

  2. Transylvania is conjunct my Juno, and all three of my long term partners have in fact looked like vampires, gaunt and pale, etc. no joke.

  3. I have just looked at my transit chart on and I have Saturn, Mercury, True Node and Transylvania (4 degrees) all transiting in Scorpio in my 6th house. What does this mean??? Transylvania is also natal Scorpio for me.

  4. In my natal chart Transylvania is conjunct my Venus in the 8th house. Very interesting, I’ve never liked mirrors at all! Transiting sun/trans is conjunct natal Uranus/Lilith in Scorpio 9th. I just had a vamp experience 2 days ago where I stopped her from touching me and she freaked out. She needed her fix and I wouldn’t let her have it. I also resigned from my life sucking job as an accountant yesterday so I can be self-employed 100%. It’s time for change!

  5. Oh my god. Transylvania as in vampires? I would look up where it is in my chart but I am too drunk. I would love to rant on about what is actually happening over here chez non-love zombie, but I’m afraid I might jinx the whole procedure. Life is just rather wonderful, and the icing on the cake is that it’s Friday and I can collapse in a heap to contemplate…uuummm…rather wonderful things. Spring things. Except it’s still fuqing winter here in Melbourne you biatch.

  6. from the wiki: “Transylvania was first referred to in a Medieval Latin document in 1075 as ultra silvam, meaning ‘beyond the forest.'”

    So much history & mystery there, in Transylvania.

    #1537 is in my 7th, Virgo 29*; it aspects my Uranus-Merc at 29* Libra/8th house.

    I’ve never gotten the popularity/attraction to vampires– although, it would be super fuqing awesome to be able to shape shift into a bat. Would love to be able to go into bat mode at will.

  7. So my natal Tranny is in Taurus/9th House, square my ascendent and in opposition to Saturn.

    Today? I had perhaps THE ultimate Qi Zamp experience … from an intuitive reader! Easily one of the most bizarre experiences of my life, which is saying something.

  8. even as a child always loved vamps – subterranean Scorp symbol of ancient soul, consuming each lifetime with her own immortal goals, drives unconscious to most, alive in moonlight, non solar self, filled with memory, Saturnian sadness, Orcan alienation, invisible to mirrors, felt only thru hunger, sophisticated aristocrats, spider webs and stone houses, instinctive mistrust of fear based religious dogma, cozy earthen cellar

    Transylvania & Orcus near Asc. in Cancer, trine Scorp Neptune, G trine gothic Pisces Moon-Chiron-Jupiter m/c opposing Uranus and Pluto kite. Current transit to Scorp Venus trine cancer Mars.

  9. Hello Mystic, just found out about asteroid Transylvania today and discovered on my chart it’s 4 degrees in Libra in between my Mars (Virgo 25) and Venus (Libra 4) all in 8th House – currently it’s transiting my 10th house ?

  10. My natal Transylvania conjuncts Chiron in the 9th house; 26 and 28 degrees Taurus, respectively.

    So, it would’ve been in opposition to today’s early sun. (Now in Sag.)

    Meh; my Saturn return is exact next week, and I think that’s the main thing I’m feeling at the moment.

  11. Natal Transylvania, second house Pisces, is trine my Pluto. Also in Pisces shortly after this interesting asteroid is my Mars and Chiron.

    I’ve always been “intense” around people. That’s all I got.

  12. Hmmm my Natal Transylvania is at 11 degrees scorpio and adds into my scorpio stellium as sun (13); jupiter; venus; mercury.

    Also means mercury’s over it right now – have been struggling for the past 24 hours over the first 3 paragraphs of a 10 page doc…

  13. BAH! Transylvania is sat right on my descendant conj. my moon in Aqua 6th. Hmmm moth to flame?! I find the mythology and folklore around vampires compelling altho cant handle gore/horror!! Morbid fear vs morbid fascination!!??

  14. One strip of beach and two dudes hitting on me. Sagacious conversations and both appeared to be sincerely shocked that I don’t have a boyfriend or husband. One of then kissed my hand and said I was beautiful, I suspect he wanted me to tag along to the hot new salsa bar so he could get free drinks. I am not a drink card, he did say if he had a pretty girl with him he’d get free drinks all night. Think he was Saggie Sun, Gemini Moon and Pisces Rising.

    • wtf is it with a certain species of men and the hand kissing thing? don’t touch me dude. srsly. such a proprietary gesture. or is that just me?

    • “Hey! Hello, lady! Hiii!”

      “uhm.. hi ? i guess”

      “Waoh, you are verry pretty! Very beautiful! Are you marry? you have husband? you are marry?”

      “no not marry..”

      “boyfriend? you have boyfriend?”

      “er, n.. yes! yes I have a boyfriend. of course. He’s a wrestler. And a police detective.”

      “oh he very lucky! tell him he should ask you marry him! otherwise i will! bye prettylady! may i kiss your hand?” *slurp*

      bahahah sorry S can’t help myself we know you’re a pretty lady regardless of audience xox

      • Hahaha Pi.
        You know what else is strange. Last night I went to Coles supermarket and this lady asked me which rice she should buy. Long grain white rice or Jasmine, I said Jasmine is fragrant and good with stir frys. We discusses cooking time and so on. She said I smelt nice and picked up my beach kisses hand and smelt my forearm. Forget lucky underwear my right hand is a killer.

  15. Mars is sitting right over Transylvania right now in 9th house.
    Means i want to travel there right now?
    In Virgo…..want that neck very very clean before i bite it.
    New word i learnt yesterday ALGOLAGNIA.
    Algol is a character in Dune books , which i have mentioned am re-reading the collection & intrigued by all the religious melange of language, especially Islamic-Arabic ancient words.
    It means biting, scratching, slapping in an erotic way that is not BDSM.
    So for travel nowadays Sci-Fi is mind travel.
    Have loved vampires since Roman Polanski’s vamp movie with Sharon Tate.
    Do love me some Gary Oldman but Bella Lugosi was the most terrifying in a child’s eyes.

    • In Virgo…very clean neck..heehee

      Interesting about the Algolagnia. Sound like he need an aspirin or sumpin’…oh, I was thinking “ji-nah”…the “nia” sounds like a country

      Hey, speaking of movies…This sounds like a HUGE hypocrite…which obviously I am 🙂 after posting elsewhere that actors are shallow, etc, etc. Who wants to imitate this crap, etc. Thats just the spiritual part of me that knows we just compound stuff that keeps us dense in more ways than one by how we use our energy.

      And as well, noticed how violent the movies are and the movie trailers…

      Anyway…Went to Mary Pickford Theatre here in Cathedral City, Cali. Saw Thor and The Hunger Games after work. Thor is runnin’ around in his red cape and YOU JUST HOPE that boomerang hammer of his gonna make it back to its owner. There is some quantum energy stuff in there so thats kinda cool.

      But, at the theatre, all these years, never noticed there was a memorabilia area behind glass about Mary Pickford.

      There are beaded bags from her personal collection and a dress she wore in a movie, perfumery stuff…Presents from Russian and Italian embassadors, a china place setting. All kinds of stuff, pixes and letters.

      Her MC is Scorpio at 29 degrees…Ain’t that a kick with Transylvania right now? Like she JUST KNEW we were talkin’ about it here at Mystic 😉

      Seeing her stuff was tres interesting. She was Aqua rising, Virgo Moon, Aries Sun. Born on April 8, 1892.

      She was one of the founders of United Artists.

      So where does Venus come in for the artist part? And her pioneering ways?

      Mercury in Toro exact opposite Uranus in Scorpio.

      Venus and Neptune and Pluto all Gemini exactly trine her Aqua Asc.

      Moon in Virgo trine Mars in Capricorn…She obviously had business sensibilities.

      Aries Sun square Mars in Capricorn. Some kind of drive no doubt.

      Jupiter in Aries sextile all the Gem stuff above made her lucky and gave her her movie star goodies.

      Her South Node in Scorpio makes the bottom of a kite formation with Mars in Cap and her Vertex in Virgo and North Node in Toro.

      Love some of her quotes…

      • ~I am a servant of the people and have never forgotten that~

        Definitely her Virgo Moon (my ex Kataka had a Virgo Moon…he was very into service and would give you the shirt off his back).

        Trine her Mars in Capricorn.

  16. And at midnight, everyone left, minded their own beeswax, and Transylvania lived on as a symptom of everyone elses own neurotic problems to be analysed, whilst I finally attained some peace and quiet.

  17. Transylvania Rising! But i love mirrors and black only drains me. I do like salty foods, the full moon and bats though. this is FUN. more this less saturn and pluto please mystic!

  18. I have it in 9th early aqua t-squaring my m/ch/m/v and Uranus. Never cared much about vampires, one way or the other, though I AM a bit in love with blood. Is moon blood the forgotten origin of the legend, perhaps?
    Ex and father of my kiddos is half Transylvanian, but no interesting aspects in his chart, darn it!

  19. Funny, just saw a dental commercial today and the dentist (a local dentist) literally has fangs. Think I’d get those chompers filed down if it were me.

    • Yes while travelling in Indonesia my ex was told to file his teeth if he wanted to join the tribe. Considered a possible possession by demons victim for his teeth. Bad luck!

      • For reals, eh?

        My Trans is at 2 Libra 4th opposite Iran and Arachne.

        Have no idea ‘cept sounds like some kinda shizz spinnin’ around in the web.

        I mean there are obviously blood suckers over there. So lets just say my Arachne caught THEM in a web and sucked them dry. We are talking about the patriarch of course and not my ex husband and half Persian girls.

      • well if you just dated one guy and you were chomping him enough for 4 men, consider there might not be enough of him left after a few dates. You’re doing all of them a favour really.

        personally i love sinking my teeth into some bicep. (venus in aries, obviously whoever he is, he has muscles) i don’t know how past lovers have felt about that but hey, i’m having fun

  20. I have asteroid Transylvania conjunct my Scorpio Rising 1st house and conjunct my Venus in Scorpio.
    I am not a vampire fan…except for Gary Oldman in Bram Stoker’s Dracula.
    People tell me I do not age, eternally youthful.

  21. Well, it looks like Transylvania (13.38) is conjunct my venus ascendent (13.45). I definitely do not use the mirror as much as my husband, and have been a vampire fan for as long as I can remember.

  22. “remembering that whatever felt huge at the end of Oct/early Nov is back with even more vigor in March/ April 2014.” – MM Pisces weekly

    I sure as hell hope not!!!!!

    I dug a hole, deep into the ground, I shoved all of it in there, threw some lime on top to aid in the decomp. And it’s working too. I can just feel it. I know it’s down there decomposing, becoming one with the earth again, feeding the plants and animals. I have no desire now or ever to dig it up and look at the partially decomposed and rotting remains.

  23. Another asteroid to pack into my already packed Virgo 7th house. Transylvania natally conjunct Sappho – together with Persephone, Uranus, Mercury and Pluto, and there are more from Kim Falconer’s relationship asteroids but I forget them just now. Explains my intense long term relationships with Scorps or strong Pluto/Scorpio planet men.

    • Haha – middle of the night astro musing – too much Scorpy energy about, bring on the Saggo Sun and Leo Moon pulease. Just had a peak at recent ex Plutonic Libran’s chart – well well, my natal Sappho and Transylvania are ON his natal moon in Virgo and his Sappho/Vertex conj in Cap is exact opp my Moon in Kataka (getting Plutonified as is my Moon). Just musing through MM’s archives and found this little gem which explains a LOT : “Asteroid 80 is a totally fun asteroid to research AND if your Sappho is on the love interest’s Venus or Moon you SO mess with his/her mind. Just by showing up.” This is so true – we can’t keep away from each other – the sex is amazing even if I know the relationship is unhealthy or perhaps the word is unearthly. His Mars/Persephone conj is conj my natal Leo Sun. Plutonic much.

  24. well happy Transylvania return to me because my natal Transylvania is at 29* Scorpio. Huh, I wonder if I’ll turn into a vampire in these next few days. Will report anything odd / vamp-y.

  25. If I’m reading this right, I see at Astrodienst:

    Transiting 1537 Transylvania [no pun intended 🙂 is conjunct my natal Saturn Rx Scorpio 6th House
    Transiting Chiron is conjunct my natal 1537 Transylvania Pisces 10th House
    I have a Grand Cross in my natal chart all together.

    Sweet Jesus. Any recommendations? Burn incense around the clock? Wear protective amulets AND the cross? Sell my home and find an off-the-grid mountain cabin in which to hide? OR proceed inch-by-inch with expensive old-house energy upgrades [water heater, boiler, attic insulation!], career position search going on 2.5 years, final stages(?) of deep grieving when time, try to develop indifference to hopes for a true and healthy love? Good people still coming in, gratitude for that, it matters!

    Keep the faith!

  26. I find this apropos… Nataly it sits right underneath my Asc. Currently it’s conjunct my Sun, Mercury and Venus. Going to scout an alpaca ranch owned by a woman who used to play a witch in training on TV when I was growing up.

    BTW, I hate having pics taken of me. Do you think that’s another prominent Trans quality??

  27. I have Transylvania retrograde!! At 9 Scorp not far from my IC at 14 Scorp.

    Who names these asteroids anyway? How do they decide what to call them? How do we know, say, that whoever named Gary and whoever named Transylvania didn’t get them mixed up?

    Soz. That’s the best I can offer. 🙂

  28. MM, my Transylvania is conjunct my MC exact as well. In Leo. I wonder if this has anything to do with my mother being showy, witchy, vampire obsessed, always dressed in black and red…she regularly dressed us as vampires on Halloween…

    I’m not falling far from the tree but I’m more of the funny, entertaining Leo than the dramatic, showy one…

  29. My Transylvania is at 0* Libra, not close enough to my 6*Pluto to be conjunct.
    It is conjunct my boyfriend’s Pluto. His Transylvania is conjunct his venus….Hmmm.

    Tonight has sucked. Insomnia, unhappy. Sun void in Scorpio and moon in Cancer hard for this Kataka sun. Feeling alone.

  30. It’s conjunct my Neptune, have always been a big Buffy and Angel fan, and a devotee of Joss Whedon in general. But not Twilight. Just saying. Oddly enough revisited some Angel this evensong. So I guess that makes sense, Neptune is very film and tv, Trans is all about the fangs. I vibe with the astro – btw there’s no asteroid called Charles Manson is there? I wouldn’t want that kind of Helter Skelter conjuncting my anything.

  31. Transylvania in the 3rd in Leo – conjunct my 0 deg Mars in Virgo.

    Trine my Chiron (Aries/11th).

    Smoke & Mirrors?
    I am more sunshine, rainbows and lollipops than a “Drrracul” (in Oldman’s voice). I say that, but my interests are everything Pluto.

    Eg. Reading, “How We Die” an in-your-face look at death by a Doctor for some light reading.
    And thinking about if there are any Shamanic Funeral Parlours.
    You know, ones that could offer a proper death ritual ensuring as best possible the soul’s happy departure.
    No having to resort to the Church as, well, there isn’t anything else.
    Offering biodegradable cardboard coffins etc. All green.

    Sort of a one-stop-shop for those who are spiritual but not religious, or agnostic but want to make sure, or atheist but wanting something paleo-funereal…

    I think I am off on a tangent now, but I guess that a funeral home can’t offer palliative inter-wordly intervention as that would be truly Transylvanian.
    (“First we suck your blood, then we say bye-bye!”)

    • Pity there are no vultures handy for body disposal haute Tibetan style…however there are some very keen pelicans near me on the lake. Perhaps they can be trained?

      Also seen some good hanging coffins in the highlands of the Philippines…

      Fellow Scorp moon, my relaxation reading is ghost stories, especially MR James, when a kid Greek mythology

      • Ha! Burial via Pelican – like it. Super Aussie.
        But, y’know, would require some alterations to the ‘packaging’ for them. I see a few issues there.

        Hanging coffins, good God, no. As a teen was mad on Mary Renault, “The Bull From the Sea” & “The King Must Die”. Total classics!
        That Scorp Moon, perhaps it’s a Mediterranean Moon. 🙂

        • Bnojour !

          Katakan Bestie with Scorp Moon says she would love to be a Death Doula if she wasn’t teaching teachers how to teach/bring out the best in special needs children.

          Wouldn’t it be the beautiful answer to an inquiring mind as to what it is you do for a crust ?

        • Dr.Martin Schulman?
          Joan Halifax has a home learning course ‘Being with Dying’ from Sound True recordings.
          Designer Death. How we need to re-invent the art of dying, not many are willing to talk about it, my loaded 8th house (Saturn Pluto Mars) almost demands it.
          It is a slow evolution but IS happening thanks to Dr Phillip NItzche, although it rather basic, it does give a choice of when to depart.
          Darth Doula?

          • My stellium in Kataka would love to chat with your Katakan bestie – as I am in the same kind of predicament (sorta)!

            Pegs, is it your true solar return yet?

            You are slaying me with your Darth Doula. I also LOVE ‘Designer Death’. How chic, yet also inappropriate if you have ever watched someone in a death battle, it can be violent.

            I will check out those names, thanks!

      • 🙂 Sign yourrr name here darlink ___________…..

        Actually, I kinda love the idea.
        And it’s a growth industry.
        Dying never goes out of fashion.

  32. So I just need to get it off my chest, I think it might be Chiron, but it could also be Saturn or just Scorpio void in my first house or and aspected to that avoidant ambivalent Jupiter in my fourth house… The one that makes me feel like an abandoned orphan, and particularly when I’m about to bleed and hormonal and emotional! Ack geez, I feel like such an emotional freak, like I’m so unacceptable with all these emotions, like I should be just fine on my own in the world, but I’m fucking not! I feel in all my independence and self containment I still need people to love and love me and trust!! I do think that is normal but Ive been having that all challenged for such a long time! Thanks had to get that off my chest.. probably Pluto

    • I hear you. I am alone and although I have friends I don’t have best friends. I miss having friends that I can call and they will answer the phone no matter what OR they will call you back ASAP even when you don’t leave a message. My family is another story. Yes, I have posted here before and my history is being determined to be alone, independent and free.. but there are days.. as with what you said and how I see things too.

      I think it is a process we have to go through to figure out how to improve that feeling.

      Virgo (11th & 12th) Sun (12th), Libra rising (12th & 1st) and leo moon (10th).

      • Thanks honey, it feels good to share and thank you for your understanding… I am sometimes astonished at the alonness because I’m such a social extrovert so for me it’s been like bell and now I’ve lost my social skills after a decade or more of this journey, I know I’m not alone I know we are all connected, but it’s about being heard and felt, seen and loved with physical affection… Ive learnt to do this all for myself which is soo good cause I’ve probs depended on too many in the past…

        • I hear you. We do the individuation journey of take no crap, but sometimes jesus you just revert back to where you came from – the needy place – and wonder how, what, where the hell?! etc Just as vulnerable as ever!! I think it’s a normal part of the growth path. We’re HUMAN after all. And process moves in cycles and layers – seeing and feeling compassion. There’s the ticket! Love to little vulnerable you X

  33. Mine is in 4th, trining my Asc… yeah that fits the whole Adams Family thing I’ve got going on for sure.

    Also it’s transiting my Neptune right now, have been exchanging dark and demented creative ideas with a friend who is similarly twisted as I am.

  34. it’s transiting my DC/Neptune. I have indulged in a tipple the last few days. I also caught a bit of Interview with a Vampire last night quite serendipitously.

    Natally conjunct by 1º my Uranus in Libra. As a kid I LOVED the Count on Sesame Street. True. And the Cookie Monster. Scorp & Toro 🙂

  35. Natally in Virgo-11th square Saturn in Sag- and conjunct Pallas and Juno. Conjunct my PFortune in Scorp! MM my PF is conjunct your MC!

    Fave childhood TV show: Dark Shadows! Tween crush- Barnabus Collins!! Def grooved on alt reality!!

    Semi-sextile N Node. Married a very dark dude! Worked as a phlebotomist years back- hated it!

    Currently in first house- progressed to 6 Libra conjunct Venus- amping up garlic and sea salt!! My Prog AsC is 22 Sag-conjunct Saturn. Very aware of underbelly currents- esp in large institutions.

    Do believe there’s a bright side- sensitive to etheric energies, ancient ways of healing like cell salts, herbs. Can sense- bad vibes, energies, group intent.

    I’m a bit claustrophobic and chary of groups- also very sensitive to light. But love misty, cloudy days and the dawn/dusk turnings.

    Xx Kat

  36. Well, not conjunct anything, it is free floating in Scorpio 6th House, but it does form a Yod with my Moon and Jupiter and I once worked with a man native from that region. One Halloween he answered the phone saying “Hello, my name is X and I am from Transilvania”

    And then they say Asteroids are fluff … hah!

  37. perfect thanks, I was wondering today if the sun ever goes void.

    Are you being vamped? That’s dreary.

    Salt the threshold?

    nada to report on transylvania.

    Nothing by Disney was ever my thing and mirrors I’m pretty sweet with. People often give them to me and I use them to ward off uninvited energies.

    • Best use of mirrors, ever.

      Maybe Mystic is out for blood. Not ‘vamping’ per se, but ready to mete out some justice. I thought I heard a battle cry somewhere out beyond the forest just now…

      • There is a battle cry in the weeklies for sure – I had totally forgotten there was a thing I had shelved because of bad astro for escalations recently until I read them.

  38. I need some Sage Sunlight .. bring it !!

    Strangely enough Transylvania is exact on Transylvania.

    I am feeling amazingly clear just today, coming off the back of major muddiness but I don’t know if I attribute that to being vamping et al. There is still an emotional swirl but I feel more immune to it’s intensity.

    It sits in between my Sun and Neptune in the 7th, 5 degrees and 9 respectively so would they be close enough to be considered conjunct?

  39. It’s transiting smack bang on my MC. Which does explain the darken of locks yesterday. Donald Duck is so fuqing vanilla. I’ve always hated mirrors as I can see what is beyond the flesh.

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