You Can Usually Blame Uranus

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Astronaut with Anubis

Hi Mystic! First of all, I love your work and have been a fan since way back when your books were all in hard copy!

Anyway I just have a question – a few months ago I saw a doco on Pat Benatar and was fascinated by her story.

This from Wikipedia – “Halloween 1977 proved a pivotal night in Benatar’s early, spandexed stage persona. Rather than change out of the costume she wore to a Halloween contest at the Cafe Figaro in Greenwich Village that evening, she went onstage at Catch a Rising Star in costume. Benatar said: “I was dressed as a character from this ridiculous B movie called Cat-Women of the Moon.”[7] Despite performing only her usual songs, she received a standing ovation.”

In the doco, Pat described that as a really important transition in her life from the opera-singing, sweet, married-to-a-military-man persona to the Pat we know. Then in 1979 she met her (now) husband, divorced her old one, and recorded her hit album. But she says that 1977 night was the launch point of all that.

I am fascinated by this idea of total rebirth. Wondering if there’s any significant astro in there? Part of me really wants to experience the same snake-like skin-shedding experience.

Thanks Mystic – Questing Virgo

Thank you Questing Virgo!

That Halloween was Uranus on Pat Benatar’s Moon & trining her Mars-Venus in Pisces. So Uranian morphs often come around as a WOW moment, a psychic flashpoint, a revelation. Even if the results take a while to play out, that moment – the Mabarosi moment, when your whole lifescape is illuminated as if by a lightning bolt – is magic and extremely lucid.

So this fits, hey. It was also Uranus trine Jupiter in general – so a strong Uranian week, quite apart from whatever was going on in P.B’s chart.

Until early 2015, we can tap Uranian Vibes non-stop if we care to – as Uranus isΒ  basically aspecting Pluto (the Zap Zone) this whole time. Or you can just try to block out the Uranian Vibes & feel vaguely agitated half the time lol. This is why my Scopes can seem weird on occasion, i am trying to align us with the Uranian Vibes as i think that’s the main pathway to peace, power & prosperity these days.

One way or another, Halloween IS always a major turning point though. Beneath all the sugar & pumpkin crap and regardless of what hemisphere you live in, it’s an ancient Pagan festival for a reason: Samhain or Beltane.


Pat Benatar

Image: Aleksey Litvishkov

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95 thoughts on “You Can Usually Blame Uranus

  1. MM thank you!

    I feel like today, I finally get it. It was helped along by a ‘moment’ this morning in a clothes shop where nothing seemed to fit. Things did ‘fit’ in a physical sense. It was inside me that the fit wasnt happening! Gotta go get my skates on – have some serious evolving to do so I dont evaporate.

  2. This is so interesting to me! I’m going through a Uranus transit – there’s the Zap Zone and also my MC is at 13 aries so Uranus got very close to there in July and now it’s retro and won’t be right there again till April 2014. At any rate, I am working on switching careers. I’m taking classes for a new and more awesome one and I feel like uranus has got me evolving and refusing to settle for a crappy career. So…thanks Uranus!

  3. I feel like Im subconsciously blocking Uranus and doing the agitation thing. Le sigh. And dreamscapes have been on steroids – woke up exhausted, running around mentally all night and have the eye bags and puffiness to prove it. I think Im focusing on Pluto too much instead. I follow MM daily but why in the heck am I doing Pluto??? I need to figure this out πŸ™

  4. Yeah Halloween is like going into the blue. Teaching yourself to reach above into the mystery of the unspoken word or drive deep into the waters that bath your emotions. If you listen long enough you’ll hear the secret you need to discover. I am not surprised about the power of Halloween.
    Uranus is my chart ruler and rolling with that kinda weird just works for me. Still trying to figure out how to maximize the radness of Jupiter in my sign Kataka. But feeling that it’s time for something major to emerge between now and May.

    • Hey s πŸ™‚
      Sometimes I think jupes is simply letting the sun shine in. Think of cats rolling around on a warm pavement or horses being silly, or that moment when you realise it’s really summer. To me that release and expansiveness is jupiter. The saggiest sagg I know, even when she’s pissed off there’s a smile just hiding in her voice. I don’t know how she does it. Xx

    • Isn’t it wonderful. Two symbols of alien (not ET , I mean the proper meaning) existences crossing time and everything else to be in the same image. Is it the same painter as was featured in the daily scopes? A russian? The astronaut wld be culturally strong and relevant for these guys maybe.

      • Yes, I noticed that wonderful pic by the same painter in the daily scopes and looked at his website and just knew Mystic would use this particular pic too sometime.
        He is indeed Russian. In his pictures a lot of his figures are either in space suits or old fashioned deep sea diving suits.

  5. Today was surreal. Possibly assisted by the fact that I have not slept. But still: surreal. It was that ‘meeting of many rivers’ feeling that I am starting to think is Uranus and/or Neptune.

  6. “Or you can just try to block out the Uranian Vibes & feel vaguely agitated half the time lol. ”

    Yes! I hate to admit it (w. Sun conjunct Uranus), but this has been me the last few months. I’ve been feeling Uranus’ call quite strongly but have been in a bit of a rut as to *how* I can instigate major change. My intuition tells me major change is needed if I want to find my own little patch of ground to stand on and nurture.

    I am actually in the process of changing things up a lot – aggressively de-leveraging all my debt, working out and sweating hard, and making plans to move into unchartered terrain in the next 12-15 months. Waiting patiently feels like sucking my stomach in. Uncomfortable and inauthentic.

  7. You know, just as we are talking about Uranus, trail blazing, innovation, et all …

    9 months? I have to potentially sit out 9 months to see if something I am working on actually works out? Or if anything is going to make a distinct change into the direction I’d like to go?

    Please say it ain’t so.

    I am Mercury & Uranus, I am not even sure on most days whether I can spell patience.

    • Exactly how I feel, Aquaria. Sooo not a patient person, but the last few months for me have been showing me it’s a trait I need to work on.

      Good luck with what you’re working on! πŸ™‚

      • argh patience. i’m working my Saturn, rebuilding my life step by step, holding out for February. we’re all in it together at least!

      • Thanks Saggibee πŸ™‚ I have gotten better with the patience thing, I am not going bonkers over long check out queues anymore πŸ˜‰ But 9 months seem still like a long time hehe.

        Wish you all the best for your uncharted territory as well.

  8. yep, i can certainly blame trans travelling over my venus-merc for some of the many adventures of the past two years …

    anyone know if there is any uranus involvement in the upcoming scorp-taurus full moon? it’s right on my natal saturn mars opposition. last time that area had some action, my father had emergency surgery, yikes. this time i’m hoping for an outcome more like ‘fateful romantic encounter’ …

      • I like ‘trans’ as an alternate name for Uranus! It reminds me of one of Neil Young’s electronic albums from the 80s that got savaged by the critics but sounds better with age!

    • Venus is semi-square the Moon. whatever that might mean!

      On the subject of the full moon, it’s happening on my AC/DC axis. Precisely, in the last degree of my 12th house….also a degree off my Moon and the Sun will be conjunct Neptune. So. Hidden stuff illuminated?

  9. I just had to look up an empheris (at Astrodienst) to see when Uranus was conjunct my Pisces moon: March 12, 2010, the day I submitted my PhD thesis for examination. It was a big day, for sure, and the culmination of a number of years of work. Transformation? Guess so, because I also made a decision at that time that I put into place some 15 months later in June 2011, with all those eclipses.

  10. Going with the flow or just feeling slightly agitated. Slightly!!!!
    I have had just the most bizarre few days after a couple of weeks of delight. It was all falling in my lap but suddenly my adrenaline spiked, I’ve been totally hyped up, as though I’ve done 6 shots of expresso ?!?! Can’t figure out why or what I’m missing? Feeling vulnerable and alone and bleak. Very unlike me. So I just have to watch it come and hopefully go.

    • in the May/June this year, I had a fantastic 3 weeks – and then it ended and I felt bleak (high pisces, low pisces). To remind myself, I wrote a list of all the fab instances, conversations and people of that 3 weeks, and it really reminded me that its useful to feed off the good times, in the harder times πŸ™‚

  11. “This is why my Scopes can seem weird on occasion, i am trying to align us with the Uranian Vibes as i think that’s the main pathway to peace, power & prosperity these days”. Fascinating!
    How can you help us align us with these vibes?
    I am imagining it like you are captain of the good ship Medusa and we get on board and your ship rides a vibration wave to Uranus on a Rainbow Bridge of Light!

    Read this today re Uranus:

    “Thompson, who directs the Center for Neuroacoustic Research… discovered sounds emitted by the planet Jupiter markedly resemble the high-pitched cries of dolphins, and sounds from the smallest moon of Uranus (Miranda) resemble vocal choirs.

    But Thompson was most intrigued by the sounds produced by the rings of Uranus, which are virtually identical to those produced by Tibetan Bowls”.

    M. L. Gaynor M.D. “The Healing Power of Sound”.

      • Guys – I have the genuine Uranian (and Jupiter) transmissions on my Binaural Beats on the shop – they are AMAZING.

        I got Jandy Rainbow – hugely respected in this field – to compose them to my specifications. There is something ridiculously cool about Theta pulses mixed with Jupiter-Uranus transmissions.

        There is a link to listen to a sample on the page

      • Isn’t it? We are from the stars so these primordial vibrations take us back to our cellular ‘star poo’ roots.

    • The lady who runs our yoga/meditation class vibrates a big brass gong at the end and the sound sort of undulates, it feels good and it seems to transport my mind

      • Yes, I have begun using Tibetan bowls and crystal bowls lately. The lower tones are for grounding and I just love them!

  12. Yes, I have some thoughts.

    First of all, I find this post so exciting! How wonderful that we can access the Uranian vibe whenever we like until 2015. A real cosmic gift. I relish getting to do what I want whenever I want to do it, in general. Oh sure, I’ve been burned a few times, but that’s the spicy singe of life! That’s living. Natal Sagg NN-Neptune, plus Pisces asc-Jupiter.

    Secondly, the doctors estimated that I was due to be born into this life on Samhain. They were some days off, as I was evolving in Scorp time & arrived past due date, but see: on some level, they knew me already.

    Finally, I returned to my homeland on Samhain 2002 after a 7 year vision quest abroad. And I relocated directly into a house which had (I discovered on Beltane 2003) a colony of 200+ bats living in its attic. Literally bats in the belfry. How Uranian is that?!


    • Oh I forgot to mention this one– it’s a goodie:

      At this time in 2005 I was incubating my son. On Samhain of that year, we entered the last trimester. He was born during Winter Solstice 2006, January.

      (Recently, something was floating about re astro connections between now & 2005-6, right? I read it here somewhere, can’t remember where or what exactly.

      So I’m pregnant again, metaphorically speaking. Thinking of having a shower. A very Neptune shower. And you’re all invited.)

  13. So i came to the realisation that i’m being overly ambitious, and thus dissatisfied. To effectively go with the change, i need to be satisfied with what i have achieved so far:
    -saved a freaking packet for my own home
    -and got what turns out to be good real estate instincts (or good taste?haha)
    -shifted city AND career, and actually have a job in my new one that matches my former income (i was shitty it’s not more but maybe i should just be a little more normal in my self expectation..been in this new game 3 months…fqn Merc in Aries much?)
    -got animal buddy – and a super cute, cheeky Piscean one at that
    -realised my old job, which i was at a month, still talk about me and want me back, even the admin (how nice is that?)
    -done some hard yards in deep psyche without my super cool Aries Counsellor, and survived someone else’s ahem issues to boot
    -made some new circles of friends and could-be friends
    -earned support and loveliness of new colleagues (plus some social)
    – lived with an aquarian, and am still alive to tell the tale

    Now, to be grateful! Because naturally all this comes with good support (yes, even, if not especially, the freaky anti-emo aqua). Not to mention the super champion advice of Mystic Medusa and the Pseudo Intellectual Astro Bitchez.

    So, now to tone down the ambition, and stop vibing all the hidden Capricorn in my chart (Mars is probably not hidden, but Prog Asc and Draconian are subtle) in Lo form. It’s coming up to Partay Season and i’m letting the Sagittarius out πŸ˜€

      • Thank you, gorgeous. I expected to have achieved this 3 months ago and to be at the next stage now, earning more. *blush* Yes i’m THAT unrealistically impatient, but i only realise it when i look at a calendar and count the time elapsed.

        And yeah, celebrate with me, Scorporation! Kiss kiss, cheers cheers xx

        • Like scales, I often find calendars to be instruments of the devil. Leaveth this house, Evil! But it’s us, of course: that obsessive scrutiny, the relentless determination, this drive… A blessing & a curse πŸ˜‰

          But all that is behind us now, mille! Toast to you, to us! Twirly twirly docey doe xx

    • In my world it could just be quite Uranus to “settle in with the ordinary”, as I come from a family background of unusual talent and eccentrics. I guess i’ve been trying to keep up (i am usually gently mocked as the vague Piscean). So being satisfied is unusual for me. Uranus is opposing my natal Uranus in Libra (which is trine my Venus in Aquarius), and Uranus transitting my Merc-Chiron conjunction in 5th house Aries. I have NN and IC in Aquarius, but have never quite figured that out.

        • Mine’s on the 5th-11th house axis and breaks open the intercepted houses in my chart: Aries and Libra.

          I guess it broke the permanent structures in my life, my material goods and my perma-job. Stuck in these structures were toxic group crap versus getting on with others; individuation versus rebellion (i’m very mars square and oppositions of the heavies, Uranus and Pluto); pleasure versus obsession.

          Most importantly, I was chronically ill with neuro issues (Saturn is in my 6th, though i’ve never experienced such a thing before). I believe Jupiter showed it large when it transited Taurus 6th house, and every gift i received in life got wasted or shrunk by illness, which was made chronic by toxic work. I am also having Saturn transiting 12th H opposing this natal Saturn so a great time to fix daily living/spiritual living disconnect.

          I thought Uranus over Merc-Chiron 5th house would reveal me to be a great artist but perhaps i was relying a touch on my Leo SN ;P

          In my cray cray life of being a Venus in Aqua slut and Neptunian boho nightmare, work is the one thing that never fell apart. I never thought of myself as a hard worker but everyone else apparently did. Took some harpies trying to get my juju to make me appreciate this. But also see how fixed and earthed i can be about some things…must get haute Earth (Pluto Virgo 10th, Saturn Tau 6th, Mars Cap 2nd) not stubborn prideful habitual Lo.

        • Have you had this or coming up, calypso? If had, what did it bring you? If not yet, i only know even i couldn’t second guess it.

          • your natal Uranus is in the 11th, Libra? and it transformed your toxic group situation. Makes sense? Our charts are round t’other way, I think. I have natal Saturn in Toro too but 12th house. I wonder if Saturn transiting the 12th house would bring to light health stuff previously hidden? or was the timing not right for that?

            My Uranus oop brought me two Aquarian men – there was a Rx, so it got transited 3 times. Both had a fated feel to them, and neither worked out but they both played a role in transforming me. I didn’t connect them with the Uranus Opps until much later as I wasn’t really big into astro at the time although when I look back they were bang on. I think that interest in astro is another thing the U Oop has gifted me.

            • I loved the auto correct! Bahaha! I’m so intrigued by this opposite charting we have. Because i’m
              still understanding Saturn Tau. I became ill in late April/May 2010. It was one of those dates Myst put in a list of key dates recently, which made me pause. I think i would have recovered faster if i had not said goodbye to so many friends just before, and had not had the toxic work. I refused to leave because of it, and a covert situation outed itself badly, so i guess i was an instrument in transformation. Fortunately, i was there for a couple of other people suffering it, even if i couldn’t alleviate it for them. I used to encounter key men who transformed me throughout life but this era has been significantly an era of one, a new experience for me. I’ve had significant support, but not intimate, more like help to stand alone.

              • well, they haven’t really provided support….more like the opposite! but anyhow, just interesting that Uranus brought me Aquas. Which has taught me some things about being alone. Which I was already doing but now without the losers and the LZ tendencies (damn Neptune there in the 7th!)

                Saturn Taurus hey? We should confer. I’ve never thought about it much because I’ve been struggling with the 12th House saturn.

                What was the patter Mystic was talking about? An eclipse related thing?

    • In roundabout ways ambition and improvement can even get weirdly aided by being okay with the now too

      • hmm trust a Pisces to say that…it’s no doubt true david, but i wonder if it only is after expenditure of as much effort as one can muster? Then one lets it be. Pondering…

        • like, after I stop beating myself up for not improving in the way I “should” be, I start getting around to improving the way I want to improve, then invariably you end up improving unilaterally any ways

      • Hiring new backing musicians, so external.
        I am however, having a shift in consciousness, reawakening to lost concepts that I put on the backburner all these years.

        • That sounds quite interesting, because i’ll bet you’re a higher version of the person you were then. And for some reason i can see a connection with the musical change. Audio is energy and it does shape consciousness.

          • I hope that I am bringing a higher level/ new energy to the music, and not just repeating the same old same old.
            I see he journey as a spiral.

  14. Uranus is transiting my 7th and I’m having a Uranian relationship – sudden and shocking. Been doing Pluto in the 4th with the house move and rennovation and – bam – suddenly the Pisces is part of the family. It really felt like that. He left all his things behind. I was happy to come home from the airport and see his toothpaste and whatnot lying around. He didn’t take anything; just said he’s coming back. My kid adores him but not in a creepy way – in a happy-for-me way. So amazing. He’s going through his Uranus midlife transit, I’m coming up on mine. He’s got Mercury conjunct Chiron in Aries square his Cap AC natally, and Pluto-Venus transiting his AC, so that’s being activated too. Freedom and maturity – that’s what I’m bringing to this new romance. It can go well, right? Even if its taken up a lifetime to get here. πŸ™‚

  15. Nothing to see here. Just me being pedantic and pointing out that Samhain = Halloween and Bealtaine is in May, at Springtime.

      • I still have issues* with the imported religious festivals. yes even pagan stuff. i call that religion too, because there’s some kind of structured belief system and worship hierarchy imo. (i have bones to pick with belief systems in general i think.)
        anyway if we – assuming whiteys mostly reading this down under – had the guts we’d make an effort to learn Aboriginal seasonal celebrations. not that I have either so poet meet kettle. HAHA i mean pot. (typot).

        *opinions subject to change without notice.

        • I think I’m less scientific that you Pi. Anything involving goddesses, celebrating, booze-ups, rituals, candles or magic and I’m in!!!

          Anything involving guilt, patriarchy, misogyny, poverty and chastity, and I’m OUT!

          • which of course is totally reasonable πŸ™‚ more celebration, less control!

            I think it’s my aversion to ritual. neptune saggi in the 6th, my rituals are whatever I want them to be at any given time πŸ™‚

        • Lol Pi! I am really interested in learning more about the Aboriginal perspective too. It’s just really hard to get any information and I have a feeling that many people carry on the culture, the genetic information, the spiritual affiliations and the ancestral links of family.
          Not always of course. You get tourists who come to Oz just to learn about the world’s most ancient culture, just as others go to seek the Celtic ruins in Europe or whatevs.
          I think most important is to respect the land, nature, customs even if they aren’t our own, because that’s how we get that connection, so it would be awesome to have, I dunno and Aboriginal calendar or something.
          But it seems Aboriginal culture is complex and layered so we only get the stories toddlers are told because you need to pass levels of initiation to receive the next round of info. Please correct me if I am wrong here!

          • yes I think you’re right, many elements would be no one else’s business.

            because oz is made up of so many aboriginal nations everything is different wherever you go.

            seasons-wise though, I have seen places like National Parks selling calendars that describe the multiple seasons and what indicates their changes around various regions… that’s pretty interesting. (and more useful than ‘the four seasons’ around here maybe)

  16. This pic is so cool

    I always look out for the star that is meant to ‘be’ the Egyptian god.

    Anubis seems he might have been Sirius B because apparently Plutarch said he was a ‘circle’ (orbit?). And Sirius B orbits Sirius.

    “To the Arabs, a companion-star to Sirius (in the same constellation of the Great Dog) was named ‘Weight’ . The true companion-star of Sirius, Sirius B, is made of super-dense matter which is heavier than any normal matter in the universe and the weight of this tiny star is the same as that of a gigantic normal star”.

    So I reckon this astronaut is trekking on Sirius B (the one the Dogons also describe accurately) with Anubis leading the way.
    Though I don’t know why Anubis would be leashed by that puny spaceman.