High Functioning & Low Functioning Love Zombies

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Vogue Italia May 2007

Venus in Capricorn until March 6 is clearly going to sort out the High Functioning Love Zombies from the Low Functioning Love Zombies.

Obviously it wouldn’t be a Venus Retrograde in the sign of Worldly Karma & Structure without a little bit of Love Zombie action – it might even be homeopathic, you know? A little bit of the poison. Like a nanogram of Love Zombie Venom and in fact, it arouses your Ego/Immune system to kill deeper tendencies. Something like that.

But High Functioning Love Zombies will be all about attaining Peak Personal Perfection to wow the object of their syndrome and reading deep lit at night in bed whilst their various skin improving unguents soak in. They will scheme and analyze vast data flows during their Kegels, midnight walks and Yin Yoga. They are at least productive.

Low Functioning Love Zombies like to hit the Blue Devil Hoochie Juice and then text stream of consciousness confessional shit to lovers past and future. Never the present. Because when you are a Low Functioning Love Zombie, you are allergic to Nowness. This is not a good tactic when anything is in Capricorn for a very long time.ย  Venus. Pluto. You understand.


Image: Steven Klein

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173 thoughts on “High Functioning & Low Functioning Love Zombies

  1. Mystic, I humbly request a post about Venus-Pluto conjunctions…

    Right now there is that Venus-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn resting atop my natal Saturn-Uranus-Neptune conjunction… AND that perfectly trines the recent awful Mercury retro and Saturn conjunction in Scorpio, which is currently right over my natal Venus-Pluto conjunction! There’s all sorts of power-lustiness up in here, and it’s pretty scary.

  2. I feel as though the last vestiges of LZism over my last two significant heart openings are finally down. Clear-eyed. That’s Chiron direct, isn’t it? Trine Mercury.

  3. I find this whole subject of LZ’ism so… Neptunian. With equal parts Jupiter & Pluto– none of which I have natally in Scorpio. My Pluto is in Libra. I think I can manage some objectivity here.

    I think I had some LZ times before I hit puberty. I don’t know: what’s an LZ again? Right, “Look it up.” Well I have, and it’s still fuzzy in my mind.

    I spent the day at a museum. Also Neptunian. There was a Titanic exhibit that Blew My Mind. Gorgeous & devastating at once. I could’ve stayed in that exhibit for days: so much for me to process there. Don’t know the nature of it, only that there is *something* there for me.

    That’s Pluto then, isn’t it? And if I go on a Titanic research bender, does that make me a Titanic Zombie?

    • i think it’s your Detroit complex rearing it’s head ๐Ÿ˜‰

      yes, I think we decided it was Plutonian! but I see it as possibly Neptunian as well…

    • oooh my fave Scorp Detroiters ๐Ÿ™‚

      Calypso, Dateline on SBS did a little story on Detroit last night about locals trying to turn things around. It’s so Pluto/Uranus!!!


      There’s a link on that page to several photographers’ websites and their pics of abandoned buildings ๐Ÿ™‚

      I wish some of them would stop enhancing the images. Hate fish eye lens and over saturated photoshopped photos. Grrr. The buildings and locations are beautiful just as they are.

      • that was awesome! and how were all the phoenixing references??

        thanks Scorpy ๐Ÿ™‚

        and did you watch the Keating interview last night? I love the way he says “yes” when he’s confirming whatever Kerry has said. It’s so, what, unpresuming!

        • of course I watched ๐Ÿ™‚ Wouldn’t have missed it for the world! He has Merc in Cap. No beating around the bush. Love it!

      • You guys familiar with the Heidelberg Project in Detroit? Soz: I haven’t had a chance to check out your link yet, Scorpbot.

        More ugly unearthed in Detroit yesterday: more money owed than previously thought. Bad fiscal news out of Chicago, too. So titanic. All hands on deck!

    • It’s Neptune, honey. Recovered LZ here… it’s only taken me 45 years to get over it!!! Neptune in my 7th house.

  4. Last night before bed I was researching and obsessing over power angle brows that make your cheekbones pop (e.g. Michelle Pfieffer, Megan Fox, Jamie King). Been riding that Delevigne big brow trend but want to become more polished. I woke up at 7 for hot pilates and am doing a powerpoint for a crypto-run solution for faster processing while reading about chemical peels in the background.

    I like Venus in Capricorn. ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Ooooh! I came in here tonight wondering what was up and then saw this thread and……BINGO! Ok, so I have natal Venus at 6 degrees Cap so some funny LZ stuff will probs be happening for me for this next several months…….

    ……such an odd way it is starting out……. not serious, really, but reaching back through time…… something sparked off when I re-watched 1989 video of ‘Listen to Your Heart’ by Roxette. Something shot right through me…..trying to remember a memory from then, but also something to do directly with that song and the singers/musicians…….. A lot of my LZ-ing over my life time has had to do with musicians……….thing is, I have the muse as well, and I think these musicians show up to remind me of that, and I have pursued music, especially after one heavy…..HEAVY…..period of LZ-ing, seven years…… in relation to a particular musician, during which I stepped into and embodied my own musicianship……….and so it goes………….but tonight I am indulging in a crush, a fantasy, that exists in the past, a crush on someone as they were 25 years ago………so weird……but I’m not going down…..it’s not dark, and I don’t feel caught……..it’s just very sweet…..and I will feel it and go with it as long as it lasts as it is pointing to something else…………this is just a doorway………………………

    • You have a lovely lyrical way with words. That’s the thing about love, it’s a melody. Some are up for that sound and other can’t find their way into the groove and sit it out.
      The song you mentioned I’ve always liked the words but the band leaves me cold.

  6. Chiron stationing direct on my Sun stellium and within cooee of my Venus brought a flood of tears/yearnings for my former lover… had that thump-in-the-chest-can’t-breathe kind of pain that rose up out of nowhere. I cried for two days and dreamed about him for two nights. ‘S’funny but all I really wanted to know from him was, ‘do you still think about me?’ In my dream he told me that yes, he does. We smiled at each other in joint remembrance of our experience together. And so the chapter ends.

    • Aww, that’s a lovely dream, albeit a tad bittersweet ๐Ÿ™
      I haven’t really had that kind of heartache in over a decade.

      My natal Chiron is 14ยฐ in Pisces. So it’s 5ยฐ off cuuent transiting. I wonder if that’s why I’ve been feeling sad for weeks now. Or does the pain not begin until it’s an exact conjunction? Astro peeps know?

      • I dunno re Chiron… I think because Chiron has been so active in my chart the last few years augmented by Neptune, first on my Venus and now my sun et al, it really has been non-stop healing. My bodily experience of ‘heartache’ has been quite profound.
        Part of Chiron and Neptune doing their thing has been my body waking up. Maybe that’s why saying goodbye to him hurt so much in my body as well as in my heart and life. Never experienced anything like it before. I do wonder how Chiron works in others’ lives.

        • oh Chrys – I can well imagine the depth of those emotions, the sheer anguish and intensity. Some lovers are with us for life, I do think – but none the less the chapter does close *hugs* You describe it so eloquently, I totally empathise xx one wonders sometimes if its possible to have such depth of emotion, but ‘yes’ for water signs, at least.

          BTW Chiron is crossing back and forth over my ascendent (11 Pisces), so this move forward was in my 12 thH. Over the last 9 months of this Chiron transit, a lot of the lessons have been about men but almost more fundamental that at the ‘lover’ level. I really stepped up re creativity (anima), my dad, my independence – all areas in which I have taken a while to claim my power. Before going to bed I wrote to tell my boss that I was gutted and angry to not get the leave approved that I had asked for. And standing up at work is one of the last areas that I do need to assert myself in.

          Last night as it went direct I had the weirdest dreams: a car crashes and falls from a high, circular on-ramp; I crouch precariously in the open door of an airborne plane, slowiy losing my grip on the handrail; reels of horrid archival porn with disabled women showing their genitals; trapped in a weird Eastern European hotel whose janitor kept trying to manipulate the clock from the second floor; then finding my lovely nieces had cleaned all my windows for me.

          Phew – daylight was a relief and I found my boss had written to say, yes I understand your disappointed and yes I am happy to meet and discuss.

          • your dream sequences sound like a David Lynch film. other than your nieces helping restore your Vision, the rest of that is sort of beyond me! XO

          • Ohh that dream sounds awfully frightening! BUT laden with symbolism. Nieces.. perhaps the younger aspect of yourself? I always read windows as representing health of the self/outlook. Do you have recurring characters/motifs/situations in your dreams? And did any of the vignettes seem more vivid/spot-lit than others? You are much better at this than I but what I do if I can’t figure out the symbols I look at which scenes seemed to ask for more attention/focus… hope that helps? xx

        • Chrysalis – I am about to have transiting Neptune and Chiron on my AC. Finding answers I didn’t know I needed or wantedz
          I noticed last night I had a strange dream about my ex. He isn’t in my conscious thoughts so their he was in my dream. Our old place looked so different and he had cleaned and tidy everything and he was always such a slob. He told me I could have my furniture and appliances back. This was amazing news because it meant I didn’t need to save for all these things and I cried I was so happy. To me this dream meant things have been cleansed and released, that’s why I had cried (purifying and releasing symbolism). I have no need for my belongings and my new sense of belonging is elsewhere (not in anyway connected to him).

          • Wonderfully rich dream, S… such a positive release of that part of your life and leaving the way clear for whatever comes next x

  7. My chart’s boggling my mind at the mo, could explain words purring, pouring i mean, forth, after a silent isolated boring winter in rehab.

    Saturn is sitting atop Chiron (11th).
    Pluto & Venus are side by side sitting on top of Juno & Venus (12th).
    Mercury is head toward my zero degree Sagg Mercury .

    Off to grok, nanny nap, meditate what that means to the solar system on the basis of ‘as above, so below’ and it’s effect on MY system.

    Mystic Medusa’s Comprehensive Astro 101 as translated by Pegasusโ€ฆlol.

  8. My daughter is LZing over the Pisces. He sent us photos if him ice climbing today – which seems earth-water-Chiron appropriate – and she dressed up like him using forks as ice axes pretending to climb the stairs. I told him she and he have karma. Her mars-Neptune hits his venus in Aquarius. She idealizes him.

  9. “it wouldnโ€™t be a Venus Retrograde in the sign of Worldly Karma & Structure without a little bit of Love Zombie action โ€“ it might even be homeopathic, you know?” ๐Ÿ˜€ Genius.

    My homeopathic dose of LZ-ness (NN in 7th) is directed at Jemaine Clement atm. He is a Cappy.
    Venus Love to all the Capricorns – hope it brings them something sweet.

    • I’m with you Lux. Have no desire to be manacled to anyone & intend it to stay that way til I’m ready.
      I meet up with a younger fella when he’s back in town from the wilds of the Top End. We have a drink, lot of laughs, some adult fun. Then off he goes back to making roads, both of us free & happy. No pining & whining as it should be.

  10. Confession time… yes I’ve done the Low LZ thing a few months back – totally bottomed out on the Blue Devil Hoochie Juice too.

    And now I’m smack-bang in the midst of the High LZ version of myself. Pre-emptive revenge makeover? Tick. Reading 6 books at once? Tick. Writing it out daily and assessing the how, what, why? Tick. Yoga? Tick. Unusual forms of outdoor exercise (dragon boating anyone)? Tick. Hair overhaul? Tick. Solo holiday booked? Tick. Sessions with psychologist, cranio sacral therapist and psychic? Tick, tick, tick.

    Textbook case of recovering LZ. Refuse to text or email the Aqua/Leo – that’s what I’ve done the last 2 times we split. Will… not… do… it. When he comes back (and he will) it needs to be all about “newness”. No more trying to resurrect the past relationship – realised on the full moon this has been where I’ve been “going wrong”.

    Bravado aside, LZ hurts like a bitch. One day at a time!

  11. Thank you MM for defining 2 types of LZ. i am still in recovery but at the high end. Scheming taking lover to a Buddhist talk on love and detachment.

  12. Living in the NOW is a lot more pleasurable and peaceful than rehashing the past. I ‘ve done that and been there and so damn tired of feeling like carp for the past. Onward bound now!
    To attain true peacefulness and happiness live in the now.

  13. I’m into the Saturn-Venus makeover vibe. The idea of love zombie-ing over being hot/smart/together enough to be ready for better things in the future appeals. The past is way too heavy…I’ve been writing a lot lately and it’s healing and interesting to see the story transform from more of a literal dictation of some things that happened into….a cohesive vision that is inspired both by real events and my imagination.

    • I’m with you on the makeover vibe R. I’ve been journalling like a crazy person and it definitely helps me to see patterns of behaviour in myself, that I thought I’d eradicated long ago. Time for some more “work” it seems.

    • tick

      though… having said that, I am actually looking on ebay for an animal onesie for a make your own pizza as an animal party the punk plutonian undertaker invited me to.

      after that one maybe I’ll join you ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Im sorry MM, but I dont understand how being a High Functioning Love Zombie is better because you are simply productive/hiding it better. I dont condone either, but at least one version is more honest with themselves.

    Maybe Im just bitter I have nothing to LZ over. Mwahahahahha!!!! ๐Ÿ˜›

    Im enjoying boytoy Jupiter in the meantime. He’s been good to me ๐Ÿ™‚

    • being a high functioning LZ saved my life. I was a couch potato fat slob until someone came into my life that
      i deemed worthy enough to change myself over. I was a book nerd with zits and thick glasses. I would have never changed myself otherwise. It wasn’t so much my weight as more of a lifestyle thing. To be able to hang out with the track team you have to be able to run track and you can’t successfully make the team if you don’t train and lose 50lbs in my case. Sadly it was unrequited love. Even after all those changes, weight loss, actually doing well in track, winning many races, etc…not good enough for him.That’s life! sometimes life gives you these dead ends that turn out to be no big deal even though, at the time it seems like the biggest deal ever!

      • And your journey was soooo Plutonian! It looked LZ on the surface, but what was really happening was a vital transformation for you, from your physical health to your outlook on soul connections. You learned about living, & what is/isn’t in your control. Well played, eel ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • YOu know…i just went and looked up where shit was in ’87. Pluto would’ve been in the 12th house between but not conjuncting my moon or mercury. However, both Saturn and Uranus were in my first house. Saturn conjuncting my ASC during the time of hardest training. Also Jupiter on my chiron.

  15. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that photo.
    Love is too generic a word.
    Every little detail speaks to my core.
    And a quick boast
    Stupid person from my past who I don’t mention since I promised Pegasus emailed me saying what a grave mistake he’d made and how I haunt his dreams yadayadayada yawn. I was courteous but replied that I was not seeing someone and contact with him was no longer appropriate out of respect for my (totally fictional) new boyfriend but that I genuinely wished him and his wife all the best. He said he desperately needed to meet me for a coffee and I declined politely but firmly.
    How’s THAT for homeopathic LZ Venom eh?
    I don’t care what anyone else thinks, I’m so fuqin proud of myself my head may become too large for this planet.
    I think I may be suffering from high self esteem.
    Oh well

        • Moonie, he’s suffering or pretending to?
          Why am i pleased about that.
          (Aqua Lillith could account for it).
          He wants to hook (and hook is the key word) you back in coz he’s so needy whereas you are not. HE is emotionally screwed. YOU are not. His game backfired on him.
          YOU are going to design & produce videos with smart sexy dialogue and finance them via product placement and use the powerful voice you have.
          Make a CD of sound effects and words like ‘Cyborgasm’ that is exclusive ‘for your ears only’ membership.
          You will ensure you are busy over winter so as to keep warm and financially buoyant and he will be alone with his ‘wife’ in the cold.

  16. Permanent high functioning LZ here:

    I’d have to say even the high functioning LZ don’t give a hoot about Now. Now is like boring, if it’s not painful. It’s an absolute chore with no instant feedback.

    The past is useful, provided you don’t move in and live there. You can look back on old data and say…well I don’t want to do that anymore…. You can use that to plot your course.

    The future is wonderful because there are so many possibilities that could unfold, that haven’t yet…

    Why would anyone choose to spend time in Now if they can spend time in the past and future? Some Answers:

    1.) Only people who have it good now (or think they have it good now) will willingly spend time in the Now. People like soliders who have to eat/drink/be merry/party hard because tomorrow they can die. Technically, anybody can die at any time, but that’s no excuse to hook up with an STD ridden ugly loser. If you look up people who have philosophies of being in the Now, they are almost always XXTP types who are soldiers or are living in tulmutous(sp?) political times where everything is uncertain.

    2.) Sociopaths who are not able to look back on the past. I can guarantee you sociopaths do not self analyze nor do they delve into the future.

    3.) People who are trying to avoid that they have no plan for the future.

    You see in my past, I had some good romantic relationships and some bad relationships. In the future I *could* have some good romantic relationships. But now I have nothing and it’s been that way for nearly 3 years. Why the fuck would I want to spend time in Now other than prepping for my future where everything will rock again?

    So no thank you. I’d rather work my job, Bury my head in reading escapist fantasy books, make escapist fanatsy art, get in shape. and do my hobbies. Now is a prison that I’m biding my time in. The future could start at any minute so I have to be ready.

    • Very thoughtful! Even though am all up in the Power of eckhart tolle’s Now, I like these considerations. The sociopath thought lingers because I think that is key in that being in the Now can feel painful emotionally. But it’s the ability to stay there even though it is painful that gives a sociopath power then? ‘Nothing has happened in the past; it happened in the Now. Nothing will ever happen in the future; it will happen in the Now’. The future is a lovely dream, dreaming it offers immediate pleasure in the Now perhaps?! ๐Ÿ™‚ , xx.

      • good points! If say i want to be thin in the future….i used to be thin,…well that isnt going to happen unless I do something about it in the Now. ?now is the only place transformation can happen AND that is going to be painful as fuck usually. But this is the sort of Now scenario I can handle. It makes sense and has a head and tail. You can also force it into autopilot with a diet….zone out on books on the treadmill…

        what i don’t get at all, is that whole bullshit of holding space for someone to come into your life and give yourself up to the universe hippie crap to find the
        one. no. i wasn’t meant to be a Borg.
        i don’t see how zoning out, pretending to not care about your fate combined with low standards attracts mates. Doing this for an infinite amount of time in the Now… I realize some women do this naturally. I am not programmed for this kind of mind fuq.

        A sociopath knows the only place to affect change is in the Now. They feather their Now nest as if it were the only nest. All the people they hurt in the past? That didn’t count. i’m sure it was all a misunderstanding. If they want a new car and to get one they cheat their low wage employees and lay people off, no problem. Because the unhappiness of workers is not in the Now. It’s in the future. It hasn’t happened yet so therefore does not exist.

        • The idea regarding ‘holding the space’ for a beloved to enter is a tricky one. Myself and a couple of friends have done the old manifestation board to crazily successful and exact results, so I can’t agree that it is hippy crap!
          However, I would agree that both of us did the manifesting & then totally ‘let go’ to do things that made us truly happy. In my friend’s case she left her job and went and did a yoga course in another town where she met the guy. We both meditated and did inner healing work, checking that our ties to old connections were cut in this life & perceptually speaking, others.

          I think the trick is absolutely not pretence, it has to be genuine inner balance. It’s like hungering for wealth. The hunger manifests more hunger, more of the same?

          As for a sociopath, they may not look like they suffer in this life, but I am sure that their inner world is grey, lifeless and dreary. And it will always be so unless the opportunities for change aren’t approached seriously and passionately. Whether they hide in the Now or not doesn’t matter, as they are hiding massive portions of themselves from their day to day consciousness – dividing the Self up like this leads to fractured consciousness. My understanding is that this scenario is worse than the fear of death.

          • I’ve already done upbillion workshops for attracting the one and read all sorts of books. No matter what I do, it equals crap in the love life dept. The last time I genuinely tried to not be so demanding in my love life needs, I manifested a full-blown mentally ill man into my life that managed to alienate my friends, endanger my life, suck money out of me, use up my patience, upset my work, almost get me banned from certain places, and I didn’t get any decent sex out of the arrangement. So I’m am so fucking done with that.

            I’m however glad it worked for you. I obviously don’t operate on the same whatever everybody else operates on and can’t have anything nice apparently. I’m either “on” and actively like a person or I’m “off” and you can’t budge me even with a tire iron. (Scorp Moon in the 12th). “Letting go” means I will forget this person, erase them from my heart and mind. Go into repair mode. When I see them again, I will no longer be interested. That actually happened a few weeks ago and now I can’t stand the person I originally crushed on upon finding out new information about him. That’s happened more times than I can count. If the universe truly knows and understands me like everyone says, it will not keep trying a scheme that repeatedly doesn’t work.

            I ALWAYS choose to go do something that makes me happy, live other parts of my life that are possible to live without a partner… because why wait until you are really old before going on motorcycle sojurns, artistic self-discoveries, living in the wild, getting your graduate degree, or other stuff? I’m not sitting around in my living room everyday, watching tv, eating bon bons, and going…why doesn’t anybody like me? I’m sick of people judging me like I am doing that. I’m out there in the thick of things daily, living out the dreams that I can as a solo person. Unfortunately some of my dreams need a loving and committed partner to help make come true.

  17. Thinking of ending my relationship. In a dilemma of what to do. I derserve kindness and respect. I shouldn’t have to tell an adult that they are a disrespectful and hurtful human being and if hey want me they should br giving me that anyway. Or is that just me being young and naive….that this is how the world is out there.

    I know that by letting go I’ll be making space for what I truly desire but that seems so scary! Say if I end up lonely and regretful that I let go someone who was the one. I just needed to give him time to change? I realise now that it was only me that changed after our recent breakup – he has stayed exactly the way since he left me. Oh what to do?

    • if he does not treat you with kindness and respect, lovely vslr, he is not the one. these two things are fundamental to any lasting relationship, as far as i can gather. imagine this continuing into your 40s, 50s, 60s. how does your heart feel? hurt and squashed? or full of sunshine and trust? you are young, intelligent and beautiful. take it from me, do not waste these years with someone who takes you for granted or refuses to stop behaving like an asshole.

    • You sound, as prowlncrab implies, like you know the right thing to do. Do not waste your time on the wrong thing. They will not change. All relationships have challenges, but you must be with someone who starts with respect. Else, it only gets worse over time.

  18. LOL I was just writing online, using those exact terms, low functioning and high functioning, and when I was done, I clicked on this.

  19. I luv this. You mean there is hope for me yet! Lol. Sounds to me like mars in virgo is helping to balance out the neptunian love illusions. Perhaps this is the cure? Ask ourselves what is healthy and do that first and then let nature take its course?

  20. hallelujah… Im ok….

    Cause I don’t feel it…

    But i just did go to yin yoga and am thinking of changing living plans just to be near the yin yoga class!!! cause its fucking brilliant! (except it might have brought up some deep seated issues for me)…

    Im reading the miles franklin winner for this year… appears brilliant so far!

    Am becoming more and more attuned to my skin routines… looking at booking in a facial release treatment… afterall with saturn on my ascendant its not a surpise if my face looks like a pissed off accountant – or anus in otherwords….

    No where near as beautiful and relaxed as when Ive had some lovely neptune days of meditation massage and blissful living environments…

    Speaking of living environments…. no i wont… I wont go into it… for some reason I cant…
    But let me say this… Im so damn agitated and have some major issues with the person who is in the house with me at present, and yes they are family… like the main one… my mother!… and its even made worse by the fact that she is so lovely and appears to be trying to do the right thing by everyone, but is so off kilter because of it, and does not listen, denies what she says just to be right at the time, desperately trying not to cause a conflict, she does, because she wont admit to mistakes, it is painstakingly irritating!!!

    Let alone then my inner child starts screaming for attention, and the adult in me starts trying to understand why, and I am bombarded with my own memories of unresolved pains and lost child mother relationship… goddamn it !…..

    So I cried in yoga… that was good….
    I feel I really want her to love me, to treat me with care and gentleness, and love… to want to know and connect with me, to ask me how I really am and what i want, need, know, love!!!!!

    But she does not : (

    But she really does try to help…. I have to acknowledge this, it would not be fair to not recognise what she does do…. and i think she tries to be a father… she is better at practical things… but is not a patriach or leader….
    oh dear…

    • I understand x
      you still sound very clear and doing your best to be fair in spite of what you are feeling.
      I don’t know how to negotiate this territory very well either.
      our mothers gave us life, and regardless of anything else, the connection is fundamental yet i don’t know if either party ever is quite satisfied with the deal. Of course as grown ups we try to ‘love each other as we are’ but saying and doing are different things. The normal allowances and buffers we apply to our needs and expectations re others don’t easily apply with family. maybe we see our own shortcomings (perceived or otherwise) reflected in their eyes and we respond viscerally as much to that?

      i think you’ve won half the battle in identifying and distinguishing the early needs and heartfelt wishes from the new.
      i think the hard part might be trying to figure out how to bridge the gap between those unmet needs as children, that partly shaped how we are in the world, and the adult capacity to identify this and their impacts finally, in words, and yet not have someone at the other end of the line, the person who we most need to or wish would listen to us. Or, maybe they question themselves every day and can’t bear to hear this from their own offspring. so maybe we talk to a professional or friends and unravel it via journalling and reading over a period of time. or maybe (this is what i am considering at the moment) ‘living with it’ and use our capacity as adults to attend to our own childhood self with love and care or whatever mix of attention would help, and just trying to let things be their wierd self as we sorta negotiate the past and present r’ship. don’t know..

      Some people don’t have that opportunity as they have lost a parent or never met them, or the relationship is unhealthy. so maybe we can count our blessings in that we know our mother(s) and have the capacity to see her, love her and understand her when everyone is an adult.
      but i do agree it’s important to let yourself feel what you need to about the relationship you wish you had had , it’s to me sort of a starting point for our own thinking.. as you describe pretty well. (is any parent child r’ship just right? I found myself asking.)
      hope im not translating too much of my own stuff into this.
      could go on but it’s hideously late, might not make sense. take care eel xx

      • Oh thank you guys! Thanks for your empathy, I cracked tonight and we both hurt each other with words, I can’t believe the things she says to me, like stop being so precious when I try to explain I’m hurting, then she’s hurt because me feeling hurt by her assumes she dosnt care for me, the only way out of it is for me to take responsibility for my feelings apologize for the things I said to her and ask for her understanding, explain a bit more of why I feel like I do… I still need therapy … That’s what’s come out of thus.

    • Yin yoga = good.

      Freedom, I don’t think anyone has the perfect relationship with their mother (I certainly don’t)… it is very complex and can be difficult…

      Especially living together. Take care of yourself, and hugs. She’s doing the best she can. X

  21. “Low Functioning Love Zombies like to hit the Blue Devil Hoochie Juice and then text stream of consciousness confessional shit to lovers past and future”

    People do this???? ๐Ÿ˜ฏ ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

    I’ve NEVER done itโ€ฆ. not even drunk. Sure, I’ve been a LZ plenty of times in my life but I prefer to keep things to myself ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Honestly I can’t imagine any of the Scorps I know doing that. That kind of loss of control / power just isn’t in their DNA.

    • i had a (male) scorp do this once. it was bizarre. not drunk confessional as such. we were um briefly involved and he subsequently texted me about something to do with, maybe following up? i cant remember. i was about to reply and then i recieve sms after sms, all very long, it was like he was having a conversation with himself about me. i was about to reply to the second one then the third one arrived, etc. after sms # 3 or 4 it was a case of ‘oh god this is strange’
      it’s a shame as he was sort of cute and sexy but that was definitely a turning point of whoa dude, you just showed yourself to be a leetle bit too intense / out there / psycho.

  22. I got rid of my love zombie last week. I threw a strategic tantrum, which sits nice and poorly with our conjunct sun and moon in Cap, but desperate times … Just Do It.

  23. Ahhhh! Venus has just passed over my sun (where Pluto is still lingering. STILL!) and IC and is now heading towards my Merc. I’ve been writing my script for months and I’ve just submitted it (just to a govt funding body – nothing sexy like a top Hollywood producer… yet) and I’m preparing to ditch my year-long hermit status to find I’ve all these hot, evolutionary stars and NO LIFE!! When did my friends all become parents and not available to just hang out? How do I meet guys if I’m so-hot-right-now but have no gal/guy pals to meet them with??? How do I make new friends?????

    Weird how this feels as an adult. Everyone has kinda settled and here I am now emerging from a cocoon with no one to play with. No, I will not trawl through ex-boyfriends and see who wants to come play. Bad move. Bad.

    • I feel that. Rest assured your script is probably far more interesting that anyone you will meet out on the prowl. Try Tinder. ! ?

    • A course of some sort ?
      Something completely left of field that you wouldnt normally go for…
      Some sort of indoor/outdoor rockclimbing or mountaineering – Your a haute cap after all ! You’d be in your element, glowing, and its something blokes are into .. who doesnt love a man hwo can tie a good knot ?
      Learn to sail course ?
      What language makes you Hum…A short course on it – that way you are learning something new, and to meet new people you already have a common interest ?

    • Just get out in the world, EG. (dating advice) And be awesome.

      Mind you, it’s not working too well for me… but I’m soooooo over online dating, speed dating, blah blah dating… it’s not funny!

  24. permanently inoculated against LZ. as soon as i start to overthink about someone, after annoying the crap out of my friends for a while about him, i decide then to hate anyone who could be a potential love interest. it’s the only way i can make myself not give a shit about them. (“if they wanted to contact me they would. otherwise, fuq off.”) maybe i OD’d on the advice? being an impoverished hermit isn’t helping: nothing to offer. Unless i can talk about my upcoming bestseller titled “Drinking wine at home alone”. riveting. don’t miss.

  25. This is a bit cruel, I’ll have my 7th house being capped (like papped but more austere perhaps?) and I’m still sorting boundaries and heart-strings with the ex cap who is all over the place right now with his friend loverness. I’m pulling back but it’s tough, I’ve got bigger things to do right now and a saturn transit through my house of fun. Best outcome? I do value appreciation and come out on top sans guilt and ambiguity.

  26. OMG !!! Lol – spot on mystic ๐Ÿ™‚
    I mean I am totally unavailable – BUT a little flirtation has flattered me into a HFLZ! The oracle tells me I’m forgetting something … So now it’s binaural beats, yoga 3 times a day ( which I stopped s few years ago

    • Not used to this phone yet! ..due to whiplash) And now it’s jogging! Yep, I’m on-line to buy running shoes… Delighted to know I’m high functioning ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Definitely zombieing it but for the most part I am focus on the here and now and I what I see text or called . Can’t afford this love zombie shit no more!! Not worth it (:

  28. Second glass of New Zealand Sav Blanc label Rabbit Ranch. How could i resist that label and from NZ a pristine land away ahead of our time.
    Doing Low Aware Zombieโ€ฆ..
    Wanna hear about past lovers? Oops i forgotten them. You are the 1st.

  29. Well when yer boyfriend is a Triple Cap (sun, venus, merc) and you are virtually the Zap Zone Feature’s Editor (Crab sun & venus) it’s impossible not to do haute venus … date nights include power walking around King’s Park choosing the “less wussy” options with hills/dirt tracks, meditation classes, weighing up the pros and cons of organic fertiliser as fret over our vege garden and discussing the awesome possibilities of spreadsheets (yes – we seriously have done that!!!) … he’s already plotting how to get me started on a house deposit savings plan. Ok his Toro rising also means loads of smooching and eating – but god help the restaurant if their glasses haven’t been cleaned properly or the service shabby. Out comes the Disapproving Death Stare Cap. :mrgreen:

    • Love it!
      Kataka & Capricorn. One canvas, 2 lots of paints, same vision.
      Bless your black heart Prowin. It’s been a long time between drinks for you and you played by the rules, your rules.
      Happiness Sweetheart. Everybody loves a lover.

    • Disapproving Death Stare. Oh, goodness. I never knew I did this until an ex pointed it out. Then I realized it was my version of making a “scene”. Never much want to call attention to myself when I’ve been wronged; prefer to call attention to the wrong.

      You got a lot of Earth on your hands there, PC! Have muddy fun, you two. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Hiya Prowlin’
      Might I suggest ”banana special” for your vege patch ?
      Its the bees knees. Apply every 2 weeks – never in a pit though too strong…also some sprinklings of volcanic rock minerals might appeal to Monsieur Cap. Patons make the banana special, and sell minerals too (i think). *studied Permaculture/am gardener/vege patch grower…have a bunch sunflowers in for bluelibra this year too (Just in case CapMan needs credentials !)

          • No, i didn’t meet her in person.
            It’s strange, I felt such a sink hole inside when she passed.
            I didn’t feel as awful recently when my Dad or a treasured wise mentor friend passed, as i did with BL.
            Something in me feels it’s incredibly important not to forget her. xx
            Hopefully i get to catch up on the other side/elsewher..whatever.. I want to give her a big hug and let her know even strangers didnt forget her.

    • You know P.C, to me you sound….. HAPPY!
      Viva la revolution – this dude beats Virgo housemate blindfolded and with his hands tied behind his back.

      Hey I was speaking metaphorically!
      Cut that shitz out (imaginary hecklers) Mate you sound properly ensconced in the type of relationship I covet.
      Venus envy all over – like a rash!
      Yet I get the sense, and no I don’t know you but my sense is that you are H A P P Y

      as in eitch eitch pee pee why?
      The previous spelling was and interpretation was way better but seriously. You sound happy hon.
      And regardless of what you or anyone may think of me and my revoltingly sordid, alledgedly promiscuous (in truth sadly & ecretly somewhat monastic lifestyle)
      as London’s self proclaimed most luxurious & lascivious lotharia I must say, “hats off to you gf”. You seem to be rocking this astro effortlessly and enviably well.

      I’m almost jealous. Except, I’m not doing too badly myself according to my highly subjective standards.
      Enjoy it, happiness, health and serenity looks good on you

  30. My night time reading is the 6 Dune books, as so into the Bene Gesserit
    and fantasise i’m a result their breeding program to mature humanity.
    Stretches every hour now as the energy rises (aka Summer).
    Taking a squillion herbs condensed into 3 capsules. No processed foods whatsoever. Eating so little, like once a day, and something the size of my small hand at midday, and 2 bananas.
    Want to do 2-3 days on seeds and various dried berries. LOve seeds.
    Quite amazed at how much food we DON’T need to eat. See peeps that eat 5 times more than i do daily and think they could be wearing their systems out. So it’s a very controlled fasting i suppose till evening meal.
    Forget that ‘eat like a king for brekky, prince for lunch, pauper for eve’, a
    very large man must have coined that!
    Now to give up the nanny nap for a swim-float in the pool in the park behind me.

    DVN actually spoke to me on Taurus Full Moon to solicit my help as he had spat the dummy at HIS neighbour and was scared of retaliation from said person.
    My Aquarian Lillith replies ‘i’ll protect you’. This was one weird truce,
    girlfriends. So be it, i ‘ll take it weird or not. Noticed he was shaking & distraught, flustered as only an old queen can be, so this old queen was full of compassion. (It is 2 years since i sent him to Coventry).
    Will take his photo out of the fridge ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Bless Pegs – sign of a wise one to be able to forgive and help out – not to be mention being good in a crisis!!

      • Quinnie, yes, my ‘keep your cool, rise above, put on Motzart, say nothing, don’t complain don’t explain’ has had it’s reward.
        The atmosphere has changed completely because of that adage ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’, as the person he spat the dummy at is a fiend that has caused me distress as well.
        LInes of communication are open now, it’s a propitious commencement of a healing process.

        And btw, where have you been? Just returned to the fold?

        • Thanks Pegs – yes, I have been very busy and for no particular reason just did not prioritise the blog – was still checking scopes and subscription email, but …dunno… just busy I think ๐Ÿ™‚ So yes, I have returned to the fold da dah!! nice to see the familiar characters and the new ones too.

      • ๐Ÿ˜† 2 years!! Yikes. I’ve tired the freezing trick but usually get over it after a few weeks and take it out. I just don’t like knowing it’s in there. Feels to me like holding on

  31. PS I just love the patent leather head scarf – have always loved patent leather and I always have at least one shoe or bag in patent leather. We always had a pair of patent leather ‘party slippers’ growing up – dear old Mum, bless her ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • We HEART our Mums. MIne was the Scorpios of all Scorpios like she invented them.

      I like the BOYS sign, as i used to be off in the back room lighting up with them.
      Boys? Pipe!

  32. So true – the low functioning LZ hates NOWNESS because it is easier, less painful, more abjective (as opposed to objective) to hide from the reality. Whether it be good or bad, the reality is going to make the low LZ step up to the plate, maybe abandon the escapist dream, see the person for real, force them to do something about THEMSELVES, or even just relate to a real person not a fiction (me: pisces rising and pisces moon in the first H, venus conjunct pluto).

    Talking of dreams – as we were the other day – last night I dreamt that my boss ‘abandoned me’ for another woman. I suspected this would mean I did not get the leave for which I had applied. I was right – got the reject letter this evening. Sometimes dreams are prescient…now to cultivate that gambling tip… xxx

    • Darling, i think when we (if we do) LZ out over some-one, it’s because THEY have problems and as women we do a Florence Nightingale to the rescue. See the hidden depths of what they COULD be, their potential, as often the dudes we LZ out over are quite charismatic and needy themselves.
      In a strange way, i think during my life i am competitive with them. Used to be an envy. For their devil may care attitude, she as women we were more controlled.
      Have noticed many changes in male psyche since i was a teen. As in now they listen. Now they know we have no need for the sperm & support and have to use more charm.

      Perhaps i am delusional or just plain optimistic.
      Seriously we rule, which is why they can either acknowledge it or get twisted as some can.

      Have found a simple system f how men & women relate via the chakras, which can be demonstrated on a map of them.
      2 stick figures with 7 energy centres (simple remember).
      She is coming from the heart, he is coming from the sex.
      They are in 2 different positions on the body.
      She is coming from the throat, he is coming from the solar plexus.
      If you can visualise this then you can see that the energy is not aligned. This is what creates the glitches experienced.

      • ah – interesting and wise words Peg – I’ll reflect on that. Nothing wrong with being optimistic – far better than a cynic ๐Ÿ™‚ Hugs dear and Happy Solar return and how fab that you get such nice compliments – totes deserved I have no doubt!! xx

        • I love your chakras ‘explanation’ Peg. Reminds me of things I was enlightened about during an emotional healing I went through. Good to be reminded of these things!

          I’ll admit to having done the Florence Nightingale gig (doesn’t help being Cancer Sun) at my expense. Never again!!!

            • Glad I’m not alone. Still doing the crying a river thing over the Aqua/Leo. But no more excuses – can’t do it to myself anymore!

              • We meet everyone for a reason, a season or a lifetime. These experiences help us grow. We learn our boundaries of how we want to be treated. When we put all our faith in another person making and being our happiness and they leave, we bereave for they have taken our happiness with them. Thank them for the experience, release and remove ethereal cords. The secret is to love and honour oneself. When you do, you will vibrate at a higher level and attract others on that same level. Go forth and shine. Repeat after me, I am loveable. Blessings to you. )(

      • I think LZ motive is different for all but as chiron is the handle to my bucket chart and my venusneptune is exact in sagg I get this. A lot of women love rescue, but not all women who go there slip if you get me ๐Ÿ˜‰ x

    • You forgot low functioning love zombies like to drink blue devil hoochi juice (BTW what is it and where can I get some soon, like Friday night??) while internet stalking, consulting 150 different oracles per hour on whether the 20 year age difference between them and their marrried lover from over 15 years ago was the reason they split up, all the while making calls from blocked numbers to absolutely anyone else who might be awake at 2.30 am and then hanging up!
      (PS I have Venus in Capricorn soon to be deconstructed ?, mashed into the ground?, whatev’s, so if the oracle goes into overdrive and then malfunctions its probably me.)

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