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God Gets Up

CRAZY amount of Earth in the astro right now – it may feel a bit concrete for those of us Air/Fire types who get claustro easily and it can be creatively stifling. But it’s brilliant for getting grounded-regrounded, cleaning up one’s diet (because suddenly the physical aspect of our being feels SO important)  and in touch with one’s gut instincts.

Trending: Probiotics, nourishing traditions, core strength, physicality as The Everything. Tree-hugging, garden Feng Shui, exercising to really move some nano-particles around. It’s not intellectual. Meditating or sleeping feels more natural than reading. Sensual as fuq, obviously.

But if you’re hanging out for AIR, look to the Moon in Gemini – more on that in the Monday Horoscopes up already.  Fire? Thurs/Fri is the SUN INTO SUPER-FLY Saggo. And then there will be untold Air with Mars in Libra for months and months from December.

How are you experiencing the Earthing?


Image:  Jeffrey Meyer – God Gets Up

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123 thoughts on “Earthing Out

  1. Regarding mentioning Eddie Money in post above..

    No wonder I always loved the dude.

    Aries Sun 0 degress/2 degrees Cap Moon…

    But what is so telling is this song, which I also loved (my Draconic Moon in 8th house is Kataka)…

    He is Cancer rising…

    i aint’ feelin’ so nostaligic lately but clearing some very, very heavy shit. And well, in the end, which is just the beginning, we have to let go.

    And it hurts and I’ve cried….just awful what we’re doing…But the greatest of the great also. No, it ain’t about a man this time…something much more insideious really.


  2. I am utterly beat right now – I have had a very tense weekend, very unstable ‘mental health’ day on Saturday. About five years ago I experienced debilitating anxiety and panic attacks for about 4 or 5 months, and eventually got treated with anti-depressants that really helped. Saturday was like revisiting my state of mind from that part of my life. Absolutely shocking, and I still feel really run down two days later.

    I think alcohol is just not compatible with my system at this point in time. The after effects of a night out are paralysing…

    • Saggibee that sounds horrid – poor you. Can you take today off, and do anything and everything possible to re-centre yourself? Eat, sleep, walk, watch a movie – sometimes we need to ‘drop our bundle’ and acknowledge we’re on the edge. I’m no expert, but if the anti-Ds you had last time were SSRIs (selective serontonin re-uptake inhibitors), and they worked, its possible that you’ve eroded your serotonin levels with alcohol, stress, poor diet etc. Perhaps look to this first? hugs and take care

      • Thanks for the kind words, Quintile. I ended up getting what I needed to get done at work, then did a spin class and headed home. And now I’m catching up on the Real Housewives of Atlanta!

        I think what I’m experiencing could be linked to a bad bout of glandular fever I had at the beginning of this year – it really effed with my liver, and I’ve cut back a lot on alcohol this year (I’ve never had a destructive relationship with drinking, but have always liked to drink socially)… when I have “nights out” that involve a bit of drinking, I get really anxious the next day and then majorly fatigued for a few days afterwards. A big message my body has been giving me this year is that I might need to change my relationship with the hoochie juice. The after effects aren’t worth it!

        I did take SSRIs, actually – but only a very small dosage for about 11 months (about four years ago). I didn’t need much to get me out of my funk, thankfully.

        I have pluto transiting the 6th – it’s been there for a bit over a year and I’ve gotten lots of messages about my health and well being throughout this period… It’s been quite a dominant transit, from what I’ve been experiencing anyway! But I’m moving towards the point of better health which, ultimately, is totally worth it. xx

        • ah the liver – yes, and when its under stress/ under-functioning, the effects can be like bad PMT – stress, anxiety etc. Gee lots of people posting about sobriety at the moment – even if it’s just to give the bod a break! I have natal pluto conjunct venus in virgo in the 6th – it’s in non-stop battle with all my piscean-escapee stuff but it doubtless saved my life!! hugs

  3. This Virgo is earthing out like a pro. Neked 3AM swim in stormy ocean on Saturday. Lots of walking in the rain with dog, barefoot. Lied in bed all day Sunday with a handsome Capricorn…

  4. My weekend was kind of mixed – vague fb invite to a friend who I haven’t seen in much of at all in the last 10 years – had a Bridget Jones moment and to avoid smug successful couples so said I had other plans for her 40th sit down in exxy bar restaurant – who invites you the week before via fb I never look at that! It is more about my own insecurities I know….

    Good bit was feeling fresh for the fruit and vege marketing with sis and twin nephews. Shopped at etsy for nieces Xmas pressie ~ raw diamond and gold necklace – Taurean sun. So much better to find something unique and handmade than battle the crowds for a park at Westfield jeez drove around for 45 min til gave up!

    Afternoon spent with great people – he is a lighting designer who shared his knowledge and contacts with my sis/biz partner. So generous with his time! We are planning a fun night working on print designs tonight and making plans….

    Psycic reader told me it would take off like a rocket when we launch next year- I am looking forward to the event that will be 2014!! I have grown so much since the ZZ went live in 2008. I know my strengths, I am more flexible. adaptable and independent – just gunshy when it comes to men and relationships – that is my weak spot

    • Sounds like a great weekend – BTW I’m with you re the last minute invite….fair enough to NOT prioritise saturday night, expensive, sit down event with people who are not core to your current life. Doesn’t sound like insecurity to me – sounds like healthy self esteem!!

      • thanks Quin sweetheart, twin says the same! I kind of think it was to fill in for others maybe or just unorganised….. We are also heaps of fun so she probably wanted a bit of a double act to keep the vibes up! Hahhahah

    • multi weak spots for me too – i’m finding that Stephanie Dowrick is like my go-to fairy godmother for heart-healing insights and advice. many books but i am just loving “the universal heart”, really speaks to where i am at right now, and of course ‘intimacy and solitude’ – the relationship classic and really investigates what makes us tick as human beings living among others. xx love that your creative partnerships are firing up – all the best x

  5. A jolly good day for a protest march to protect Gaya! National day of action on climate change! I haven’t been to a march since the nuclear dump one 20 years ago. This should be pretty grounding.

  6. annoyed by everything so much that I’ve gone on a fantasy bender indulging in movies, books, and worst of all fanfiction! So much better than real life right now.

      • exactly. I don’t think I’m seeing what everyone else is. I just don’t get it. Toro Moon is like opposite of my moon and my mercury so I just have no idea. Plus I have absolutely nothing in Taurus to make things worse. Everyone says it’s Taurus that makes you eat. Not me, more like Cancer does it.

        • I have Jupiter in Taurus in 4th house. That doesn’t make me eat either. Ad I have nothing in Cancer.

          I’m a Scorp with Gem NN in 6th – I’d rather just live off toast and coffee 🙂 Eating is such a chore sometimes.

      • you know, I don’t know. I haven’t been tempted into fanfiction absorption since 2004. It’s been like almost 10 yrs???? What sort of transit is that?

  7. i think i might be channeling the lilith jupiter thing in cancer more than the earthing and maybe some natal shizz. had an I am goddess phase during the making of love today. I disappeared and morphed into all the goddesses of all time mating with all the male energies. hard to put into words. haha hard to put into worlds.

    • I gotta stop drinking to excess, I still think I am in my 20’s and my liver is revolting against me.
      I’d love to go a few months without one hangover, if not a whole year. I always drink one too many…ugh.
      Detox, get healthy mode.

      • I’ve gone off the grog after 2 weeks sick- great to kick the habit. Not interested

        If you are a classical music lover – Just saw this
        ‘The Planets: Saturn, Bringer of Old Age; Jupiter, Bringer of Jollity by Holst
        London Sym Orch/Geoffrey Simon ‘

  8. After a really bad couple years I applied myself, and passed the raw meat of roller derby. I’ve loved skating all my life and I feel like I’ve really achieved something healthy for myself. X yay!!

      • Is it? I was feeling a tad water-logged. Soggy. Made land fall just before the gale force winds swept in, have been busy wrapping my abode in protective layers ever since. Richard Parker is like a dream to me now…

        xx Andro 😉

    • Seven ‘planets’ in water if you include chiron and the node. Four in earth and the moon is just passing. So a lake is kinda cool I reckon.

      Saturn in scorp with chiron and neptune in pisces are making their mark too. Water takes the shape of the container and is subtle and works under the radar. Uranus and pluto pack a punch and are defining a generation but these times are also being transformed by the great sea….and the lake!

      • Right?! I’m Pisces asc with Neptune conjunct North Node natally, & my progressed moon is now in Pisces too. I also have natal Chiron in the first house (but in Aries). Lots sloshing around in this glass!

  9. Had the urge to start a gentle detox a week ago. Raw fruit and veg juices to start the day, and cutting out as much processed crap as possible. Roasted almonds and fruit for snacks; cucumber water to rehydrate. Ultrasound purr therapy with medicine kitty every morning. Sleep and exercise when my body asks for it. Remembering to breathe and open up my chest.

    Despite the fatigue, snottiness, and brain-fog I’ve had since I started, my body already feels different; my fluid retention has dramatically eased, my insides feel ‘silky’, and I feel lighter and calmer than I have in years.

    Only things missing are a mineral water spa bath and an infra-red sauna. 🙂

      • They sure are! 🙂

        I love kitties for their purring; this one actually lay across my throat/thyroid area for a good 40 mins on the second morning of the detox and purred like a buzz-saw. It’s like she knew that my body needed a little something extra.

        She comes and purrs with me every morning now. It melts my heart that another living being trusts me so completely that she wants to share this with me. <3

  10. Earthing out? Watching David Attenborough’s ‘SPIRALS’.
    The history of Unicorn’s horns. They were actually from a whale, a Naugil.
    Queen Elizabeth 1 purchased one from an explorer of the Canadian Sea
    who found the horn on a beach.

    Sitting in the Sunday Sun and a lizard comes out from behind the stones, about 10 inches, quite young and has made it’s home there. Fed it some meat and have a pet for life. a wild one to add to the urban menagerie of bird and frogs.
    Dove made a nest in the grapevines on the patio, sitting and looking down on me trustingly, so close by. Alas she is too old to hatch the eggs, she and her mate have been around 10 years that i know of, wouldn’t she be past menopause? Anyways twice she has given up after 10 days to go eat & drink!

    DA says we are in the Golden Age of the Snail. God love him. Due to their adaptation and evolvement of their shells. Fibonacci will be pleased?
    How earthy is THAT!

  11. Mmmm earthing out indeed. It’s a lovely vibe today and very relaxing … it does feel almost sensous, this leisure pace in the air. Probably helps that it’s a perfect spring/summer day – very light breeze, warm cloudless blue sky, birds singing, bees buzzing, cicadas chirping …. ahhhh yes there are things to do, work to complete, people to see … but meh! It’ll all get done in the fullness of time! 🙂

    Funny coz as an air/water/fire type with no earth, I usually find too much earth stodgy and boring. As if I’m walking through glue. But this is really nice and am enjoying the complete lack of anxiety.

  12. Thanks for the astro-flash, Kimmy 🙂 Poked a stick at the relationship, blew the whistle and it was definitely worth it.
    Thanks for the earth energy support to the gut instincts.

    Now, bring on that air/fire!! Sun in happy Saggo! Yay!!

  13. Well… it ain’t too bad for this Saggi with lots of natal earth elements.

    Maybe it’s Mars right on my Pluto in Virgo AND Pluto right on my Mars in Cap !!

    Without a clue I’ll go on instinct and say that’s gotta be good !!

  14. Well this triple Earth (Virgo Sun, Toro Moon, Cap asc) is stuck to the couch as though by a particularly heavy sort of gravity. Not even the sunshine is tempting me outdoors.

    Since I’m stuck here I might take MM’s advice and do some mind mapping for 2014.

  15. This Toro full moon is bang on the same degree which I was born, and I am loving it. Sleep, writing, vital greens, music, candles, walks in nature, more sleep…hehehe. For a long time I have felt stressed, weary, disconnected, on edge and harrassed by others – but I guess 10 months of living and working without a home, out of a suitcase, on four different continents will do that. And as someone previously commented above, a lovely day to honour the earth with a climate-change protest march (in Australia). Makes me happy to know that I’ll be walking alongside other MM subscribers out there.

  16. I am actually feeling pretty calm and grounded. For a multi-Piscean I have a lot of earth in my chart and it is agreeing with me.
    It may have more to do with the fact that all the valuations are in for my divorce stuff so all I have to do now is fill in the paperwork. The lawyers do the rest. No more talking to the ex about it. SUCH a relief. I find myself being deeply grateful that my finances are not exactly Rinehart-esque because it will be straightforward and quick. I no longer care what I come out of it with, I am more focused on what I will do once I have the money. Begin where you are and all that.

    • oh dear – yes, focus on finishing this. One more step in unpacking the situation and clearing the way for the new. Come east?!? xx

      • Yes hon a trip is on the cards, just a quick jaunt in Jan. Sadly not the festival but I am hoping to squeeze in a short escape xxx

      • Sheesh I hope so lovely. What a wild ride it has been lol. And for you too by the sounds of things. Is Pluto on your moon yet? Any signs / portents??

  17. Haha! Just finished fencing my new veggie garden. 🙂 Even has a sweet little gate which will hopefully be child & animal proof.

    Today I plant & I have some citrine (ok, heat treated amethyst) to put in the corners to encourage growth & expansion. Love my crystal grids!
    I chose them without noticing they were all twins, heart shaped to look at.
    Also have a double terminator wand of citrine/HTA to hang from the roof when it is up.

    Might have to name my garden after something aligned to this Moon.

    Yes to probiotics I just got a package from the naturopath as I have managed a score of 0% beneficial E.coli on a test. :-/

    Off to the garden!

    • Andromeda, you can do a lot more with probitoics (and more cheaply) by making your own cultured foods/drinks.

      Kefir is delicious if you are ok with dairy (makes amazing pancakes), kombucha tea is yum and very cheap to make, and sauerkraut, kim chi, and other fermented vetables are also amazing, help cut sugar cravings and do all sorts of wonderful things for your insides!

      My research on water also leads me to the conclusion that the chlorine in our tap water which is designed to kill microbes in the water supply is probably killing microbes in our guts as well.

      I’ve just ordered a Berkey water filter that is designed for use in humanitarian crises and filters out all sorts of unwanted additives – sounds good to me!

      • Thanks v! I have recently perfected homemade sauerkraut but i think my naturopath thinks I am making caseomorphine out of dairy as I am a bit of an addict, 🙂 .
        (My version of Dali’s I don’t need drugs I am drugs?)
        Need to get my game on, you are right – will check out the Berkey. I am still unsure of reverse osmosis vs the other. I heard RO breaks the lattice structure of the water but it does get rid of the fluoride? It’s hard because I would love fluoride free for my little pine cone gland, but don’t like the idea of restructured h2O. Any advice?

        • h20 is h20. “lattice structure”? unless science has changed in the past few years, lattice applies to the structure of metals (crystals too I guess), not a liquid. water molecules do whatever they want. they slide around and loosely hang together via a thing called (nerd alert) polarity which is just a way of saying they hold hands for a bit then toddle off to the next molecule they like.
          RO will pull out about just about everything …but really? that is expensive… isn’t it? how about a rainwater tank? (ok also expensive, but much simpler components maybe? )

          • or if you really want to structure the water, maybe bless or meditate with a jug of water each night, a la the secret life of water 🙂 xxx

          • Haha 🙂 Science no change, my brain is not working. Sorry, read that reverse osmosis produces dead water with no minerals? Just wanted to know more on that score. I am not a science person, as in I adore the concepts but not the details.

            • ah ok. well i wouldn’t say dead. That terminology is a bit squiffy. the resulting water is about as pure as you’re going to get it i think. The process of reverse osmosis is designed specifically to remove ‘almost’ everything except water molecules

              Some of the things online say they can remove fluoride too, so maybe they can, not across the tech there.

              Water tends to contain dissolved minerals and it will take them up from its environment (e.g pipes, atmosphere, river bed etc etc). I noticed the RO things online that I just looked at had a ‘softening’ component which means it adds back in various minerals (calcium carbonates and whatever). This is necessary as very pure water is actually pretty harsh unless it has some dissolved stuff bouncing around in there as a buffer too (sorry… very non-technical description). so, i don’t know, there are a few ways to get clean / filtered water I guess.

            • wrote that badly. soz. Yes RO will remove dissolved minerals etc. but adding the minerals back in after the filtration is a necessary part of the treatment process. x

            • Thanks Pi, I forget you are science minded, love it and not nerdy at all. What would your preference in water filter be? What do you do in terms of science in yr life btw, work, study? Is it a Piscean genius thing to be good at most things? They seem to be able to have a hand in most areas.

            • i guess i’d just go with the carbon filter, if it were me, but – my concerns / interests are different from yours. my encounters with reverse osmosis was commercial scale for contaminated water (as in a waste product, not already treated drinking water from the tap). To me it seems like overkill to use RO on a first world domestic water supply that is itself either desalinised and RO’d water or from pretty clean land catchments generally speaking. If I was in a part of the world where my drinking water was sourced from a river that had already received wastewater from dozens of towns and cities upstream, i’d look into RO maybe as there’s some interesting studies about residues of illicit drugs, contraceptive pills, and the rest, in DW supply. of Europe.
              maybe read around a bit about what carbon filters vs RO can remove from your water supply, do a sort of cost benefit analysis – how much does it cost to buy maintain
              replace components etc..
              Tbh i am not really across the whole fluoride thing. as far as i know, communities with water supplies that are fluoridated demonstrate much lower incidence of tooth decay across all age groups. I mean, that’s not evil. I have heard the pineal gland thing but is there research about this that i can read? my esoteric knowledge etc is pretty low and the sceptic in me starts to raise an eyebrow (but she still listens). i mean what you do sounds
              interesting and maybe there’s oodles of relevant info i have no idea about that you rely on daily to do your thing. you know?

              re what i say here, remember …sometimes another opinion is just a good way to decide what you don’t want!
              “opinions are like a**holes. everybody’s got one.” crude but true i guess !!

            • Thanks Pi, I respect yr opinion, y’know, that ‘s why I ask. I am all for transmuting the effects of the daily world through conscious energy work and getting on with life, but I am also so curious, bloody Gem Asc! Want to know what everything feels like too.. (Sun in the 2nd – tres Taurean to want a body sensation? Plus Taurean 12th, so I have to GO there, into the nebulous). Good advice to me balanced. As I understand it the pineal gland is always shrivelled little raisin in dead adults as it sits outside the blood brain barrier awash in the chems in the body. While fluoride may help teeth for all I know, it may also calcify the pin gland? Like you mention, cost is a factor for me, so! You are a doll!

            • Cost of an RO model filter I mean.. tho cost of my pineal gland being compromised may or may not affect my work!!

        • you can get little reverse osmosis boxes and plug them into your tap we used to have one – they get really heavy with all the crap that you could have drunk, it’s weird when you pick it up and it feels as though it’s full of lead. which it probably is. If you’re going the rainwater tank I would reverse osmosis it as well. that’s what the person who gave us ours used to do. pi’s suggestion sounds good too – have you read the book by that water guy? japanese, can’t remember his name. crazy pictures of water structure.

          • Yes, I know the guy you mean, read about his work.
            Do you need to replace all the minerals with RO? I am interested to get fluoride free to see if it makes much of a difference to me, being that I work using my pineal gland ‘n’ all. 🙂
            Would be easier if I could drink directly from a pure mountain glacier of course. But yes, lead etc. I need to avoid for tiny tot, I haven’t bought a filter yet as I am still umming and ahhing over Carbon filter vs RO.

        • I haven’t looked too far into RO as I’ve read that kombucha doesn’t like it. Also it sounds like a rort – water is water is water, right?

          I’m more keen to get back to tried and true filtration methods that don’t need electricity or mains water (although I have ready access to both!). Chlorine and heavy metals out will make me happy.

          Good luck – watch out for the preppers’ sites which will sell you anything from water filters to radiation tablets and ammo!

          • Yes, I hear you on that count, I guess having a Berkey back up could be good as I understand they don’t produce serious amounts of acqua.

  18. Earthing started on Friday when a friend gave me four banana plants which I have potted, then resuscitated a couple of little succulents, also figuring out what to do with some native orchid clippings (any suggestions what to put them in?).
    Yesterday bought some more organic kale from farm round the corner, and going to make more pesto 🙂 made a great spinach bake, new recipe last night. The greens they sell at the farm are so beautiful and vigorous…I haven’t got a full veggie garden yet but that is the next plan.

    I used to have an big op-shop habit (now have some really great vintage pieces) but since I moved here to new my home, which is quite small but on a good bit of land, have a growing PLANT habit…

    Also been working on ceramic pieces, and was introduced to a lovely Scorpio ceramic supplier who really knows a lot about glazes, very exciting!

    So seems like the heavens working on my Virgo planets is earthing the fire. It’s the first time I’ve had two days in a row at home for yonks and am loving it. Actually, even had a dream there was a lettuce leaf growing out of my chest, and I was unsure how to interpret it, thought it might be like a fungus, :/ but a dear friend said no, it’s like a green shoot growing out of your heart 🙂

    • yes i would agree – its a lovely sign of growth – healthy, fast, edible growth (i.e growth you can ingest). Also lettuce are pretty watery – maybe there’s some additional meaning to that? As a gardener, you chose lettuce over other plants, to communicate this message to yourself. Plus your new place sounds fab!!

    • Your lettuce dream makes me think, green, heart chakra, Osiris.
      “Osiris…was the underworld agency that granted all life, including sprouting vegetation and the fertile flooding of the Nile River. He was described as the “Lord of love”,[7] “He Who is Permanently Benign and Youthful”[8] and the “Lord of Silence””.
      There was a ritual where he grew the new years corn out of his chest. It seems you are in harmony with the world and yourself.

      • Well there is certainly some flooding here today near the lake, it hasn’t stopped raining, and all the water birds are calling and the frogs are chirping…harmony reigns this weekend and then I go back to work tomorrow.

        I really love the story of Isis and Osiris, it is magnificent and scary, a friend and I are talking about a collaborative art piece called the chamber of Isis, and I am drawing on memories of walking up some steps into a tiny stone temple housing one goddess figure in stone, a bit larger than life. She was a few steps inside, half -shadowed and I wish I could describe the feeling of awe that went through me…This was in Indonesia, near the Borobudur complex of temples

    • hey. orchid cuttings. specialist nurseries abound, as do blogs etc by orchid freaks. suggest investigating those. basically they grow in loose bark / peaty /gravelly sand (also special orchid potting mix avail). low nutrients, as in uber dilute fertiliser. if you look at how they grow in the wild, it’s in rock crevices, fork in a tree branch, you know, extremophiles, sort of. i ignore mine and they flourish, green-wise, even tho i need to repot them and they never flower – well, once – because i need to feed them (sorry orchids).

  19. In light of the Eloquent Planning Moon that MM just posted about the other day, I think the Earthing is helping me to ground things into reality, making plans tangible and possible to reach, especially in prep for the Full Moon. Have been inundated for sure.

    For one – I have been eyeing the Double Jupiter Bracelet since MM posted about some time ago but wasnt able to purchase yet.

    Well, I saw that last night it is on sale(!!!) I placed my order right away. Its funny, but Ms. Oracle told me that i will be acquiring a piece of magical jewelry this season(I think it was the Mercury in Scorp question). I didnt think I would be getting around to purchasing it til late in the year or possibly early next year. But she was right!! it happened this season, so quick and out of the blue!

    The moment is so beautiful. Its like taking a magical piece of the skies around the time of such an amazing, gift of a Full Moon(one I was waiting for) and making it tangible – as a piece of gorgeous jewelry shaped to remind me of the luckiest, most expansive planet in the skies – Jupiter… x2. Im really feeling the energy right now as Jupiter is my ruling sign, and he is also currently in my Rising sign of Cancer right now. So yes, there’s Jupiter x2 just like the bracelet!! 🙂 Better get those plans ready before the Moon turns exact! Ready for more developments. I am so loving this.

    If any of you were eyeing that thing, I suggest you go look at it now 🙂

    • Oh lovely, Nightrose – great symbology and I love it when something one really does want, comes back around and is available! Patience is rewarded..:)

        • Funny about cliches and aphorisms – they are so often true! One thing that bugs me is when someone decides – as journalists do every once in a while, for example – to totally bag simple, well worn wisdom and use it as a barb to attack the ‘self help industry’. I find so much truth and clarity in those simple wise phrases; and yes of course they can be contradictory but the point is they are relational – ie time and situation specific.

          • Yes, I agree with you there too. Im glad you brought this up as it makes me feel better about the use of the word. I generally dont use it, but sometimes I do out of self-censorship. I think my multi-Saggness can get irritating to some so I like to do that sometime to not step on toes or different perceptions – there are so many, you could totally irritate someone without even knowing. I practice toning myself down lol 🙂 I totally agree with what you said, and I couldnt have phrased it better myself. Youre really cool Quintile, thanks for adding to the convo 😀

            Ohhhh!!! And btw – today is like my lucky day or something! I went to get some shopping done at a big department store. In the parking lot I almost got punched by some angry holiday shopping lady because I wouldnt back out onto oncoming traffic for her so she could back up into a parking space she already passed. Well half of my car was blocking the road behind me and there were cars passing by in the back, there was no way for me to move my ass further back. She was yelling and making a fuss but ended up backing out onto the oncoming traffic herself and royally pissing off the passing cars to get her spot. I sighed and moved right along and all the way up near the front of the lot is an empty spot for me 🙂 As I am getting out of the car I see her walk by agitated. Probably more agitated because I, the b*tch in her eyes, ended up getting the better spot. But hey lady, you were being a b*tch to not only me but all those other cars you pissed off, being greedy about your crap parking spot. You can have it, I got to park all the way up front like valet, lol.

            Anyway, did my errands there, and remembered there was this bag I had my eye on for the longest time – I decided to check it out and play with it a bit before I left. Had no intention of buying it. Then along comes this sweet older sales lady, and she offers me a 20% discount – I didnt have to sign up for anything, it wasnt a sale day, it wasnt a defective bag, plus it was designer brand at a huge department store! So I said wow ok, it must be my lucky day and I got it, lol. She probably was new and did that to build up some customer relations and have me shop with her again – which I totally will if I want to buy there again – but still, Ive never had that happen to me. What is going on, its like one of the most awesome days Ive had in a long time! 😀

            • Thanks Calypso. Yes, Jupiter x2!! I am feeling so blessed today, and really humbled. When you feel the Universe step in and you step back to watch it do its thing, it is amazing.

              Hehe ;D

            • how great NightRose – and obs you are enhancing the luck with your lovely attitude – lots of things DO go right, and blessings are everywhere when you’re attuned 🙂

      • Thanks Leogroover! 😀

        I am glad you came and shared in the magical moment with me!

        And I send a blessing of love from my Jupiter abundance to all of you here <3

  20. I mean Jezuz gawd, *The Recliner*..hilar Myst…

    What, you want a …..or two?

    I had one ( recliner)…was married for 16 years to a Kataka.
    Did I mention condo mate Kataka got laid off? We went to the library (he had abso no skills) but zz Aries square his Katak Sun to the rescue! We were zAPPIN’!

    Did his unemployment app on line and then he signed up for personal tutoring to learn…go the Katak!

    And then he got his job back. Arsehole boss called and asked for him back..Katak want all bull

    Said damn straight darl… 😉

    • Sometimes, I have knocked the seemingly shallowness of actors..

      I mean who wants to imitate this shit?

      But like my Scorp Sun conjunct Saturn 12th house massage therapist co-worker said…(she just had her birithday the 14th and is 28…)

      “Different pile..same shit”…I thought that was

      Do love a music narrative to the insanity…

      Grateful to Mysitic that we can vent x

  21. Earth vibe defo
    New PA is awesome
    Still decorating “feathering my nest” with feng shui in mind.
    Trained hard in the gym this morning and cooked a gorgeous meal for myself tonight. Now getting ready for a Tesla style night of dreams in my sleep practice. Really looking forward to the sleep tonight.
    Back on the Pluto Juice.
    Yeah, just good and grounded.
    Loving this astro

    • So lovely to hear your self nurturing Blue. You are such a kind and lovining Soul darlin’. A girl gotta gear up for the next fuq up (man) afterall, yeah? 😉

      But hey, never mind all that..lets keep on the positive yeah?”

      Sending you Love and Light…xo

  22. Drizzling here. My Flow is stronger than usual and was cramping tons last night.
    Just relaxing, but still getting mars in virgo on this Saturday morning. Budgeting for the next year, then will work on divorce papers. Fun. Maybe do some photo organization.

    • Ended up playing video game for hours with my daughter and then stepdaughter joined in. Super fun. Haven’t played in years. Then we went to beach and went on walk, throwing ball for dogs. Now at home. Relaxing.

    • Full Moon increases the flow. I’ve been a New Moon bleeder now for ages but the recent stresses (relationship breakup, nutjob temp residents, moving home) took their toll making me late – now into a pre Full Moon bleeder – full on – noticed the difference; usually have no “accidents” but had to change sheets twice. Hope I can get back to New Moon – so much lighter.

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