Virgo Yourself Out This Dark Moon

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Steven Meisel

Lady Macbeth was clearly a Virgo.

But with no access to modern cleaning products, divorce lawyers or therapy, the poor thing.

Anyway, Virgo yourself out on this Dark Moon. Just do it. No detail is too nano for a Virgo Moon.

No call-bot can withstand the might of you on a Virgo Moon in fix it mode.Β  Diet. Budget. Numbers. Data.

Even your existentialist crisis can be quantified, right? All possibilities can be calculated – from whether or not the Yanks default on however many trillions they owe Chine in interest to the results of you giving up white flour/wine for a week.

Measured is managed – everything from kilojoules to expectations is being run through your high-beam Virgo Vision. Plus it’s a good way to up your mood on a Dark Moon in the Zap Zone.

Image: Steven Meisel



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89 thoughts on “Virgo Yourself Out This Dark Moon

  1. I always think of Madonna as being a Virgo! I think it’s because she has the ultimate Saturn Girl’s body!

    So for that reason I thought I’d share this great article she wrote for Harper’s Bazaar – Truth or Dare?

    • This is immensely enjoyable and encouraging. Used to be meh about Madonna but these last few years have gotten into her through her dance clips. Thanks for sharing, B-Gem πŸ™‚

  2. it is only, ONLY the resistance that is killing you! Let go, do what you’re going to do and don’t logic yourself out of it. From where I stand this attitude has been the making of me. Life is so much easier. I get into the muck and I can get out and clean off so much quicker or equally can stay and swim and swim and swim in it if it is what I want/need to do.

  3. weirdly I had a significant and complicated affair kick off at that exact time – t’was fated and going to happen irregardless of mortal bonds like marriage. it was clearly an important re-set/learning moment for both of us.

    It as deep and real and not ongoing because of his binds. this is not what I should say, but tbh i feel subjugation to those binds to be a bit false, and the boundaries arbitrary and unclear. Things that are set for us by cultural agreement rather than in response to our feelings desires and experiences.

    Partly I’m saying your friend is already betraying his wife. partly I’m saying of course this happens, because life and human interaction are messy and ever-changing not neat and controllable like social institutions try to make them.

    I’m not passing advice, just sitting with you in solidarity and understanding that this stuff is both real and complex. I would think that all involved might suffer from the playing out of this drama, I am only afraid dear Catt that you may be the one to suffer alone. If the decision you reported below is the one that you feel is based most in self-care then it will have been the right one for you, and that’s all you need to do. Much love and support x

    • you know what? I don’t even believe that women as homewreckers bullshit. It’s just people having relationships and YOU are not responsible for HIS home. He is, AND secondly, his partner is.

  4. I have bought myself a new wallet and am witching up my finances/prosperity on the new moon. Never been more serious about this actually.

  5. Cat. I had one of those. I gave all and he married someone else as he continued to see me. That marriage ended as I knew it would but I watched from close quarters all the while learning and pulling back. He is still kicking about in my life although I’ve told him to go more times than I’d like to consider. It’s not the norm but it was us and what we had for each other. I’m over him now. Totally. I’m happy to see him but it leaves not a mark on me. Him on the other hand is totally fuqed up. Can’t find a replica can’t get off can’t seem to exist without me. His stuff. Always was. I just got caught up in it. You connect how you connect. You can’t tell a river to flow upstream. You have to get in the boat and just float downstream. Currently you’re both struggling upstream. Turn round, float. See where it takes you. It’s a thread in your tapestry.

  6. Cattiva, Of course I don’t know you really but I feel care for you.

    Switch the gender in the lyrics to this song. Have been in a similar situation as you. When I got pissed off enough I fuqin’ walked away.

    I’m glad you said no.

    When he did come back three years later after getting out of the marriage, he was still selfish. I stayed pissed off oh, nearly a decade. I know it hurts be he chose. Make the fuqer own it big time.


    • Lyrics:

      “You’ve got his heart and my heart and none of the pain”…

      Those we’re the lyrics I’m talking about.

      • And hey, know I cussed a lot but I cuss more on Fridays after a long week of working my ass off.


        Pisces Sun Virgo Moon Chiro Doc so sweet…

        On Friday’s he puts on the white board in our staff room…”Happy Friday”..

        This week I put “damn straight” w/lol of course…

        • And like Mystic, he’s a Pisces with Mercury in Aries….His on my SN so of course he don’t care as long as we remain professional otherwise..

          Toro love Doctor co-worker in Italy for two weeks with her beau.

          Told her if she didn’t deserve it so much I’d be jealous…


  7. moon in Libra goes void on my NN this weekend. is this of note? is there anything I might want to take note of? astro fiends..?

    • if you do hoodoo make sure it’s over before that time and know that the moment it hits your north node you’re ready for outcome you visualised or whatever. It just means it makes no more aspects to any other planets before it moves into the next sign. It doesn’t mean you’ll lose your way or anything hon xxx

      • if you initiate things while it’s void they will not work out as planned and may not come to fruition at all is the only thing that is negative about it. If you do electional astro you never pick a time for something when the moon is void.

  8. I’ve been out of wack all week, finally bleeding ans starting to feel like a rational human, was incredibly emotional and for good reason, but it took over my life.

    So I have lots of cleaning to do this weekend, and am pretty motivated to get on top of everything…. Possibly even do some dreaming up.

    Really want to get back to fitness regime but my womb is not interested in that its making me slow right down! In the red tent…

    • Such a relief to finally shed all of that tension! My uterus is a boss, too: when it says jump, I ask how high. Scorpio bits. Intense.

      Cheers to your catharsis on this new moon, faa. Go slowly, honor the process. x

    • So good!! Let it all flow away with the blood. However long it takes is perfect. You’ve been through some major shite lately! Red tent blessings xxx

  9. We donated 60 dozen eggs to the local women’s & children’s refuge centre today, feels very Virgo moon. That “helping” vibe has been particularly strong last night and today…

  10. I’ve been feeling Virgo’ed out for a long time, tend to go in that direction naturally, never have been sure of why. Maybe it’s the ‘inner-Virgo’ of all my planets in Pisces? I’m one of *those* who cleans the house when I’m feeling stressed out and overwhelmed….gives me a sense of control, maybe? It does make me feel better, for whatever reason.
    I’m Aqua Sun, Pisces moon, Crab rising…..however I have Jupiter in Virgo (not the best, eh?), Uranus/Pluto in Virgo, and Venus in the 6th (in Cap). Born to WORK! Ha ha..

    Anyway, lots and lots of details and busy-busy stuff swirling around in my life and in my head but I’m not getting overwhelmed. I’m somehow getting things done but still not feeling very efficient or ‘on top of things’. I have to just trust that I’m doing enough…..but I do feel like somehow I’m not keeping up. Feels like things are going at warp speed….

    I miss my subscription here! I will get back on it next month when I have the money…

  11. I’ve been sleeping like mad. In bed by 11 for the last week and a half, and this morning I woke up ON MY OWN, only hit the snooze 3x instead of 7, and got up predawn to do yoga with my 5 year old. She’s Venus, Saturn, DC, and Mars Virgo. Amazing. So simple. This dark moon therapy so vital- the new moon is on my Pluto. 😯

          • lol, AND….been sleeping like crazy as well. I read somewhere Uranus in my 12th would lead me to need wither no sleep or mucho – are you Toro Rising too?

            • I aways sleep like crazy. Love my sleep-ins more than anything!!!!!!!!!! I think one of the reasons I decided not to have kids is because they’d ruin my sleepy time. LOL

              Natal Neptune conjunct Sun πŸ™‚

            • Nope! Toro rules my 12th, but my toro stellium rules my life. The gem is just external fluff. This sleep thing is new- eternal teenager says “maaaan soooo lame” eye roll eye roll. “Aren’t there some good WTF pics on reddit to browse until 2am?” Nice to tell her to fuq off!

    • Oh wait – I think Virgo Moon just hit me.

      Cleaned out a bunch of old words sent to me from various people in my life. The hardest ones to rid myself were from a S.O. Libra of my past, go figure, in time for the new Libra Moon. Wow, I can practically feel a lift off my shoulders. Cutting loose in time for the New Moon. Loving me. Now, back to my untimely Toro Moon activities, lol.

  12. By the time I read this the moon was just into Libra. I felt the Virgoness yesterday…..organized photos, a huge project I have been working on for a long time to seperate our photos between kids dad and I.

    Feels like a dark moon though…so tired. After illness and fighting off illness I am wore out. Going to hide out as much as possible even if I am missing out on work.

    • Super draggy. I took big nap now he is taking big nap. He had the day off.
      Not remembering my dreams right now, but I know I am dreaming.

      I put out to the universe what I wanted…..Torro sun, with one little girl with her having red hair being an extra bonus.
      We met and I thought he was cute, but…..
      but then I found out he was a father, to one girl, a redhead. Then a few conversations later, he brings up astrology and says he is a Taurus! No way!
      He was NOT the one I would have thought I would have be so happy and in love with. Many people have been shocked by us getting together. But I followed my instinct and heart(never feeling any red flags gut warnings) SOOO GLAD I went outside of my type.

  13. I’m really liking this Virgo Moon vibe–feeling like I’m in the zone with my career at the moment and that I can zoom in and out from big picture to small detail smoothly and easily. Its been so llong since I’ve experienced this confidence about things.

    I’ve also felt this persistent Pluto energy lately: that nothing on earth can stop something that’s meant to be. So align yourself with the energy and watch things unfold.

    Maybe this is just me having survived the last passage of the godawful transit of Saturn opposite my Moon. No, I did learn a lot, got out of debt, lost weight, etc. but boy am I glad it’s over.

    Has anyone else experienced the end of a heavy Saturn transit as a blessed relief?

    • Ye goddesses the moon opposition was an awful slog. My Saturn transit isn’t over- just passed Uranus-vertex and about to square natal S, but these are so much more doable than the soul-crushing loneliness and constant angst of the moon oppo! Congrats on surviving it! Blessed relief is hard won. Xxx

  14. I’m so not with the Virgo Moon program right now (unless ordering a bottle of iron tonic counts). I usually go on a get my shit together bender during Virgo Moons, but I’ve just been feeling tired and overwhelmed – so much to do, so can’t be fuqed…

  15. Oh….. funny! I just read this, after buzzing around all day taking care of finance admin. stuff, organizing the new house, unpacking, hanging curtains, doing laundry, clearing out emails……. I guess my Virgo Sun enjoys a round of Virgo Moon. Now if I could just get rid of my annoying natal LEO Moon, I’d be all set. πŸ™‚

  16. trying to work out the sun sign of my new hot colleague. also trying not to give a damn and instead just soak up the tall, dark, handsome, devastatingly efficient eye candy …

    • Yes he has a bit of Leo about him. I suspect some virgo. I freakin love virgo men. Was wondering if he has venus-sun or venus-asc. Or maybe it’s scorpness that delivers the hotness. Oh who cares. He’s taken boooo! This cld be a good thing..

  17. I have already made a list and a metaphorical list in my head that need not be committed to paper and with Pluto and Uranus in my 4th (Virgo) so… easy to can guess some of the things that might be on it.

    I was just pondering Saturn and my TN inching towards my DC, something to read up on later if I allow myself sit down time… after I’ve had my brekky I’m up and I’m on my own time today, free from the work gig.

  18. Yesterday my lower back completely seized up and I could barely move but today it’s fine!

    Going for a run! 😯

    I have three planets in Virgo 6th house – Jupiter, Mars (conjunct) Saturn

  19. Natal Virgo in my 10th/11th House of Career/Friendship.
    Should I go on a decluttering binge reorganize my desk, worship at the altar of fresh paper fetishes?
    Micro-manage my friends alphabetically? πŸ˜‰
    I still feel half awake the urge to clean OC hasn’t hit fully just yet.

  20. So much synchronicity on this dark & new moon in my 7th house.

    On Oct 1st, my great aunt died. Oh no sympathies required: we were not close. As a matter of fact, she was often a source of frustration & drama for the family as she was a rather critical & emotionally cold person. She was also very outspoken & politically conservative– politically opposite of me– & out of respect for a family elder, I spent most of my time in her company biting my tongue. We all did. For me it wasn’t all her generational status, though: she was truly an individual & trailblazer, very educated, successful & self-made. I had respect for all that, too.

    At 92, she still enjoyed an occasional highball & cigarette, & lived alone. She wasn’t sick with anything when she died: her body just stopped. Personally, I think the enactment of Obamacare killed her. She *hated* Obama. Ha!

    Her death has me reflecting on our last visit a couple of months ago wherein she pointedly sat me down to tell me “something important that you might find offensive”… But which turned out to be one of the biggest compliments a family member’s ever given me! She winked & had a devilish smile on her face after imparting these kind words, & I laughed because I got the joke; responding to the awesomeness she’d just given me I sincerely thanked her for sharing that, & her smile grew warm. “You’re welcome,” she nodded.

    The transiting dark moon will be gliding over my natal Moon-Pluto conjunction/7th house as we are burying her body. After that work is done, the Moon will be New.

    • Oh– her natal chart is completely opposite mine, no surprise there! Toro sun & other planets, Aries asc & Moon, no water; I’m all water, nothing in Toro, only Chiron in Aries.

      • You’ve been together in other lifetimes I’m sure. Soz, that’s just an instinct from reading your post. Good to have the compliment (closure) before she passed. Blessings x

      • Thank you for reading & commenting, Cattiva! It means a lot to me, sincerely. As much as I am a loner, I don’t care for living in a vacuum– you know what I mean πŸ˜‰

        So fab, the story of your mom & how she used her illness to heal what had been bruised. It takes two, so kudos to you as well. That’s a lot of faith in love & forgiveness.

        I read your post below: Rock Out in your competition! Your attitude going in is so spot on, like just being there is reward enough– & it is! Total fitness in body *and* mind πŸ˜€ Rock out, Ms. Jones x

        • Yes, I too purged a closet yesterday of the naff & ill-fitting. My place is a hot mess presently, but that closet is *tight*!

      • it’s strange how in the process of dying we (well, some) wish to heal relationships, and it’s only then that we reflect on our lives. Losing a parent a little while ago gave me great cause to want to not be that person – I guess each generation becomes more aware of this stuff? – instead actively regenerating our relationships, being true to meeting our needs in balance w others, developing strong / clear / healthy family connections. Or is that just my pluto on IC, in Libra .. hmm
        condolences ladies x

        • You are very insightful, Pi. No doubt Pluto on your IC in Libra will generate transformation at your roots, & everyone in your realm will know its awesome effects. Peace & love x

            • I’ve just lost a couple of family olds in the past week too. Seems lots of folk are checking out. But the interest here is this stuff about not being honest and real with each other when we are alive and suffering the other as I also do with my mother. And I too have often said I will simply be relieved when she dies. Folk look aghast at me and say no no you don’t mean that but I do and I do. Then it occurred to me to consider what it is that drives me to the brink of killing her myself and it is that we are so far opposed in views and take on the world as it can possibly be. I am out in the matrix seeing the world glitter past trying to find the good in everyone (and failing in my mother) and she goes about her day finding every battle fight and confrontation she can. It is simply painful for me to be around her. So I have decided to come clean and tell her. Owww you old pit bull have you ever thought of it this way??? She looked stunned to start but has now realised that her life has been one battle after another which mostly she never had to fight. She suddenly seems easier and more at peace with me and herself. If I have a problem I try to channel her and hopefully she is trying to see the good in folk now. There is so much more to this but this about sums it up. Moon mars in Cancer 4th house Says it all really. Hey Scorp you are not in a vacuum, I look for your posts especially cos you’re so special. Glad your aunt shared with you.

      • She died at 8:30am on Oct 1, just as the Obamacare portal opened for the masses (of the 24 states that haven’t blocked it, anyway). Uncanny timing! Lol

        Yes: a time of transition! Thank you, hdq x

  21. Bah ! Why does wine purchased on holiday taste different when you drink it back home again ?

    Bugger my Virgo side, I’m off the hoochie juice ‘cos I am MOST disappointed in this Verdelho. And I have a bloody case of it.

    • different glasses, washed differently? the type of wine glass can make a huge difference. [It’s like listening to music on a tinny radio, then playing it through a top of the line sound system – if the wine is worthy of a decent glass.]
      rinse in hot water, let dry in air, polish w clean cloth.
      food you’re eating it with, air you’re breathing.. etc xx

    • Hey if you are on Gmail see the previous post about it – they have got a weird new folder called promotions that they are sending it too…

      But always email if it is not in a junk folder or similar – if there is ever a disruption, i will mention it on here, facebok and twitter.

    • Missed mine today but will check!!
      Doing my dark moon in Virgo with a new array of natural cleaning products .So not me to be slogging it out trying out every product. Dust be gone ! And they smell great too.

  22. The moon in Virgo is in my 11th house (House of friendships). So, accurately it is buidling my friendship base on common interests. It is happending fast. I can’t get over how popular I am now that I have a good foundation of friends who support my interests. I am excited, more positive and curious about what great things will come out of this. Hoping for consistency with money, health and intimate relationships!

    Thanks Mystic! Your updates and everyones comments brighten my day!


    • LOL… I just did the Mercury Oracle question and it said “Think Marathon”… hahaha!! I am doing one on 11/24. My first one too…. new friends from this group too!

      Love it!


      • I envy you having your type of energy to being cleaning… having the sun in Virgo for me.. I don’t have that trait in me at all. Never had it.. even when I was younger.. messy room! ugh! It aggravates me but I don’t do anything about it. (sigh).

        I am looking forward to this new type of exercise. I was in the martial arts for 10 years that was my passion. Loved the diversity, intensity and amazing friendships I found in that program. I want it back. So hopefully this running trend will replace it. Let me correct that statement. This running trend WILL replace the loss of the martial arts experience.

        Thanks for commenting.. just another push for me to change.


  23. first to comment; I need to get a life.

    fwiw I never respond to virgo moons like this. virgo rules my 3rd house. Maybe that’s me finessing my community links, polishing up networks, sending emails, and things like that.

    OH! another blog-comment-related breakthru. Maybe this moon is ideal for sending out post-event ‘nice to meet you, oh and here’s some more info’ emails with some interesting contacts I made recently. YES. ok. and visits to local charity shop: donations…

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