Omni Tasking With The Void Moon In Gemini

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Pulp Fiction Belly Dancing

Finding it hard to keep focus?  Scattered brain zaps?  Random weird tangents that may/may not be genius? The day feel like a Thomas Pynchon novel?  It’s the Void Moon in Gemini!  (If you did not read today’s Daily Mystic email yet, please do lol)

We can but omni-task. And isn’t there supposed to be a vast tract of the mind that we do not even use? Like a surreal part of town never visited? Maybe this is the day we switch on a whole lot of new neural pathways and discover exciting new suburbs of our brain? 

Yes? No? Maybe? I understand. It’s not a day to commit, as such.

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108 thoughts on “Omni Tasking With The Void Moon In Gemini

  1. Not really feeling the Gemini Moon. Most definitely feeling Chiron turning direct in my tenth house: really painful questions about whether I’ll ever truly be able to come into my own professionally after having worked so hard the last several years. Whether my boss who hired me to move across the country for this position truly supports me. Wondering why I’m being passed over again for a plum promotion.

    Please tell me this angst and uncertainty taper off after Chiron moves forward in full swing.

    • gbs, I feel you. I have no idea why I decided to work for free but it’s like because I’m not paid, no one bothers with me even though they talk and introduce the new full time staff to things. I keep doing mindless data entry and wonder when I can really get to the real work. Headaches and staring at the computer didn’t help.

      But last night I decided to change my mindset and slow down the pace. I need to clear the work and no one’s gona care that I’m unhappy, they just see that I’m not doing work. So that’s what I’ll be doing…cold calling and data entry stuff…yeah, hopefully it picks up but at least the headaches and boredom have lessened.

  2. This is fun energy! I feel…tapped back into my creativity, not giving a shit about love zombie targets of the past, very forward looking for once. Chiron direct in the 11th…leaving people who don’t serve me and finding my pack through doing the work.

    • Im doing/feeling this too. Its happening in my 9th, so through education, philosophy… Letting go of 3rd house interests and people and looking forward to 9th house energy… Attracting what is true for me by being focused on developing my higher self, I suppose.

    • Glad to hear that it won’t stay so excruciating. Don’t know why I’m feeling this so keenly. Chiron isn’t making a difficult angle to my chart and it’s fairly well-placed in my natal chart. I guess it’s just doing its Chiron thing…

      The Daily Mystics were very helpful in identifying the source: it didn’t feel quite like Saturn or Pluto.

      One of my big issues is being ignored or passed over and the November eclipse really highlighted that for me. Perhaps Chiron is telling me there’s more psych work to be done.

      • I’m feeling a bit of anxiety about work/rep/achievement schizz too gas – Chiron also transiting my 10th. I also am glad to hear it will pass. Between that and this void moon I should be happy to have gotten any work done at all today!

  3. I love love love these book covers you post, Mystic, they are so brilliant. I am now wondering about this author… I couldn’t be bothered delving too far with my ‘research’ – blame the void moon in Gem – I found no biog info just his / her other works: Sin Town, The Drifter – Sex Booze and “Pot” (sic) and Illusions of Lust. According to the publishing dates he/she was turning out two a year. I can feel a second-hand books bender coming on…

  4. 2 comments, totally unrelated to the actual vibe of the post:
    1. Love the Thomas Pynchon reference, oh brilliant one! LOL.
    2. Also, wow so fab when I hear those kind of outmoded “9 to 5 at the office” statements…. for the last three decades (since I’ve been working), it’s been 8 to 6. I’d give up anything for those hours, even belly dancing!

  5. Oh dear. Yes, totally flaked in an important meeting yesterday as my Mercury-ruled mind was zipping all over and in no productive direction. Hoping I haven’t done too much damage.

    Meanwhile, the Chironic shiz is working well for me. Employing EFT on everything that surfaces. It works and FFS I am 44 years old so it really is high time I had skills for life.

    • Skills for life, Alchemist you are so talented, an amazing nurturer, artist, creatrix with never ending technical skills & knowledge, and you want more? LOL YES!

  6. It’s breaking my brain. Started out magnificently inspired but all the words kept scattering before me. Not ideal! Decided to start a stream of consciousness tumblr instead.

  7. That book cover is so me right now. I’m seriously wondering if I could make it as a borderline geriatric go go dancer.

    I’ve got a work deadline to meet tomorrow and I’ve been procrastinating (albeit productively, but still…) all fuqing day. I’d love to throw it in and shimmy my way into the big time…

    • you and me both. I was at one stage but I’m past the mark now despite being put together for my age. I love the pulp covers too mystic. We can have our own sideshow 😀

      • If you’re past the mark, I’m screwed. Damn, back to reality. A sideshow sounds kinda fun though 😀

        • If U2 think you are past it to be pole dancers
          then i must be in the Bardo awaiting re-incarnation.

          Have legs-will dance:-)

  8. I had to take the day off. Way too many vibes spinning around. My throat was sore, so had the perfect excuse.

  9. discover exciting new suburbs of our brain? lol

    I’m down with surreal and pulp covers.

    It’s my birthday here today on this void moon and that’s exactly how I’m feeling. (no not loose) going to void out my brains and go surrealist :)

    • Many happy solar returns Ms – hope you celebrate in whatever style suits you xx

    • Shining Sun-day to you Ms !
      Go Surrealist ! its ALWAYS the best approach for everything.

      I was just going to post something about the word ‘Omni’
      then I noticed your birthday and thought how apt.
      You’ve always presented as a especially ‘omni’ person.

      on my original idea to write ‘omni’..tasking

      I think the current astro is SO appropriate with this post to remember and reconsider that fantastically Uranic magazine ‘OMNI’.
      …mid 80s glossy to the max..sci-fi but also grounded science was gorgeous.

      As a teenageAquarian, that mag (in combination with Virginia Hey in the ‘Road warrior’) pretty much FORMED me..well…with bunch of other stuff…

      But anyway, it was a brilliant publication that was interestingly founded by Bob Guccione’s Kathy Keeton..

      I love how we almost shared a birthday,
      anyway ..

      the magazine died out with scifi CGI eclipsing glossy mags..but the concept is so perfect for a redux by some publishing magus.

      I reckon anyway.

      and re that Taurus full moon.. It was fabulous for clearing and focus.. but Geez.. if you live in a rural setting..

      the animals went NUTS,,, my foxierussell went to season and invited some heavyweight healer over to make silly noises and when I went out to sort it out, found ring-tailed possums being totally ridiculous in the lower-canopies..


      I just hopped back inside, as with Venus shining so bright out there at the moment, I figure its best to step back from other’s Venus scenarios..

      curious..dynamic, times

      • ‘OMNI’ mag. I had massive collection. Best mag ever!! :) It formed me too. I discovered it in the school library back in the 80’s then continued buying it after I left. There’s a website that has scans of all the back issues.
        The articles and illustrations were magnificent!

        I have Psyche in Aqua. Moon in Saggo.

        • Great news there Scorpbot..makes sense I guess; if ANY mag from history would be on the net it would be OMNI..I’ll check it.

          a mate recently bought a complete 80s-90s set of World of Interiors on ebay so I wouldn’t be surprised if OMNI turns up there too.

          and thanks for the heads up on Psyche ! asteroids are my fave topic M writes on.

          My Psyche is conjunct Neptune in 3rdHouse Scorp..
          I love how somehow those figures (Muses and whatnot) often seem to gravitate to the appropriate elements of the chart where they often end up complimentary..or turboed :)

    • Happy Birthday you saucy wise woman !
      Have kick arse prosperous ever growing year ahead.

    • have a great day you.

      vague recollection you mentioned going to india a few days ago. even if it was in jest, those are some posts I want to read 😀

    • wow, thanks for the birthday love. there are some really awesome people on here, these are full on times and I hope you are all rocking the hard any way you can.

      It’s pretty strange times here. I had an awesome day until the eve which was almost a bespoke cloud but even that was amusing, ie: the vegan restaurant I booked had a power black out and did not leave a message so we hiked across town to find a note on the door. Nothing I could eat in radius so we went to tapas bar my friend said was good and everything I could eat was sold out on the menu except for 2 things. Only place I could get dessert that side of town had closed early when we arrived. The cap ex was in brilliant form though so we just laughed it off.

      It is so damn hard to eat with diet requirements in this city, reason #101 not to stay. My kitchen skills murder most options here

      Void moon plans indeed..

      This week is going to be fierce, helmets on.

  10. jesus the sudden onset boredom is really hard to take when will the droning tedium subside? I can’t see it happening with a moon in cancer, although it is a productive gardening sign…

      • no xmas for me thank god / dess but I just realised there’s no air in the astro. and that I just finished an intense phase of juggling multiple work scenarios, study and some other crap and this is probably the calm AFTER the storm 😀 It’s good to see you and the alchemist got the band back together on here, That’s a harmony that makes me smile xxx

  11. Oooooooh yeahhhh ! Best day in . . um, anyhow; spent the whole day in a museum with 50 nine year olds. Bliss ! I feel better now. Also explored my hometown’s convict and aboriginal past. Wanted to howl against the Empirical evil.Got more determined instead.Look out Big B(r)other. Your end is nigh . Little sister has grown taller than you and become a wise woman again.Hah ! Fuqing land thieves the world over besmirching paradise with the blood of families. The answer is blowing in the Windsor.Occupy Earth.Or Gaia. Love Gemooni.

  12. today I was actually strangely focused. Like, the most i have been all year. is it possible that such a moon actually acts as an antagonist [whatever the medical term i am trying to think of] for some of us and we are suddenly in the Zone? it could also have been the necessity of completing an immensely mundane task in one day or else.

      • Nah! I love Pisceans, they are so fluid, they do ‘focus’ along with everything else well, just they have to feel like it, no?

        I like the idea of an antagonistic moon – that & the homeopathy idea surely are part of medical astrology or should be.

        • love the idea of linking with medical astro! ad yes the focus does happen… helps when cap moon has the reins in hand.

  13. ah, that’s what i was going to say: no chiron hurt. normally i stumble into a pool of melancholy or extreme emo depths with chiron . not today. i wonder if it is because it’s not aspecting anything exact. or maybe chiron is finished with me for now.

    also a brief scan of love life reveals – in spite of my cynical statements and whatever – no heart liabilities. i can’t imagine a single past lover or romantic interest strolling into my life and causing chaos in my heart. i – at least for the 2 minutes i spend writing this comment, lol – feel like i have finally cleared the bookshelves of dust, old stories and lovers. hopefully. if nothing else it’s looking a lot better than it has ever.

  14. Best day! 😀
    Well, except I just learned I finished the bulk of my planting on a VOiD moon in.. gem 😯 . They will be mercurial & poetic tomatoes? Hmm, or is that poetry found only in the retrograde..

    My awesome ma-in-law hit the road the other day & my home has gone nuclear again. It’s so great!
    Cleaning out the fridge, all her food hoarding was much worse than I realised. We bought a 2nd freezer while she was here & I realise now it was all for her!

    Love her, but sooo happy to have my house back to myself. Gave away several kilos of mince, chickens, curries & re-discovered areas of my fridge I haven’t seen in a year.

    Feeling lighter, more clear-headed & calmer.
    You don’t realise how much etheric detritus you pick up from others till it is gone. Phew.

    • Oh god sorry i do mean it’s so good that you have your home and space back. Congratulations!

      • Thanks Milleunanotte!
        Space is such a luxury. Breathing. It all comes back the breath – the beginning & the end. The tomatoes will cope with a voc moon? I also planted andographis, strawberry blight & heimia with nasturtiums, dill, basil, cucumber, zucchini, snow peas, bush beans, sunflowers, broccoli, eggplant, a cabbage, parsley, chives..I will be ishocked if any of it takes!

        • Andromeda, used to wonder how you handled
          the M-I-L living with you as sweet as she was.
          You were so gracious about the crowding in the kitchen.
          Blessings for your plants, they will love your energy.

        • Thank you gorgeous, Pegasus!!
          It was not an effort to hand over the kitchen, I assure you. :)

          But now we are getting reacquainted, I think we might be better friends.
          Like today I made a huge chicken & mango salad with spinach and beet leaf, vietnamese mint, lemon, finely grated carrot and avo today.

          Doing all sorts of cleaning I felt not at liberty to do with another’s stuff about too.

          My mars in Virgo – on Kataka MIL’s Virgo Moon – perhaps I had to suppress it to keep peace?? – is LIBERATED!!

          • Sounds delicious. I’am obsessed with how balsamic glaze makes a garden salad sing on your tongue. To that I add teriyaki chicken (almost charcoal it).

              • it does!

                i just learned a great trick with haloumi – grate it through your pasta depending on whatever else you’re putting in it. (and for those few of us who still eat pasta….)

                • That sounds very interesting. I’ll have to try that.
                  This balsamic glaze would rock over some strawberries.

              • I did lift the recipe from a place I bought a salad from. When I ordered it I added grilled haloumi. Got to say it works well with chicken thighs because of the fat which helps them to get all crispy.

          • Mmm, that sounds d’lish S.
            Also, my little autistic son returned a test for his gut with it being 100% perfect.

            So we are easing off the limited paleo type (GAPS) diet into a full program & it is wonderful!
            Toast with butter, fried foods, salads, raw everything – heaven!

            • Now that’s something to celebrate.
              I think I am into balsamic glaze because I really want a balsamic moon.

    • definitely hear you on the etheric pickups. mother energy is hard when all are adults. sorry mothers. i’m sure it’s mutual and you can only stand to be around your adult offspring for a limited time too and beyond that it’s a case of GMTHOH. x

      • Don’t think it could have worked unless we had the unusual astro of both of us having our Sun’s on each other’s Venus.

        She is Ox Year, Ox Hour. I am Tiger Year, Tiger Hour.
        Not a usual match.

        Also her NN is on my Chiron.
        She sponsored my development in my little home therapy biz.

        But none of this makes the uneven ages, respect for elders issues etc. go away. Hoarders and (kinda) minimalists aren’t natural house mates either.
        Etheric gunk there inevitably.

  15. Wow this is one of the biggest months of my life in some ways. I’ve got two things going, one a life and death thing, and another thing, v important to me but more as a distraction. I’m feeling a bit sensitive really. After not having many friends for so long I’m suddenly thrust into this group of women, and a few men. I feel threatened.on eggshells, And this makes me feel bitchy! That’s the last thing I want to b!! I think I’m afraid I won’t fit in…. Can anyone else relate? And yes, it is a good distraction!

    • Yep, group dynamics are a strange thing… I’ve realised it’s something that’s not really my cup of tea and I’m now making a conscious effort to get involved in already established groups. I’ve had too many toxic experiences with them over the last eight years. There’s too much history between people – so messy and bitchy, like you say.

      But it sounds like things are taking some exciting turns in your life? Never a dull moment! :-)

      • I am afraid ill be turned against and set upon!! Lol probably sounds paranoid, but in a competitive environment I think this is what actually happens. And in this situation I’m perhaps slightly better at the game than some others are, which is both satisfying and terrifying at the same time. It’s like I have to shrink down, or play myself small, extinguish my personality, so I can seem non threatening.but I want to be myself, and I want others to be the same!!! I want to enjoy my successes and I am truly glad for others aswell. I want us all to succeed, whatever that means for us!

  16. I’m feeling emotionally exhausted from yesterday. Whew. Nothing good or bad happened, just emotional.

  17. Chiron is going direct right on the cusp of my 8th house (going into the 8th, leaving the 7th.) Feeling it as a kind of letting go of relationship crap/worrying about other people sort of letting go. Not sure what the 8th house implications are yet!

    Getting a kind of bubbly vibe from this void moon and really digging it – felt my wit enhanced in my job interview today, which felt great!

  18. My Gemmy/Libra Rising boy got up dancing, singing and playing yesterday morning….must’ve enjoyed the Air!

    • i am similarly aerated and as soon as that moon went void I felt it hit me like a ton of something. bleugh.

  19. I lost my horse today. The one I was promised in August, due to arrive when I healed from my surgery. So I’m finally recovered & when I went to collect my horse, he was gone. Gone.

    Walking, freshly wounded. That is all.

    • Oh darling, I am so sorry!! That is heart breaking.
      Will he be found and returned? What is the process?

      Sending you horse-finding, ground pounding, galloping and healing energy Scorp Inc, xxoo.

    • sad chiron vibe I can’t even imagine how that feels – Is he gone forever or misplaced?

    • 8o aah, I’mm so sorry to hear that too SI.

      love and hugs beautiful, and yes, hope that the horse meant to be will be xx

    • They called me today apologizing: they decided they couldn’t sell him after all. They were writing me a check to reimburse me & putting it in the mail this afternoon. I said, “No wait– what?” I was in shock. I jumped in the truck & drove straight over to the farm– & he wasn’t there! They just said they were sorry & gave me my money back. No explanation.

      Thanks sooo much you guys. My chest hurts so badly! That ache, you know the one. Finding him was like finding one of my tribe & I felt like I was bringing him *home*– & he’s just gone now! I can’t believe it. Yes I can. No I can’t.

      Thanks, guys xxxx

      • Gosh that’s horrible. I remember how excited you were about finding him and how it help get your well after your surgery.
        I’d be pressing for a legal remedy, a contract of sale was broken.

        • These people will hear from me again, just one time, when I tell them my story & what the promise of that horse did for me. I will ask them to give him my gratitude & hug him goodbye for me.

          I can’t pursue this legally: after all, they are taking great care of him, & he is a happy horse with his stable mates. You’re totally right re a sales contract broken, but i feel this is a cosmic matter beyond our legal strings.

          So Mars, your response, & I love it :) This all happened as the Moon crossed my IC & through my 4th house; plus, as Chiron moved direct in my 1st. With the Sun newly in Sagg & heading for my MC, I am picking myself up & brushing the dust off my ass.

          You’re a trusted friend & warrior, S. Big love to you x

      • I’m really sorry you’re going through this. I have tears in my eyes and I’m not sure what to say. I too have a spiritual connection with the equines and that’s heart breaking xxx

        • Aww I didn’t want upset anyone– here, it’s ok *wiping your tears*

          I dream of them all the time, an entire herd, & we run together like flying! It’s always a gorgeous homecoming: they are our tribe, & they are always there, just across the veil.

          By extension, that makes you & I of the same tribe, anon flux. Big hugs to you, to us, to them. xx

          • YES their smell, i love their smell and the sound of their hooves and their hot breath on a frosty morning, their soulful eyes and majesty. I love seeing them wild and running in a pack too. just love them. more than any other creature. right back atcha with the hugs xxx

      • He must be a special horse, even the owners can’t bear to pass on him. Maybe he has been an important part of yr healing just in being there, your thoughts directed to him at this time in your life when you have been so immobilised?
        Perhaps the horse that needed to heal you is not the one that you need to take you up and away.
        Sorry if you don’t feel like taking that idea on while you are in so much pain about your gorgeous tribe member. Maybe they will call you back about him in the future though. Best of luck, xx.

        • Omg Andro: “Perhaps the horse that needed to heal you is not the one that you need to take you up and away.” That so resonates, like a warm light beam straight to my heart! Thank You for this!

          That’s how incredible this horse is: just the thought of him, the promise of him, shifted my healing into overdrive. My surgeon has been especially impressed with my recovery: after a CT scan, he called my bone healing “perfect.” I never had any doubts, but I too have been pleasantly surprised by how smooth my recovery has been.

          I am going to try my hardest to concentrate on the new horse for this new time in my life. Thank you again, Andro et al, for shining your healing light into this little dark corner & *getting it*! So many beautiful souls xx

          • Mmwah, happy it resonates, I feel it too.

            Used to live on the beach in a country far, far away. We were caretakers for around 40 horses that used to run all over the 7 sq km that made up the land around us.

            One magical day at sunset I saw a herd of about 25 foals, mares and the white stallion just galloping and chasing each other joyfully.
            Then they slowed down and, I can only call it dancing, they were frolicking and wheeling in a huge circle – the foals all kicking the heels, round and round they went for 10 minutes in this celebratory thrilling way, manes and tails flying.

            I will never forget that, it was amongst the most beautiful moments I have witnessed of the animal kingdom.

            Your horse will come.

  20. HA!!!!! I have natal mercury in Gemini! I talked alot at work today. Alot. Usually I am quiet or alternate in the conversation.

    Now moon is in cancer, so no wonder I got moody this evening. Natal sun in Cancer.