Neo Neptunian

Bhudda With Unicorns

Okay the Venus-Pluto-Uranus schizz will be featured in the Daily Mystic for Tuesday – it will be step by step. You know it’s getting real when that missive comes out in practical, drill sergeant Mercury in Aries format lol.

BUT in the meantime, let’s go Neo-Neptunian – reset our Neptune Vibe to HAUTE.Β  That means, yes, aromatherapy, some form of meditation and lucid dreaming practice. The astro is PERFECT for it. Moon in Pisces. Mercury trine Neptune. Asteroids ORPHEUS & OPHELIA in Pisces. I just threw those last two in there because they’re poetically resonant. We haven’t even looked at them yet.

But please, come back after your next slumber & share your dreams. And/Or intuitive flashes. I think with this sort of astro, if you get your mind in the right set, you can ask for the information you need and it just sort of comes. It’s like a Neptunian limbic brain thing.


Matrix Keanu Reeves

Top Image: David FallowΒ Β  Bottom Image: Keanu Reeves – The Matrix

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140 thoughts on “Neo Neptunian

  1. Hahaha! That pic slays me, how you managed to find unicorns, illuminati eyes AND a decapitated Buddha, I do not know. Uranus Plus! Bless.

    My friend who died this Retrograde thought he was Neo.
    And he was poised and beautiful as Keanu too. I will carry this image to my slumber, thanks Mystic, xx.

  2. Mystic I love your drill sergeant emails lol
    I’ve been having a wild old Neptunian ride of late but after the last bender I really have made a decision. I have ludicrously supportive astro on side if I choose to use it. Yes, one step forward and two steps back atm.

    • same hon – hugs and hang in there – I must say I’m finding it easier and easier as I’m older to keep straight and narrow – but last weekend saw me doing ‘awesome pisces’ thursday, friday, saturday and doing LZ sobbing in the vodka bottle sunday – we are the see saw artistes of the universe (blindly reaching for my 4 virgo planets….: p )

      • Back at you with the hugs, q. Sheesh the Piscean types are having a hard time aren’t we.

        I hope that voddy is now safely back in the freezer along with various names on paper xxx

  3. I couldn’t choose one pill or the other: I would take them both. Because that’s the world I’m living in.

    So much momentum build up over the Merc rx, am trying to find a way to gently back out of the garage (as opposed to popping the truck in drive & slamming into the garage door before it’s all the way up). I was successful in letting it idle over the weekend, maintaining, but it’s idling so high the sound’s a deafening drone– and the fumes are insane!

    The only things I can see to do are to turn the stereo up higher & to ride the brakes all the way into town. Neptune & Saturn. Might need a chute on the back for resistance: the brake pads won’t last long at this rate.

  4. I will definitely ask for more dreams with answers. Last night I dreams of the Beatles song Let it Be. I could see john lennon’s face in the full moon outside and there were fireworks lol. I think the message of the song is relevant for me right now.

    • just listened to the song to remind myself of the lyrics… i’m parted from someone right now and broken hearted over it… these parts were meaningful for me –

      And when the broken hearted people living in the world agree, There will be an answer, let it be. For though they may be parted there is still a chance that they will see, there will be an answer, let it be.

      Also – (in the second recorded version)

      I wake up to the sound of music (literally dreamt i was hearing this song) Mother Mary comes to me, there will be no sorrow, let it be…

      • also, i know theres a full moon this weekend, and its in my 5H… hopefully the fireworks symbolize celebration.

  5. OK, look *sigh*. I have Moon and Neptune and Jupiter conjunct in my 12th. All of this trines my Sun….yeah 12th House Neptune trine Piscean Sun…and it sextiles Uranus… Oh and Neptune trines my Mercury, too. So does my 12th House Moon. plus there’s the psychic jolts of Uranus opposite my Mercury. I don’t NEED this astro.

    I LIKED the Aqua Moon. (3rd house Venus Aqua -can i live there?) Sometimes, i get tired of all the incoming. It’s not as if it makes me a better person. Probs also cos the Sag Ascendant and stellium thing makes me gamble with the info, just to test it out. And it just makes me frustrated with everyone else. I look right into their faces and i’m pretty sure they’re as aware of what they’re doing and their motivations as i am, but my friends tell me people are not that aware. I tried getting over it by being cynical and dismissive, telling myself i’m imagining i have this ‘knowing’ as a self esteem booster and i’d better get with the reality program and smack down the warped ego already. Plus i reckon interpreting the incoming is another thing altogether. I’m a deep cynic, and a proper Piscean believer, all at once.

    SPEAKING OF MAGIC: i heard that Muhammad Ali practised magician’s tricks for over twenty years. Nice work, Capricorn! AND he had his own personal magician. You think that’s true?? I like to.

    • My “friends” told me! Hahahaha. Namely, Scorpio Shrink and Aries Counsellor. I do go for the best: you don’t fq about when you have a full 12th House or are a Neptunian (we are capable of fooling anyone, too, i think, so i demand razor honesty from my Headshrink Housekeeping!)

    • I hear you on the incoming, Mille. I’m kind of over it too. My shrink also tells me “work with what is” but what IS that, really?
      The latest: the cosmos has been running interference about the bloke I nearly married in my mid-20s. Signs and ‘noise’ about him everywhere. I thought, ‘oh fuq I’m going to read that he’s met some untimely end’ or something – that’s the way it usually pans out for me. So imagine my shock when I walk into my new local liquor purveyor to find that his SISTER owns the store. This alone is enough to make me stop drinking.

        • If only it were the weirdest synchro that’s happened to me in the past few months, but it is a long way down the list.

          On the booze thing I’m now on my second consecutive AFD. Although it is barely dark yet. I may have to take that back. Decant then recant lol.

      • Well i don’t know that any of it has any “meaning”. Like you, i’ll get the synchronicity that heralds a particular encounter or event is close but it never really “means” anything in the way the coincidences suggest must be something portentous. It just happens then trundles along, really, and here’s me all trembling with excitement or trepidation over…nothing much. It’s the anticipation.

        But yes, do change bottleshop. A liquor store, should one frequent the thing, should be a place of comfort, or precursor to a sense of it.

        Or there’s another way to read it, but you won’t want to give up liquor just yet, i imagine πŸ™‚

        Oh, i am without these dear advisors now, but i was told the opposite: trust myself more, and believe. Horses for courses, darling and you can raise a toast to that!

        • Yeah… I wondered that too, about giving up the booze πŸ™‚
          Maybe it’s a bit dramatic but I’ve actually had total crisis of faith of late. I have always taken the ‘signs’ and synchro that appear to me as some kind of guidance. The last straw was very recently… I asked specifically for a ‘definite lead’ re the future / next right steps as per ‘The Game of Life’ which I have been reading. That day I got a text from a friend..she ‘married’ my first name with the surname of my former lover – together we make a minor 80s pop star name and my friend was making a joke. She had no idea what it would have meant to me, but still. Gee thanks universe. I have actually never felt more cosmically alone than I do now despite the record level of psychic interference.

          • Aww sweetie we’re all alone. And paradoxically, you’re with friends here, and in your RL. and angels, guides etc. not to get all woo woo but it IS Pisces void moon. X

      • Yikes!
        A true alcoholic would find a way πŸ™‚
        I’m kidding.
        Stick with haute. It’s as good a deterrent as any!

        • Haha yes BM so true – I’m even failing at being a drunk πŸ™‚
          Yep going to stick with haute for a while. Always the best plan xx

    • Don’t know if thats true or not about Muhammad Ali but strangely I have a huge poster of him in my flat. I have so much in the 12th house too and can so identify with that feeling. It’s creepy when you feel everyone can see right into you. I get that so much. My tenth house is packed and my six is shall we say, “active yet challenged. ”
      I’ve always felt like a fighter. Lately I feel so inadequate because feeling weak is what I’ve defended against all my life. My network chiro told me today that I only need to engage with something once for it to become more familiar and easy and therefore a new habit i.e. to feel my feelings. isn’t as hard as I think it will be. I’m still utterly terrified but between NC, yoga and solid astro feedback I’m starting to feel safer. Keep getting this image of a gangster / street fighter type at in a room of ballet dancers.
      I don’t let people close to me either.
      It’s funny you put “friends” in quotation marks.
      I do that too.
      #12th house thing blues?
      I make friends with so many people, so in theory I have loads but in truth apart from 2 everyone is someone I pay to do something for me and I demand honesty (dish it out in spades from them too!

  6. it’s almost an anti climax not to have the angry illuminati guy on here ranting about that image…

  7. I’m married to haute neptune right now. I have had to much hardcore neptune weirding so it’s downface dog on the yoga mat, kunalini meditations, hatue self hypno, lucid dreaming. Its the only time off saturn is giving me right now and it’s only because I have it in my ical.

    I’ve got neptune oppositions reversing back and forth over my south node and about to square my moon.

    • What is it about downward facing dog that’s so hard?
      It gets me huffing and puffing…
      I don’t get it at all.

        • I REALLY struggle with that pose.
          Don’t know why.
          The fancier the pose, the easier I find it.
          After all, I’ve been bending myself into pretzel shapes to get attention and approval all my life. I’m like look at me. I can do this. But DFD gets me so angry. Mommy issues me thinks.
          Will just keep going – that’s yoga.
          Also I feel like I’m just “getting worse at” Network Chiropractics. As if its something I have to get right. NC assures me I’m doing really well but I’m so aware right now of how needy for validation I am. I can laugh about it tho. Just yeah. One is becoming aware of lots of discomfort that’s been repressed for yonks.

  8. Keeping the Neptune haute by listening to Lyle Lovett this morning. I know he’s a Scorpio, but he’s got to have some Venus-Neptune stuff going on in his chart too. His music is so tender and charming and sad…

  9. Had a strange dream last night that I was a surrogate birth mother for a friend but she used my egg not her own. After I gave birth she did not thank me, and I felt used.
    I think after giving birth to many ideas and projects to only have others steal it from me without any credit or thanks I feel bitter about it. I am trying hard to not let it bother me, but having my ideas, songs, lyrics and identity stolen I am feeling a bit angsty. Feeling the female rage building inside. Medusa Rising.

    • I feel you, am an artist as well, but in a different industry. The pros and cons of being connected to the collective in terms of our divinely inspired ideas… love your Avatar name btw.

      • I love to create and inspire others, only when it is ripped off I feel bitter.
        I wish I did not.
        Trying to make sense of my dream and what I can do about it is the question…

  10. Feeling down…every thing came at once. A vicious cold that has left me quite weak as if my other health problems werent enough, relationship issues – getting opposition from family, same same story again part 2 I guess, performing below my potential in a mock exam, planning post-graduation year – to go straight into a masters or not, dealing with all the worries this will bring financially etc.

    Feels like my head is going to explode…dealing with uncertainty. Wasted the whole day today being unproductive and crying.

    Will the following weeks bring some astro help?

  11. Natal venus at 0* Virgo and Natal ascendant at 3* virgo….so Neptune is opposite them. Right next to my descendant, but in the 6th house….
    I got so sick Friday night, glutened. yuck. Tired.
    Boyfriend and I are happy and although not sober, not drinking nearly as much. His natal mars is 6*Pisces. Taking it easy, healing from our illnesses the last week, pigging out, watched movies yesterday. Loving it.

  12. Haha, I just texted this to my friend:

    “I slept for 12 hours and had trippy sex dreams where I was wearing Miley Cyrus’ European VMAs outfit with Biggie and Tupac on it and somehow involved Chumlee from Pawn Stars. I draw two conclusions from this: a) that my Traditional Chinese Medicine lady whooped my ass with the cupping, and b) that I need to get the hell out of North America.”

  13. Love your work Mystic. Moon in Pisces is perfect astro for me. I dreamt I had a migraine. Woke up with one… a friend of mine dreamt of her soul mate. And realised it was her partner…not happy Jan…ha ha. Be careful what you dream of…

  14. So I’ve spent the last few days re-arranging as much furniture as I can – feng shui is my new friend! For the first time in months, last night I felt the urge to burn essential oils – so I did.

    And the dreams… the weirdest one was me marrying the Aqua/Leo on a bridge near a beach at a holiday destination that we went to earlier this year – his kids & my son were the only people present, and the details were so vivid.

    • Beach dreams are supposed to mean the meeting of two states of mind – earth and water. Do you feel good when you think of the dream? In my beach dream (sorry Mystic, I didn’t see this post) I was actually on the beach on my own and started running around in the shallows, which seemed to go on forever. The water was coming in and going out and I was running through the water and jumping over the waves. It was joyful running not ‘being chased’ running. Then I saw something in the deep in of the water. At first I thought it looked like a small shark and my dream wanted me to run away frightened, I could feel the fear in my dream. But I told myself not to run away but to look at it. Then I realised it was a baby dolphin. I decided I wanted to start the joyful running again. Then I stopped, watched the fish and calmly left the water, which was when I think I started to wake up. I felt so happy when I woke up. Still do when I think about that dream.

      And don’t you think that U2 song Who’s gonna ride your wild horses’ is so Neptunian?

      • Your dream sounds quite ethereal & beautiful.

        And yes, I did feel good about the wedding/beach dream – shame that Aqua/Leo did a 180 and went back to the ex recently. All the details were so vivid – and I hadn’t ever given any conscious thought to how a wedding between us would be like. It just came to me in this dream. So I was happy, but a bit sad too when I woke.

        • That’s a bit sad. Maybe the bridge means crossing over to something new. You would probably have a better idea. But if your relationship with your ex wasn’t bad, that might be why the dream was vivid and beautiful, and the bridge is simply your higher self telling you that your path lies elsewhere. The beach, the bridge, the wedding all may not carry their literal meaning but might mean decisions, crossroads and change, hopefully for the better.

          • Thanks Jen. My intuition and every fibre of my soul tells me that he’ll back in my life soon.

            It’s certainly all symbolic – there are changes that need to be made for both of us, and yes, for the better.

            I’m just feeling a little in limbo – things were unsaid and not clear cut when he made his decision to go back to her, and my intuition is telling me to hang in there – not waiting as such, just not throwing in the towel yet. If that makes sense? Doesn’t help when he is the love of my life – twin flame stuff.

  15. Oh I wish I’d asked for an insightful dream! Last night I only remember dreaming it was sleeping over a long ago friend’s house – the bed was a bench and I tried to make it comfy by putting a table cloth on – the table had he wallet and she woke it half way through me putting stuff on an I think she thought I was stealing money. She then told me her mother wanted to go to Nigella Lawson’s restaurant but I wasn’t invited but she wanted me there. Then the next part of my dream was a Halloween theme eatery – I wanted baked pitta covered in crab meat and lots of strange lollipop things.

    It was the most rubbishy dream I’ve had in weeks. And the first not to feature the ex.

    • At least there’s the not featuring the ex.
      That’s positive …
      Bit loopy but maybe if you dissect it symbolically you’ll get the WHY of why you felt so rubbish ..
      So many random images, might be hiding something simple.

  16. The Mercury-Neptune trine: Mercury also trining natal Saturn and natal North Node, with natal Venus also in trine, but not as close as the others (NN 2 Cancer, Sat 4 Pisces, Venus 6 Cancer).

    I just feel really calm…able to go about my biz, none of the angst of most of the last year (especially April – Sept re mum’s health etc). Not that any of the issues are sorted because in a sense they can’t be. Just calm. Am loving it.

    Dreams are vivid. Mine usually are.

  17. I dreamt I was shackled and trudging across the desert in rusty chains. Beyond a sand dune I spotted my ex-boyfriend’s blue Bentley and realised what this was all about. I was his prisoner. He drove me to his house and required me to select a diamond ring for about a hundred in a tray, waxing lyrical about which one he thought was “fitting”. My sister was there, and discretely thumbing through the yellow pages for a hit man to knock him off. I was trying to think of clever ways to run off with a few of the diamonds. Swallow them, I decided. Yum yum.

  18. I am not sure if my day has had Neptune’s finger. Or if it has, then the finger is the middle finger, I am afraid.

    All was fine up until 5 pm. Then life twisted, turned and smacked me on the head —

    I received an email telling me I am under evaluation, so I better bring the paperwork out pronto.
    Then I got into a meaningless discussion with a man on cyber space about women’s rights.
    Then one of the felines broke the green vase standing at the “love” corner. There goes the last wilting sign of my nonexistent love life.

    If this is it then enough tips for the next several months: It will be one wft? after another.

  19. Post reading I am taking her advise and getting exercise outside – walking by the river this morning. I am feeling less stressed by work and focussing on my future by doing stuff … Writing and meditating has helped me and she reckons I am not over the ex fully.. Jeez 18 months later but she is right have yet to sign any papers and she is also right about fraud around me – I have gyped myself by not even pursuing settlement. He always earnt 3x my wage had the deposit for our home and he managed to make sure the mortgage was in his name only. I figured the fight would get ugly and possibly violent again and the only ones to win would be the lawyers. Would all the angst be worth a few thousand? Not in my eyes – cut and run

  20. SO FUNNY. Had my usual meanderings through the layers in my dreamscape BUT, here’s the difference. Before waking, i think i usually go back layer by layer until i match the right one with the reality i wake up into.

    Well, this morning i couldn’t FIND it.

    So, i’m just here, lucid dream wrapped. The virus i just had is gone. I’m sort of less raw. Or more raw. Did i lose something? Oh i do hope so πŸ™‚

  21. Aromatherapy = check. Meditation = check. Got my pen and paper beside my bed, so tonight will be asking for lucid neptunian dream guidance!!

  22. I had ‘awake’ [v late night] breakthrough rather than sleeping, but given the hour maybe I should have been sleeping… doing nothing for my conversation with myself in the mirror the next morning (afternoon lol).

    Natally Saturn makes a grand fire trine with neptune and AC, but Uranus in 5th is stuck in scorp with only Saturn squaring (exact) from the second – basically being an asshole from across the way.

    But right now, Pluto, NNode, Chiron are making easier aspects to natal uranus, and Jupiter was too for a while, So finally Uranus natal in Scorp has friends!! And they’re here to do work. So the little (big) breakthrough in the small hours was to do with self image and worth on a deep level. Got this from trawling the web about some things. also the recent stuff i have been commenting about [terribly sorry about that y’all]

    [ PS I read about looking into sign rulerships and where the sign ruler is transiting etc, but i just get lost after about the 2nd one, like where do you stop and what exactly am I supposed to be looking for/at? house ruler, sign ruler, where the planet is transiting or natal? then what? and do I do this for what part of my chart? is this an astro rabbit hole? maybe i should just pay someone for this analysis πŸ˜€ ]

  23. Well, for me getting up at 2.30am to start dealing with email felt perfectly normal. No caffeine required. What?
    Going to have some now just bring a feeling of …oh wait, normal doesn’t live here anymore! Lol
    Not that she ever did.
    I have my natal mars in Virgo so insane efficiency is my default setting.
    Mama Jupes and me are speaking again after a few chiropractic adjustments courtesy of Papa Saturn’s spurs in the sides of my soul (that’s exactly how it feels like spurs) and Darling Uncle Pluto forcing me to see things in my life as they actually are rather than how I’d like them to be.

    Had a very lower neptune experience on Monday night, a work thing with another woman who is lovely enough and one of her clients which left me feeling completely shattered all day Monday and really drained. In retrospect it was for the best as its forced me to delineate clear boundaries around what I simply refuse to tolerate anymore.
    It’s as crystal clear as possible so I’m glad I did it for that reason but yikes NEVER AGAIN. People who expect me to do drugs, even occasionally are just people I can have in my obit. The pressure was so intense from this woman and her client to have a little (space dust) and I caved.
    I told myself I’d detox in the sauna the next day because the money was good but no. No can do. No want to do. Not no more.
    Glad it happened and so glad it’s over.
    As in that part of my life is totally and utterly finished.
    No discussions, no exceptions.
    Try next door peeps.

    Back into HAUTE mode after forcing myself to stay awake and not medicate the yucky feelings all day yesterday and after a very early night, 11 hours of binaural beats I’m 100% focused on training (myself) educating myself, mentoring other women, network chiro, spiritual dev etc.
    my alarm just went off, coffee time
    Love you guys

    • BM, don’t mean to offend but it’s really unpleasant having you air your ‘profession’ so openly here. If I had wanted to know the ins & outs of a hooker’s life, I’d follow a hooker’s blog. It’s depressing & sordid. Glad you have decided to leave it behind. All the best.

      • You might not offend Blue but you offend me with your “if I want to follow a hooker’s blog” squiffy, judgemental attitude. Let people be! All the best indeed.

          • I REALLY don’t like that hooker comment, it’s much more mean spirited than anything that you have ever written, BM.

            In fact I think you are a good read, a vivid writer, characterised by a generosity of spirit.

            And btw Toro, I happen to have a couple of friends IRL who happen to be hookers, AND also good people, good mothers good writers, cooks, etc etc. and I totally noticed the hypocrisy of the people who condemn them socially cos they deal with the stuff other people want to sweep under the carpet.

            • Thanks everyone, really. Especially TTT because you have a really valid point. Mentioning something in passing is one thing but going into the sleazy details and bleating on about them constantly is quite another. I respect your right TTT to voice your opinion even if it isn’t the same as mine or whatever. “Save it for the novel honey!” Is how I’m taking your comment. I’m not offended, or upset.

              Here’s my HAUTE Neptune experience of TODAY so far.
              Dealt with inbox, trained my girl Bex in the gym -had decent discussion with my possibly soon to be hired help which hit the right balance of a-holery and compassion. All before 7am
              Vinyasa flow yoga class was beautiful – I still really struggle – ok Fuqing HATE downward dog and breathing. Being in touch with my feelings is properly scary. Me no likely. Feeling weak is terrifying. Ok super full day ahead. Looking forward to Network Chiro much later this afternoon. Maybe gonna do more yoga tonight if its appropriate for me.

              I’m sticking with HAUTE from now on. Here, there and everywhere. Not because low is wrong but because I prefer myself on HAUTE.
              Peace out astro homies, thank you for the kind and the not so kind. Truth hurts sometimes but its still truth and everyone has the right to speak and me heard. I agree with TTT that it should go in my book and doesn’t belong on an astrology blog. Simples.

              • Oh thanks C, and btw the Kale pesto was truly excellent!!
                Mixed it with home grown basil, walnuts, a bit of mustard, garlic and olive oil…
                It will become a staple,

      • You are right.
        It was way too much info.
        I sincerely apologise and promise to be more discrete in future. Im sorry, it is really inappropriate and I can see how now, I didn’t realise before but its actually degrading to this site.
        It won’t happen again.

        • I don’t think you have anything to apologise for Blue Moon. Personally, I didn’t see anything offensive, controversial or sordid about what you wrote… The reply from Toro Toro Toro seems unnecessarily judgemental. People on this blog share quite a few candid details about what is going on in their lives. Blue Moon is not alone in that respect.

          Sounds like you had a major shift over the weekend, Blue Moon. It’s interesting how finding ourselves inadvertently back in a place we used to reside can show us how far beyond it we’ve moved xx

          • Yes, I don’t really understand why Blue shouldn’t share. Are my housewife tales boring? Probably.
            Diets? Definitely boring. (Probably tasteless to some. πŸ™‚ )
            BM shouldn’t have to limit what is on her mind especially when it is more to do with her inner growth & attitude to her work? TTT needs to learn to skip contributors whose mores are not aligned with TTT’s own, imo.

        • No apology necessary here either. Astrology is a huge eye opener and connects us all, through transits/sh*ts, learning about our charts and finally having something that resonates inside, well, as above, i guess, our natal charts and what we are like, how they are linked is like opening our eyes for the first time. I’m chuffed you found Mystic Blue Moon, it seems it has definitely made you feel more, umm,, well, more able to be yourself instead of wondering if you were ” gay man in a womans body” and the pieces of the puzzle finally fitting when you learnt you have such strong Lilith placements. It’s an eye opener..its like seeing the sunshine after months of rain, getting a peek at how we ended up where we did etc… why we changed, moved forward, hung back, detached, relaunched and reloaded.

          I am an ex addict, i love drugs, i havent had them for a couple of years now, but its a massive pull. i dont go near anyone who has them, moved to the other side of sydney to avoid them. i still dream about them.

          Mystic reading my chart gave me such a high…i felt i must have been slightly insane craving and wanting to be elsewhere all the time …. having her explain my Neptune/Saturn opposition, and how to work it hte right way was like have permission to move on, and wonder on something more important. to tame it and divert it into something more productive.

          i am yaddaing on a bit. And the drug chat was not in reference to your evening of debauchery ! … More it was a round about way at getting to..whenever you get close to the idea of making a big new change, there is always a tap on the shoulder that says ”are you sure, here, have some” can be something small like chocolate/cigarettes or bigger like weed/the dust/or the dragon. Its a test, i reckon its Saturn tesing your mettle, or maybe its Pluto knocking on the back door …

          It needs to happen so you can be really sure you know that that is no longer your path.

          So, the great thing to come out of it is that now you know !

          You Go Girl !!
          May the Force be with you
          (ps not pinch of virgo in my chart, pls excuse any typos, also dog just walked on broken toe, not edit/proof reading)

            • Yad away!
              I love it:-)
              Am a triple Virgo and a triple Sag so I make the comments, post them THEN drive myself nuts over the typos πŸ™‚
              They’re just typos.
              Actually I didn’t see any at all ..
              Loved your message tho. Really warm and compassionate. Thanks for that.
              Feel a bit of a freak sometimes so its reassuring to have my “outsider syndrome” or “imposter vibe” Invalidated. When I hear the truth about how others heal from stuff, or are in the process, it of doing so it really helps me feel “part of” if that makes sense. I loved that about recovery but I hated the feeling of only being connected by a common weakness and this idea that we would be fighting it forever. I love astro and this site because there’s such diversity of experience and a variety of different threads to pick up on. It just feels more authentic FOR ME. Am so NOT knocking the 12 step process tho or the rooms. Knowing they are still there anytime if I need to go back is a massive feeling of “there is support for me” in the world.
              I learned so much there.
              I love where I’m at now too tho.
              Having a place to belong and others to identify with really helped me a lot. I didn’t have drug problems tho. I had LIFE problems. I wanted it to be about drugs and alcohol but it never was. It is still about trying to shut off my feelings. <3 yoga < NC <3 astro peeps <3 me
              I'll shut up now lol
              Sigh of relief audible πŸ™‚

        • I agree. If you don’t want to read someone’s rantings, DON’T. I’m talkin’ to you TTT.

          You are not the MM blog police.

        • rubbish. you’re fine Blue. if people don’t like it, you know how it goes – their problem!

          sheesh, I also feel the need to say that this does not represent the disposition of all Triple Toros!

        • What you have to share, your thoughts & experiences, is So Not Degrading to this site! See: that’s why T3’s comment is so foul to me, because it expresses something so negative in an effort to shut you down. Do not be shut down, Blue! You’re so strong & beautiful. Head high & fingers tapping those keys, gorgeous. xx

      • Oh my word, who do you think you are?

        BM was sharing her breakthrough realisation of something that no longer works for her. Yay to that! – Nothing morbid or depressing about that.

        Don’t try to censor other people’s feelings or ways of dealing with or living their lives. Your prejudice may just block healing new perspective(s).

      • Aw hell No. Is this a real fuqin comment? Are you shitting me? Congrats Torox3 on most ignorant, up yourself, condescending comment I’ve read here Ever. If I wanted to read shit like this, I’d go– wherever it is you people congregate. Talk about depressing.

        Blue, apologize to no one! It is *you* who is owed an apology.

        Mother F.

    • IMO you’ve handled and are dealing with it in the best way possible…by moving forward and focusing on the positive. One of the reasons I could not get into the recovery scene was because I felt that these people obsessing over mistakes and the past only gave it more power.

      • Thanks Rache
        I did recovery at 25 and don’t like slipping backwards. Being completely frank here is one way of keeping myself in check I think.
        I did a year of meetings and found it was kind of enough for me for that time. I appreciate the support and that link you posted about flashbacks and PTSD was incredibly moving. I really found it helpful. X

    • This thread took a bit of a nasty turn but I have to say Im glad with how it all turned out πŸ˜€

      • i’m gonna add something albeit late – 3T has been on this blog a long time, and frankly i think some commentators have been pretty quick to put the boot in. Fundamentally, I agree with others above – if a comment or their writer annoys or depresses you, just don’t read them and leave it at that, unless you have something constructive, insightful or witty to say. But some of the vitriol aimed at 3T was more uncalled for and nasty than 3T’s comment to BM. Its interesting how easy it is for vitriol and spite to surface and be posted, without due consideration. Just sayin’ – natal mars in libra πŸ™‚

  24. I dreamed of a slightly sinister large ship, that processed or dredged or something, of having been through the bowels of that process, but I avoided a repeat of this by good fortune and desperateness: I snuck into the first class dining area and, although noticed, was tolerated.

    The sweetest thing that has happened to me in ages and ages was: I was walking back to my car, and listening to a sweet tune, and I looked up and saw this distinctive piece of clothing that I knew belonged to a lovely lovely gentleman who I hadn’t seen in months and there he was. My heart flipped over which I can’t remember the last time that happened.

    We had a small chat. He had literally just returned to live here. That was enough. I carried on my journey.

  25. I am seeing the atlas profilax dude who believes that aliens have enslaved us through faulty upper cervical structure! Tomorrow! To adjust my neck. Stoked for a weird Neptune Pisces moon day. It’s a bit of a drive and I’m gonna make it an awesome daytrip!!!!

    • Here hee it does sound like a kooky neptuney kind of day. So it’s aliens giving me that pain in the neck eh? Looking forward to part 2 πŸ™‚

    • Let us know how it goes.
      I’m intrigued by that theory.
      Very the two images above in many ways..

  26. Not people I can have in my orbit. Freudian slip up
    Just to be clear

    no judgement, its just that I have take care of ME

  27. Dreamed I was packing a suitcase all night.
    Wonder what that means?

  28. Freaky.
    Seeing very clear images and symbols of ‘The Fractal Universe’ in my dreams. And last night actually got to ask IT a question about Life the Universe and Everything – to which IT replied:
    “It’s The Space In Between that maters…”
    And then IT giggled.

    • Wow C what an amazing dream! I often think about music that way, it’s the space between the beats…

  29. In the spirit of oversharing, I dreamed that I was hanging out with Russell Brand and a bunch of people.
    We were drifting about New York and went to chill out in some grotty den where he stroked my calf.
    Felt amused but a bit concerned that I hadn’t shaved my legs. In the dream I laughed thinking I doubted he cared about that.
    He was looking yoga athletic and I was thinking I would like to get my Saturn on and do some Yoga.

      • Only, I wish you’d shaved your legs.
        Always always always shave your leg Pi.
        You NEVER know when you’re going to be felt up by a celebrity Gemini sex addict that you find faintly delicious now do you?
        It could happen!
        That’s what I think your dream is saying.
        Always shave your legs, I’m obsessive about hair removal. But I WOULD BE wouldn’t I.?

        • Thank you for your interpretation, lololol!
          Maybe it means – be prepared for surprises – be fit, strong, beautiful, bright etc. as well as verbal. I think of Russell like my masculine side, or animus perhaps.

          • Oh fuq talk about typos.
            Stupidos. Sorry Andro, I called you Pi.
            Blushes and feels seriously awkward.
            Russell is pretty sexy I must admit.
            Been wondering what Jung would say about the wishing you’d remembered to shave your legs moment.
            I agree about the animus being the male we see in our dreams, especially if he’s hot.

  30. I think prog Leo asc is ON. It’s like I can’t leave the house without sparkling clean, swishy hair. I feel like my AURA is clearer when my hair is clean and doing something amazing. I was telling Gorgeous Virgo BFF the other day that I woke up and after literally 15 seconds attention from a comb I had hair like a Beauty Queen. Yes. then I had to smoosh all those lovely puffy, airy waves into a pony tail to go to work before breakfast. UGH. I CAN’T WORK UNDER THESE CONDITIONS as any good Leo would say (go on back me up Leos πŸ™‚ ) xx

    • I suppose learning progressed Leo Asc ropes means that even a smooshed up pony tail can look great, given practice and prep time.

      *Aries Venus raises eyebrow*

      shut up Aries venus, you know it.

    • YES Pi!! Welcome to our world!! Progressed Leo ascendant trumps boring old Saturn in Leo lol

      *flicks hair, looks forward to more reports of Pi’s Leonine hair morphs*

  31. Anyone know about dreams?? I dreamt I was given some newborne abandoned kittens to take care of…..Not my usuall dream type………WTF!! πŸ™‚

    • I’ve taken this from Dream Moods, I’d suggest it’s an amalgamation of these two explanations.

      To see a kitten in your dream represents a transitional phase toward independence. You are ready to explore new things that life has to offer. Alternatively, the dream symbolizes innocence and purity. To dream that you rescue a kitten on the highway refers to your desire to help those headed in the wrong path or in the wrong direction.

  32. Was given a magical necklace to protect me from drug addictions and “other harmful things”. If that ain’t mega Neptunian, I don’t know what is!

    Also the synchro as soon as the moon went void was EPIC (Pisces rising…)

  33. All I can remember is my two dead cousins, who were authority-challenged, turned up to find my younger brother, who I’d just been talking to, and I was worried they were going to get him into trouble.

    It wasn’t spooky at all, ie I didn’t even think about the fact that they are both dead.

    Have to makes notes when I first wake up, otherwise I forget my dreams.

  34. On a lighter note, the Oracle told me I’m adored, and that an Aqua has the hots for me. No idea, but sounds good.

  35. Weird, I dreamed I was in an underground cave with all these homeless people and junkies – like a cavern where they had been going to put a subway.
    There was woman junkie sleeping in my kid’s cradle.
    Haven’t used the cradle, but it was really nice (co-sleeper).
    I thought, oh well, she seems to really like it, she can keep it.

    Breaking Bad dreams. Or Neptune?

  36. Last night I asked for a dream that would show me what I need to do to mend my heart. I dreamed about being in bed w the multiple Leo ex of 25 years ago who I’m back in touch with and who I was with the last time I lived in this neighbourhood. Hmmmm…

  37. dreamt about my cousin and her husband last night… this morning she emailed me to tell me they were expecting πŸ™‚ love neptune direct and the prophetic dreams i’ve been needing back in my life!