History Crush Harry Houdini’s Mars-Saturn Square

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Harry Houdini chained up


He had the essential masculine quality of courage to a supreme degree. Nobody has ever done and nobody in all human probability will ever do such reckless feats of daring. His whole life was one long succession of them. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, in The Strand Magazine (August 1927)

Escape artist, aviator, avid showman, magician and multiple Aries, Harry Houdini had Saturn square his Mars – AstroFiends: can you see his non-stop interest in magic & escapology as a really full-on manifestation of this?Β  Hot, athletic, mental – He is a major History Crush for many people to this day. His name has become a synonym for getting out of ludicrously constricting binds. Stunt schizz is, of course, insanely Aries.


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54 thoughts on “History Crush Harry Houdini’s Mars-Saturn Square

  1. Cool! And HOT! Thx M I have been a bit in love with Harry since reading the excellent book “Ragtime” even Had THE P G Morgan ( is it? the banking mogul of the Edwardian era) in it with Egyptian passlife obsession

  2. Mars square Saturn here, and I am afraid to know what this means. Always like to know where the exit is and I have jumped out of a few windows in my time.

          • What happens if you have Mars cojunct Saturn? Um, hoping its not like when you chain yourself up like this and not try and get out πŸ™‚
            Maybe more favourable, mars- like self-discipline?

            • I know a Mars conjunct Saturn in Gemini guy. He is a librarian, so, see, it’s not bad. It’s about bringing order in one’s work and vitality.

              • Ha ha, thanks anon. Another possible line of thought occurred when the 5 year old just explained to me that his Poo doesn’t stink. πŸ˜€

          • I wish I had known this stuff when I was 5! Although I might have just hid in the closet. All three! rather bizarre, that you know this stuff, even. Were we college friends?

      • S, have you literally jumped, or figuratively?

        Mars [Aquarius] square Saturn [retrograde in Scorpio, oh joy] here, too. It’s been a hell of a ride at times and, hell yes, I’ve jumped a time or two. Figuratively, so far πŸ™‚

          • LOL. I was expected to stay at home until I got married. Fuq that I thought. So I escaped while both parents were at work. Home was like a prison – very Saturnine Virgo father.
            Natal mars opposite Saturn? Natal Mars in Virgo – so i planned my escape.

            I have natal Uranus square Saggo moon too. So if anyone dares to restrict my freedom i’m outta there!!!

  3. Hey guys, I’m a long time MM fan but rarely post.
    I just had a huge warm fuzzy feeling reading through some comments and thought WOW!
    Lovely Mystic, you have actually created a beautiful community here and I think we all need a little champagne/carrot juice or whatev your poison toast to you!
    You tolerate an amazing amount of emotional schizz to fly by here and I think it’s really terrific seeing the lovely support network that stems from your branches xx

    • Hey thank you so much Universali! I only have to delete the occasional post lol – oddly enough Joan Rivers and Beth Ditto are the two that i can recall had to be deleted, they got so bats

      • Interestingly enough, just today was thinking what a special space has evolved here with Myst over the last 8 years, the next thought was to make it subscriber entry but that would not encourage others
        to explore, ask questions, roll around stuff with ‘us’, yes ‘us’ is a bright community with much to give.

  4. Awesome. I love houdini! I followed his er, career, as a child and was very fascinated by his escapism. I have a massive thing for sideshow of that era.

    My nickname as a child was houdini cause I would always escape out of everything my mother put me in.

    So the square is good for giant feats yes?
    I like it when you do posts on how squares and oppositions drive people, one of the early things in astroland is people thinking their charts are “bad” because they have this or that. But how great was houdini? πŸ™‚

    • Hey Ms, how goes it doll?

      Hey, howabout Steve McQueen…03/24/1930…3 degrees Aries….

      He’s like “fuq” as he contemplates the fence..


      He’s got Mars in Pisces sextile Cap Saturn…~and~… Uranus in Aries 10 deg square Cap Saturn 11 degrees.

      He was fuqin’ zappin’ dontcha think?

      • Craze that he and Ali MacGraw both Aries and had huge love affair…

        The movie “Love Story” with her and Ryan O’Neal…he is Toro at 0 degrees Sun..

        He barely made it out alive… :mrgreen:

        ~Kept coming up with love but it’s so slashed and torn~

        Under Pressure…David Bowie/Queen

          • ~okay~ (they sing in the song..sounding resolved to the issue at hand πŸ˜‰ )

            Video is actually quite poignant to our times as well.

            Myst, please forgive my indulgence. It was just a square after all… x

              • Or Magnificent…Like the Magnificent Seven movie…not that I can remember a dang thing from the movie or even if I watched it :mrgreen:

                But he’s Aries so we’ll give him that…Meanwhile, as far as what Pegs said…..

                • My comment was for Lux…

                  But yeah, if he were like that Pegs then oh hell no. Ali’s bday same as mine. Don’t know her astro particulars but he would last, oh, maybe 30 seconds with me if he gonna pull that shizz..

                  But that Uranus and Saturn square must have been hell for both I reckon. I have that by transit right now but I actually feel like I’ve come out on the bright side of a very long slog… x

  5. He’s like a woolly haired superhero!
    Serious bouffant action – love it.

    He had Scorp Luna (like so many here!) and
    I suppose a Scorpio moon is considered a martial moon too,
    or was in his day.

  6. What about Aries with mars opposite Saturn?
    Actually mars pluto uranus opposite Saturn, and Chiron…

    Have had a few distinct medical escapes, and escaped a lot of boring jobs, and other people’s drama. I really need to have a quiet, but viable option to escape any restricting situation, even if I don’t choose to use it.

  7. Omg! I think I have Mars-Saturn square.

    Now you see me … and now you don’t 😯

    *runs outside and up around the corner*

    Oh wait … it’s conjunct. I have Mars-Saturn conjunct.

  8. Wouldn’t mind some Aries chutzpah! To focus some of the massive Sagg energy. Always feel a kinship to the others fire signs.
    The breath retention ability of Houdini was spectacularly impressive.

  9. A semi square Mars Saturn. I always thought it was the Sag Asc or Moon that made me need to get out suddenly. I have also simply found a window and climbed out. It was urgent but my friends laughed about it when they found out and asked why i didn’t use the door. But it would have wasted time with goodbyes, and i just had to suddenly retain myself, recollect myself to myself, without explanation.

    I’m feeling a bit like this now but it’s too early and i’ll have wasted what i’ve spent time building up if i leave it incomplete. Perhaps i shouldn’t read this one too much. Or use my Pluto trine Saturn to keep me going πŸ™‚

  10. I just realised I have Mars square Saturn too!

    Used love hopping over complex rocky scenery like a goat.

    Wore flip flops hiking in the desert, while the other tourists stumbled about in hiking boots. It’s like they didn’t know how to even walk.

    Upset boyfriends by beating them at Daytona Car Racing etc. as a teen.

  11. Mill and Andy both brill (Mystic’s word πŸ˜‰ )

    Love the flip flops hiking in the desert Andy and going out the window Mill.


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