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Where you have Aquarius in your chart is where you’re currently…

* Not giving a flying fuq about the life narrative portrayed in the mainstream media and insurance company advertisements.

* Feeling that The Matrix was a documentary.

* Resetting your mind into “pioneer” mode and realizing that there is a lot of noise to ignore in order to hear the signal.

* Standing taller, working on your posture so as to transmit that you’re loud & proud about the choices you have made in your life. Particularly the more unconventional ones and what the fuq is a convention anyway?

* Morphing your diet for maximum efficacy, pastry could be an actual conspiracy.

* Noting that the Zap Zone has turned from ‘outlier’ to ‘inlier’.

* Working on not owing anybody anything.

* Seeing bizarre patterns others can’t see…yet.

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110 thoughts on “Where You Have Aquarius

  1. Yikes, what about my sun, moon, Saturn, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Mars in Aqua (1962 stellium)? It’s a lot to keep the posture these days …

  2. I’ve got Aqua in my 5th/6th house. I can see where I detach in the 5th, but not the 6th. Eating dumplings for lunch. The Pisces, on the other hand, has Aqua ruling the 2nd and his Venus and NN are there. He’s a genius, but will never be a steady paycheck type. Worked as a roughneck on an oil rig, landscaper, chef, snow patrol, guide, mountaineer, even a vacuum cleaner salesman for a day. And he is a brilliant fine artist. He read poetry on the phone to me and I thought “fuq, don’t do it” because everyone thinks they’ve written good poetry it seems – but he really did! And he makes abstract-impressionist oil paintings. He must have been a master artist in a past life. He has no training and yet his paintings really impact people. He gives them to friends. Even closet-gay Libran, who is not happy about me and the Pisces, went on a 10 minute rant about how the Pisces painting is his prized-possession. 2nd house Aqua and then some, I’m telling you.

  3. Aqua rising. Tonight my bf said he was in no rush to formalise our partnership beyond living together. Unlike 5 months ago when he was. Having never been the “marrying” kind I’m stunned to say I’m a little disappointed. WTF? I’m supposed to be above all this as an aqua rising?! Or am I just a bit hurt I no longer have the metaphorical upper hand…?

    • well, that’s just a little bit disappointing. Nobody wants to hear I want you more…..no wait, I changed my mind.

      But try not to take it personal. He’s probably under the spell of a transit, or was 6 months ago. It’s not you, it’s him.

      • Thanks Calypso. He says his feelings haven’t changed so he doesn’t need to prove anything.. You’re right, we’re probably both in a weird transit so will try not to over think it πŸ™‚

  4. My south node is flanked by Sekhmet and Artemis in 8th house Aqua. Definitely the one about standing taller re: past choices resonates the loudest. I mean I thought the matrix was a documentary from day one though.

  5. aqua in 8th house and nothin more. clueless, listless, loveless. kind of crotchety.
    scanning pictures of last relationship feeling unable to summon any sort of usual emotional reaction. It’s only just now I’ve begun to see nothing there for me.
    this whole month is go-go-go career wise in a shit show with no room for fixing kind of way. I’m refusing to think about it except for when in the thick of it so these rare days off will likely continue to leave me totally bewildered and runnin with whatever this cranky, asexual little vibe is(even if that means keeping happy watching MTV originals and eating spreadable cheese.)
    Anyway, I’ve got my side-eye down pat.

  6. I have sun conjunct south node in Aquarius in the 12th house as well as mercury and mars in Aquarius in the 1st house, meaning my ascendant is also in Aquarius. : ). Another day in the life!

  7. Direct from my Aquarius Moon in the 6th: pastry IS a conspiracy! That’s why I stopped eating grains. And sugar and most dairy and other carbs.

    • I honestly feel cloudy & heady when I have grains, it is like a drug to me. That’s why I don’t wanna give them up. But it’s also why it’s a good idea.

  8. Late to this, naturally. Moi has Sun, mercury & Venus in Aqua (along with a few asteroids) all in the 7th house. Pretty much all these resonate. … I don’t know how to articulate it right now but it feels good. It’s all over riding my Kataka moon & rising which has at times brought me undone, especially eclipses, etc cos Pluto is hammering the fuq out of me especially this year. Getting my relationships together or just letting them work themselves out. Blurted out to Leo lover (Aqua moon) “I’ll never be anyone’s wife, anyone’s girlfriend, look at me..” Was referring to my inner world not physical state. I’m still wondering where that came from.

  9. Check, check, check to all that. Aqua sun, jupiter, venus. Time to live my life my way and stuff everyone who thinks I’m weird/nuts. Mowing the lawn with a push mower – good for the abs, legs, arms, lungs, heart, ears – much more satisfying than going to the gym and no fees. Wearing a bright orange indian skirt with mirror insets and long dangly earrings places where everyone else wears t shirts and pants (boooring). Creating a lovely messy food forest with everything growing all over everything else and no nice neat garden. Avocado/kiwi/tangelo/yogurt smoothie for breakfast. Who wants toast and cereal!

  10. Aqua Mars, MC & NN in the 10th house, well the NN is at the end of the 9th. But in either case 9th and 10th house issues have always been forefront in my life – carving my own unique career path, expanding consciousness – following the status quo has never worked out for me. Being a woman, the quirky/kinky/bats aspect of Aqua Mars was something I tried, but eventually did not really resonate emotionally. I’m far more grounded in my Cancer Venus when it comes to sexuality. Tho’ I’ll probably never be entirely vanilla!

    So yeah I never have given a fuq about the mainstream narrative. When I first watched the Matrix, I bolted upright as if the universe was personally beaming important information about life direct to my brain. These days rather than being scattered, directionless ideology these aspects have become more integrated, grounded parts of my life.

  11. Right about the time Pluto went direct I stopped working really hard, like, “What diff does it make? Big change is coming & this material shiz won’t matter soon.” I know it was the same time that Pluto went direct because it surprised me, how my perspective shifted. I was expecting the opposite with Pluto direct: more drive, more determination, blasting obstacles with my mind kind of stuff. Not, “Eh, fuq it. Life’s too short.”

    Now I’m reading this post & wondering if it’s not a Pluto event im experiencing, but an Aqua one. ? Aqua 12th house, empty but for Lilith. Maybe something to do with progressions through my Aqua? Must look that up.

    Anyone else having a similar experience?

    • Empty Aqua 12th and ASC. I like where your going with this Scorp Inc.
      I am thinking what do I really want this lifetime to be about? Needs v wants and pros v cons. Where is Saturn to tie this up with a bow?

      • Right: Saturn! Where did it go?! It’s like my Saturn in Scorp got up & went. I mean, I have practical biz to deal with & now it all seems like a huge waste of my energy & time. Chatting with a loved one, watching reruns of The Office, tidying the kitchen: good use of my energy; sitting in my office & tending to admin: bad use of my energy. I don’t get this at all. What about Saturn?

  12. Aqua moon, in 7th house, Jupiter in Aqua, 6th house. Have been feeling pretty idgaf toward my diet and exercise, but not in a bad way, in a more organic, “i’ll do what feels good” kind of way, and that might mean drinking half a bottle of wine and cheese and crackers for dinner, or making homemade kimchi and doing pilates and walking by the water. Just following my instincts re: health and thinking about it in a more holistic, way, what’s good for my body AND my spirit. And re: emotions, relationships, I’ve also been feeling pretty idgaf but, again, not in a hostile way, but in a “it will all work out, can’t force things, I’m gonna do me” kind of way. Have been really depressed that last few weeks, but since this weekend have definitely been feeling a sense of release over things I can’t control and just not being so worked up over things. My Aqua moon sometimes balances my Pisces sun, and sometimes fights with it (for most of my life, before I got a chart done when I was 16 or 17, I thought I was Aqua, because my birthday is the last day of Aqua, and didn’t know anything else about charts. Kind of rocked my world when I realized I was actually a Pisces, but, of course, SO many things made so much more sense when I saw my whole chart.) But have definitely been feeling my Aqua vibe more

  13. Me: Mars in Aqua in the 7th house. YES to finally conquering my financial issues head on, with no apologies and no more excuses! Finally! With a bit of psychological elbow grease and gumption, I think I can be completely debt-free in about eight months! Somewhat funny seeing as I’ve spent the last five years trying to clear my debt but being unable to make any traction at all.

    My partner and I have also started making serious plans to move from the city next year to the coast and open our own business. It marks a change that both of us feel we need individually, as well as a turning point in our relationship – we’re both in this thing for the long haul. Less than a year ago I was single and completely uncertain of what I wanted… now I have realised what commitment means, and I’m committed to it!

  14. Aquarius moon.
    I want everything to change and now.
    There is so much external noise, its hard to focus. When I’m alone, and full of fruit smoothies, everything suddenly clears and its wonderful and I know what I’m doing but I just want to drop everything and do ma thang.
    Pastries are a conspiracy, but they are temptingly difficult to drop. I suspect they will be the last mountain to conquer.

    • Yes to the external noise! I’ve been having a hard time with being around other people, like the aura volume is up way too high. Extreme noticing of vibes, their eye color, their body language– & it’s exhausting! When I’m alone, I just want to tune everything outside out, & get clear again. Totally wanting to drop most everything. Beginning to. I’m not sure if I’m progressing or backsliding, but it feels beyond me.

        • That’s right: from our sun sign, the sun is in our 12th– I forget about that. From my Ascendant, my 12th is Aqua. I guess I’m definitely having a 12th house experience… Reconfiguring. Reboot.

          Also, & this pertains more to my comment below, I keep discounting the fact that I’m now a full-time 2nd grade teacher (on top of everything else) & guess what? That’s a lot of work haha! Probably I’m spending a lot of my Saturn mojo in that endeavor. Maybe Pluto direct energy, too.

          *And* I’m having that Jupiter trine Saturn transit in Kataka that astro.com has dubbed “Pleasantly Lazy”, now through the next equinox. LOL

          Puff puff pass, PIABs πŸ˜‰

          • I’m totally getting rid of stuff and knocking things back even work. Clean slating it…..gunna finish my degree.

            F/T? wallah, that is hard work….

  15. MC, and yes, obviously, to all of these! The inlier thing is pretty trippy- hadn’t thought of it in such terms until now. Excellent. Posture I am working hard on right now, so far to go.

  16. 11th house (late, like 28/29 deg) Aqua sun (2deg) here…

    Waiting for the ‘not give a fuq’ to happen. Moved countries, left all my old friends behind and very quickly became I slotted from the new ones I’d made over here before the move. More friends are happening but there’s a bunch of ‘crazy’ in this town, and in trying to keep myself at a distance from everyone else’s crisis.

    Social life in limbo because of it…

  17. So … Opinions on dreadlocks ?

    I have nothing in or near Aquarius. But I do have an Aqua son πŸ™‚ he’s crazy !

    • i love dreadlocks but maintenance was awful. Plus depending where you live be prepared for racist things to happen to you. πŸ™ During the time I had dreads I was pulled over by the police at nearly 4x the frequency than I am normally pulled over. And no getting dreads does not cause you to drive faster or worse,

      • I don’t find maintenance to be difficult at all, but I’ve had mine for 4+ years and am over the hump. The first year or so is, admittedly, a pain. There is a stage in which they look absolutely wretched, months and months of horror and looks and wtf from every single person you meet. It’s part of the process, because it is a spiritual process, giving up control and attachment. Lots (most, in my sample) can’t hack this stage, understandably!! You miss stuff, like the feel of a brush on your scalp. You learn the extreme art of pillow positioning. They take forever to dry. But! Besides that they’re fun, and look good, there’s the whole uncut hair spiritual aspect… I could keep going and going. πŸ™‚
        I haven’t been profiled, but I’m blonde and it’s California. It’s a different reaction when I visit the Midwest, and driving through Wyoming, you’d have thought I was filling up my UFO…

        • I gave up on mine because i have stick straight fast growing hair so to keep it dreaded it meant a stringent regimen to keep the scalp oil free and back combing the roots every 3-4 weeks. ugh.. Then a cat came into a room where i was sleeping and ate most of my dreads off my head as I slept. Then I shaved my head and gave up.

          • Omg, a cat ate your dreadlocks?
            πŸ˜€ That made my day. Lol. Thanks EEL, now I have less regret I haven’t done them.

            Wish I could do dreads, but with fine slow growing hair I was advised by many not to do it. Sigh!

            Maybe I will do it at 60 for a laugh when my hair goes silver.

        • Thanks guys πŸ˜€ hdq – this is what it would be for me. A spiritual process and a recomittment. Just not sure if I am ready yet….

  18. I fucking love this post, and i havent even read the posts yet.!!!

    Of course pastry is a conspiracy, unless of course made in something other than wheat@!!!!!

    I just found out the awesome Ehtiopian breads Injela? are made out of Teff flour which is not wheat and not gluten and is delicious….

    Thinking of making coconut flour muffins tomorrow…

    Wheat, rice and whatever else… sugar, makes me not myself bastards…

    Im feeling radical listening to leonard cohen and ani di franco… i dont have much tolerance… Im feeling like imposing myself on life… I think its only taken me 40 years to feel this way!!!!!

    As we speak Im talking to a dj friend of mine, and lining up a party!!! i realised yesterday i had not been to a party for over two years… not like a real party anyway… and i also realised i had not had a party either… So ITS TIME to have a party…..

    I used to have the best parties… one back in the day was a house party with 5 awesome djs and in the backyard was a fire and tabla and djembes and awesome music, I was off my face, the police came and i remember thinking i seduced them, probs didnt, but it was all so full of love… I miss those days….

    So I need to do it again and celebrate life… finally Im in a place where I can relax to some degree and feel like I can celebrate, like Im looking after myself at least, and not relying on others to pay for my life….

    Does anyonelse feel like that??? its an intense feeling???

    anyway… whatever… I really wanted to talk about the intense individualisation going on in my fourth house where aquarius is!!!

    Im feeling intense and loving and feeling like Im creating my own reality and like Im separating from family of birth, as much as I held on for sooooo long… I still will Im sure… I love them sooo much…

    and over the years I have let go so many times so many many times… and i keep coming back…..and now , maybe its time to really let go a lot more….

    • Injera is GF?! You just made my day. Teff porridge is amazing too- ooh winter, I see your culinary delights coming!

      Love the head/heart space you’re in! Xx

      • well I cant be sure if Teff is gluten free, it dosnt taste like it is, but the google search i did said it was gluten free

        • yes, it definitiely is gluten free!!

          The most recent edition of ‘Landline’ (australian ABCtv program) spent 20 mins of the program outlining the resurgence of all of these fantastic alternative grains for a gluten freee palate!

    • Same. And The Matrix is true. Totally. Why doesn’t everyone get that? Ok, maybe just peeps who don’t read this blog? πŸ™‚

  19. I have nothing in Aqua. It is in my 4th house so Mystic’s comments make sense. I have given up on my family to some extend. Disconnected with my brother’s family this past week. Getting a flurry of emails that I will respond to when I can. I don’t want to deal with their game playing. I am done.


  20. Aqua IC and Chiron in 3rd conjunct. Eldest son is Aqua rising. Teen daughter – Aqua Moon conj my IC. God daughter/niece Aqua ASC. I’m her baby’s grandma/elder since my sister passed.

    Since uni days- Lots of coops- lived in an ashram. Lived in Grasse, France above a pastry shop- and in friend’s servant quarters. I sleep in my library with generations of books esp my astro books and Mountain Astrologer mags. I only sleep about 6 hours most nights. Hate sharing a bed!

    We cut our own lawn in a hood with lawn services. Ditto shoveling snow- got a snowblower for Xmas one year- and bought the mower while renting huge red truck!

    When I lived in Grasse, Aqua was my Asc- loved it there!!!

    My house is eclectic- read cluttered and improving on that. Kids in and out at all times. Second home is our dojo. Always feared being homeless and living in my minivan.

    Only support indy businesses, care providers, grocery etc.

    Had four inches cut off my hair. Wear lots of recycled clothes and Birks. I love the quirky kids. Don’t trust authority- see behind the masks.

    Just learned I’m losing health insurance as of 1/1/14. Oddly excited and relieved cuz even 20 hours of scheduled work feels onerous. Strong drive to work from home and in create order after years of caregiving, hospital visits and advocacy for ailing beloved peeps. Totally resonate with comments on supporting others at my expense.

    New work schedule 15 hours- I can go back to school- or take on a full time job with benefits- but last I did that I had a breakdown from conflict and guilt being away from kids. Listening for guidance from angels and guides re: work . Eldest son graduates- don’t want to be absent 10-12 hours a day.

    Just lost two household members- brother guinea pigs died a week apart after four years. Daughter very distraught. Still have ginger cats and bunny. Letting bunny run the floor for hours- she loves it. She corrals cats. Feeling guilty about her cage time! Aqua on 4th murmers!

    Love love love this community!!!

    Xx Kat

  21. Pallas Athena, Lilith & Part of Fortune in Aqua.
    Rules my 9th House.

    I do not give two fuqs about belief systems, philosophies or yr higher education. You don’t need to be an ‘ist’ of any kind or have a PhD to understand a thing. Experience is where it is at.

    Most Doctors are particularly on my shit list for being both arrogant AND uninformed. While some of the stupidest people (internally speaking) I have met lately have psych degrees.

    My gurus have all fallen.

    Some ethically, others, such as Goenka, the genius who created Vipassana retreats around the world & in prisons etc. just passed this weekend at age 90.
    Rest in peace Goenkaji!

    • Aqua is my 11th house and has sod all in it. But I is standing right with you Andi because for years I have been up against the main stream medic and yup they too have been totally dismissed in my life now. I cannot even bring my self to a point of trying to explain…why waste the energy. I know this is a broad brush but they are a pretty wide ranging group from civil servants of our NHS through to jobs worth staff. There are a couple, just a couple I have met who are outstanding but across the globe I’d say I have met with maybe three???
      A lot of venom for me on a sunday but you hit a raw spot in me there.
      Big up high five Andromeda

    • getting a higher ed degree is a great experience!

      but mostly for the social aspects πŸ˜‰

      although really, anything that encourages people to think, I mean really think, is good right? problem is so many courses don’t do that.

      • If you want an experience Higher Education institutions are nice expensive spaces for socialising & parties, sure!
        But I am totally exasperated by people who think they know what they are talking about, people who want funding & grants for things that are meant to help but can’t exist outside a uni, people who want acknowledgement for papers & titles – just get out there & do something!
        Make it independent & financially viable…
        STOP thinking & START doing. Evolve or evaporate? πŸ™‚

        • one F1 fighter jet could put 5000 people through uni to graduation. I know what sort of world I’d rather live in. (one in which stupid uninformed people wouldn’t vote for parties that don’t represent their interests!)

  22. Does anyone feel like the retrograde is already hitting!? Sooooo many IT, telecom and miscom fuq ups already affecting my life!

    Bit really related to this post, unless I’m “Seeing bizarre patterns others can’t see…yet”

  23. Aquarius South Node here. That would explain my current irrational need to stop giving a fuq about what other people want/like. Usually, I try to make everyone happy/comfortable. Now, I am caring less and less about making others comfortable. Also not interested in: giving to others who never give back (to anyone), supporting someone else’s career/start up/business to the detriment of my own time/finances, and giving my expertise away for free to blood suckers/shonks. Also, not interested in anything that was “the old me” eg. hair, clothes, people, attitudes. I’m pretty sure many so-called “friendships” won’t survive this cycle. It’s scary but I can’t stand another day being someone else’s gimp.

  24. Sun and Jupiter in Aqua in the seventh house. Spot on! I have been ‘single’ since last year, and I currently don’t give a fuq about what peeps could ever think about my status. enjoying my freedom more than ever…I’ve successfully menaged to cut off all past love zombie interests and relations, decluttered my 7th to the max. finally I can breathe!

  25. Aquarian Sun, Mars, and Saturn…and I love this blog entry. I smiled immediately realizing that I agreed with every item in that list! It is so freeing coming to this space and reading such enlightening and personally meaningful words! Now if only I could align my outlier with my inlier and get the career/biz stuff figured out because I seem to have missed that train altogether and it is a confusing place to be…

  26. Why Aqua? what degree? Is it because it’s squaring Venus and Mercury? I need to know!!!

    Natal Saturn in Aqua in 2nd house. Don’t give a fuq about income?

    “Working on not owing anybody anything” YEP. Got that sorted when Pluto went over my Asc. Debt free. πŸ˜€

  27. No planets in Aqua, but Aqua is my IC and it’s quite relevant. I’ve never lived in a conventional situation. Ever. If it’s not an RV, it’s a punk house, a shack, a tent, a couch, etc. It’s always interesting. Currently I am living in a 1920s hotel that is now a bar/venue with a secret living space up top. I am the only one in this huge building!

    I also spend a lot of time sleeping in my van which is elegantly tricked out with oriental rugs and sheepskins.

    I just don’t give a fuck.

    Home has to be interesting. Or freeing.

    Added note: My father has an Aqua moon…

    • Oh lordie this sounds like me. In the last year I have lived in: a yacht, a teepee, a room that was once a walk-in wardrobe, a yurt, a cabin, a trailer, and a converted water tower. It’s fun! Envious of your 1920’s hotel experience – what an incredible space it must be.

    • Wow, you guys are adventurous and brave. It must come naturally as an Aqua.

      The most mine has been was living in a garage in a historic neighborhood…the house was 126 yrs old. The garage had been converted into a little cottage and was quite comfortable for the four years I lived there….But, it was haunted and so some craze stuff went on from time to time.

    • cool love the sound of your current living situation. 1920’s bar/hotel. wow.
      I’ve lived in artist’s coops, warehouses and lofts, including a haunted mansion in Prague and a turn of the century haunted mansion in Seattle (rumored to where Ted Bundy used to work at the Seattle Crisis Clinic).
      Right now in an artists’s community and I love it!
      I too have Aqua on my IC 3rd/4th Houses. I had no idea what to really make of it but, I love nontraditional vs beige carpenting in a McMansion in the burbs.
      I want to build my house off-grid on a small ranch all made of recycled elements and have an organic no-kill animal rescue farm.

    • IC in Aqua, too. Saturn in Aqua in 3rd, Since I was 19 till 37 I changed 13 living places. Was on one place for next 11 years and, since march 2011, I’m in third ‘flat’. Now living in computer shop that is closed due to crises. Finaly got job (on exact third square Ur-Pl), trying to pay off my debts, and… what??? Matrix is not a documentary???
      Sagg Sun, Scorp Asc

  28. YES, to all of it!

    I’m Aqua Sun, 11 degrees, and Aqua Mercury, 29 degrees.

    I’m really trying to ‘break through’ right now. That’s what it feels like. Trying to get up to the next level, and it’s a difficult transition, but I feel like I’m in there like a warrior, like a training athlete.

    Oddly, one thing that seems to be helping all this, moving things along, with good fortune showing up in lots of little ways (waiting for the BIG ways!), and increased optimism (thankfully, finally!) …..is due to Jupiter transiting my Crab ascendant….. it has nothing to due with the Aqua theme here, but seems to be making things a little easier. I do have Sun exact inconjunct ascendant, so there is an aspect there, though usually that is not an easy aspect.

    Anyway………..yes, I agree, I think we Aquarians are Super-Aquarians right now!

  29. I have a 3rd house aqua moon as does my twin…we were born 5mins apart a looong time ago…as aqua moons, 5 mins has is just about the amount of time we can enjoy each others company…we honour this truth positively these days…

  30. Aqua on my descendant. I have no idea what that could mean. I have Chiron in Aqua in my birth chart. I don’t know if really believe in Chiron. The old version of my astro software had a switch to turn off Chiron in the chart display. I turned Chiron off. The new software version took the switch out. So I’m stuck with it, whether I like it or not.

    So I was talking about this with an astrologer friend. She offered to send me a copy of my chart done in Solar Fire, with all the objects she uses, all turned on at once. Fixed stars, asteroids, TNOs, everything. I’ll show you a little piece of it.


    I told her, I can’t even read that, let alone attempt to interpret it. It would be a lot easier if I had Solar Fire and I could just turn them on one at a time. But together, it’s too much to deal with. She said her teacher described a chart like this as “full of gravel.”

    • “gravel” lol…Yeah, TMI eh Charles….That kind of stuff make your eyes cross and scramble the brain…haha

      My Chiron is 25 degrees Aqua in 9th 10 degrees from Pisces MC..Think it plays into my massage/healing work as trine Gem Mars-Asc. but I don’t follow it that closely altho Leo Mars is rignt now opposite come to think of it. I have Barbara Hand Clow’s book on Chiron and gave it a look see.

      • Aqua on your Dsc means Uranus rules your 7th of partnerships of all kinds. Know you dated a Pisces but was she Uranian in some way or have other people been?

        • Aquarian women are crazy. Therefore Charles loves The Cray.
          Soz Charles but you know it’s true!
          I empathise. I have 7th ruled & riled by Player Saggi, it’s the complimentary masculine version to a Uranian Femme, a Jovial Homme. πŸ™‚

  31. Aqua on my NN. I feel so free! Due to circumstances I am finally getting myself together. Have left the job at the bank and everyone else is quitting as well. Also found a job in the media and it’s like I finally found what I wanted to do. Never been a better time to listen to myself and do what I want.

  32. PASTRY IS NOT A CONSPIRACY … you take that back!

    ” Not giving a flying fuq about the life narrative portrayed in the mainstream media and insurance company advertisements.”

    I was raised by Aquas and Aqua Risings – the mainstream lifestyle narrative is like a foreign language that I only know the basics of so I can get around if I ever accidentally take a wrong turn into that country.

    • Ha me too. I go home and it’s only a few days before I’ve been sucked into the bubble and my siblings and I are asking, “what do normal people do here???” πŸ™‚

      • Ha! I’m Aqua Sun n Aqua ascendant…my kids have had some interesting adventures and unusual education opportunities around the world with a solo mum. Now they’re nearly all grown they’ve stopped resenting the non-normalness and are dining out on their stories instead.
        Gotta rush – Saturn conjunct Aqua ascendant, Mars n Sun in 12H Aqua. Too busy to chew the fat or pastries…

  33. Aquarius is my IC and NN.

    My current living situ MIGHT appear strangely conventional or completely weird, i’m not sure, but the reaction of others is not neutral, even if muted. I can’t believe some of them don’t get what i’m trying to achieve.

    I’m also gearing up for a new wave of prosperity, both saving and trying to get my brain to comprehend investment/tax info. The days of Jupiterian gambler’s luck with the market are long gone, with Saturn opposing Saturn giving me caution. I DO stand up STRAIGHT πŸ™‚ I do my teeth and my taxes, study and exercise. I miss my former endless procession of lovers and playmates but simultaneously cannot compromise in order to have a broad circle of what are ultimately acquaintances (errr read: drink like a fish).

    Grounding is where it’s at! Because this is what will allow me freedom. My ideas of freedom and selflessness in the past have not given me anything but hilarious and incredible stories. Who cares: to those people who suggested i write a book – my story is my own, not for sale. And yes, i notice my own tone of late, Venus is in Aqua in my Cap ruled third house, too. Does it help that Uranus went over Mercury in Aries? Yep it’s an intercepted house. I think the doors broke.

    • “Notice my own tone of late”…ha, Mars action in my Leo ruled 3rd lately.

      But we need more stories mill!

      Cool that you streamlined for focus and intent. Doing the same myself as when I just stick to the basics of my life as far as what is important, I’m okay and don’t get sucked into not so good for me distractions.

      • He heh Mars going through Fire in the 3rd? For an Aries? I would love to be a fly on the wall for that one, Sweetpea πŸ™‚

        Thanks for saying it’s cool to be focused. I don’t feel very cool. There are significant Uranus contacts in my chart but i’m really feeling the old ruler of Aqua, Saturn. Today i think i was dressed like a nazi, out in the sunshine, i really noticed it! Mind, i was dressed for an interview, but…not as a prison guard!

        You know, my Venus is Aquarius too, and a host of witchy women like Circe and Isis and a few others, but i feel quite loveless. I mean i’m too busy to devote good time to anyone just yet but i still really feel it at the moment. I’m scared that time is over!!! Maybe i had too many and i’ve used up my allotment!

        Do you miss the distractions, too, Sweetpea?

  34. Sun-Midheaven in Aqua. After years of Neptunian craziness, wandering, and lack of focus (but following my heart/vision) it is ALL COMING TOGETHER!!! All I want to do is work and work out (Saturn transit to moon and ascendant).

    I thought my work for my philosophy degree was all mental masturbation but it has a lot of crossover to my current work (cryptography/business stuff at a startup; they took a gamble on me and me on them but I think it’s gonna be big). I have some philosophy ideas I am working on submitting to journals that I believe are sound and completely novel. I have not seen anything like them…I am so excited, I just feel like following my heart and my curiosity has finally led somewhere and it’s all only just starting!!!

    • “Feeling that The Matrix was a documentary.”

      lol this is actually what my work (both the crypto stuff and philosophy) is about…it’s insane.

    • I hear ya! Keep going at it πŸ™‚

      I have an aqua stellium….all in my aqua ruled 11th house. Def feeling the Saturn square – currently working and studying like a demon to get success.

      Work, work, work……and everything is starting to fall into place, with the odd road block along the way.

  35. Aqua in the 3rd house. I don’t know what that means?
    Not giving a crap about communications or siblings and neighbours?

  36. Venus in Aqua (6th house). Have suddenly become obsessed that the toothpaste / dental industry in general is a gigantic profit-generating conspiracy. Am experimenting with cleaning my teeth with neem oil a la Living Libations. Simplifying all my routines back to absolute basics.
    I am prepping well ahead of time for Saturn squaring my Venus next year.

  37. Just when I think my Ascendent is Piscean I get struck out by Aquarius logic. It’s only a matter of time before an aspect of your life is portrayed in a Woody Allen film.

  38. I have on planets in Aqua. Aquarius is on my cusp of my 6th house. Not sure what this would mean. I am boycotting my extra work so I can focus on my health and house.

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